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  1. Is it safe for work?
  2. Thats right, we all knew a moaner or two in the pub, or annoyingly sat behind us at the game, but these days they all gather together in cyberspace to moan in virtual earshot of the player Players shouldn't pay attention, but some will, and some will be upset by it. Bryson get a lot of stick for the type of player he is. When atacking he thrives on running into space towards the opponents area, when we are struggling against a well organised team he makes little impact. Whilst the whole team is struggling he is picked out as being unlikley to create something from nothing. He doe seem to have slowed, and seems to be a little late to the tackle recently, but still puts in a massive shift. He was involed with the move he scored from on the left of the goal, moved central whilst the ball was being recycled and smashed it in from the right side of the goal. I'd be delighted if he cupped his ears at me after scoring a 93rd minute winner at Wembley.
  3. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/11692933/barton-stopped-by-police
  4. Delighted, just like two weeks ago. We just need to avoid the dissapointment we keep getting between the good result results and turn up to some away games.
  5. I've just been to there forum, I though we had some moaners but it's wall to wall misery over there. This comment smacks of desperation "Billy, Billy Davis take Forest up for me!"
  6. Bryson is still a good player, when he is facing the right way. He looks poor when we are passing the ball round the back four and he has to run back to the halfway line and is facing the wrong way when he gets the ball.
  7. Terrible. But I have been cheered up by the poorly dog crapping all over the living room and kitchen overnight.
  8. I wish Roos would catch it a bit more often, his punching make me nervous.
  9. I remeber this game well for a couple of off the pitch reasons. I was on popside and about half 2 a copper came up to me and said I had been pointed out a being drunk and he was going to eject me. With a bit of help from my new girlfriend I persuded him I'd only had a couple of pints and was capable of watching ther game. He went away and five minutes later a lad five yards behind me, in jeans and a Derby shirt just like me, fell over and cracked his head open on the terrace he didn't seem too bothered as he was so pissed. Poor police skills. After helping me out the girlfriend then disgraced herself. Sutton rugby tackled the striker and a hush fell as the ref reached for his pocket. It was red and there was a groan from the crowd, apart from my girlfriend who howled with laughter. We got some right dirty looks. Andy Comyns first touch wasn't great.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hq3ZCXm21rc From 5:20, Bruce was never going to catch him once he had been sold the dummy.
  11. I hate it when it feels like a must win game, it makes me nervous. I hope the players don't pick that up. Huddlestone to play a blinder recycling there hoofed clearances. and lots of movement to unpick their defence please
  12. This game? Where Bennett broke his leg on Shilton's head.
  13. Good addition to their squad! It's always handy to have a another red card candidate in the locker when you have a couple serving suspensions. What great foresight, he's filling that role with style.
  14. Shipley Ram

    Ex Rams

    23:00 - Theo Robinson [Southend - Swindon] Loan
  15. I'd get Mick Coop in, it would give Keogh a rest from prople complaining about him.
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