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  1. Jon Toral

    So you agreed on Johnson? You agreed on an American euphemism for a male member with your gay American friend? I'm betting you then went out for lunch and grabbed a Weiner together?
  2. (Confirmed) terrorist attack in Barcelona

    Aah a story. Got it now Very good.
  3. (Confirmed) terrorist attack in Barcelona

    Did you post this to depress us all at the contrast between a considered US President in @DenmarkRam's post and the current clown, or for the comedy value of a news article citing a forum as evidence?
  4. v Bolton (A) - Predictions

    Boltoff 0 Derby 2 Lawrence of Derabia FRGS
  5. Jon Toral

    Is this the same sort of 'friend' that @philmycock had with a haemorrhoid problem?
  6. Official: Will Hughes joins Watford

    is he coming home yet?
  7. Official: Tom Ince joins Huddersfield Town

    Yeah but Will's an ex public schoolboy, so unless your mate's called Tarquin he should be glad Will didn't hold his nose while talking to him. The bloody great unwashed! There's just no sense of place these days.
  8. Jason Shackell

    Forget that. Where's the bloody toaster we all chipped in for off the wedding present list?
  9. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Anyone for a non-league gamble? Dave Tarpey, from Maidstone Town. 44 goals last season in National League South (nine more than the previous record), and 7 in 4 games this season in the National League (including four last night). Bad news is he's already 29. Good news is we could sign him on loan, then force him to sign permanently before flogging him to Wolves for a kajillion pounds.
  10. Signed: Tom Lawrence - Undisclosed fee, long term contract

    I think you'll find that actually Gary is PC. However the obvious error is that Gary wouldn't be seen dead without a natty sweater and business casual shirt combo.
  11. Jon Toral

    How come? It doesn't mention you by name never mind @cymru
  12. Lack of loans

    Haven't our u18's just drawn 1-1 with the mighty Liverpool u18s?
  13. v Preston (H) - Predictions

    1-0 Martin
  14. v Wolves (H) - Predictions

    Derby 3 Wolves 1 Martin
  15. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread


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