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  1. Einstein was born 14th of March. Very apt.
  2. Our 11 points record is a bit it like 100m world record. Bolts 9.58 secs set the bar so low that it will last a generation to beat it
  3. A bit harsh... but your comment re. crossing is spot on. He tends to run at the defender, does not or cannot get passed him, gets so close to the defender the only decent option he is left with is to pass it on the floor, usually to someone 5 to 10 to his left further away from the goal than he was. He could perhaps watch a few Beckham videos step away from defenders wip a few early balls in. He made a very good career out of this and all strickers who played with him loved him for it.
  4. Don't know but boy do we miss him, especially in our attacking play!
  5. Pre match he said he saw Giggs at first game of the season and asked him about Lawrence playing for Wales and he gestured flipping a coin. Ie you dont which Tom is going to turn up
  6. Listened to him pre and post match and he was excellent. Because he knows so many in the game he has some interesting stories to tell. I wish he was on more often.
  7. Well done! On the same topic this morning there is very good article in The Times (sorry can't post it here behind Wheeler's wall) about football authorities especially UEFA and FIFA not giving a hoot about carbon footprint of their repective competition. It cites this week's supercup between 2 English clubs played in Turkey 4 hour flight. Last CL final 2 English teams played in Madrid, Europa league 2 London teams played in Baku (Azerbaidjan). Going forward Euro 2020 will be played across Europe, WC 2026 will be played across Canada, US and Mexico. It then rubishes the idea that planning of European finals needs to be made well in advance not knowing the finalist. The last final of Copa Libertadores was moved from Buesnos Aires to the Bernabeu with 2 weeks notice. Mind you that was a bit of trek as well (!) I think football in general with its high profile, money etc... is going to be under more scrutiny going forward when it comes to its impact on the environment.
  8. I watched a WC match with a Real Madrid ST holder he was not happy with the price he paid. I think we worked out he was paying around EUR80 more than my ST and I am in one the cheapest seats. The biggest problem is that in the PL and Championship the money in the game goes to wages and agents. They suck most of the money out of the game with the exception of the Glazers who bleed the club for themselves. Mel has spoken at length at various fans forums of the cost (wages really) vs income ratio in the Championship, it is ust not sustainable. I would not be surprised if the average wage in the Championship is broadly in line if not higher than the top leagues in the continent if you exclude the CL teams.
  9. I thought I should check the center circle at PP but unfortunately it looks like the pitch was covered that day! Anyway I tried to aim at center circle with the app and it is, crust.legal.sheep, honestly! To remember it--> the sale of the sheep's ground where footballers earn their crust is entirely legal. Mel must have fixed that one...
  10. Mr Blobby would do a better job than the bunch of muppets we've got at Westminster at the moment
  11. I can...and it's made Friday an even better day! Hope the sponsor is the legal stuff we've got enough stick with a betting company!
  12. Brilliant. Could we have him and Cavani at PP ?
  13. Could they sail up the Derwent ? She's gonna get them.
  14. What a brilliant idea, very clever! (Pride park is rooney.Derby.promotion allegedly)
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