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  1. Finished watching the second season of Sunderland till I die. Really enjoyed it but the Finish was a bit anticlimactic considering what was on the line. Methven comes across as a bit of a banker.
  2. Only essential travel. One good thing, we seem to have the right people telling it exactly as it is. Expecting stage 3 restrictions to go to stage 4 and restrictions in place for at least 6 months.
  3. Yep, we’ve been told these measures will be in place for at least 6 months. At the moment we are testing 1 in 100 of the population, with a death rate of .08 per million (30 overall). I believe Germany are doing better at 1 in 90. In contrast the great orange one is talking up the USA as the best but in reality they are testing 1 in 254.
  4. Just outside of Brisbane, and they are the one band I regretfully haven’t seen. We’ve had some great bands from here everything from the Bee Gees, the Saints Powderfinger and the Go Betweens. I’ve got their cd’s but unfortunately didn’t see them live. Cattle and Cane is one of my all time favourites, reminds me of my hometown.
  5. 1. AC/DC 2. The Stranglers 3. Metallica 4. The Go Betweens 5. The Saints 6. Graham Parker & the Rumour
  6. Bit of a mask shortage over here but have come up with a alternative.
  7. Looks like you’ve had too much time on your hands, that bbq is way too clean.
  8. 59, was hoping to have my big birthday in your fair town in October if all the little caronas duck off. I actually do more and feel younger than I did 30 years ago. Back to the mainland and realty in a couple of hours but it's been great stuck on a island for the last week.
  9. Words fail me. It's sad I take more notice and believe the Chinese government more than the" leaders of the western world" these days.
  10. Sounds like my Wembley final ticket chase.
  11. Mate it's really a job by job situation. We're working on a new hospital that opens in April, there is no way we will down tools at this point of time.
  12. That better, wait until tomorrow when we do the Nudey Beach walk
  13. Sunrise on Fitzroy Island summit it's blowing that hard I can't get a knee in
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