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  1. if you can prove the board is an offer to sell then you have. case for a legal suite. I'd advise not wasting your time suing your local garage, instead take on BP and wrap them up in legal tape for years to come.
  2. That I agree with, 100%. Of course, we do have more games than before, but I think the standard at the bottom is higher than in the 60s, 70s and 80s. There are more teams that were once dreadful that who are now scrappy and well organised potential banana skins. Not that they are good and not that they shouldn't be beaten, but the likelihood of losing to a smaller nation has (probably) never been higher. So yeah, it was a throwaway comment and just a casual observation really. An interesting stat rather than an important one imho.
  3. Come on people, Bobby was still manager in 90, it was El Tel for 96. Pfft. Anyway, it's interesting to see how high the win % of Southgate is compared to more revered managers. Hint: It's higher than them all. Not that I have a strong opinion of his managerial abilities tbf.
  4. I cannot believe I made this for @TexasRam but ya know, I have time on my hands.
  5. That has literally nothing to do with my point. In fact, it went so far over your head that I thought your name was David Marshall for a moment.
  6. Both teams looked average tbh, although Scotland looked slightly less average. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried, but history tells us again and again that tournaments are rarely won by teams starting off fast and blazing through a competition. It also tells us that England usually do better when they have a one or two iffy performances early on. As for Southgate not knowing his best team. Well... Neither did Robson in 1986 until it was forced upon him by Bryan dislocating his should for the 71st time that month. And El Tel in 1990 was on the verge of not ev
  7. The Guardian is my first port of call, but I also read the BBC and CNN. The BBC is the most unbiased and CNN the one I trust the least. I doubt there are many people slamming the MSM who would be reading the types of outlets you refer to tbh. Just a hunch, but I'd be surprised it if moved the gauge that much.
  8. I'm not sure how many people 'a lot' is. For most people that term usually means of a lot of people they know and it really is a tiny proportion. In fact, it's often not even most people they know, just the most vocal people they know, or the ones who have a strong opinion. Most people aren't vocal and don't have a strong opinion on the news. I would imagine it will be relatively easy for them to grab disillusioned people now, but keeping them will be another matter. Most people really don't want balanced reporting, if they did AP and Reuters would be the most popular
  9. It'll be either far(ish) right like Fox News or it will fail. There's no money to be made in the middle.
  10. You should be a copywriter because until the last line I was buying what you were selling!
  11. Utterly ludicrous, send him some flowers and a box of milk tray. And make everybody sign one of those huge get well soon cards so that (hopefully) he can look at it in 30 years and wonder who the guy in the bottom right hand corner is and why one person added kisses.
  12. I can say categorically we won't get creamed on this one me owed mate. I do see problems with the new kit en maybe signings too.
  13. My mate said the exact same thing about it and having an incentive to stay out of prison. Finished It tonight. Truly outstanding. I don't normally like Sean Bean but he was brilliant as was Stephen Graham. Right, I have to go and score me some spice, that looks like lovely and very moorish stuff.
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