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  1. Stagtime

    Big night on the Turps.

    No worries mate, still working out itineraries at the moment. Must have been a big night, we ended up booking the flight into Heathrow instead of Edinburgh. Ended up costing another 500 bucks to get a flight up there.
  2. Stagtime

    Big night on the Turps.

    5th might still be in Scotland, going to Hogmanay. I have a customer number so Friday in Leeds sounds the go.
  3. Stagtime

    Big night on the Turps.

    Ok, we fly out the 20th January so it looks like the only games I can fit in are Leeds away or maybe Reading at home. What’s the chances of getting Leeds tickets since I’m not a member.
  4. Stagtime

    Big night on the Turps.

    Just woke up after a big night at the pub and it looks like we’ve booked flights to the UK for news years and January!
  5. Stagtime

    Christmas Dinner

    Ham off the bone, plenty of prawns and a few nice cold beers around the pool. Just our normal Christmas.
  6. Stagtime

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    Used to run Panasonic gear but ended up too hard to find batteries so went to Milwaukee. They use metal gearing so the weight is more than Panasonic but does take a fair flogging. Not too many on sites over here use dealt, usually Makita or Milwaukee. Hate to see the cost sending it over from here would be cheaper straight from the states.
  7. Stagtime

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    Wish I could pay DIY prices.
  8. Stagtime

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    Milwaukee is the ducks nuts mate.
  9. Stagtime

    Beer Thread

    So you get Bundy Ginger Beer over there! Good Queensland drop that.
  10. Stagtime

    Your all time classic tracks

    In my top three live bands.
  11. Stagtime

    Your all time classic tracks

    More than glam pop.Seriously underrated live rock band.
  12. Stagtime

    When You Were A Teenage Ram (14-16)

    I was 14 and had just moved from Queensland down to Tasmania in 1975. Only thing you heard about English football was who was going to win the comp and when i heard Derby i knew that's where my dad came from before the government sent him over to a orphanage over here. Followed them from a distance ever since. Been lucky enough to have lived and travelled in the UK a fair bit the last 10 years so try to get to a match every year.
  13. Having been through this with Rugby League in 1995 when I was managing a club over here at the time don’t think for one minute that this would end up all happy, happy come 2021. First up do all the comps have there tv rights all ending in 2020? This will be all over tv rights full stop. There will be contractural agreements ( with I believe F.A )about how many games etc that will still have to be met. Are players contracts tied with playing in their existing comps? We had players told if they signed for Super League they wouldn’t be picked for state/ international/ World Cup teams. With the next World Cup in 2022 that comes into play let alone qualifying matches. It ended up teams that had signed for Super League were banned from playing the next year so the Super League was bought forward from when it was supposed to start. I can see this becoming very messy very quickly. It took around 12 years for things to settle down over here.
  14. Stagtime

    David Warner

    He should never be allowed to put on the baggy green again and that’s from an Aussie.
  15. Stagtime

    Drinking in London

    Totally agree, i've spent the last 12 years travelling the world but i'm always drawn back to London. Even lived there in 2014 and loved every minute of it.

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