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  1. Saunders had one saved by Niall Quinn, which leaves quite a big blot on his copy book.
  2. Born and bred in Rugby, Warwickshire. Grandfather from Matlock. He poisoned my mind.
  3. Our first signing hasn't been born yet
  4. Really enjoyed the camera on the wicketkeeper's helmet as he took an absolute steepler in tonight's game.
  5. Extraordinary. Not the post as such but the poster. welcome back.
  6. Holy smoke. His job description must readsomething like, 'Be rubbish at everything'.
  7. I'm surprised he wasn't released before the end of the game.
  8. We might be a good young Irish midfielder away from a good team.
  9. They should have six-and-out. And the big-time-charlie batters should be made to go and fetch the fecker. I'd certainly watch it if they had to brave next door's Alsatian or go down a nettle-covered railway embankment to get the ball back
  10. If I were manager of Derby County, I'd want to be permanently off my face.
  11. Looks like it's run in the wash
  12. On the one hand, I imagine Her Indoors would take a dim view. On the other, chance would be a fine thing.
  13. That's an insult to basket cases
  14. Indeed. It is nothing more than a manager bemoaning the size of squad and his inability to sign anyone one minute and putting a key player out until November the next.
  15. Perhaps we need a new poll. 'How low can we go?' or something like that.
  16. And it's at that point that the script editor sends it back to you, saying, 'Sorry, the plot is just too outlandish. Nobody would ever believe it.'
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