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  1. Deserved praise, he’s always been a competent shot stopper, it’s purely balls into the box that are his undoing and so for me Marshall would come back in. Which definitely makes him a solid No2 probably one of the best in the championship, at some point he really ought to look to become first choice, unless that’s his hope in the next few years as Marshall gets older. Good game today though.
  2. Been thinking about it some more and we/he has the perfect training partner to work on his weaknesses. If Rooney wants to turn him into a proper centre half, they should put him up against CKR every training session; ideal prep for the Troy Deeney’s of this division that would make him look uncomfortable. Agree though, playing in a 3 does seem to suit.
  3. Usually like some of your posts so I’m not going to squabble. Yes it worked tonight because of more space, yes we need to play through a press better but I’ll come back to you after the next 6 games with my glass half full now 🥃🐏
  4. There is some real wrist slashing posts in this thread, tonight once again proves we are nowhere near ready to be written off. Rooney is getting us to play much better football, defensive shape is largely there, all we need is a bit more goal scoring threat in general, as again tonight we are creating chances under Rooney. Yes the Rotherham loss was depressing, I kept off here after that game, but one poor game shouldn’t stop the upward momentum Rooney is creating. Keep the faith people.
  5. Zag zig

    Luke Thomas

    Mirror (check hair), shampoo (same purpose) and insect repellent for out in the fields around Suffolk.
  6. Sometimes you have to give credit where it’s due, this reminded me of the Brizzle away game, he never put a foot wrong, noticed Rooney applaud him at one stage. Its against the ugly thugs I think he comes unstuck, where Big centre forwards with a bit of nous make him look wobbly. Consistency is definitely key, if he could find that he could look classy at the back. Tonight though, he was great.
  7. Zag zig


    Shows how clueless fans can be of other teams players, they don’t always know a lot about. He would be more than a good addition to them or Coventry, even allowing for an odd ricket.
  8. That’s how I view it, remember a Scunthorpe fan telling me he’d be decent and he was once he got his fitness. Then he’s struggled a bit of late, so forget the finances at the club, after 2 and half years he’s been a decent buy but..... lost his place to emerging talent and he deserves to find a side that will give him more opportunities for starting. Its a good deal all round and one I’d say thanks Duane and all the best.
  9. Yep, to my mind we don’t really deserve to lose that record, I still believe on many fronts we were set up to fail that season and just made the job easier for ourselves as we went along; it will take the mother of all cluster***ks for anyone to take that achievement away from us.
  10. Yep, was happy to sign up for t.v viewing as a compromise if it’s the best on offer, which Rams T.V is compared to some.
  11. Shame, aside from crosses, largely looked comfortable in defence.
  12. He’s another that’s not done too bad at all
  13. He looks like he could be awkward to play against
  14. Bardell looks dangerous every time he gets chance to run, impressed me.
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