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  1. But is there any news on Cosgrove, Gibbs-White or Van Ginkel?
  2. Not sure I'm getting all the opprobrium cast in the full backs direction. That Fulham forward line is as good as anything in the Championship and I didn't think they were embarrassed at all. Even the first goal, Lowe is isolated up against Kamara and it's the positioning of the CB's and midfielders that make that goal even a possibility. I also thought Lowe was our most productive player in the final third. In other news, did anybody else sit up in the second half at some of Whittaker's close control and think 'ooh he's going to be a player'. For me with young players there's a moment when they make you think that they're going to make it. Last night I got that with Whittaker.
  3. From memory St Johnstone didn't offer enough going forward to make a definitive decision on any of the Aberdeen defenders although it was perhaps the left back who caught my eye (but this may have been due to Lowe playing there last year and some form of conformational bias). I also noticed Considine (the #4) but that may also be down to his namesake Paddy from Burton.
  4. Not sure why 'lil Duane sponsors there training ground.
  5. Something, something, Hillsborough, something, @DarkFruitsRam7, something, something....
  6. Just a final thought on Andre Wisdom when he came on. Anybody else notice that even though he was only on five or ten minutes he seemed to be moving much more freely than at any point last season? Much more the Wisdom of 2014 if my eyes didn't mistake me.
  7. Liked the first line, the second not so much.
  8. Hope she's coping alright? I feel bad for booing her last night now.
  9. I'm genuinely applauding him. Can someone tell me if I should continue do that so he knows at least one of us appreciates him or cease to do so because I'm amplifying those cheering sarcastically?
  10. Think it's worth pointing out that if Roos hadn't saved the penalty against Brum our season may have been shaping up considerably worse than it currently is.
  11. So hypothetically, the same chance falls to (let me choose an all time Rams favourite) Leon Best and Jamie Vardy. The XG would be the same in both scenarios? If so I'd suggest there is a fundamental flaw in using XG in a whole raft of scenarios.
  12. Sam Cosgrove just scored for Aberdeen from 25 yards with his wrong foot. I know he's been suggested by others so thought it noteworthy. 6'2", 22 years old and 17 goals so far this season. Watching it on the telebox and it's the first time I've seen him play, but he's physical, good in the air and has good positional awareness. Undecided on his first touch though, at times very good and others more Conor Salmon. Considering our geographically limited recruitment and links to Aberdeen I wouldn't be surprised at this one. Ps Best part of the game was discovering St Johnstone play 'Dancing Queen' over the p.a. when they score 😂
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