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  1. It's a very shrewd move by the Club(Morris) as obviously without it they would not have met FFP.Not every Club is so lucky to have had a hidden £39m in their balance sheet and not every Chairman (Morris) would be willing to pay the independent valuation of £80m to enable the Club to realise that hidden asset. The crux as I see it however is how long is the Lease for and how much is the annual rent? I have only just read about the sale but cannot see that these details have been released ? Have they ? The statement reads 'long term' lease which is good and ideally 99 years with rent reviews would be amazing. I guess however it will be less (but needs to be minimum 21 years) as any 'problem' down the line as has been mentioned will only come at lease renewal. References in this thread to Coventry and SISU do not apply. WASPS rugby club own the Ricoh with Coventry City literally on a yearly lease that is now do for renewal. SISU (Coventry's owner's are still threatening legal action against the Council and Wasps over the sale of the ground to Wasps instead of them). SISU have lost three Court hearings but still persisting down the legal route so quiet understandably Wasps are telling them to 'get stuffed' over a new lease until legal action is dropped. LET US JUST BE THANKFUL THAT SISU DID NOT BUY DCFC some 10 or so years ago - they came VERY close !!
  2. Hate to say it but have just looked at Florest's run in - much easier on paper !!!!
  3. Derby 0 Stoke 0 Great game !!
  4. Derby 0 Wigan 1 Another 'Millwall' but hope to God not !! 100 mile round trip for me and I could have better things to do !!
  5. Notts Florist 3 Derby 1 Waghorn
  6. Nah that wasn't the BBG there was something green on the pitch to start with !!
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