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  1. v Villa (H) - Predictions

    Rams 1 Villa 2 Vydra Sorry!
  2. Low attendance

    Bought a ticket on the day for QPR, £29 in the North stand. I think they got this wrong!
  3. Arthur Cox receives Lifetime Achievement Award

    We would arrange a minibus on a Friday night in the pub, probably from atwals, meet on the Saturday morning back in the pub and head off to places like Grimsby. People smelling of curry and still drunk. Best days of my life
  4. Arthur Cox receives Lifetime Achievement Award

    I think the Adidas Samba in photo two belongs to me, but then again everyone had them! Great days indeed.
  5. v Reading (H) - Predictions

    1-0 Derby Davies fgs (We need to keep our feet on the ground for this one, this is where we usually slip up)
  6. Are we a stronger and better team?

    Sorry don't post very often. At the moment I feel the same way I did after the play-off defeat to Leicester. Let's hope Gary can become the next bald eagle. We sucked till Igor arrived!

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