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  1. Nice pub, used to work up the hill at Royal Grammer School
  2. Used to be my local, lived on the corner of Warwick Avenue and formosa St
  3. Exited, been Awake since 5.00 still not settled into the time difference yet. Covent garden only around the corner so head over there about 10.30.
  4. Megastore thinks of everything. They even have shirts for the local that supports the mob down the road.
  5. We got interviewed by bbc Derby in the mall this morning, had to do a cringeworthy g’day mate for the radio. Sigh. They asked what score, I said 2-1 with a Keogh header into the corner in the 93 minute, total redemption.
  6. Can get it live on Bein sports on Foxtel. If she hasn’t got Foxtel go to the Kayo site and you can download a 10 day subscription then cancel. Kayo is Foxtel’s digital sports channel.
  7. Got into Derby last night and it was very quiet. Went to theOld Bell and the Dolphin. Anyone around town tonight or tomorrow. Drive back to London Sunday morning. Changed my flight home till next Friday so I’ve got a bit of recovery time after Monday.
  8. On my way, Brisbane International just 24 hours of flying to go.
  9. I was the same, the worst that could happen is I watch it at a pub in Wembley. Don’t give up till kickoff mate.
  10. Didn't they allow 3 game pass holders as well?
  11. Thanks to one of the many fine members of this site I have just secured a spare ticket. Being a humble tradie I do find it hard to say what I feel but the members on this site fucken rock. (Sorry Dave better turn the swear meter up to 11). I just can’t thank the members that have gone out of their way to help enough. I owe all of these people a shout. I leave tomorrow night, end up in Derby Thursday arvo then head to London Sunday. If anyone wants to catch up for a drink I’ll be in downtown Derby Thursday to Saturday night. Now I’ve just got to tell the boss I’m disappearing for a while.😃
  12. Was going to ask what the weather is like, shorts and thongs yet?
  13. Mate I’m arriving in Derby Thursday arvo so I’m open for a beer.
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