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  1. The substance of that statement is that they wanted a harsher sanction, i.e. a points deduction. Any points deduction would have seen us relegated. They did not expressly say "We want to see Derby relegated" in those exact words, but the substance is absolutely clear .
  2. You’re expecting a Florist fan who masquerades as a reporter to tell the whole truth??? 🤣🤣🤣
  3. On the subject of Roos' suspension, can someone please enlighten me whether he misses just this game or others too?
  4. If we get to keep him, a fit Bielik is likely to improve our points scoring ratio by at least one point per five games, judging by his contribution last season.
  5. If anyone has a link to a Reading fans forum, it would be worth making them aware of this initiative (if it hasn't already been done). If just an extra handful of football-loving Reading fans could be persuaded to make the trip it would help our cause.
  6. Sheffield United 1 - 1 Derby FRGS Lawrence
  7. Having been a Rams fan since the 1960s, I’m getting a sense of “deja vu”. I vividly remember leaving an FA Cup quarter final against Plymouth, which we had lost to an inswinging corner, wondering if the club would survive the week. Happily it did and we enjoyed good times under Arthur Cox and Jim Smith. Football is cyclical - only when you have experienced the downs can you truly appreciate the ups. There are difficult times ahead but we will come back stronger.
  8. This. Why don't we all save our energy for getting behind the team. Our club does not need any more bad publicity.
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