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  1. I think the two of them know each other pretty well. She may well work for the BBC, that hotbed of anarcho-syndicalism but she is definitely not left wing. It's not really moving on if there are still important questions to be answered but the person who can answer them has his fingers in his ears.
  2. I’m going to have this framed. Not even her indoors ever says I’m right. Come to think of it, especially her.
  3. Answers are not simple. The world is full of nuance. Answers are full of nuance. Asking 'simple questions' isn't going to get simple answers if the answers are a true reflection of the individuals' view of the situation. Dealing in absolutes is for those who are not interested in shades of grey. People who don't want to look.
  4. I'm not going over it again. My position is laid out across many posts. Read them and come to whatever conclusion you want. Or don't read them and come to whatever conclusion you want. It's up to you.
  5. I try, as I am sure most people do, not to be hypocritical. Sometimes, as most people do, I fail. When that happens, I call it expedience or unpredictability. It's much easier that way.
  6. To me, it's beyond any actual offence or prosecution thereof. It's the message it sends out to people who are really struggling. Isolated from friends and family then, suddenly, a key member of the team who created the lockdown travels across the country to be with family, having made very little effort to exhaust options locally. And actually return to work after going home to his wife, who was ill. These are not the actions of someone who has grasped the importance of his role in the public sphere. It sticks in the craw. We can argue about the minutiae of laws broken or not but it simply isn't right to expect people to behave in a certain way then to not do so yourself. His actions were mindless, selfish, undermining, insulting. That's what I'd have fired him for. It's also no wonder Johnson didn't fire him for it.
  7. I'm really not sure what your point is. Clearly, Kinnock's role is as part of the shadow cabinet. You asked me what I would do if I were Starmer and I told you. As I have stated clearly, I wouldn't have him in my shadow cabinet, my team etc etc. As it happens, I don't feel as strongly about Kinnock's actions because he didn't write the rules. But, I will say it again, I wouldn't have him in my team. I know you you know what that means. If he were in my shadow cabinet, I would get rid of him, as I said. If he were not, I wouldn't put him in. I have expressed my anger about a whole range of people breaking the lockdown. Including Kinnock and including friends of mine. Just because I haven't mentioned it on here, doesn't mean I haven't been cross. I don't actually recall a discussion about Kinnock or any of the other MPs in this thread. The mock outrage is not coming from me. The discussion has been about Cummings.
  8. But I've already answered that based on actual reality. I'm not being evasive. I repeat: Would I have him in my Shadow Cabinet? No. (You even asked 'Yes or no' after I had said this. Hence my not being sure what you are trying to do) That's reality. Would I have him piloting the space shuttle after his writing the the pilot manual and wilfully going against it? No. Would I have him in the kitchen after his being caught whacking off in the mayonaise? No. I'm not sure how many imaginary scenarios you want to go through. I would expect high standards and if people are being dick about it, I wouldn't have them in my team.
  9. But he’s not an adviser. He’s a member of the shadow cabinet. not really sure what you’re trying to do here. you can’t make it like-for-like by changing the job of one of the people. Can we also imagine that one of them is a butcher or baker or candlestick maker?
  10. I wrote this: 'Would I have him in my Shadow Cabinet? No.'
  11. I can't dismiss an MP. A party leader can't dismiss an MP. Would I have him in my Shadow Cabinet? No. I thought he was a dick at the time and I still do. I don't need people to be whiter than white but I would want them to lead by example. Driving for nonessential reasons is not leading by example. I also wouldn't pick Kyle Walker for England, though that's easy to say when there are better options anyway. I still don't see how other people's actions detract from Cummings' example.
  12. I change it regularly. On this, nobody has convinced me that I am wrong in what I believe. And when I am told by Boris Johnson that it's 'time to move on', it just convinces me that he has no intention of convincing me.
  13. As someone who lived for a while in South Wales and spent some Saturday evenings in Cardiff, I wouldn't advise doing anything that could encumber your escape, like eating chips
  14. Indeed. He who never changes his mind has no mind to change. One thing I will note about the distant General Election is that people may not think too much about Cummings' trip by then but there's plenty of scope for more shenanigans en route to 2024. Plus, imagine the fun we can have along the way with 'What would Dom do?' or 'What has Dom said?' type questions for Johnson at every turn.
  15. I thought I did. It's for the people of Aberavon, Durham North, Cardiff South and Penarth and Birmingham Hall Green to decide. As far as I'm aware, Vaughan Gething was not picnicking but was walking eating a bag of chips. Although I do believe that Gething shouldn't have kept his government job after an unrelated incident involving a colleague in a Zoom meeting. There are ways of getting rid of MPs. They are not the same as SPADs.
  16. Their constituencies can take steps to force a by-election. That's the thing with MPs. You can get rid of them at the ballot box. This is not the case with Cummings. Pressure needs to come from elsewhere.
  17. You are right. I could find very little about these MPs in the Express, Telegraph or the Sun, for example. There's a bit of a jab in the ribs for Kinnock in the Sun (complete with a picture of him social distancing) and details on the tweet the police put out. They don't seemed to have followed it up. I suspect that had they been involved in formulating the rules and their, er, 'boss' go on TV to tell people to stay at home, it might have been worse. This is not a left-wing wet dream. It's people of all political persuasions making massive sacrifices for the greater good and having that rubbed in their faces by someone that apparently couldn't be arsed.
  18. And? How does the detract from Cummings? just because other people have done stuff they shouldn’t have, we just accept the person making the rules doing what he pleases? It’s not a very good argument
  19. Wasn’t there also a bit where he was asked if, as a friend of Cummings of many years, he might have chipped in to help him out?
  20. morally, they can’t enforce it. Not sure they are that bothered. politically, if there is a second spike, people won’t forget. They will be bothered by that. Especially as it will put the brakes on replacing the civil service with companies owned by their mates.
  21. Her indoors recently got a subscription to Disney+ because she wants to watch Hamilton or something. I took the opportunity to rewatch all the Star Wars films in chronological order, keeping an open mind about the ones I didn't like originally (ie the prequels) and with a spirit of reassessment. God the prequels are bad. Somebody should remake them with the following changes: reduce the length of the action sequences. Each one has at least one that goes on about 3 times longer than it should (the chariot race, the car chase, the rescue of the chancellor, for example) Get rid of these: Hayden Christiansen Jar Jar Binks Darth Vader's 'Nooooo' ruining a potentially iconic scene in the third one. The wholly ridiculous notion that a Jedi master is so wise that the only way for him to get the part for his spaceship is to place a bet on a small child to win the most fatally dangerous race in the galaxy. And, while we're at it, the whole idea of arriving on that planet and getting a part for their sparkly ship is the equivalent of me travelling back to the Dark Ages and asking if anyone's got a starter motor for a Mercedes S class. Avoid the temptation to add in extraneous CGI. While we're at it, anyone want to restore the original 3 films to the state we loved (Another Dart Vader 'Nooo' has been added to Return of the Jedi) Most of all, treat them as films for film audiences. People who haven't watched the cartoons or played any of the games. So, for example, remove any scenes that clearly have a game theme - the conveyor belt scene, for starters; don't expect people to know who General Greivous is etc. In short get someone who isn't George Lucas to do it.
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