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  1. Excellent reasoned argument for taking Roos over Carson that has me doubting myself.
  2. So you found a couple of loose connections that mean a lot when you're looking for them to support a position, but almost zero in the great scheme of things. Dozens of managers have started similarly over the years and some failed, some succeeded and some done ok. As human beings we love patterns but it doesn't necessarily mean they tell us much. Let's see if their careers continue to shadow each other or whether this was just a banal coincidence
  3. It's similar in terms of the fact they are both human beings and manage football teams. I think other than that it's pure conjecture.
  4. Judging Frank and his ability to succeed as a top flight manager after less than a season is like condemning an eighteen year old player for not having enough savvy or experience. Its academic how experienced Frank was as a player this is a totally different job. I worked in sales for 20 years and the ability to manage sales people is only loosely connected to sales ability. Time will tell if FL can make it, but to write him off so soon beggars belief.
  5. I think you should change your name to Stockholm Syndrome.
  6. Sat at Orlando airport waiting to fly home for 2 weeks to attend a family wedding. It seems I can meet my niece for lunch on Saturday after all. My wrists shall remain unslashed. Let's see what Frank can do next season and if he's learned from his mistakes.
  7. Anybody will play there if the venue is right. Knebworth, Castle Donnington, and Glastonbury are hardly bustling centers of activity. Location, location, location. And there's a reason most big events happen in the summer. With a roof just imagine the massive pantomimes we could host. He's behind you!
  8. For the love of God, when games aren't on they normally send a text out telling you.
  9. The travesty that is RamsTV rolls on. No video, crappy audio that has now gone altogether.
  10. The sun never set on the British Empire and there was never a Saturday night without a fight on Bridge Street.
  11. Stuart Webb doesn't deserve the hero status so many older fans on here accord him.
  12. Siemian went to the Jets a few days ago.
  13. If there was such a thing as having a second team., mine would be the Browns. I have family in Cleveland (poor souls) and always wanted them to do well. They remind me of Newcastle. Great support, cr@p team!
  14. It's not so bad @jimbo jones https://overthecap.com/salary-cap-space/
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