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  1. Ghost of Goldfish would be a better name if you cannot remember how utterly dreadful Roos was. Hamer is poor. Roos is/was literally the worst Derby keeper I've seen in almost 50 years. Carson was a league above both.
  2. We have one episode to watch and I'm giving it an Igor Stimac/10. I think it's even better than Giri/Haji
  3. We're genuinely challenging right now. 3 points back with 4 games to go and the team we're looking to catch to play is the very definition of genuinely challenging for the playoffs - and then it's game on. I see no way this team doesn't improve next season, so I see no way we don't genuinely challenge again. We've been the form team since Christmas after a horrendous pre-season and start to the season and you even use an *if* as to sticking with Cocu. I honestly don't know how much better the guy could have done under the circumstances. I'm pretty sure you'd have been
  4. I'm not sure if you're punking me or not. Did you watch the early games this season? The ones where Roos was awful game after game. After game. If you scroll back you will see a thread I started about Roos saying how desperate he was. Somebody responded with something along the lines of he'd not actually lost us a game. The following week he did just that. Somebody with a better memory than me will probably remember the actual game. Hamer is porr, but this loss wasn't down to him. Roos is one level down from poor. Yes, we absolutely need a keep
  5. Hamer is bad but he's still better than Roos. In 50 years of watching Derby, Roos is the worst keeper I have seen. Yes, worse than John Middleton. And if you think Roos was hounded out by anybody other than Cocu, you are either very much mistaken, or we need another manager who doesn't choose his team based on what the supporters think. PS. No need to capitalize morons, unless you are speaking about by my mate Jay Morons and his mum Flo Morons and all they did was send a stinging letter to the the club.
  6. What does that even mean? But whatever it means (unless it’s got his hair wet), probably not.
  7. We’re leaving it very late. To get somebody sent off.
  8. Yep. No team has ever won the playoffs when they weren’t the best team to make them. It’s literally never been accomplished.
  9. Yep, season over. No team has ever recovered from a 3 point deficit and 4 games left and with the opportunity to play the team they need to catch. its utterly insurmountable.
  10. Sorry mate I had to reclaim the❤️I gave you.
  11. Wayne must be delighted. His hair transplant is standing up really well in the heavy rain. Money well spent.
  12. If you want to arrange those words into a sentence I’ll be happy to agree or disagree.
  13. I wonder if we’ve ever had 6 teenagers In the first team on the pitch at the same time in a competitive game?
  14. West Brom are playing well more than we’re playing awful imho.
  15. The bigger question is, why do you want somebody on who has literally never even been mediocre in a Derby shirt?
  16. I think the Lawrence detractors should reassess. We’re clearly a better team with him in it.
  17. I just booked a flight to Birmingham because I need to stand outside the ground and boo Holmes in person.
  18. Oh you and your facts! I do think (as most do) that we need an out and out scorer (I'd love it to be Jack), but at the moment scoring goals is way lower down the list than not conceding them.
  19. Yeh BBT is chilling. The scene where Colin Hanks let him go was brilliant. I'm damn sure cops do do things like that when they fear for their own safety. Freemans accent sounded ridiculous. But so does everyone's from that part of the country so I'm not so sure it was bad per se. It's a very weird accent and I don't think I even knew it existed till I moved here.
  20. If @King Kevinhad said, 'yeh I'd had a few, that probably wasn't my smartest post' I'd have had total respect and even casually tossed a laughing emoji his way. I rarely post after a drink on here, but that's mainly because of time zones and nobody being on here and not because I'm smart or don't talk out of my ass when I've had one too many. Anyway, I'm on keto at the moment, so not drinking. So the baalocks I'm posting at present really is what I think when relatively coherent.
  21. Don't keep us on tenterhooks. Did she?
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