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  1. Bob The Badger

    Jacob Butterfield - my insane prediction

    I was watching the Alan Hinton interview the other day. In it he was talking about BD's strategy when buying players. Look for players in the 26 to 30 age range who are performing at a level lower than they previously were because his belief was they were in all likelihood unhappy where they were. Then you bring them into a new environment where they're believed in and feel wanted and you can get them back to previous levels. Butterfield sounds like a Clough buy to me. I wasn't on this forum when we signed him, but I didn't get the impression that people thought he was a bad buy, in fact the film I saw had me excited.
  2. Bob The Badger

    If it’s Frank

    Or maybe I'm old enough to have gone through this so many times only to have had my hopes crushed that I no longer get excited by a name. And I'll say again, I'm not against the appointment per se, I just think it's a massive gamble based on nothing other than his playing career. I'll have no ego about this if he comes in and blows it up, I'll happily say my doubts were unfounded.
  3. Bob The Badger

    If it’s Frank

    He was ok, but suffered at the highest level. I also didn't include Maradona, David Platt, Bobby Charlton, Alan Ball, John Barnes, Ossie Ardiles, Graeme Souness and Alan Shearer. Way more players fall short than succeed when they move into management.
  4. Bob The Badger

    If it’s Frank

    You clearly don' under stand what realism is. Realism involves looking at the facts and using critical thinking. Bringing up the FACT that he has no managerial experience and a concern that there have been dozens of great football players who couldn't hack it as managers, is not being doom and gloom. I don't know what he'll be like as a manger, but I do know that history suggest he'll not be great or even competent. So my question was around my confusion that so many people are in favor of him when there is no logic to support that belief. And yes, I would be happy with several appointments. Dean Smith or Nigel Clough would make me very happy, but feel free to jump to erroneous conclusions based on next to nothing.
  5. Bob The Badger

    If it’s Frank

    Want Lampard. Bryan Robson, Paul Ince and Roy Keane all had as much, if not more, experience than Lampard when it came to running a midfield, yet all flamed out as managers. What has he done to make you think he can succeed as a manager? I'm not saying he won't, but at least Dean Smith has a track record that you can assess. With Lampard it's a total roll of the dice.
  6. Bob The Badger

    Managers you wish (at the time) we hadn't sacked (or resigned)

    You have to be kidding me. Chris Hutchings was nailing it before Lowe!
  7. Bob The Badger

    Managers you wish (at the time) we hadn't sacked (or resigned)

    It was indeed if you had no clue what was going on internally.
  8. Bob The Badger

    Managers you wish (at the time) we hadn't sacked (or resigned)

    A lot of people look back at Cloughie leaving with the benefit of hindsight. Its easy to see now it was a mistake of monumental proportions, both by Brian and the Board for not moving heaven and earth to resolve the issue. Jeez man, what could have been, eh? 😞
  9. It seems that the majority of people aren't shedding any tears, but who the managers you were disappointed we sacked at that exact time - no revisionist history! I'd love to kick off by saying Clough, but I wasn't. I heard too many stories through my old man and I thought it was the best thing at that time. In hindsight I was a jackass and if you gave me a time machine now I'd be heading back to 1973 with a serious mission in mind and it wouldn't be to see Slade live. So for me: Dave Mackay - I was truly stunned by this one. I think the bar was so high at that time that missing out on the double the year before was seen as failing. Roy McFarland - Partly because he was, and still is a total icon, but equally he'd done pretty well in terms of wins to losses ratio. I'd have given him another 12-months. Colin Todd. Yes he kind of stunk up the joint in terms of results, but he had 3 months ffs. Plus he's possibly my favorite player of all time, so I'm somewhat biased. Steve McClaren (1st stint) - we played some great football under McClaren and he's the only manager we have had for more than a dozen or so games to have a higher winning percentage than Cloughie. Nigel Clough - I'm still bummed about this and I'm convinced we'd be a solid Premier League team if he hadn't let go. Love his outlook on playing football and I'd welcome him back now with open arms.
  10. Bob The Badger

    Jim Smith

    Actually now you speak of it, I think that you're right. Best game I ever went to was when we beat Man U at Hillsborough 5-0 in 1976 in the semi-final of the FA Cup. It was the year we put 9 past Southampton in the final.
  11. I agree that it does seem to be all or nothing at the moment, not much middle ground. Rowett was an okay manager imho, not truly awful, but not good enough, however, if he was 'daft enough' to be reading boards like this and base his opinion on it (which I highly doubt) than I'm even more glad he's gone because that would be truly spineless.
  12. Bob The Badger

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Okay thanks guys. I was looking on the site and couldn't see anything.
  13. Bob The Badger

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    At the risk of looking like an idiot of biblical proportions, has it even been announced officially that Rowett has left?
  14. Bob The Badger

    Who is the best support band you have ever seen live?

    Saw The Jam at Sheffield Poly and a huge fight kicked off between skinheads and mods. Then saw Icicle Works at the Leadmill in the mid 80's. Did you ever get to The Limit? An underground tiny club behind the City Hall. I saw Skids there about 1978.
  15. Bob The Badger

    Jim Smith

    We lost away at Sunderland and then the last game at West Brom.

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