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  1. Bob The Badger

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    I agree that the team needs time to settle in and that may take 7 or 8 games. However, what really worries me is that you need the same 11, or maybe 12 or 13 players to bed in together and FL has so many options available that I think he'll be tinkering all the time. Cox was a fantastic manager until he had too many options and then he couldn't make his mind up who the best 11 were. I'm not even sure Frank knows his best 16 never mind 11.
  2. Bob The Badger

    Crazy Keogh hating

    We need to get rid of Frank then if he's so lacking as a manager that he would keep a clown on the squad. Of course Frank may have not watched any tape of RK from last season (the first half of which he was outstanding) and not know he's a clown. But then Frank is a joker for not doing his job properly. It's clowns to the left of me me and jokers to the right.
  3. Bob The Badger

    Crazy Keogh hating

    I can ease your puzzlement because it's easily explained. Confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance. Those that dislike Keogh will see his mistakes and struggle to see the good stuff he does. And I mean quite literally they will miss stuff or dismiss it. That's confirmation bias. When he does something well the brain will either ignore it or look for reasons why it was lucky, a one-off, not really down to him etc. Otherwise it creates cognitive dissonance as the brain tries to hold two contradictory beliefs at the same time, which it hates doing. It's not intentional, it's just the way the human brain works if we don't step in to question our own beliefs, and few people do. Oh, and of course the same will be true for most Keogh supporters. Nuance is a thing of the past sadly.
  4. Bob The Badger

    Our support....

    You must have had a challenging childhood if you get embarrassed that easily. Exactly the same thing would have happened in just about every stadium in the country.
  5. Bob The Badger

    v Leeds Utd (H) Match Thread

    It's entirely academic how long you have been saying it for because he's played some monumental games for Derby. he was steller for the first half last season. Just because he was awful today, doesn't mean 'the stick' you have been getting wasn't justified at the time. The two things are not connected. Lampard, Rowett, Clement, Pearson and McClaren all failed to see what you clearly could. Pffft.
  6. Bob The Badger

    Why the 'Undisclosed Fees'?

    That makes zero sense. If Derby got less than people are suggesting, then you announce it so as to stop other teams with players we want inflating their prices. And Burnley announce it to their fans because they look smart. And if it's more, then Derby want to tell their fans to soothe any discontent and look shrewd and Burnley couldn't give a flying duck because they're in the Premier and another couple of million spent isn't going to bother anybody. So what's Plan B?
  7. Bob The Badger

    Why the 'Undisclosed Fees'?

    It *seems* to me that Derby have more transfers going out that are not disclosed than most other clubs. Anybody know why this may be? Or even why it's done in the first place? The only reason I can come up with is that they don't want the supporters kicking off because it's too low.
  8. Bob The Badger

    Planning for an embargo?

    So you think they are spending more money because they are concerned about getting disciplined for spending too much money?
  9. Frank goes to Mel and this conversation was overheard. Frank: I want to sell Vydra Mel: But I like Vydra Frank: I know, I know but I want to run a system that isn't suited to him Mel: But he's cute looking...er...or so the ladies tell me Frank: DO you want to get promotion or have the sexiest squad? Mel ponders for a moment. Mel: okay, then you can sell him under one condition. Frank: What's that? Mel: That you buy another player who looks exactly like him. Frank: I have a cunning plan.
  10. Bob The Badger

    This is starting to remind me of circa 1992

    Shudder. Don't say that. Sadly Arthur was one of those managers who couldn't handle money. A genius at wheeling and dealing. I can remember when he sold Kevin Wilson when he was the top scorer in the division and I was like WTF!!!! Then he used the money to buy Micklewhite and I think George Williams, although I may be wrong about George and I'm too lazy to look it up and we never looked back.
  11. For those of you old enough to remember. Maxwell leaves and sails off into the sunset for an evening swim never to return and Pickering comes in. Suddenly we go from transfer stagnation to transfer insanity with Cox bringing in one big signing after another. It seemed every time we got to the point where I thought that was it I'd pick up the DET and low and behold he'd splashed out again (a bit like Maxwell). Exciting times, but ultimately the expectancy and anticipation was never fully realized. Maybe I'm naive, but I think it will be with Frank. I was neither in favor nor against his appointment, but now he's delivered Christmas in August, I'm all for it. I just hope they can offload the dead wood.
  12. Bob The Badger

    sorry but it’s a great weekend..

    Scummy arrogant supporters who think the world revolves around Yorkshire. Like the red dogs, still living on past glories. And their great support isn't as great as it seems when you consider that Leeds is EASILY the biggest city in England only serving one club, it's metropolitan area is bigger than Manchester and Liverpool.
  13. Bob The Badger

    sorry but it’s a great weekend..

    He's had so much practice, he should be good at it by now.
  14. Bob The Badger

    v Reading (A) Match Thread

    Mate, please don't tell me you've got a gentle bob on whilst lying in the hot tub, that image is now haunting me. Oh well, I guess it's better than if you said you had Gentle Bob on.

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