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  1. Confidence plays a major part. Losing games damages confidence, so players hide or, at best, take the safe option which usually involves passing sideways or backwards. This, of course, means the forwards are starved of ball, we don't score, inevitably concede and lose games which means even less confidence for the next game. We've all heard the saying that losing becomes a habit. Rooney started to rebuild confidence by making us hard to beat, assisted in no small part by the return of Bielik. We started winning games, confidence grew and all was rosy in the garden until Bielik got injured
  2. OK, so my choice would be: Marshall Byrne Wisdom Clarke (if fit)/Mengi (if not) Buchanan Bird Shinnie Jozwiak Sibley Lawrence CKR Subs: Roos, McDonald, Forsyth, Watson, Knight, Roberts, Shonibare, Cresswell, Mengi/Baningime
  3. I think you have conveniently overlooked the fact that we were rock bottom when Rooney took over and are now several places higher in the table. I'm not saying he's done brilliantly, but some balance is required.
  4. Sorry, my bad, trying to respond to too many posts at once!
  5. No I didn't say it was. I was just defending @Spanish against you saying he was wrong about it being in our hands. Yes, and I was just picking up on someone who said you were wrong when you weren't.
  6. It wasn't wrong. It IS in our hands. If we win all our games we finish above Wycombe, Sheff Weds and Birmingham regardless of what Rovrum and Coventry do.
  7. No. Points count. It is 4 they need to make up.
  8. What is it about QPR? A real pain in the Rs.
  9. I can see why Stretton is in the first team picture and Cresswell isn’t. Stretton seems to have better positional awareness and as a result, scores without drama.
  10. Defeat somehow snatched from the jaws of victory. As Jonno says “beyond belief “.
  11. I thought he was quite restrained. We all know what he was going to say 😂
  12. Lopes should have had three yellow cards but the ref has now bottled it twice.
  13. Cresswell blazes over from eight yards out. It’s not going to be our night.
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