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  1. I agree with @PistoldPete. You can’t compare a football club with a business that is able to switch to a home delivery service. Also, apart from bank branches, it was relatively simple for the financial services industry to switch to home working (I worked for Lloyds bank for 8 months and never once went into the office or met the rest of my team face to face. My daughter and son in law are both permanent employees of a retail bank and are only just starting to go back into the office). So, that’s another poor comparison. It’s difficult to see what more Derby could have done to protect their revenue other than charging/charging more for RamsTV streaming which wouldn’t have gone down particularly well and could have led to more requests for season ticket refunds.
  2. I think most of us simply accept that none of things he has done or decisions he has made, leading us to the perilous position we find ourselves in, we done or made with any kind of malice intended. I’m not defending him, he needs to take primary responsibility, but I don’t believe he ever intended to harm the club or line his own pockets.
  3. Surely you can in a very broad sense. No one expect their house to burn down but we all (or should) insure against it.
  4. I’m sure it’s been mentioned before but I don’t know if it’s been raised with the club. Members, and then ST holders get priority for away tickets which is fair enough IMO. However, because of the order blocks go on sale, you always seem to get priority for the least popular sections. Although, as a ST holder, I already have my ticket for Coventry I thought I’d take a glance at how sales are going. There are still seats available in the worst block (right in the corner) and I can’t help but think some folk are delaying their purchase until the next block is opened up. Just doesn’t seem right to me but that’s just my opinion.
  5. I think the ELF has a lot to answer for but I'm not sure we can blame them for Covid coming to the UK😀
  6. Haven’t heard much about Fred Goodwin since he was booted out of RBS so he could be available.
  7. That's my point. Has anyone every successfully appealed on the grounds of force majeure? If not, then there is no precedent and I fail to see how there can be any halfway house. Either circumstances beyond our control forced us into administration or it didn't. Only time will tell if a) we are successful and b) if we do win, what the impact will be.
  8. Is there any history of a club successfully making such an appeal such as this? For me it's either the "independent" panel agrees with our force majeure argument or they don't. I can't see how there can be any half way house partial reduction. That's not to say the EFL wouldn't get their pound of flesh with a points deduction for other reasons. It seems ridiculous that the EFL are taking so long to review our accounts and come to a decision and I can't help thinking they're waiting to see what happens with our appeal (the Daily Mail, so it must be correct 😀, reckon three weeks).
  9. They might have been "fair" but would it have made much difference if we'd accepted? As others have said, if Buchanan's "value" was only just over £1m it would only have been a very brief stay of execution. I don't know how much was offered for Lawrence without ploughing back through this thread (do we actually know how much was offered?).
  10. As @angieram says, it's 5%. So, for tickets costing £70 Derby would receive just £3.50 (assuming it based on the gross sales and not net). But, as you say, every penny counts and the team need all the vocal support they can get but, it is expensive for a family.
  11. I agree but I’m not sure “working in Birmingham” gives you an insight as to how the whole country feels. Everyone will love us, especially other Championship teams, if we somehow pull off a miracle and get the 12 point penalty overturned.😀
  12. He did say something along those lines but, I wonder if what he meant to say is, he'd be back involved in some way with training with the squad rather than actually playing.
  13. I’m not sure what the current arrangements are but do away clubs receive any of the gate receipts?
  14. I don’t think actually making an application would have made the slightest difference. It would have been a frivolous application as we clearly didn’t meet the criteria and I think that is an acceptable reason for explaining why we didn’t apply. What’s more important is that we were in dialogue with the EFL about the loan (as our request for an extension to the application period was declined).
  15. I’ve seen Subarra. Doesn’t quite reach the heights of Gomorrah but still very watchable.
  16. It may be the definition but it’s not an effect. You only go into administration because you have run out of money. Running out of money occurs first therefore it is a cause not an effect. Nobody goes into administration with sufficient funds available and then, oops, an effect of going into administration means we’ve got no money.
  17. Exactly. Lost ticket sales resulting in loss of income and causing the club to have to go into administration.
  18. What really annoys me is the people that think they need to out do everyone else and buy commercial sized fireworks that are totally inappropriate for domestic gardens. If fireworks have to be sold to the general public then there should be a limit on their size.
  19. Not sure I agree with your opening statement.Surely If there had been sufficient funds available then the club wouldn’t have needed to go into administration. Therefore, it caused us to go into administration. Severe cash flow difficulties is a common cause of administration not an effect.
  20. It’s not about your take being popular or unpopular but, I rather suspect, unlike Mel, the administrator know what they’re doing. We may appeal or we may not. We may be successful or we may not be but I don’t think any of us, with zero experience (I suspect) of being an administrator are in any position to be so critical of them.
  21. I suspect you may well be right but none of us have seen the actual case that would be presented to the EFL. If, as I think claimed by Mel, the club had a sustainable business plan, that was wrecked by Covid, then maybe there is a case to argue. I’m not convinced especially as it would involve convincing the EFL. Perhaps another factor is that Derby were successful, is there a risk that it may open the floodgates for other clubs.
  22. I’d agree with @atherstoneram. Covid has, without doubt, impacted all clubs but I think we need to prove it was the sole reason we went into administration. I would imagine the club needs to prove Covid (or our failure to able to apply for the loan) wasn’t just delaying the inevitable. I think Mel said we had a sustainable business plan if it hadn’t been for the virus. The administrator just needs to convince the EFL. I know it’s only newspaper talk and attention seeking headlines but, I doubt we’re “at war” (and hope we’re not) with the EFL.
  23. Don’t be so hard on yourself 😀
  24. Sorry. The combination of colours, in particular the brown, just don’t do it for me so, I’m out. However, if some other special issue shirt was issued as a fund raiser (as muted by the administrator I think) I’d be very interested (dependent on the design and colour of course).
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