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  1. Bristil City. And I'd say that Carson, Keogh, Hughes, Johnson, Bryson, Ince, Russell and Bent would all have played today if available. So yes, that team imho, is far better.
  2. Not sure but pretty sure I don't need to bother my thumbs to count them.
  3. I'd write to Mel if I were you, that is disgraceful.
  4. Brings a tear to the eye listening to ex-players talk about the Bald Eagle on RamsTV
  5. Maybe you get slated because you say things like 'fan boys' rather than respecting other people's opinions.
  6. The wife just came in to say she's going to the mall. I might join her.
  7. I saw The Police live in (I think) 1981 (maybe have been 82) in Gateshead. I'd really gone to see the support bands. The Beat and a fairly successful group called U2 who weren't very well known at the time, were those bands. Both were waaaaaaay better than The Police, who utterly mailed it in. Then I read years later how The Police had a massive coke phase where they couldn't give a crap about anything else, and that performance was right in the middle of it.. Yep, that now makes sense,
  8. Brilliant stuff, thanks for posting! 'Would be nice. Is nice' not quite interesting, very interesting, but still pretty good. As was 'it's party tricks now' Barry was always way ahead of Mottie imho.
  9. Totally agree. Make it happen!
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