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  1. Zag zig

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Wonder if Frank or more-so Jody thinks Marc Guehi is ready yet? If we don’t go up this season, can certainly see him here next year replacing Tomori.
  2. Thought the same myself, Huddlestone seemed to be rushing it when it wasn’t necessary but rather than dig either out too much, like Frank let’s put it down to tired legs and minds.
  3. Zag zig

    Kelle Roos

    Thought he did fine, although wasn’t sure he was going to get to that ball on the line, but he was determined enough; so fair play. He caught ok too, with more conviction than I’d seen before and has always seemed a decent shot stopper. So back up or not, I’d say he’s healthy enough competition and we are adequately covered this season either keeper and agree Roos likely to improve over time. For me, Roos has shown enough last 2 games not to worry about that position too much, rather improve the defence.
  4. Zag zig

    We can achive once lads put mind to it

    I’m with you B4, after being at Southampton, I’m ready to trucking bounce with the West Stand massive, cos I ain’t a trucking red. Got that lovin feeling this year, I believe, we can do it. Still feel like an excited kid going to the game these days 40 odd years more from my first and why not, all aboard the Frankie Lampards Derby County roller coaster, enjoy the ride, enjoy the game. Belief and enjoyment is what it’s all about! C.O.Y.R.s
  5. Zag zig

    The Championship 18/19

    Pukki some player
  6. Zag zig

    Club 84 - Supporter’s Group

    Bit like Southampton, if you take 22,000 pff that total. Thought their home support was fairly meh and ours was great as a compact, vocal bunch in one corner. Just think that is the reality, most away fans give it their all, the home crowd just never rally round in a lot of grounds, more so if sparse. Be interesting what comes of this new group, can’t see it impacting me much personally but anything that improves fan experience is a good thing.
  7. Speaking about opposition fans, funny thing about the forest fan for me, I was so close to getting a Brighton fan I’d been visiting to come with me in the away end but they didn’t have any spare rooms at Chilworth Manor Best Western last night. I’d managed to book in as soon as the date was announced. Doubt he’d have worn his shirt though like that muppet.
  8. Zag zig

    Where VAR helped us last night

    Exactly, not to mention the immediate lift it gave them. It was like a kick up the backside, they knew they had been given a let off, the crowd thought it too. All that translated through to the players at the start of the second half.
  9. Hey HantsRam, thanks for the advice, just got back from a trip down south all week. Straight run from Chilworth, just traffic coming in was a pain, so was rushing and didn’t find Oxford St one you suggested further down thread. Plenty of car parks in the city as you said though, ended up in one with the big crane with red lights at top in next street, which made finding the car park easy on way back. Got to hotel in time for last orders, so good night all round
  10. Where is best to park for this one? Staying nearby in Chilworth, so need to drive in. @HantsRam or anyone, advice welcome.
  11. Zag zig

    O'Notts Forest

    Whilst you are so right in all this, (as near always Rev), just remember this. It’s Forest you’re talking about, so it’s still funny!!!!!!
  12. Zag zig

    Leeds Fan In Peace 2

    Possibly the only bit I’d take you up on. Thought we competed and won tackles equally but the difference here was we gave it away with misplaced passes or as you said being harried off the ball by your players swarming over us. Nowhere near as slick at passing as we should be. Other than that, probably the most balanced and insightful post I’ve read by an opposition fan.
  13. Zag zig

    Ikechi Anya

    To be fair he’s played 311 domestic games and 28 international. Scoring a few goals at all levels. He’s had a decent career, me personally, whatever money he’s earning I’d be real frustrated I’ve not played more. Dont envy him, just think his football career seems to be ending rather tamely, when as a professional athlete I’d want to play more and do the best I could to fulfill that. From the outside, that doesn’t appear the case but it’s his life choice and yes, you can spin the yarn I put up much more positively. Still be sad myself how my career seems to be tailing off, each to their own.
  14. Zag zig

    Ikechi Anya

    Kind of makes me wonder how he feels? Imagine when one of your family asks in the future, what did you do? Well I was having a reasonable career, even played for my country, this bloke called Pearson signed me, I played a few times for a few other Managers too but generally got paid a lot of money for doing exercises and keeping fit. Set me up for life though. Bit sad all round.
  15. My old man used to park in the small Royce’s car park round the corner from the football tavern I think it was called, away pub anyhow from my very young memory. Can’t recall them but the old man made us as nippers, walk round their mobs, clutching his jacket, I used to think he was rock hard. Now I realise he was a lazy bugger and couldn’t be arsed to walk any further than he had to. Plus he had something on the car park guy, because I never once saw him pay. 😂 That corrugated alley we walked up, used to scare me silly, he’d push us through the police lines, on the way back, we’d go down it squashed with the away fans some days, learnt all my accents. Have to say the scousers always were comedians but it was a bit mental going over that bridge back to the car. No idea what that walkway was, but it brought you up to the away end or entrance to the Ossie end, it’s forever etched in my childhood memories, am I traumatised I wonder 😂

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