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  1. Music Level 42 NEC arena years ago, I was pretty bored but the missus who was working long days at the time, actually fell asleep. Comedy Chubby Brown, used to think he was hilarious on his dvd’s, but soon realised 3rd time of seeing him, the shock humour quips, like about Princess Di can’t remember how many years after she’d died, just him repetitive and stale; left agreeing with my old man and mates that he badly needed new material.
  2. Can tell you he was stood a few feet away from me on Pride Park, in his trackies and complete with energy drink, Wednesday afternoon; looked every inch an athlete, so he’d probably been doing fitness work.
  3. I’ve only a vague recollection, but you have to understand I practically missed the glory years, my first real season going he was our Keegan (Dads tell white lies don’t they) I tend to forget the misses due to my innocence and age but the picture on the wall still haunts me, I have issues with it ok 😂
  4. Arghhh the man that ruined my childhood. 😂 One of my first Shoot posters, turned darts target. My Dad promised me we’d win the league again, my hopes were pinned high on the bearded goal machine, how life can torment you when you’re young. You have just forced me to go looking for alcoholic comfort to blur the memory again.
  5. I half think that was a bit of WUM bait, but you’ve been around long enough to know the last time we did were actually quite fun times, in amongst a few cow sheds we visited; doubt we’d bounce back like we did last time but they were some of my happiest years as a Rams fan; it was a laugh but I don’t think it would be as easy this time as Sunderland and Ipswich have found.
  6. 1 win changes everything for us, I’m still in the we can get enough points camp because I believe we can get a result at Blackburn, even more so at Preston. Accept the table doesn’t look great and we’re in a relegation fight. Focus us ourselves though.
  7. Wine actually, there was a wine “expert” reviewing drinks every 20 minutes, it was noticeable that Neil was wearing his specs more at the end of the night 😂 He spoke about Carlin with affection, it was his opinion Cloughie made him better than he was; I’m too young to know otherwise 😉
  8. Add to that and the Queen and I don’t think anybody really needs to add much more, other than personal stories. R.I.P and many condolences to the Queen, whose loss will be the greatest.
  9. He spoke highly of Cloughie too, when on the subject of Wenger getting hounded out and certain Managers getting a bad press, said Cloghie was another. Couldn’t believe he never got the England job, always shared a drink with him in his Notts County days. His one story really linked to us and Cloughie, was about how some Managers can get the best out ordinary players, citing Willie Carlin as a perfect example. Unsurprisingly, he loves traditional clubs, he told a Ipswich fan, he’d have loved to manage either East Anglian clubs but told a funny about Delia and the Canaries board intervie
  10. 😂 my mate asked why is he called Colin? Pete Graves the compare fielding the questions said was it something to do with Gary Lineker and Warnock said it was a fairly rude answer, to be honest he loves it, could clearly see that. He’s been very close a few times, but listening to the amount of jobs he’s been close to is amazing. His main agent for players once told him to sign a French striker playing in ligue 2, Warnock didn’t fancy paying £100k for a ligue 2 striker, he couldn’t remember the club he was at, but Warnock’s actual agent told him off screen it was Bury. That player
  11. Got a virtual evening with Warnock tonight, thought I’d google the forum and see what I could bait him with. Reckon this and the weather forecasts around Pride Park should do for starters.
  12. Hi You’re not here gloating after 2 wins against championship heavyweights are you? Try and make you feel welcome anyway.
  13. If you were to cast back to when he made his debut for us as David points out under Clough, at that time he was termed a striker. Only ever saw him play one game in junior ranks, what stood out was his physique. The reason he played down the middle as a striker, he was physically stronger, bulkier and faster than kids around his age. Around the same time he debuted, you’ll find reports of scoring 2 goals for England juniors and that he was being watched by a host of premiership teams. Such was the reputation he was fermenting. What I believe led to him going out wide, was he had pace but
  14. Was quite telling,, with Lawrence and Sibley we were much more direct than for the majority of games this season. Waggy and Gregory had service to thrive off. As a side point Gregory did what Rooney expects CKR to have done more, get in the box for a knock down or cross. Not meaning to be harsh on CKR but Rooney has made that point and Gregory executed it perfectly with a tap in. But above all it was the direct intent of Lawrence and Sibley that they struggled with most and I hope they carry it on against Reading.
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