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  1. Bob The Badger

    RamsTV Feedback

    Anybody else can't get the audio feed today. I login in, then click audio and it asks me to log in again. I've tried on my phone and my desktop. This service is a cluster.
  2. Bob The Badger

    is Ruud Gullit on crack?

    Good point and Ronaldinho never won Scottish player of the year and he never played for the Scottish national team either. I may be looking at this all wrong.
  3. Bob The Badger

    is Ruud Gullit on crack?

    If you haven't watched this. Who do you think it is? I spent a few minute pondering before I started the video and settled on Dalglish after considering Souness and Denis Law. In all fairness I knew of this guy, but don't remember seeing him play. But I'm struggling to believe he was better than Best, Ronaldo or even Gascoigne for that matter. Because if he were, the Scots would still be banging on about him. https://www.bbc.com/sport/av/football/45824290
  4. Bob The Badger

    Life long Ram in need of help

    Just got the update from GoFundMe. So sorry about the news mate. I'm not religious so won't send prayers, but I will send my best wishes and I hope things can go as well as possible.
  5. Bob The Badger

    Weak Wingers

    Yikes. I'm sure some have been mentioned, I'm just too lazy to look. Leighton James Ted McMinn Nigel Callaghan Gordon Hill Gary Micklewhite (sometimes) Georgi Kinkladze (sometimes) Kris Commons Steve Carter Jamie Ward (barf) I've got your back, I mailed you some of this.
  6. Bob The Badger

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    I thought Malone did well on Wednesday, a tad surprised about that one. I'm glad Marriott has a chance though. I really Like Nugent, but we need somebody who can score more goals.
  7. Bob The Badger

    Ones That Got Away

    Wise was definitely on their radar, but I honestly can't remember about Townsend. And this was way before the managerial rumblings, I'm going back to late 70's, I think.
  8. Bob The Badger

    Ones That Got Away

    I'm hoping somebody can back me up here because I'm not sure it was ever public knowledge, but at the time my old man was friendly with a number of the directors and they made a run at Johan Cruyff to grab him before he went to the USA after leaving Barca. And somebody mentioned Ray Houghton. That was more than he rumor, he gave Derby a verbal 'yes' before Liverpool stepped in.
  9. Bob The Badger

    Some Random Thoughts

    1. I know he's talented, that's why he frustrates me. If he was working his tits off all the time he would most definitely be a fan favorite. That there tells you a lot about him. 2. I said Bradley Johnson was player of the year other than Mason Mount. 3. I don't know where he'd play, I said that. But we're hardly lighting it up in the scoring department and we miss his 21 goals.
  10. Bob The Badger

    Some Random Thoughts

    That is really not having a dig, it's asking a question and chatting. And if we are reading too much into it and he starts to take over games the way his talent suggest he possibly could, then great, we can admit we were overly concerned. I have been a fan of Lawrence, but expected him to take a step up this season and that hasn't happened. And if some random fan or fans point out he's not playing up to his potential puts him on a downer, then he's in the wrong job. Being a player at this level and higher requires a certain amount of mental toughness.
  11. Bob The Badger

    Some Random Thoughts

    Yeh good point, we wouldn't want Lawrence winning player of the year too.
  12. I have no clue why on earth I was looking for a Jam t-shirt, I'm 56 ffs, but this made me pmp. Anybody know why? Well I guess if you're a genuine Jam fan you'll know. I clicked through and it had been sold, so some muppet is wearing this.
  13. Bob The Badger

    Some Random Thoughts

    Lawrence is letting everybody down, especially himself His sending off petulant and stupid, but it could have acted as a catalyst to him buckling down to earn his first team place back. But he looks bored and lacking in commitment. I hoped he was going to be another Leighton James and that even though he wasn’t an out and out winger like LJ, he was just taking time to bed in. Now I’m not so sure and I wonder if he’s miffed because players younger than he is are taking the limelight. We miss Vydra I’ve no clue how he would have fitted into this steam, but I am sure we miss his goal output. I was against selling him unless we replaced him with somebody equally capable of knocking in 20+ goals. It’s super risky thinking you can pick that amount of strikes up from multiple players. Perhaps Marriott will be the man and maybe even Waghorn. But whereas I love Nugents work effort and he definitely makes it easier for those around him you still need your main striker to be scoring more frequently. Keogh is Derby’s most underrated player of the last decade The problem with RK is that you can almost guarantee he will hit one horrible pass in a game, so horrible that everybody will remember it. If you hate him, guess what? Yeh, you zoom in on that, especially if it leads to a goal which they do a lot less than most people seem to think. But he hits sooooo many great shorter passes and some longer ones and is a very intelligent footballer. His positional sense and reading of the game means he does a lot of stuff under the radar that doesn’t get appreciated by many fans. There’s a reason that every single manager has picked him in his tenure at the club. Of and btw, the goal conceded against Norwich was on Tomori, Richard was trying to cover for him turning his back on the ball. Jayden Bogle will play for England. Not with us of course and it maybe a couple of years ago, but when he learns the game fully he will be a star. Bradley Johnson is my player of the season not called Mason Mount He’s one player that has really flourished under Lampard and he’s playing like we thought/hoped he would when we signed him. Having said that, he’s one of those players I imagine Frank thought would be picking up the occasional goal to supplement the collective attempt to make up for the loss of Vydra. Then again he’s playing deeper so understandable he isn’t.
  14. Bob The Badger

    We have an England International!

    I was only thinking during the Norwich match that when he bothers to use his feet, he's perfectly capable. The first half of last season he was as good as Shilton was in his spell at Derby. Pickford was outstanding in the WC, but not even his mum thought he was that good. But the point was that you missed in your hurry to eyeroll me, was that he was worthy of a look, and he would have been given a look if he'd been playing like that for a Premier League team. And the other point was, that Mount has been picked because he's a Chelsea player playing well for Derby. No way would a Derby 19-year-old even be in the equation.
  15. Bob The Badger

    We have an England International!

    Disagree entirely. If he wasn't on loan from Chelsea there is zero chance he'd be in that squad now. Where was open-minded Gareth last season when carson was arguably the best keeper in the country?>

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