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  1. The signing of Rooney is like the signing of Ravenelli a waste of money for a name. It’s a bit like buying a designer shirt etc you are paying for the name. Bring on the Primarny league one dross.
  2. I can’t see it s doing anything. This is a total disaster it’s a duck up.
  3. GRITSTONE RAM: “I could have played better with my knackers tied in a knot”. Post match interview. Today 2 mins.
  4. Can wait, start how we finished tonight. Richards up top. Bird somewhere at the back and nobody with a ducking clue should see us right. I’m starting to lose the will to live watching the tripe served up. I bottled up my Christmas brew tonight it was far more worth while. Onwards and upwards surely things can’t get any worse.
  5. I’ll be watching but it’s not the same as going to the game. If you gave me the choice under normal circumstances pay £10 and watch at home or travel to Boro to watch it @ say £75 costs for the day. I would be on my way to Boro now. As for the form I keep watching because I keep telling myself it can’t get any worse.
  6. Or if you work over Christmas it gives you more of a chance of seeing someone.
  7. Get on with it and have a good time.
  8. Tbh Long John Silver would be worth a go at the moment.
  9. Looking back I always believe it’s not the losing but how you lose. I thought we played quite well yesterday and I saw an improvement. I think a lot on here have it in for Rooney but you only have to look at the players ratings to know he didn’t play that bad. I think if we play like that against boro we will win.
  10. No wonder Waghorn can’t score I bet he’s good at ping pong though.
  11. If we had an end product our luck wouldn’t need to change we would win these games.
  12. I thought we were better than them that’s what makes it more hard to take.
  13. That sounds like a terrible decision was it when he got pulled back when running into the box. What explanation can the ref give for that. The only thing I can think is we were in a better goal scoring position.
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