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  1. I think there's a player there but as the most advanced midfielder I feel he's suffering a little from the front line being a work in progress and I think he'll prove his worth over time as players and patterns of play become more settled. I suspect that he's not helping himself with some fans though with some occasional lax play. I'm not sure I can remember the last time I saw a professional footballer do an air kick* but I suppose it can happen. His set piece delivery lacks consistency too but the one that jarred me yesterday was when he got caught offside on a return ball from a corner. If he is going to step up and play an integral part in a promotion winning team he needs to realise that he has to be switched on for the full 90 minutes not just eighty four. *Thinking about it the last time I saw an air kick probably involved a coffee cup 😂
  2. If it was an anagram based answer he's only two letters short of 'OK. Likes a wander.'
  3. We're three games in. Our best midfield is yet to start and we're a work in progress that won't hit it's straps until the autumn (because of numerous factors impacting our summer and pre-season). Now is not the time to panic.
  4. I'm against moving it, particularly as we haven't yet discussed Chris Martin and George Thorne's potential new roles as club climate change ambassadors 😂
  5. Footballers have been professional athletes n England since 1885. Yes the standard of the game has changed and evolved but that does not alter the fact that since the league started only one team every season has been able to claim to be the best in the land. Herbert Chapman's Huddersfield were no more a bunch of pissed up Sunday league players than the Busby Babes in the fifties or the Rams in the seventies. If only those teams had access to sports scientists, their legacies would mean so much more.
  6. Sorry but for me you're wrong on Huddersfield. League champions of England (three times) is an achievement regardless of when it was done. More than happy for them to have three stars on their league shirt. Teams like Forest and Ipswich who play league games week in week out with multiple stars but who have only been champions of England once should be charged under the trades description act. And in general, stars on club badges are pony.
  7. Didn't Philip Cocu state that some Dutch players don't have the capability to play in the Championship. I'm convinced that he was thinking of Juninho Bacuna when he said it.
  8. Any chance you could sort out the UK's future relationship with the EU next? Ta, from all of us.
  9. I'm not sure she knows @Van der MoodHoover?
  10. Having done my research 😉 it seems Stoke have far too many players and a novice manager trying to control a number of egos. The locals are restless and I'm not so sure the team aren't either. On the other hand there are some decent players in that squad. Long story short, if they're not successful early the pressure is likely to tell and the crowd could turn on them. That and the fact that they'll play a midfield diamond should influence who plays for us and how we play.
  11. How on god's earth is the Leicestershire #55 a professional athlete? I'll let @eddie make the obvious joke about the biscuits 😂
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