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  1. Are you sure ? the smiley in the top right corner doesnt seem right, the rest looks ok and it all adds up.
  2. Covid crisis, 4 months of lockdown, we are finally seeing some faint light at the end of a very dark tunnel and you remind us of this. Cruel man.
  3. Scoring an equaliser against your bitter rivals in the 97th minute down to 10 men with your first chance of the game. MAGIC The only regret, we could not be there to watch it live
  4. Spot on there. ST holders may not end up in the seats they bought but if they need to track and trace it will be a lot easier to manage as they got all the info they need already. This may in turn lead to other chalenges how to separate family and groups, if you are moved to cheaper or more expensive section should a charge or refund apply. Tricky.
  5. We were the best team from the 96th minute. Well deserved draw.
  6. The missus is an expert in her field and has been for years but I am not so how do I cclear the cache ?
  7. Probably asked Wayne if he'd heard of anybody in Toxteth selling nice watches...
  8. I just see a circle in the page. Hopefully it will show on the screen shot
  9. On Ipad (old one that is) i get a big grey circle displayed instead of the heart ❤️ for the likes. When i press it i can see all other emojis but again not the heart.
  10. I was still using it. Orange lives matter.
  11. Great result, clean sheet despite our best defender out injured. Getting interesting....
  12. Anya finally left. May be not crazy but long time coming.
  13. Terrible news, hope he makes a speedy full recovery and we get the pleasure to see him bossing the defence by the end of this (crazy) season. It was only earlier this month that I watched the Ambulance documentary on the beeb and stabbings featured a few times. In fact i think they said that now Liverpool knife crime stats were worse or on a par with London.
  14. Great player in his days. Top 3 foreign import with most appearances for Barca behind Messi and Alves. They have had a few half decent players over the years so to make 292 appearances there you got to be some player.
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