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  1. Had BA vouchers valid for 12 months for Easter break I’d booked to Germany, kind of fair enough as I was using Airmiles I’d saved anyway. Was supposed to go to Skiatos this week but had a Jet2 refund and I’d got a holiday booked where I was due to pay a lot of money 2 weeks back for a Rhodes from mid July to mid August, so just opted to forfeit the near £400 deposit and cancelled myself; the wife said no way was she flying this summer, so I didn’t fancy any hassle over the money. Small price to pay I figured. So done loads of d.i.y and all the poo the missus would ask, banked multiple brownie points for other times and expect lots of rural walks this year. Be nice if I could get a holiday cottage late August, the wife is so O.C.D that once ahe gets her marigolds on no germs would stand a chance. Best I’m expecting this year.
  2. Guess who won Few can’t see the joke here, few can with a bit of banter https://www.foxestalk.co.uk/topic/122673-james-maddison-in-a-Derby-shirt/#comments
  3. Like Leicester winning, totally disrupted the elite teams, 1 less champions league spot, can’t possibly have that.
  4. D’ohh missed that, oh well still be happy to see a loanee or two going to Burton, expect they will have a really thin squad and need to max out on loans; I’d always expect Jake to do right by the Rams.
  5. I’d say his loyalty was definitely is greatest quality and some of those players tried their hearts out for him, look how Bradford and Bucks have followed him around; you don’t do that without commanding respect. I’d still say his stubbornness was his biggest weakness, trying to find a system for Coutts, Hendrick, Hughes and Bryso to fit was one example that although dream teamish, never seemed to gel too often with a best 11 in my opinion. Shame he never did better here. What he’s done for Burton should be beyond criticism, only delusional fans of the Brewers, can’t see that 2 seasons in the championship is a major achievement over and above expectations. That he’s gone from Burton, is testament to his relationship with Ben Robinson to no doubt do the right thing for the club; again full credit to him. Good luck to Bucko, he’ll need it because the Brewers will be on a shoestring, maybe some of our academy lads could gain good experience; Max Hunt for one.
  6. Mick Brolly he knew how to beat Forest
  7. Found this in a scrapbook my old man kept for me, not a match program but some sort of Ram champions special.
  8. You got it Angie, broke in around the same time as Hughes, never fully fulfilled potential under numerous Managers, partly because unfortunately he’s injury prone, partly because he’s not really good enough at this level. Clearly lacking upstairs a bit, even a dimwit ought to have a bit more respect after this level of perseverance by the club than Mason has shown this season. Just plain get rid on all fronts.
  9. If this were only about Leeds, I could mate. Every hour, every day, every month, every year AND then remind them if only they wouldn’t have chucked a 2 goal lead away against lil old Derby, none of it would have mattered 😉🙂
  10. France https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52460468
  11. Best ground: odd one but going to say Portman Road, the fans are funny, no hassle in pubs after. Memorable ground: Old Trafford can’t believe how many times I’ve seen us get a result considering their status, we have to be close to being a bogey team for them. Best ground for away night out: St James Park, crap view in fantastic stadium but nightlife great. Fulham away always a fun night too. Worst ground got to be Liverpool and Luton, car got damaged by scroats at both, trucking bankers.
  12. Psst..... Don’t believe it’s true myself 😉😂
  13. NHS sources claim that Forest are offering 1500 tickets for every home game next season to the NHS. The same sources are quoted as saying are we not suffering enough. 😂
  14. Cue incoming legal challenge. The whole process of allowing Dundee to be kingmakers is severely flawed, they have a can of worms waiting, unless Partick have other “promises” made.
  15. Life sucks right now. R.I.P Tim the Ram
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