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  1. Athletes that can prove to be clean will be able to compete under neutral flag.
  2. This. It is a poor league, defending at times is farcical. Over the years The teams that end up top or near there attack attack attack. If you create the chances in the championship you will score. But there lies the issue we dont create enough. Preston came to PP and they were 2nd in the league and rubbish, we attacked them played well and won. I dont understand why we have not persevered with this. Rooney may change all that, I hope. 24 sleeps and counting.
  3. I wonder if Watford have ever thought about putting their manager on zero hour contracts. They' d save a few beans
  4. I like it, numbers 1 to 11 as it used to be and as it should be. Don't know about the rest. oh, and black boots please.
  5. Harsh and have to disagree. There is a good player in there.. We paid 300k i seem to recall, Given some of the fees we have paid and money we have p!ssed away in recent years he's a bit of a bargain. MOTM today, not much competition I have to say but he tried harder than the rest to make things happen
  6. Things are getting serious...leaflets from the Brexit party just landed through the letter box today Dear Voter, <insert waffle> Nigel Farage They must have crunch the numbers and I must be one those they need to convince of their master plan and why not, you never know. This being said I wouldn't have thought that as an EU citizen we are prime targets but every vote counts as they say... But and it is a big BUT, EU citizens cannot vote for UK parliament elections. Still, good to know they got a plan and know what they are doing. There are over 3M EU citizens in this country, me thinks we should all send our letters back to Nigel home address.
  7. But are they ? As I understand it the student debt is not recognized on the government books/debt. It stands at around £125bn and is planned to reach £450bn by the middle of this century. to put in context, the NHS budget is around £130bn. Generation rent/snowflakes/millenials call them what you like have been sold down the river but because it does not affect the books and they don't really vote en masse, the politicians mention it to get a few votes but in the whole ignore them. Rent/Loans/Brexit mess for years to come/Environment/Pensions at the age of 70/etc...kids deserve a lot better.
  8. Rooney to start his coaching carreer at Derby this week. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/wayne-rooney-to-start-coaching-Derby-county-rgzq2c3rz
  9. Sponsored by Tefal, Teflon coated
  10. As much as i enjoyed it , my first thought was we are only nil up, second one there is another half to go, third one ah duck it just enjoy it
  11. We are not exactly blessed in that position so it may be an option. it also means that his replacement need to step in and perform and that may be equally as tricky. When Boggle got injured earlier on in the season we struggled to replace him at FB.
  12. First half was the best football we have seen under Cocu, second half we managed to keep the result, makes a very nice change. Bielik in midfield is the key, come January if we create the chances we had today and some fall to Rooooney we should do better than 1-0. Could be interesting.
  13. You could say this about any of 18 teams probably. My thought today was if these are second it shows you dont need much to get in the top 6. They were pretty cr@p tbh.
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