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  1. Maybe it’s other clubs and their fans blowing things out of proportion, so when Rooney arrives, effectively on free because of Mel’s shrewd business and they’re all green with envy; enough mud will have stuck to damage our season you mean?
  2. Forest look good so far this season, will be interesting to see if it’s sustainable but can’t say you lot lack squad depth, just depends on quality. Hate to say it, I think you’re going to be challenging for top 6 alright.
  3. You missed Colin and his team are time wasting bankers but yeah pretty as you were 😂
  4. Anyone told Colin it’s snowing in Derby tonight.
  5. Interestingly Mark Ramprakash who knows a little about batting, was chatting today and said many a good batsman need a bit of time to adjust to test cricket; reckons there’s a good test batsman there that just needs coaching . He also slated the warm up against Ireland (did us no favours), our Oreo from one day to Ashes was woeful in his opinion.
  6. It’s called respect, he knows Steele knows a lot more than he does. (Mind don’t know whether B4 heard it, but I’m sure I heard Steele say he’d play Mason Bennett every game, as for Ramage well..😉)
  7. He was exactly what we needed today, funny how some gain more respect and admiration when out the team. But there will be plenty tell you he couldn’t pass wind, yet alone a ball; which was a load of tosh but eh ponderous Huddlestone and lightweight Dowell have been given the chance. Let’s hope Bielik steps up, Shinnie gets a chance, maybe Holmes because he has some fight in him. We need people who win battles first, then we can think about the pretty stuff.
  8. That’s got to be the one standout move, we need more urgency in the middle. Hopefully with Holmes alongside Bielik and Bogle back soon, the midfield will look better.
  9. Eric once again seems to be interpreting everything wrong about our slow build up, poor passing, midfield weakness and defensive lapses. Wish he could have a word with Cocu
  10. The more I see and hear these comments the more I want it to happen, just to see if it could work. I’m tired of hearing doubters say it’s in the past, theres a good footballer there that a good coach can get the best out of. It wasn’t just Mac, Jokanovic almost did. Its almost as if we don’t want him in the team because we’re embarrassed by the last 3 loan outs. Don’t care what anyone says, for me this guy has been nothing but professional for Derby and I’d love to see him play with Marriott.
  11. Dawnie might say some daft things, but he does show up often and generally has a sense of humour, even though he’s often wrong 😉
  12. That’s pretty much all I remember him for since leaving us, though remember feeling gutted when him and Ooh Mark Wright where on match of the day with Liverpool for some time after. Daft thing is, this episode will probably boost his media profile somewhat, if he can find it in himself to be a bit contrite, he’ll probably get more airtime.
  13. Stand corrected on Anya, point stands with Martin but yes.
  14. Hope so Jimbo, that’s the only positive I can reach but then why not have the experience of Martin and Anya? Losing 3-0 to Forest won’t scar seasoned pro’s but you, nobody will convince me all those younger players enjoyed that performance and experience, nor did it do them any good. That’s my real beef if fresh legs was the over rider, we deserved getting knocked out and nothing with so many changes and an effective B team that was youthful, but my bigger concern is I don’t really think the kids gained much tonight and the fans were somewhat neglected along with the local rivalry. Sorry to be negative, just somewhat deflated by tonight, I’ll get my pom poms back out tomorrow.
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