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  1. Sorry @Gee SCREAMER !! , my choice of words was not meant to cause offence or judge fans' loyalty by the size of their bank balance. We are all Rams and all love our club. I wouldn't mind a £200,000 salary, though 🙂. What I was trying to get across, perhaps overly hastily due to being annoyed, was the point that those fans who rush to get tickets as soon as they go on sale should not be penalised by being restricted to the worst seats available.
  2. There is an express statement in big red letters on the website saying that if you buy tickets you will NOT be able to exchange them later. It seems that the ticket office is peed off with this as well.
  3. Just been online to book tickets for this as soon as sales opened for away members, only to find that despite the grand claims about the seating plan only the corner block GML1 (i.e. the most crap seats) are currently available. I thought this was a computer glitch and decided to ring the ticket office to buy tickets for block GML4, behind the goal, only to be told, in a pleasant and sympathetic manner, by a lady from the ticket office that they had been instructed by BCFC to sell the tickets in a specific order and that she could not sell me my chosen seats, even though they are part of our allocation. She advised me that other fans had also complained about this. In short, the most loyal fans are given the most crap seats. This cannot be right. Can someone have a word with the club about this? To say that I am peed off is an understatement.
  4. This is more a function of expectations which, as @Wolfie politely says, "are often flawed". If we sign two players, one of whom we expect to be "OK" and the other we expect to be "Brilliant", and then both are brilliant, surely both of them have performed to their potential and it would be wrong to say that one has overperformed and the other hasn't. To give the first player extra credit because our expectations were lower is to do an injustice to the second player who was clearly working just as hard and contributing just as much to the team. We should judge performances as they are on the field, not against random expectations based on age, transfer fee, shoe size, etc.
  5. Finished 2-1. A very good and well-deserved win, even if a little anxious at the end . On to the quarterfinals. COYR.
  6. 2-1. Squeaky bum time when we should have been out of sight. It’s the Derby way to put us fans through the wringer.
  7. As @Carnero says, a very impressive performance. I will be much happier with a second goal to make things comfortable.
  8. Renewed our three last night. COYR.
  9. I just hope the players have a bit more belief than some of the lightweights on here.
  10. I agree with the outfield ten but would prefer Roos in goal.
  11. I’m not sure we really want to know.
  12. We’ve got Mount, Lawrence, Bryson and Bennett all returning after the international break (Lawrence tomorrow I believe) so who is to say we can’t do well in our last batch of games? Keep the faith, fellow Rams.
  13. We are top of the league, say we are top of the league 🐏🐏🐏⚽️⚽️⚽️
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