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  1. My feeling is that too many are far too quick to right players off on the basis of a couple of under par performances. Seem to remember loads of (unwarranted) flack for Bogle last season now he's worth 15mil plus. Lowe has proved himself in Scotland and I'd like to see him integrated into our first team in the coming season. Possibly, just possibly, we'll then have another seven figure asset.
  2. Christ on a bike. That looks like Bergkamp losing out to Keane. An omen? 😱
  3. Looks like @Curtains has provided the definitive proof we've all been craving. In spotting that Frank only has one outfit for his entire holiday, he's confirmed that Frank doesn't like changing and will therefore remain a Ram. Everybody breathe.
  4. Eggball city, Football city or Eggball city. Manager or no manager it's an obvious choice.
  5. I had a dream last night. Can't remember a thing about it other than Tomori being announced on another 12 month loan. As I hardly ever dream about anything football related and it's going to be a slow news weekend (I'm not so eagerly waiting for news on which airport Frank is flying back into, because which ever one it is it will be a 'sign') I thought I'd share so that either Bris or the Daily Mail can use it as the basis of a story with the headline 'Rams fans still dreaming of a Tomori return'.
  6. Are @mozza and @Ellafella a couple then? Could be a revelation beyond crisps in the fridge on here, and a new Rams power couple to replace Frank and Christine. 😍
  7. Been at work all day so to bring it back to whether we're using 'Robbie Savage' as a replacement word for idiot. Surely we reserve Kenny Burns for 'fat'. Imagine being called a Kenny Burns Bamford 🀣
  8. This morning's thought of the day. If people are offended by the word 'idiot' should we use the swear filter to automatically correct it to 'Robbie Savage'?
  9. According to some newly acquired 'confirmation bias' learning, I am πŸ˜‚
  10. If either the 2nd or 3rd strip are yellow and blue, it's a sign. A sign I tell you!
  11. One of the great mysteries of life sorted*, @valleyram was Craig Bryson's father-in-law. Thanks for all the posts fella and don't be a stranger. πŸ‘ *Unless you're his mother-in-law. In which case take it easy on him πŸ˜‚
  12. Or Dutch enough, I think you'll find πŸ˜‰
  13. No politics in here you'll get in awful trouble 🀣
  14. It really is Bris! For those who don't want to click, he's alive and still in Mexico. The article is typical Bris fair, and I'm claiming he used a post I made in January (when we were trying to guess which League 1 CB we were in for) as his inspiration for the article. Missed a trick though in not copying my reference to Kiefer Sutherland's character in 24. Ahh, Bris. Didn't think he'd look like that though
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