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  2. Guys?
  3. Guys?
  4. So I'm using the 'Ordinary range by Canadian company Deciem or 'The Abnormal Beauty Company. Basically these guys are producing everything you need for a Hollywood standard beauty routine, with none of the frills (scents etc.), at a fraction of the cost. So my routine at the moment is as follows... CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Ordinary Buffet Ordinary Glycolic Acid Ordinary Caffine Eye Solution CeraVe Moisturiser Biore factor 50 sun cream Everything here is available on Amazon for under £5 each except the buffet which is £13. I'm 38 and my skin is like that of a 19 year old... or at least it will be by the time I'm 40. So what's your facial routine guys? Come on don't be shy! Side Note: I am in no way affiliated to any of the beauty companies listed above nor do I receive any royalties or commissions from said companies. I just do what my wife tells me to do.
  5. Swansea? They looked awesome. Bournemouth were exciting to watch too. A season of Swansea or Bournemouth football would be lovely.
  6. Dirty Basterd!
  7. I'm not putting Bryson in for Thorne until it becomes absolutely necessary. Probably week 2 when Thorne breaks his anterior thoracic pulmonary vortex and needs a throscoplasty on his Basel ganglia. (ruling him out for the season obviously).
  8. I can't be arsed at all with Vydra on the wing. I'd like to see if he can become that Watford Vydra again if he plays off Martin. Otherwise sack him off. Actually what I'd like to see from my formation is Nugent swapped for a new, proper, fast (expensive) winger. Then have Nugent pressing Vydra & Martin for a starting place - and press he would do oh believe you me! Vydra & Martin would be looking over their shoulders for the rest of their sorry little lives!
  9. Goal difference will work out around 95 when Keogh's mistakes are taken into account.
  11. That's not taking into account any new forward signings we my make this summer.
  12. Cease all transfer business! We're ready! Just look at the goal potential in this team... I've bolded the players who have scored in the teens in a Championship season and underlined the badasses who have scored 20! Ok so we haven't seen a 20 goal Vydra yet but it's well known he needs a big man to play off - well he has a very big one this season so let's see what he can do! Carson Wisdom Keogh Davies Forsyth Thorne Johnson Ince Vydra Nugent Martin Ok so it'd be nice to have a proper winger on the left, and quality back up/competition for George but still... 5 quality proven goalscorers in one starting line up is very exciting, as long as GR can get them playing together. And that back 5 looks inpenetrable with George in front. Getting a bit excited now... best first team in the league already and transfer window barely started! Will who?
  13. Isn't there a 'drunken gibberish' thread for this kind of thing? No? We should definitely have a drunken gibberish thread!.
  14. I'd offer Ince to Reading in exchange for them writing off the remaining balance owed for Pearce & Blackman.
  15. @Coconut Here you go duck