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  1. A bit of mild weather on the way...

    Just to rub it in, was 38c here in Brisbane today!
  2. Stadium atmosphere

    A bit harsh TR, I’m coming over in April as a “tourist” basing my whole trip on being in Derby the weekend of the 7th and going to PP for the first time. My old man was born in Derby but was abandoned as a three year old during the war and sent to Australia as an orphan, told he had no family. I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel to Derby half a dozen times searching for family the last few years and feel like I’m taking a part of my old man with me to this game and can guarantee you that there won’t be a more passionate and proud supporter whatever the result that does give a **** at the ground. And at around 6 grand a pop to come over, you reckon I shouldn’t be allowed to go. On the subject of noise, I went to the Fulham away game last season and thought the atmosphere in the away section was awesome, highlight of my trip. Just can’t understand that you can’t take beers back to your seat. Spent days at the footy and cricket over here drinking and never really had any problems. Certainly adds to the atmosphere!
  3. Lounge or seats

    I’ve got a rugby league background so that would be really interesting!
  4. Lounge or seats

    Do you think I’ll get tickets the morning of the match? Just don’t want to miss out again. To be fair, last seasons match was the red dogs game.
  5. Lounge or seats

    Really more worried about getting a decent seat as I won’t get to Derby till the night before the game and I’ll be traveling when general seats come up. I emailed the club last season seeing if there was a way of getting a seat at a home game earlier and they said I’d have to get a membership so I got a couple of away tickets to Fulham instead. It looks like they have seats out front hopefully.
  6. Lounge or seats

    Who the f..k puts prawns on bread anyway! That’s what fingers are for.
  7. Lounge or seats

    Thinking I’ll get a ticket in the lounge, might as well make my first match at PP something special. Thanks for all the advice.
  8. Lounge or seats

  9. Lounge or seats

    Yeah, hit a roo doing 100kmh 2 weeks ago. That was pretty spectacular! Lucky it was a hire car.
  10. Lounge or seats

    Going to be 39 deg here Sunday. We’re going to Iceland and Norway before we hit UK so hopefully won’t feel too bad.
  11. Lounge or seats

    I’ve already got all my Derby gear mate. Was at the pub in my town Tuesday night with my Derby polo and the Barman asked is that a Derby shirt. First time someone noticed it over here! Then he asked if I supported a real team as well.? A...hole, didn’t speak to him again.
  12. Lounge or seats

    I’ve been in touch with Blake from hospitality to get some info yesterday. Think I’ll go that way. Any decent pubs nearby before and after?
  13. Lounge or seats

  14. Lounge or seats

    After a bit of advice. I’m arriving in Derby Friday 6th April and going to the Bolton game on Saturday. At the moment,I’m looking at buying a ticket for the lounge as I’m not sure where day seats will be available and coming over from Queensland and being a bit of a sook with cold weather I’m thinking it might be the best option. I went to the Fulham game in London last season and had a great time being in the middle of Derby supporters,but I don’t really want my first experience of a home game sitting in a quiet area or worse,near the opposition supporters! Any advice which way to go would be appreciated. Also, how easy is it to get a cab after the game.
  15. Manchester United F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    To be fair, it looked like there goalie had played to the call and wasn’t interested in the ball.

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