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  1. Just gone midnight, I think it’ll take a couple more hours for the nerves to calm down. Had the neighbours dogs going berserk a couple of times!
  2. I see this as the game that will define Rooney’s managerial career. Whether it’s with us or elsewhere is a discussion for next week.
  3. I’ve played and managed teams in grand finals before and they are the games you dreamed about being involved in. In a funny way, this has the same feeling as a gf. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone through a whole season undefeated or you just scraped in, it comes down to who is the better team on that day. Nothing else matters.
  4. Game day here already, chill in the air and not a cloud in the sky. Just counting down to the 9.30 pm kickoff. All the trials and tribulations of the season mean nothing at this point. It all comes down to one game, we know exactly what we we have to do whereas others are relying on results going their way. Can you imagine the pressure on SW, they know even a win might not be enough, the stress of wages not being paid, the pressure outside of football that puts on you and your family. All in our hands, haven’t felt this confident about a result in a long time.COYR
  5. A couple of days late, Brisbane in the 60’s
  6. Lunch at Kings Beach Tavern, Sunshine Coast
  7. Let there be rock - AC/DC London Calling - The Clash Greatest Hits - The Bee Gees ( Brisbane’s biggest band) Five times the sun - The Dingoes And out come the Wolves - Rancid Bad for Good - Jim Steinman (RIP, BOOH2 15 years before Meatloaf’s release) Bat out of hell - Meatloaf The high end of low - Marilyn Manson I’m Stranded - The Saints (Brissie band taking “punk” to the UK before punk kicked on) Face to Face - The Angels Bad Company- Bad Company If you want blood you’ve got it - AC/DC Trouble Maker - Rancid Never mind the baal
  8. 21 degrees and the jumpers have come out!
  9. Winter is coming, first fire pit of the year + a few G&T’s
  10. Having been involved in the Rugby League split in 95 all I can say is strap yourselves in for a few rocky years ahead. It will be interesting to see if whole playing rosters have signed as I would assume their current contracts are only valid in the league’s they are playing in currently. The RL super league got real messy when players from the same team were signing for different comps.
  11. Stagtime

    F1 2021

    Wonder if dad’s picking up the repair bills
  12. First time I’ve taken any notice🙂
  13. Someone that is willing to have a red hot go and is able to put up with the poo from supporters if it doesn’t come off. I’d love to have a beer with this type of person one day🍻
  14. Nasi Goreng by the sounds of it mate. And while we’re at it , pre season in Bali will suit me just fine.
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