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  1. I am out of the country and no access to BBC and C4 to get a good understanding of the implications and what could happen next week. I tried with info from BBC site to get a bit more understanding but would be grateful For some explanations on here in simple terms...
  2. When baby is crying, make sure mum is within earshot....
  3. I am on virgin broadband and tv. They wanted to up the prices at the end told them no i am off. They told me the price would need to go up but i got a rebate on the first month of renewal which meant there was no increase. Virgin i find are very good at headline figures. 100 Mb is only when wired. Upload speed is shocking, 5mb as opposed to 18 with BT, it does not matter to most people but it does in my line of work. WIFI is woeful, 70mb in the room where the router is, as soon as i walk out barely 20. I had to add a set of boosters to cover the house. I only stayed because of TV but broadband is not great i find
  4. Yeah man, DUP dudes don't do duff deal
  5. Come on, Arlene Come on, Arlene Poor old Bojo Sounded sad upon the radio But he moved a billion or two The ERG cried, sang along, who'd blame them There's got to be a song there...
  6. If i remember correctly that was The Govester who came up with that one. I've always wondered when he goes to see the doctor or consultant he tells them the same. They are after all medecine experts, or does it tell baalocks I'll stick a plaster on it! That's Trump politics for you, if you like it must be true if you don't it is fake news. The way that lot behave one day someone will realise we do need the experts, it is the politicians we don't need.
  7. At the week end on French TV, the chairman of OGC Nice (Ligue 1 club) was a guest following the recent takeover of the club by Jim Ratcliffe. Ratcliffe is Britains 3rd richest man based and owner of Ineos (petrochemical conglomerate). The chairman was asked how did it happen ? He said he'd heard that Ratcliffe was keen on sports, he owns the Ineos cycling team, financed the sub 2 hour marathon this week-end and had also tried to buy Chelsea in the past for a mere 2.5B squid. The chairman contacted Ratcliffe, heard nothing for a few weeks and one day email turned up saying he 'd like to buy the club. Simple as that. May be local lad David Brailsford could get Ratcliffe's email adress to help out Mel...
  8. They reckon it is about a 3 to 4 percent improvement. The carbon plate(s) in the sole gives it a spring effect. One of the lievres (a bit of french for you) said it is like running on a trampoline. The incremental effects came from the drink itself, the way it was taken , the inverted V Formation for aerodynamics, the location for the weather, the course, all sorts. Even the car carrying the laser had its engine tuned by MacLaren i think to make sure it could vary its speed by 0.1 km/h. Derby(shire) also played its part as the whole project was overseen by Sir Dave Brailsford who lives locally. Ineos spent north of 20Million on the attempt.
  9. I posted in athletic championship as soon as he did it. Got up early just to watch it. Truly remarkable. The average joe sprints at the speed this guy ran for 2hours. Good luck with your target.
  10. Pacemakers were doing stints of 5km and rotating only he did the full distance
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