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  1. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Well if your photo's up to date then you're neither fat nor old. And you're probably not a ******* either. I think we're probably all disappointed. It could well have been a good game, and under lights might yet be. And I am genuinely sorry that Cardiff fans have been messed around. There's too much (mostly TV related) messing around with the fixture list affecting teams mainly in the top 2 leagues, but not only them. But I don't think the decision should have been made on Saturday night. The ground and pitch were probably ok and Derby had done a lot to make it safe on Pride Park, so the game itself could have been played. But the judgement was made that the risk was too high for those likely to attend. I was coming, and my wife wasn't happy about the risk I was taking as she saw it; you've seen others on here 10 miles from the ground unable to get out of their street; and further away it was worse. But by waiting an extra 12/15 hours they were giving the match every chance to be on, not off as Colin claims. But the weather forecast was against them as were the reports from towns and villages outside Derby and from where we draw a lot of our fans. If the situation had worsened and someone been killed then the world and his wife would have criticised the club for refusing to cancel the match because it was on TV. And I still think 830am was a reasonable time to make the decision hard though it was on those that had set off at 5am.
  2. Derby Snow - Game called off

    You're the one spouting clap trap bonny lad, especially given that you weren't even coming to Derby. And yes I do go to away matches, all over the UK, and I do a 150 mile round trip for every home game. And for what it's worth I always aim to be around the ground, home and away, about an hour before kick off. Never missed a kick off in 57 years. And if your lot were daft enough to be 50 miles away by 830am ie aiming to be in Derby by 930am, given the real possibility that the match would be off, then more fool them. Allowing for the fact that making a decision about calling the match off the night before was not sensible, then 830am (bearing in mind that the people involved will probably have spent an hour or so coming to the decision) seems perfectly reasonable.
  3. Derby Snow - Game called off

    I can understand the Cardiff fans being miffed conehead, but not that miffed about the timing of the decision. The match was postponed at 830am. Cardiff is 162 miles from Derby which, at a steady 60 mph, is 2 hours 42 minutes. If you aimed to be in Derby by 11am you would be leaving Cardiff at 815am so by the time you got the message at 830am (which I did) you wouldn't have even left Wales although you might have set off. But common sense would have told you that the match might be postponed so if you set off at 5am or whatever then you might have been at the ground by 8am. Daft. If you were Colin or a player, you wouldn't have been awake when the decision was made.
  4. Derby Snow - Game called off

    We have sporting fixtures all over the country postponed; Derbyshire Police saying don’t travel unless absolutely necessary; East Midlands airport closing runways; Alton Towers opening for a limited period but not running rollercoasters; Met Office saying that the amber warning is still in place for the south west (when Cardiff fans would have been travelling back) and still forecasting heavy snow in Derby at the time the match would end; roads shut or blocked all over the place and the M1 with snow covering lanes; accidents and a wind chill factor taking the actual temperature way below freezing all last night and all day today. And yet Derby v Cardiff is called off because we’ve a few players injured. Yeah, right.
  5. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Blimey Gritters. You both into the tantric stuff?
  6. Derby Snow - Game called off

    whoever took those penalties was spraying them around a bit. On target though.
  7. Rams TV Interview with Bobby Davison

    Probably the difference between being a player and a fan revel I guess most of us see work as 'just a job' - means of earning money, having some fun, learning more, doing well, going somewhere else for more money and responsibility - and footballers no different. Fans though, are different, not least because we can mostly only do what they do in our dreams
  8. Fans Forum 13th March

    I just wonder why we expect footballers to be any different to any other section of society and workplace just because they can kick a bag of wind around better than most of the population. If you play for a football team at any level, or a cricket or hockey team come to that, there will be some who are good, some who are good but lazy, some who aren't very good but try hard, some who give up when they drop a catch or go one down, some who are mouthy and gee their own side up, some who never say a word, some who moan at the ref, some that get on with it. And so it is at every place of work. Some walked 10 miles through snow and some went sledging; some never have a day off sick, some are off with a sniffle; some are good at what they're paid to do, some are not; some will get to the top of their profession and others won't. And so it will be at football clubs including ours. Some will not 'want it' as much as others. Just not in their nature, wherever they go. But over 30 years of managing teams and people in lots of different organisations tells me that the vast majority of people perform better when they are encouraged and supported rather than having to 'take it' when they make a mistake. Which is the only point that Gaz and Mel were making, and which is something we actually can do, if we 'want it' enough.
  9. Jamie Carragher

    You can bet that the final decision will be made at a very senior level in Sky after they have tried to assess the damage to their brand by the publicity and by trying to second guess the reaction to their business by keeping him or sacking him - both courses of action will have detractors. If it were my decision, and presuming that the public's view according to social media, press and my postbag is largely supportive, I would take into account his genuine and quick (I think) contrition, the reported view of the family and his previous good record. I would also consider his value as a pundit and the views of the football world and give him a final warning plus a very large fine to be donated to an appropriate charity (NSPCC, sport relief or some Manchester children's charity) If I were Carragher and his agent I would suck up whatever punishment I were given and, in about 3 months time, go on a sustained positive self promotion exercise for a year - Jamie works with disabled kids, Jamie does sport relief, Jamie helps the elderly etc. I would also develop a wider punditry career. The downside for Sky is then the law of sod. You can bet that the first match (or the 20th) he's a pundit on will involve a player sent off for spitting at another. And that's their long term problem. Can he do his job properly given these events.
  10. Season tickets for next year, whose renewed

    Was that you with the corner flag Sy?
  11. Rowett

    Don't know how old you are Haribo but there are some of us that recall very similar comments being made about our manager in the late 1960s. Although you might argue that that didn't end so well the journey was well worth travelling.
  12. Wolves away on TV

    It was on the Tuesday originally so you were never going
  13. Picture where you are now

    Well it was your birthday
  14. RamsTV Meets Eric Steele

    I think this is one of those interviews where Colin asks one question and lets Eric tell football stories for an hour. And very entertaining he is too.
  15. 12 games to avoid FFP sanctions?

    Would stadium naming rights come under the heading of exceptional income, Ramblur?

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