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  1. There is also the thrill factor of not knowing if you're going to get paid at the end of your shift!
  2. Yeah and Winston Churchill was so concerned about the nazis killing jews that he killed a load of germans. What a hypocrite!
  3. I like the one where your current energy tariff finishes and they put you on the "standard" tariff which is about twice as expensive, as if people are going "yeah I enjoyed paying an acceptable price for a while there but now I fancy just getting totally rinsed. Thanks!" Or the one where your insurance is set to auto renew "for your convenience and to ensure continuous cover" whilst simultaneously hoping that you don't notice they have hiked the price by 50% But it's OK because when you call them to cancel they can miraculously do it at the same price as last year
  4. Not seen this mentioned anywhere, but it's a good read if you fancy a bit of a nostalgic break from the current poo show https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tens-Nervous-Derby-County-2010s/dp/B09D5YYKF4 Written by the bloke who does the Derby County Blog and sometimes guests on the Radio Derby phone-in
  5. They've certainly raised awareness. To be honest if more protests caused meaningful disruption, the world would change quicker But as Archie states above - the right to protest is already on the way to being outlawed completely. The powerful simply want to maintain the status quo because they are doing quite nicely out of it thanks
  6. And that was just Wayne Rooney 🤣
  7. Because they did a "study" and decided that administration was the best path in the circumstances That doesn't rule out the @CornwallRam hypothesis - in fact it sort of fits MSD just want their money back - they have zero interest in DCFC as a club
  8. It's the usual story isn't it? It's capitalist free market when there is profit to be made, but the second it becomes a problem, the government have to step in and bail them out. The remaining so-called "big 6" don't have the capacity to suddenly take on millions of extra customers, and can't afford to but the extra gas to supply them - and suddenly the government are throwing our tax payers money at them Same with the CO2 shortages I'll be amazed if there is anyone left after this debacle who doesn't believe the energy sector should be back in public ownership
  9. I'm just thrilled by the use of the word symptomatology🤣
  10. Hmm - deferred wages still have to be paid at some point, so doesn't this just increase the price again for any potential buyer? "oh yeah - as well as the £25m you will have to pay the HMRC, and the millions to Keogh, Cocu, transfer fee installments etc - are you also OK to add on a couple of million for players wages during the time we were in administration?" It's such an attractive proposition I can't believe we don't have a queue
  11. Yes but my point was that administration either ends with a CVA and Derby County continue to exist with a new owner, or it ends without a CVA and Derby County ceases to exist, and we start again with a phoenix club Ending without a CVA is considerably cheaper for a buyer... I hope there are more - not because I wish this on any other team, but because the more EFL teams it happens to, the more it exposes what a joke the EFL and it's so called financial fair play rules are
  12. I was thinking in financial terms the other EFL teams wouldn't have to think twice about electing us - as for a very high percentage of them, we're one of their most lucrative away days (and would also bring in a fair few choice "selected for TV matches" their way ) But yeah - ultimately who knows! Darlington is an interesting one as they failed to agree a CVA and were liquidated in 2012. Not sure what rule this refers to exactly but "A new club was immediately formed and moved to Blackwell Meadows stadium but the FA ruled that, as a new club, it must have a different playing name from the expelled club. The name chosen was Darlington 1883, and that club was placed in the Northern League Division One, the ninth tier of English football," They were already in the Conference though, so they moved to the bottom tier of Non-league Rangers wiki page also says something interesting about CVA "Charles Green agreed a deal with the administrators of The Rangers Football Club plc to purchase the company for £8.5 million if a proposed CVA was agreed or to purchase its business and assets for a £5.5million if the proposed CVA were to be rejected." What this suggests is that if the club is cheaper to buy when in administration with a CVA - it will be even cheaper if the CVA can't be agreed. It's going to get interesting, if the club can be bought for several million pounds less but in L2 rather than L1, there may be potential investors who see that as a better option 😞
  13. Maybe not that long? We're looking at League One anyway. I think the EFL teams would vote to allow us to join L2. A "Derby County" with 30k fans would not be a practical proposition for non league football in terms of facilities
  14. Does anyone know the full story of what happened to Glasgow Rangers? They ended up being liquidated didn't they? Ended up having to form a new club and apply to join the bottom tier of Scottish football and have played their way back through to the top league since? Just wondering if there are any similarities here that might give us an idea of what happens if the club is liquidated
