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  1. Shipley Ram

    My Lads op.

    My repaired Radius might help with this impression, I've not tried airport security yet but it might prove interesting.
  2. Shipley Ram

    Crazy Keogh hating

    He has a touch of the Titis Brambles about him, pace, power, tackling and an ability to find himself out of position or lose his man (2nd goal). But he is young and will learn and develop better habbits(before going back to Chelsea).
  3. You missed out the we're crap blip after the Mansfield game I'm also fed up with the clamor to play the kids then writing them off after two games. Lowe was poor but give him a chance to learn and improve before dismissing him as useless.
  4. Shipley Ram

    My Lads op.

    Thats wasn't the sort of distraction you were looking for.
  5. Shipley Ram

    My Lads op.

    Good luck coneheads, this must seem like a never ending nightmare, I really hope you get some sort of sucessful conclusion soon(ish), and in the meantime the football gives you a nice distraction. I'm in a waiting game too, my femur is not joining properly. If it doesn't look better next month they may have to operate again, I've attached a picture.
  6. Shipley Ram

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    I'm really sorry to say it, and I hope George me leaves with egg all over my face for saying so, but he's a shadow of the player he once was. At his best he was magnificant, and injury free would have been one of the greats. We would have gone up if he hadn't got that preseason injury. Having had an ACL injury and a bad broken leg myself I know how hard he's had to work to get back to where he is now, and how things aren't quite the same after that sort injury regardless of how much work you put in. Good luck and stay fit George, but I don't think you'll be at Derby next season.
  7. Shipley Ram

    Funny Names

  8. Shipley Ram

    Derbyshire(ish) sports people

    Chris Freebury- Weightlifter
  9. Shipley Ram

    My Lads op.

    Hope you make the game and all keep going until Mr Irving is back. Waiting is a bar steward, stay strong.
  10. Shipley Ram

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    Yes, injuring Charlie George in 1976.
  11. Shipley Ram

    I have started to fight complex pain srydrom

    Good luck B4, I'm afraid it's going to be a case of gritting your teeth, pushing hard, and hoping for the right result at the end of the day.
  12. Shipley Ram

    Inside info

    They want Frank to be there for the press conferance?
  13. Shipley Ram

    Your all time classic tracks

  14. Shipley Ram

    What are you eating tonight

    In this case I was lucky, they didn't fancy the nice chicken thigh's. It's a bit random, "but you loved it last week!".
  15. Shipley Ram

    What are you eating tonight

    Whatever the kids refuse to eat.

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