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  1. Here’s an ad that doesn’t need explaining.
  2. Picked up this indigenous kit of the side I played for and coached.
  3. My daughter has just moved to Norway so it will be cheaper to send it there and the post to Oz, go figure that out.
  4. I agree, now if only DCFC could be a bit more generous with their postage charges. They want 35pnd to send over a 50pnd kit!
  5. 50 pnd is cheap compared to NRL gear over here. Your looking at $160.00 each. As well, all the money from gear sold is pooled and split evenly between all 16 clubs.
  6. Stagtime

    Apollo 11

    I was 8 at the time and we were taken from school across the road to a church were they had a tellie set up on the alter. I've been to the Parkes and Tidbinbilla dishes where they tracked the mission when it was over the southern hemisphere. There's a great scene in the movie The Dish were they leveled out the satellite dish and had a game of cricket in it while waiting.
  7. Mate, it's the middle of our two week winter period and i can't wait till it's over. Waking up to 7c for the last week.
  8. Everything is bigger in Queensland.
  9. This has to be the best thing I’ve heard since they started sooking about the underarm ball nearly 40 years ago.🤣
  10. Won the meat tray at the pub, barbie at my place.
  11. Surely that one one was a gee up! Pity it didn't have two little cups above the ram.
  12. Who to go for in the final? Bit like who do you barrack for between Leeds and Forest.
  13. 7.55 am over here, i'll let you know if anything comes up.
  14. My side Canberra Raiders has four English players this season with another one coming next year. Our co captain is from HKR with one from Bradford and two and the one next year from Wigan. Hard men. And how good are Leeds Rhinos going this year🤣
  15. They’re usually grown down south in Victoria where it can be as cold and miserable as over there. Up here in gods country our fruit and veg is supplied all over oz and Asia. The little town I come from has some of the worlds largest citrus and avacado farms in the world. Up here in Qld our annual rainfall would dwarf anything you get. Tully averages 4000 mm per year (160inches).
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