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  1. I had that feeling yesterday. It turned out to be related to the curry I'd had the night before. It was big though.
  2. I know it is, that's why I said ready for another go. Some people take time to get to grips with different roles. As for being out of the club scene, I don't see that as a major deal at all. It's not like he's been braiding hair on a southern mediterranean beach, he's been working with the cream of young English talent.
  3. He's probably been mentioned, but is Paul Simpson ready for another go? He should have his ear to the ground in terms of players to grab on loan. Plus, I would have thought that winning the World Cup would have some players looking to send their up and coming players to learn under him.
  4. Yep, I enjoyed every goal that went in. It was the stuff happening in between the goals that I didn't like.
  5. TBF it was in the days before I had RamsTv and although I saw the Hull games, that was about it. Some people just look smug even when they aren't. Trump looks smug, but I hear he is a warm, caring, and compassionate human being who prefers his staff to call him Uncle Donnie and loves hamsters and other assorted rodents.
  6. Not that I particularly want him, I don't really have a strong opinion either way. But, if he wanted to come it would certainly signify that we are seen as a big club and that he thinks he can get us up. We could have said, why take Lampard because he'll jump poo if he gets a bigger opportunity? I was reading Steve Nicholson's article comparing Wassell's record to that of our last 5 or 6 managers. Much better in terms of win percentage and whilst the pick isn't sexy, I'm not sure why some people are so against it.
  7. We once left a midweek game a tad early (I know, part time supporter) to beat the traffic and get to The Broadway for a pint. I went up to the bar and stood on my left already with a pint in hand was Mark Wright. He's played in the game we'd been to. I think @Eatonram was with me.
  8. If Frank moves I think a lot of people will feel a bit like the dude who gets chatted up by an attractive girl only to find out his dad is nailing her. I *suspect* Mel knows what is happening, but if he is in the dark and Frank is talking to Chelsea and proceeds to move - then quite honestly I hope he crashes and burns. There's 1% of me that thinks him and Mel will release a statement saying he has a job to do at Derby and they're looking forward to getting back to work next week. It's probably the Village Idiot 1%, but there you have it.
  9. That would be awesome, if only omens didn't mean a big fat zero. Let's be optimistic for optimism's sake and because we have amazing support, some really promising up and coming players and a either Frankie coming back or a shiny new manager to get behind. On the other hand if you add the numbers of this year together 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 that comes to 12 and guess what? In the year we won the F.A. Cup our highest scorer was Raich Carter and guess how many goal he scored? Yes, I poo you not, he scored 12. The year we won the league, guess how many goals Roger Davies scored? Unbelievably, it's 12! And our biggest ever win was 12-0 v Finn Harps. Holy crap I think we're in for a cup and league double, and on our way to play in Europe. OMG I just looked at the clock and it's 12 O'clock here in Florida. This is all too exciting, I'm going for a lie down.
  10. Sorry to laugh, but I have never heard anybody use having a tram network to express the size of their city! But clearly it's a point of pride and Sarajevo is a lot bigger than Derby!
  11. If Frank knows he's staying it's dead easy to shut the speculation up. So either he's still deciding which seems fairly unlikely, but would explain some of his team selections at times - he just couldn't make his mind up. Or, he knows he's going but can't say anything for legal reasons. I hope I'm wrong and that he's actually put a quiet call into Mel and the club are just soaking up the exposure, but it seems less and less likely by the day. If Mel has heard nothing and then Chelsea get everything done and dusted in 48-hours from the request to Derby and announcing the contract, I hope Derby file a grievance with the league for tampering. Because in that case it has clearly happened.
  12. You could, and very well may, be right, but everybody is guessing, so I don't think it's denial.....yet Denial would be if he'd just had the press conference announcing he'd signed a 3-year deal and people were posting, 'I think I spotted Noel Edmonds with a 'Gotcha' behind him and this is one big prank. If you are right and the hold up is because Frank is on holiday, then I'm disappointed he'd allow his beach time to stop Derby moving forward.
  13. Two ways to look at this. 1. That is a brutal start. 2. That gives us an amazing opportunity to make a statement to the rest of the league.
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