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  1. Zag zig

    Christmas presents.

    Two smiling faces Christmas morning, nothing else in truth; though a bottle of J.D wouldn’t go amiss for Xmas eve.
  2. Zag zig

    Forest at home moved to the Monday

    So my lucky escape for this fixture came today. Several moons back the missus wanted tickets to see the band Travis for her birthday; not my cup of tea but hey brownie points and all that. Yesterday she asked where are said tickets, knowing full well it was sometime in December. To my shock, on rooting them out and about to say here love, all safe, the date is 17th December 😫 in Nottingham of all places. Spent all day grovelling to her mates, for one of them to take my spare and allow me to get to the game. Relief tonight, her niece has stepped in for a freebie, with me paying petrol. Panic over, but like a few others wallet lighter. Thanks Sky......though I never really wanted to see Travis anyway 😂
  3. Zag zig

    Christmas Dinner

    Yep another here too. My missus serves up with the Turkey, plus usual explosive Brussels, kids somehow wangle baked beans on their plates. Add fizzy wine, rich stuffing and usual combo of carrots, parsnips, cabbage or cauliflower cheese, pigs in blankets, baked potatoes and washed down with Xmas pud and brandy sauce, with added lagers, ciders or any other alcohol in house. Probably missed something but I do the serving up and washing up (we’ll load and empty dishwasher). Every year, her and mother in law complains about the after dinner shenanigans, needing gas masks but I ask you, who does the ruddy menu! Women eh.
  4. Zag zig

    Haters gonna Hate

    Fact is Connor Sammon’s family think he’s a footballing genius, when most people’s opinions are likely to be well wide of it. Opinions eh, I liked your post even if you did go on a bit 😉😂
  5. Zag zig

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    Under a tree 😂
  6. Zag zig

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    Thought the same. Love Frank and his total football, full of energy but he’s his still learning and today was perhaps a good lesson. As a couple of others note, we lost the midfield battle, but since Bryson got injured he dropped Wilson in there to accommodate Lawrence. Then Mount gets injured and he dropped Holmes in there. Because he wants high energy. We got a bit brushed aside though but can’t blame Frank not bringing Johnson on because we had been getting results. Hard to criticise the full backs either, like Bogle getting exposed, when neither him nor Fozzy got much cover. Im not too fussed, I expect Frank to find these things out, hopefully next time around he does different. Looking forward to a different result at Hillsboro already.
  7. Until Villa, I thought Norwich were the best footballing side to visit P.P. Leeds caught us early and before Frank had a system in place, Norwich passed the ball nicely but I thought they would struggle to score goals ..... got that wrong eh. I’ve a mate who’s a canary and he’s loving it, said all the above to him and he also said Pukki will be the championship surprise package. We should beat the Owls and get back on track, let’s see if you sustain it too, don’t get over confident, this league throws up plenty of surprises......plus you have the mighty Rams coming to town at Christmas 😉
  8. Zag zig

    Homeless guy

    Personally I find it really astonishing in this wider discussion, that by implication, doing a good deed can be considered as somehow doing the wrong thing; really, really astonishing. Maybe if the world was full of selfish bar stewards, that walked on by, such wider discussion wouldn’t be happening. The last time I gave a street beggar food they thanked me. In another country, Rome last week, I witnessed so many beggars around popular locations. One bedraggled female, was face down in the middle of the pavement, looking at dirty paving stones, in a gusty thorough fare. One plastic cup in front of her face, she was bedraggled and dirty. For several minutes I contemplated all the people walking past what other people must think; that cup had just a few Euro’s in. Finally, I came to the conclusion she was clearly living a pitiful existence, no “normal” person (disclaimer sanity judgement), would live that way. I felt so sorry for her I stuck a couple of euros in on this occasion but I’d also have given her food. What does it matter, she was in need of either or both. End of debate for me, the world had failed this pitiful human being. Any genuine street beggar, that has been reduced to that, needs help in any shape or form; sorry I just don’t get the you can only help one way discussion.
  9. Zag zig

    Forest at home moved to the Monday

    They were grumpy gits at half time Saturday, couldn’t see us scoring, moaning like a bunch of old biddies. Did you forget the digestives on the bus?
  10. Zag zig

    Forest at home moved to the Monday

    Monday always a good day for sick leave after the weekend flu virus, stomach bug etc; not as I’d condone any such absent practices 🤫
  11. Zag zig

    Mason Mount

    Well said. So glad I don’t listen on Monday nights, it must be real hard for the haters at the minute; somehow they will always scrape the bottom of the barrel to find a turd to throw.
  12. Zag zig

    Mason Bennett

    As Bennett got some stick before he dropped out the limelight, I’m giving this a bump. No he didn’t do anything spectacular yesterday, nothing too sexy on the ball and yes most peoples grannies could have scored from that far out, ( though I’m sure someone might say Keogh wouldn’t after the miss around 6 minutes in). Mason was in the right place, right time for his goal, contributing with as much energy as others, typically giving his all. What really stood out though was that tackle in the second half. Can’t remember which lump of a defender from Brum went in for the 50/50 with him, but Bennett crunched him in that full bloodied tackle onto the deck a good un. Made me smile because it showed despite a few injuries, Mason is pretty fearless and also just how much he’s bulked up to bounce a big defender onto his backside. Seem to remember the bloke having a whinge to the ref seconds later when Wilson got fouled, as if to say what about what happened to me. Aside from the goals, it was good to see Mason sparking and causing the opposition grief; just thought it was worth a mention.
  13. Zag zig

    Who would swap Marriott for Abraham?

    It’s a fair enough question, that I’m sure would have got an entirely different set of responses before the season started. Other than height, I can’t think of any real attributes Abraham has over Marriott. Jack on the other hand, looks more a team worker for me and as others say he’s ours. No real debate for me, Marriott all day long.
  14. Zag zig

    Homeless guy

    Well, hmm, maybe....but then l could always walk by, so I’ll content myself I give some pour soul some warmth and food and not unduly trouble my conscience on the rights and wrongs of it, when society in general has failed them.
  15. Zag zig

    Lee Camp

    There are a few here on the Brum forum, saying much of that. https://www.smallheathalliance.com/read.php?1,2582616

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