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  1. Just seen the goal, that was terrible keeping, but credit to Clarke for getting there first and getting it on target.
  2. We all knew he was a Ram but his Q & A in the Guardian cheered me up on an EFL blighted morning https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/jan/18/jack-oconnell-not-many-actors-come-from-where-i-am-from-i-am-proud-of-that Highlights include What or who is the greatest love of your life? Derby County. What does love feel like? A bit one way when you support Derby.
  3. I'm a bit aprehensive as it's about to get poo. I have a CT scan next week, then a meet with the surgeon to see what he's going to do. He will be removing some infected femur and probably external fixate it. He has told me chopping the leg off is an option ( but he really really doesn't want to do that).
  4. I suspect the panel view it as their job to decide the sanction, not the case, as the EFL are obviously right, and, it's our job to beg for mercy. That's hy i think we'll be sanctioned and fight it legally as well as appealing through the EFL mechanism. It seems panels sometimes have a mind of their own. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51020339
  5. I've just been on some owls forums, it seems they too have taken a dislike to the "bubble permed umpa lumpa" .
  6. I think you are right, we could still get done, despite the injustice, but they will end up looking like cocks. They will have to admit organisational incompetence or find one of their staff to throw under the bus. Mel has fired a shot back signaling we won't go down without a fight, the timing of the statement just after five on a Friday night makes it hard for them to respond straight away. Some senarios spring to mind- They only charged us to make Gibson shut up, we should be fine in this case. They have it in for us, are upset about the Rooney thing they can't do anything about. In this case they will probably stick it on us, but it will cost them. Mel has signaled he's not going quietly. All sorts of awkward questions will be raised for them to deal with. My prediction is that some lawyers will make some money. Whatever the result Derby till I die.
  7. Mick Coop? I'm quite a lot annoyed about the FL charge but it not the end of the world, DCFC will go on, we have had worse.
  8. Badly advised by by the FL who said the deal was ok before changing their mind.
  9. Just what I was thinking. These things aren't usually confirmed for a few days, but it wouldn't suprise me, it looked the kind of injury that could be an ACL. I've got my fingers crossed hoping it's good news until we get the official announcement.
  10. Yes and a great bit of skill by Jordan Brown in the build up
  11. I notice that the Leeds fans seem upset and are calling Bamford a useless Bamford.
  12. i am flabbergasted, cannot imagine how this could happen, that is one serious mistake. Whist it is a seriously bad day at work similar incidents have happened before https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran_Air_Flight_655
  13. I agree with you about the sacking, he shouldn't have been sacked, but that horse has well and truely bolted. He was only sacked as he would have never had let Sam Rush run the transfer policy, and he was right not to let that happen. He was an excellent manager, but rather poor coach. Mac was an outstanding coach and got the best out of Clough's squad but is a rather poor manager who let Sam Rush run that side of things. Clough failed to get the best from his squad, and Mac lead that squad into decline, macked by his great coaching. Neither should come back, well pehaps together might work. He did well against Leeds too.
  14. Has everyone forgotton Jake Findlay for the worst loan?( I might be showing my age) Dowell seems very light weight and goes missing for games, but every so often he finds a defence splitting pass that make you think he can play a bit, before disapearing again.
  15. Goals are flying in all over the place today. 15 goals in 11 games with only 30 minutes gone,
  16. I've not read the thread but Shake it all about?
  17. We'll win 2-1 and end up in the play offs, just like 15 years ago.(apart from Wigan won't go up)
  18. RIP Billy, I remember being really confused we were selling such a goalscorer, I was only a kid at the time. Looking at his stats I'm suprised how few games he played for us, but he made an impact on me.
  19. The trouble is it's rare to be able to see the extent of an injury, unless it's Thorne/Busst style broken leg. A lot of footballers are prone to putting it on a bit, and then running back on the pitch right as rain. Most of the time we don't really hear about how bad a knee injury is untill the middle of the following week. It was only TV close up of the look on his face that hit me with Cohens third injury, and Fozzy had a similar expression after his third injury. I couldn't see how bad Barker's was but Tudgay immediately started waving the medical staff on, that always is a worring sign but could be missed by fans.
  20. You made me check, it was two against us and once against Burnley. I remembered the second time as I actually felt sorry for him(feeling sorry for a forest player is not my normal reaction). From the look on his face as he limped off the pitch he knew what he had done. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/dec/16/nottingham-forest-chris-cohen-third-cruciate-injury
  21. Didn't he do it twice against us? I'm really pleased for Fozzy, there a lot of work needed to come back from those injuries.
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