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  1. Yes, but fairness works both ways. They were given all the facts and concluded it was OK. To come back again and change that view would just make them look like Gibson's lackeys.
  2. Keep calm. The EFL have already signed off on our stadium sale so I would be astonished if they now came out and accused the Club, Mel, the auditors and THEMSELVES of doing something improper.
  3. If we are going to judge people's present situation by their fitness level five years ago, perhaps we should re-sign George Thorne. Having watched Wisdom in his (admittedly few, and mostly at FB) more recent appearances, he looked nowhere near as sharp as in his earlier years with us. If he is selected and does well, I will be happy to admit that I was wrong, but there is no way I am going to apologise to anyone for expressing an honestly-held opinion on an internet forum.
  4. I think the key issue is that Bielik plays at DM, not CB. As to who partners Davies, I'm not too fussed whether it is Evans or Fozzy, but Wisdom's lack of pace frightens me.
  5. Well if you ain't going it doesn't matter how far away it is, does it? I travelled up from Bedford for the U19s against Minsk and I propose to travel up for the Akranes game, as well as being a ST holder and frequent away attendee. There are plenty of fans more dedicated than me. In the great scheme of things, 19 miles each way is bugger all.
  6. Absolutely love that movie. Comedy genius.
  7. Took his eye off the ball. Schoolboy mistake.
  8. For a challenge that was no worse than Yates on Clarke
  9. The fact that so many of them are internationals for their age groups reinforces @roboto 's points and shows that Derby's academy, for a Championship club, are punching way above their weight. With great chances of reaching the UEFA Youth League play-offs and the knockout stage of the Premier League International Cup, not to mention being second on goal difference at the top of Premier League 2, our young players across the age ranges are excelling at the moment. Long may it continue.
  10. Jahmal Hector-Ingram. Don’t moan if I have spelt it wrong. No-one else can be arsed to type it at all
  11. That the Boro keeper made team of the week when they lost 2-0 is just a further testament to how good we were against them.
  12. Forest 2 - 2 Derby FRGS Lawrence
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