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  1. Makes my week when the Broncos get flogged, bit like Leeds.
  2. Footy restarts in 30 minutes. Donkeys v Eels tonight and Raiders v Storm blockbuster Saturday. Been a long time coming.
  3. As frequent visitors from Qld here’s some of our Thoughts. We always remark that you have this great big wide mall area in the middle of town that needs trees, gardens and outdoor eateries, beer gardens etc just to soften things up a bit. There’s some really nice buildings there that should be a focal point. We really like walking along the river in town, maybe cafes or eateries over the river would be nice. Not sure what flooding is like, just seems like a missed opportunity. We absolutely love Darley Abbey area with the park and the river. Is this linked to the CBD? We walk till we hit the main road and aren’t sure whether you can walk there so we end up driving instead. Maybe some signs showing where to go. We can’t get enough of the history in the midlands, maybe more needs to be done advertising the fact that Derby is a great place to base out of as it’s so central. We do day trips to the Lakes district, York and the Dales while staying in Derby. We were staying in Bampton,Devon last year and telling the locals we were off to Derby and all they could say was why would you want to go there!
  4. Powderfinger one of the best bands out of BrisVegas played together tonight, haven’t played for over 10 years.
  5. Our cafes, restaurant's and pubs opened to the same thing on the weekend. As well, there is a max of 10 people per sitting. Qld and NSW schools open to all students this Monday. The last fortnight it has been only preps, year 1&2 as well as year 11&12. Australia's deaths unfortunately now stand at 100. The Rugby League season kicks off again next Thursday.
  6. Starting to cool down mate, i think winter is July 18 this year.
  7. We went the other way, buying more takeaway to try and support local business struggling. Union Jack waistcoat sounds flash!
  8. It has, used to be my music and theatre room which was closed off most of the time. Now we find we’re in there most of the time.
  9. Got bored with nothing to do on weekends so I bought a 2.700m door and pulled the back of the house down.
  10. RIP Dave Greenfield, his music has been a part of my life since I was 15. Covid19 strikes again.
  11. As a 16 year old when it was released, it was so far ahead of anything else we were just hooked. Been to every opening day since. I’ll agree some were a bit ordinary. Big step up from American Graffiti.
  12. I’m not sure about that. The chief Medical Officer has quoted that figure. Might go hand in hand with our extensive Contact tracing scheme that has been going since the. virus started.
  13. We had one start last week, so far over 4 million have signed up. It looks like when they open up pubs and clubs if you haven’t got the tracking app, you’ll have to leave personal details. They believe that a 50% sign up is needed for it to be effective.
  14. You'll have to tell me how i can get a copy over here in Oz mate.
  15. Mate i put myself on the left side of things but when something like this comes along, the authoritarian side of things has to take precedence. I think it comes down to who do you believe. As i mentioned above, we have the chief medical officer calling the shots and he is very matter of the fact. It was the same here when the GFC hit, we had the head of the financial reserve call the shots and as a result we were the only country not to go into recession.
  16. As a nation i think we have followed the advice given very well. It helps that we have Australia's chief medical officer calling the shots and he is telling it with no punches pulled, not a politician. I think this was just to cover pollies arses but it has worked well. As a result we are starting the road to recovery at midnight tonight with travel up to a 50 km radius from your home. They will review things in 2 weeks to see which way to go after that.
  17. They aren't moving about here. It's straight from the airport and locked in a motel room for 2 weeks. Meals dropped at the room door. There was one fella who decided to sneak out and he has 3 months in a cell now to think if that root was worth it.
  18. True, i worry that the Orange Einstein will use it for political purposes if it comes out of the states first. I still believe that it will come out of China first, they have been working on it longer and being a Authoritarian state can bypass any red tape a lot easier than any Western Country.
  19. A bit harsh mate, hopefully once they get past stage 3 trials they will share with the rest of the world a bit along the lines of the internet when it started.
  20. I heard a scientist dude last night saying Stage 1 trials have started, somewhere around 300 people. All going well Stage 2 around 2000-2500 people could start September and if all still going well maybe late 2020 but early 2021 would still be unbelivably good.
  21. I think we lucked it a bit that when the virus started making waves our pollies were laying low because of the poo they were in with the bushfires. So when things started getting serious they rolled out the top health officials to run things and luckily followed their advice starting with shutting down international flights late January and ramping up test and tracking. Our biggest problem were the cruise ships that docked back then.
  22. Never a solution mate, it’s a case of keeping things under as much control as possible. We start winding back restrictions from midnight tomorrow so it’s just steps in the process till a vaccination is available.
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