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  1. Look after your dad mate, you only get one👍
  2. I think on the whole our support is quite good. The issue is we've been so close so many times it's a real roller coaster of a ride. Derby have had its fair share of off field activities which haven't helped. Maybe a boring mid table finish is what it needs, but that's not what we want. I keep telling my son, it will come, but I think he's fed up of hearing that from me. Fingers crossed its not too far away (please).
  3. Derby 3-1 Luton FRGS Paterson
  4. Barnsley 1 - 2 Derby FRGS Martin
  5. Hope you are ok for tomorrow bud, we need you now more than ever.
  6. More conspiracy theories than JFK, talk about grassy Knoll
  7. UPDATE Derby 2-1 Birmingham FRGS Holmes DID PREDICT Derby 2 - 1 Birmingham FRGS Keogh
  8. Hands up if you ever made a mistake...……………………………….YES I renewed my season ticket😳
  9. Derby 2 - 1 Birmingham FRGS Keogh
  10. Happy for both of them, two decent fellows.
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