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  1. Didn't freeze at all apart from about 20 seconds at the start of the second half, commentary was excellent, camera work pretty good. All in all a very good 10 quids worth. Well done all at Rams TV And the preview show gets better each time I watch it especially when Shaun Barker is on it. Unlike Ramage Shaun sounds as if he's actually played football at a professional level
  2. Do you mean hang gliding lessons? Just asking for a friend
  3. I can say with complete certainty that frogggs photo is not Bradford. The suns out for one thing. And there’s no harbour.
  4. Two things I liked from the highlights now on RamsTV - Wilson kicking Waghorn after Waggy's first goal (several times) and the smile on the ginger ball boy's face after Frank shook his hand at the end of the game
  5. It appears that the problems stem from contractors being asked to quote for work on an incomplete specification which then altered, got more expensive and extended in time as work was added and problems discovered. Not surprisingly. If true 'incompetent' is the politest description you could use for both councillors and officers. You wish they were competent enough to get it sorted quickly so that the rest of us could use the thing. But it won't happen.
  6. I’m not sure why we’re giving you clues to help you know where you are. Shouldn’t it be the other way round?
  7. Donker bier? Wild stab though. Sorry
  8. There's a second line? I never knew that
  9. Just a random thought Parsnip. You could pop in on Saturday, save yourself a journey and take the young un to the match. Mrs P will no doubt be very glad of the break after her strenuous week. Brownie points all round
  10. If I were Frank I would see a player who is quick, strong and not without skill, one who doesn't give up, puts defenders under pressure and consistently works hard for himself and the team. One who listens, trains well and wants to work hard to improve. I would look at his record and see that his appearances have come over a six year period during which time he hasn't had a proper consistent run of games in the first team, hasn't had long 'pitch time', hasn't had consistent management either at Derby or elsewhere and has bad luck with injuries both in their nature and their timing. If I were Frank I would see potential. I would know and understand that lots of players (including myself) develop later in their careers and at different rates and in a season of transition and development I would want to give the likes of Mason Bennett every opportunity to succeed.
  11. What in God's holy name are you worried about? You've sorted his 18th birthday present of antique top from our promotion year, you've successfully made sure that you will never, ever be asked to go shopping again for the kids' birthday present and your 8 year old will soon be playing with the box/paper from his other presents. And, to boot, you've got a story to tell. You millenials.................
  12. There's an O right at the front. And a backwards C next to it.
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