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  1. Changed my mind Rams 1-3 Brum RGS Waggy
  2. Don't know why, just think we will win this one. Super Rams 2-1 Caaardiff Frgs Waggy
  3. Why does everyone leave Hudds out of their teams? Unless he is injured, like it or not, you just know he's gonna be in there. ☹️
  4. .......and get Mitchell Lawson on on the left as at least he will take on his man.
  5. I don't think you are being paranoid at all. Don't think Waggy looks that confident taking them at the moment, but I am sure that confidence will come with more game time. Who would you want taking them instead? Marriott would be good, but needs to be playing more than he is just in case we get a pen in the first 70 mins.
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