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  1. If you ask me I am more aware of what is bullying I think a lot of things are based upon opinions. The best thing to do is stand up for yourself but don’t create conflict.
  2. Surely you should report the instances at the first opportunity rather than let them build up. If it continues then make a diary of events. Some things can be sorted by an informal chat.
  3. The police knocked on my door and asked “ is this your wife?” I nodded. The police said “it looks like she’s been hit by a bus” I said “ I know but she’s good with the children”.
  4. How can they wipe their backsides with them on?
  5. The fact that not a lot can be proved or it will take so long shouldn’t be a reason not to do it. This is why it is so wrong because if anyone has been through it they are usually just relieved when it is over and just want things back to normal.
  6. Yeah but around 50% of the population have been pinged and are isolating. I deleted the app months after a lad I worked with got pinged and I didn’t and my missus got pinged and her work told her to come in anyway.
  7. Thanks that is exactly what I need to look at. The only thing I don’t think it says because the person is either jealous or wants to purposely inflict misery or effect their state of mental health because that is a major issue. Although malicious complaints could be a good one.
  8. It is when it causes mental health problems. Broken bones can mend but things in your head can last for ever.
  9. Tbh it’s a group of people. The management have been made aware and are doing an investigation. It is how it makes people feel and the mental health problems it causes that is more of the problem. It is causing PTSD.
  10. I will look into things because if this is written into law it may cut some of this out. This behavior is horrendous. How can anyone get away with it. I am now an official anti bullying campaigner.
  11. This is exactly what needs changing. Even if other laws may overlap there needs to be a bullying law. This is one of the worst things that could happen to anyone.
  12. I never new much about bullying. I may have taken the odd derogatory comments off people and had a few fights but I would always stick up for myself. However I have seen some bullying in the work place that has effected people’s mental health. I just wondered if there is a criminal offense here or is this civil. This is criminal and if it isn’t the law needs to change. Boris needs to know.
  13. I know but is this illegal? Is there a law against it? I know you can get someone done for harassment and the police will take it seriously but there needs to be a bullying law.
  14. There needs to be a law against this it is horrendous. I feel for you B4. You are a really good person.
  15. Just wondering if any legal people could answer this because if it isn’t it should be and I want to make a case to get it made illegal. It is the one worst thing anyone could experience broken bones can mend but mentally people don’t.
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