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  1. Parsnip

    What's fun in Derby

    What is Bustler Market @TomBustler1884? I'm thinking about trading at a couple of markets over Christmas - can you recommend?
  2. Parsnip

    Joe Cole retired

    Remember the 2004 euro qtr final against Portugal? Rooney got injured really early and Sven had Joe Cole on the bench - but he brought on Darius Vassell instead. As I screamed at the TV at the time, if he'd chosen Joe Cole instead - we'd have won. Brilliant player before his injuries was Joe.
  3. Parsnip


    Memorised. Mrs Parsnip is having that word for word next time I'm in bed with the sniffles.
  4. Parsnip

    Christmas Dinner

    Organ meats are nature's multivitamin. There's not much you can eat that's healthier for you than a piece of heart or liver. Haggis really isn't like that though, it has a lovely texture and a peppery taste. It's lovely. You should get yourself involved with beef olives. A beef olives is a piece of steak wrapped around a haggis. Mrs Parsnip's family is flooded with Scottish folk (they all support Manu), and her mum brings me frozen beef olives after every trip. We obviously can't be arsed to travel up there. It's frigging miles away.
  5. Parsnip

    Craig Forsyth

    Shocking luck Craig - get yourself fit and ready for the premiership season.
  6. Parsnip

    Christmas presents.

    I'd like a nice new North Face gilet please.
  7. Parsnip

    Christmas Dinner

    I went on a cruise a couple of years ago and at the posh dinner I had my first try of escargot. I was worried it was going to turn into a bushtucker challenge but I'll tell thee what, I could've eaten 200 of those succulent little gastropods! Open your mind @David Cruises are crap by the way.
  8. Parsnip

    Christmas Dinner

    I recommend giving the Jolly Hog ones a try - they're a taste sensation! £3 a pack in Sainsburys 🙂
  9. Parsnip

    Christmas Dinner

    I won't eat Heck because of their animal welfare - but Jolly Hog sausages are so much better anyway - gluten free and juicy AF. And they give their pigs good lives before 🐷🗡
  10. Parsnip

    Christmas Dinner

  11. Parsnip

    Christmas Dinner

  12. Parsnip

    Christmas Dinner

    I'm uncomfortable with how this thread is going.
  13. Parsnip

    Christmas Dinner

    You're missing out. Haggis is absolutely delicious.
  14. Parsnip

    Christmas Dinner

    It wouldn't be Christmas dinner without that little sewing kit.
  15. Parsnip

    Christmas Dinner

    Of course you bloody do.

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