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  1. Classic line. God bless Caroline, very funny woman.
  2. They are there week before Xmas to tour the children ward, which is lovely and seems to be well appreciated. Not sure beyond that.
  3. He's got a point but i must be missing something here. Forest green rovers have put all their staff on furlough including players, what is stopping other clubs from doing the same ? Genuine question. I am reading in various places that players are waiting on PFA before acting etc.. but for the clubs who are struggling it seems like an option
  4. Wait a few months and CV19 will have rewritten the manifesto just like it rewrote the budget within a week. Leveling up/extra police/HS2 will probably not happen. The 40 new (ish) hospitals will most probably survive given the focus on the NHS at the moment, Brexit will have to be done probably not this year. Taxes and austerity will be back with us to pay for all this. This is not about politics but the impact of the crisis we are currently in.
  5. you might have missed a slight hint of sarcasm in my reply to your post. I'll try to do better next time!
  6. we were and even made a profit despite undervaluing the sale of PP 👀 something like that...
  7. might be easier to have a topic called NOT cancelled and ask the mods to lock it
  8. the government as i understand it have changed the law regarding the amount of leave you can carry over due to CV19
  9. I think essentially we agree, and some lie more than some others or perhaps choose not to say when they should be.
  10. Have you heard of the great firewall of China, the holiday camps for muslims (5* no less), tibet ? I have worked with them, let me tell you, they work very hard, they are very smart but might tend to be economical with the truth from experience
  11. Hi B4, Skype is not the same as sky. Skype allows you to video calls from a mobile phone, laptop or tablet. If you google it you should be able to find it. You then need to install it, register and then you can use it. Hope it helps.
  12. China/Wuhan is the only reference point really, their "back to normal" process is starting from a much stricter base for the lockdown which started 2 months ago. Government here seem to say that it may be over a long period 6 month and we may go in and out of lockdown. I guess what will decide how and how long will depend on many factors and especially testing as it stands we don't really know situation out there.
  13. Not just numbers symptoms as well. On french TV a head of A&E service in Paris confirmed that loss of taste/smell, diarreha amongst others symptoms had not been communicated by China. Lets face it the great firewall of China is built to prevent 1 Billion+ citizens from getting access to info the rest of us can access freely so you wouldn't trust them to be fully transparent...
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