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  1. I have misjudged this season from minute 1 with my over-confidence. I’m going to continue doing so- we’ll win Friday and end on 53 points
  2. We could spend £150 million but it depends if Mbappe is right for the club
  3. I’ve really enjoyed the trust and investment in youth in the last couple of years so I’d want that to continue It obviously comes at the cost of results but I’d be loathe to go back to the soulless 2016 days, watching Johnson and Butterfield jog around midfield, even if we were a better team
  4. Shame, always rated Minkley, only 20 as well. i hope he has a career
  5. 1 chance in 30 minutes, and it was a good chance, is pretty good to my mind But that in isolation isn’t evidence he’s good... I’m generally just impressed with his quality in retaining possession and getting the ball forward
  6. I only watched the last 30 minutes and I saw him create one clear chance for Lawrence and generally retain possession effectively and play several forward balls through the lines I was genuinely impressed and usually am with Bird
  7. I don’t agree.. some really good footballing sides in this league. Not to mention Max Bird has excellent defensive stats including tackles and interceptions so not buying this at all
  8. I really rate Bird, don’t understand the criticism of him
  9. I quite like the job Rooney’s done as he has saved us from relegation (although whether results would have improved anyway is up for debate) but I do really hope he intends to play better football going forward. So many times there’s a possession retaining simple forward ball but instead we clip it into the channel so frequently hopefully a result against Reading and we can relax a bit more and play some more football for the last six
  10. Lucas Joao straight in Matt Clarke’s pocket and a comfortable afternoon to be had by all
  11. Absolute nonsense. I don’t think you can say they aren’t trying They just aren’t very good as a result of being either 19 or 35
  12. I’m optimistic... Leicester, wolves, Southampton were all in league 1 in the last decade and look at them now! We’re not even down yet, football comes and goes
  13. I’ve thought bird’S looked quite good when he’s played recently
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