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  1. Should be interesting https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58843884
  2. As a Frenchman i have to say, i was very pleased that Atwell did VAR tonight, only he could give it onside
  3. French TV said that Garcia touches the ball so MBP is not offisde. They are terribly biased and Atwell is craap, never mind we'll have it anyway
  4. To be successful we need a nation state, ran by a dictator with a dubious human right records who needs a football club to better their image, Kim's North Korea is the most obvious but they are broke. Puttin's Russia have got deep pockets so could do as well, but Vladimir is a bit careless with the Novichok, so that could be an issue. There's got to be some dodgy country somewhere waiting for us
  5. I dont trust the buggers either, especially that lot, but when it comes to doctors and science the vast majority cant be all wrong. Whether you think it is gone help you are not health wise that is very much a personal choice. One thing for sure i just want to live a normal life and being vaccinated seems to be the only way at the moment
  6. I would agree and very good point but my example is more about people trying to find reasons for not getting vaccinated yet for other ailments they just happy to go along with whatever recommendations they are given
  7. vaccine, flu jab yes/no/may be. Just got back from France, the area has always been a little rebellious, reluctant, and as i expected quite a few have not had the vaccine. Incidently, A few from the medical profession can no longer practise since the 15th of September if not double vaccinated, thats the law. I caught up with an old nurse friend of mine who told me that her husbands cancer has returned after a few years. He is a clean living guy, was very sporty, no drinking, no smoking, mid fifties, just bad luck and was about to restart chemotherapy. My friend said to me, what i dont quite understand is all those people who refuse to get vaccinated, the moment they are told you got the big C and chemo is the option that could save you or some new revolutionary drug treatment is the best option , they dont really pause, reflect and eventually refuse. It's usually, yes please when can i start? and as she said, when it come to chemo the stuff in there is pretty nasty stuff.
  8. As well as remembering exactly where i was i remember watching it in a hotel room after work and thinking how can anyone think of something so big, so horredous, so evil, this was on another scale
  9. Was at work abroad and the guy who told me at the office had a strong German accent, i made him repeat a few times as I simply thought this cant be true, i am not understanding this right. Pure evil.
  10. Read this week that we got 1.1M and would raise to 3.4M (I think) depending on number of clauses to be met. It would be nice if Liverpool, could follow Arsenal in trying to help us and bring some of those clauses/money due a bit earlier. We need it, they don't
  11. You wonder if Lord Wolfson ever stepped into his Next warehouse. First language is usually an eastern European language so why is surprised that they aren't here anymore? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58786741
  12. Eau de Sweaty fragrance by Coc0 Jewell
  13. One of my favourites books and loved the films. I watched the trailer and was kind of unsure about going back to watch a remake as sometimes despite better special effects, camera shots, sound it does not have the magic of the the first time. I think you convinced me, thanks.
  14. Or may be he hasnt and tries to get his retaliation/negotation in first with the admins
  15. Google translate? if not, good effort!
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