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  1. If we lose Sunday...

    Or two............
  2. 30,000 Flags a'flappin'

    Like 'em or not, well done to those that put them out, including you Ellafella.
  3. Best Restaurants in the world

    You're wrong. Can come out the same hole; or if you've a stoma bag, a different hole. 😛
  4. A bit of puppy advice required?

    We've had four cocker spaniels all from puppies and they've all gone through the chewing stage Riddings. Our two (one 8, one 3) now have the gentlest mouths though one of them still needs to be reminded when food is on offer. As puppies I think it's probably the same urge that makes children put everything in their mouths at some stage and also relief when adult teeth start coming through. As the others have said, encourage the good behaviour and discourage what you don't want him to do. You all - children, wife and you - have to be consistent in what you allow and don't allow so that he gets the same messages; try distraction therapy - you can get chews that are hard going even for puppies - or a toy that's his; try to limit the opportunities for him to chew things you value so that you're not angry or upset with him; keep him as entertained and therefore as distracted as possible. They're hard work puppies, like kids, but worth it.
  5. Best Restaurants in the world

    I love eating fantastic food in good restaurants and part of the definition of 'good' for me is that they are unstuffy and make you feel comfortable to be there. And that Mrs Ilkley is with me. I'm lucky enough to have eaten at the Black Swan and it was amongst the best I have ever had; so too is L'enclume in the Lake District and a restaurant called annua in northern Spain. The two best Hotel restaurants I've eaten in are Le Manoir near Oxford and Hotel Majestic in Barcelona both of which are great hotels as well as restaurants (the Black Swan and L'enclume are also hotels but I haven't stayed there)
  6. Leeds (A)

    angieram obviously is eligible. I get discount at the other end of the scale. And it's local too
  7. PL Xmas Eve Fixture

    You're probably right, but it might only be a 230pm kick off. The point is that they haven't announced that there won't be any football on Xmas Eve and that's because the TV viewer is now more important than the person that actually goes to a match, and has been for some time, just that now it's becoming more obvious. You can work out when Xmas Eve falls on a Sunday years in advance. It doesn't happen that often. The PL could have covered the point with Sky when they agreed the latest contract. That they didn't or didn't even think about it, is another example of how football is changing in favour of the TV companies who pay the big bucks and why I think football is out of kilter.
  8. PL Xmas Eve Fixture

    Well whoopie. Doesn't say they won't kick off at 345pm though. To comment on one of David's original points - there are elements of modern football that I do like. Some parts of the game are better than they used to be. But the way in which TV (Sky) dominate the games and their kick off times is not one of them. The travelling fan and those that actually attend come a distant second to the TV viewer. And I don't think that's right. And wait until the UK TV viewer comes a distant second to the Asian TV viewer and see what that does to KO times, cos it is coming. We've already heard that the EFL manipulate the fixture lists - and have done for some time. When will Sky start insisting on doing the same in return for their £11m per game, and what possible consequences will that have for the sport? The game is out of kilter. Too much in hock to the TV men; a largely uncompetitive top league when you can mostly name the top 6 at the start of the season (and signs that the second division is going the same way); too few local heroes with skin in their local club; too much concentration of money in too few clubs. That's what I don't like about the modern game and the change has largely been driven by Sky money.
  9. Well it made me smile. Was it yesterday or today?
  10. Peter Taylor

    You're right Ramnut. I remember that now. But in my minds eye the ground was full. That's age for you!
  11. What kind of man has never seen Die Hard?

    I don't think you're allowed to sell people on ebay - even those that haven't seen Die Hard
  12. Random stuff that cheers me up thread

    Someone obviously said once: 'that'll be a Church of England School; that'll be a pub........' etc
  13. Peter Taylor

    You probably know this anyway Rich, but wasn't the second trophy the Central League winners trophy? All conquering Rams!
  14. Peter Taylor

    Incidentally, why does the lower tier of the Normanton end look empty in the photograph? I don't remember that.
  15. Peter Taylor

    I touched that trophy. Sam Longson was bringing it into the ground, casually carrying it in one hand with no security around or anything and me and the lad I used to go with spotted him with it just before he disappeared into the ground

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