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  1. From memory Dave was very much the front of house guy as manager and Des behind the scenes with the players - not Taylor with Clough but just as important to the partnership. From the outside they all appeared to like and respect him. I think he and Franny Lee got on well but I may be remembering that wrong. Either way he was a vital part of the team that won the league and a very important part of our history. He followed Dave to Walsall after we sacked them but I think the partnership broke up when Dave became an early pioneer of transfers to the middle east. Perhaps that was the time when he went into pubs. I think his nickname for Dave was 'The Laird' @oldtime 😀
  2. Thank you @Angieram I don't think you are in a minority or should be. It's good to know that someone in Radio Derby's production team has a sense of humour - the record played before the relevant bit was Band on the Run by Wings.
  3. While we're remembering goals against Liverpool that raised hairs on your neck, Michael Forsyth's against them in 88 was special. it was a good goal in itself from a really honest, good player. What made it even better was that Lawrenson and Hanson shut up shop with 25 minutes to go at 1-0 up, wasting time, delaying tactics, passing to each other 20 times, the lot. Their come uppance was a real pleasure.
  4. This is pedantic but I think the Rotherham match was a Friday night. And the away end at Sheffield Utd was a special and memorable afternoon with Phil Gee and Burridge.
  5. Oh happy and better days. It's the little things you notice and remember (apart from the BBG without mud) - the refereeing decisions (or lack of), the complete lack of backchat or moaning from the players, substitutes running straight on with no 4th official nonsense, the goalkeepers without gloves and back passes, very little advertising (except for Watneys). And how good we were.
  6. No order and I could probably pick many more but: Dave Mackay's free kick v Chelsea in the League Cup in 1969 Archie Gemmill's free kick v f***** in 83 in the FA cup Trevor Christie's penalty They all have reasons - Dave's goal because it really marked the moment that team grew of age, he was such a special player and it was a BBG special night; Archie's because of the back story of Brian and Peter, the fact they were so much better than us and another BBG special atmosphere; Trevor's because it was so important for us to go up that year and because it was the last match I went to with my best mate who died not long afterwards of cancer in his early 30's. Miss him still.
  7. ilkleyram

    Remember when

    Or in a malodorous, cold red metal and glass box on the corner of the street
  8. In 2015 (last available stats) over 37,000 people were convicted of drink driving of which the vast majority were men. That's actually down from 72,000 in 2005. Bear in mind that doesn't include drugs driving nor those who weren't caught and I think it probably could be thousands.
  9. In that case you did get it wrong. I was not defending their actions. I said that they would have to take the punishment meted out by the law and the club (presuming their guilt, which is not yet established). In another post I said that they would be under considerable pressure and grief from their wives, families, the PFA and colleagues. They will absolutely know the enormity of what they've done. Good. It'll help them not to do it again. My wider point is that people, often young people and often young men, make mistakes in their lives. They do stupid things. I know I have and perhaps you and most people on this forum have too. Sometimes (mostly) you get away with those errors, sometimes you don't. When you don't you have to take the consequences. But that shouldn't mean that they should be treated differently just because they kick a bag of wind around and earn more than average, neither should we be so quick to judge other people - footballers or not - by standards that most of us couldn't meet and neither should we be quick to want to ruin careers and reputations before we've heard the full story. As a young lad at school I had tons of advice - films/test tubes full of tar the lot - outlining the dangers of smoking. It didn't stop me ending up with a 40 a day habit until I quit 30 years ago. Athletes in lots of sports receive advice and guidance about betting and gambling. It doesn't stop people getting caught for doing just that. They get more advice and lists and tests about performance enhancing drugs. Doesn't stop that from happening, sometimes by mistake. Social media is littered with examples of people including sports people being crucified for the most minor things despite all the guidance there is around. People make mistakes. In no way am I religious but the quote about casting the first stone was about an allegedly adulterous woman and the men accusing her melting away when challenged by Jesus - 'He who is without sin among you, let him cast a stone at her'. None did. It's not a bad metaphor for the current situation. Let the law and the club's processes take its course and be grateful that your (and mine) errors weren't found out quite so publicly
  10. I've re-read my post and it does not appear or actually say it is fine to drink drive, basically or otherwise. If you choose to interpret it as doing so then look to yourself As we have never met I'm surprised you know anything at all about my friends and family and what may, or may not, have happened to them.
  11. I haven't seen one comment on here that amounts to any defence of drink driving If you've gone through your teens and some of your 20's not having done something stupid then well done you. But you're a rarity. I suspect that you don't have kids if you think that parents don't influence them
  12. I don't think I wrote anything that would amount to any defence of drink driving but just as you made stupid decisions in your youth (as did I) most likely knowing they were stupid, then so too did Tom and Mason last night. The law, the club and the rest of the dressing room, never mind their wives, families and the PFA will all have been tearing a strip off them today. They will get what's coming to them and have to deal with it for a long time yet
  13. OK all of you in the hang 'em, shoot 'em, flog 'em and sack 'em brigade, hands up all of you who in your early to mid 20's didn't ever do anything stupid or even very stupid, whether you got caught or not. Nah, not many. And hands up anyone who is a parent who has said to their child 'Now look dearest XXXXX, see that Mr Bennett/Mr Lawrence (fill in the name of any professional footballer), I want you to be just like them when you grow up.' Nah not many hands up there either. They'll get the legal and club disciplinary books thrown at them in about four weeks time and rightly so but let's not pretend that either of them are role models to the general population or people unable to make mistakes just because they're quite good at kicking a football around.
  14. ilkleyram


    On Friday we had to make the same decision about our 11 year old Cocker Spaniel @dog. Many tears have been shed. The younger one misses his mate, I'm looking around for him on walks and force of habit nearly made me put his tea out tonight. I've just spent an hour reliving memories via photographs of walks taken over the years, particularly since I retired. And I have a new screensaver. I share your pain. But if there's a small piece of comfort it is that I know it was the correct decision for him. Not for me perhaps, but certainly for him. And the memories that he leaves behind are all happy ones not only for me but for the missus and the kids and grand kids for whom he was a significant part of their formative years. He is remembered with love, joy and laughter as I'm sure your girl will be, and what more could any of us ask?
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