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  1. Not done this before, so how about this to the tune of 'stop crying your heart out,' We've heard all the lies, you're going away, back home to the Chelsea, you will go some day, but now's not the time, you need to remain, you're staying Frank Lampard
  2. Well I for one would be really disappointed if he goes. I would like to think that we could get automatic promotion in the next two seasons if he stays. The only good coming from him leaving is that we may have a better chance of getting some good loans in from Chelski, as Frank will know exactly what we need. Hope his decision comes from his head and not his heart.
  3. Derby 0-2 WBA ☹️ WBA are a better team than the one we beat 4-1.
  4. Swansea C 3-1 Derby C Rgs Wilson
  5. Brum 3-1 Derby Rgs Waghorn
  6. Derby 3-1 Bolton Frgs Wilson
  7. Blackburn 2-1 Derby Rgs Mount
  8. Brentford 2-1 Derby Rgs Mount
  9. Rams 2-1 Rotherham. Frgs Wilson free kick. On form we would put 4 past them.
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