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  1. You might. Except I think that Chris probably does want to stay if he can. Don’t know why I think that, just do. At his age he probably thinks that he’s not got many seasons left and he might even have a clause in his contract that gives him a big bonus if we go up
  2. Nope. Mind he hasn’t said anything about spending money either. Three new players won’t come free even if there’s no transfer fee involved and Mel has said very clearly on several occasions that spending more than our annual income on players' salaries alone is unsustainable. That means that there has to be a net gain on wages. He's also said that he wants 50% of the first team matchday squad to be academy players from next season which means that you have to clear some space to allow that to happen either in the starting eleven or on the bench or both.
  3. Cocu's chat has been interesting this last week or so. I suspect that he envisaged Rooney playing further forward and Bielik in the centre mid role with Huddlestone challenging/playing and Rooney further forward. Rooney's success with Bird changes that and potentially leaves Bielik without a role unless it’s at CB. Presuming Wierik plays then potentially you have one of Wisdom, Bielik or Davies alongside him. Not the very best but not the worst either. You also have Fozzy as a very occasional back up. If Brighton stay up it would be good to have Clarke back but unfortunately that won’t be
  4. Yes, but the ref wasn't looking at it from the side. He was looking straight on and Sibley's boot was hidden from the ref by Shea's legs. You could equally argue that by gripping Sibley's leg so tightly Sibley had to move his foot to retain his balance and avoid falling on Shea so that it wasn't a kick at all. If the ref claims he saw the foot movement and interpreted it as a kick then he is justifying his decision retrospectively. Or lying, in other words.
  5. I thought Lawrence was back on Saturday? And, presumably Sibley might be available
  6. Unfortunately the camera angle from the end of the ground ie the view that neither ref nor linesman had, shows that Louie's boot moves a very small way towards the WBA player's groin before he lifted it. The ref could not have seen that move so he was guessing but I bet it will be enough for them not to appeal it or for an appeal to be turned down. The ref was poor. The Sibley incident was a foul for us rather than a sending off. Sibley's foot was deliberately trapped.
  7. Oh just admire my confidence @RamNut 😉. Flu kills thousands of people every year. About 5 years ago it killed 30000 people in the UK in a year and we didn’t lockdown a thing. And apparently we had a vaccine for that. We won’t actually know the true impact of CV19 for a long time yet but the very worst estimate I’ve seen is that 10% of the population might have had it, of whom only a very small percentage have died. Terrible if you’re one of those people but the odds of catching CV19 and then dying are low. If you are then reasonably fit and take reasonable precautions about handwashin
  8. I don't think it's the Government's job to tell any organisation - shops/pubs/hairdressers/cricket or football clubs - how to open, barring a few general rules such as distancing or masks or handwashing or track and trace information. It's the Government's job to say whether and when they can open and then the organisation's job to make that work if they can or want to, just as many pubs decided not to open last night. I'm over 60, in good health and if Pride Park is open then I'm going. If DCFC require me to wear a mask then I'll wear a mask, or sit somewhere different or arrive at 230
  9. Did Mrs Conehead know about this offer?
  10. According to an exclusive in the Daily Mail (yes, I know), there is a proposal being put to the Championship clubs of an £18m salary cap from next season, plus various other conditions. The real issues though are the parachute payments and the now extreme financial disparity between the top two divisions.
  11. It was great - I was clapping right on time during Steve Bloomer’s watching
  12. Bring Your Own Boycie? Is there more than one?
  13. Just to provide a (little) balance........ Hull have been pretty transparent in publishing both the original email and the response. If technology skills have let them down then they wouldn't be the first to have failed on that score - I wouldn't have a clue how to click through to the pdf and then copy the text elsewhere, neither would I have thought of doing so. And in fairness what else can they say other than details of contracts and contacts are confidential? Notwithstanding that they are clearly a club at war with itself (and we've been in that position a few times over the ye
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