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  1. If only you could bet on such things, @Owd miner would be smashing ten grand on it!
  2. Stuff it, we're in the posh seats to bring the tone down again 😂 Sorry @angieram
  3. Anybody notice on the first page it says parts of the East Stand are closed and on the confirmation page that the North Stand is closed despite it allowing me to buy tickets for the North Stand?
  4. What a very polite way of saying the people you normally sit near to are really beginning to get on your wick 🤣
  5. Ooh, out of the posh seats. Where you going to sit?
  6. I'm not sure about the idea that the kids will only be a success if they win promotion. Following that logic, you'd only be able to take satisfaction in one season out of the last 17 seasons and ironically that would have been watching a Billy Davies team. I think you can already justifiably call Cocu's approach a success. And here's why. In early December I think may of us were counting down the days until the transfer window opened and we could bring in four or five players to rejuvenate the squad. The rise and rise of Knight, the emergence of Bird and the introduction of Sibley alone has probably saved the club between 5 and 10 million pounds. I also think the emergence of Whittaker has saved us a couple of million if you consider we paid 2.5mil for FloJo. I'm convinced he's a coming force and once he's got a first goal, he'll fly. I'd also suggest that if we re-visited the value of the players named in the OP in 12 months time it will make Mel's 24mil investment in the academy look very shrewd.
  7. So I watched down the pub with the sound off. Must have been some good ale because the hyperbole in this thread has been something else. Tbf it wasn't a great performance but I think Northampton deserve some credit for having and sticking to a game plan that that played to their physical advantages. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, we are a short team. It's difficult playing football when the ball is above your head. Big learning experience for the young lads in midfield and they certainly didn't role over for a tummy tickle. We'll see the benefits from this match further down the line as our young midfielders grow and progress over the coming months and years. Obviously that isn't instant enough for some but hey ho. If I had criticism it's the fact that our forward line offers neither physicality or a tremendous amount of mobility off the ball. Coupled with our commitment to a defensive structure it means we don't have midfield runners supporting. It's why sometimes we appear toothless and I think it's unlikely to change until Cocu manages to revamp our forward line. Anyway the draw seemed a fair result and although the replay won't be easy I expect us to have enough to progress. Two other thoughts. Whittaker is a player and it's not just last nights game or the nutmeg that took two players out of the game that should have convinced you. Not with me? Book mark me and you can apologise in May. Secondly Charlie Goode despite not getting sent off was the stand out player on the pitch. 6'5", 23 years old and a dominant right sided CB. If we're in the game of discovering unpolished gems could our scouting team have found one under our noses?
  8. Didn't smile much though did he? Never mind how little he smiled at Chris Martin.
  9. It's a cunning plan by Cocu. With Ince back in the fold he shares scapegoating duties with Lawrence. Can you imagine the threads on here arguing which of them smiled less? Priceless I tell you 🤣
  10. Honestly, what's that? Five minutes as a moderator and your commitment levels have already fallen off a cliff? You know it'll end badly if you continue to listen to @Boycie's advice on being a moderator verbatim 🤣 Shame you can't make it, reading back your commentary after getting home from the match (or after / while watching on TV) is a highlight of this forum.
  11. So in short Posnan may not now need to sell. What you may have missed in the related articles on that website is that the price of Polish vegetables is set to rise. Worrying times indeed.
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