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  1. Richard Keogh is on fire. He's the beating testicle of Derby County FC. He's a fearless, attack minded, goal scoring, crucial goal assisting, penalty taking, marauding stallion of a centre half. How can you have watched Derby County over the last few weeks and not get the 'love in' for Richard Keogh? If we get promoted tomorrow (today actually... eek!!!), then Richard Keogh will be one of the biggest reasons why.
  2. It must be a good 5 years now since I made the life changing decision to start wearing woman's nightwear instead of men's. I highly recommend you all make this change. The materials are lighter than air, the range of patterns and colours is wonderful and don't get me started on lace. Interestingly, nobody judges me. These lovely skin tight bottoms were part of a set bought for me by Mrs Parsnip and this silky leopard skin number was bought for me by Mrs Parsnip's mum.
  3. Just out for a dog walk in me jeans and sandals... just look at them lovely balls.
  4. It's slowing me down a little bit. But I'm not taking it off.
  5. I'll be in the pub sadly. Definitely going to next year's though!
  6. Brill thanks @mozza! Please don't resign you're doing an amazing job!
  7. Hang on hang on... So the prediction is for the score after the normal 90 mins? So if I say 1-1, and it's 1-1 at the end of normal time, then I get the points even if it ends up 4-3 after 120? And the FRGS - Is that just in 90 mins? So if I say 0-0 no scorer, and it's 0-0 On 90 - do i get the points even when Keogh scores the winner on 119mins? I'm in with a shot at winning - it's very serious. And to be honest I could really do with the prize money.
  8. As i said, we've all been there.
  9. We've all been there. Also I only just realised that "philmycock" is a cheeky little play on words and more than likely not this dude's name at all.
  10. @Bowlio brilliant mate I could feel it through the tele but must have been amazing to be there. I can't believe how many games like that we've had this season - what a season! One more please...
  11. Yeah have a couple of kids and come back to me...
  12. I'm a 40 year old dad of 2. And I dress accordingly.
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