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  1. Exactly! Our pies contain only the choicest cuts of wagyu beef flown in from Japan, the finest pastry made in Mandelhörnchen, Germany, and the gravy is made to order one pie at a time by Gordon Ramsay. So we're losing £192.50 on every pie, so we're actually saving money during lockdown. At least that's how I remember them when I was living back home.
  2. Totally agree. It sounds smart to say good defenders don't need to tackle and there is a small element of truth in terms of positional sense and anticipating the game, but it's largely nonsense. When I think of great Derby defenders like Toddy, Roy Mac and Mark Wright, I also think of impeccable tacklers. Bobby Moore was an incredible tackler too and he did ok. Of course, a lot comes down to timing and Todd made tackling look effortless and almost untacklelike, but he still did a lot of it.
  3. Not your boyfriend it would seem.
  4. I bet fans of almost every single club say exactly the same thing. Almost every club imaginable loses money on 4 out of 5 players and the fans then presume they suck at getting the most from their sales. Yet, other fans will look at the big sales they make and think they are crushing it simply because they don't pay attention to the players who slide off into oblivion.
  5. I have zero antipathy towards them and I'd love to see them return. So glad to see their result today over Barnet.
  6. I'm guessing I just never saw the donation thing (maybe it was before my time on the board), so apologies for clogging up the board and I shall be gone! But before I do, who said anything about being unpopular @G STAR RAM?
  7. I know you currently maintain things with advertising. Every so often however, I see things fall down, which obviously is not your fault - please don't take this as a criticism! I'm on an LA Rams board that annually ask for contributions from more serious members to get more server space/ pay for maintenance etc. I utterly applaud you for the time you put in and for making this board free. However, I for one, would be happy to make a donation, such that I love this community and even @G STAR RAM😉 And btw, this isn't an excuse to shame people (my board gives donators a
  8. It's funny how you went from saying he 'looked like' he lacked heart to being certain he did when somebody challenged your opinion. An outward show of emotion rarely means much. For every Dave Mackay there is Bobby Moore. And for every Billy Davies there is a Phillip Cocu.
  9. TBF, I've seen that soooooo many times. But I still ducking lmao! @Eatonram
  10. OMG, Forest doing their best to duck it up. Please, please, please.
  11. Please sign Clarke. I doubt he is PL level (although not sure), but having him in our team means we have a solid component.
  12. I think your guess is right. There's a reason he's playing # 32.
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