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  1. Shipley Ram

    My Lads op.

    Good luck coneheads. I wish I could say something more useful, no doubt there are a lot of people thinking that, you are in a lot of our thoughts.
  2. Shipley Ram

    Rams or England ?

    Rams for me, but I might change my mind if a Ram (Mason Bennett?) gets the world cup winning goal.
  3. Shipley Ram

    Most Overrated Bands of all Time

  4. Shipley Ram


    The kids love fornight but I wouldn't leave my bank details on the xbox. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/boys-spends-691-fortnite-natwest-1687598
  5. Shipley Ram

    On baby - best punk track ever!

    I've posted this eldewhere but I love this failure to go along with the mime, apart from the keyboard player who plays the straight man.
  6. Shipley Ram

    On baby - best punk track ever!

    After the Briston gig, when the police weren't to happy about them playing? I didn't see then in that era but I managed to see them about 10 years ago. About the same time I also managed to see the Subhumans.
  7. Shipley Ram

    On baby - best punk track ever!

  8. Shipley Ram

    Andreas Weimann

    I think he could play an important role, if used sparingly. If you cast your mid back to the Hull playof games, in the first leg the pressed up to the halfway line and stiffled us making us look very ordinary. They tried the same in the second leg but Wassall to his credit set up differantly, got Weiman to exploit the space behind their pushed up defence and we looked good. I don't want us set up like that for every game but we can use him as a threat to deter sides from compressing play arround the halfway line by pushing up, allowing us room to play a bit.
  9. Shipley Ram

    Best ever atmosphere at an away game you attended

    I went to that game it was the day of the Bradford fire so 1985. There fancied themselves as hard (and probably were) but they weren't used to seeing so many visiting fans. There was a lot of 80's style stuff going on. I was on the football special and we were bussed from the train station on double deckers. Some of the lads were chucking the seat out of the window at the police motorcycles. This copper rushed up from the bottom deck truncheon out shouting "anymore of that and you'll all be going down the civic" there was a moment of tension before he added "boyo's" at which point the who top deck howled with laughter at him. He sloped of back down the steps sheepishly.
  10. Shipley Ram

    Rolls Royce job cuts

    Good luck to anyone affected. When I was at schoool it seemed like most of the class had reletives that worked at either Royces or the Railway, I guess those days are gone.
  11. Shipley Ram

    £10m FFP Bill

    @ramblur Sorry to see you go, I've always liked your financial analysis, and found it useful to understand that side of things, although I never said so.
  12. Shipley Ram

    Aston Villa

    Most fans aren't bothered, including most of ours. I was living in Leeds during their bid spend and only one fan I knew asked where the money was coming from. The rest were going on abut how Leeds would be the new european superclub and Derby would always be poo.
  13. Shipley Ram

    Aston Villa

    I'm sure you're right, football debts have to be paid or you have to leave the league.
  14. As well as his on field leadership I'm ammused at the thought of him on the bench and wandering over to offer his opinion when some dick like Colin is trying to intimidate the forth official.
  15. Shipley Ram

    The Dirties

    I see your point but my Leeds mate reckons he was on 2k per week at Barnsley and 30K per week at Leeds, so with the payoff he'll get perhaps not.

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