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  1. I now live 50 miles from Derby so apologises if I have missed this but I assume Derby are not arranging for flags in the Stadium like Watford and City had last weekend and I think QPR when Derby were last at Wembley ? Thought they were very effective.
  2. Really pathetic !! Selling Pride Park was the same as selling any player - it was an asset of the Club. It was independently valued and that full price was apparently paid. It matters not who brought it !! Counter sue Derby !!!
  3. Villa 3 Derby 0 Well it worked in the 2nd leg Semi so I'm sticking with it !! Hope another miracle happens though !
  4. Ha ha . Was 9678 in queue, refreshed then 28486 !!!! Luckily my daughter also logged on 1144 in queue - ticket purchased COYRs
  5. Who ???? https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11722887/bournemouth-agree-13m-lloyd-kelly-fee-with-bristol-city
  6. Each Season Ticket holder can only buy one ticket at mo. You need to link the tickets then make sure you buy in one each in both names
  7. Oh no. I think I already sit next to you at Pride Park !!!!
  8. You are near me I am afraid. That is MY block. Keep out !,
  9. 122 has not been released yet I don’t think. Blocks 121 -118 were showing ‘sold out’ until 11.25 ish !!! Wasted 90 minutes as I wanted a side view.
  10. Sorry block 122 still not released ??
  11. Very poor. They only released blocks 122 to 118 at about 11.25am !! Why ?? o
  12. Dirties 2 Derby 0. Bad feeling about this game but hopefully miracles do happen !
  13. It's not a case of "being ready for promotion" - if the chance arises you have got to go for it. The financial reward even for only one season in the Premier and the subsequent parachute payments would put us on a different playing field financially to what we can achieve now.
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