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  1. Not much point having pace if you don’t use it effectively.
  2. Hamer instead of Roos. Pretty much anyone else except Jozefzoon. Apart from that, looks OK to me.
  3. Given all this is about racial stereotyping then it's stating the obvious that if he hadn't said "black" non of this would have happened. Also, do we really need another thread on this subject?
  4. Have they had their hearing? I’m struggling to find any details.
  5. Same here. Provided nothing silly happens like the prices are doubled before some smart Alec challenges the "no matter what" statement.
  6. Have we sold out yet? I bet Leeds would take more.
  7. I didn't hear the BBC news you're referring to but, I suspect it's not the same thing at all. Besides, your post implies Ramage has only been sacked (or suspended) because he worked for Radio Derby. I'd like to think any public broadcaster would have taken the same action.
  8. Has the transfer window closed yet?
  9. This is who my daughter used in October 2018. Positives - really nice easy going guy. Excellent at putting stressed brides at easy. Very good photos - extremely happy with the quality Negatives - Admin isn't his strong suit (often the case with these creative folk) and was a bit slow finally delivering the photos. Not the easiest to get hold of if you do want/need to speak to him. http://www.stevegreenweddings.com/wedding-gallery/
  10. Watched the Hummingbird Project on Sunday and enjoyed it. A bit far fetched (some might say that is putting it mildly) so I was really hoping it was based on a true story but, doesn't look as if it was.
  11. Generally a good post except for the two in bold. 1) The issue isn't that he used the colour of a players skin to describe or refer to him (although that would have been similarly unsuitable as it would be unnecessary. Unlike the example you have used, we all know the players, he wouldn't need to describe them). The issue is that he appears to have used inappropriate stereotyping. 2) Why would anybody need to speak out for the young players that are not black? He didn't say "all young white players have an attitude problem" or something similar. It's not the criticism of players where the issue lies but the fact that he implied the problem related to the colour of their skin.
  12. Ok so ASDA was a bad choice but, as you say, how would it make any difference if you did know the breakdown? However, why is a company like ASDA not valid? Choose an industry that is valid or are you saying football is a special case? Knowing someone else’s wages may not be taboo (although I’m not sure I’d want my salary whilst I was working to be public knowledge) but you were suggesting you had a right to know simply because you choose to buy match tickets and merchandise. There is a difference between liking to know and having the right to know. With regards to having something to hide, it’s no surprise that footballers earn vast amounts of money but, what difference would it make (other than to satisfy your curiosity) if you knew that playing staff wages made up 50%, 75%, 90% or 95%+ of the total?
  13. I think they should have allowed the show to go ahead but made a brief statement at the start saying something along the lines of the following "in view of the ongoing investigation (is it still going on?) It wouldn't be appropriate to discuss the matter live on air and therefore won't be taking any question on the subject at this time" The show could then have focused on football matters. Imagine that, a sports phone in actually about sport? Some might still say that would be a cowardly way out but I think it would have been a reasonable way forward.
  14. Why? What's wrong with just removing the offending part? (on the massive assumption that they were always going to issue a statement) Not sure I'd describe it as bang out of order.
  15. Haven't you answered your own question? Overall wages are detailed in the accounts you have provided a link to. OK, it includes all wages not just playing staff but what other type of company would go into such detail? Do you expect the likes of ASDA to give details of how much they spend on wages for their shop floor staff (I'm assuming they don't) so you can decide whether you think you are getting value for the money you spend there? With regards to "deserving to see where the money goes" why? No one makes you spend money on tickets and merchandise, it's your choice. Finally, what difference would it make if the accounts said that something like 95% of the wages were spent on playing staff? What would you do then? It's not as if it's going to come as any great surprise that players get paid an awful lot of money.
  16. Spot on. I don't like Ramage as a football pundit or whatever you want to call his job, but I take no pleasure from seeing him replaced under these circumstances.
  17. Time to draw a line under this issue? My take on this: Ramage said something stupid that is difficult to argue wasn’t racial stereotyping and therefore unacceptable. He has apologised publicly (maybe even privately) The BBC has acted in the only way it could or should DCFC have acted correctly in issuing a brief statement but essentially leaving it to BBC I suspect that if Ramage met the players face to face, apologised and fully acknowledged his comment was unacceptable, they’d shake his hand, accept the apology and move on The public should do the same. I’ve not read any of the comments from either side of the argument on the cesspit otherwise known as Twitter but, nothing more is to be gained from laying into Ramage anymore. As several have posted have said, we all make mistakes and have to face the consequences. I’ve certainly made mistakes in my personal and professional life (nothing of this magnitude). I’m not sure what effect it would have had on my mental well being had I been constantly reminded of them.
  18. Simply because a storm had been brewing all day and certain accusations had been levelled at Radio Derby. The longer it went on, the more damaging it was for them. They were quick enough to edit and re-issue the podcast. However, as I say, eventually they did issue the correct (IMO) response.
  19. The right initial response but it has taken way too long to post.
  20. Radio Derby simply have to come out with a statement very quickly. There seems to be too many people that have said they have heard it for it not to have happened.
  21. I think that is an excellent suggestion. Would really show that DCFC are genuinely behind the Kick it out campaign.
  22. Good post by Lowe and fully justified. Surely Radio Derby and Ramage need to respond in a suitably contrite way. Might even listen to the moan in on Monday for a change.
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