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Derby vs. Sam Rush

Animal is a Ram

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Very good outcome for both parties - allows them both to quietly create their own versions of the truth when that's necessary and prevents what would have been a well publicised, risky and embarrassing tribunal for all concerned.

Good for us too most importantly. Last thing we would have wanted is off field distractions, however titillating. 

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54 minutes ago, Carnero said:

Brilliant, we can carry on speculating about this forever.

Or, on the basis that we'll probably never know, we could just forget about it and move on. I know what I'll be doing in fact, until this thread started, I hadn't given it another thought for some considerable time.

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22 minutes ago, RadioactiveWaste said:

Well, after being denied tthe courtroom bbloodbath I was secretly hoping for, I guess I'll be left just posting libellous speculation on the forum.

I think what happened is <redacted>

I have it on good authority that they agreed to settle it in a wrestling contest in the Pride Park board room. Mel greased himself up so much that Rush couldn't get hold of him and had to quit the contest as a result and drop his claims.

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