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  1. Thanks @mozza for all your time spent on this. A lot of fun for all of us and much appreciated.
  2. JR hat-trick of great goals, MOTM and SKC won 3-2. A very enjoyable watch. Thanks @BathRam72 for the heads-up.
  3. Scored two great goals to give SKC a 2-0 lead at halftime.
  4. Who are Leeds? Wasn't there once a top football club with that name, long, long ago?
  5. Has to be the white one. We want a sea of white (or black and white at least).
  6. Once they know whether it's to be Premier League or EFL patches, I'm sure the release will be swift, for the reason you stated £££££
  7. I loved that Bass centenary shirt and bought it at the time. Not sure if I've still got it in the depths of a cupboard, but it wouldn't fit me now anyway so I will just have to wear this year's.
  8. We are in white. The club website has a competition to win a playoff final shirt and it is a white one.
  9. James Justin (not Justin James!) was originally a RB but was moved by Luton to LB to accommodate Jack Stacey (who most Luton fans consider to be better than Justin!) at RB. Luton have another good LB (Potts) returning from injury so would probably be delighted to bank the £7m for Justin. Having seen both of them play this season I would say that Jayden Bogle is worth SUBSTANTIALLY more than Justin.
  10. Go ahead @Mucker1884 , make someone's day 🐏😊
  11. Whilst your general sentiment is valid, Audrina is leading the team out. If you haven't seen the clip, find it on here but make sure you have some tissues to hand - hay fever-inducing, or at least that's the story that I and many others are sticking to! 🐏❤️
  12. Might be a good idea to wash them before the game, though.
  13. Doesn't pick it up with the quote, but I'm loving your new avatar. Nice work @loweman2
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