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  1. So you're basically saying that you don't listen to Muckerette at the dinner table. No wonder she sits 10 yards away from you when you're having a break whilst walking
  2. Dead right. Didn't we effectively have a 'pre-back' deal with the three amigos when we were bought out of 10 minutes of administration for a quid, or whatever it was? But otherwise what the hell has it to do with Sunderland who are apparently well funded. What was interesting was the photo that illustrated the article of a match at PP with no fans. There's the problem - Covid = no fans = no income (or hugely reduced). QED, force majeure.
  3. Just as a point of accuracy - Alan Titchmarsh doesn’t come from either Bolton or Newcastle. He comes from Ilkley. And is very well thought of in the town and very supportive of it, even though he doesn’t live here any more. Your other points are well made.
  4. Careful. @Mucker1884will be grousing about puns starting up and spoiling his thread
  5. The reason we get poor refs and linesmen is because the standard of refereeing in this country is appalling and getting worse. Every club suffers, probably relatively equally. The unfit, overweight, unknown school teacher amateurs of the 70s were better than the current lot. Thank God we had Mike Dean in the last match of last season. If the efl were managing the game properly they would realise that it’s becoming a major issue, far more important to the overall state of the game than most other things. They won’t do much about it. I would still rather have incompetence in black than var though.
  6. Usually, I think, courts tend to calculate fines and such by monthly rather than weekly salaries bearing in mind that’s how many of us are now paid, especially footballers. £65k pw would put Tom Lawrence on £3.4m a year - a lot even for a player we paid millions for. Not impossible for Derby in those days but still a lot. £65k per month would be £780k pa plus bonuses that in a good year might tip his salary over the £1m mark. I know we all tend to believe that even Championship footballers are paid life changing sums every week but the transcript of the case and what was actually said could be important
  7. The announcement on the official site about ticket prices for this game in memory of Trevor Hemmings is seriously classy from PNE. I hope they get a good turnout and more of us from DCFC too.
  8. Not sure that singing about how he was untied will help him with any mental health problems
  9. Actually yes. There was a time many years ago when the DET was the first source of every bit of DCFC news, good and bad. Sir Brian used to use it to get all kinds of messages to the board, players and fans. Those were very different days though from a news and media perspective never mind socially. But they did exist and in some ways better and some not. But they do make the paucity of today’s output even greater and even sadder.
  10. You know what. I really don't care. Our new owners can be Russian oligarchs responsible (directly or indirectly) for the murder of former spies on UK streets; or middle eastern countries responsible for the murder of journalists; they can be Czech businessmen robbing pension pots or North Derbyshire snooker hall owners without a pot; they can be a Derbyshire businessman making millions from Government grants or sports kit sellers manufactured in sweat shops overseas, property developers, coroners or football agents (clearly the lowest of the low). Or even, for someone really well travelled, a mix of all the above. There is nobody who will come and be perfect. Whoever it is there will be some who write "I'm out". So all I want is for our new owner(s) to have enough money (or access to money) to sort out the off the field stuff, enough to give the manager a bit to spend however much the EFL try to stop that from happening and enough leadership qualities to re-establish a good feeling within our club, on and off the pitch.
  11. HMRC raise about £793 billion a year in tax (and the Treasury have been spending significantly more over the last year or two) Compared to that, £26m, if indeed that is what we owe, is something like 0.0033%. In other words it’s in the very minor rounding, a mere slip of a treasurer's pen. Go on Rishi. You know you want to…………
  12. Well they didn't have to do it. And considering that we have voluntarily had more practical help from Arsenal in the past 48 hours than from any other organisation including the EFL, FA and PL, I would call it classy. Perhaps some of those other organisations could now stand up and help a member in difficulty, instead of making it harder
  13. A pint of Tabletoppers please landlord
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