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  1. Would’ve loved Sturridge this time last season but I question why he’s been out of the game for a season. Same goes for Huddlestone. Surely they’d rather play football for less money than they want than not play at all? But the evidence suggests otherwise.
  2. Have been pretty confident that we’d get a fine up until today. If the EFL are pushing for a points deduction this season then they’re going all out war. This effectively means next seasons a right off unless we agree to go down. Embarrassing that the EFL are actively trying to relegate a founding member. Football is really starting to show it’s true colours this season.
  3. Graeme Shinnie. Love maybe an over exaggeration but that’s probably because he’s part of the worst team in my life time.
  4. I didn’t dislike him up until he’s actively gone out of his way to get £2m from us when we’re in the mud and we offered him reduced terms. Should we have sacked all 3? Yes but unfortunately being morally right doesn’t help if you continue to lose matches and Lawrence would’ve no doubt been snapped up straight away. The club shouldn’t be punished for the players actions and as captain and a ‘professional’ Keogh’s behaviour is reptilian.
  5. People can bum lick Keogh all they want by saying that legally he’s in the right and good on him. But.. Curtis Davies. The man played on one leg to help keep us in the division. A man that realises what a lucky man he’s been to have the talent to lead a dream job. An ultimate professional. Whereas captain Keogh makes himself useless for a season and expects to get paid £20k plus. He’s lined his back pocket but as far as I’m concerned he’s a snake who played far too many matches for us.
  6. The EFL are a disgrace. If they’ve given us the green light to do something it’s irrelevant whether it’s sly, cheating or anything else. We made decisions on their say so. They can’t then change the rules and punish us. Best thing they can do is give us a bit of a fine and move on. Of course then Wycombe etc will throw their hat in to the ring and drag it out for another season. Pathetic.
  7. I know the saying “you reap what you sow” comes to mind but all the off field antics is really starting to tarnish my love for the game. Did Derby splash the cash under the presumption we’d get promoted? Yes Did Derby fail to gain promotion in typical Derby manner? Yes Are we in enough mud as it is without other clubs poking their noses in to our business? Yes As far as I can tell we’ve used every loophole going. Which of course is against the spirit of the game. However if the loopholes are there then it is the EFL’s problem and they should change their rules to make them
  8. Once again the ridiculously high transfer fee will weigh on people’s opinion of Waghorn. He’s had two solid seasons and this season he’s been poo. However he stepped up yesterday when it mattered most. I’d personally let him go now but I don’t question his professionalism at all and wish him well.
  9. Proper last match of the season drama. God bless Martyn Waghorn.
  10. Been thinking 2-2 all week with a Knight 94 minute equaliser keeping us up. But in reality we’re both poo so it’ll either be 0-0 or 1-0 weds.
  11. 4-2-3-1: Roos, Byrne, Edmundson, Clarke, Forsyth, Knight, Shinnie, Roberts, Sibley, Jozwiak, Lawrence Big Colin looked buggared on Saturday so I’d be looking at a high intensity game, hopefully get a goal or two and as we naturally die out bring on Colin, Waghorn etc as the experienced heads.
  12. Not a big Lawrence fan but that’s because we paid £5m for him. He is what he is which is an average to good championship player. But by god he’d be one of the first names on the team sheet for Saturday. One of the 3 players in our squad that seems to understand that in order to score you have to shoot.
  13. The only saving grace is if that’s the case the last 10 minutes will be buckaroo time. Both teams going for it can’t see it staying at 0-0.
  14. Over the last 2 months I keep coming back to this phrase and every match the lads scratch at this scab with no mercy. But then I think about it and I don’t actually hate/not rate most of the squad. I genuinely think with a Warnock/Rowett figure at the helm we could easily be a mid table side. So my question is, who’s not fit to wear the shirt? Not fit: Mel, Rooney and the coaching staff, Wisdom and Waghorn. Could say some of the youngsters too but I do genuinely think that they work hard, they’re just not very good/not coached right.
  15. I’m at a loss. Even when we score first the wheels come off. Our only hope is that it’s 0-0 in the final minutes and with them pushing forward we catch them on the break and poohouse a 1-0. As soon as Lawrence scored yesterday I thought great but it’s too early. That said for us to concede twice in 5 minutes is ridiculous. If we’d have hung on for a point things would be looking much rosier.
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