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  1. Come, come, come, nuclear bomb

  2. Electronic advertising boards

    So was Miss Derby County, if my memory serves me well
  3. Jota

    Don't care a Jota There, we're back on track now.
  4. Electronic advertising boards

    I like them, especially the 'bounce' one. Thought that was fun.
  5. Jota

    Go to bed!
  6. Giant Scoreboard

    I may be wrong with this but there were new banks of speakers up today which I didn't notice on Saturday and they didn't appear to all be in use judging by the covers over parts of them. Perhaps they're still finishing them off and it'll get better There are also new cameras all round the ground hanging down from the roof - whether they're for police monitoring or something to do with player/match analysis I don't know. More likely the former I would guess.
  7. Official: Tom Ince joins Huddersfield Town

    The girls don't appear to be watching the game though
  8. Good player Lars but not worth your son Ramsbottom. Eranio though.........
  9. Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    We have had 5 managers that have helped us to a degree of success in the last 50 years. Sir Brian was appointed in June 1967. His first ten games brought 8 wins and two losses. We finished season 67/68 in 19th and avoided relegation by only a few points. In 68/69 we won 4, drew 4 and lost 2 and won the league by a street; in 71/72 we drew 6 and won 4 of the first ten Dave Mackay’s time was similar. In difficult circumstances his mid season first ten brought two wins, 4 draws and 4 losses and in 74/75 we drew 5, lost 2 and won only 3. Arthur? Same again. Champions of Division Two in 86/87 coming off the back of promotion the year before, the first ten record was won 4, lost 3, drew 3. Jim? When we were runners up in 95/96 we won only 2 of the first ten, lost 4 and drew 4. The Tranmere game that we lost 5-1 and recall as the turning point of that season, and Igor’s debut, was match 15. Billy was appointed June 2006 and we went up through the play offs that year. We won 4, lost 3 and drew 3 of the first ten in 2006/7. Since Billy we have had (if you include all the caretakers) 12 managers in 10 years and only one, Nigel, with anything like a proper tenure (2009/13). None of the first four above had the practical limitations of transfer windows and FFP or the nonsense of social media; they all 'just' had to deal with their abilities being questioned from terraces and seats. A mediocre or even a poor start doesn’t necessarily lead to a poor or mediocre end.
  10. Things that went out of fashion and shouldn't have

    Not saying the F word, every other word and in company
  11. Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    Mick Coop was a cracking signing. Only joking.
  12. Confess your unpopular opinions

    I see that you've fallen for the 'embellished propaganda' that claims this is so, Moisty (see above, new readers)
  13. Should clubs pay for matchday policing?

    No they shouldn't. Policing is a public service paid for by council tax payers. Football clubs pay their taxes already and contribute to the overall state income. Where would it stop? Car boot sales on a Sunday that attract lots of people and traffic; the village fete; sports day at a school? Before long the police would be charging any organisation that held an event at which large numbers of people gathered, just in case something happened or where they thought they could earn some additional income. And where and when would the charging zone stop - 3 miles or 3 streets from PP? What if Rams and F****t fans started fighting 3 hours before kick off, or 3 hours after it finished, in Nottingham, is that the responsibility of the club too?
  14. Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues

    Not sure whether I should ask this question AR, but are you OK?
  15. v Grimsby Town (A) Tickets

    errm, I do Srg. And I think it's generous. As I read it you only need your ticket if you are claiming a refund because you're not going to the match. If you bought a ticket they will send you a replacement, plus a voucher if you didn't go on the Roadrider, automatically. The voucher alone is more than half the cost of the original ticket. Considering they didn't actually have to do anything and have had to agree the process with Grimsby - who probably need every penny - I think it's generous.

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