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  1. Surely your dream scenario is Gumps v. Stoke on the last day of the season playing out a draw? A result that doesn't do enough to keep Stoke up and simultaneously sees Notts slide out of the top six.
  2. The Blackburn result also just about plays Preston back in. But they'll have to be dead motivated to win their next one. And it's a festival of anti-football against Notts. And that's sort of the point. So many twists and turns, let's just enjoy the ride. COYR!
  3. Ooh I know, it's on the tip of my tongue. It's, it's, it's... No. Can't remember.
  4. I'll just point out that next up for Cardiff is Fulham on Friday night.
  5. That's just put 20% on our motivation levels tomorrow.
  6. I keep trying to tell you. #writteninthestars
  7. I'm fairly sure I suggested him this time last year, so it's yes from me.
  8. Apparently made worse by the fact that during the hearing the EFL found out there was laws and 'other legal stuff' they needed to know about. They used a three day recess to ask a family law solicitor who Rick Parry had met down the supermarket if there was any truth in it. Not sure what the solicitor said though.
  9. I always thought Danny Graham was great 😍
  10. I think we've got a good chance of signing Kai. Making Coleen head of scouting could be the deciding factor. Thread of the year by the way.
  11. Win and the gap to the Gumps is four points with four to play. #prayfordavid
  12. I hope you're not calling our keepers tossers 🤔
  13. Could you imagine him and Trialist up front?
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