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  1. I think Jozefzoon looks more like he's been drinking free spirits. Having said that it's been a while since we had a player as balanced as him. he's as bad going forward as he is defending.
  2. Maybe because they played so few games together? Biley scored 19 goals in total for Derby, so hardly deserves to be up with some of the others. It was he and Swindles who prompted the 'We'll be back in 81' t-shirts (one of which I bought) because they looked so good toward the end of the season. Alas, we didn't go back in 81 and he ducked off to Everton. I agree that at the lower level they were awesome. They terrorised defenses and both scored some great goals. I can remember Kenny Dalglish being sat in the directors box right in front of us in B Stand for a night match and the word was he was watching Gee. Gee did duck all and Dalglish left with 20 minutes or so to go. Then Phil picked up the ball somewhere in the Normanton end and went the length of the pitch to score a cracker. It probably wasn't quite that good, but even now I wonder if Dalglish had seen that (no TV from every angle in those days kids) Gee had been on his way to Liverpool.
  3. A forward paring of 3 players? Maybe you first memory should have been of talking maths. I'm kidding Dennis, it seems everybody has decided to go for a front line....including me 😉
  4. I think we all tend to drift toward 'our' era and that for me would be 72 and 75. Having said that, John O'Hare was a product of the system and the time imho, a bit like John Toshack and Mick Jones. Yes, he held the ball up for Zak, and yes he was strong on the ball, but I think Goddard was a far better and more rounded player. I don't consider the line of George, Lee and Hector to be in play because they played just one season together and they weren't really a forward line per se. As a front two I'm taking Lee and George followed by Saunders and Goddard. And then I'll take Hector and O'Hare. As a front four though, there has never been one in my time like the one that tore Spurs apart - and that includes the glory days. We were so freakin fast at every position!
  5. Plus, you do realize he will be told to do that, right? If Cocu tells Malone to drop back if he sees one of the centre backs storm forward and he does, that really doesn't require any actual footballing ability. I could do that and my achilles are both ducked.
  6. It's actually usually Huddlestone who drops back. Other than that, you nailed it.
  7. I think whenever you you say 'no doubt whatsoever' about something that is so subjective and immeasurable you leave yourself wide open to criticism. Of that there is no doubt whatsoever.
  8. Rooney has been averaging a goal or assist per game, I think that should do quite nicely.
  9. It certainly can be and they're definitely not as physical as defenders in the Championship, but you see some good football going forward and teams like Rotherham and Millwall from last season would be as bad over here. The point I was trying to make was simply that I cannot see any reason why Rooney cannot do in the Championship what he is doing here. Some of his goals and assist are simply world class. And I used Rotherham and Millwall as examples because we lost and I cannot believe that the Rooney I have seen (albeit snippets in fairness because I only ever watch Orlando games) will not make those kind of teams suffer. Orlando's capacity is just over 25k and they sell out every game. I really ought to go to a game because the atmosphere does look good and from what I'm told the tailgating is excellent. That is about one of the only things I wish we'd import to the English game.
  10. I presume you watch games on a regular basis - because it would clearly be a ridiculous statement to make if you never watched anything It would be like me saying, 'You know that restaurant I've never been to? Well, it's not a patch on my local favorite.' I do watch it (not every week by any standard, but I've seen 20+ games) and think it's a tad better - you (presuming you're not just plucking ideas out of your ass with no basis in anything other than a hunch) also watch it and don't think it's as good. On that we shall have to disagree. FWIW, I think you see more skill and flair in the MLS, but I also think that it lacks some of the physicality of the Championship.
  11. That is ducking outrageous! I hadn't seen that, thanks! Will this Twitter work?
  12. It's about the same for the replica jerseys, they seem to vary between $99 and $150 for reasons I have no clue. And if you want the authentic ones i.e. identical to what the players wear, they can cost you over $250. I had a feiend by a Rams one for $300 - which is utterly insane if you ask me.
  13. Have you seen what Rooney has done this season? He is absolutely tearing it up against competition that sits somewhere between the Championship and the Premier League - although closer to the Championship imho. He has scored 23 goals in 39 games and been named to the All-Star team. He may not have that initial burst of pace, but from what I've seen, there's little if any deterioration in his skills. Look at those games like Rotherham and Millwall away last season - Rooney will make those kind of defences look like mugs Personally, I want me some of that - the business element is the icing on the cake.
  14. Do you remember dot to dot books? Well if you draw a line from Washington to Portland and then to Salt Lake City and on to Colorado and Kansas City and then up to the Canadian border and back across to the West coast you will have ensnared the following. 9 people 3 dogs A cat called Cyril 14,219 bankrupt farms that used to sell soy to the Chinese. And a 912,031 MAGA hats drifting gently in the breeze in a tumbleweed styleee.
  15. I posted this the other day and it got buried. Take a look at the goals he scored against Orlando. One here and one in DC. YouTube will not allow me to embed this one that he scored here and it may be even better than the one he scored in the home game below.
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