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  1. If they had taken place last year we would have had a Rams fan taking part Sandy Ryan as she qualified but she's now turned professional I think
  2. Got to feel sorry for the Japanese, the games cost a bomb, they don't want it now and nobody is bothered. Apart from that let the games begin!
  3. I dont know either, that's 2 of us. Not convinced the other 2 know either (Mel and Stephen)
  4. Vale on the bank with a great view of Club I 'll ask my son when he gets up but it sounded like Lewis answering but with the noise around i could well be wrong. Everybody was laughing and shaking their heads. Best week end, i have had for bloody ages.
  5. I get the feeling you are not a fan!
  6. I am Not even English or a Hamilton fan but top top racing drivers would never pull out. Senna, schumi, Mansel. Only saw it on the big screens at the race but he did the same to leclerc and it worked OK. Verstappen is destined for the top he would have done the same
  7. No sure if that was played on c4/sky but on the F1 radio. There was a really funny exchange between toto wolf and Lewis following the crash and deliberation between the assessors. Toto said "Lewis I sent you an email re. Some points of regulation Lewis replied "I don't read my emails when I am racing". Superb.
  8. Great race loved it. People around me thought was at fault only just. But then Lewis overtook Leclerc at the same corner with the same move so there was room would be the obvious conclusion.
  9. Has skirt, will jiggy jiggy. Infected a few, politicians have. Stud Boris leading by example.
  10. Test event at Silverstone today is going well. 140,000 people. 2 are wearing a mask so if Phil and Hilda are catching the virus we have definite proof that tomorrow, freedom day, was the right decision. Masks were no good for anyone named Phil or Hilda.
  11. Prices are mad £6,50 pint. Heineken everywhere all the same price cos F1 got a deals nobody is allowed to sell anything else any cheaper. Merchandise cap is 50 t-shirt around 80
  12. Far fetched ?? we dont do sensible ideas 😀
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