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  1. The one thing we do not have, at the moment, is a wage burden. Not only do we have very few senior players but most of our largest earners have left. We have an income burden, but then so does every other club in all 4 leagues. This is the best opportunity we’ve had for several years to control our wages for the foreseeable future even if we take on 4/5 senior players.
  2. Maybe they’ll revisit the trial. I’m not sure that they actually rolled it out it after the trial had taken place - the requirement to print the tickets on A4 has been pretty standard
  3. I don’t think you can have your ticket on a mobile and use it to get in. You have to print it and in A4 - the instructions on that have always been explicit to date. I would guess that the technology on our ‘gates’ isn’t modern enough to read mobile screens given how long ago they were put in.
  4. Not even close. Tim Ward's reign when for year after year we showed no signs of progress; sacking Sir Brian after years of progression; the whole post Dave MacKay period and Docherty when average player after average player was sold to us as a world beater replacing genuine world beaters and a succession of owners with no money; 30 minutes from extinction and then saved by Maxwell - saved by a crook who then steadily lost interest and stole the income from our two best players; the long slide into the 3rd division; Brian not coming back and Peter not the manager that Brian was, never mind their falling out; the 3 amigo period; the promise followed by the depression of Lionel's ownership and that's before we get to the 11 point season and three managers in a year and losing at bloody Wembley time after bloody time after bloody time. Watch the Big Match revisited - that depresses me more but in an addictive way. Football was fun then, more equal - the pitches (not only the BBG) were awful, the players not as fit, the grounds not as well appointed, the referees not as good (God help us), the FA was in charge (God help us), managers ran clubs with (allegedly) brown envelopes and cash, players were slaves and fans often violent, the BBC actually did proper sport and did it well without 5Live and Robbie and Chris, newspapers covered all clubs not just 6, European cup a knock out competition against Champion sides only heard of not seen before. A lack of familiarity bred interest and passion. Above all there was no social media, no P and S, no EFL, no PL, no Sky/BT, no pleasing fans thousands of miles away. Just better. What football has become in my lifetime is far, far more depressing than the temporary problems of my beloved club
  5. And perhaps we can also follow the principle of innocent until proven guilty rather than guilty in the court of twitter
  6. Did Ravel complain about him to their local council?
  7. Random thought, non-Covid related. One of the things I like about pre-season friendlies is the refereeing. They don't get fooled so often by the 'he touched me so I'm flinging myself to the ground' routines or get the yellow card out at the drop of a hat. I rather like the derisory waving of the hands from the refs telling the nancies to get up and carry on. I suppose it's wishful thinking to hope that will carry on into the season proper, at all levels.
  8. But individual organisations can still make their own restrictions - LNER are asking people to wear masks whilst allowing strangers to sit next to each other, ditto London Transport and shops near me. DCFC are waiting for some guidance from the EFL I would guess and that may be to restrict attendances after Monday; they might restrict away fans to reduce travelling. It is not going to be back to where we were on Monday and some will support it, some will complain about too much freedom and some will complain about too little freedom. Twas ever thus.
  9. We've got 3 and a half weeks until the season kicks off, just over 7 weeks until the transfer window closes until January - so plenty of time yet - and we're currently in a position where we can't readily sign players unless they are free and willing to come for what in football terms is a relatively low wage, whatever our owner might be prepared or want to do financially. And we are in the part of the season - every season - where every single club has players on trial so that the coaching staff can look at them to see if they are 'better than what we have', add something to the squad and team and improve our chances for the season. Our greatest ever manager had a funny habit of finding players that other clubs didn't want and who didn't fit and turning them into teams that ruled the football world, because he looked at what they could do rather than at what they couldn't. He also didn't hesitate to get rid if they didn't fit in. Ravel Morrison is a good age, footballing wise, apparently hasn't been in any trouble since his late teens (join a long queue for that one) and has persuaded several good managers over the years that he's worth a shot at a high level. Maybe he'll sign for us, maybe he won't - that's the whole point of pre-season - but he's sure worth looking at.
  10. I took young Ilkley for the first time when he was about that age - he still goes over 20 years later - but I think it depends on the child. Some things to think about - Noise - people shouting (or even lots of people in masks) might be scary. I've seen kids with noise cancelling headphones. Young Ilkley cried when we scored and all the fans shouted (might not be a problem on Sunday!) Weather - a warm day is better than rain/cold Distractions - sweets/entertainment/games on a phone etc should the entertainment on offer get too boring (though be prepared to leave early). Unless I've read it wrong there is going to be some kind of controlled exit arrangement. Not sure how it will work and whether early leaving is OK. I presume the loos etc will have to be open but access to them might be controlled. Travel - I picked an away match close to our (then) home so that it wasn't too long a day and I knew the walk to the ground wasn't a long one. Be prepared for endless questions - do we play in white shirts etc Enjoy it - there's nothing to beat taking a youngster to his first football match, son or grandson (or daughter/granddaughter, because I took his sisters when they were a bit older too). Best feeling in the world and the cause of many great memories that I wouldn't have otherwise have had. Take at least one photo of you both together - you think you'll always remember it and the match and the score, but you won't.
  11. Took me all of 2 minutes and one of those was spent with me trying to buy one ticket of a pair of seats before I realised I was being an covidiot. The really worrying thing was that I have now moved from adult to senior so not only is my ticket cheaper but I'm now a year closer to not being able to go at all; or I'm no longer deemed to be an adult. Not sure what to make of that.
  12. Well I’ve gone back a few pages and can’t see where @Roymac mentions a live EFL page but if it’s the same one that @Ghost of Clough has just quoted above I think it reinforces the point I was making which is that we have been, and are, under embargoes for various reasons but that we don’t have enough information to know how serious that is (other than being under embargo at all is limiting our potential transfer activity and is,therefore, serious). The detail available - how much we owe HMRC, for example, for how long and whether the debt is increasing or decreasing or staying the same, whether it’s covid related or not, is not being published. Ditto the other reasons for embargo. We know that one of the reasons for embargo is the non-publication of accounts but we don't know all the reasons why we have not done so - was it covid related, was it inefficiency on our part, was it because the disciplinary case made producing the accounts impossible (because we didn’t know which amortisation system to use and didn’t want to exacerbate the situation or duplicate the work if we had to resubmit the accounts)? The only thing we know with certainty is that we are in embargo for a number of different reasons. What we don’t know is how serious (or not) those reasons may be.
  13. Para 89, page 44 of the latest DC report - quoting the EFL's reasons for (some of) our embargoes. But neither the EFL nor the DC give any context to the indiscretions that led to the embargoes - no dates, no quantum, no information. So it’s impossible to know for sure whether it is still a problem, whether it is (or was) a relatively large (or small) problem and therefore anyone’s guess as to whether it’s something to worry about. Or not.
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