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  1. ðŸĪ” to get to the play offs, miss out on promotion and barca to come in and steal cocu ðŸ˜Ŧ Cheap joke and probs already said but still! 😆ðŸĪŠ
  2. Amir khan loooooool, needs to learn to keep his mouth shut!
  3. True! Im still fuming were in this whole position but, what can you do? Lol
  4. I dont really get the excitment either to be honest! Its a big name yes! Im not so fussed about his knowledge of the championship, more the fact he plays defensive minded football! Not free flowing attacking football that goes down well with the fans! This is just what ive heard, i havent seen a great deal of games wheres hes managed, so i may be wrong, but early alarms bells are ringing! if we get him, and were playing defensive football will everyone be happy? personally, if were winning, im not to fussed, but i know there are those who do mind! And i see there point also! also i wasnt convinced by frank at first either lol but i did think it was a master stroke by mel, in terms of bringing the spot light on us and getting more games on sky etc! Is he thinking the same here?
  5. Yeh i know, but still!! I never really liked it to start with but it had grown on my by the end of the season! Just feels like there adding salt to the wound!
  6. Loooooool if he doesnt get the job and they announce someone else! Would make my year 😆 on a serious note, dont like the way some chelsea fans are saying "cant wait for lamps to start the bounce" ðŸ˜Ą steal our manager and our chant!!! Behave you glory supporting muppets!!!
  7. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/frank-lampard-agrees-three-year-3043326.amp
  8. Lost a lot of respect for frank after all this saga!
  9. Im just fed up with the whole situation, nothing really against Frank. When he signed i wasnt convinced but i thought, hey ill give him a chance, we need stability, he might be able to build something over a few seasons. As the season went on i thought, ay up, this is going alright, liked the way the club was going, what he was doing etc! Thought hed go chelsea one day but would be in a few years once hes got more expierence, so he might get the chance to build something here! But......... i saw it coming a while ago with the problems at chelsea! Looks like well be starting all over again! It feels like we start building at this club and then the manager goes and we start from scratch! I get what your saying though, i just hate that whatever goes on at a club its always the fans who get screwed! We turn up week in week out, travel around the country, spend stupid amounts of money, make up songs, back our managers, players through thick and thin and then as soon as a better offer comes along, its bye bye! Guess thats just football though! Anyway lol ill put my violin away now and stop moaning but, just so fed up! Its his career so fair play, guess its our faults for thinking most players, managers etc see our club as anything other than a job!
  10. I hope im proved wrong but its happening! In my opinion! Think it already has, weve just not been told yet! I mean think about it, if it wasnt happening, with all this speculation, hes a cruel barstool for not coming out and ruling himself out!
  11. Hes gone, simple as! If he wasnt going he would have ruled himself out by now! Just make the announcement so we can all move on ffs! Thanks for the season Frank, will never forget beating leeds in the semis! But dissapointed youve shown us no loyality, would have been nice for once if a manager would stay and finish what they started!
  12. Id like to think that but its probably more to do with chelsea and mel sorting out compensation for jody and the backroom staff he wants to take!
  13. The thing is, its a huge risk for him! Hazards gone, transfer ban, quick to fire owner! Its only his 2nd season as a manager! Hes had a decent season with us but you look at our squad and we should have been there or there abouts anyway! Fair enough hes a chelsea legend but if he goes back and he doesnt make an impact his managerial stock will plummet! If he goes then its a stupid move in my opinion! If i were a chelsea fan id be wanting hiddink, eddie howe etc, someone whos proven! I like Frank but the media has gone mad with this, can see it ending bad for him at chelsea! But, if he goes, foook him i dont give a shiny ðŸ’Đ another manager with no loyality! He'll be another Mac at newcastle or rowett at stoke!
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