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  1. I think it's harsh to judge Byrne on the one mistake today; in large part he's been one of the more consistent performers. Similarly, though his form has dipped a little, as happens with youngsters, I think Buchanan has what it takes. I doubt we'll have Clarke next season but I wouldn't write Wisdom off. So I think defence is ok-ish. It's more the lack of quality in the forward, creative players that really worries me.
  2. A few weeks ago, I started a thread about 'deep seated problems at Derby'. Essentially, it was about how the squad was now pretty poor. Under Rowett, it was masked by Vydra's goals. Under Lampard, it was even more masked by the three international loanees. I do not want to reopen the Cocu debate but I argued at the time that a lot of the problems we had were because the quality of the squad was so poor. Today, on the match thread, there were a lot of comments that this performance - and especially the one against Cardiff - were as bad, if not worse, than the ones under Cocu. So,
  3. Still bitter after not being selected for the European Cup Final? I remember hearing Cloughie when asked who was the best player he ever had saying: "Archie Gemmill thinks it's him but it wasn't. It was Roy McFarland. Archie - you're the second best".
  4. I thought it was more like a first pre- season friendly.
  5. Roos Byrne. Wisdom. Clarke. Buchanan Watson. Shinnie. Knight Waghorn. Kazim-Richards Jozwiak Play the best players we have available and try to win the game; just an idea.
  6. It's fortunate that we don't pay royalties on that gif, otherwise this site would require an injection of cash.
  7. Maybe but I have found that the team listing is more often provided for Derby than it is for other teams.
  8. Great website: https://www.11v11.com/teams/Derby-county/ All the detailed stats you will ever need, for example: https://www.11v11.com/matches/Derby-county-v-nottingham-forest-08-september-1894-53489/
  9. So, from Rooney's interview, the answer was b) rest the players https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2021/03/
  10. In fairness, the "first team" did look pretty jaded against Forest.
  11. The substitutions even suggest it's about giving the fringe younger players experience rather than trying to claw anything back.
  12. Yeah but what's the purpose of an Internet forum if not to provide a platform for idle speculation?
  13. Please can you ask him next time you see him.
  14. We haven't had a poll for a long time so rather than watch Sky's red screen, take a punt...
  15. So, without knowing what will happen in the second half, what do we think is behind Wayne's thinking against Cardiff? Team selection. Formation. Tactics.
  16. Apologies if this has been suggested previously - after 500 pages, I imagine everything has already been mentioned at least once - but I wonder if one of the delays is related to the shirt sponsor, 32Red, i.e, a gambling company.
  17. Four four flipping two. Roos Byrne Wisdom. Clarke. Buchanan Waghorn Knight. Shinnie. Jozwiak Gregory Kazim-Richards Even as Joz's biggest fan, I'd be tempted to start with Roberts.
  18. 5-3-2 width from the wing backs. Personally, I'd play Jozwiak.
  19. Was going to say that I thought it was Burridge - played a handful of games for us and had "more clubs than Jack Nicklaus". Was certainly a "character" was Budgie.
  20. JoFlo could clear the nearest defenders.... ...and the furthest defenders.... ...and the first 20 rows of seats in the opposite stand. He just didn't attempt it enough.
  21. I'm not arguing that results aren't important. Indeed, I would argue that they're important every season. What I am arguing, and @RamNut has expressed it better than me, is that you can still get good results while attempting to play good football - of which we are capable. It wasn't a criticism of Rooney either. He was even more critical than me about the performance against Wycombe. People seem to be saying Rooney has had to resort to the tactics we saw earlier in the week. I don't think they were his intended tactics - it was clear from his interview, that was not the style o
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