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  1. Allsop also made an inexcusable mistake earlier in the game which should have resulted in a goal for them but Cashin saved the day- not impressed with Allsop thus far The cross from Williams for Bardell’s cross was top drawer
  2. If we are in an embargo, the academy could be huge. If we lose our Cat 1 status, there will be little left to take pride in (about the club or personally)
  3. In fairness, cybulski is not yet 19 and clearly has some scope to fill out physically Cresswell is pushing 22 and that three years is huge early in the career Im holding out hope for big Bart
  4. This was the ad below @MuespachRam post above 😂 Tom looks like he’s trying to pretend he’s not bothered
  5. Yeah I think I misinterpreted what he meant lol I thought he meant he couldn’t play them at all in case they get injured and he needs them
  6. He’s said a few times recently that he’s not playing the likes of Cashin/ Thompson in U23 games as he can’t risk them getting injured because he may need them in the first team he described it as “catch 22” as they’re then not getting match sharpness
  7. Obviously Jutkiewics will score, 10% of his career goals are against Derby however, Sibley will bag a brace for 2-1
  8. Anyone know if we have a sell on clause? 10% of a significant fee could be club saving
  9. Yeah a few loans wouldn’t go amiss, that’s true. Especially in positions where our lads aren’t ready yet
  10. 8 seems a bit unnecessary Certainly need a striker, another centre back, a winger (although we aren’t really playing with wingers) I thought Mel wanted managers to use our world class academy… if Rooney adds eight 30 year olds, like Rowett did, then I don’t understand the club at all
  11. Would like the team the same but I think Lawrence will come in for Sibley (for some inexplicable reason) I can’t imagine Howson and McNair will leave as much space in front of the back 4 as Hull did last night. Might not create as many chances but hopefully more clinical
  12. I think this system worked miles better tonight with Sibley and Joz playing alongside Morrison Not slagging off Lawrence but him and Morrison together play soooo deep Loathe to get too excited after winning 1-0 but we created some really good openings and every player player well. Don’t even remember getting away with any mistakes really other than maybe one Roos clearance
  13. I hate how everyone stands up at away games. Not good for us with aches and pains 😂
  14. Apologies if already answered but is this on sky red button? Can’t figure it out
  15. Obviously I mean this season
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