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  1. The trouble is it's rare to be able to see the extent of an injury, unless it's Thorne/Busst style broken leg. A lot of footballers are prone to putting it on a bit, and then running back on the pitch right as rain. Most of the time we don't really hear about how bad a knee injury is untill the middle of the following week. It was only TV close up of the look on his face that hit me with Cohens third injury, and Fozzy had a similar expression after his third injury. I couldn't see how bad Barker's was but Tudgay immediately started waving the medical staff on, that always is a worring sign but could be missed by fans.
  2. You made me check, it was two against us and once against Burnley. I remembered the second time as I actually felt sorry for him(feeling sorry for a forest player is not my normal reaction). From the look on his face as he limped off the pitch he knew what he had done. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/dec/16/nottingham-forest-chris-cohen-third-cruciate-injury
  3. Didn't he do it twice against us? I'm really pleased for Fozzy, there a lot of work needed to come back from those injuries.
  4. Firstly thanks for the updates, secondly you twit.
  5. Another ref doing a good job Ryan Yates (Nottingham Forest) is shown the red card for violent conduct.
  6. He was pointing at his medial ligament as he went off.
  7. It's a decent picture, the commentry is a bit funny with the just the occassionanal name being understandable.
  8. You made me look, it's quite funny. Guess which ex Derby and Middlesbrough player thay are talking about here? "He's doing rubbish at Leeds now, and has become a serial cheat." "So he's fitting in nicely, then?"
  9. 1. We don't know what the club found in it's investigation. He may be more culpable than at first sight. 2. It seems like the club is slow as this has come out from the other end, wither Keogh or his agent may have spat the dummy over the offer and forced the issue. 3. I am sad. I wan't this to go away so I can remeber this Richard Keogh
  10. Give a big hug to Joel from me, actually all the coneheads can have a big virtual hug from a middle aged fat hairy bloke. As you may remeber I got fairly well smashed up a couple of years ago, and my femur is failing to heal. After CT and PET scans they have decided the culprit is a peice of dead/infected bone that will have to come out, this won't be nice. As I was walking back from the hospital in a reather dark mood it struck me that Joel, and the rest of you, have been in a similar place multiple times. Strangely this seem to give me some strength and determination, I wanted to give you some back. I'm now waiting for a cabal of Dr's to decide what they intend to, something else you are familiar with. Good luck cones, I have my fingers crossed for you on the 22nd.
  11. Funny tales from the striker https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/oct/13/pierre-van-hooijdonk-nottingham-forest-celtic-netherlands-ron-atkinson
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