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  1. If we have learnt anything over the last seven years it should be the crippling effect of high wages. Ikechi Anya being the ultimate lesson. So for that reason Clucas and Barkley wouldn’t be on my shopping list. Wyke is a question of playing style. He’s a monster in the air and could see Byrne getting 20 assists next season. But (and this is my view and I suspect not Wayne’s) I’d rather we had a mobile front line with multiple threats. I’d rather keep CKR as our foremost battering ram when we need to play it but recruit pace, mobility and goals across a revamped front line.
  2. I’d be tempted to try and get three or four in from League One to bring a bit of depth to the squad. It would act as a bit of a refresh and works with various budgets (if we do have a few bob there’s still room for marquee signings). I’m going to ignore anyone in a promoted side (Dembele and Lewis-Potter would have been go to signings otherwise). Top of the list is Conor McGrandles if Lincoln don’t go up. 6’1” CM, leader and potential captain. Boosts options and could fill the Bielik gap. With Pompey not going up I’d be on the phone tomorrow for Jack Whatmough (Matt Clarke’s sli
  3. Quite excited that Jenny Powell is going to be our new Chief Exec. Less thrilled that Jonathan King is the brains behind it 😂
  4. That barley makes any sense.
  5. I think we need a poll to decide which of the following have happened this morning... • someone has hijacked Jimbo Ram’s account • Jimbo Ram has started drinking early • Jimbo Ram has discovered sarcasm • Jimbo Ram has fallen helplessly, head over heels in love Nicola Sturgeon I know what my money is on 😂
  6. I I’ve gone Buchanan FRGS on the basis of fruties insider info 👍
  7. Nothing wrong with Chris Martin’s aerial ability. As proved by his defensive contributions for opposition corners over many years. He couldn’t jump though. Which is a massive issue at attacking corners when you’re 5’10” and being marked by a 6’4” centre half.
  8. Eric Steele commentating in a pink shirt 👚 you say? Mmmm 🤤
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