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  1. The Wadsley Jack at the top of the hill serves good beer and reasonably priced good food and the locals have been friendly on the occasions I’ve been in there. We will be in there again on Saturday if the traffic allows.
  2. On balance I thought that was one of our better away performances. If Waggy had taken that final chance we would have been commending a solid away point. Cocu addressed the weaknesses (Davies and Marriott) albeit later than I would have done. We did not deserve to lose that game - obviously we did but the performance was not awful.
  3. Stray pass from Rooney, QPR break and the shot goes through Hamer.
  4. I was wrong. Marriott is just a passenger. Get Martin on.
  5. Bogle on for Davies and leave it at that. Marriott will get more space as the defenders tire - he’s not exactly been tiring himself out, has he?
  6. What? No meltdown? Shurely shome mishtake??
  7. Not if Cocu selects Huddlestone in preference to Bird, we haven't. Just read on here that Hudds is fit again - am I the only one who is worried by that news??
  8. Evans has looked out of his depth in his last two appearances for the U23s. I know he is coming back from injury but he is a LONG way off first team level.
  9. Our lads are being given a football lesson in this first half-hour.
  10. Didn’t miss the next one, though. 0-1 and it has been coming.
  11. Looks like Sibley might be on the bench this evening.
  12. Let's just stick to the old cliché, take it one game at a time and see where we end up.
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