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  1. Well if it does, then surely it's an even more obvious choice?
  2. According to my workings out 'foul air of Wuhan' is currently 5,506 miles from Swad. At that distance I'm guessing that's the one I should pick?
  3. My god! You mean you don't know???
  4. It may be a revelation to some on here but comorbidity is like a thing that's been widely accepted by the medical profession and society for many years now. In layperson's terms it's where a patient dies and has more than one disease. Not all those diseases are equal though and the one that led to death is known as the primary condition. I haven't seen the metadata behind every death attributed to Covid-19 but I'm fairly confident that Covid-19 will be the primary condition in the vast majority of these cases. The question I can't answer is if I should reserve my disdain for those who are stockpiling toilet roll or social media experts who are being willfully stupid.
  5. I once lost a bet when Notts County scored two and a half goals. True story.
  6. The only thing we need to concentrate on is the next game. The same approach from here until May. The management, the players and the fans all united on focusing on the next game. We are a hurricane. The team that no-one will want to play. We'll be hated and feared in equal regard. Lose our focus and the hurricane will blow itself out very quickly, but make no mistake we are the coming force in this division. And the division knows it. I cannot tell you how up for this I am. I hope Cocu and the boys feel the same way.
  7. Millwall 1 Rams 4 FRGS Lawrence Covid19 to really mess with their heads and preparations.
  8. I'm personally waiting for a Chris Martin / Promotion uberthread.
  9. Talking of embarrassing yourself with a goal celebration... One of my favourite things that has developed over this first season attending with my six year old son is watching and sharing his reactions to a Derby goal. His face when Bogle scored a few weeks ago and today when Sibley scored were moments I’ll always treasure. It was though a little weird to begin with because instead of leaping up with everyone else you’re sort of celebrating in a seated position cocooned away from a view of the pitch or the rest of the stadium and fans. And so it came to pass that in the first half Waghorn rounded the keeper and sent a shot unerringly into the net. As we waited for the ball to hit the back of the net the crowd rose but I stayed ‘in the moment’ with the boy in a bubble of delirious joy. It was quite a shock for both of us when we both stopped cheering to realise there was no goal and Blackburn had the ball and were on the attack up the other end of the pitch. 😆
  10. Fifty years from now people will still be asking why we had a a player in white boots who we called Gladys. They will also be asking why we had another player in the twenty twenties who we called Louise.
  11. I think I might just be about to come out of mourning for Will Hughes 🐏💕⚽️
  12. The EFL announced the independent panel decision on the EFL charge against Brum this week. Blues were charged last May. We were charged at the turn of the year. There'll be no points deduction this season.
  13. Yeah, but even at 5 he was taller than Big Duncan Holmes wasn't he?
  14. No room for negativity whichever goalkeeper plays today. There are just ten games left and we need to do our part and get behind the team. Self belief and confidence go a long way in football so let’s try and help Ben and Kelle find their best form.
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