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  1. The one thing I thought would bother me is how dated it would be. But other than the phones and TVs, it's not at all dated, almost every plot seems like it could have happened under the Trump regime - and some did. And yes watching on ALL4. TBH, still getting my head around UK tv and it's vagaries. For the life of us we cannot get it to remember which episode we last watched and we have to go hunting for it as there are random episodes from days or weeks ago sat there. And last time I had Sky over here you could fast forward and see where you were at the same time. Now if I fast forw
  2. I'm most of the way through the 2nd season of The West Wing and here are my observations that nobody is bothered about: 1. The scriptwriting is super tight apart from point #5 2. The choreography (for want of a better word) and the use of steady cams is incredible. I bet at least 9 members of the crew broke legs and another 2 or 3 shattered a pelvis trying to film it. 3. The acting (other than point #5) is outstanding, especially John Spencer who played Leo (I couldn't believe he was only 52 when it started, he looked more like 65 - very sad to see he's since shuffled off this m
  3. Very sad to hear of his passing and I liked watching him play, but come on man, that was an utterly disgraceful tackle. I'd much rather you posted one of the many where he played hard and fair. Nevertheless, RIP to Mickey and condolences to his family. Indeed 56 seems crazy young.
  4. OJ Simpson was a great American footballer, actor and murderer, so he had 3 very diverse careers.
  5. Says Mrs Waghorn, Mr Wahorn. all Waghorns kids, his peripheral family, people who vaguely know him, and people who kinda know his name but aren't sure who he actually is.
  6. We have one episode of ZeroZeroZero to watch after seeing it recommending here. Meh to ok. It's not even close to Narcos (which I'd give a 9.5 out of 10n and a poster compared it to) and there are insane plot flaws, although it is very well produced and filmed. I certainly don't regret watching it, but I regret having such high expectations. Worth checking out. Quick spoiler, so go no further if you haven't watched it. ----------- The ISIS/Jihadist scene was utterly ludicrous. 'Oh! You have $30m worth of coke?' 'Ok, well give us a tiny
  7. I nominate Sting from his Quadrophenia phase to take a look.
  8. I understand that, Fisher could have turned Brady into a journeyman, but you kinda make my point for me in terms of things have to be right for Goff. Bulger looked like a world-beater for a time under Martz because of the talent around him. When the talent started to move on he struggled mightily. Kupp is as good as any slot receiver in the league and Woods is a top 10 possession receiver, maybe top 5. When they had Brandin Cooks they were not only arguable the best 1, 2, 3 WR set in the league, but in Gurley they had the best all-down back too. There was no better WR
  9. He was 0-7 as a starter in 2016. And whereas he was a Pro-Bowler 50% of the full seasons he played, he was a Pro-Bowler for 0% of the last 2 seasons. I do think McVay was worried about the turnovers, but it goes deeper than that. He wouldn't go through his progressions often missing wide open receivers and seemed to refuse any deep options after 2017. On reflection the 'We're not on the same page' comment (meaning him and McVay) he made when dropped probably meant with scheme as much as anything. There has been deafening silence from his team mates since his departure
  10. I'm not going to spend half an hour searching for stats so you can say 'yeh but'. You don't care about stats. You are buried so deep in your conspiracy theory that no amount of reason can drag you out of it. To paraphrase Jonathan Swift, you cannot use reason and logic to change the mind of somebody whose opinion is not based on reason or logic. I keep dipping in and out of this thread and every time I'm reminded by some posters of what it was like trying to use reason with Trump supporters in an internet age where they can find *facts* to support any argument no matter how
  11. No, because it isn't. Yearly fluctuations are accounted for because they are highly predictable. Do you know how planning is undertaken and how it heavily relies on statistics and models made from those statistics? Everything is down from elective to non-elective procedures as well as A & E visits for non-covid issues and still the Government is terrified. To think the Government and the NHS is making this up or massively exaggerating the danger would suggest an entire tin foil wardrobe is called for.
  12. This gets missed (or ignored) a LOT by people like @G STAR RAM who want to twist stats to fit an argument rather than looking at the big picture. I know in the US the biggest problem was ICU beds. Hospitals usually don't like to go above (I think) 60% because that removes the ability to offer 1 to 1 care which is the point of intensive care. You start to see the level of care that hospitals expect to offer collapse a long time before beds run out in the ICU Plus, if they are close to capacity they cannot cope with any other disaster that may happen. Imagine 9/11 or the Veg
  13. The people who run the NHS, the people who work in the NHS and the people who advise the NHS. And also the people who run the country and the people who advise the people who run the country. I allow experts to interpret the data because ya know, they're experts. They may get it wrong on occasions, but I hold their opinions in slightly higher regard than I do yours. I also don't think there is/was some worldwide conspiracy by Governments to suggest health services are/were close to the brink of collapse when you believe they clearly were not.
  14. Your opinion is based on nothing. Mine is based on expert advice.
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