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  1. HMRC is HM Revenue and Customs, the tax authority, and the debt will relate to PAYE and/or VAT. No idea how much is outstanding, though.
  2. I was generally quite pleased with that performance. A bit ironic that we lose the first half when we were the better side and draw the second half when we weren’t, but all things considered we did well. Aluko and Morrison were impressive, CKR’s strike was very good, Sibley seems to have learned nothing since last season regarding silly fouls and straying offside, Lawrence seems fired up to lead the team. If a couple of things had gone our way we could easily have won that game.
  3. Interesting that my daughter and I both love the new kit but my wife described it as "boring". I suppose I really shouldn't criticise my wife's taste, though. 😂
  4. Probably the only sparkling performer we'll see.
  5. That's really the essence of the EFL's problem. Virtually everyone else uses the straight line method but, as you say, other methods can still comply with FRS102. The EFL could have, and should have, specified a method in the FFP rules so as to provide conformity when dealing with what are clearly large numbers. We didn't do it wrongly (per our auditors), just differently, but that was enough for Gibson to perceive it as cheating and pressure the EFL to take action against us.
  6. We were due to travel to Mexico on 29 August, but as TUI are not currently flying to Mexico, we have changed the booking to June 2022. The only saving grace is that the total cost (for three of us) is now £700 cheaper.
  7. The highlighted part beggars belief. In the absence of a prescribed amortisation model, the club, like most other companies, is obliged to follow financial reporting standards, in this case FRS102. The club's auditors, by definition qualified accountants, were clearly satisfied that they did, so how on earth can someone who is not an accountant say that they didn't. It is almost as if they deliberately chose not to have an accountant on the panel so that they could get the decision they wanted without having to let the facts get in the way of their disgusting face-saving ploy.
  8. A very impressive and professional performance by our boys sees them avenge last week’s defeat.
  9. Really impressed by Ebosele’s sharpness of thought when laying that ball off. How many strikers would have just tried to blast it goalwards?
  10. 1-3 Brilliant lay-off by Ebosele allows Cresswell to smash it into the net.
  11. Young Savage booked. Deserved it just for the awful haircut. 😂
  12. Derby lead through Louie Watson. 1-2
  13. Hannibal sent off for waving an imaginary red card at the ref to get a Derby player booked, having previously been booked for dissent. Serves the arrogant twit right.
  14. 1-1 Cresswell with a great header. So much more positive in the second half.
  15. We seem to be adopting a “possession at all costs “ approach, perhaps to avoid a repeat of last week’s embarrassing score line. With a bit more ambition I believe we can get something from this game.
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