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  1. TBF to the OP, I could have made a longer list of Chelsea related tweets. Not sure I have a strong opinion one way or another, just playing Devil's Advocate.
  2. Damn you beat me to it. That's appropriate not just for the title but for the feel. I I'm pretty sure Derby played to this exact tempo last night. Interesting fact (to nobody but me), I saw Joy Division support The Buzzcocks at the Top Rank in Sheffield a few months before Curtis topped himself. And now Shelley is dead too 😩
  3. Most of the balls I'm thinking of were coming out to the left. You're right that Holmes was man marked for much of the game, (which as a side note bugs me that he didn't take on his man more. The first time he attempted, he skipped past him and put in a great ball. After that, he never seemed to try) but Huddlestone should know that, as should he know that we didn't have a player out left and not be hitting balls with his head down. It's becoming increasingly probable he did have some acid or a few shrooms before the game because it makes as much sense as anything else. FWIW, I thought Cole was our best player last night. None of this was on him.
  4. Next year will be my 50th year of watching Derby and I've seen a lot of terrible performances. Last night wouldn't make the top 100, it was more anemic and boring than atrocious. Poor, but not horribly poor. That's omn Frank, but what isn't on Frank is Huddlestone's performance. That was one of the single worst performances I have ever seen from somebody not called Mick Coop in a Derby shirt. If you told me he'd dropped some acid an hour before kick off I'd say, 'Yeh but that wouldn't make his judgment that bad' He was spraying passes all over the pitch, but none were connecting, and I mean none on his long ones. And they were missing by 10+ yards on occasions. The commentators stopped mentioning that that wasn't like Tom after about 20-minutes. And for a man who can hit the ball so well (normally), he loses the plot when he gets a sight on goal and people in the back rows need to take cover. There is something seriously flawed with a guy who can hit the ball like he can on occasions and who has scored so few goals. I can only believe it was an aberration last night because whereas you do see players deteriorate quickly when they get into their 30's, it's usually their speed that goes first (not that he has any), not their ability to pass. What the duck is going on?
  5. I'm not slashing my wrists just yet, but I just ordered this baby off Amazon in preparation for Monday night.
  6. Probably not as long as it took me and 3 mates to get to the old Den back in the late 80's when we were chased halfway around East London. Come to think of it we never got to the game!
  7. A San Francisco bathhouse for the discerning gentleman?
  8. I'm not presuming anything he ducking said it. Plus he signed McGovern for Derby, Leeds and Forest and tried to sign him for Brighton. You jumped to the conclusion I thought you're not smart when I said smart people take statistics seriously and intimated that Cloughie looked at what a player did for a team rather than how he stood out individually. I never said you weren't smart. However, if that's the bar you set of being smart then maybe I should have 'I think we're done here' is the last refrain from somebody who cannot defend their position.
  9. I dunno if it would be 1.93 but you have zero grounds to say it wouldn't because that is the fact. It's not like it's even close ffs. We do way better with Huddlestone in the team. Way, way better. A scientist would say that was relevant. A mathematician would say that is relevant. And Brian Clough would have said that was relevant. IOW, smart people think that is worth taking a close look at. You don't. Whatever.
  10. You really think highlighting that we average 1.93 points per game with him and 1.41 without is pointless? I think it was an excellent post that deserves looking at closer. That is the difference between potentially winning the league and finishing half way. Who knows why it's happening, but it sure ain't pointless. As a note and for the old farts. People would frequently knock John McGovern as not having the skills of some players he'd keep out. The fact was (and Cloughie knew this) the team just played better with him in it.
  11. Question to the admins. I know it's nice to be nice and all that, but there's a question when you join this group that is clearly designed to weed out non-Rams fans so wtf do you allow tools like the person in this thread to continue to post? I'm here to talk with Derby fans personally.
  12. Dude if you're on another teams fan board gloating in February, then you could be mainlining honey and it wouldn't quite hit the spot on the sweetness front. Teams hope you fail in the same way the rest of the world hope Argentina fail, because you're loathed. I remember 1975 when the entire country was pulling for a German team over you ffs. And the reason you're loathed is because of shunts like you. biggest city in England with only one club and your support is mediocre at best when you're not doing well. Leeds? I've hit 'em
  13. Into the head of the next girlfriend who defies him?
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