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  1. A draw would’ve been amazing for us. Sounds like a Rotherham wonder goal has put Wednesday in the mud but slightly dragged us back in it. 3 points on Saturday please.
  2. The squad next season should be: GK: Marshall, Roos RB: Byrne, McDonald LB: Buchanan, Forsyth CB: Wisdom, x3 new centre backs. Maybe Edmundson depending on the deal. CDM: Bielik, Bird, another? CM: Knight, Shinnie, New creative mid, Sibley LW: Lawrence, Ibe, Jozwiak RW: Waghorn, new right winger FW: CKR, new striker, Stretton Thats 6 definites, maybe 7 if you don’t trust Bird to be the main CDM until Bielik returns. I’m expecting at least 4 of those to be loans. Obviously loan signings aren’t great long term but I’m assuming that funds will still be l
  3. Roos - 6 (could be 5 after that last goal but meh.) Wisdom - 5 Mengi - 4 Clarke - 4 Buchanan - 5 Baningime - 5 Edmundson - 5 Shinnie - 5 Jozwiak - 5 Gregory - 3 Sibley - 2
  4. Hopefully Wednesday and Rotherham can draw tomorrow but regardless the Hudds v Birmingham match has gone in our favour.
  5. The way we’ve lost is what has got everyone’s back up. I’ve now calmed down and will assess this against the result on Saturday.
  6. Wayne’s dropped a ball and now it’s all eyes on Saturday. We made this far too easy for them.
  7. Gregory not offering to come short. Mengi looks to have upset the balance in defence. Can we take advantage of the injury?
  8. Looks like we're saving the big man for Coventry. I'm slightly surprised if that is the thinking because Cardiff are not that special and there for the taking. I've not seen Mengi before although from what I gather he wasn't great at Wycombe. Not going to get too stressed out tonight, hoping Sibley can have a second coming of age and that Baningime can put in an impressive debut.
  9. With Huddersfield playing Birmingham and Wednesday playing Rotherham it’s made tonight a bit more important than it should be. If we lose then the gap will be close again. I’m trying to look at the bigger picture and I think we need 4 wins from 14 so it’s not all riding on the next 2 matches. I’d just rather our relegation rivals play Norwich and Brentford every match until the end of the season.
  10. Everything in the original post. Covid has obviously played a big part on the overall excitement of football. But as stated previously, these matches have been dull for a while. Think a break from them all would be best. Alternatively both teams get promoted next season and a prem standard East Midlands Derby could inject some passion and foreign salsa in to proceedings.
  11. So far he’s been very underwhelming. Other than his first few matches he’s really not offered a lot in the final third. Lots of posters have already defended him on this thread and I don’t dislike him. But if we don’t see much next season I think it’s safe to say we’ve wasted another £3-4m. The fee as per usual will sit on his shoulders against his performances, at the moment his performances have been no better than what we could’ve got from a free transfer. He works hard which needs to be appreciated but for his reputation and hype we need more. Despite there being more
  12. Watched them this afternoon for my sins. They’re the same as us with a bit more height and slightly better attackers. It’ll be a tough match for sure and i think the first goal will be key. But there’s no reason we can’t get all 3 points never mind 1.
  13. A fair result in the end. If Forest had hung on they’d have rightly claimed it was a deserved win for limiting us. But nothing lucky about us getting a point. If we’d have scored first would Forest have opened up more? I’m not so sure. Hughton seems to have finally sorted his best XI. Think they’ll be up there next season. My only solace is that if they make Knockaert, Freeman and Murray permanent then they’re going poo or bust. Let’s hope it’s bust. As for us, it’s a point gained and providing our form doesn’t fall off a cliff we’ll be a championship team next season. Who Roone
  14. Tonight’s gonna be a tight one. Think 0-0 would be the safe bet, however my gut is saying 1-0 Derby. I think Forest do have the better attacking players so how we manage them will dictate how the match goes.
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