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  1. Now for the serious part, I've just renewed by passport which will take a few weeks to get back to me and wondering what colour it will be EU Red or UK Blue.
  2. All hell would break loose with Roony’s 32!
  3. They have got their punishment from the courts and the club, fine. To me the biggest problem is how do their teammates get trust back in two blokes that have bolted and left injured players to fend for themselves. I've been involved with Rugby League teams up to the highest level for over 40 years and can tell you that would be a issue that won't be resolved easily. Number 1 rule when you go out, NEVER leave a teammate in the lurch no matter the situation.
  4. I don’t give a rat’s about the charges the courts will look after that but... bolting and leaving injured teammates! How do you show your face in the change rooms after that.
  5. After traveling to Uk and Europe more times than I can remember the last few years it’s time to slum it locally so I’ve just booked a week in Cairns and then Fitzroy Island on the Great Barrier Reef for next March.🏝🦈
  6. I think he’ll do it tough at the Titans. The Gold Coast has been struggling and they are stuck with virtually the same team for the next few years because of the salary cap. Honestly think they will relocate to Brisbane shortly or end up folding.
  7. It’s been a year of so close for me so far with the Rams and Raiders, so I’m hoping the third of the “R’s” the Red Devils can pull off a big upset tonight.
  8. He done it as soon as he moved for the kick. Watch his run up, he put in the classic short stride when you do a hammy.
  9. I can recommend the bicycle tour from Mount Agung down to Ubud. And Bintang, plenty of Bintang.
  10. First thing that concerns me is why was the apprentice working by himself. Here an apprentice must be supervised by a licensed tradie at all times (I’m a licensed plumber). If it’s the same there surely he will get it fixed with the minimum of fuss as he could be in a fair bit of trouble.
  11. Gave there all, shattered with that 6 to go decision. And that call when the ball hit there trainer was crap. So now you can sit your trainer on the field and just throw the ball into him and get 6 more tackles.
  12. 30 minutes to kickoff, the nerves kicking in. It’s been 25 years since the last grand final and after the last few years I didn’t think it would happen again in my lifetime but here we are, rank outsiders but with nothing to lose.
  13. Actually, I’m wrong. Got my time zones arse about. 8 pm here would be morning there wouldn’t it. Anyway up the mighty Green Machine.
  14. You might find it’s Monday morning your time, 8.00 pm Sunday night here.
  15. Stagtime


    Between Todd Carney, Monaghan, Josh Dugan and Blake Ferguson the club had no choice but start again. Imagine having to sack 4 of your top 6 players just when it seemed like the team was reaching it’s potential.
  16. Stagtime


    I’m still in, still try to go to one live game a season, still get up at midnight for the games on telly, won’t quit the forum, who knew Pommies could be so witty and passionate. For anyone interested, my NRL side Canberra Raiders play their first grand final in 25 years on Sunday. If you think this past week has been traumatic you should check out what has gone on at this club the last 10 years. Makes Derby’s issues a walk in the park. A couple of years ago they drew a line in the sand and implemented a no dhead plan which culminates in the big dance Sunday.
  17. Brazil-3v Slovakia-1 at the Gabba, Sydney Olympics 2000. Not at the game but in the fan park in Berlin when Germany beat Brazil 7-1 in 2014 World Cup. They ran out of fireworks at halftime!
  18. Mate, I think you should have a look in the politics section!
  19. I believe the fans deserve an apology, but not before the court case. I know they have been charged but they are still innocent until proven guilty before the courts. On the other side i hope they manned up and apologized to the club through Phil and Mel first thing Wednesday. Not sure about your system but here you are charged at either low, medium or high range. Does anyone know what range they were charged at? If the driver of the car that Keogh was in is just over the limit i think it is a bit harsh to vilify the bloke. If he was high range then yes he deserves what is coming to him.
  20. Stagtime

    Beer Thread

    Just got a new stubby holder from the Northern Territory.
  21. The memorial is something you can't miss in New York. My son is a Firie and gets back from over there tommorow. They started Sept 11 with Rescue Company 1 who lost 11 members. A widow of one of the firies brings his ashes to the bar every 9/11 and the pipe and drum band march his ashes into the bar.
  22. I'm still scared mate. In all seriousness it was a great week especially Covent Garden and would do it again in a heartbeat.
  23. Looking at 3 - 6 months over in UK, Europe from next August - September. Last time i went over for 3 months, ended up working most of it!
  24. That was one of the all time best tries ever scored.
  25. Spent all my coin going over to Wembley in May so not sure if I’ll go down. I’ll see how much accomodation is but most probably find a pub up here.
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