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  1. I've defended Roos because I think people have turned against him following the playoff gaff (as they did Keogh) but, whether his confidence has drained as a result, I certainly thought he was shaky tonight. By accident or design, everything bounced off him. Well, when he made contact with the ball anyhow. There was more than once where he just flapped at the air.
  2. You've not been watching for very long then 😉
  3. You crazy people. Warnock's teams play very unattractive football. He may be successful at getting teams promoted but he's also equally adept at getting them relegated one season later. And, as for his whinging and whining. No thanks. Be thankful that we have Cocu. Building for a sustainable stay in the Premier League. Now, no more of this nonsense about Colin. Thank you and good night.
  4. Forget everything else..... Tell us more about your encounter with the leather clad rock chick.
  5. In fact, in that one frame, you can immediately see what's lacking in the current side. No, I don't mean a rock solid defence and a highly creative midfield.... It's the blue and white kit with a simple, clean and elegant design. Sure, having players of the quality of Roy McFarland, Colin Boulton, Bruce Rioch, Colin Todd and Archie Gemmill would also help a little.
  6. Winning at Wembley. The champions of the top division win the 1975 Charity Shield. Nice kit.
  7. Useful site if you want to do some research: https://www.11v11.com/teams/Derby-county/tab/matches/
  8. Fantastic post @loweman2. You raise a whole raft of other points that should be in threads of their own, if they're not already. But just a couple that I would seize on..... 1. Money has changed the game ('spoiled' or 'killed' in my book). Notts County going out of the league ("EFL") and what is happening to Bury and Bolton is appalling when you see how much money is swilling around at the top of the game. It sickens me and leaves me heartbroken. 2. Everyone is frantically trying to get into the Premier League but, in many way, the Championship is way more exciting. It's certainly more competitive. It's anyone's guess who will finish in the top six. Heck, even L**** may get the top spot and F***** may make the play-offs. And, losing almost very week in the Premier, while set up to defend, is a lot less fun than winning a majority of games playing attractive football in the Championship. I'm just sorry that you had to remind me of Tommy Docherty 😰 Otherwise, many thanks for your thoughts and memories.
  9. The poor start to this season is not because our experienced players are not good enough and/or injured. It's not because the young academy players do not yet have enough experience. It's not because we haven't replaced the three quality loanees from last year. Neither is it because we had a short preseason and, thanks to Chelsea, Cocu had a late start. It's not even because of FFP and having to carefully manage the budget. It's not even related to the curse that was on the old Baseball Ground. It is all because of......(drumroll).... The kit. And I don't just mean those awful zebra stripe sleeves. It's the colours. @loweman2 will tell us.... Why did we change to Navy in the 70s? I've heard people say it's because Clough wanted the team to look like England but I have it in mind that he simply thought it would change the club's fortunes. How we need that now. In Navy we won the top division twice. We changed back to black and the slide began. Don't talk to me about tradition. I'm the biggest traditionalist on the planet. Black and white are not the original club colours. And what about the tradition of winning the league, eh? Let's restore that one. See: http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Derby_County/Derby_County.htm And especially @loweman2 book
  10. Who is the recruitment team? Do you mean the scouts? Am I naive to think the manager decides on it (maybe not at Chelsea, Juventus and Real Madrid)? I'm guessing this season, Cocu deferred decisions to Rosenior. So, credit to him for Bielik and, possibly, Clarke but, maybe, blame for Dowell and Paterson. That said, isn't Cocu's mate somebody significant at Everton. How's that friendship now?
  11. Well said @Nuwtfly. Bravo.
  12. Well that's our hope. In an interview, I think Cocu said something along the lines that is what he hoped; he didn't categorically state that it would be definite.
  13. 4-4-2 Roos Bogle Keogh Clarke Lowe Holmes Knight Bielik Lawrence Marriott Martin (or Waggy) === Rooney to rotate with Holmes, Knight and Sibley for those two slots. Lawrence to rotate with Paterson, FloJo and JML. Others to come in if we can scrape the money together
  14. And play who instead? Shinnie? Paterson? Bogle in a leg brace? More kids? The kids aren't ready. The senior players aren't good enough. The three loanees covered up the cracks last year. None of that is Cocu's fault. He needs to be given time. He didn't have a chance in such a short preseason. Those suggesting Pullis....I despair. UTR 🐏
