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  1. Decent player at this level and I like the moniker, but Andres has more talent in his little right toe than Graeme's 2 feet. Good beard though!
  2. Knocked 2 teeth out, could have killed him, should have gone straight to jail. Ok i might be a bit biased but it is up there in the top 1
  3. U2 in the south of France in the summer. Was expecting a lot but it was Way to hot for an afternoon stadium concert for Irish people, they were struggling. Same summer, even hotter, Bruce the boss rolled into town, 3 hours solid, R&R at its best.
  4. Weren't they supposed to be in Blackburn?
  5. It's been said in another thread that if we go down, it is the governments fault so you are in the right place. The pubs are kind of opened & shops are opened. Vaccine is going well (mostly) so reasons to believe we can have a good summer. There you are i tried!
  6. The inlaws live in a perfect house, everything is working, nothing is broken, painting is perfect, garden is immacualte, the shed looks like a Benetton store (remember these?). All heavenly apart from one thing, they are A people. When we are allowed to see them, i will be showing them this poll and tell them they got it all wrong.
  7. Keep academy going, it is working well producing quality players able to step up to the first team. Shame we seem to have had to let go of some of the best ones but still, Daz Waz and co seem to be doing the right thing. in factunder Mel the training ground has been transformed beyond recognition and he has spent millions on it, it would be nice that it is somehow recognised. Not saying rename it as opinions are divided about his stewardship but at least have something in place to recognise that if the cat 1 academy is there and clearly working it is because of his vision.
  8. Not really a royalist tbh but i feel for the queen. i know duty comes first but having spent that long together now with Covid she cant go about doing a lot of her duty , i am wondering the impact on her willingness to carry on.i remember my parents having spent a lifetime together when the first one went, the one that remained lost that spark and seemed to get older faster. He seemed a decent bloke said it as it is and that makes a refreshing change in my book.
  9. Ben Pringle as BoJo. I even remember the south east corner singing one Boris Johnson at a game.
  10. Has El DerbyCo thread reached 500 pages yet ? To early to vote.
  11. We will probably never know why and who was really responsiblè for the initial response to go so spectacularly wrong, the promised public enquiry might though. But i also wonder if we will find out the who and the why the vaccine roll out is going so well.
  12. Genuine question, not stirring it, what happened to Albert and G Star Ram? Did they go with Coronavirus thread MK1?
  13. Funny how a non story contains a picture of Rooney. Can you imagine a non story with a picture of Johnny Nobody managing some football team ? Pointless
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