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  1. Been an away member for a few years now. Like the reassurance that we will get tickets, so can get decent deals on travel and accommodation etc.. subject of course to Sky not dicking us about. Go to as many away as we can, been to 15 up to now this season. Have been allocated some horrible seats over the years. This new choose your seat system goes some way to addressing that, but still not good enough in my opinion. Also don't agree with membership scheme for getting tickets. But club ate obviously happy to take 40 quid off folks and that also saves them having to put in much effort regarding fans loyalty. As the song does 'I ducking love Derby' but those running the club have always taken the fans loyalty for granted and sometimes feels like they're taking the piss. Anyway rant over, let's see if people power regarding slow sales in the crapo block at Brum makes anyone at the club take notice - not holding my breath tho,
  2. Well you can all feel really smug, weather here in UAE yesterday was cool, cloudy and windy with thunderstorms and tons of rain in evening. Sorry to disappoint though 'cos now at 8.15am it's sunny with clear blue sky and hotting up nicely. 😎 ⛱️ 🍺 COYR
  3. Same reason most of them tend to buy ridiculous massive 4x4s - in their eyes big & bling = classy 😂
  4. Will have to arrange to meet up with the lads in Dubai 😉 Mrs and me are in Ras al Khaimah for the week, only about an hour from Dubai. We must be in the lucky duckers club too.
  5. Dam me, was in Four Oaks Waitrose on Sunday on way home from Steely Dan concert at NEC. Some seriously nice gaffes around there especially at Little Aston.
  6. Never saw that block for sale either, it was always greyed out and nothing happened when you hovered the cursor over it, now as you say it is showing as sold out ??
  7. Didn't freeze much for me either, but the picture quality during the game was very disappointing. The colours on static views of the pitch were "wishy washy" and once any movement took place it struggled to keep any sort of quality at all. My broadband runs at 35 Mb and TV is a 49 inch Sony 4k set. If I watched it on the laptop screen (about 13 inches) the quality was ok, but that's not a great option for more than one person to watch. Comparing Rams TV and Now TV shows a massive gulf in picture quality. Both stream via internet, but Now TV is much better in terms of picture quality, still not perfect, but a much better watching experience. Oh and it costs less too. Will not be rushing to buy another subscription.
  8. Got ours 😀 Treating ourselves to a long weekend break near Portsmouth, takes the edge off the 500 mile round trip. Will be in Brighton for breakfast beers on match day 🍻
  9. All tickets sold via dcfc ticket office are on the twitter page
  10. Got ours too, looking forward to visiting a "proper" club.
  11. Now TV £7.99 for a sports day pass - cheap as chips
  12. It would be rude not to go 😉
  13. Hurtling north at 120 mph drinking cider. On the train to Wakefield after a great couple of days down that London. Proud to be Derby
  14. Covent Garden is looking favourite again. As much as I like the perfect pint in a nice pub, this is a Derby away day so need to get in with the flock and make some noise. No fun sitting there with the best pint in the world if you are the only couple of Rams in the place.
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