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  1. Ne'er 'erd on im. Worrabout that lad at Watford? Will Summat?
  2. Reading sack Stam, hire Clement

    This appointment is a nightmare for the DCFCFANS mods.
  3. Hmmm now who could replace him...
  4. Winnall wants to stay at Derby

    Based on the impact he had in the few games he played definitely sign him up. Obviously depends on price bit I'd love to have him fit now!
  5. I've seen his estranged wife in the papers banging on about how she could've saved him from this mess - but she looks a mess herself! She looks how people look when they're a massive alcoholic. I wonder if either of them are particularly well?
  6. Reaction Thoughts

  7. He looks absolutely steaming in that new video. I also assumed it would've been a 'morning after' thing but it doesnt look like it - it looks like he's got absolutely bladdered and driven a car.
  8. Oh my gosh that's too good!
  9. Stephen Mulhern about to get a big promotion?
  10. Beatles or Stones?

    Yeah Jimi Hendrix was basically the Justin Timberlake of the 60's.
  11. Beatles or Stones?

    Yeah i agree also on Beach Boys - still sounds amazing today. I nearly went to see Brian Wilson at the Sydney Opera house once but i didn't have enough money
  12. Beatles or Stones?

    This is all very upsetting. The Byrds are very special to me - more so than the Beatles - and I thoroughly appreciate Dylan and the Stones. But the Beatles had incredible moments. You cant say Lennon and McCartney weren't great performers you maniac! Lennon was a horrid human but he was a great performer. Harrison was a great guitarist and all three were great lyricists. Ringo was there too. I'm not comfortable with this thread. Can we talk about white privilege again?
  13. Beatles or Stones?

    I never understand these emojis. Woman Splash?
  14. Beatles or Stones?

    Yeah but... but... you know... don't you think they made contributions later on? Lyrically, musically... are you comparing them to take that? You must see the difference... I don't like it.
  15. Beatles or Stones?

    They were "the first" and "the original" a lot of things.

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