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  1. Posters Crimbo Trees

    Not as high as your other one Froggg
  2. Posters Crimbo Trees

    A detail from the ilkleyram household:
  3. Today's ref

    Early on I thought that he let a couple of shirt pulls and challenges go without yellows when he should have booked players, but as the game progressed he treated both teams the same and was consistent. An important game that could easily have developed into a niggly game. The fact it didn't was due to his good refereeing. I thought he did very well.
  4. Posters Crimbo Trees

    Forgive me for asking Parsnip, but did you buy your furniture in a supermarket? Mind, you've got a lot of wrapping paper. That'll be useful.
  5. Picture where you are now

    M5 then M6 and A38. Leave about 1030am to allow for a bit of congestion and you should make kick off
  6. U18s v Man Utd - FA Youth Cup

    Did he drop you?
  7. Pre-Match Music Poll

    I quite like the idea of the players choosing and therefore connecting with the fans. But it will mean something different before every match. I think we need to remember that Steve Bloomer is a relatively recent addition to the pre match music in terms of our history so there's no reason why it can't be changed. Having said that I don't think it should be altered. It has been speeded up a bit and that's fine - it gets (most/many) people clapping, singing and shouting, so nothing wrong with it. And it's ours. For me it's not about having music per se but what music is played - there's nothing much in the current play list that I know or can sing to; there's no football related anthems the South Stand can sing to and help build the atmosphere: If they played Last Christmas now, then we would adapt it and sing about Matej; if they played Let it Be, then we would adapt it. But the point is that we would join in. And I'm sure there are many others that you could build into a play list that would make/help people to join in the singing.
  8. Tips to keep the peace at Xmas

    Three rules of marriage that have served me well, in three marriages: 1) women are always right 2) men are sometimes right 3) rule 2 is wrong
  9. Sports Personality of the Year

    Salbutamol is a drug that opens the airways in an asthma sufferer's lungs. Froome is a known asthma sufferer and has been since his childhood. The drug itself is not on the TUE list from Wada but they do limit the amount of Salbutamol that is in someone's system. Froome's levels on one sample only - he was tested many times at the Vuelta - was twice that allowed. Given Sky's issues with Wiggins and Froome's own position in the team and sport, plus his knowledge of the drug itself given his medical history and the other 'clean' tests in the same race, I would be surprised if this was anything other than a problem of metabolism. No doubt the cynical and conspiracy theorists will feel differently.
  10. Picture where you are now

    Has somebody moved it? And is that your dog cocking its leg?
  11. My Lads op.

    I can't add anything more to what has already been said, Conehead, other than to wish you and all your family the very best of times over Christmas. And I just hope that the new year is a better one for Joel in particular, but you all as well. You all have the thoughts and best wishes of all of us.
  12. Happy Record Breakers Day!

    Ah well. Always next season. Wait! What am I saying...........................?
  13. 12/12/17 - Fans Forum at The Yard

    I don't think the regulations allow the clocks to continue after 45/90 minutes. The referee is the sole arbiter of the time that is played and if, say, they announced a 'minimum of 5 minutes' extra time and he decided that 6 should be played then there would be uproar from fans/players and managers once the clock reached 5. It would just add unnecessary aggravation on the referee.
  14. Posters Crimbo Trees

    Me too Utch: Insert other media and then 'Insert existing attachment' or 'Insert image from URL'. It's a language from a different planet I have no idea what to do and no young Ilkleys within 250 miles to show me
  15. Trains to Barnsley Saturday

    Oakwell does have undersoil heating but I hope that it has been on for a couple of days at least. It's parky out tonight in Yorkshire. And there's no telling what the elf and safety brigade will make of travel and walking dangers around the ground. Watch the news. At least there shouldn't be snow until Sunday.

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