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David Clowes 👏


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David Clowes doesn't need any songs or chants as he's comfortable in just owning the club, financing the team, as and where he can, and watching the Rams, hopefully, getting promotion, either this season or next.

Remember, until May last year, he was just a season ticket holder in the North Stand and I doubt anyone knew who he was.

David Clowes is a Derby County supporter, just like me and 30,000 other Rams fans, but you don't have a song me you or me!!!

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3 minutes ago, B4ev6is said:

How about this

Derby county doors about shut for good

Lights went and doors were locked

Clowes came in switch lights back on

He says oh no you dont 

I come in to save our club

Here's the money prove it.

Is that to the tune of Beethoven's 5th? Or Black Lace - Agadoo?

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