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  1. Well i was waiting to someone asked but seeing how no one has i won 😜
  2. Yeh think he has another fight on sky as part of the current deal but then can move!
  3. 1) i know mate, but i reckon its crossed into the mainstream and people will pay! Most not boxing fans, they like the entertainment! 2) If you can subscribe for cheaper n get to watch more fights, win, win!!
  4. Dazn is just like boxnation aint it? Subscribe!! To be fair to eddie hearn he knows what hes doing! I mean love him or hate him, hes done a lot for british boxing!
  5. https://youtu.be/XTLRyMQr9yE 👀 this guy is going to fight probably one of the greatest defensive boxers of all time! And pretty boy wasnt too bad at banging either until he messed up his hands lol! Reckon mayweather will be in shape, hes always had a good engine and while he makes out he eats fast food etc i bet the only burgers he eats r for the cameras! Floyd snr still does road work at 60 odd lol so i bet floyds still trains!
  6. I dont like these you tubers fighting ex pros either, no matter how old they are! I just find it crazy! A decent amateur would beat the paul brothers! i mean fight other white collar boxers, fair enough! But i dont know why there getting licensed to box former pros, can see one of them getting hurt soon! dont follow ufc but i hope jake paul gets laid out, seems a right little 💩!! His brother doesnt seem to bad but think there both playing a dangerous game!
  7. I agree totally! The problem is to many boxers duck the big fights, or the promoters try and milk there cash cows for as long as possible! Whys spence jr fighting pacquiao? He needs to box crawford! Same with Fury and AJ!
  8. Just heard about this on the radio! Cracking site! Derby are on there! https://45football.com/
  9. Dont envy u living in notts mate!
  10. Chin up everyone, what will be, will be! Theres no glory supporters here lol! Whatever league, we will follow and support the rams! Having said that id rather us not go down lol! Im nervous! Having a few beers after a long week! I cant see us winning tomorrow but i hope im wrong, i hope we scrape through and can draw a line under the season and just move on! Rooney, any players reading this..... sort ya sh#t out and get a win tomorrow!! Then we can regroup and rebuild for next season! Its been a tough year or so for everyone, players included! Altho im sure the money helps 😜!! The rest of this year n next should be better 🤞 Make tango cry tomorrow lads!! Foooooooking come on!!! Up the rams!!!
  11. Floyd should have banged jake paul out right there! Done the world a favour lol!!
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