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  1. This thread should be pinned. Seems to be a recurring topic.
  2. Wow. Thought Administration was enough to be depressed about but, from a whole society perspective, this thread is really disheartening. Alarming even.
  3. Mel is no longer at the club. We're in Administration.
  4. I was there. Particularly sweet because I worked in Sheffield at the time. Missed the first Wednesday goal because of the queues of Derby fans to get in. Didn't DeCanio grab a teammate by the throat? And Nigel Clough played for them. But Wanchope, Baiano, Eranio and....Deon Burton were on fire. Yeah, happy days 🐏
  5. It's been mentioned that one of the reasons Wazza is so empathetic is because of what his mother is going through.... https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/wayne-rooneys-mum-fight-save-21673702.amp
  6. "95% chance of survival". I wish he was more optimistic. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58665019
  7. Rooney, Rooney He slams Mel whenever he wants
  8. Oooh, please Wayne, can you tell us what you said?
  9. Last year we weren't in Adminstration, docked 12 points, possibly more, and likely to host a fire sale in January.
  10. We're so grateful to Wayne that we appear to be creating one or two threads every day along the same theme. Here's my post from an earlier topic along similar lines.... ==== I take it back what I said about Rooney. I've said his presence undermined Cocu - actually another mistake by Mel. I've said his performance last season was really poor and that we avoided relegation despite his tactics. But, forget all of that. This season, tactically it's been much better and I've been looking forward to seeing the team and performances develop. But more than any of that, far more, the way he has dealt with the problems at the club has been immense. First the post season, under the embargo. And, now this, he has handled everything with decorum, dignity and the highest degree of professionalism. Rooney, you have my full respect and gratitude. Thank you 🐏
  11. Hope he gets well. Hopefully there'll be some good news on the football front soon to help cheer him on. Best wishes 🐏
  12. Love football (less so since PL/Sky money). Born Derby. Started supporting as an 8 year old, 1968, on the up under BC. Loved going to matches, even in the third tier. Just the emotional rollercoaster and being part of something. Tribal I suppose; Derby County is my tribe.
  13. Oooh, ooh silver lining.....can I get a game? I'd at least increase the average age of the side 😉
  14. Some folks are positively suggesting we can overcome the 12 point deduction. Well, even though there's been an improvement in both results and performances over last season, further improvement will be required to overtake three other teams. A fire sale in January will scupper that idea altogether. There's also the question of additional points deductions. I would not put it past the EFL to delay those until next season if it looks like we're certain for the drop anyway this season. EFL fighting to protect football and football clubs. Yeah right. Bury, Bolton, Wigan, now Derby. Shame on them.
  15. I'm certainly not an optimist but I'm not a pessimist either; middle of the road realist, that's me. I'm now fearing that liquidation is a very real possibility. 12 point deduction and a January fire sale, will condemn us to League One next season. FFP points deduction of 9+3 points, probably applied next season. There's also the possibility of 15 points if non-football creditors aren't paid 25%. That will send us down to League Two. As the Wycombe chairman (spit) says: who is going to want to buy a League Two club with £50mill debt? (and no ground, no academy). I've been thinking for a long time that it is going to take the demise of a big club to shake up the football world and bring in some professional governing bodies. I just never thought it would be my club, Derby County 😢 COYR 🐏 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58641014
  16. This is well worth watching related to agents moving kids between club academies: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000zqs8 See also: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58600845
  17. Count them out and count them in again.
  18. It was my understanding that directors of failed companies can be disqualified from holding similar positions again for a period of time. However, someone has already said that wouldn't apply in Wassall's case because he was an 'operational director'. TBH I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm just fearful of us losing academy staff and products.
  19. Apologies if this has been explained already but..... Please could somebody tell me why a potential buyer would find it more attractive (cheaper) to buy the club out of administration - as opposed to - buying it from Mel given that, if I understand correctly, adminstration does not remove non-footballing debt (which will be the majority: HMRC, MSD). And there'd be no 12 point deduction in the latter case. In addition, if Mel cares so much, why doesn't he clear those debts and give the club away? That's easy for me to say, of course, but if it's only 30 mill out of his net worth of 500 mill, having already put in > 200 mill, then to him it's not a massive amount. And Mel would then be lauded, not slammed.
  20. I was a popside season ticket holder and went to a few away games. You're right. It was fun. Damn sight more fun than now - even before the events of this past weekend. @Bob The Badger has just mentioned Sheffield United away, that's one of the best atmosphere's I can ever remember. I wonder how much my enjoyment was because I was still relatively young and found most things exciting being so naive - or because football was just so much better before Sky money ruined it.
  21. All of them 10/10 for the character they showed. Proud to call them Rams 🐏 Supporters, off the scale. Outstanding.
  22. Just leave us alone. Things are bad enough as it is without having a Forest fan ramming it down our throats just how bad.
  23. You're still talking about Derby County, right? Just checking.
  24. He's right and that's one of the most upsetting things. I've said on another thread, the promise of the youngsters coming through has been the one bright spot in the last couple of difficult years. To lose them for peanuts instead of seeing them fulfill their potential at Derby is heartbreaking.
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