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  1. Holmes geting booed everytime he gets the ball.
  2. Buchanan booked, Psycho thinks there was nothing wrong with the challange.
  3. Sounds like forest have been getting more into the game, had and missed some chances.
  4. Curtis Davies really needs to exert a calming influence on the young lads, in particular Louie Sibley who will be making some robust challenges.
  5. Hope they have nice relaxing holiday.
  6. I've alway thought he was a weaselly little turd, but he's our little turd now.
  7. From the Barbara Ellen in the Observer Wayne Rooney has been criticised by the Church of England for promoting gambling with his £7.8m player-coach signing with Derby County, where part of his salary will be paid by sponsors, the betting company 32Red, with him wearing the number 32 on his shirt. Dr Alan Smith, the bishop of St Albans, said it was harmful to impressionable young fans to see gambling promoted in this way. Rooney had his own gambling problems, so the decision is even odder. Still, why are people focusing on Rooney in particular? This is beyond one player – this is about the greed and irresponsibility of football clubs and English football generally. Half of the Premier League’s football shirts will feature a gambling company’s logo this season, while 17 out of 24 Championship shirts will sport a betting logo. Football is awash with advertising revenue, not just from gambling but also from alcohol and unaffordable designer labels. Advertising is as defining a feature of high-level football culture as the pitch itself, but what advertising should be permitted? Of course, Rooney could have turned down the Derby County deal. However, it seems unfair to concentrate on him when the problems run far deeper. In this case, the celebrity footballer is the symptom, not the cause. • Barbara Ellen is an Observer columnist
  8. From their forum, they know their squad is bloated. Re: Current state of the squad Originally Posted by Notcher Pinched this off Twatter but I thought it was funny "Ministry of the football league have confirmed that we're never more than six feet away from a Forest player" #NFFC Credit @robbothered1 Sent from my sweaty palms using Tapatalk I saw one similar on Twitter last night, which made me chuckle "Scientists estimate that by the year 2045 all human life on earth will have signed for Nottingham Forest" Credit to @jonnyGabriel
  9. I found this quite funny on a Middlesbrough forum, they seem to think Mel has special powers. Posted 38 minutes ago 1 hour ago, FamilyBoro said: Did anyone apply/get tickets for Euro 2020 today? Mel Morris got all of them.
  10. Great performance from him today. To play him on the left but with a freee reign to move about makes him hard to mark. I can see teams stick a clogger on him to follow him round if he keeps it up.
  11. Malone is technically limited, but has a great engine. His ability to get forward into space allows Lawrence to drift into the middle, and for us to retain an attack down the left with him running into space. I like him.
  12. Some big hitting https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/cricket/49211308
  13. YES but I prefer this footage with a bit of crowd noise. And you can marvel at the pitch and stadard of tackling if you watch it all. This has been mentioned too but I loved this goal. I was at the back of the pop side so the ball dissapeared behind the stand in flight to reappear and go in. I was nearly as excited as Graham Richards. And Bobby against Leeds
  14. Good work by someone on the left in the build up leading to a tap in.
  15. I snipped one but it's not a very good picture
  16. Good luck to him. His technical ability is poor, but he didn't shirk or hide, unlike some seemed to relish when it got physical, and was dangerous if left unattended arround the oposition area. His big burden was that price tag, we expected too much as a result.
  17. We always knew he would be up for Chelsea if they came for him, I'm a bit dissapointed as I expected him to have to achieve more with us to attract their attention.
  18. Perhaps the delay is due to using the wrong taxi firm. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1583778/Satnav-takes-Earls-daughter-to-wrong-Stamford-Bridge.html
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