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  1. Cattle and Cane my favourite, reminds me of my small country town where I was born. Oops, just seen what thread this is in.
  2. When we started having members back to games I believe it was 2500 max and only 1 stand open. The numbers gradually increased till a month ago it was 75% capacity and last Wednesday it was 100% for the State of Origin match. Little steps and patience my friends. On another topic I see Qantas announced yesterday that international flights will only be for passengers who have had the COVID vaccine. I wonder if that will become mandatory for large crowd gatherings as well.
  3. I went to a 39,000 crowd a few weeks ago and it definitely is a uncomfortable feeling. 6-6 after 10 minutes.
  4. Enjoy your 6 days off mate, up here in Brisbane we are going to 100% crowd for tonight’s State of Origin match. Sold out with 51,000. Go Queensland!
  5. A couple of those sent shivers down my spine. Getting your hair cut with those blunt razor contraptions. No wonder my hair fell out! Also the rotary whipper, remember licking the leftover cake mix and little brother giving the handle a whirl. Couldn’t speak for a week. And to think it was alright for a 14 year old to just grab a rifle, jump on the horse and disappear into the Bush for the weekend.
  6. New defensive formation mate?
  7. Not taking the piss mate. If you ever want to watch a dark movie, check out Ghosts of the Civil dead. A Nick Cave movie set in Pentridge prison (Melbourne). We watch Love Actually every Christmas Eve.
  8. A bit biased but having lived around the world it’s still hard to go past Brisbane. A close second would be around the Cairngorms. Photos from our unit.
  9. I was kwakers in New York, just like some of the locals.
  10. AFL Grand final, go the Cats. (My father who was born in Derby played for Geelong).
  11. Saving myself, big weekend coming up. Aussie Rules grand final tonight and NRL grand final tommorow.
  12. 4.45 am kick off here, already on my third coffee.
  13. 4 Lions look who’s back Ghosts of the Civil Dead Mad Max Field of Dreams Debbie Does Dallas Love Actually The Castle Romper Stomper Crocodile Dundee Oranges and Sunshine
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