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  1. Zag zig

    F1 2021

    Exactly, Hamilton is nothing different to others, remember all too well how Schumer would try and often succeed to barge his way through. Hamilton wasn’t as aggressive at him in this instance, it was a racing incident with 10 seconds maybe a fair enough cop. That he won after that, showed how brilliant a driver he is. Horner came across as not just fighting his corner but doing so as a petulant spoilt kid; which is why he got jeers from the crowd immediately after. Anyway, you pretty nailed it for me. What a great weekend, just wish Russell would score.
  2. Heart hopes for mid table as @LeedsCityRammentioned compared to a few others, our potential squad is on a par with a few that comfortably made that last season. Head says there was 4 teams making such a ricket of staying up last season, it was hard for others not to comfortably make mid table last year, so if we scrape up in a tougher environment because either lack cutting edge or legs at that back in stages of the season, I’ll take that 4th or 5th bottom place and hope our financial woes are not as constrained 2022/23. In truth, really I just want to feel excited watching live football, seeing my team win the odd big game and everyone feeling a little more positive about our future as a result. C.O.Y.R
  3. Zag zig

    F1 2021

    Always a bonus, get some half decent acts. Enjoyed Rick Parfitt Jnr the other year. As for Becky Hill she’s backed up no end recently, last time saw her was with Pete Tonge and the Heritage Orchestra; she’s ok for a young Worcester lass.
  4. Will get my knee on one but beats our gate
  5. Vanity toys for over grown boys Really hope that comes to pass, can’t believe it will serve any useful purpose right now but to fund ego’s.
  6. Zag zig

    F1 2021

    F2 was great when Norris and Russell were scrapping a couple of years back.
  7. Zag zig

    F1 2021

    One other thing to add to other comments. Don’t go to the car park straight after the race, chances are unless you leave bang on the chequered flag, you’ll be stuck hours. So go round to the main stage it’s kind of a horseshoe between Village and Luffield, loads of merchandise and eateries near and around it. This year it’s Becky Hill and she’s pretty good. You get to hear the drivers interviewed after too, though no idea what Covid year will mean as to crowds (doubt much once in). Better than sat in car park inching forward for ages.
  8. Carl’s opening line says it all Same reason we gambled on Ibe, same reason we’ll gamble on Morrison, probably similar reason we are trying Duncan. We know there is talent there, it’s whether circumstances or luck can cajole it out in our favour. There’s a player there, but at face value a fair degree of baggage. We’re gambling we strike lucky.
  9. Was a bit behind you, well gone 3 for me Angry. My moan from last night, same as always visiting Wembley, phone signals are dire inside, couldn’t text or ring mates, kids and share the joy, gave up in the end. The Danes tired in my opinion and oddly, we were confident in our little section, I expected us to win it in extra time, just the Grealish substitution puzzled me at the time, more so as I didn’t realise they went down to 10 men until today. Know what you mean on the Covid front, let’s face it nobody but stewards were wearing masks, which is what I expect at most major events fairly soon anyway; think a lot of people just want back to before (right or wrong). We ended up in some hotel bar, a bit away from Wembley, anyone expecting table service was having a laugh, it was 2 or 3 deep around the bar. Got offered tickets for Sunday but if I thought last night was profiteering, the value for Sunday was ridiculous, cat 2 £9k for 2; so I’m afraid it’s t.v for me, won’t be ripped off to that extent.
  10. Yup. Best England atmosphere ever. Got lucky and took possibly a once in a lifetime chance. Really wondered why Grealish went off, hated him against us but he relieves pressure drawing fouls; fortunately Southgate keeps making the right roles of the dice. Nice to go to Wembley and leave happy for once. Its coming home.
  11. I’d just like to say for all he could’ve done better, he was whole hearted, gave his all in a Rams shirt, none more than the last day when it mattered. He was likeable, specially how he opened up about his demons, wish he’d achieved more for that reason alone. Both him and the club need a change, hopefully he has a good season bar playing us.
  12. Vindictive organisation........there are people there, who appear relentless to prove us guilty of something, who just wont stop until they’ve done so, because some members have it in for us. Thats how it looks, that’s how it feels.
  13. Blimey, don’t want to p on your optimism chips but there’s a little bit of an IF there 😂
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