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  1. Derby 0 Florist 1 hope I'm wrong !!
  2. Derby 1 Huddersfield 2 frgs Richards A game Derby should win 3-1 and pull away from relegation but you just know they never make things that easy. Keogh revenge and Holmes to score!
  3. Watford 3 Derby 0 Clarke missing.
  4. Well that shower down the A52 won 3-0 at Wycombe only last week with an even older 'old timer' scoring twice. So I think we need to be positive and go at them. Don't fancy sitting back and letting them keep putting balls into our box all game. Having said that they had a great win at Huddersfield and we all know the 'Derby way' We never make it easy for ourselves!!
  5. Hi Pendine. I was just going to write about the same match when I saw your comments. 21st October 1961 and a crowd of 27300. My first game at the BBG was the Preston Cup game in 1959 with the pitch and terracing covered in 2" of snow. It was the Liverpool game however that got me addicted to the Rams. In the 'Boys' enclosure with a friend (Robin where are you now??) for the first time on our own. My first taste of that incredible BBG atmosphere and as you say what a feisty affair it was. Remember Mick Hopkinson seemed to score from about 40 yards - what a screamer, and
  6. Interesting. Looking at the scores v Bournemouth I don't think anyone in the 'Premiership' ie top 20 - scored a single point !! What does that tell you 👀 Negative bar stewards - me included !!
  7. HELL's TEETH !!! That was supposed to be reverse psychology !!!!
  8. Derby 0 Rotherham 1 (Roos error hope I'm wrong)
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