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    Bad news guys

    Good luck B4, I've just googled complex pain syndrome and it looks like a right poo. I know it's hard but don't let it get you down, COYR. I'm not in a great mood myself as it looks like I'll be needing another operation, but at least its not too painful most of the time.
  2. Thanks for the memories, hope you have a great time at Aberdeen.
  3. I'm bored of this (but can't stop checking), wake me up whensomeone is appointed at Chelsea.
  4. It making me nervous. I'm worried Franks off and the big decisions for next season have been parked for his replacement.
  5. I was glad I went from King's Cross. My journey home was ruined by (losing and) some Leeds fans who had bought advance rail tickets for the playoff and used then for a day out anyway. Droning on about crying Frank Lampard, how the better team won the final, and how they are going up as champions. I woke up near Newark with a hangover.
  6. I got through most of a can in the time it took Curtis to go past us. Pictures for anyone one who wanted one and some joking and smiling for those that didn't. Mel also wondered down Wembley Way about an hour before Curtis, too early for me but my mum spoke to him.
  7. just got home, dissapointed. The second goal doesn't look any better when seen again.
  8. 7:17 from Shipley 7:31 arrive at Leeds, a friendly wave to any Leeds fans and kiss the ram towards ******* Road as I pass 10:00 Arrive Kings Cross, cross road to have pint Later try and meet up with folks on Roadrider before game. Win 8:33 train home
  9. It must be hard supporting a team that doesn't give you anything to cheer about.
  10. Quite possibly he has sought legal advice about it. The advice might have been don't bother but the reporter got wind of it and went off half cocked?
  11. It's not going down that well on this Boro forum https://fansonline.net/middlesbrough/mb/view.php?id=5933024
  12. Having wasted a pile of cash on crap players he wants to waste another pile on legal fees.
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