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  1. Derby 3-1 Bolton Frgs Wilson
  2. Blackburn 2-1 Derby Rgs Mount
  3. Brentford 2-1 Derby Rgs Mount
  4. Rams 2-1 Rotherham. Frgs Wilson free kick. On form we would put 4 past them.
  5. Derby County 1-2 Stroke Shitty ☹️ Rgs Bogle
  6. Derby 1-0 Sheff W Rgs Marriott
  7. Scum 2-1 Rams ☹️ Rgs Wilson
  8. Just noticed no Murray in the squad for them.........good. 😀
  9. Ipswich 2-3 Derby Frgs Waghorn
  10. NFL LA Rams, simply because of them being the Rams NHL St Louis Blues and MLB St Louis Cardinals. Both because the L A Rams franchise at one point moved to St Louis before once again moving back to LA. I just continued to look out for St Louis.
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