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  1. That reminds me here is an unemployed chauffeur he coulds use. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9416587/Steve-Gibsons-chauffeur-mistakenly-sent-tycoons-wife-Polly-text-calling-f-nuts.html I only posted this to show some other chairmen are a bit lax with employment law and have a laugh at Gibson. If I ever bump into Gibson I might enquire, in a friendly way, if his wife is still ducking nuts before talking about football.
  2. It was a lovely inviting cross and Cresswell just got in front of his marker. I'm glad I remembered to turn it on for the second half.
  3. That's bit rich coming from a supporter of a club who avoided bankrupcy by bullying some of their long standing playersinto ripping up their ontracts, resulting in some cases in bankrupcy and the end of their careers. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38750475
  4. At the time I thought he was talking about the takeover issues, but this and all the twitter talk is making me paraniod and I'm starting to think we are getting a FFP ducking and everyone knows apart from the fans.
  5. This season has depleted my stock of lucky match pants so I'm going commando. I'll spare you the picture.
  6. Some national media coverage https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/may/07/Derby-and-sheffield-wednesday-cross-swords-in-pivotal-game-for-rooney
  7. I put a fiver on Whitaker to score and I've just put the winnings on Derby to go down, I'll be quids in|
  8. As a cynical follow up watch the Agentinians try and stand on the defenders bootless foot as retaliation
  9. Tequila is nasty, I've never been able to drink it after being very sick. I can never rid myself of the sensation of tequila flavoured sick being vomited out of my nose.
  10. I just won this comedy of errors game, we both worked hard to lose.
  11. I prefered his tackle on John Barnes, the McMahon tackle is at 5.20. RIP Miickey we remember you fondly.
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