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  1. I think most DCFC fans are hacked off with the EFL. That is the thing I regret most about Morris opting out - I would have loved to have seen him take on the EFL and challenge their 9 point deduction. He did not think we should get any points deducted apparently. I think he had a reasonable case.
  2. I see that the Euro Millions jackpot is Β£111 million tonight ! Just asking as a DCFC fan ???
  3. Don't worry the Administrator will only be thinking of how he can get most money back for the creditors. He will sadly give the long term future of DCFC and indeed the fans little consideration. Can not believe Morris has put the Club into Administration. So much for having the Club at heart. If the Club have debts of Β£60m then I just cannot see where his input of Β£200m+ has gone??
  4. Spot on Bianoic For example Companies could defer VAT payments from last year until April 2021. Which I think you will find a lot of Clubs did. It looks as though we are the only Club however not to have paid it up to date in April? I believe interest of 5% is charged by HMRC ( could be wrong) if so that could be a lot cheaper than borrowing from our other sources! It doesn't help our embargo though!!
  5. Well it does say -' following CONSTRUCTIVE discussions' - so hears hoping 🀞
  6. I think I have missed something? We do not have a blank canvass or clean sheet IMO as some have said. Until the Club is sold nothing has or will change. Have May wages been paid ? Mel was intimating enough was enough following the April payment. EFL charge unlikely to be resolved for months. We will appeal. Will we get points deduction? Are we under a transfer embargo? (we will be if the wages are not paid) Rooney said after the last game of the season the sale of the Club needed sorting asap (if not sooner) Nothing has happened. I would not be at all surprised if Rooney 'walked' if not sorted soon. You cannot blame him either. We are in a complete mess with it is said Β£60m owing at high interest rates. Currently we have no squad for next season either. Yes it will be great to get back to Pride Park and I live miles away from Derby now days so may have missed updates but really it all depends on the sale of the Club !! Until then I see little cause for optimism.
  7. Thanks Mozza for all your hard work during the season. Much appreciated. Unlucky Cisse . Interesting tactical predicting the last two weeks. Waghorn had to score sometime !!! But basically it was Derby 0 ------ ? for both of us I think sadly all season.
  8. What the hell. I have genuinely tried reverse psychology all season and the only thing it has done is to get me to second in this league. So I think for the first time this season I am changing to a Derby win and see what happens then !! Derby 2 Sheff Wed 1 frgs Waghorn 🀞🀞
  9. If Derby do go down they will have done really well !! To get relegated they needed to lose their last 7 games - surely not πŸ˜…
  10. Derby 0 Birmingham 2 My reverse psychology has failed all season but one more go 🀘
  11. With the nucleus of the team we have now ( none) I am positive that if we are relegated we could drop straight down into League 2 πŸ‘€
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