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  1. Derby 2 Blackburn 2 frgs Waghorn
  2. Derby 0 Manure 4 sorry hope I am wrong but with only 1 defender ???
  3. France has I believe just over 200 reported cases. They have banned INDOOR gatherings of over 5000. The Louvre is now closed but I don’t think football matches are yet effected. A case of continuing to monitor the situation
  4. Umm not so fast I will be 100 then !!!!!
  5. Sadly I agree with your comments Mackworth. Following since 1959, travelling 100 mile round trip for the last 30 years with my daughter (also season ticket holder) I have not enjoyed this season. The football and lack of entertainment pre Christmas I found dire. I hope Cocu succeeds but I am yet to be convinced. Probably the final straw has been the changing of the fixtures especially to a Friday night. My daughter struggles to get to mid week games as it is and because of where she is now working the only way she can get there is by train and meeting me in Derby. That adds £20/30 to her costs for each mid week game. She has also had to miss a few mid week games - so is it worth it ?? We will always support Derby and maybe we will renew but the enthusiasm is just not there like it used to be !!
  6. Derby 4 Huddersfield 1 frgs Martin
  7. Brizzle fans seem really happy with their team selection ! Two big lads up front.
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