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  1. Think we need at least 3 points from the next 2 matches. Then at the very least get 3 points out of the last 3 matches. Is 49 points enough for survival? Maybe just 🤞
  2. Definitely not. To be as poor as we’ve been and stay up would show how poor you have to be to go down. On paper the league is the weakest it’s been in years. It’s mind boggling how we’ve got 43 points at this stage.
  3. Cocu had to go and I was not in Rooney’s corner at the start at all. Then he won me round by winning and getting us outside the relegation zone. However our performances/results of late have not been good enough. No point getting rid now as the players still seem to be trying. However once the season is over we need to have a long think about whether Rooney’s the man to lead us forward. The whole club seems rotten to me and I’m not sure we’ll be any better off come this time next season.
  4. The Birmingham result has tainted a good week of results for us. Although if we get another 7 points then that should cover us regardless. Coventry could be the one to watch. If they lose to Rotherham then they’ll be 4 points behind us with the same matches played. Think we’re asking a lot for Rotherham to completely poo it in all 4 matches.
  5. Think it probably sums up how most fans are feeling at the moment. Its been a depressing year in general but when you add what we've had to watch for the last year and the off field antics its become very exhausting. I was genuinely at peace last Saturday because I knew I wouldn't have to put up with watching/listening to Derby play. Good win today it would seem and results have gone our way which means we can relax until monday... That said I'm not sure stumbling over the line to stay up should be applauded. The sooner the season can end and we can watch England in the euros the better.
  6. Can’t wait to lose this one and slip further in to the abyss.
  7. Signing Waghorn for the money we did was scandalous. Not been a bad servant but he hasn’t repaid his fee in the slightest. Same goes for a lot of players. The money we’ve squandered is tragic. At least under Nigel if a player turned out to be poo it was because we’d signed them for a bag of potato’s and a wink.
  8. I’m not in the Rooney out camp yet but other than Wilder, who else could we bring in to “guarantee’ an upturn in fortunes?
  9. Roos - 6 Byrne - 7 Wisdom - 5 Clarke - 6 Buchanan - 4 Shinnie - 8 Bird - 4 Jozwiak - 5 Knight - 6 Watson - 5 CKR - 6 Mengi - 5 Sibley - 7 Gregory - 7
  10. We have no money and our squad was threadbare. Was a case of getting bodies through the door. That said only Edmundson has done it for me, Roberts looks tidy but a bit lightweight.
  11. Unfair to pass judgement at this moment in time. Come the end of the season we’ll know what Wayne’s about. He’s given us a shot at survival which I’m grateful for. However having done the hard work we’ve taken the foot off the gas and are well in truly back in the fight for survival. Whether we like it or not it’s going to go down to the last 3 if not last match of the season. He’s not been backed financially and the squad is poor so not sure we can expect too much. Fingers crossed for survival and new investment. However I do note that it’s a shame Sheffield United hung
  12. Can’t see us getting anything from this. If we do steal a win it would be great to go in to the international break on a positive note. The despicable performances/results against Coventry and Milwall really have put us in the mud.
  13. Not the lads fault but when you sign for £3m+ you're going to have to put in performances that justify the price. He's not cutting the mustard at all right now, but all our wingers seem to fall in to a barrel full of boobs and come out sucking their thumb. How hard is it for one of them to have a Gary Teale purple patch that can win us 7+ points?
  14. Roos - 6 Byrne - 7 Edmundson - 6 Mengi - 5 Clarke - 6 Forsyth - 6 Shinnie - 7 Knight - 5 Jozwiak - 3 CKR - 5 Waghorn - 3
  15. 4 minutes of added time, 3 minutes spent out of play or in their keepers hands. The second hand ticks to 4 minutes so the ref decides to blow up. He’s had a shocker. That said we wouldn’t score if we played to Christmas.
  16. Jesus H Christ how are we losing this? Ref bottled the Evans decision.
  17. Genuinely perplexed at how poor we’ve been going forward this season. Even under Nigel with Cywka and Sammon in the front three we’d have a handful of matches were we would score more than 2.
  18. The anger is turning in to despair. No chance we’ll score two, we’ll be lucky to score one. Rowett has played us like a fiddle. Sibley for Knight for me. Need a risk taker in the final third. If we don’t go down fighting today then we’re doomed.
  19. Fuming. Wasn’t a free kick. Admittedly we have to deal with things better but refs having a shocker.
  20. Famous last words but you look at their line up and if we can’t beat that then it’s a head scratcher. Apart from their keeper, Cooper, Romeo and Wallace, I don’t have any concerns.
  21. Was hoping someone would start a topic of this ilk. I didn’t quite realise how tough our run in is. However the championship isn’t predictable and no doubt we’ll lose to brum and beat Swansea. I think if we play poohouse football and look to keep it tight we’ll just about have enough to stay up. My nerves will start to diminish once Rotherham start playing and hopefully losing their matches in hand.
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