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  1. I had the pleasure, and it was just that, of sitting next to him for lunch about 10 years or so ago. He was just a thoroughly nice guy, very chatty, interested and interesting, not only with me but with all the others that were at the table. No side to him at all and then in his 80's he was as sharp as anything.
  2. Dosn't it need all 3 parties to agree to a full season loan ending in January? Set Matt Clarke's views on one side cos he'll do what he's told to do, but we would have to agree to him going back. I think our interest is much more because we are short of pacy, ball playing CBs and we are limited in cover to Andre
  3. Thanks @OwenB87 but I'm now confused. For league games I thought that every Rams week day match was available via RamsTV unless it was a main match on Sky. I appreciate that this is a rearranged game but why will it be a 'late decision'?
  4. ilkleyram


    To be fair I'm not sure that it's the job of the PL or the EFL and probably wouldn't work if they did so because of the international movement of players, but if the FA, uefa and fifa got together and made it a standard rule across all countries then it might just stick.
  5. ilkleyram


    Players used to get screwed over by both clubs and managers and I don't blame them for having agents acting in their best interests. I'm sure there will be good and bad. What I can never understand though is why clubs have agents - they should be able to look after themselves - or why clubs have to pay agents when they sign or sell players. If the agent's job is to protect the player's interests then surely it's the player that should pay them not the club. If Fifa were to ban that relationship then I would suggest that's a good thing. At the moment agents play both ends and it's not a good thing.
  6. Dead right. Lolley was rubbish by all accounts.
  7. Just like to say thank you for the piece about Jim Smith's memorial/funeral by Colin Gibson on Rams TV. Not only sensitively done but well done too on what looked to be a pretty foul day. Good to see Poomy and Colin Addison as well as Jasper Carrot interviewed, amongst others.
  8. All that might be true although we will never in a season of Sundays get a written apology should the independent tribunal find in our favour, but the fact is that we haven't seen or heard the EFL's case against us. It might be weak but it might also be strong. We simply don't know. We are presuming that it is weak. Our statement says we have letters covering our actions relating to residual values and the valuation. No one outside the club or the EFL and certainly not on here have seen what those letters actually say. My hope is that there is no room for interpretation. But there may be and our case may be weaker for that. It could simply be that the EFL have bowed to pressure from other members of the league and have decided that they will, despite the weakness of their case, make someone else make the decision. It's then someone elses fault. Even for the EFL that would be the most feckless of decisions (and potentially expensive) should that be so. It could also be that we have, deliberately or through error, misinterpreted the advice the letters give and that the EFL case is a strong one. We don't know. Personally I hope we and Mel wipe the floor with them and we win our case resoundingly. It won't do the governance of the game much good but that's another issue entirely. But I have seen too many cases/arguments that on the face of it look to be open and shut fall apart when both sides are heard, to be entirely confident at this stage.
  9. Much though I like the strength of the statement from Mel unfortunately we have only really got a good flavour of one side of the case. We have largely presumed what the EFL's case is. Experience tells me that it is most often best to wait and see what both arguments are. There are question marks about our use of residual values, for example and how appropriate they are. If we do have letters from the EFL that agree both our valuation and the way we have treated residual values then I hope that they are clear and under lock and key, because they will be the difference between our winning and losing
  10. I'm not sure that HMRC have anything to do with it or would be interested. Their rules - when accounts have to be submitted, what is taxable and what is not etc - are separate from the EFL who create the accounting rules under which the leagues operate
  11. The full statement from the EFL is this: Following a review of Derby County’s Profitability and Sustainability (P&S) submissions, the EFL has charged the Club for recording losses in excess of the permitted amounts provided for in EFL Regulations for the three-year period ending 30 June 2018. The Club will now be referred to an independent Disciplinary Commission, which will hear representations from both the EFL and Derby County. As these matters are now subject to proceedings, the EFL will be making no further comment at this time. So, in fairness, there is no accusation of filing false accounts or anything along those lines. The only 'accusation' is that we recorded losses in excess of the permitted amounts. We are all assuming (not unreasonably) that they are upset about the sale of the stadium and its valuation because that was the big ticket item that apparently allowed us to stay within the limits, but it might not be.
  12. I had a crap end to 2019 - my oldest and much loved dog departed in October, my mum died in November and my car was stolen by some scrotes from Bradford in December. After that 2020 can only be better!
  13. EFL briefing independent valuer: 'now look George, we don't much care for this Morris chappie. He thinks that we're financially incompetent in the way we negotiated several TV deals. But we've got to keep old Gibbo and a couple of dirty clubs happy, so if you could just see your way to keeping the final figure around £50m we can see some more business coming your way.' Mel briefing independent valuer: 'now look Georgina, I need to find a way of balancing the books and getting some money into the club I love, so if you could just see your way to making the final figure around £80m including the future developments then I will be very happy' Gentlemen, choose your independent valuer. All fantasy and made up of course.
  14. May I be the first to say, and probably the last in the current climate, that Mrs loweman has a fine pair of legs
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