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  1. Half of Man Utd supporters (at least) wanted Ferguson out as did half the Board and then...... You'd have been calling for the head of Dave Mackay after the team collapsed on his arrival. Oh, and probably Clough because the team deteriorated under him in his first season too. As an aside, the greatest Coach in NFL history, Bill Belichick, got fired by Cleveland because his success wasn't quick enough, before going on to win a gazillion Super Bowls with New England. Give the guy two seasons with his players available, or run the risk of jumping back on the merry-go-round.
  2. See how you feel tomorrow, but not even a spine specialist (and I have seen a number and had 2 surgeries) can tell you your spine is ok after an external exam. They can tell if it's poking out of your back at 90 degrees, but that is literally about it.
  3. Yikes! We are in rented accommodation waiting to move back to the UK simply because we sold our house in 2 weeks and from offer to us moving out was only 4 weeks. We actually wanted to drag it on longer but couldn't make it happen.
  4. People who say exactly right when right means exactly the same thing. I know this is a cultural thing over here and that is limited in large part to a certain racial group, but changing the word ask to axe. My hunch is that will evolve eventually because it's so common now. Cops (and again this may be a US thing) who tell you how fast you were going (and how much the fine could be) before lowering the amount. Yeh, we know how psychological anchoring works. People who say 'fake news' when what they really man is I'm either too stupid or too lazy to check the veracity of this stat
  5. On a sadder note I can remember my dad coming up from the players lounge to say Alan's lad had died of brain cancer. I seem to think he was only 8 or so. Devastating for any family. Alan was/is a true gentleman. Then again, you could say that about just about everybody in the team during that era. Things have changed somewhat.
  6. I think you're right and I think my dad was more friends with Jack either through Sam or the other way around. Yeh he had a membership of the SL for as long as it was there, we'd go in after each home game. And he'd often go into the players lounge too either with the Kirklands, Richard Moore or Sam. Can't remember why, but he was never a fan of George Hardy. Although he didn't tend to like anybody who he considered didn't put the club first, second and third, so perhaps that was why. It's funny looking back because he was glad they let Cloughie walk at the time
  7. Is it a coincidence that 4 out of the 5 countries that have the highest death count (US, India, Brazil and UK) have right wing populist governments? Mexico is the other country in the top 5 and I have no clue what their government is because I think it's always coalitions and I'm too lazy to look it up. Of course, that's all presumning China and Russia aren't lying about their numbers, which would hardly be surprising.
  8. TBF, I never want TBF to the 9ers, because ya know, they're the 9ers TBF.
  9. I remember that clearly cowering in B Stand. Whomever came second had obviously seen what had happened previously because we scored at that end (Kevin Wilson I think) and the seats were coming down before the ball had been picked out of the net so they'd obviously already ripped them out.
  10. I'm pretty sure I have too, and I'll up the ante by adding the Director's Box a few times. Don't remember seeing you in there mate? I'd forgotten all about the Popside pen, what was that all about? I also seem to remember there being a Junior Rams section on the corner of the Normanton End and A stand and standing in there. OTOH, I've probably created a false memory around that. And don't think for one moment I don't know you identified yourself in the photo as a way of saying 'I wasn't a fat duck'
  11. Yes you're right, he was on the players door. If you said that these days for a top team you'd not imagine it was a wooden door that you had to step over to get in and it was a shed behind it (not literally - that would have been ridiculous having a shed in a ground). I used to go in that way for most games, unless I was lagging behind and something never occured to me until literally a couple of weeks ago when I was talking with @Eatonramabout it. We used to park down on Holcombe Street and then when it became available the car park opposite the Normanton End. Our seats were i
  12. When we left Blair was PM. Are you telling me he's not still in charge?
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