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  1. Roos 5 Wisdom 6 Mengi 3 Clarke 5 Buchanan 4 Baningime 3 Edmondson 3 Shinnie 4 Jozwiak 3 Gregory 4 Sibley 5
  2. Really? I mean really? After tonight. After you saw with your own eyes how much better we were without them?
  3. No both had the choice to drive into the box and try and get a shot off. Believe me static strikers is a pet hate but this wasn’t the case here. I love you man (see the drink is beginning to work 😘) but there’s no defending any of them tonight. And Cardiff? Call me entitled but who the eff are Cardiff?
  4. I’m not even drunk yet - give me time, it’s a Tuesday after all. But I have never played to any level. Shropshire FA First Division in the early nineties was my peak. So what the 20th rung on the football ladder? If that. Tell you what though, that team never hid and shirked like Derby did tonight. I watched one player (who I won’t name) lose the ball and the jog around half-arsed for the next two minutes pretending to get into shape. Fraud.
  5. And the lack of bravery? Shinnie and Jozwiak both with a chance to drive at goal? Nah, you’re alright I’ll take it towards the corner flag. Shocking, just shocking.
  6. So the view from my sofa, Wisdom was our best centre half even when at right back. Sibley was twice the player that Jozwiak was. Mengi was out of position, out of his depth. I have no idea why Rooney couldn’t see why his passing so slowly was hurting us. Roos is not to blame. Whatever your agenda. Jourdan not Jordan. Anyone who says Bird can not pass forwards should be forced to watch the first half on loop for eternity. Edmundson in midfield? In this game? Christ on a bike.
  7. I normally catch up on the forum view of the world after watching the game. Not tonight. And sorry if it’s been said. But that was shocking and it’s down to Rooney. Woodgate’esque managerial performance. I will never accept us throwing a game. No effort, bewildering formation, no effort, no proactive change to the formation from Rooney, no effort, subs 20 mins too late, and no effort. Appalling rubbish. As a happy clapper I’ve struggled with Jordan for couple of years at least. But whatever he says tonight is bang on.
  8. The Mail you say? I wouldn’t wipe Curtains backside with it 😆
  9. Roos 6 Byrne 6 Wisdom 6 Clarke 7 Buchanan 5 Knight 6 Shinnie 5 Bird 7 Waghorn 6 CKR 8 Jozwiak 6
  10. In Scotland you say 🤔 Can’t help feeling that this revelation is a bit like a Tory MP who is strongly committed to family values getting caught in a brothel wearing his wife’s underwear! So go on. You can tell us. It’s a safe space. Had you been at a Hibs match or had you been at a Hearts match? 😂
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