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  1. I assume it comes down to a simple difference between what CM wanted (and/or for how long) and what the club were prepared to offer. Whether or not his demands were reasonable will be seen by whether or not another club is prepared to meet them. If they were not, he may come back to the table with reduced/more realistic expectations. At this point, we just don't know, but it is not uncommon for footballers in the later stages of their careers to have inflated ideas about their own worth.
  2. I really don't think that it should matter whether or not the player is a loan player. We are rewarding the best performances in a Derby shirt over the whole season. The best player over the season should win it. End of. For Tomori last season and Clarke this season, their commitment to the cause could not be questioned - if you doubt Clarke's commitment, just check out his reaction to his own goal against Leeds in what was a nothing game.
  3. Already voted for Clarke in both polls. Somewhat off topic, but to share a thought that just came into my head: Wouldn’t it be great if Sibley, Bird, Bogle, Lowe, Knight, Whittaker and Buchanan were all in the running for the 2021 POTY after a great 20/21 season. The realisation of Mel’s dream. Bring it on.
  4. Thanks @mozza. Great fun and much appreciated. 👏👏👏🍻🍻🍻
  5. Need to get a brandy and a mince pie coz it sure feels like Christmas 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. So good to see Morgan Whittaker’s confidence flowing since his goal
  7. Sibley and Marriott would cut through these like a knife through butter.
  8. Birmingham 1 - 1 Derby FRGS Rooney
  9. Renewed for the three of us at midnight last night after reading posts on here and having an attack of FOMO -that's Fear Of Missing Out for those of you who are not "down wiv the yoof" 😂
  10. Chris Martin’s greed costs Jason Knight an almost certain goal. 🙁
  11. Derby 2 - 2 Dirties FRGS Lawrence Not confident about this but predicting a defeat against them would feel as sordid as sleeping with your sister
  12. To be honest @Mucker1884, I suspect that most season ticket holders are thinking along the same lines as you. We haven't renewed yet (approx. £1200 for the three of us after discount) but fully expect to do so once we know that we will be able to attend safely. £1200 would be a very expensive Rams TV subscription for a single telly!
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