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  1. That was one of the best football nights ever. Them thinking they were at Wembley when they went 2-0 up on aggregate. Keogh steaming through midfield. Some sublime finishes. The tears of the clowns. Take your scarves and f off home. The binoculars celebrations. The bounce to end all bounces with me desperately hanging on to my glasses. The abandoned freebie Leeds scarves on the way back to the car park. Unforgettable. Whatever happens tomorrow, they can't take those memories away.
  2. Leeds 3 - 1 Derby FRGS Waghorn 😪 Would love to be wrong but I can’t see us getting anything there.
  3. So go to bed then. Joking aside, Hope you are soon well again. COYR
  4. As Bogle is still injured: Roos Lowe Keogh Clarke Malone Bielik Holmes Knight Lawrence Waghorn Marriott
  5. Half time goalless although we have had the best of the chances. Very warm in the sun and a good crowd - East Lower pretty much full. Come on Ewe Rams.
  6. Didn’t take long for the wrist slashers to re-emerge. We are still in the first half of September ffs. Grow a pair.
  7. Sunday 8 September Pride Park, 2pm kick-off Free for season ticket holders, but you have book your ticket. We are coming up from Bedfordshire for our first DCLFC match. Who else is coming? Come on Ewe Rams.
  8. And the Italians are world-renowned for obeying rules ….. NOT 😂😂 The key issue here is the valuation of the property and I can't believe Messrs Morris and Pearce would have messed this up. If they got the valuation right, how can there ever be any censure or punishment for selling something for what it is worth, regardless of who it is sold to? Selling the stadium just converts an unrealised profit (not recognised in the accounts) to a realised profit (which is recognised in the accounts) - a legitimate business practice. If such profits are not expressly excluded by the FFP rules then that profit will count as income for FFP purposes for the financial year in which it is realised. Gibson and Radrizzani are only whining because they weren't smart enough to come up with the idea themselves. With the self-financing Rooney deal as well, I make that Mel 2, Gibson & Radrizzani 0
  9. Tom Huddlestone WAS an excellent player but I believe he is now getting picked based on his reputation rather than his current performance levels. As is natural for a player in the twilight of his career, I expect those performance levels to continue to fall, whereas I expect Bielik's performance levels to rise with improving fitness and increased experience. For me, it is a "no-brainer" for Bielik to replace Huddlestone at CDM as soon as possible. This will give much greater protection to our centre backs and will, I believe, significantly improve the tempo of our game and increase our attacking threat as a result.
  10. Brentford 1 - 2 Derby FRGS Marriott
  11. Having subbed Malone at halftime twice now, do we really think Cocu will start him tomorrow? Especially after Max Lowe looked so much better after he switched to his natural left side.
  12. Definitely grew into the game as the first half progressed. He didn’t look to be in any distress so I think the plan was for him to play only 45 minutes all along. I was particularly impressed by JML and Shinnie tonight.
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