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  1. Rooney out Squad not good enough Is there anyone else who can stump up some money? Does the Elon Musk want to buy a team?
  2. Can we appeal for another season?
  3. Pal I go back to watching us in the late 70’s I can’t claim to have seen the salad day’s but I have seen the good the bad and the ugly.
  4. Thank you Marlon we couldn’t have done it without you.
  5. I’m calling ******** on that blue line all it is, is a straight line from 14/15 -2021 and isn’t taking into account the other seasons positions
  6. I have been here before. Who went on the pitch?
  7. I’m worried about what is happening and people I know are worried. I am even more worried about our performances and the match tomorrow. I don’t see that I can do much about it. If I could go I’d support the team tomorrow but can do that and I don’t really have a very big pot to piss in either so to enhance the worry I can’t do bugger all about any of it. I’m not keen on these supporters groups who think they are a superior supporter to any other fan. I doubt any of us are not worried. I just think how has it got to this. I think we can only see what comes out in the wash. We’ve been thr
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