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  1. Zag zig

    My Lads op.

    Exactly! Just made me smile, it just had to top off the more serious stuff.
  2. Zag zig

    My Lads op.

    Mate, not checked for awhile but liking the cones humour to get through every piece of crap thrown your way. Which brings me to point 9, its like thrown on for good measure, after the previous 8 quite understandable too. Just wishing you all luck..... as for Mrs cones new fetish 😳
  3. Yep, we did everything but win. Effort was there, we took the game to them and were easily the best team, cut them open at will, how ponderously slow were Stoke?! Post Rowett hangover for sure. A win was a killer pass away or a little bit better finishing we would have had 3 well deserved points; a goal was all that was missing from a decent performance.
  4. Of course he didn’t or you would see far more outrage. Don’t get me wrong G Star I’ve been far from a goody two shoes in my time but there is no deterrent at present, if all he gets is a slap on the wrists banning order pfft. It was in full sight of everyone and could’ve incited a riot. If you say same treatment sure, but that was an assault, a pretty tame and somewhat lame one but he deserves as much as the law can throw at him or it becomes a fad for others to try. Create a deterrent to make others think twice.
  5. The Monica Seles point is vital here. Forget he was maybe egged on by his mates, forget he was smaller than Grealish, forget that he couldn’t land a decent punch. Sure Grealish is laughing and it’s all a clumsy farce. Sure Birmingham could do searches on the crowd, sure the stewarding could and should have been better - the need to be more alert, but most of all punishing the offender has to be a bigger deterrent. Life time ban, for a lad who may only go to the odd game is nothing. Grealish is a dislikeable bloke, I’d not mind seeing fall onto face in many ways. But what if he had a blade concealed on him and had used it. Grealish and many others wouldn’t be laughing then. This pitch invader needs a serious criminal prosecution for attempted assault and the maximum sentance permissible to act as a deterrent.
  6. Likewise, given where Stoke and Swansea are its incredible, as despite recent results, I’m amazed by the club statement..... If Percy is right about this, what backing did he get to expect top 2? Would love to see their spend figures in the summer to justify this expectation, given what say Stoke spent and are failing miserably.
  7. Probably cash in on Grealish. He’s Villa through and through as are all his family, heard last summer, he wasn’t looking for a move for that reason and was happy to commit to a new contract, but at some point if it was to benefit the club and obviously himself, he would also leave; reckon he’ll be gone inside the next 12 months for a decent fee that will help.
  8. Yep, he was on the pitch tonight. Wigan were made for Johnson to shine, some daft comments that wrote him off and I accept he’s no football genius but I think Johnson gets too much unfair criticism when he’s played out of position. He’s not an out and out C.D.M but I thought tonight he played well largely in front of Huddlestone, won plenty of balls and got forward reasonably well. When he doesn’t try to be Pirlo, he’s an half decent battle tank on the left side of midfield, no reason why he shouldn’t do well the next 3 games either, all should suit his strengths. Come on Brad lad, prove a few wrong, my m.o.t.m tonight.
  9. Zag zig


    The only thing I associate with Pancakes is Ashbourne looking like a hurricane is about hit. Neither are welcome but it has to happen once a year.
  10. Tell you what Curtains, I don’t always agree with your way of looking at things but that is it in a nutshell. Went to Villa with trepidation knowing our form injuries and though it shouldn’t have any bearing, past history against Villa. Add Grealish who really makes them tick, it was just the manner of defeat that got to me. Frank is throwing ideas at team selections, trying to get results and lost his way playing style wise, a bit in the process to me. Six changes still seems excessive but I guess all part of his learning curve. He’s been plagued with key players injured though, Max Bird’s enforced promotion is another plus, I hope we persevere or at least give him more game time. Our U23’s look very promising when you consider Bogle is still in that bracket and Bennett a useful and I suspect relatively cheap impact option off the bench at least. Clear out a few, I’ve every hope Frank will learn from this season. Win a few of our next few games and this thread could look ridiculous, lose a few and I suspect it will provide more hysterical ammunition for the doubters. My take would be clear out most of the out of contracts, give the likes of Cresswell and others a bit more game time if we drop out the play off contention and let’s see what happens in the summer. My rose tinted glasses are still on and I still believe in Frank, far too much negativity. Win tonight would help mind. C.O.Y.R’s
  11. Agree on the first 3. On the last point it’s not just Frank, they are not playing for each other, the club or fans BUT Frank really does need to see he can rollick them all he likes but they are being chopped and changed so often, there really is no sense of team. They looked like individuals, not a team and that’s why we got ripped apart and struggled go break cohesively or fluently. Felt a bit for Marriott, devoid of meaningful service, he was least to blame along with Bird in at the deep end.
  12. Yes! For me he was the only positive. He struggled first half but second half I watched him more than anyone and he showed for the ball and looks brave. He will be ok, not a regular but deserves a chance, particularly in easier games than Villa away.
  13. Just left Bird has done ok second half and actually showed composure. Carson kept the score down but any better than Roos would have, who can say. As for formation, don’t ask, they were all over the place first half.
  14. Should have made it 5 really. He’s a class higher than us today on form, yet I remember last time we beat them Keogh made him look average at Pride Park. So painful I can barely watch.
  15. Thanks, I’m feeling pretty ******* off right now. This is the worse I’ve felt for some time at a game, it’s so embarrassing, my Villa mates are starting to ease off on the abuse.
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