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  1. Speaking of one. If and when we appoint our next Mansger, Mel could do worse than counsel the opinion of someone like Macfarland in his next recruitment, probably have better judgement than anyone the likes of Sam Rush.
  2. Zag zig

    Proud to be British

    Will give this one a bit longer than Megs first marriage, her mum was quite emotional having already had one dress rehearsal; maybe expecting the food to be a bit better this time around.
  3. Zag zig

    Acid Attack Acquittal

    Either equally shocking, what goes through a persons mind to do that, other than red mist which is no excuse; clearly knew it was going to cause real harm. She needs help, won’t bring the poor lad back and how awful for the father and family must be tearing him apart with sadness I can’t even begin to imagine.
  4. Zag zig

    Derbyshire cricket 2018

    No coincidence when those three rack up the runs Derbys go on to win. Good bowling performance too, only Hain got going by the sound of it.
  5. Zag zig

    Come on England

    Even rarer sight was Gary Neville had his gob shut!
  6. Zag zig

    Can we have a new manager like Slavisa Jokanovic

    You guys are both good posters, I think you should agree to differ🙂
  7. Zag zig

    Can we have a new manager like Slavisa Jokanovic

    Know you’re firmly against Rowett but I can’t help but agree here. He’s moulded Fulham with a mixture of youth and loans but his style of play is obvious. Be interesting if they don’t make it, how he gets on next year. I’d expect it would be more of the same, even if he once again has to churn his squad and I’d expect them to be right up there. Won’t know unless they fail. I’d expect us to be thereabouts too for the play offs, just playing an all together different way; know deep down which I’d prefer though.
  8. Zag zig

    Can we have a new manager like Slavisa Jokanovic

    Intrigued me so I googled. According to transfermarkt site Jokanovic spent £19.64m and sold players for £16.83. There’s a fair few loans come in and expired, so he’s maxed out on the loan market and who knows what wages are involved there. No idea how accurate this site is, it incidentally shows us as a transfer surplus this year! Flaw being the bare figures hide wage spend and loan fees. So whilst it’s up for debate who has done the better job with funds available, my point would be to get 3rd and a play off final for around those sums shows good management to me. So I’m in the he’s a decent manager camp on that basis, without having to slate Rowett or say he’s better than him coming into it.
  9. Zag zig


    Was tempted to put a very similar post in the Jokanovic thread. His recruitment, tactics, using youth or loans are quite similar in many ways to me, of much what happened when Mac first came. Team in false position(arguably), kept them up, last season kicked on, this season, second half they’ve been a joy to watch. Whether they make it or stumble, he’s proved a wise manager with both playing and financial resources; sadly with numerous managers since Mac1, we have not! Really rate him and despite winding a few up over Martin, he conducts himself well. No reason at all why we shouldn’t be the same.
  10. You’re right....... it’s just that when people are down, rubbing their noses in it isn’t always the kindest thing and some posts come across like that (not yours btw) Anyway it’s only a game after all, summer weather and cricket season next up. See I’m over it already me 😎
  11. Zag zig

    Next season

    Made even harder when some are given extended contracts, that with hindsight seem premature (no pun intended) Think that’s more than fair, what gets me is he’s been successful whilst making a fair few mistakes. Really hope he learns and adapts quicker to situations and tactics, he shows signs of flexibility but always a bit too late for me. Reckon as Mels man he’s got at least 2 transfer windows, then plenty he inherited should be gone or with contracts that should be nearing an end. His team next season needs to be comfortably making the play offs and it would be nice to see more quality in the final third, because that’s were we are exposed against the better footballing teams, such as tonight. Fail to make the play offs next year, it’s fair game for him to be questioned, specially if our playing style don’t improve and it’s as defensive as currently, for said it earlier, it wasn’t the defence tonight, keeping them to 2 goals wasn’t bad over 2 legs, more we were just lame quality wise and as an attacking threat - the shots on target don’t lie.
  12. Zag zig


    Thank you for this thread. Ive just told my 2 teenagers to keep of the net tonight. The youngest finds it too emotional nights like this and struggles not to well up, the oldest gets angry and aggressive, excess testosterone. So with the amount of wrist slashers and told you so’s likely it wouldn’t be much fun for either. Proud don’t win games but it does make supporting your club is all about immediately after a defeat. We can all dissect Rowett another day, tonight is not the time. Fair play for voicing such thoughts.
  13. Zag zig

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Yep it’s our final pass and lack of goal threat costing us tonight, not the defence however much you analyse the goals.
  14. Zag zig

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Finally a shot on target, need to keep testing the keeper

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