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  1. Blimey, at this rate there won’t be anyone we haven’t nominated. It’s looking good! or not 🤣
  2. But we have changed the style of play. This is not the style we were used to under Cocu. And we have moved up the table from when he took over. And we have recruited loan players (certainly Mengi) probably Edmondsen, possibly Roberts and Gregory and maybe the lad from Everton, with a view to them being around next season too. What he hasn’t done is created a single style, formation, way of playing and applied it to every match and every opposition. He would clearly like to do that but feels he needs the players and the concentrated practice time to do so. Sensible in my view.
  3. We're arguing over semantics here @rynny. 15 games is a third of the way in, 13 is a 'good way' in (in my view) and 3 more games than the 'lets see where we are after 10 games' brigade. What Wayne had not had, by starting after 13 games, is a pre-season (in a division where we routinely play 3 games a week, not allowing any time to develop properly a distinct style of play) or a transfer window (the general view at the time was that the one window he has had was, overall, a positive one). Nor has he had the time (or perhaps the inclination and money and opportunity) to bring in his peop
  4. It looks as if Wayne would agree with those who wonder what his style is. In his latest pre match interview on Ramstv he says that he would like the team to play in the style that he wants - he doesn’t describe what that is, nor is asked that question - but would like a pre-season and his players to do so. He also said that this season he’s had to set the team up match by match to try to get results to stay up, the implication being that he's done that rather than develop a single style of play. Given where we were when he took over, that it was a good way into the season and that he
  5. Barker's making a come back?
  6. How come she joined a gin club and ended up with a bag of french crisps? Something smells odd.
  7. He was a good player Steve Davies and at times very good. But I seem to remember that he left in slightly odd circumstances - something about personal reasons that never got fully explained (and which isn't covered in the article). Maybe he just needed a fresh start after all the injuries
  8. In all the well deserved praise for your efforts @admira I am surprised that no one has mentioned that you have a lower attic. I suspect that most of us only have one attic at best. What do you keep in the upper attic?
  9. Some people would say anything to get a visit to Tonytown
  10. Except it clearly did not work if people were still going to Calke Abbey in the second lockdown ( and the police's own twitter reported hundreds levied in fines) and now gathering in Nottingham. And what we’re left with is that a police strategy of using modern technology deliberately to 'scare' otherwise perfectly law abiding people is an acceptable way of policing. Seems to me to be a very odd way of 'policing in my name' but then each to their own. What will stop people from gathering is the temperature dropping by 10 degrees and the sun going in
  11. I really don’t mind football agents. Too many players over too many years were ripped off by clubs and managers who held all the cards. What I really object to is clubs having to pay the player’s agent. Why? If the player wants to employ someone to represent their interests then that should be a private arrangement between player and agent, including costs.
  12. Like @FindernRam I'm largely law abiding - don't do any drugs, speed a little and often, don't jump red lights, would return a found credit card and full wallet etc, but unlike Findern I would do away with the lot of them - CCTV, ANPR cameras, speed cameras, everything. It's all well and good saying I'm law abiding and they don't bother me but that depends on the law, it's interpretation and use - Derbyshire police send up drones to criminalise people walking alone in the peak district. No one would have predicted that two years ago. The pandemic has shown that it doesn't take much of
  13. If Joz comes back in a bit of form, that’ll help us. Bielik making a miraculous recovery would help us even more.
  14. Not often that you see even the referee clapping a moment of skill. In these days the ref would probably be banned
  15. Would it help any if one of us boys said Larry Grayson?
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