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  1. Peters was terrible last season when Talib was out. He's flashy but gets burned a LOT. Plus he's out of contract the end of this season so I'm not surprised they let him walk. And quite happy. Having said that, I think we're done for this season, especially if we send Johnson on IR. We've been super lucky avoiding injuries the last two years. I'm also worried about Goff. The one thing I have liked about him is he never looks rattled. Until Sunday that is. A couple of times you could tell he was hearing footsteps that weren't there. Reminded me of Jim Everett and the phantom sack. http://www.nfl.com/videos/san-francisco-49ers/0ap3000000904655/Jim-Everett-sacked-vs-49ers-in-NFC-Championship
  2. The whole they should be professional and working full time makes perfect sense to me. However, when the question gets asked every so often over here, the answer is that many of them are in super high paying jobs such as attorneys, business owners, accountants etc. As such you're not going to tempt them away for a few hundred grand. I say, fine, start recruiting ex-players (NFL minimum wage type guys), pay them well and start grooming them. Some of the refs need to have played at this level. The officiating last night was a joke. Not that it impacted the game because the Rams were already imploding, but Brian Allen made a block on (I think) Bosa on Sunday where he grabbed him at the front with both hands and snapped down hard. They hit him for holding. The commentator said something like 'that was textbook, that is exactly how you are taught to do that move' An ex-player would know that yeh he held him for a moment but that's not what the holding penalty is there for. btw @SaintRam if I'd have offered to flip seasons after you lost to us, would you have taken it?
  3. I think they have to have had an embarrassment bypass operation for when they start, but the really good ones study the crap out of if.
  4. Quarterback controversy!!!! Maybe not, but it seems like Teddy may be playing himself into a starters spot next year and your fears were misplaced You'll either need to pay him silly money for a back up (isn't he already the highest paid back up?), promote him if Brees retires and pony up north of $25m or wave adieu. A nice problem to have I guess
  5. Something that just crossed my mind and a lot of younger Derby fans I'm guessing may not even know and I tend to forget about. We were banned from Europe after the first time we won the league because of accounting irregularities. Can you imagine that in this day and age? Totally unthinkable. It would be dragged through the courts for years even if UEFA had had the gall to do attempt it. So twice we qualified and then were denied European football. FML.
  6. Maybe the greatest miss of all time until that Luton player sliced over the bar from 17 inches yesterday. Roger has a wicked sense of humor and always happy to laugh at himself. Love that guy.
  7. I think it's one of those spectacularly rare events where people were saying at the time the ref must have been bribed. And the ref actually had been bribed.
  8. That was bizarre. I can still see five of us old goats sat in a pub somewhere in North London at 1 pm all saying, 'well at least he can't leave Marriott out of this one' and chuckling about it.
  9. I'm actually not bitter about that. As has been well documented and Cloughie himself admitted several times, he put the Board in an impossible situation where they had no alternative. I'm more bitter about the two of them maturing after they left Derby. Somewhere in a parallel universe Derby County really are the greatest team the world has ever seen.
  10. 1. Charlie George getting injured against Stoke and missing the end of what could well have been a double winning season? 2. Juventus bribing the referee in the European Cup Semi-Final and getting away with it? 3. The last minute winner for QPR at Wembley? 4. Paulo Wanchope not getting goal of the month after his brilliance against Man Utd? 5. None of the above - so come on, what is it then? Let's get bitter and twisted. I'm going for #1. That was truly the start of the decline imho.
  11. Nah but I had a sneaking suspicion big boy.
  12. The last question is easy. It would be Jozefzoon. I'd like to meet with him here in Orlando at 3 pm on Saturday 19th October. Enough of the Florian bashing for one day? No? Okay then. I'm trained in all sorts of stuff around persuasion, hypnotherapy mentalism blah, blah, blah. There's very few people who do this stuff that when I watch them I cannot tell you what they're doing. Richard Bandler and Derren Brown are two exceptions and at the top of the tree. Or, rather they were. Move aside Bandler and Brown because neither of you two could spot how on earth FJ is slipping into a Derby shirt every week and getting onto the pitch without somebody noticing. Ta-da!
  13. White shirt? Back to the game? Annoying as hell? Was it Jozefzoon?
  14. He saw Keogh had an ACL and thought it mean anterior cranial lobotomy so was rightly worried about his fate. Ironically, I think a minority of Derby fans have self-administered anterior cranial lobotomy's with the way they're reacting.
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