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  1. Not here to make excuses, that’s what Rosenior is for. But playing 2 matches a week is exaggerating our plight. Even if we get Big Sam in, it’s going to be some turnaround to get us playing in a coherent manner. As soon as we’ve laid plans for Saturday, Wednesday is upon us. We’d probably still be in the same position if it was a normal season. But at least one match a week allows some organisation to take place. Unless we get a proper manager in within the next 24 hours/Mac takes charge then I’m afraid to say we’re doomed.
  2. We only have two hopes. Either we appoint a seasoned manager as of tomorrow morning and we may just survive. Or we take a hard look at ourselves, go down, get rid of Rooney and start planning properly and being smarter in the transfer market. Personally I think we’re down.
  3. Can see why Derby fans wouldn’t want Warnock in charge. He actually wins matches.
  4. If you look at both teams on paper we have the better XI, however would I back us to win tonight? Definitely not.
  5. I’ve watched most of this season and I don’t mind the £10 fee as x3 you get a normal match day ticket. However as others have alluded to we’re currently paying £10 a match to get stressed, angry and depressed. Would be nice to see us score and win a match.
  6. Because if he’s not very good we’ll be in league 1 next season. You’re right in that all appointments are a risk but I’d rather go for someone a bit more tried and tested in the situation we find ourselves in. Rather Terry myself if it’s between the two.
  7. Derby fans seeing the return of the messiah only to realise this means Rooney will be appointed as the manager.
  8. Mac back on board with his contacts and experience is obviously a good thing. If his joint role means he’ll be out on the training ground organising us even better. If this means it’s Rooney as manager it’s a helluva risk to be taking in our position.
  9. Trying to do my best Columbo impression. What do we know? Big Sam is going to be back in football soon according to Mr O’Rourke. The likely destinations are Sheff Utd, West Brom or us. Eddie Howe has come in on the odds but was on MNF last night and reading the comments on here he didn’t sound like he was joining anyone any time soon. There’s only one of the candidates that’s definitely in Derby right now and that’s Rooney. His presser yesterday didn’t sound like he was stepping back either. Therefore I’m putting 2+2 together and thinking maybe Wayne has the job.
  10. I certainly don't think we're doomed without him and if I was picking the next man Paul Cook would've been on the shortlist. But if you did a million pound drop style who's going to keep us up between the two I'd be putting three quarters of a mil on big Sam. He does what he says on the tin, whether he's any good for us past this season remains to be seen. But I find it farcical how adamant some Derby fans were that Cocu was the right man, but have already written off big Sam before a ball has been kicked under his guidance.
  11. One must dream. However do you think we'll go down with big Sam at the helm?
  12. Short term big Sam is the best from all the candidates in my opinion because he's guaranteed survival. Long term there's obvious question marks. I guess the length of contract given will show light on what our intentions are. However if big Sam is given a 2-3 year deal I'd be quietly confident he would get us promoted. The issue is when he leaves, as even if he takes us up and keeps us in the prem for 3 seasons, once he goes we'll have a squad that can only play the pragmatic way. Some people will love him, some will hate him but either way he's looking like he's gonna be the man so we h
  13. That jokes been done before 👍
  14. If anyone with an official capacity to the club can relay what’s being said please do. None of the fans care if Mel is haggling for an extra couple of million. We just want this done one way or another so we can either get excited as to what the future holds or accept that the chips are down and we’re gonna need to all dig in and see if we can survive this pop season. No point having this bubble on until late December the damage will be done by then. Either come to an agreement and off your trot to waste some other clubs time. I know my above opinions are selfish and are maybe to
  15. He had them in the play offs if I remember. I also remember seeing Ipswich fans on Twitter say they’d rather go down than watch him anymore. That’s going well for them.
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