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  1. It was actually 14 in the leagueand a further 7 in the cup. We had picked up some good results away but the home form had been poor, although 2 of the three defeats were to teams that went up that year.
  2. It make me wonder if it's some kind of ploy regarding the sharing out of any financial help. Those lot have been profligate with thier cash so deserve no help, unlike us.
  3. It’s been sixty six years since Forest last lost their opening three league games.
  4. League rules require then to name a 25 man sqiad, this could get interesting, 43.9 Squad Lists 43.9.1 Clubs shall be permitted to name up to a maximum number of Players in their Squad List based on the following provisions: (a) in respect of Championship Clubs, 25 Players of which a minimum of 8 must be a Home Grown Player; (b) in respect of League One and Two Clubs: (i) in Season 2020/21, 22 Players of which a minimum of 8 must be a Home Grown Player; and (ii) in Season 2021/22 and each subsequent Season, 20 Players of which a minimum of 8 must be a Home Gr
  5. West Ham having positive tests too https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/sep/22/david-moyes-leaves-west-ham-game-after-covid-19-positive-test
  6. This is quite funny but this paragraph annoyed me, we refused to let it go? Letting it go might have been more likely if they hadn't made a special song for the occasion, and given us a load of binoculars first. Despite no actual rule being broken, Leeds were fined £200,000 and Derby refused to let it go, celebrating with ‘bincoulars’ when they beat Leeds in the play-off final in the 18/19 season. https://motleedsnews.com/fans-view/wow-is-this-for-real-pathetic-many-leeds-fans-react-as-plans-of-pl-rivals-reported
  7. The problem is we all look at the game and think it's all down to our team. These days every game can be watched and analysed and people have worked us out. Cocu has us playing nice football, but we have been rumbled and everyone we play uses the effective stop Derby game plan. I'm sure if we play someone who doesn't press us and doesn't work at holding a good shape we will beat them and look a good attacking side. In the face of an effective opposition we look toothless, can Cocu change things? I hope so. We are not as far away as people think from being very good, but we might never be
  8. McClaren is an absolute top notch coach but a poor manager. He was lucky to inherit the team Clough built, but he did wonderful things with it.
  9. It has taken a while due to Coronavirus, but at least when the gave me a date it was fairly soon. I would have annoyed me if they had said we have a slot for your operation, it's in February. He was explaining the anti biotic proceedure, they will pump me full of antibiotics until they get the sample they take in the op tested, then they'll give me targeted atibiotics. Hopefully this will be oral and if it needs to be IV they'll keep hostpital me in until they can arrange a district nurse to do inject me. Is this similar to what happens with Joel?
  10. I was thinking this at the time, but no one seemed to make a fuss so I thought I must have misremebered how play stopped.
  11. Good luck cones, I spoke to my surgeon today and it looks like 7th October for me. At least it's fairly soon I can't stand all this waiting.
  12. I alway enjoy watching Archie Brown, I hope he makes it to the first team.
  13. Shonibare clean through but a defender gets back and tackles, the ball falls right in the path of Stretton who bangs it in.
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