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  1. All Blacks will be hard to beat, I'd pick England over Aus easily. Union has turned into such a minor sport here since the game went professional. A lot of young players will go straight to Rugby League clubs after they have finished schooling. 99% of our population would be hard pressed to name 1 player in the squad. I worked at Royal Grammar in High Wycombe which is a big Union school a few years ago and was really impressed with their setup.
  2. One of the best bands out of Oz for a long time, love this one.
  3. The missus is in the US so back to basics for dinner. Pork balls and salad.
  4. With BJ it’s rocks or diamonds, only he would try a flick pass at that stage of a game. I actually thought when they first ran out it was weird sparks were falling inside the banner they ran through. My guess is you won’t see that ever again. Rapana never got charged and Tapine can play with a early plea so it looks like a full squad going into the prelim.
  5. For anyone interested in Rugby League, a great finals win by the mighty Raiders in the last minutes of play. John Bateman with the winning try, one of our fab 4 English men.
  6. This one might be familiar to Derby fans, with our footy finals starting over here.
  7. This sums it up for me.
  8. I miss Iceland, used to grab pulled pork in JD sauce or Lamb shanks after work.
  9. Might be a dumb question from the other side of the globe but surely when Britain joined the Eu there was a clause in the agreement saying exactly what would happen if a country leaves. I thought our politics were ordinary but i think we have a big advantage with voting and referendums. 1/ Voting in any election is compulsory. You don't vote you get fined. Everybody gets a say. 2/ For a referendum to pass you must have a double majority. At the referendum the proposed alteration must be approved by a 'double majority'. That is: A national majority of voters in the states and territories. A majority of voters in a majority of the states (i.e. at least four out of six states).
  10. Spring is here, 33 to 36c this week. Back to normal work gear.
  11. And the same people will be still be around working for other firms. I can see it spreading further.
  12. You would think so but they have the same people running the campaign and as the doco shows, they will target down to the individual. As his core base will not change, they don't have to target too many more to get the result they want. To me the real eyeopener was the Trinidad Tabago election result. With non compulsory voting all they have to do is target people and persuade them not to vote and it's a whole different game.
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