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  1. From this angle I think she'll probably miss the bucket
  2. I have a lot of sympathy with the view that players - Premier League rather than others - are being unfairly picked out and a lot of sympathy with the questioning of how billionaire owners continue to write pay cheques for some of their staff on £100,000 per week and furloughing others on the minimum wage. But, as so often in life in the social media age, perception counts for an awful lot. The odious oik that represents them all that is Gordon Taylor continues to draw his excessive salary (so excessive that he can reportedly lay his hands on £500k to give to charity at not very much notice) and says that the PL players are "prepared to step up". Well bully for them, and him, two weeks into lockdown and several months into this whole thing. Had, for example, the PFA said two weeks ago that they were discussing how they might help, had the players at those clubs in the PL voluntarily clubbed together to keep non playing staff out of furlough led by they PFA or had the PFA led their members towards financially helping health/social related charities under pressure, then maybe just maybe they could claim the moral high ground. Instead the perception is that they're being dragged kicking and screaming to a position in which they might contribute something at a time when, whatever their outgoings may be, their income is known to be generally exceptional (by any pay standard across the world) and they are not doing the job for which they continue to be handsomely paid. Deserved, or not. Gordon Taylor is meant to be leaving the PFA. He shows little sign of giving up his salary nor of leading his membership to a place where the moral high ground is under any threat whatsoever
  3. I think it's a girl to her right. Probably.
  4. I don’t agree with those that say you shouldn’t drive to exercise, so long as it’s local, so I certainly don’t think it’s wrong to exercise by walking or jogging. The vast majority of people are being careful about social distancing and if everyone does that then the virus won’t spread. The mental and physical benefits to be out far outweigh any risks.
  5. I hope that you are joking. To have pushed your trolley into him would have meant that you were much too close
  6. I don't think that you should chastise your young mathematical self in any shape or form @Carl Sagan. In fact you were more correct than those of us chanting. On April 20th we had 52 points, a goal difference of +18 and one game to go. Liverpool and Everton couldn't catch us mathematically but Ipswich in 4th after that weekend could. They had two games to play and were 4 points behind us and a goal difference of +19. Two points for a win in those days. Our last game was at home against Carlisle who were bottom and relegated (having at one stage led the table). I like to think that were there anything riding on that game that we would have been a little more professional about it! But Ipswich drew their game in hand beforehand and it didn't matter. As we left Filbert Street chanting 'Champions' though, you were right to suggest that we might be wrong. We weren't, but we could have been.
  7. I would be joining you at the BBG to make sure that Denis Smith never played that night but on the basis that we wouldn't waste a time travel to do the same thing and, avoiding all our 'big' nights, I would go back a season to our 1974/75 Championship. On Saturday, April 19th 1975 we travelled to Filbert Street, Leicester. We were top of the league (51 points) followed by Liverpool (49), Everton (49) and Ipswich (48). So, close - two games left, Ipswich with three. There wasn't an overseas player on the pitch and only three non-English players. They had Worthington and Weller (and Mark Wallington in goal); we had a forward line of Roger Davies, Kevin and Franny Lee with Toddy and Roy Mac at the back. 38,000 there including a sold out away end (more accurately, crammed into a corner and slightly round the side of the ground) and most, including me, seemed to have gone on the football special accompanied by most of the Derbyshire Police Force. We drew 0-0 and at the final whistle thought that we'd blown our chances of the championship until the stadium announcer came on the tannoy (no mobiles/internet in those days) to announce that Liverpool, Everton and Ipswich had all lost v Boro, Sheffield United and Leeds respectively. Cue pandemonium. With two points for a win we were now three points ahead and Champions barring a miracle for Ipswich who had two games left. They drew their game in hand a few days later and it was over. The last match was 0-0 v Carlisle with the players in an alcoholic stupor and the trophy paraded round the ground. We ended up on 53 points with Liverpool and Ipswich two back and Everton fourth on 50 points. It was the point at Leicester that won us the League. Never forgotten that day. Or that tannoy announcement. Would love to go back.
  8. Franny Lee's last game I think
  9. I'm lucky. I live about a mile from Ilkley Moor where there are wide open spaces and paths to self distance and plenty of fresh air usually blowing a gale (today). For the last 10 days or so I have walked the mile through a built up area to the Moor to walk the dogs. On a normal walk I will normally pass, with its attendant risks, up to 20 others doing similar. Much better (from a spreading virus point of view) for me, and everyone else, to drive (alone) a couple of miles through quiet streets to a remoter part of the Moor and walk the dogs, passing three people at most and with plenty of room to distance. The local Councils - Leeds and Bradford - have in their infinite stupidity left all the local and remote open spaces open for use, places where people can easily both exercise and self distance according to the rules, but blocked off all the car parks associated with the spaces
  10. I write this with a tear in my eye as the death, reportedly from Covid19 of someone I knew well and worked with closely for several years has been announced, but 563 deaths is still a figure that needs some perspective. And we need to be careful of dealing in absolute, headline figures however accurate they may be. Around 500,000 people die in England every year. That’s on average 1369 per day. We know that death rates in the winter period (December to March) are higher than in the summer months. Most years. There’s many reasons for that but the Office of National Statistics (ONS) refer to them as Excess Winter Deaths (EWD) so that they can measure each year the difference between the number of deaths that happen in Winter and those that happen during the Spring and Summer months. We have, today, left the Winter period, though death doesn’t tend to pay much attention to the calendar. The latest ONS stats suggest that 2018/19 was actually a very good year for living, that the numbers of us dying in excess of those dying in the summer period (23,200 or 192 per day extra people) was much lower than in many previous years. But even given that positive news, for those of my age anyway, the number of deaths per day in England was 1400. Against that 563 is not too bad. How many others have died today? And the 563 figure is complex in itself. Did the people die with Covid19 or of Covid19? There’s a big difference between the two (though not important if you have died, I accept). How much better are we at testing for Covid19 now than we were before when this thing first started? More tests will mean more diagnoses and more deaths that we know about. How many of those 563 people would have died anyway today of underlying conditions? We simply don’t know, and never will. Are we getting better at recognising, counting and reporting those with Covid19 as we get more experienced at recognising the signs? As doctors and individuals get better at recognising the virus and its symptoms and effects and testing improves then so reporting will increase. Is the 563 figure itself Excess Winter Deaths or, in other words, 563 more than we would normally have expected at this time of year? Are the number of deaths per day 1963 in England (1400+ 563) instead of 1400? We won’t know the answer to that question for some months to come. None of this is to minimise the problem or the sadness that families will be experiencing. None of this is to say that Covid19 is unimportant. But it is to say that death is a normal part of life and 563, though a dramatic headline figure, needs to be considered slightly more deeply.
  11. And maybe three times the density of population (if not more)
  12. Hope they were sharing 😀
  13. I suspect that some people will continue to flout Government advice and rules whilst there are ever Government advice and rules about anything, so officers might have to get used to it. And if 25 people represents a massive party then officers clearly haven't been to many parties.
  14. Were you born on September 28th 2012 or 1912?
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