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  1. I said before the Stoke game, this game is pivotal, and we can through with flying colours. Now onto tomorrow, get a result and everything will ramp up for the Reading game. proverbial one game at a time
  2. On Saturday on the 2 minute mark, Sheffield United are halving a minutes applause for one of their fans who lost his life to mental health issues. It would show great respect to the Unites fans and the rest of the watching fans across the country that we are all one football family by joining in with them. This would probably have happened anyway, but I thought I would just put it out there.
  3. Keep your chin up mate, were all in it together
  4. Sheffield United 2 -1 Derby RGS Lawrence
  5. One of my best memories being a fan.
  6. Had a slight tear in my eye at the end
  7. Probably been said already Big shout out for the fans immense where I sat
  8. Secret breakfasts, NDA’s and a pot of sh££, what was that all about and to where has it got us. Mell Morris hang your head in shame
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