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  1. Best Spike Milligan (anyone who calls Prince Charles a grovelling little bar steward live at an award is comedy genius), followed by Jasper Carrot and Lee Mack. Worst Chubby Brown, used to like his shock jokes, but last time I saw him was several years after Princess Di died and he was still at her, too sick and dated.
  2. Getting out of Manchester on match night is a mare. Usually go once or twice a season, more lately to have a laugh at them as I’m normally able to bag some corporate. Was up there for the semi final the other week, I got back to South Derbyshire at 2.30 in the morning. Usually stay over, nip in the red cafe and few beers because it’s bloody horrible getting onto the M6. Cant say I blame them, after all, most haven’t been used to losing until the past few years OR when the Rams visit 😉
  3. Just seem to remember cow shed of an away end, awful metal turnstiles and that plastic pitch, never want to go back.
  4. Someone at the Daily Fail seems to have an agenda against Derby, pity such a classy news rag (PMSL) persists with this, somehow doubt their journalistic standards will improve; on that basis I’ll not bother clicking the link or reading their toilet paper in future. Maybe other Rams fans should do the same.
  5. Don’t really see much of the academy apart from the odd screened game I watch but found myself nodding to most of this. Think you have nailed the problem for Sibley, unless he gets to alternate with Bird. Buchanan will surely get past Malone and Fozzy in time, or go on loan as Max did. Left out the bit about JHI but get what you mean, although much as I hare to see him under utilised or go, doubt Martin will be here next year.
  6. SNAP!! (almost 😂) Ooh excited now, I’m off to Brum next weekend to see them and got Killers tickets for the Ricoh too.
  7. This is a good one Alpha. Senior school don’t limit your ambitions or constrain your friendships. Be happy. 21 the world is your oyster, see it, explore it, experience it in as many ways possible before finding your own family. Think positive. 40 live life to the full, you’ve possibly seen a few your age “disappear”, you never know what’s around the corner, so make the most of every day, especially time with kids or family. Try and be happy and positive.
  8. If other fans put aside their loyalties, they would probably wish the same. Their manner of dealing with clubs in financial trouble, shows how incompetent they can be on a whole level of topics.
  9. Yep, negative emotions are so boring, I want to see more of our academy coming through, this could be a blessing and with the Bielik injury, whilst not wishing him harm, that he’s missing increases their opportunities. Only centre of defence is a tangible weakness, the rest could be worked on. Always look on the bright side, stuff the EFL, bunch of incompetent turds not fit for purpose and any other whingers, including the Daily Fail, that has it in for us at every opportunity; we are good enough to ride this minor storm.
  10. Maybe Mel’s done due diligence enough with solicitors to know he’s got duck all to worry about. Maybe he’s furious enough to get his solicitors acting rather swift if proven innocent, to go after a few mud slingers once this is all done too.
  11. This kid has had really bad luck, we seem to be getting our fair share of bad luck both this season and with these type of injuries but this is a valid question. Im so fed up us splashing big money on players that for one reason or another don’t make a good signing, I half wish we have to make do with the academy or loans.
  12. And the argument by some (especially Palace fans), will be he still got it wrong! 😂 About time we had some luck mind, didn’t get much last year with VAR, so no complaints here.
  13. Best thing for me today was hearing Sibley getting better as the match went on; proving he can cut it like Knight and Bird. What a future midfield we could have! Second best thing was listening to Eric Steele, can someone tell B4 he’s our lucky charm now 😂
  14. Spurs or Rochdale away, good to go different grounds. Would have a chance at both on our day.
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