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  1. When we could go to games, as i walked past the Velodrome, i sometimes thought that's not the best way to spend tax payers money. Now i wont be looking at the place the same way, I'll have much more positive outlook about the place, thanks to the effort of people like your sister. Say thanks to her, they are doing a great job. They are our only hope.
  2. I knew that NZ got it right but did not quite realised how right. In fact, going by how wrong it's gone here and Europe and US, it is nothing short of miraculous. Two numbers, 25 deaths and GDP up 12%, bonkers.
  3. Yep they showed it on Sky Sports News. Unless it is a cruise ship, boats arent really my thing tbh but I'd love to see those racing live.
  4. Those things spend more time flying above water than floating on it. The speed they reach with no motor is crazy.
  5. Done great last 2 games. Very good shotstopper and better with his feet than Marshall. We have just played 2 teams that play football on the deck and that suits his game. The problem is those teams that cross the ball or lump it in the box then he doesnt command his area like Marshall does. Unfortunately for him in the Championship it is a big part of a goalkeeper's game.
  6. Great away performance. Defended well, had one proper chance and made it count. Looks like things are going in the rght direction on the pitch, all that is needed (!) is to sort out the poo off the pitch. Special mention for Young Lee, I cant temember seeing him defending so well on the deck and in the air.
  7. BMA does not seem convinced with the plan to space out the 2 doses by 12 weeks. We seem to be the only country to go ahead with this, it just feels like another roll of the dice. Unfortunately if it does not land properly It might be a costly gamble.
  8. Which one ? You are being kind, we are all over the place, sadly by the end of next week we'll be on a 100k deaths. Not a ducking clue that lot.
  9. What I would like to know re. the half job as I call it, how much of this decision is down to the fact that we really need to go quick and supply issues. Everytime you go to the doctors and is prescribed some drugs they always say complete the course of medicine. With the vaccine we seem to go against the manufacturer's advice.
  10. Whats the situation in Oz re. The vaccine ? Which one(s) are you getting ? Is it being rolled out at pace and are you getting the recommended doses or the half job ?
  11. Lots listed already here but one glaring miss, Johnny "The master" Cash.
  12. Tell him the sheikh is in the post!
  13. Many already listed but these 2 would be near the top British/American actors Tom Hanks Robin Williams
  14. Thx for posting. So, I watched it because I always like to see the 2 sides of a given story, and hopefully be a little less ignorant. Altogether reasonably well put together, they try to cover several issues, big tech, vaccines, freedom, government control and the links between them. However, I always go back to the same question, what are their solutions ?
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