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  1. I'd go for Lee Johnson and look forward to all those 5-5's. Or Warburton I suppose.
  2. Rowett's a perfect fit for Stoke. Their fans are used to **** football.
  3. Carson can do way better than Stoke.
  4. Wow - if he takes our best players with him, and after Hughes/Ince sales... will we look back on Rowett's legacy as the man who tore Derby apart?
  5. I'm getting really excited now!!!! I love 'New manager week'!
  6. Why has nobody started a 'Who Next' thread?
  7. Of course they would. If Peter Coates has decided Rowett is the man - then £3m compo won't put them off at all.
  8. Parsnip

    Who is the best support band you have ever seen live?

    Went to see Coldplay supporting Shack at Sheffield Student Union. They were unsigned at the time and blew everyone away. Can't stand them now.
  9. No thanks. I still haven't forgiven him for his abysmal performance as manager of Accrington Stanley in 2012. I don't think i ever will.
  10. Parsnip

    Players as dogs thread

    Gary Bow-Wow-Wowett.
  11. Nobody wants to go to Stoke.
  12. This is just a bit of flirting by our Gary to pressure Mel into upping the transfer kitty. I expect Gary to turn Stoke down before going shopping for a shiny new Derby striker.
  13. I would love it if Gary came out now and told us we're having another crack at promotion, he's got a couple of ideas up his sleeve, we're going to play more attacking football and try and win every game - no more 'trying to keep the goal difference down' against Wolves (which still angers me when I think about it). I'd back him 100%. But in fairness to Gary he's laid his cards on the table and openly said he doesn't care what the fans think to his methods, so I can't see that happening. So I find myself googling the career history of Lee Johnson. Hopefully Mel's doing the same.
  14. Parsnip

    Wisdom position change?

    Stay on topic Paul.
  15. Stoke will probably go back in for Sanchez Flores surely? He's unemployed and they wanted him before Lambert. Would be a good shout for them - better than Moyes anyway.

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