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  1. 15% allocation is for FA Cup. League Cup you are only entitled to 10% which would be just over 3000.
  2. Our next manager
  3. TIP: Get off at East Midlands Parkway and wait for the next train which will be coming from Nottingham and probably empty. A Seat. Room to breathe. And the chance of a stray red dog to wind up
  4. Ed Bores is a teenage girl in a mans body.
  5. You're right. Bet you a tenner it wont happen.
  6. Read a stat that was something like only 2 or 3 % of corners result in a goal. (football wide not derby). It's in line with shots from outside the box. The one good thing about short corners is, we bring 1 man out of the box, and they often bring two defenders out in reaction. Evens up the numbers in the area.
  7. 90+8 Buxton Forest 2011
  8. Someone going please ask if there's any chance they could announce any overseas pre-seasons trips earlier than they do. pls thanks ta
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