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  1. Don’t concede, you don’t lose, simple as. We just need to turn a few 0-0 into 1-0 and we will climb that table with this defence.
  2. A husband and father went to work yesterday, to carry out what he believed he stood for in the line of public duty. Sad state of affairs, that those nearest have lost that husband and father under such circumstances. R.I.P
  3. Have you seen this one, little old but him and Frank clearly have time for each other. Fury has a lot of respect for Frank, you can sense it in his tone, see it in his face how he smiles when Frank says something funny, more seriously the twin tales of mental health issues resonate with each other. Giants being humble with each other.
  4. He could turn out one of the finds of the season, never really noticed him at Wycombe but behind a tight defence I reckon we’ll be very close to keeping the meanest defence in the league with Ryan between the sticks.
  5. Come away from the ground bursting with pride. Son came all the way from Reading with a few mates, he’s staying over a night so we can have a beer and boy will we celebrate and toast Wayne Rooney. Rooney is the best thing for us right now, he’s pulling us together and everyone is going the extra mile. So ducking proud we are fighting and not going down with a whimper feeling sorry for ourselves. Up the Rams 🐑
  6. Several good saves and never looked anything but assured coming for crosses. Tonight’s performance ensures great competition for the shirt. Expect Roos will get the nod again, but worthy of starting anytime in the future should Roos falter.
  7. Getting the thread back on track, saw this posted up elsewhere and I’d just like to say what a classy man Micheal O’Neill is, quote taken from the BBC website and considering his team lost, he showed nothing but empathy for our plight.
  8. That wasn’t my point. Absolutely agree, I’ve praised Rooney elsewhere, he’s doing way better than many, under the circumstances.
  9. I’m very similar, but his communication like his judgement on backing managers in the transfer market has been poor. Forget the last hour and look at how we arrived at where we are at, most of the time with the fans in the dark. Ed’s question about seeking the limelight was skirted around, on the basis certain managers bought more profile; not doubting that Lampard and Rooney have commercial advantages but he never came across as genuine in his answer to that, Mel enjoyed the limelight when things were positive in my opinion but has hidden with our backs against the wall. He may end up losing a lot of money, but running football clubs is for the most part vanity projects, very few make money out of it. It’s the ordinary workforce my sadness is for, Mel’s acknowledgement of their plight was painfully extracted in that interview. Bar what he did for the academy, I think his legacy is horrendous, to put us in a perilously dire state should a buyer not be found soon.
  10. Did he say 15 enquiries over the weekend, maybe 2 or 3 serious?
  11. Incredible listening, he’s just told Ed he feels for the staff, but didn’t have a long term solution, other than he wants to find a buyer. Ed then asking a difficult questions about why he’s not communicating. He’s hiding behind non disclosure about his P.R Then blaming leaks form other side, as to why things emerge. He could easily straighten the record without breaching non disclosure. Sorry it all sounds very shallow. Bit like his apologies towards the end.
  12. Don’t like the sound of that, he’s just admitted we are in breach of 17/18 accounts by the EFL interpretation. The administrators will end up having to acquiesce to this for us to move forward.
  13. This. He made mistakes learning on the job last year, he might make a few more, but considering the bum hand he’s been dealt, he’s showing his leadership and fighting characteristics in one. He doesn’t flap, he’s not moaning, just getting on with the job. What is clear, the players believe in him and are not just playing with pride, they’re actually implementing his tactics remarkably well, given the threadbare nature of our squad. For all Rooney has done wrong, lacking maturity at times, he’s actually proving a good mentor to our youngsters and the whole team are responding to his tactics. Going to be a long season, but Rooney comes across with far more sincerity, than anything we’ve heard from the boardroom in a long while. His comments on the staff losing jobs for me were both heartfelt and genuine. Whatever happens, his stock is rising amongst Derby fans and rightfully so. Keep up the good work Wayne 🐏 We as fans should believe in him.
  14. Sparing a thought for those whose livelihoods are affected by this turmoil and what the possible consequences will do to them. Secondly the fans, some of whom will find this difficult and affect their moods. Lastly, a little down but whenever this unravels, ready to support a new Derby County, because the club has always been bigger than its owners, even the ones that fail us more, because at the end of the day, without the fans, the club is nothing, something the next owners need to remember.
  15. Mel should be judged surely on results during his tenure and he’s left a bad legacy, but I also think he’s fallen foul of picking a scrap from very early on with the EFL he couldn’t win. Half his problems were trying to compete against a stacked deck, which does nothing for long term members of the EFL, that are trying to achieve promotion against ex premiership sides coming down with bloated coffers. So it’s not all Mel’s fault. Yet Mel was too desperate for success and failed. Whether it was appointing and trusting the wrong managers, the Sam Rush days, allowing others to spend transfer funds recklessly of whatever, the buck still stops with Mel. That he’s led us into administration within a relatively few years of taking us over, a side remember that was on the cusp of challenging for the Premiership, is now his epitaph on his tenure. Personally I feel he’s let down a lot of people, who could possibly suffer for this in many ways. So he doesn’t even score 1 for me. Shame on him for that in my mind.
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