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  1. My love for Derby has not diminished but my interest is slowly starting to. Find it hard to justify missing family events etc only to ruin my weekend by seeing us churn out the same old poo. Personally think there’s still a hangover from the 11 point season. To have the club you love mocked every season is not a great feeling. Plus Derby seem to be the only team in recent seasons that has missed out on promotion and failed to go up in the next season or two. Overall it’s led to us being out of the prem for over a decade and for us to be overtaken by ‘smaller’ clubs. Now we’re going through a slow car crash of boring, losing football, with a selfish owner and a rookie manager who has zero charisma. Add in covid and the rising prices of everything it’s just a bit meh. The championship is also losing its magic. The 3 relegated teams are always looking good for a return and the ridiculous financial rules are stunting any ambition from anyone else. I don’t think it’s impossible to get promoted as a non relegated team but it appears harder than it was 5 seasons ago.
  2. I’m not sure who’s more selfish Rooney or Morris. Rooney must know he’s not the man for the job but he’s staying on regardless knowing that he has the perfect excuse in our off field troubles. As for Morris the fact he’s still the owner and still clashing swords with the EFL because of pride is toxic. Both need to go but I can’t see either going any time soon.
  3. A draw would’ve been fair but as soon as 11 minutes went up I knew we’d concede. Then we conceded 30 seconds in to the 11 and I knew we’d lose. I’m trying not to get to angry as there’s 44 matches left. But losing to relegation rivals is not the one and having Rooney as manager isn’t helping either.
  4. Car crash in slow motion. Negative news gets leaked, we all go through the ringer getting our heads around it before starting to come to terms with the news. Then wallop even more depressing news gets released and repeat. Seeing people say be careful what you wish for like we should just accept what’s going on because Dr Evil might stop funding us. The prospect of AFC Derby is looking better day by day.
  5. Mel’s lost the plot. Can someone collect him and put him to bed please.
  6. Pretty sure he could’ve left in jan. Huddersfield fans were practically begging for him to go and yet he stayed and hardly kicked a ball. Not sure we should be going after players that would rather sit on their bum for a few quid than play.
  7. Not going to comment on Derby because at this stage it’s farcical and pathetic for all parties involved. One thing has got my back up though and it’s the ‘poor Wycombe’ narrative. They got promoted under an asterisk and then going in to the last match of the season they were pretty much down. Unless they won 15-0 (never going to happen). So us, Wednesday and Rotherham played it as a 3 team shootout and because Wycombe won a pointless match they are now in prime position to swap with us. If the EFL do swap us with us with Wycombe then it’ll be a loss to us and the championship as a selling point.
  8. Would’ve loved Sturridge this time last season but I question why he’s been out of the game for a season. Same goes for Huddlestone. Surely they’d rather play football for less money than they want than not play at all? But the evidence suggests otherwise.
  9. Have been pretty confident that we’d get a fine up until today. If the EFL are pushing for a points deduction this season then they’re going all out war. This effectively means next seasons a right off unless we agree to go down. Embarrassing that the EFL are actively trying to relegate a founding member. Football is really starting to show it’s true colours this season.
  10. Graeme Shinnie. Love maybe an over exaggeration but that’s probably because he’s part of the worst team in my life time.
  11. I didn’t dislike him up until he’s actively gone out of his way to get £2m from us when we’re in the mud and we offered him reduced terms. Should we have sacked all 3? Yes but unfortunately being morally right doesn’t help if you continue to lose matches and Lawrence would’ve no doubt been snapped up straight away. The club shouldn’t be punished for the players actions and as captain and a ‘professional’ Keogh’s behaviour is reptilian.
  12. People can bum lick Keogh all they want by saying that legally he’s in the right and good on him. But.. Curtis Davies. The man played on one leg to help keep us in the division. A man that realises what a lucky man he’s been to have the talent to lead a dream job. An ultimate professional. Whereas captain Keogh makes himself useless for a season and expects to get paid £20k plus. He’s lined his back pocket but as far as I’m concerned he’s a snake who played far too many matches for us.
  13. The EFL are a disgrace. If they’ve given us the green light to do something it’s irrelevant whether it’s sly, cheating or anything else. We made decisions on their say so. They can’t then change the rules and punish us. Best thing they can do is give us a bit of a fine and move on. Of course then Wycombe etc will throw their hat in to the ring and drag it out for another season. Pathetic.
  14. I know the saying “you reap what you sow” comes to mind but all the off field antics is really starting to tarnish my love for the game. Did Derby splash the cash under the presumption we’d get promoted? Yes Did Derby fail to gain promotion in typical Derby manner? Yes Are we in enough mud as it is without other clubs poking their noses in to our business? Yes As far as I can tell we’ve used every loophole going. Which of course is against the spirit of the game. However if the loopholes are there then it is the EFL’s problem and they should change their rules to make them water tight. For saying football was in uproar in regards to the super league. It’s disgusting how the EFL and a handful of clubs are going out of their way to kill off a founding member of the football league. Have a day off.
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