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  1. Well, before we go too far with this, we only have the word of one guy that away team coaches keep their engines running from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave after a match at PP. He hasn't told us how he knows that. The only way he would know is if he spends every match day outside the ground and never goes to a game. Perhaps he does, in which case fine. And if he's correct then the club should try to do something about it, but it sounds fairly unlikely to me on the evidence we have. And what @MackworthRamIsGod said was: Climate change only applies to anyone earning under a certain amount a year. That's not true. If climate change exists then it applies to everyone whatever their income. He may not have meant it, but that's what he wrote. The immediate impact of CC on richer people may be less - wealthier people and organisations are always able to ride out the bumps in life better than those who are poorer. It has been the case since mankind was created. But those people are not unaffected by CC just because they have more money. My point would be that the ability for richer people with more influence to affect positively and negatively the response to climate change may be greater. If you turn CC into a rich v poor argument only, then everyone loses. Only by getting people and organisations of influence (often wealthy people/organisations but not only) to work, create alternatives and influence behaviour will we effect long lasting change. Who on this forum eats meat (farm animals apparently have a huge impact on the climate), or uses supermarkets/shops supplied by lorries, or drives to a match or work when they might walk, cycle or take the bus, fly away on holiday, wastes food, buys food out of season - we're all hypocritical to some degree, some no doubt more than others.
  2. No, that's not true. If climate change is a 'thing' (and there are some who believe it isn't) then it affects everyone on the planet, rich or poor. You might even argue that the rich have more to lose, but that's a separate argument. What the rich may well be able to do is ignore the impact for longer or be able to buy their way out of any problems more easily, but that applies to many things across the world from housing to health to tax and influence. And always has throughout history. C'est la vie. We all, it seems to me, have an equal part to play, whether it's flying and driving less, using the tumble drier less, switching lights off or wasting less and recycling more. And yes I do drive 70 miles each way to PP, but that's essential travel 😀
  3. Well I like the poem. I like it so much that I bought a copy of it and it hangs on my wall. I like it because it reminds me every time I hear it of how special my home town is, how deep our history is, how special our football history is and I like it because no one else does it. It is, in footballing terms, unique, and even though I haven't lived in Derby for over 40 years now it reinforces in me the strong feelings I have for the club, the town and the county. It always moves me emotionally. The typical PP audience ranges from 4 to 94. You're never going to satisfy that range of people. I'd quite like the team to run out in unsponsored white jerseys, with the captain holding the match ball and none of the prematch fake handshaking nonsense. I'd like more music by the Beatles and Beach Boys and stuff that I've actually heard of and listen and sing along to, but it ain't going to happen. The prematch build up is here to stay and for what it's worth I think our guy doesn't do a bad job. He probably doesn't get to organise the whole thing anyway. They could quieten it down a bit, they could find better ways of building the atmosphere to more of a crescendo instead of building it and then letting it go flat again, but they appear to be taking the line that familiarity is all and therefore we have to have the same things in the same order each and every match. Perhaps they should try some different things (or not doing things) and see if anything catches on.
  4. Just back after negotiating roadworks. Bielik will have been talked about but for a three quarter fit debut, even against a lower league side, that was about as assured as you get. Big, mobile, skillful on the ball and with a strong tackle as well as a good range of passing. If he can repeat that at a higher level then we have a proper player on our hands. Just lacked a goal. Well done to the scouting team who have picked him and Clarke and ditto to all the young players who played today. They all did some good things; not one of them let the Academy down or themselves. A night to remember for Lee Buchanan. Interesting to hear Cocu on about him afterwards and even more interesting to see how better he might be in a years time. And well done to Cocu too. He makes changes during the game that have an impact - moved Mason's position and Paterson's and Shinnie's in the first half and we and they immediately looked better; and he's not afraid to make early substitutions - Evans for Bird at halftime and we were on the front foot and never really looked back. Lots to work on but this is not a bad start to the season.
  5. To be fair a championship manager and championship players produced a pretty good performance at Old Trafford last season
  6. Try the transport from ilkeston thread or the car parking thread further down
  7. On the Daily Mail website this morning there is a very good comment piece by Martin Samuel making exactly the same point as David's OP and calling out too other clubs including Boro.
  8. Weiwei why? For the modern artists amongst you
  9. Brighton just signed a 19 year old right back from France so he's probably off their list
  10. Which, if correct GoC, just goes to show how right Mel is about the terrible TV deal the EFL negotiated
  11. We'll never know. We'll get glimpses but the rest will be kept to himself, quite rightly. What did strike me yesterday was the difference between his interview with the UK media with Phillip and the one to one with @OwenB87 and RamsTV. In the latter he was much more relaxed and more articulate and better. Could be the interviewer was better; might be that he's much more guarded with the national media given the stuff he's had chucked at him over the years (some of his own making, a lot probably fictitious)
  12. Your old man's correct. Mackay was as big a 'name' then as Rooney is now (but because of TV/social media probably not quite the international interest that Rooney has). Mackay was genuinely a great player. The impact he had in a fairly short playing time with us was considerable. The other players, many of whom turned out to be greats in their own careers were in awe of him. If Rooney has half the impact of Dave Mackay - and I would anticipate him having much more than that - at first team and academy level, then he will be more than worth it. imagine if you were Bogle and you knew that Rooney would be in the same side as you in 4 months. It would make you stop and think before you went to Villa or Newcastle; imagine a young kid with a choice of academies in the midlands - they're much more likely to pick Derby now
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