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  1. ilkleyram

    Funny Pics Thread

    Beans on toast?
  2. ilkleyram

    Unpopular topic? - South Stand

    Well I think that in the main the South Stand are great and if the football's good they are really great. Do we really want to go back to away fans massed behind the goal? And when the bounce works it looks fantastic. There's a lot of rose coloured tosh spoken about the BBG days. 43 years ago tonight the noise and atmosphere was incredible. But it wasn't routinely like that and I can remember the same issues being raised about a lack of vocal support when we were playing well in the first division. It could be good at the BBG just as it can be fantastic at PP, just not always so. Probably lots of reasons why, from seats to societal changes, from the pre-match build up to personal embarrassment about shouting, new stadia versus old, but it's not only us. Old Trafford is quiet by comparison to yesteryear, so too Anfield and Arsenal and Chelsea but all of those grounds will be noisy when the big matches come and the home team's playing well and scoring goals. Just as Pride Park will be.
  3. ilkleyram

    Forum Issues

    I like it. And I've no idea how to upload a profile picture, whatever one of them is. I'll just stay as I am, thank you. please can you thank the random colour generator too for me?
  4. ilkleyram

    Forum Issues

    Thank you for my purple I, David
  5. Funny if Frank rested them both.
  6. ilkleyram

    Smells like Team Spirit

    I didn't think that yesterday's start was flat r4
  7. ilkleyram

    Sleep Talking

    Never mind how he got in there, how on earth were they 'oblivious' while all that was happening?
  8. ilkleyram

    Alternative to cake

    I prefer sweet to savoury Mrs C but that looks brilliant. Hope Josh has had a great day. Question from a non baker - is it served hot or cold/cool? And if hot, how do you keep it hot while you do all the piping and stuff?
  9. ilkleyram

    Smart home advice.

    Probably because Mrs Parsnip likes it that way. If she's like Mrs Ilkley that is.
  10. ilkleyram

    Johnny Russell in the MLS

    'It's not Johnny Russell taking on the world; it's Johnny Russell taking on the entire galaxy'
  11. ilkleyram


    Knocks a card signed by all your colleagues into a cocked hat
  12. ilkleyram


    Well I now know I'm posh - the only people whose names I knew in that celebrity footie match at PP were the ex Derby players. I had no idea who any of the others were nor why they were celebs.
  13. ilkleyram


    Your dad sounds a really good guy TT but you might want to edit the second line of the second paragraph - the bit in brackets - before social services start calling.
  14. ilkleyram

    Rammy rousing

    Why was he limping after being flattered?
  15. ilkleyram

    Full 90 Minutes v Manchester United

    If it's for subscribers why does it say 'free' in the green box?

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