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  1. Give a big hug to Joel from me, actually all the coneheads can have a big virtual hug from a middle aged fat hairy bloke. As you may remeber I got fairly well smashed up a couple of years ago, and my femur is failing to heal. After CT and PET scans they have decided the culprit is a peice of dead/infected bone that will have to come out, this won't be nice. As I was walking back from the hospital in a reather dark mood it struck me that Joel, and the rest of you, have been in a similar place multiple times. Strangely this seem to give me some strength and determination, I wanted to give you some back. I'm now waiting for a cabal of Dr's to decide what they intend to, something else you are familiar with. Good luck cones, I have my fingers crossed for you on the 22nd.
  2. Funny tales from the striker https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/oct/13/pierre-van-hooijdonk-nottingham-forest-celtic-netherlands-ron-atkinson
  3. Good luck B4, I hope it works out Charlton takes you mind off things(in a good way). I'm off to hospital on Tuesday, looks like they will are going to remove and replace my some of my metalwork.
  4. There's a report in the Guardian about it, it sounds like there is some complacancy “I know that some rights holders currently invest more in their Christmas parties than on anti-piracy.” https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/oct/08/premier-league-clubs-tv-rights-piracy
  5. We were poor for the first half of the half, then much brighter. On the whole we deserve to be ahead.
  6. I don't know how the ball got all the way to Martin but I'm glad it did.
  7. Huddlestone bursts forward but his shot's deflected and an easy catch for the keeper.
  8. Poor ball by Biliek puts us in trouble but Barnsley squirt the chance wide.
  9. Handball, free kick for rams on the right.
  10. I'm suprised with the selection. But I'm not the boss and don't know what's been going on behind the scenes. An a differant note Luke Thomas is only on the bench for them.
  11. I've just been on the Stoke forum, they have a thread about Keogh and the drink drivers. I was just getting annoyed at their delight with out problems when I came across this ray of honesty. No matter how poo things are at Derby I'm pretty sure we're out-pooping them at stoke at the moment.
  12. Looking bad for Stoke, losing to Hudderfield.
  13. Derby still I die, then still Derby but with less activity.
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