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  1. Forest 3 Derby 0 unfortunately
  2. Well I will be believe it when I see it ?? Knowing our luck he will have a car crash or something !!
  3. Happy birthday to the King 🎂🍺
  4. According to the Times - "Keogh was sacked after refusing to accept a pay cut from £29,000 a week to £3000 a week while he was sidelined by injury and not wearing a seat belt, reports @Lawton_Times" #DCFC
  5. One of our own. RIP Bert.
  6. Well in theory you would think yes, but here is where the waters start to get very muddy. If Keogh wasn't wearing a seat belt then that would have undoubtedly have contributed to the severity of his injuries. Plus whose responsibility is it to ensure everyone in a car wears a seatbelt? Driver / individuals, anyone know for certain?
  7. or 'Stop crying Steve Gibson We comply with fair play but you're still moaning away Stop crying Steve Gibson'
  8. Surely has got to be something along these lines :- 'Stop crying Steve Gibson Try selling your ground we'll give you a pound Stop crying Steve Gibson'
  9. Derby 0 Boro 0 need I say more !!
  10. Spot on. Have you seen Tomori"s recovery tackle in tonights game v Burnley - magnificent. Then you realise what we had last season !!
  11. just didn't want to lose three in a row !!
  12. Can we get these lads playing again tomorrow night ???
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