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  1. Happy birthday mate, I’m feeling your pain waiting the last 5 days for mine😅
  2. Jam on Toast, Raspberry Lager Cascade Brewery, Hobart.
  3. HaHa, I cleared the dance floor at Jorrocks the last time we were in Derby.
  4. Yeah but looks like they’ve thrown a shitload of money at it, looks pretty flash. Was going to ask them if they were interested in doing a refurb on a football club.
  5. You can tell him the wax won’t hurt much😂
  6. Yep, got to agree with that one, but if you were talking ball sacs we’ll their the most softest of material. Made plenty of money pouches going there!
  7. Stagtime


    I can remember watching it with my son and after hearing about the firies running into the destruction to try and save lives he decided he wanted to become a fireman. Fast forward 10 years and he became the youngest captain in modern history for Qld fire & rescue. He has marched with the New York’s firies a couple of times to commemorate 9/11. He was part of International Rescue and flew into Christchurch after the 2011 earthquake to help with the recovery and retrieval process. Here’s a shot of his tattoo to commemorate Christchurch 2011.
  8. The solar works in well with the a/c as we usually have it on during day time.
  9. Went past the Red Feather Inn today mate, nice joint built in 1844. Unfortunately couldn't go in as it is only accommodation and the public can only do Saturday night dinner.
  10. Yeah cost $500 for a new controller box a few years ago, and 2 panels flamed out Blackened panels were a eye opener 10 years and still going. Might think about it when the costs come down a bit more. We have solar hot water as well and might have to put it on to electric power a couple of weeks a year, but then I’m pretty sure we might have a bit more sunshine here.
  11. Autobiographies and History. Book I couldn’t put down was The Great War For Civilisation by Robert Fisk.
  12. Your right about transitioning out of covid zero. In Qld we have not had one death so far this year (7 total) but as the vaccinations rates close in on the 80% mark we know that our rates will take off in the next couple of months. As for the covid/flu combined shot, the misses is currently doing a clinical trial combining Novafax and the flu shot.
  13. We weren’t going to Launceston that way Archie but seriously thinking of a detour for the photo shot.
  14. On the side of the highway picking up roo roadkill Boycie.
  15. Haven’t you seen how they walk sober mate, strut like Usain Bolt.
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