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  1. Have you been out in the sun too long?
  2. You're right about the term "heroes" being used somewhat liberally. The song about Teale was very apt "he used to be pooe but now he's aright". I don't remember him being anything better than alright.
  3. A sad reflection on a tiny minority of society not society as a whole in my opinion.
  4. How many points do you reckon Roos has personally cost us then? I'm not convinced he's good enough but you can't pin our current plight solely on his shoulders.
  5. Polysemic ! Don't you hate it when Rees-Mogg posts a message on this board and send us less educated folk off googling the meaning of words (or is it just me?)
  6. Clarke worries me whenever he has too much time to think. A good solid defender but not comfortable on the ball. As good a player as Lowe is, he's not a left back and can only be used as emergency cover. Malone, incidentally, I thought had one of his best as games. I didn't go to either Forest or Brentford but this must have been a 100 times better. As they said on Radio Derby after the game - green shoots. You can never eliminate them completely but they do need to reduce the number of individual error (pretty much everyone was guilty of a few too many).
  7. Maybe the opposite. No joy taking action against DCFC so now trying the EFL.
  8. I would suspect there is no personal vendetta against Derby. It just so happens that we pipped them to the play offs and if the EFL had docked us points, as he seems to think they should have done, then Middlesborough would have got their instead. . I'm sure if Bristol had finished 6th instead of us and done the same as us in terms of selling their stadium then his case would be against them not us.
  9. Probably not. wouldn't he have to declare a conflict of interest on this matter and not be involved in any way?
  10. Just corrected that for you but, your comments are still perfectly valid.
  11. Maybe they're doubting the validity of our own independent valuation but can't actually say whoever did the valuation manipulated it, as you say, or overvalued the stadium until they've got another one themselves. They couldn't take action purely based on a suspicion or allegation that it was overvalued - they would need evidence.
  12. If they're that poisonous to the club, and want a refund, they're not likely to renew their season ticket and therefore wouldn't have any priority when it comes to big games and the club would have "got rid" of them. Still a definite no from me.
  13. Sorry, can't agree. When you buy your season ticket you are in no way guaranteed the level of performance or achievement that you were hoping for or expecting when making your purchase. Anyone that buys a ticket for a sporting event surely knows that. Therefore you should not entitled to a refund. Also, how would you define or prove that you're unhappy? Could you just state that you're not happy an expect a refund? That would be ridiculous.
  14. An extract from the above article: "The Midlands club have also told Sky Sports News they believe the cost of that independent review into their stadium and others will be a six-figure sum and something all 24 Championship clubs will be expected to share, which has also been met with concern from at least one other Championship club" Firstly, I know professional valuations aren't cheap but, "a six figure sum" seems crazy to me. Secondly, If it's an independent valuation commissioned by the EFL then surely the EFL should be footing the bill.
  15. Of course it doesn't end after 14 games. That's why I said some of the blame not all of it. Not sure how you reckon we were picking up slightly. After we beat Newcastle on the 17th September, the next eight games before Billy left were: L,D,L,D,L,L,L,L.
  16. Surely Billy has to take some of the blame for the relegation. We had 6 points from 14 games when he departed.
  17. Only 72 votes so far (assuming you're referring to this poll) so, not really a big enough sample size to draw any conclusions.
  18. Useful site if you want to see our kit through the years. http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Derby_County/Derby_County.htm Definitely black and white for me
  19. Cocu's profile in England isn't remotely important though is it? How many had heard of Farke at Norwich or Santo at Wolves before they arrived? I agree there is/was a period of mourning, which may appear to look like a drop in team spirit, following Frank's departure but I don't see Cocu as a sacrificial lamb.
  20. Some might say (not me of course) that walking football is too quick for him.
  21. I don't know how you can draw that conclusion from just one picture when, by it's very nature, a photograph is a very short snapshot. if you can run a video clip showing, what you consider to be, bad body language over a longer period of time then you might have a case. also, in this photo, is his body language any worse than the other players apart from Roos who looks suitably furious after conceding a goal I assume? Finally, whilst not performing well at the moment, to suggest Dowell's attitude (note: attitude, not performance as body language in no way reflects ability) is the main problem feels a bit harsh to me.
  22. The way I read your posts you implied Cocu wouldn't be sacked but only because of his wages and four year contract. You then went on to say let's see if Mel can come up with some other cunning plan to get rid. i'm sorry if that's not a course of action you would support but that's what it looked like to me.
  23. Honest question, why did the comment surprise you? Is he not just suggesting the team spirit last year was at a pinnacle and couldn't be surpassed. He's not saying it's bad this year, all is good in the dressing room. If he was asked a direct question about team spirit compared to last year, it's difficult to see how he could have answered it any better on the spur of the moment.
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