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  1. Anyone travelling on roadrider and expecting to park their car at the ground please read this asap: https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2019/05/important-information-regarding-roadrider-service-for-wembley
  2. Nowt else to do up here in Barnsley, so suppose I'll be there πŸ˜‰ Block 115
  3. Best of luck to anyone trying for a ticket today. Cheers, COYR
  4. In my opinion (and I am a season ticket holder and away member) this Villa way of selling is so much fairer than ours. Members and season ticket holders get their seat, folks who are not in those two categories but have been to games get a dam good chance of getting a seat, and then perhaps people who haven't been to enough to qualify for the above get to fight it out in a general sale. I pains me to see our friends on here not getting a seat in the Derby lottery, but then seeing season ticket holders gloating that they have got an extra 6 tickets. Sorry but I'm basically a socialist at heart.
  5. 526 now open 880 tickets available in it - keep the faith guys
  6. Nice work Mucker, but I think the "grey" blocks are not intended for sale to us Derby fans. Also blocks 518 to 526 although they say "sold out" I dont think they have been released for sale yet. So that leaves the 1200 free seats from open blocks, plus approx 4500 from 518 to 526, plus whatever there are in the 215 to 223 range when they get released. So my best guess is that there will be around 6000 up for grabs, sounds a lot but as we've seen on previous play off games demand for this type of game is far in excess of the number of people who attend run of the mill games, so I expect them to go quickly.
  7. Not sure how the 2.00 pm thing will work tomorrow. Season ticket holders can be legitimately logged on before 2.00 pm with their two extra seats selected because their buy buttons are green and active, but just unable to finalise the purchase of them. At 2.00 pm will they be able to buy those tickets ? This would be very unfair on non-season ticket holder though. OR At some time before 2.00 pm, will everyone be kicked off the site and a queue put in place to get back on. Anyone any ideas ??
  8. Block 115 row 33. Booked hotel for Sunday and Monday nights for the Smithy massive (well 6 of us anyway)
  9. Got ours, in block 115. Good luck to all genuine fans who go to games but are not season ticket holders on Sunday. Been in that situation myself (for West Brom game) having attended about 30 matches that season, but missed out in the general sale lottery. I know season ticket holders want to take the missus, cousin or bloke next door who may have not been to a game for ages and so they dip into the ticket pool again on general sale day, but it really pees me off when true fans miss out because of it. The club could easily look after regular match goers, but choose not to.
  10. Will be going to Drysalters, been there in the past and it's an ok pub. Not great if you like real ale, but close to ground, has car parking and as mentioned above is away fans friendly. Defo need some beers before kick off tomorrow πŸΊπŸ‘
  11. Here's the ticket details. Same as for Birmingham, bad blocks on sale 1st.
  12. Well, we will be at the Griffin, by far the best of the pubs around the ground in my opinion. Will be there for a meal tonight too, it's a cracking local boozer in the week.
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