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  1. Derby County F.C. v Aston Villa F.C. match day thread.

    Not a star follower of puns, are you @Mistaram ?
  2. U18s v Man Utd - FA Youth Cup

    I just watched it too. Was surprised to find my subscription covered it. We battered them in extra time and the commentator said that United were defending brilliantly when in reality they barely got out of their penalty area and we had a perfectly good goal wrongly disallowed for offside. Some great penalty saves too - most enjoyable.
  3. Lawrence injury - need another winger?

    https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2017/12/rowett-provides-positive-lawrence-update Excellent news.
  4. We're coming after you Wolves

    That will be the worst team in history that still finished more than twenty places above Forest. Seems to me that a team that can't defend its own goal for 25 seconds has to be a contender for worst team in history.
  5. 12/12/17 - Fans Forum at The Yard

    My daughter and I got home from this at 2245 after a foul drive back down the M1 but we both agreed that it had been an enjoyable and worthwhile event. Big respect and thanks to the four panellists for their time, their candour and their patience, both in dealing with the occasional cringe-worthy question during the event and staying for informal chats and selfies afterwards. As Derby fans, we are fortunate to have a club that is run by people who really care about the club and the fans.
  6. Man Utd ticket details and KO Time announced.

    Without presuming to speak for @angieram I don't think she was having a pop at you personally. I believe others have also referred to subsidies on the sister thread about this game. I think the point she was making is that although the ticket price is indeed outrageous, no away trip is any more deserving of a subsidy than any other.
  7. v Villa (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2 - 1 Villa FRGS Vydra
  8. Barnsley F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    @BurtonRam7 - Always got a quality drunken rant in him 😀
  9. FA Cup 3rd Round Draw - Man Utd (A)

    Me too, with my daughter, for the same reason as you. Still smacks of exploitation though, and I have a good deal of sympathy for the Man Utd season ticket holders who will have their accounts debited automatically for tickets for this match whether they want to watch the mighty Rams or not.
  10. Barnsley F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Safe travels to you all, enjoy the game, sing a song for me and bring back all three points. COYR.
  11. FA Cup 3rd Round Draw - Man Utd (A)

    The irony is if we buy tickets at FORTY-FIVE POUNDS each we won't be able to use the seats as we won't be able to sit down having been well and truly SHAFTED
  12. FA Cup 3rd Round Draw - Man Utd (A)

    That worked well then, didn't it. What a complete PITA.
  13. FA Cup 3rd Round Draw - Man Utd (A)

    Please, please, please don't tell my daughter there's a shopping centre by Old Trafford or I'll never get to the pub
  14. 12/12/17 - Fans Forum at The Yard

    Got my ticket. A long drive up but hopefully will be worth it.
  15. FA Cup 3rd Round Draw - Man Utd (A)

    At least that means it should be Saturday 3pm and not a Monday or Friday evening requiring a half-day off work.

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