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  1. Stagtime


    Geez you English are harsh on your neighbors, that would be like us taking the piss on New Zealand.....oh wait!
  2. Mentally ill or not, I hope they lock this c..t up with some lebanonese and Afghan inmates and let him think about that every time he opens his eyes. Fooking scum.l haven’t a religious bone in my body but attacking defenceless people in the middle of a service is just a dog act.
  3. Stagtime

    F1 2018

    Binged through it last weekend, good series. Pity Mercedes and Ferrari didn’t want to get involved.
  4. That’s to measure the tonic. Don’t want too much mixer. 40 deg at 10.30 this morning and currently 42. Seems everyday a records being set.
  5. Hitting the gin after a nice 40 deg autumn day.
  6. As a plumber I say if it won’t fit up your ... don’t stick it in the loo. Nothing better than working on blocked sewers.
  7. Happy birthday mate, welcome to the 50’s
  8. Tokyo, went to a restaurant but the food was crap.
  9. Has to be one of the best half time sprays of all time!😂
  10. Looks like you’ve stolen my dog!
  11. Being a Queenslander, we do take our little slice of paradise for granted sometimes.
  12. If you want a bit more culture, have a listen to Kevin Bloody Wilson.
  13. 249 years since Lieutenant James Cook arrived on these shores. Have a big afternoon and night planned here so won’t see the games results till the morning..
  14. After doing a 3 week dark fruits tour of the UK, I come home and find out they don’t sell it here.😩
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