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  1. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Yep, this whole charade by Warnock is blame deflection and getting your excuses in early
  2. Dissertation research

    Done and good luck.
  3. A drunken man has no sense and will make many a bad decision.
  4. Derby County F.C. v Sunderland A.F.C

    What’s BBC weather say more to the point? don’t want it postponed when we should bag 3 points given their form. Coleman fed up with saying the same thing after each game, Gibson likely to be missing, player sent off yesterday, they will use any excuse to get this called off mark my words.
  5. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Not bad when playing away and can’t get either, although went to Tall Chimmneys for Forest game, can have food and watch the game at same time
  6. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Drove through Swadlincote, top side of leisure centre this morning, about 30 minutes before game called off, was a sheet of ice down to the Catchems. Just shows decisions that early were not easy to make.
  7. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Which begs the question, do Cardiff not have an effective internal communications system that reaches the Manager? Because Warnock must have known all that before his rant, funny that, just like him.
  8. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Warnock doing what Warnock does best https://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/cardiff-city-derby-neil-warnock-14427030 Just hope we beat them, cause Someone to pip them to automatic promotion and then manage to do the same in the play offs. Now that would be too perfect.
  9. Ski Lift Goes Berserk...

    Suppose it’s a question of where it’s located. Scarey as it looks only lasted a short time, if someone had to run to an indoor point can understand the delay. Meantime seats just kept coming even though clogging up, 2nd video shows that. You would have thought a good design would indicate when seats clogging was happening and have an automatic shutdown.
  10. Derby Snow - Game called off

    If he’s done that I would fully hope the club contact the relevant football authorities and ask for an explanation of his answer. To suggest we have good contacts at the council is straight forward inference we have at best “lent” on local officials. Warnock should be fined and banned for the rest of the season (not in the slightest bit trying to wind Cardiff up)
  11. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Home to Sunderland............... IF we don’t get 3 points, then you will see the mother of all meltdowns and it won’t be because of the snow!
  12. Derby Snow - Game called off

    What will make this decision seem a bit daft, is if Leicester end up playing their cup match later this afternoon.
  13. Derby Snow - Game called off

    The reality is it’s off and our injured player list might not be so bad, so if we get 3 points later down the gritted road, the reality is we will all be happy.
  14. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Nope suspension will be next match.
  15. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Blame deflection. Derbyshire police are bound to be Derby fans, it’s a conspiracy against Cardiff and Warnock. Seriously, you made the right call with your earlier comment, more so for lunchtime kick off. Away fans of any distance have to leave early, why wait until just over 3 hours before kick off, when the weather forecast is obvious. The football league needs better ruling on bad weather cancellations but they won’t. Had it been later in the day it may even have been on. Sky getting just desserts here for me.

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