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  1. All the other ones are complete dumps.
  2. Millwall's display puts out spineless display against Brighton into perspective.
  3. Well, Curtis Davies is entitled to believe whatever the hell he likes. 😀
  4. Same thing happened to Liverpool this season. Came back to blow a 7-point lead over Man City.
  5. They've scored nearly as many as us and let fewer in.
  6. This is what can happen against premier league opposition when you don't go out on to the pitch believing you've already lost. Even if they get hammered in the second half, Swansea have won a lot of respect.
  7. I simply don't understand the attraction of Dubai. A tasteless artificial hell-hole. Why not go to a proper city?
  8. Doesn't that go against one of the important principles of the game - that the whole of the ball should be over the line? As long as part of the ball breaks the plane of the line, it is in.
  9. I don’t get any of that from that piece.
  10. You know how it works, right?
  11. I really don't think not having many central midfielders contracted for next season is a good reason to offer a contract to a current one. We could get some more midfielders.
  12. My point is that carnage was averted. All that was lost was the little shed for the lawnmower and the mower itself torched by the Sparta fans who had brought their own petrol. I’m pretty sure that at that particular game, the police presence allowed the game to go ahead. But, it was a different set of circumstances - years of pent up hate for Sparta, the beneficiaries of communism, and a sense of entitlement on the part of Sparta fans, with years of getting away with it behind them. It’s not something that would help here because the football culture is quite different.
  13. I went to several Slavia - Sparta matches over the years and I can tell you the riot police do a brilliant job. They took the brunt of the missiles (including the gravel that lined the terrace at one game) to such an extent that the 2 sets of supporters almost forgot about each other.
  14. Don't let that get in the way of a bit of vilification for being good.
  15. Young man goes out with mates shocker. This is the kind of thing that makes people dislike Grealish? Come on, you are far better than that.
  16. I bought him in FM 19 and he was terrific.
  17. Night out? What’s one of those?
  18. It's not funny at all for me. But then neither is seeing someone run on to a football pitch and attack a player.
  19. 'Nobody thinks the act of running onto the pitch and assaulting someone is funny.' And yet people stated on this very thread that they found it funny. 'No actual harm has been done' So that's ok then. 'and maybe Grealish will learn that no matter how much skill you have the way you present yourself matters,' Yes, he was asking for it.
  20. I'm sorry but I just wouldn't. It's football. I don't hate footballers.
  21. That is quite possibly the worst example I could imagine to justify laughing at somebody being attacked whilst doing their job. Perhaps try A&E on a Friday night. You could piss yourself laughing at the drunks abusing NHS staff. The NHS staff would still clean up the piss.
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