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  1. Chipotle Shitzu. Tastes like chicken.
  2. Most of the time I eat like a dog.
  3. They did it recently - was it a Man Utd game? That's where I learned about Dogso. Dogso!!!!
  4. How nice is David Beckham??? This is actually really funny.
  5. Parsnip

    Phone Screen Time

    Wow that's really interesting. I had to download an app but I'm going to keep an eye on this now. I assume the facebook part includes facebook messenger... and the game part is my kid playing on the way to and back from football... I'll take the Netflix on the chin.
  6. What sauce goes with egg though? I didn't enjoy today's breakfast as much as my usual bacon & relish cob so I do need to find a solution for egg days.
  7. Gone all healthy today. Toasted the cob instead of frying it in the bacon fat and added an egg for protein.
  8. I prefer the R Kelly version anyway.
  9. I haven't seen the documentary yet but it's years since I've thought of MJ as anything other than a messed up paedophile. His music is no great loss to me.
  10. I dunno you know - right now it'd be: Leeds, West Brom, Boro & Villa Against... Brighton, Southampton, Burnley & Cardiff. 9/10 wins for the prem teams? I wouldn't put any money on it.
  11. This is my staple... I very rarely leave the house until I've had a bacon cob and lots of coffee. Unless it's a Saturday obviously - then it's a full English and lots of coffee.
  12. I'm genuinely impressed! You've actually cracked eggs and everything. Now why don't you do that when you want Yorkshire puddings? Bit of a stretch there @coneheadjohn!
  13. I read that as 'Banking'. Thought the filters had kicked in.
  14. Oh yeah! I've just realised that I've never switched night mode off - it's loads better in black.
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