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  1. We cannot keep living in the past. Great players come and go.
  2. Time to move on into a new era without him and sad to say Chrissy M.
  3. Resigned to the fact of no live football till next year as missed the renewal. Gutted, but we have to start from somewhere whether we like it or not. i
  4. Thanks for doing this mozza , enjoyed it. See you next season.
  5. Birmingham 2-2 Derby FRGS Martin
  6. Derby 1 - 3 Leeds RGS Waghorn
  7. Cardiff 2 - 1 Derby RGS Rooney
  8. I’m still flirting with promotion, just like Derby
  9. Derby 2-2 Florest Frgs Waghorn
  10. Is anyone else having issues with live stream?
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