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  1. Nope, sister and no I don’t come from Nottingham
  2. Ok it’s breakfast here but nothing better than yogurt and fruit on a lovely spring morning.
  3. Really can’t fault how SA, WA and Qld have handled things up till now. I just get a bit pissed of with Morrison and Co trying to pressure our states to open up the borders. We have had 1156 cases to date ( overseas acquired 852 ) and 6 deaths in Qld so if the health department want to keep borders closed so be it.
  4. Welcome to the 50’s club mate, enjoy. (I can only say this for another 2 weeks) ☹️
  5. As a small comparison, my small town in Queensland (pop 6000) had 4 people that I know of go over for the Wembley finals last year 2 for Sunderland and 2 for Derby. I think a lot of people underestimate how many people follow championship clubs around the globe.
  6. Absolutely shattered I won't be over for my birthday and the Watford home game as well. We had this weekend penciled in for the last 18 months
  7. Down at Surfers Paradise to pick up my daughter from her 2 weeks of Iso.
  8. Great doco about a Aussie band that inspired the Seattle Grunge scene.
  9. And the cold foggy ones at Fulham🙂
  10. Well after starting my apprenticeship at 17, today is my last day of work before retirement. Big sesh with the boys at the Brekkie Creek hotel yesterday so sunglasses day today.
  11. Only “new” AC/DC album I ever bought. You still wonder whether the rumours are right that most of the songs were written by Bon Scott before he died.
  12. My favourite thongs are the dimpled ones, massages your skin as you move.
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