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  1. We could use that bridge over the A52
  2. It was fantastic for me all the way through - good studio conversation with Barker and Edworthy, mostly good camera work, good commentary and punditry from Shane and didn't refresh once all the way through. 9/10.
  3. If you moved that knee and the bike we might be able to see it
  4. I really agree with you about the Ajax/Derby model and it looks - from my Rams TV view of the 23s and 18s - that we have some good potential coming through. We're all experienced enough to know that potential doesn't always turn into reality but that's part of the fun of being a fan. I understand the point you're making about the Forum and the ground sale, but the news came out so soon afterwards (I think within 24 hours but it may have been slightly longer) that it can't have been waiting for any external approval. And it is/was an important piece of news - 'look guys, we've had real difficulty in meeting P and S because of our wage bill so we've done this because we can't get the wage bill down quickly enough and didn't want to go into embargo. This is another example of Mel investing heavily in the club'. It might have raised some difficult questions in the forum but they're all skilled enough operators to deal with that. I just think it was an opportunity missed.
  5. The good news is that you can get promoted even in a transitional season - Jim's team did. We're not out of it for this season yet, and if we go up then the transitional season becomes completely different. In some ways every year is a transitional season because things change, players and/or managers, but it just feels that 19/20 will be significant - loanees gone, experienced players not renewed/sold, young players allowed to come through, new loanees, smaller squad - and the scale of change much larger than it was at the beginning of 18/19
  6. I've no idea why Boro and co are unhappy - they wouldn't complain if we had sold players and made ourselves weaker and players are just as much assests as the ground and the training ground. I suspect that they are either bothered about the amount paid or that we had the ability to do so to get us out of a financial hole. Because this is where you and I completely agree. I think Mel should have announced it at the last Forum. It's big news. But we now know why they were able to say confidently that we would be within P and S guidelines so early. And we also agree about financial discipline - and so do Mel and Pearce, which is why Mel referred at the Forum to having made mistakes and why they made a big deal about the cost of those players who hadn't contributed. Any business that spends more than its income on wages alone is not being managed well. Mel has been guilty of supporting a succession of managers and thinking like a fan - laudable in many ways but unsustainable. I suspect that Stephen Pearce has had some behind the scenes influence over time. It's why I hate with a passion the likes of Ramage and his 'go on Mel look down the back of the settee and find the money for a centre half'. We've been making that gamble for several seasons and he is too stupid to realise it. The good news is that we appear to have a manager who knows and accepts what the situation is, that we have over this season and next the opportunity to move on/not renew the contracts of a number of the high earners that will give us some financial control back, that selling the ground gives us some (not much) financial room to manoeuvre (but we can only do that once) and that we appear to have a couple of younger players coming through who might be able to fill some of the gaps. We (the fans) have also helped by renewing season tickets in greater numbers. But. In my view this season (18/19) is not the transitional season on the pitch. It's next season (19/20). If we are able to buy/free transfer/loan well, if we have luck with injuries and form, if the young players match their promise (like Bogle has done) and if we have some luck then we could be OK. But there are a lot of ifs in that sentence and a lot of strong and financially strong clubs to compete with. Should be fun.
  7. You make my point for me Ramnut, reinforced by 86points' link. This is not an unusual deal, nor on the face of it is it exploiting any 'loophole'. It is perfectly normal practice in business, and football, for the stadium to be owned by a different company from the football side of the business. You could do the same with the training ground and any other asset that the club owns. That the ownership of the two companies might be the same is immaterial - from the point of view of exploiting a 'loophole' - and the two companies are separate from each other and can trade with each other and reach agreements perfectly properly (so long as they trade within the law). You can argue - and no doubt Boro are doing so - that the value that was paid was inflated. Two points on that. The value in the books is not necessarily the same as what someone is prepared to pay for an asset. And secondly, I would be very surprised if Mel and Stephen Pearce didn't anticipate someone from the EFL questioning what was paid, never mind anyone else. If they haven't got independent valuations on the deal that stand up to external scrutiny then I would be amazed. Bear in mind that this deal was done months ago and I would be pretty certain that the EFL would have been told about it then. The last company I worked for before I retired had over 500 different legal entities all trading with each other, all producing annual accounts, all with their own directors. There were lots of reasons why but prime amongst them were tax benefits and regulatory benefits. All perfectly legal and above board. There were also similar deals to the one Mel has set up. Looking at it from the outside you would just see one brand, one company. You can argue that it's an unwise move to sell the ground (though that depends upon the deal), you can argue that in selling our biggest asset we are in a potentially weaker position at some unknown point in the future and you might even argue that Mel has overpaid (and that might be a good thing for the football club) but using the word 'loophole' to imply some kind of shady dealing is wrong (and I don't think that you have used the word, though you may tell me differently).
  8. Why is anyone using the word 'loophole' in relation to our selling the ground? It is (was) an asset that belonged to us and like any asset, player or otherwise, we're entitled to sell it whenever we want and to whomsoever we want. Leasing it back afterwards is perfectly legal and perfectly normal business practice done all the time. 'loophole' suggests sharp practice/bending the rules/edges of legality - this is anything but. You can debate whether it was a wise decision but that's a completely different argument.
  9. ilkleyram

    Dear Deidre

    That girl is really unlucky with all the boys she meets. It might help if she didn't keep changing her name though
  10. I really don't get all this faux outrage at a footballer putting his hands behind his ears when he scores. Nobody knows why he did it because no one has asked him that I can see or if they have he hasn't answered. Perhaps it was because we were quiet (which we were, it was that sort of match); perhaps he had a bit of water in his ears and wanted to hear the cheers better; perhaps he had a bit of an itch; perhaps the players had an agreement that the first one to score waggles their tabs at the crowd; perhaps he just felt like it. Who knows, who cares? The guy scored for us and we won and I didn't see it because I was too busy hugging young Ilkley. He's been value for money over his time here, has given his all and given us some great moments in our entire history (which not too many have done). If he goes at the end of the season then he will always get a warm welcome back. He's let no one down.
  11. We'll be top of the league for months!
  12. Monday's DET headline: American fans ejected from Pride Park for being drunk and disorderly. Police hunting a Boycie.
  13. Whaaaaat? Santa ain't real? Destroy my life Ramnut why don't ya. Thanks a bunch.
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