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  1. Seriously, does anybody know @SaintRam well enough to put a call in and let us know he's ok? I'm worried.
  2. The worrying thing to me is that these people will be treated like crap by many others for not fulfilling their duty, when nothing could be further from the truth. My wife is testing every day and I'm a tad concerned, but apart from a period last week when she had more kits than masks, she's been ok from a PPE point of view. The single most important thing at the moment is to protect the people who protect us. Nothing else is even close.
  3. anybody know how @SaintRam is?
  4. I was on the same tour but as I saw them at the Top Rank in Sheffield. Saw Simple Minds in Nottingham to a ¾ empty venue, forget which now. I set off to go and see The Stranglers, but missed my connection in Bakewell. Watched the Sheffield bus pull off as mine pulled in 😞
  5. Actually, no. But it did just dawn on me that this doesn't work very well with people you don't know.
  6. List 6 bands or people you have seen perform live, but one of them is not true. Here are mine. 1. The Stranglers 2. Joy Division 3. Madonna 4. Kylie Minogue 5. Simple Minds 6. The Buzzcocks Note: I did not invent this utter waste of time, I totally stole it off Facebook.
  7. I think it's worth watching from the start, because somebody like myself - an ex-pat out of the loop - needed to see the balance. Very moving.
  8. Your wait is over. You found a quote that suited your needs. Even though you didn't understand what the author meant, you posted it anyway. Then when people pointed out that the author didn't mean what you thought he meant, rather than being humble and saying, 'ok fair enough, that's a good point' you doubled down. Gutless.
  9. Yeh, and you're clearly not one of them. You're a guy who posted half a quote. Then got called out on it being out of context. And then, rather than being man enough to admit you screwed up, went looking for literally anything to bail you out.
  10. Damn you sir! I read @86 Schmokes & a Pancake post lying in bed and thought, "Oops, rookie mistake, totally missed the meaning, I shall respond to that when I get into my office"
  11. So you're saying I was right the first two times?
  12. I'll listen to people like Dr Fauci who refuses to follow Trump's lead and call it by anything other than it's scientific name. As does the entire scientific community. I have no clue about the UK, but I literally haven't heard anybody outside the Trump government call it the Chinese flu over here. Every sign in every store, every TV advert, every sporting announcement and every person I have spoken with has called it either Covid-19 or coronavirus. And just because you don't know German measles is Rubella even though it's the R in MMR doesn't mean everybody else is as ignorant.
  13. Is there a sponsored idiotic reply competition I'm not aware of?
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