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  1. Could we persuade him to take a step down?
  2. Doesn't the U16 season normally finished really early? I'm guessing they normally have exams etc a lot of them
  3. Lampard for the seniors and Jody for the U21s could work out, it'd keep a very strong link between the 2 sides and the FA could put their men into the coaching staff if they really wanted I've seen Liam Rosenior linked to the U21 job. It'd surprise me but not the worst shout by any means
  4. Now a sign fitter apparently. I love "Under the Cosh" and LD was on this week:
  5. Sorry if I've missed it being said already, do we know when the games being moved to? I'm assuming different time same day?
  6. Seems odd calling him trialist then telling us he scored. Strong result though
  7. Sorry if its already been asked and answered, do we know what provoked CKR at the end there?
  8. Apparently Bucko has been back working part time in the academy, and will be stepping up to fill in for Bowyer whilst he's away (sorry if anyone already mentioned this)
  9. My first instinct was that Waggy will be going in the summer and WR is just trying to get his side out early so, by the time we announce his release, no one is questioning why we're releasing a player we spent so much on
  10. Interesting, Rooney delivering on his word with those performing well staying in the side, like Roos and Mengi
  11. I'm caught between "you could have been playing 1st team football here already if you'd stayed, so no" and "if we let someone else have him and he scores against us I'll be gutted"
  12. Are we doing the opposite and picking a manager who played for us?
  13. I rate any player who's initials are also his position
  14. Has it been confirmed Lyons manager today? I've been working not see anything bar the line up
  15. I'm now going to spend the match working out the best team we could field (with everyone available) that's younger than that Villa one
  16. Like others have said, clearly a good player in there but needed work to get to grips with the English championship. Unfortunately, with all the Dutch speaking coaches suddenly gone and a desperation for results, I don't think he'd make that progress hwre Because he was a free though, depending what wages we have him, we could still end up turning a profit on the deal
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