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  1. I remember standing on the popside when Charlie George hit a crossfield pass that went sailing 20 yards over Terry Curran's head and out for a throw. Someone shouted "Bloody jump Curran". Charlie could do no wrong (apart from sign for that team whose name escapes me) 🐏
  2. I'm sorry Ramage has lost his job and I hope he is able to move on, wiser for the experience. His apology seems sincere and I do believe in second chances but it would've been difficult. Something has to happen regarding the vile attacks on social media though. Compare those with the dignified responses of Max Lowe and Jayden Bogle.
  3. First up, I think Bogle is fantastic, a credit to himself and the academy. To play so many first team games at his age is a great achievement. However, many of us and, most importantly Cocu, feel he has something more to learn about the defensive side of his game. I am certain that will come with more experience. However, in the meantime, and especially with Holmes out injured, I wonder if he should be given a longer spell as a right attacking midfielder. Next to Holmes, he's arguably the best ball carrier around the first team. I love the balance of Holmes, Bird and Rooney. Bogle wasn't great in midfield before but I'm not sure he had Bird and Rooney alongside him when he was asked to play further forward previously. I do not see Bogle as an out and out winger, Lowe's crosses are better for one thing, but I think he could become a midfield runner. Certainly worth trying in Holmes's absence. (Downside is I like Wisdom in central defence).
  4. Yeah, Dawson at Wednesday looks terrible every time I see him. The guy at Hull looks good though.
  5. One more thing.... Well said Max Lowe 🐏
  6. The 13 year old - or his friends - made an ill judged mistake and should be punished by their parents and taught why it was wrong. Hopefully, they will learn. The internet and social media are brilliant but anonymous posts - peddling hate - are spoiling it. Jayden Bogle, in this case, wouldn't have known it was by a naive youngster and it could have had a real impact. Ramage, on the other hand, is a professional broadcaster and should be fully aware of his responsibilities. There's been talk of sacking, or going on diversity training courses, but I cannot understand how he can be put in such a position in the first place if they are the views he holds. Or, if we give him the benefit of the doubt and suppose it didn't come out as he intended (hard to see but....), then he should have training on how to express himself. Aswell as this, the last broadcast I heard was the home cup tie against Northampton, and his treatment of Roos was unprofessional, at best, appalling in truth.
  7. To the mods: This topic should be renamed "Social media abuse" or something similar because I think we need a separate non-hateful, football related discussion about Jayden, given recent performances.
  8. Please could someone report him to the club and the police. Either the original recipient or the mods on here or someone with connections to the club. This kind of hate has to stop.
  9. Shame to lose Holmes. His running with the ball has become really important and a nice balance to Rooney's passing.
  10. Thank heavens. Maybe a pause in @Jourdan personal crusade against Cocu. Well at least until the wind blows the ball past Roos.
  11. It was right to move to Pride Park - for all the obvious reasons - but the Baseball Ground, and watching football there, was truly special. I miss it.
  12. We've been banned from Europe before over financial matters.
  13. The BBC had clearly part written this article expecting Dortmund to go through - fair enough they are an established conveyor belt for young talent. However, the young Rams barely get a mention. Perhaps, they could have taken a different slant and written a positive story about Derby's academy beating one of Europe's finest. We could do with some positive media attention for once. COYR 🐑
  14. 95% in. Standing by for the meltdown and recount if we lose to Brizzle 🤦‍♂️ COYR 🐏
  15. I am still curious to know who the three were that voted against his appointment in the original poll. How do they feel now? And why did they vote that way then? Is this the third or fourth such poll? Should we have it refresh after every game?
  16. Had it on during my lunch hour <cough>. Fantastic performance. I was a little worried first half but second half, the Rammos had a lot of chances on the break and should have put it to bed sooner. Excellent performances by everyone but I especially liked: Ebosele, the wide left Brown, Sibley and Whittaker. The future is truly bright with this academy.....pay rises all round I say. COYR 🐑
  17. That's my fear..... The EFL will realise we're not going up or down this season so, for maximum impact, any points deduction will be next season. Never mind, it just means we may not get automatic promotion until early April instead of March as I was hoping. COYR 🐏
  18. Thanks - as always - @SaintRam and everyone for their contributions. COYR 🐏 Come on Cocu 🐏
  19. When you're abroad for the weekend, do you login with the same username that you use when you're at home?
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