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  1. Yeh aint jumping on his d@ck just yet! But what a foookking goal 😜 even hand balled it, just to pss off the red dogs πŸ˜†
  2. Good point for a team low on confidence! Think were a decent team just need some foookkking confidence and well climb up the league! up the rams 🐏⚽️
  3. Must have really pissed his mrs off, shes proper done a job on his motor this time!!!
  4. What from leeds? 😜 draw!! 0-0 1-1 2-2 take ya pick! Not 3-3 tho πŸ€”
  5. Yeah fair play, im just throwing it out there to be honest, playing devils advocate! I dont know whats going on behing the scenes! Intrested to see what everyone else thinks! Havent seen clips of training ground!
  6. I like him, think hes doing alright for us! Just thinking though, what type of manager is he? Im not at the club but from my point of view from the outside looking in it seems like rosenior and mclaren might be running the show and rooneys overseeing things! An old skool manager type like ferguson! Thoughts? πŸ€” apologise if this has already been in a topic, probably has lol! How much is rooney actually doing? is he just here to drum up publicity etc? would he better on the pitch? is he 🀞 the next sir alex and going to build a legacy at Derby for the next ten years and ill be
  7. It all sounds dodgy to me! But im no expert in these things so hopefully im wrong!
  8. Its russian roulette on any take over! Even if it happens we could be wishing mel morris would come back in a season or two! I hate it!
  9. No i cant be arsed to define what i mean lol!!! Okay, they got the wages down and more inline with a championship club! But fair enough, i get what your saying!
  10. Ive never really been sure on mel morris! When he came and took over from the americans, they had the finances under control and the club was stable! Mel came in, i was happy a Derby lad was coming in but started getting worried when he spunked a load of cash on midfielders we didnt need, butterfield, johnson etc and getting involved in the changing room! I thought the photos he did when he first came in looked a bit odd, didnt really sit right! I mean fair enough though, he wanted to try and spend to get us promoted and hes invested in the academy and facilities etc, plus he was new and learn
  11. I think these are on strange times and are a test for any club! Objectives have probably changed now due to covid, its about survival, finacially! One thing that is reasuring tho is we have a clever business man in charge, who it would seem has derbys best interests at heart, which is a better position than a lot of other clubs!
  12. I know loans arent always the answer but someone like delaps lad would have been spot on for us! Doubt he'd have come tho! its strange times at the mo, we dont know whats going on behind the scenes! I dont know him personally but mels obviously a good business man and seems to have Derby best interest at heart so we have to trust him! (I didnt to start with but hes grown on me lol) This season might have been different if it wasnt for covid! Theyve probably had to change direction and this, a long with a lot of other clubs, might be a season of just surviving in the league rather tha
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