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  1. I haven't watched A Question of Sport in probably two decades and watched two back-to-back yesterday whilst tending a sick pup. I'm not sure why I watched the second one other than I couldn't believe how embarrassing it was and presumed it was a fluke. I probably just loved it for the nostalgia and maybe it was never that good, but at least it had actually sporting stars on and not celebs and wannabes.
  2. I loathe TS with a passion. A few months after moving back to the UK ai almost posted a thread about it asking why on earthe would anybody listen to it. It *seems* that 70% of the time I hit the button to listen to it when I lose interest in 5Live it's adverts. Maybe I'm unlucky or maybe I just *think* it's that because it's a lot, but I haven't listened in 6 or 7 months now. Even when it wasn't adverts it was utter baalocks. Other than that, yeh I'm with ya.
  3. Two episodes in of The Undoing and it's pretty good in a seen it all before kinda way. Nicole Kidman is getting dangerously close to that tipping point with plastic surgery. Much more and she'll slide into trout territory.
  4. Quality SBD. And yeh, come on @Owen87ITK get him on.
  5. I am so pleased to hear that, so thanks to you and @rebb1 and yes, we should all let Rams TV know how much we'd love that. To those of you worried about his 'bad back', it may be time to just it go and give a massive hand-clap to a Derby great. And i use the word 'great' advisably. He is a legend.
  6. Every player who scores first every season is 'close' or at least, has a chance. You have to be in it to win it.
  7. I *think* that John Gregory was the only player since to war to score the first and last goal of a Derby season that year.
  8. At least not that I'm aware of. Sorry if that headline seems insensitive, but it may look like clickbait if I just post his name when he's ok. I'm just interested if anybody has info on Arthur - or even, journalistic speculation Colin? It all went south at the end, but that man is up there with Clough, Mackay and TBE as the greatest Rams managers in my lifetime. I had some of my happiest Derby memories (and I watched all the home European games) watching that team rebuild in the 3rd division. Maybe it was the fact that, as now, we had sunk so low and Arthur dragged up back up again because Clough's team was harder to break down, Mackay's more likely to put 4 past you, and Jim's more likely to attack you with pace on the counter, but I just loved that team. For those of you old enough to remember Kevin Wilsons explosive start to that season, how shocking was it that Coxy promptly sold him? Stunning and dumb eh? Dumb like a fox when he used the money to bring in Micklewhite and, was it Gregory? Callaghan maybe? I dunno, come on stat fans, enlighten me who he used that money on! I was listening to an interview with Robert Lee the other day and he was complaining at how poor Newcastle were at honouring old heroes. Derby are quite good in fairness and maybe AC wants his privacy, but duck me, I'd love to see the man introduced to the PP crowd. I'd even drive up from Cornwall to see it. I just hope he's well as I know he had major back issues even when he was manager.
  9. Thanks. I must confess to being a shockingly ignorant of the UK system consider I'm from here. I know I would get irritated by Americans claiming or presuming that we didn't have a constitution just because it wasn't written down. But me getting irritated by Americans is nothing to write home about. As I said in my last letter.
  10. I don't necessarily disagree with what you say, but it's not factually accurate, at least not in the US or UK. The legislature do make the laws. In the US this Congress and made up of the House of Representatives (usually just called the House) and then Senate with the Senate really being where the power lies with setting laws. The Senate can and does, frequently knock back legislation. They're like the elected version of the House of Lords, but usually more awake, and far likely to strike down laws. If necessary without even presenting them on the Floor when the Party submitting the bill doesn't have a majority. The Executive implements those laws, they don't enforce them in either country. The Police are not part of the democratic process. Nor are local councils, the Military, or dozens of other roles that give people power. In the US example, this is The White House. In the UK it's surprisingly, The Queen, meaning we really don't have a 3-tiered system in anything but name only like the US because she's just a girl who always says yes. The judiciary do not become involved when laws are breached. Well they do at a lower level, clearly, but the Judiciary as it is referred to in the democratic sense means the Justices i.e. in the US example, The Supremer Court, and they are there to review and where deemed necessary, amend laws. We do have a Supreme Court in this country but I'm honestly not sure how they are seen constitutionally, or whether they it on top of the tress so to speak, like they do in the US. If anybody sles knows that (or can be arsed to Google it) I'd be intrigued to know. Other than that....
  11. Same as literally every other local paper in the country. They literally have no choice but to do that other than go bust. It sucks, but you have to pay for free and you pay with ads and clickbait.
  12. We are already dying in our millions because of climate change. Just not here. Yet.
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