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  1. Posters Crimbo Trees

    Mine's a big'un!
  2. Should add some much needed metal to our first team.
  3. Toilet breaks in class

    Has Missram gone forever? Did she only come here to talk about wee wees?
  4. Toilet breaks in class

    I miss this thread.
  5. Image required for t-shirt HELP

    Perfect except you forgot the little eye bit.
  6. Image required for t-shirt HELP

    One of my facebook friends had as his profile picture a drawing of the derby ram (as in the crest) pissing on the forest tree crest. If i could remember who that was I'd find it and send it to you.
  7. Tips to keep the peace at Xmas

    If only it were so simple @King Kevin... Unfortunately Mrs Parsnip changes the rules of engagement more often than she changes her... her... ummm... I'll say facebook profile picture just in case she sees. But you're right - the holidays are a dangerous time for all of us. Stay safe everyone x
  8. Thorne/Huddlestone

    Worst betting tip ever!
  9. RIP Cheggers

    Publisher should be sacked!
  10. Josh Vela

    Almost got excited when I saw the Hispanic sounding surname, turns out he's from the arse end of Salford.
  11. We're coming after you Wolves

    That was it thanks! I put Rams top, Wolves second - I'll stand by that! (None of my other predictions though). Both threads make interesting reading at this stage - GuestDEL(?) said the two dark horses would be Cardiff and Sheff Utd...
  12. Cheese

    That's basically Italian cuisine and it's a wonderful thing.
  13. We're coming after you Wolves

    Where was that thread where we all had to predict league winners, top 3, top derby scorers etc.? Sorry it's off topic but i just wondered what I predicted and how far off I was. Pretty sure I put wolves top. I think. Probably not.
  14. dcfcfans 'P.L' Tables 2017/18 , by mo55y

    Another points haul for the flying root veg!

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