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  1. Listening to Rooney he said the referee was awful. I did think he thinks it’s because of all this fair play stuff. I reckon he might be in a bit of trouble.
  2. Just watching it the acting reminds me of Monkey.
  3. Happy Birthday. Hope you’ve had a good day.
  4. Great year’s starting in the Third Division up to the First went to most games and we would have qualified for Europe had English Clubs not been banned. Great away days in the First Division.
  5. What about the moon landing and twin towers which side of the fence should we sit with these?
  6. So Shirebrook has improved a bit since I last went.
  7. It doesn’t matter whether they have millions or not. It’s running the club properly and not throwing good money after bad. If someone comes in with a big wedge so be it but run the club properly. A short term bit of financial help may be required but we can’t go back to how things have been run over the last few years.
  8. I’m up for a bit of binge drinking and throwing up in the fire. If Ashley has got some wedge to put in then so be it. Beggars can’t be choosers.
  9. I’ve got one called “The Rams in Europe” and “Derby player of the season from around 1969 up to 2010. I won it in 2007/8 along with around 30000 others.
  10. Why didn’t you get some when you installed your brothers?
  11. AAA’s are a bit small I reckon I’d need an attic full to power the misuses hair straighteners and hair dryer.
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