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  1. Burton Albion v Derby County

    Don't worry we'll win, Cameron Jerome is on now.
  2. Burton Albion v Derby County

    I'm feeling depressed, only slighly cheered by the fact Forsest are losing, and that I put £3.98 on Burton to win.
  3. Burton Albion v Derby County

    It's funny the first time I realized what a big lad he was I was a couple of rows behind the goal at Bradford and he was standing right in front of their keeper. The keeper was struggling to get in front or reach past him.
  4. My Lads op.

    I'm glad you got good news. I thought I'd update you on my good news, the surgeon is very pleased with the progress of my Tibia and xray permitting will take the external frame off next week. The bad news is that it will hurt, hurt a lot. He walked into the consulting room, saying he was going to take one pin out now, hiding a par of pliers behind his back. He produced them saying this might smart a bit, he wasn't wrong. Only 18 left to do.
  5. Championship promotion “rivals” watch

    Great work Barnsley. I'llbe so disapointed if the other results go our way too but we **** it up.
  6. Preston North End V Derby County

    I'm very pleased, I'm expecting some guests and another result like Friday would have resulted in me getting a right kicking from the Mrs for my negetive demenour and possible extreme rudeness..
  7. Preston North End V Derby County

    I think you mean sit deep and try to expliot the space behind their fullbacks.
  8. Derby County F.C. v Sunderland A.F.C

    After a bad nights sleep I'm now capable of posting and taking some positives from last night. 1. We can't be that bad again, please. 2. My Sunderland mate was working so couldn't come round to watch the game. (that year we lost 5-0 at home I got a lift to the game from Leeds with 3 Sunderland fansl, not enoyable at all) 3. Some playersmight get the kick up the backside they need, and some youngster might get a chance. 4. Despite our poorness it would have been a differant game with Huddlestone in the team. His long passing would have been a threat and the would have to have defended deeper and given us more space in midfield,
  9. Thorne

    He had a poor game last night, and he doesn't look the same player since his injuries. I really hope he can get back to his best, and really sympathise with his broken leg and knee injury as I've suffered both. His passing looked poor last night and I wonder if looked so poor as he had been instructed to take on the Huddlestone long passing role, but doesn't have the same range of passing.
  10. RamsTV Meets John Barton

    Tasty tackle from him at 1:20 in this great game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyh2PS9Ca0E
  11. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    This game is causing me some internal conflict, can they both lose please?
  12. Callum Guy

    He's been getting some positive comments in the Bradford Telegraph and Argus too. I think a lot of the u23's are in the same boat, they won't get many chances so really need to shine when they do. Hopefully the good reports about them will earn them that chance.
  13. Derby Snow - Game called off

    If I was Gary (and Cardiff and Villa were close enough in the table) I'd innocently remark to Colin what a pity it would be if half the side wasn't fit enough to play Villa on the following saturday.
  14. Cheat

    I didn’t read the article tbh, reminded me of that South American Leeds player who did the fish out of water routine. It was Adryan and right in front of the Derby fans, he did deserve the load of abuse he got.
  15. RamsTV Meets Charlie George

    I think Charlie would have got into a spot of trouble, somone would have pictured him flicking the v's at the popside, but he'd of won them round in the end with his energetic cheek/charm, just like he easily won the popside back round after he joined us. The magical thing would have been to see him play without getting kicked to bits, and tackled from behind, every week. He would have destroyed teams.

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