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  1. Glory hunter knocking off our nickname.
  2. The party’s just starting here in BrisVegas.
  3. I’m hearing you buddy, 18 deg and sitting here with 2 jumpers on and the heater roaring. Can take the heat, it’s the humidity here in summer that’s the killer.
  4. £50 is a bargain compared to what we pay. Try $159.00. We usually have at least 6-7 jerseys for the year as well. Home and away and third alternative as well as indigenous, charity, women in league and every couple of years there is a super heroes jersey coinciding with Marvel film releases. Here’s a few of the different ones.
  5. Finally been able to order gear with a realistic delivery price😊. Used to be 35 pnd now 6.95.
  6. Wishing you a speedy recovery mate.
  7. Mate, did you drop the steak in the dirt.
  8. Nah, he can go and duck himself
  9. It will be 12-18 months at least before we resume international travel. The gov put out a 4 stage recovery plan yesterday and international travel is in stage 3. They are saying stage 2 won’t kick in until sometime next year. On the bright side it looks like my lockdown period coincides with Derby’s crap period.
  10. Turntables + these = 😊 and don’t worry about the needle jumping, it’s a $1500 sub I blew up (for the second time)
  11. Square chips for sure, I bought a turntable with a lid on purpose considering how much dust we have!
  12. Yeah, only Derby course she’s done so far is The Old Bell, Jorrocks, Ye Olde Dolphin and the Standing Order. Oh and the Bar Sports.
  13. Never heard that one mate, just hot chips in a roll?
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