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  1. Slap wrist by way of a fine possibly, nothing more I bet. You can book mark it 😂
  2. Oh yes, no having to leave the seat before half time, just so the catering clowns might serve more than a dozen in the queue before the start of the second half.
  3. Was thinking this myself, really daft policy, unless they strip search me, there’s no way they will find my kids goodies. They going to tell everyone to take their caps off, check coat linings for dangerous oranges, the odd mars bar etc Bonkers doesn’t do the label, it just smacks to everyone of blatant profiteering and spending well above a grand for the 3 of us, I think I spend enough. So do other relations. Come on Derby at least explain yourself or leave far too many feeling put out with this policy.
  4. Absolutely. Still a big if but out of last years 3, the most likely. Mount will get appearances at Chelsea, Wilson possibly higher than Championship now, Tomori ought to be, but so enjoyed his time here and Keogh partnership.
  5. Should have said...Rob is that the best ducking question you could think of after all this time to think of one.
  6. Was enjoying that until the ESPN guy asked him to answer in Dutch. 🙄
  7. It’s a curiously shaped peach on some sort of glass pedestal 😂
  8. Really helped him today eh. Finished +8 😱 the burden of expectation and wanting to do well told from the very first hole. Shame.
  9. Never release bad news on a slow news day 😉 Just so some of the uproar is contained Mel is either waiting until we sign Tomori or the next Chelsea wonder kid on loan Orr perhaps even after we beat the mighty Rangers, just to cushion some of the posters on the thread from the upset.
  10. Derby - easy, Tommy Docherty, greatness went to circus merry go round and mediocrity; ruined my childhood. Others - Coventry City ownership change and stadium debacle. EFL or whatever it was called allowing Wimbledon to move to M.K, completely sacrificed the true Dons fans (whatever their small number, they deserved better).
  11. Zag zig


    You would have thought with some of the issues stated in the players press release, the club are in clear breach of contract. My instinctive reaction, is that the players are holding off doing so, in the hope that new owners will fulfil in full, all outstanding contractual obligations.
  12. Good last point, all about having a manager that understands his game. Martin has done little wrong, he doesn’t have to change too much, which is what some coaches have tried to get him to do. I’m quite excited to see Martin back and believe Cocu will play to his strengths. We have a striker that can hold the ball now, lay off for team mates an option we have missed. Yes he may only score the odd goal but looks likely to set up more goals than Nugent did all last season, if he can stay fit; yet will cost nothing! All of a sudden a revitalised, firing Chris Martin, with Marriott playing off, Waggy there too. Our striking options are more than enviable with a few wingers and midfielders chipping in. All Cocu has to is sort the right combinations, the signs so far are Chris Martin can be a big part player given the chance.
  13. Zag zig

    F1 2019

    What a day, got back about 20 minutes ago from watching a Hammy master class, staying behind to watch the band, then cricket and to top it off met one one of the nicest and modest sportsmen I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with. Shame my mate forgot to take the front on photo but Johnny Herbert, top bloke.
  14. At a nice little outdoor venue, right under our nose on the doorstep but first time for gig. Conkers watching ELO experience (even spotted Colin Gibson there with all the other baldies 😂).
  15. England just cruising really, nothing like a bit of Aussie bashing; sorry Aussie Rams.
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