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  1. Broadcast 35 years ago today, doesn't time fly.
  2. Doesn't time fly https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/nov/12/bame-term-offends-those-it-attempts-to-describe-sporting-survey-finds-sporting-equals
  3. Billy Davies is still available.
  4. Awful, I can't even manage to watch 90 minutes football without having to go for a lay down and cry, but that might just be the football. After 4 weeks of IV antibiotics, and painkillers my digestive system is terrible. I am tired and can't do that much, I had to have a lie down and nap before the game. I had a day's worry the other day, I was told they were terminating the antibiotics after reviewing my blood test, but they didn't say if it was stopping as the blood tests were great or if the blood test were showing kidney/liver side effects. It turn out they were good but better commini
  5. Great news, that must be a relief. They pulled me off my IV antibiotic drip yesterday and took the midline out, which was nice.
  6. Tomori not getting much of a game at Chelsea but Frank is making encouraging noises. It must be so hard to break into and keep your place at Chelsea. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/nov/06/frank-lampard-says-fikayo-tomori-remains-part-of-his-chelsea-plans
  7. Minor injury I think, should be back for next game.
  8. Glad it seems to have gone well. I've just had a hard 2 weeks in hospital, featuring a bonus Pulmonary Thrombosis. I'm out now with 6 months of blood thiners and an daily out patient appointment for IV antobiotics. I'm finding it difficult to get worked up about Cocu at the moment. Tommorow might change that COYR.
  9. They've got rid of one 17:30 Albert Adomah [Nottingham Forest - QPR] Free
  10. I was told by somoene who coached kids at the club he didn't like playing, but loved and worked really hard in training. It was contrasted to the usual problem of players wanting to play on saturday but not wanting to train hard.
  11. Leicester win penalty for handball but it's saved.
  12. It was actually 14 in the leagueand a further 7 in the cup. We had picked up some good results away but the home form had been poor, although 2 of the three defeats were to teams that went up that year.
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