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  1. Fine margins. We made one real mistake and got punished. Overall I can see improvement but we still play out from the back and in our own half a little too much. That said Lawrence, Marriott and Martin all had chances which just didn’t go for us, it’s not like we didn’t create anything, for an away performance, we did more than enough to get something from the game. The only real concern is converting chances away by being more clinical and perhaps a bit more direct sometimes.
  2. Exactly this. Bit better than a scrappy local Derby but I’ll take that all day.
  3. Tell him as he wanted to be different, you would be too, just put WAYNE across it; he’ll not ask again.
  4. Legally the club may feel he has no come back for not wearing a seat belt, that if factual, possibly rules out any insurance claims. End result, maybe he broke his contractual terms by illegal actions that now prevent him from fulfilling his contract. Just hypothesis but would seem a credible argument.
  5. My thoughts if true, tragic way for one of our longest serving players to end his time with our club. There is very little good coming of this saga, regardless of what anybody thinks of Keogh’s playing skills.
  6. Until Martin came on we were barely linking with any forward passes; he just finds players to lay off to. Still wish we would try Marriott playing off him and dispose of 2 CDM’s when at home.
  7. The key to our season is staying in touch with the top 6 until Rooney arrives. If we are around 6 points or under off, anything could be possible with that spark in my opinion.
  8. Daft as that might sound, the centre half’s would struggle against Wigan lump heads but aside from swapping Bennett for Martin I’d go with that lot just to kick the seniors up the back side for the abject display on Saturday. Just bear in mind what result Lampard got at Villa with a mass rotation. That said, only Shinnie achieved anything near passable yesterday; the rest lacked cohesion. The one sole benefit of sticking our 23’s in would be they all know each other and would play as a team. Martin would probably get more service too. Never happen with Cocu but I’d support it whatever the result if it did.
  9. So bit late with this, as earlier this morning was in Malta. What a dumbass I was to return back, so I could make it to the Valley.....epic fail on my part!
  10. Could have done with him at that back post today, when we were 2 on 1 for their 2nd and Davies seemed to have concrete in his boots.
  11. You know mate, that’s not at all negative, it’s telling it like it was and is today. Anyone dismissing it is in denial.
  12. Yet another London weekend ruined by shocking away performance..... again! Cocu hasn’t really sorted anything with our defensive frailties at corners, that has nothing to do with systems. Midfield so unbalanced it was painfully slow to get anything going. Nothing linking final third, Martin isolated and odd breaks he was even having to go wide, I mean what the heck? All in all, very disappointing.
  13. Top bloke Des, used to tell a few tales by way of entertainment but never anything too scandalous.
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