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  1. I believe the reason they've called the games off is largely to ease pressure on public services rather than fear that people will catch the virus If they can stop the inevitable drunk people before and after games who end up in hospital doing just that and allow more police on the street as opposed to policing games, it might have a huge impact
  2. I’m hoping if we serve our time now I.e. no football for a few weeks/maybe months then, in order to catch up, there will be a glut of games later in the year with Derby maybe playing 2 a week for months and no dreaded international breaks
  3. Jram

    Who next?

    Let’s all be friends, chaps, we’re all entitled to an opinion from the humble “armchair fan” to the die hard “never miss a game” gang don’t let your fellow jrams down @Jayram 😂
  4. Jram

    Who next?

    Feels like we’re flush with options in midfield as I believe Liam Thompson is very highly thought of as well? Jordan Brown looks a real baller whenever I’ve seen him would be interested to see who leaves this summer. Presumably Babos and wassall given 21 seems to be the age they release players who aren’t near the first team
  5. Yeah agreed tbf, Sibley was amazing against Blackburn and he looks after the ball so effectively against bigger players I’d have Lowe all day, I think the sky is the limit for him given he has every attribute in a full back and Forsyth, while I like him, has been quite sloppy recently, certainly going forward hoping Whittaker starts to show his quality soon. Given how suddenly these academy players are becoming first team regulars, I wouldn’t be shocked if bags a few in the last ten games and is solidified as the our number 9 come opening day next season (can dream 😂)
  6. I’d have Davies for Wisdom as my, perhaps unfair, perception of Millwall is they’re quite direct and Davies seems to deal well with that . Otherwise same back 5 Shinnie and Bird Rooney Wags Martin Sibley Might be a tight game and Rooney is the best chance of scoring a half chance with his class so got to play and Shinnie is combative Wouldn’t be shocked if Lawrence replaces Sibley but I’d have Sibs as he looks bang up for it atm
  7. I’ve loved watching the young lads break through this season and, if you’d told me so many would have first team involvement at this point in the season a year ago, I’d have laughed. Brilliant from the club I’ve seen it asked a bit but think it warrants its own topic... who is next out of the academy? Used to seeing knight, bird, sibley , Whittaker, Lowe and Bogle in the squad each week but surely there are others who are close?
  8. Thought Bird was really good as usual If I’m honest, I don’t agree with some of the reviews of the other lads... Knight has played much better than he did tonight and Sibley was anonymous for most of it Whittaker again decent when he came on Max Lowe is top drawer
  9. The only issue is if youth players aren't playing for the youth teams and then sitting on the bench for the first team, getting no minutes. It obviously has value to travel with the first team squad etc so you integrate a bit but I'd rather they played In fairness, of late the likes of Sibley and Whittaker have been playing U23s football and travelling with the first team. Must be exhausting!
  10. We look far the more likely here, could have scored a few Bird is the word
  11. @Bald Eagle's Barmy Army can you explain how you're ITK? Very curious, are you the legendary Callum Guy, hater of gloves. I once saw him throw a pair on the floor and spit on them Weeoo that guy hated gloves
  12. Whenever I think a player from the 23s is decent and might break through, they usually end up at Lidl FC on a free and an U18 gets promoted instead Sorry Jamal
  13. Loved the guy Have we got any money for him?
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