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  1. Sibley was born in Brum, moved to Burton very young and Supported the Rams all his life.
  2. DUANE. HOLMES. LETS GO. (The Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop) 4 words. and repeat. Surely the south stand cant mess that one up?
  3. His wages will be low, he's happy to not start every week, but will give 100% if called on so not the end of the world to keep him on. Academy products have no residual book value on the balance sheet. So if hes under contract we could potentially sell him.(!) and it would be more beneficial for FFP to sell Bennett for say 500k than it would to sell Lawrence for 3m.
  4. You get 0.8 (ish?) for being awarded a penalty. So deduct that from their total and its 1.4 - which is fairer i guess...
  5. Lifted form the Palace forum, their injury list: They are expecting a load of u23s Cahill - injured Sakho - injured Ward - injured Benteke - injured Schlupp - injured Townsend - injured PVA - injured Dann - injured Kelly - carrying injury Kouyate - carrying injury McArthur - carrying injury Riedeweld - won't be risked Zaha - not fit Camarasa - not fit
  6. *TRAVEL HELP* Anyone wondering about getting across London. If you hop on the Victoria Line to Victoria Station, you change there for a southern Rail service... "...and for 38 minutes you'll be on that train to Palace. PALACE? WHO THE duck ARE PALACE?"
  7. Think he will give minutes to those tht need it Something like: Roos Bogle Bielik Clarke Malone Rooney Bird Knight Lawrence Zoon Martin Rest for Davies. Bielek should be fresh and can slot in. 60 for Rooney. I'd personally play a full side but doubt he will.
  8. Common misconception. She wasn't actually that old, she was only in her 40s. She was a grandmother because both her and her daughter had kids young. She may be a great grandma now who knows.
  9. Anyone have our London Away League Record over the past few seasons? Can't remember winning there much at all
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