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  1. Keep hearing people say the bookies are never wrong......well I’m just glad they gave me 5-1 last Wednesday to beat Leeds and 14-1 to go up 😂
  2. Because Sky always need a story. Can hear the interviewer on the pitch....”So Frank now you have taken Derby up, who do you plan signings for Chelsea in the summer” 🙄
  3. Going to be bad news for all the reliable sources when he starts next season with the Rams......whatever division!
  4. I’m loving the positivity too, outside my family there is only 2 or 3 Rams fans i know around me, so it’s great to listen to all the stories, barbs about opposition and general Rams chat. When we are doing well I get hooked looking in here. We really can do this, I know plenty of Villa fans that are worried about our attack, their confidence comes from thinking they have a stronger defence than we do. Part of that comes from scoring 4 goals in their last home game. Without being arrogant, Villa are beatable, people talk about their midfield with Grealish as the star; so what we have Mount in top form. We really are a close match, underdogs but a close match. Lets stay positive, get behind the lads and roar them on to hopeful victory.
  5. That’s because most Florist fans don’t need to go after September, because they have already seen the title won.
  6. 👍Shout to me, you can have them all, don’t mix that well with ciders 😂
  7. Too injury prone even for a Paul McGrath type signing. Great player though, just that we have Curtis Davies doing his role currently 😳
  8. Being used to the West stand, can I just clap and look excited? If anyone’s in 503 I don’t mind sharing my bag of Werther’s.
  9. Don’t know if Watford sorted their lot out today, but was impressed to see them waving so many at 6-0 down. We replicate something similar it will look good.
  10. You can see he never from the Brighton game he never lost any appetite, he’s not one to want to let himself or people down; least of all his mate Frank.
  11. Depending on how many rows back but...
  12. Ditto wanted those or 223/4 side middle. As it is, it’s no bad view being your neighbour 😂
  13. Check out the train providers too. Number of times I’ve gone to London and someone buys a ticket with GNWR and tries to come back with Virgin.... only to pay again! B.t.w Virgin usually have less stops and quicker.
  14. Can’t make my mind up about that. Suppose most Villa fans will use Brum or go down the Chiltern line but Tamworth is pretty cheap and handy. About hour and half on Virgin trains to Euston. Might join you.
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