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  1. Shipley Ram

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

  2. Shipley Ram

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    It wan't the only quality ball in from Forsyth, he hits a great cross. It was a good game and I can't really grumble at any of our players, I really enjoyed it other than the kids badgering me for the TV for the xbox all through the second half. Work on Monday will be fun, I sit with a Leeds fan and a Blades fan.
  3. Shipley Ram


    Black and (a bit) white.
  4. Shipley Ram

    Macclesfield equal our record

    Well it's correct but a bit cheeky. I assumee he means Fooball League games in whuich case thay lost a load at the tail end of the season when they were relegated in 2011/2012. Ignoring the time outside the Football League it's true, but a bit misleading. I'm boring have have just checked. https://www.futbol24.com/team/England/Macclesfield/results/
  5. Shipley Ram

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    My mum went to the game and said George looked very slim and up for it. She also said Alex Pearce won everything in the air and was always shouting organising the defence. She also saw Nugent at the game.
  6. Shipley Ram

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    In optimistic, we've looked better second half almost every game this seasson.
  7. Shipley Ram

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    You are far more informatative than the BBC "34' Corner, Rotherham United. Conceded by Craig Forsyth."
  8. Shipley Ram


    Really? The vast majority of time a cyclist going through a red light would have a short ride into opposing traffic.
  9. Shipley Ram


  10. Shipley Ram

    Chris Martin - Signed for Hull City on a season long loan

    Martin. Butterfield, Anya, and Thorne?
  11. Shipley Ram

    Geriatric Floresta

    I'm looking forward to when Forest let in as many last minute goals as they are scoring now.
  12. Shipley Ram

    Your celebrity crush...

    Forced myself back on topic.
  13. Shipley Ram

    Your celebrity crush...

    Look what you've made me do, I've gone off topic.
  14. Shipley Ram

    Cameron Jerome - Signed for Göztepe

    I remember that game very well, I was standing on the popside with a young lady who wasn't really into football. When Sutton rugby tackled the forward the crowd hushed as the ref reached for his pocket, awaiting the colour of the card, There was a groan as it was red, at which point my companion loudly howled with laughter. We got a few funny looks, she didn't get invited to another game.
  15. Shipley Ram

    18/19 Match Thread

    From BBC, I wish I'd paid 7.99 to watch it. 36 mins Nottm Forest 0-1 Birmingham Jota's corner is cleared by Forest, but it's pumped straight back into their own half. Jeers and whistles from the home fans. 38 mins Nottm Forest 0-1 Birmingham Forest are all over the shop. Tobias Figueiredo plays a dangerous pass across his own backline, it's collected by Maikel Kieftenbeld, but the German's chip lands on top of the net.

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