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  1. Most people are too polite. It is deflection on my part.
  2. Not being able to put my socks on without the support of a chair or bed. Moaning about the 'music of today'. Thinking a porridge shortage is a major food crisis. Staring for too long at young women. Enjoying a short doze after a lunch even though I have loads of work to do. All of these things have happened to me today. If I kept a week's diary David would need to increase his server storage space.
  3. Nice to have you back @Alpha. Stick around a bit for me.
  4. Derby County compete in the Sky Bet Championship, the second tier of English football. The 137-year-old club, currently managed by former England captain Wayne Rooney, was one of 12 founder members of the Football League in 1888, and last played in the top-flight in 2008. The two-time champions of England play their home games at Pride Park Stadium having moved from its original home of the Baseball Ground in 1997. Did they do that bit of padding out for half fans like me? Every day is a school day.
  5. I think I read the other day that wages were running at c£15m p.a. when the Americans were in charge, but in a few short years Mel had it up to c£40m p.a. COVID was the reason. Choices Of Vain IDiot.
  6. As you acknowleged in your response to @The Scarlet Pimpernelabove, we dont know enough about the structure of the debts for anyone to answer accurately. In respect of the MSD debts, which I think will be in the Club's name, I fear MM would probably want the Administrator to seek redress from the club first of all, and he personally then might only settle anything still outstanding under the terms of the guarantee he has provided. Morris suggested, ironically, that this has all come at a time when the club has a sustainable model. The model will be completely different when we are in League 1 or 2 in terms of TV revenues, sponsorship deals, season ticket and matchday revenues, etc. Another reset of costs will be appropriate for that period, unless we have an Angel on a White Horse gagging to rescue us. A long term mortgage to a football club is unattractive to most, if not, all mainstream lenders. The security itself is pretty unattractive because of limited alternative uses, and I cant imagine the land plus the stadium is worth anything like £80m on an earth, bricks and mortar basis. It is only really worth £80m on an investment basis when it is being used to optimum capacity; again unlikely when we are in L1 or 2. Secondly, there is reputational risk in respect of a Lender supporting a Football Club. No lender particularly a Bank wants to be seen to be winding up a 'Community Asset'. The work in dealing with the fallout from fans complaining, protesting, closing accounts, etc. I suspect MSD only took on the Loan for a short-dated period, and at 9% interest I read somewhere, not because they thought they were secure having a stadium or training facilities in support, but because they took the view that there might always be a mug out there who would take on the club and buy out Mel (the Administrator) or worst case they could fall back to the guarantee offered to them by one of the richest men in the UK. There is a third possibility. MSD, or Michael Dell, wants to own a football club.
  7. There will be long, long, queue of lenders desperate to get hold of some of that Stadium Mortgage action. As for Mel personally paying off MSD without legal action:
  8. We have no idea as we do not have sight of the accounts, but @Revthe club must be who took out the loans and carries the debt with MSD, and the latter has a fixed and floating charge over all assets of the club. My understanding is that Morris has also given personal guarantees to cover MSD and there is also a charge over the stadium which might support either the Club’s debt to MSD or Morris’s guarantee (or both). There seem still to be a lot of individuals willing to give Morris the benefit of the doubt. His weasel words on Sunday lead me to think that the structure of the debt and security arrangements are more likely to be to his personal advantage than those of the Club. Only time and the ‘big reveal’ will tell.
  9. Send the white flags back to Mel. Should be a black flag day.
  10. I am with @Carl Saganand @G STAR RAMhere. Pouring money into the club at this stage is only likely to ultimately benefit (comparatively) rich footballers, secured creditors and HMRC. There has been much talk about small businesses badly affected by the collapse of the Morris empire. One such business is no doubt DCFC Fans. This Platform would have been receiving income from the club in respect of advertising revenue, which is now or has perhaps for a while been on stop, and I would not be surprised if it too were not a lowly unsecured creditor of the club. I would counter suggest that presently if there are some disposable funds in your pockets you might consider giving a small bit to DCFC Fans by way of a donation to ensure the Platform keeps ticking over, and so David can buy the occasional Peroni. These are no doubt uncertain times for David and any small contribution might help him get over a cash flow hump of his own until the Administrators appoint someone willing to run the Club proactively again. Even if you can’t make a donation, perhaps start clicking on some adverts, and remove your ADblockers (you know who you are). It is vital in my view that this Platform is supported, not only for our continued enjoyment, but for all Rams fans to have an open forum to discuss how we can save and rebuild our great Club. COYR!
  11. Perhaps an area of Pride Park can be allocated where fans can place a white flag as a lasting tribute to Mel’s abject surrender.
  12. Please help a casualty of Mel-administration.
  13. A couple of other things occured to me this morning, about the answers Morris gave. 1) Did he say in respect of the potential sale timelines that after the (Alonso) bid, who submitted proof of funds but was rejected by the EFL, that he changed selling agents. Does that probably mean he was still with Samuelson until what May this year? If so I wonder if he only got rid of Samuelson when he was being asked to comment on the spoof Chinese Billy expose? 2) He was very evasive as to why he sacked Cocu. I don't think he answered that question at all clearly. I wonder if he was convinced by said agents that they might have more buyer interest with 'Wayne Rooney' in charge? Dawes didn't really touch upon the third party advice he might have been receiving for the sale, nor for the accounting policies. I wonder if he was warned off going there?
  14. You won’t be saying that Harry when you lose your job as Head of Technical Scouting.
  15. Please can I have my post restated without the bottom word I used? Very disappointed that post was pulled given that, generally, far worse is let go on this board.
  16. Three classic comments from the interview: 1) My putting the Club into Adminstration gives it a better chance of finding a Purchaser it desperately needs. Mmmh. Really not sure it does Mel. Let’s be honest it is much more the case that you are simply not prepared to put any more money into the club, notwithstanding you are still comfortably in the top 500 richest people in the UK. 2) No one can continue to put money into the club (£3m pm, down to £1.5m pm more recently) in perpetuity. Mmmh. I wonder who created the income/expenditure imbalance and indebtedness? Any ideas Mel? 3) I’ve been prepared to sell the club for £15m less than I bought it for. Mmmh. Did the club have a Stadium and a decent team when you bought it Mel? I have had little time for this guy since around 2016, and today he confirmed all my worst fears.
  17. Is that the same @Charlotte Ram who was scathing of posters a few weeks back that Mel would consider Administration?
  18. I disagree. He did ask some decent questions, but often combined questions with some added needless lot of waffle. You could tell he was not a journalist. Day one at Journalism School: Ask one question then shut up. If the respondee is not answering the question, stop them and ask the question again then shut up.
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