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  1. Pretty sure that's Collymore wearing a fake beard
  2. So. has that happened then?
  3. Maybe. But, you're not *supposed* to feel anything you don't feel, that is the entire point. Feel what you feel based on your values and you ability to EMPATHIZE with others. There's no test going on here.
  4. Excellent assessment, hard to disagree with any of it.
  5. I read his lips, he clearly said: 'Stevie, Stevie, what's the score, Stevie what's the score? Shall I get you a double in the bar before you duck up back north?'
  6. It's so easy to judge people and think that one action, either good or bad defines them. But the reality is we're super complex creatures. Ali was known to hit his wife. Mandela was a terrorist for many years. And Martin Luther King was growing increasingly supportive of violent action before his murder. I doubt there's anybody who uses this board hasn't or won't do something as stupid as getting in a car with somebody who's drunk too much in their life time.
  7. 35,000 Dynamo Dresden fans at Hertha Berlin. That would be a lot of fun. I still remember 9 or 10,000 at Bramall Lane under Coxy and that was amazing.
  8. The point I was making is that people will moan just as much no matter who's playing if we keep struggling.
  9. PMSL, is this your first year watching football? Cocu can only choose from the players available to him and it seems they're not good enough. And that really isn't his fault. At least, not for now.
  10. How come Roos is playing for both teams?
  11. Demetri Martin joke. Usually it's good to be specific on things, but not always. I means, it's okay to say you love kids. But if you say you really love 10-year-old boys, that can get you in trouble.
  12. It gets even better. Statistically speaking we are a mere 69 points away from wrapping up the runners up slot.
  13. El Camino last night. 5/10 Way too many flashbacks with little reason. I spent more of the film trying to remember episodes from over 5 years ago and wondering if there was some deeper meaning. I still haven't figured out the purpose of the breakfast with Walter flashback. What did it add to the plot? If Walter has said go and study Business in Alaska that may have worked. It just seemed like they desperate to get WW in a scene. I thought it was pretentious, predictable and felt like a movie made around a load of in jokes. It was well acted hower and it wasn't without the occasional Breaking Badesque moment such as the kidnappers choice of music for the drive back from his house and his entirely nonchalant demeanor. Especially defending his cleaner as being as honest as the day is long. Hope they end it there.
  14. What's surprise got to do with it? If somebody stood in front of you with a Colt 45 aimed at your head and then pulled the trigger it really wouldn't matter how surprised you were or weren't to the bullet.
  15. Those decent players in that teams took us to 4th from bottom a point and a place lower than the season before. So clearly, they were playing badly the first season under Clough too. I don't see good players yet, but it's fairly common, especially with a new manager for new signings take time to settle in. David Nish was awful for 6-months after joining us.
  16. The year after he become Derby manager we scored 1 less point. Now, I'm sure there will be some old-timers who will say, 'but yeh that was different, you could see what he was doing' but that's just hindsight bias with probably a false memory thrown in for good luck. Cloughie knew the football league and he knew where the cheap talent was. He did not have his best three players (maybe four if you know add Keogh to the list) ripped away from him with no time to respond before a new season kicked off. You cannot ignore the above fact. NO team in the Championship could recover from that kind of blow. Hell, most Premier League teams would struggle even with their bloated squads. I'm amazed at the amount of people who claimed to be for stability with other managers who when they were fired, but have given up on Cocu already. Until the Wigan game he won't have been manager for as many games as even Pearson. About the only thing we can be sure of at the moment, is that we are without doubt playing poorly, and it is concerning. I honestly have no clue whether he'll turn it around or not. However, it's ridiculous to say you're a believer in continuity, and then say with the next breath, you want a guy who has managed only 13-games and started with almost every conceivable card stacked against him, fired. I'm confident that Mel will talked to a lot of people before hiring him and was convinced he'd work out. As such, and presuming it doesn't end up in relegation, I'd like to give Cocu an off season to see if he can work things out. The alternative is, yet again, we roll the dice and start all over again.
  17. Frank had the benefit of 3 premier league quality players. How do you supposed he'd have done without them? Teams at this level can't cope with having that amount of quality ripped out of them in one off season. They were literally our 3 best players.
  18. Hitler invaded Poland in less time. Now I'm no scientist but annexing a country seems a bigger job than getting 11 men to play half decent football.
  19. Just a timely reminder. In his first season in charge Cloughie lead the team to finish one place lower than the previous season. I'm glad the internet wasn't around then.
  20. That's not true. We lacked effort today but we still got a 3-0 result. I'm pondering a career writing motivational posters.
  21. Well tbf everybody wanted Frank to stay, so that's a moot point. As for Rowett, well let's just say you were wrong to want to keep him *IF* you are remotely bothered by what he's achieved since. And the fact that he's not had to bother his bank to deposit a paycheck in 10-months.
  22. I'd change that a tad. You can go far with average players if they have the right mentality and a fighting spirit. AND a couple of quality players in with them. 11 average players are unlikely to get you anything much past average. What I mean (and I think I'm agreeing with you), a lot of the Derby players would be fine if they were just put in a better decision. This team does not need gutting. Roos needs gutting, but not the team.
  23. Being sensible for a moment. I really think he was stiffed over the loanees. We all know that is the difference from last season in large part. He had no chance to do anything on that because he didn't know the division and he wouldn't have had the contacts to reach out to. This is clearly very poor, but I want to see him given a full off season. Of course, if we lose the first game of next season then axe him before he's got down the tunnel and put the call in for Mac3
  24. The one thing I really don't think is Cocu's fault is Brexit. And maybe global warming. But he really needs to fess up to everything else.
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