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  1. NRL is 10 metre penalty if anyone other than the captain questions the ref, 10 minute sin bin if it continues and a hand on the ref your looking at 6 weeks sitting on the sidelines. Message will get through real quick.
  2. Thanks mate, just thought it might put some happiness in people's lives. No offence taken if someone has different views. We're set up looking to cross the border at 12.01 am Friday when our 14 days lockout is over.
  3. Camping at Jindabyne, Snowy Mountains and climbing Mt Kosciusko our highest mountain.
  4. It’s easier to think every animal will try to take you out. Don’t for a moment think that those little furry things aren’t ready to get you! Even worse they’ve been eyeing off my hot cross buns, assholes.
  5. Well after a few eventful days outrunning COVID border closures we finally made it back to NSW. Biggest issue is we can’t get back into QLD for 14 days! Might as well see some of the remote parts of OZ. We are camping in the highest tourist park in Australia at Kosciusko national park. Our neighbors for the next few nights.
  6. Large cooler you keep your food and beer cold in with ice.
  7. After a humbling day traveling through last years bushfire area, we are camping on a cliff face that is literally the edge of Australia in Merimbula NSW. Out there somewhere is New Zealand. Words can’t describe how huge this fire was and we have another day traveling through the area tommorow. The reason we came down here is this area has been asking for people to bring a empty esky with them and buy local produce to help the towns survive, so we thought we come here and splash some cash.
  8. Wendy James/ Transvision Vamp when your lonely and barbecuing alone, (dark fruit rams will know what that means)😂
  9. The mozzies there would carry away a body too I reckon!
  10. Plenty, northern rivers area is where most of the recent munchies have happened!
  11. That’s why we go to the UK and Norway autumn and winter, it’s just so different.
  12. It was good to get some cooler weather compared to home, only 24 the last few days. Windy too so we sooked it and stayed in a motel the last few nights.
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