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  1. It has been a mystery as to why Anya has not lived up to his price tag , wage etc like I said I was asking why he was not playing and that was the reply , it might be true or not ! But Income / Expectations / Desire / price tag / Comfort / Stress The years to come might answer all the questions
  2. I heard he does not want to play football
  3. One role we need to change is our fitness and conditioning team , it’s the one role we have stuck with! too many injuries and when we are playing we don’t look at the races in terms on being “switched on” and stamina I think we have a former Rugby team
  4. Lawrence loses the ball and Head goes down instead of getting it back Waghorn a passenger does not do enough and especially in the air he hardly ever jumps and competes Max Lowe keeps giving the ball away We need a personality on the pitch that the team are frightened of We are not hunting in packs The players don’t seem to be giving that extra 20 % that they do at home
  5. £1,5000,000 million divided by 22,000 season ticket holders = £68 , we should have a referendum and see who wants to give him their money, it’s a really sad end to what would / should have been a great career, Mel is running a business not a charity , he possibly will say how much he has lost so far it feels like a charity, should the fans , club be paying for a moment of madness ?
  6. Saw Archie Make his debut at West Brom
  7. Thoughts ! I have said before on here how effective are the fitness coaches in getting the squad to the required level to compete ? are they up to the job ? We seem to have a lot of injuries, do the certain players want to play for the club, are they up for the fight ? we won the league in 72/73 with 12 players on heavy pitches I watched the Luton and Barnsley game , the fans want to see attacking / exciting football but many times the defenders do not seem to have a outlet / option to pass the Ball too , midfield need to show for the Ball and create , likewise wingers need to get up the wings , Lawrence and jofrezoon do not do this , I would rather see them lose the ball but have a go to carry the ball, I would rather watch talent from the under 23 or 18’s Sadly we need a new goalie , never have I heard cheers from the home crowd for a goalie catching the ball The recent debacle regarding a “ bonding night with taxis laid on “ is a joke , sadly the club captain has shown his colours and not led by example also the club have let the fans down, if the drinks bill that is circulating ( if correct) has been paid for by the club then they have been naive When players get paid £1000’s to pull on the shirt they should what to play , entertain , give their all , want to win, be an all time great, send the crowd home happy , it’s not just the price of a ticket but the wasted time spent watching a 75% team that gets me
  8. Mel has a problem , if he sacks the three he loses his investment , if he plays them the fans will not be happy He should put them on the minimum wage and sold in January or whenever The players need to accept whatever punishment comes their way Keogh has really let everyone down, this situation shows he is not a leader very sad
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