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  1. God there's some people getting there knickers in a twist. There's been far too many passive performances and it needed shaking up. With our injury list how many options did Frank have? I'm behind the selection and I hope Max has a stormer too. COYR
  2. Just leave them alone Dad. You're so embarrassing 😞
  3. Interesting. While you were round the in-laws, I too was concentrating on a pair of thrupenny bits. Say Hi to Mrs Sparkle for me. Yee hah.🤠
  4. 19 years old and signed for the u23's. From Blackpool, who for all their sins, have had impressive runs in the FA Youth Cup. 5 senior appearances. Can apparently run. jump and finish. What's not to like? Welcome to Derby Rowan!
  5. Rams 3 Steady on Tigers 1 King FRGS
  6. Can you imagine how many cans of Dark Fruits @BurtonRam7 will get through on that away day? #paintingtheredplanetpurple
  7. Mount out gives us the opportunity to play Holmes in his position. I'm hoping King will come in for Bryson.
  8. This isn't going to sit well with the twitterati, the snowflake generation, the serial moaners, and the just plan stupid amongst us, but... I have loved before; Tommy Johnson, Igor Stimac, and Paulo Wanchope to name but a few. And then there was THAT team; Prince William Hughes, George Thorne, et al. For god's sake even now, a year after he left, my kids (who are 8 & 5) ran around all over Christmas screaming Johhny Brussell sprout most days! Anyway. Never been a hater. But like you say, after five years of appreciating what he's brought to the team, I'm now coming out. I love Richard Keogh. Football genius.
  9. Yes if we enter the 'FFP Danger Zone' we're given special dispensation to do just that. Problem is you need to buy a licensed 'FFP DZ Big Red Button'. Think of it like a big red button on a medallion which is worn on a thick gold chain that goes round the owners neck. Only trouble is it costs £50 and Mel has run out of money and didn't think it was worth buying one if he's selling.
  10. Can't see it at the moment. Chelsea haven't gone down the inexperienced big name manager route since Gullit. Their approach with youth players also defaults to a risk averse position. Frank will need a season or two of moderate success before he would be considered a la Matteo to fill in as a stop gap. Or a big success before he got the standard 'two years and out' stint as manager.
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