  15. I guess this was the point of his rats nest of limited companies, Gellaw this that and the other - carefully constructed to protect his personal fortune on the day that it all comes tumbling down Ultimately, the club has not gone into administration because it has "run out of money", it's gone into administration because MM no longer wants to own it, but is trapped into continuing to own it because he can't find a buyer. And he can't find a buyer because he's got the club into an undesirable state Administration is the coward's way out, instead of just admitting responsibility and fixing it The only question to ask yourself is "why would anyone buy the club?" If there was a way to turn it around from here and make money, then MM would be doing it
  16. it was farcical having that many. Outside of the "big six" none of these other "suppliers" generate or supply energy, they are (or were!) just running the contract to bill you for it. The only expense they really had was running a call centre and a website. An unexpected price surge was always going to kill them, as they had enticed so many customers with low prices. I never really understood the point of so many tarrifs either. Just have one tarrif and charge everyone the same, it was all a con
  17. I remember Huddersfield away, at the old Leeds Road ground that wasn't much more than 3 tin sheds and all the Derby fans stood on the big open concrete terrace behind the goal. We got held back after the game to allow the home fans time to disperse and we all sang the Last Of The Summer Wine theme as they all trudged home up the hill behind the terrace, like the sad Yorkshire bar stewards they are 🤣
  18. Is anyone else getting the ads for penis size reduction surgery? No - just me then 🐴
  19. Anyone else had issues, or expecting issues? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58090533 I switched to Green Network Energy last year - thought it was a good move, a decent low price and green credentials (allegedly) Then out of the blue in April I got an email to say they had ceased trading and that I was being auto-switched to EDF, whether I liked it or not! EDF took until 2 weeks ago to sort out my billing, and immediately increased my DD by £40 a month I had a look on the usual switching sites and they are either not currently offering a price comparison service, or unable to find any cheaper deals Seems like the same nightmare may be brewing for a lot of people now Complicated by the fact that the so called bigger energy companies are now reluctant to take on the orphaned customers because they cannot afford to buy enough extra gas to supply them. So the government are looking at having to intervene to stop the market collapsing. Strange times
  20. Agreed. I think the MSD loans were all pre-covid weren't they? I think MSD saw established football clubs with a solid fanbase as a good bet when it came to high value loans. I don't think they really envisaged that an event like the pandemic could leave clubs unable to repay. Charges against the ground were likely just considered a token guarantee, but realistically if a club folds completely, they would be stuck with an unusual piece of real estate of limited value to anyone but a football club. So I think the scenario we have is MSD forcing administration in order to make a sale happen, so that they don't end up in possession of an empty football stadium
  21. I started going to watch Derby properly in 1984 when we had just been relegated to the old Division 3 (League One in modern parlance) In the light of current events, I wanted to start a thread to offer some positivity around the very high likelihood of our relegation this season I'm sure there is a high percentage of posters who weren't even born back then and have no idea what it was like to playing in tier 3, but I'm here to tell you that it was a fantastic experience Derby fans came together like never before and relished the status of being a big fish in a small pond, the fallen giants - every other team's cup final, the one they wanted to beat Atmosphere on the Popside was better than ever, away games were brilliant adventures to new places Players grew in confidence week after week as the team started to coalesce, with the realisation that we had the beating of anyone in the division if we stuck together Because at the end of the day - it doesn't actually matter what league you are in, you're watching a football game, and in that moment - the passion is just the same So come on old timers - share your memories of those years 84-86 in Division 3 for the nippers
  22. If that's true - then why? None of these points deductions punish MM and SP - they both just walk away from the smoking wreckage It only punishes the fans. That's what really stinks.
  23. Anyone understand how a firesale would work in terms of players contracts? If you're a player with 2 years left on a contract at £x per week - aren't you entitled to compensation if that contract is ripped up and you are sold to another club And if you are being sold then you're not a "free agent" and therefore that transaction can't happen outside of the transfer window?
  24. Confirmation that MM has at least 6 fake profiles on here
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