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  1. Don’t worry there will be a cunning plan to sell the Ramtique to M.Morris esq, for a cut price £50m as a thriving business concern.
  2. There’s been the odd squabble about Martin on this thread, all I want to say is thank you Chris Martin, most of the fans loved you, you were pivotal in the MAC years to everything good about fluid, attacking football and a lynchpin for us to build attacks around. So many happy memories, not least a footie my lad will treasure at your side as his childhood hero. Shame other managers didn’t see what you offered and tough you had a bad bout of illness to curtail your goal scoring stats, or I’m sure you would be even higher on our lists. So all the best to the guy, he served us well.
  3. Know what you’re saying, trying to find a dentist these days is a b****y nightmare 😂
  4. Agree. Think Rooney has a vital part to play but had just had a few too many games, Cocu has to work out when to rest his team mentor on the pitch, to save him from over playing and explain that. Rooney is not the type of guy to stand down and genuinely will want to do his best, all about squad management and rotation. No reason your suggestion can’t work, it’s a long season though and all these youngsters will have dips, whilst the old uns might just get a bit knackered. Think we are in an exciting phase of academy development, compare and contrast to Forest and I know who’s future
  5. Stop right there, not having that. Nobody but Bamford, is a Bamford. Grealish has more skill too, that said he’s close, still there only one Bamford 😉
  6. Yep, he’s going to be a Premier League star, we need to go up in the next few seasons, otherwise enjoy him whilst we can, because this lad is going to be worth more than Bellingham. He’s our Jack Grealish in my opinion, like him local lad, wears the shirt with pride and he’ll stick with us as long as we progress him. Genuinely believe he’s destined for a superstar career.
  7. What made me up, was the genuine delight on the other academy lads faces, they know he has the talent. Unlike Sibley or Bird, because of others in front of him, he’s going to have to be more patient and I think he’s probably going to be a slow burner but I’ve a feeling he’ll get there, his advantage will be gelling with Bird, Sibley and Knight, they already have an understanding, that was clear from his deft lay off for the 3rd to Sibley.
  8. Not having that pal, injury time against us, would’ve spared you tonight, I know it hurts, but you can admit it 😂 As it is, I await the fat Greek’s next move with interest. Enjoy the break and cheers for the banter.
  9. Never mind. If only you wouldn’t have conceded that last minute goal against us 😂 Such fine, fine margins, bummer eh
  10. Bigger meltdown than when we lost to Reading, so hilarious.
  11. Got to say, gifting them a goal from a mistake sums us up. So many passes going astray at times and these are pretty poor or we’d have conceded more long before the Waghorn chance. We can still win this game but I’ll be glad when this season finishes, we need to regroup.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53471811 Good luck to the lad, Sancho did well there, which seems a key driver on the move. So what price some of our youngsters in the future?
  13. On a positive note, good to see not many left the stadium after their 3rd goal.
  14. He’s been proving people wrong most of his career and don’t seem to hold grudges, so don’t worry 😉😂
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