  15. Why don't they do retro shirts in 3x or larger sizes? Err uhm, asking for a friend.
  16. Fair enough. I agree many people are not looking at the bigger picture and some of the comments after 5 league games are ludicrous and, I'm with you, writing off young players purely on their full league debut - in front of 30,000 - is crazy. I also agree with you about the importance of blend. Teams need the Wes Morgan's, the John McGovern's of this world. However, there has to be a "transition" - the two matches I quoted were from the start of Cloughie's "transition season" and the end of his promotion one. Even the golden generation of Will Hughes, Jeff Hendrick, George Thorne and Chris Martindid did not get promotion. Before them, the team with the fire power of Margo Gabbiadini, Paul Kitson and Tommy Johnson fired blanks at Wembley against the blue fox team from down the road. I believe that last season, Mount, Tomori and Wilson covered up a lot of cracks. Even Morgan and McGovern were high quality at what they did. I think without the 3 loanees, we are low on quality and in answer to this thread's question: yes recruitment is needed. We cannot lose our best 3 players, not replace them and still expect top 6. I think next season is the big one. By then, hopefully, Lowe, Buchanan, Knight, Sibley, Bird, Whittaker, Mitchell-Lawson and others will have gained more experience and staked a claim but then we will need to recruit externally. I just wonder who, of the current squad, we won't need to replace; our Hector's, Durban's and Daniel's. As I and others have said, the preseason - being late and the Chelsea drama - did us and Cocu, in particular, no favours at all. UTR 🐏
  17. Big turnovers of players happened back in the day, in order to win promotion. Compare: https://www.11v11.com/matches/Derby-county-v-charlton-athletic-19-august-1967-113368/ https://www.11v11.com/matches/Derby-county-v-bristol-city-19-april-1969-114282/ (O'Hare had joined pre-season and I know Ticker remained as a squad player, quite a crucial one in 74-75 but you get the idea)
  18. Hi @angieram, I am from that era and I am guilty for starting that thread. I think - as I say in a later post - that I badly phrased what I was trying to ask. If you see my other posts, I am fully behind Cocu and have argued strongly that he should be given time to build the squad and be allowed to do it by developing academy players. Heck I have even defended his team selection in that minor cup competition the other night. However, even with three cracking loan players last season, we only just limped into the playoffs. So the point of that thread, badly expressed, was to ask which players can you imagine being in a team that can win automatic promotion and that we should build the rest of the team around. Whether the new players are from the academy, are loans or brought in as transfers....and whatever timescale it takes.....who from the current squad are at a promotion team winning standard? Clough brought in Willie Carlin, then replaced him with Archie Gemmill, Les Green was replaced by Colin Boulton, John Robson by David Nish and so on. Yes teams evolve but some players are good enough to be kept - Kevin Hector 😍. So all I was asking, is who is good enough for a team that will get us automatic promotion (I find the playoffs too stressful).
  19. When did he do that? I'm not doubting you, just missed it. I've heard criticism of the collective. Ah do you mean Lowe for "sliding in" against WBA? Yeah, hopefully no lasting damage done but I don't think even that was as bad as when some managers do it (looking at you Jose).
  20. I agreed with most of that but not about Bennett but that's for another thread 🙄 I also think FloJo could improve Your formatting illustrates exactly what I was trying to ask - what level of quality are the players we have? Who is good enough to play in a team that wins promotion automatically? One player you didn't mention that I think should fall into the promising youngster category is Jayden Maitchell-Lawson (JML).
  21. No need to apologise. Everyone is expendable. Agreed. Maybe I should have phrased it in terms of priorities.... Who can we keep while replacing the others? For example, I think most will agree we don't need to replace Bogle urgently. I'd argue it's easy to imagine that Bielik and Marriott are good enough to play in a promotion winning side. Who else?
  22. Fair enough. Perhaps I phrased it badly. As I quoted in another thread, Clough used to say: "if I can sign a better centre half than Roy McFarland then I would." Anyhow.... What I mean is that to get automatic promotion, I think you need enough players of a certain quality. I don't think we currently have enough of those. It took three great loanees last season to get us into the playoffs. What players do we see in the current squad that are of sufficiently high quality that they could be part of a team that gets us promoted automatically?
  23. Almost as far back as I can remember, wingers have been the most inconsistent of players... Leighton James, Paul Emson and others I'd rather not think about (Curran, Greenwood, Teale...)
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