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  1. S75 Ram

    Accrington Stanley away tickets

    Got ours too, looking forward to visiting a "proper" club.
  2. S75 Ram

    Tv tonight ..

    Now TV £7.99 for a sports day pass - cheap as chips
  3. S75 Ram

    Wigan (A) Tickets

    It would be rude not to go 😉
  4. S75 Ram

    Match Thread V Chelsea (A)

    Hurtling north at 120 mph drinking cider. On the train to Wakefield after a great couple of days down that London. Proud to be Derby
  5. S75 Ram

    Drinking in London

    Covent Garden is looking favourite again. As much as I like the perfect pint in a nice pub, this is a Derby away day so need to get in with the flock and make some noise. No fun sitting there with the best pint in the world if you are the only couple of Rams in the place.
  6. S75 Ram

    Boro (A) Tickets

    The 800 or so of us who have already bought tickets could be in for a treat if we can replicate the last two performances 😉
  7. Thanks for that info @Angry, we were going to pop over to Earls Court area, but might do Hammersmith now. Staying just down the road in Premier Inn near Ravenscourt Park tube. Will have to sit on the Rick Mayall bench and re-create the Bottom opening credits scene 😀
  8. Ours were waiting on the doormat when we arrived home last night from our international break (7 great days in Crete) 🙂 Shed lower, row 10 - ready to bounce.................
  9. Looking forward to this one. Will be a bit more relaxed than my last midweek away to London. Drove from Barnsley to Pride Park, couple of pints in the yard. Road rider No1 to Fulham. More beers. Lost 😭 Back in bed at 03.00 at work by 07.30. Oh the joys of watching the Rams
  10. S75 Ram

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    Just had a spot on pint of London Pride sitting in the sunshine ouside the Griffin at Brentford. Good start to the weekend. Moving on to Chiswick High Street now for some more beers and a bite to eat.
  11. Train booked, hotel booked. Just need the match tickets and it's job done.
  12. S75 Ram

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    Will be in Covent Garden too, the White Lion 'cos it has the better beers 🍻. Setting off from home soon - really need to get a faster car 😏 COYR
  13. S75 Ram

    Boro (A) Tickets

    We'll be there too
  14. S75 Ram

    Phone signal at Pride Park

    I'm on o2 and it's garbage in the ground both internet and phone. Like you say, folks on other networks seem able to use phone/internet.

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