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  1. It's also probably a majority without an axe to grind on Brexit too. But that can be ignored to play into the shareable #mediawitchhunt narrative. You are normally a little more thorough than this @maxjam. We need to scrap the bbc so we can get trusted media outlets like LeaveEU in their place.
  2. I looked at their tweet account. I bet there are some great people behind that. As someone posted earlier, the media is out of control...according to some heavily biased fringe groups with unaccountable funding. Whilst the bbc gets stick all the time for laughably being left wing, they actually had someone from Guido Fawkes website on just before the Cummings statement! Some kid looking for a job at a slightly more respectable outfit. Such as the Taxpayer's Alliance or Mike Ashley's PA. This 'impartial' method of a neutral bbc referee between partisan factions is a great way of getting fringe ideas into people's homes. The presenter is not even allowed to point out ridiculous ideas or lies in case they be deemed biased. Cummings exploited this brilliantly with Brexit.
  3. Enemies of the state. Traitors. Saboteurs. That was the sort of thing they were called right? By newspapers that now support what they are saying on Cummings. I keep mentioning it but prominent Brexiteer Steve Baker has called for Cummings to go. And said he went too far during Brexit campaign: mentioned the bus, the Turkey leaflets, prorouging parliament. There are 18 names on that last too. Isn't it about 44 MPs saying he should go? Are they part of the #mediawitchhunt too. Or do they think supporting blatant lies is perhaps not a good look?
  4. Yeah 1st series is a bit hard to understand at times but much easier from season 2 onwards
  5. Why are you expecting it to be a poo show? Too much like New Labour or in fighting in Labour will mean they can't win?
  6. This bus comment is just classic remoaner chat, exactly what, erm, Steve Baker was saying the other day!
  7. I wish I had waited a few minutes to read this before making a long post!
  8. Really think Johnson and co are taking us for fools here. 1) One parent developing coronavirus symptoms is not an exceptional situation in the slightest. It's a likely situation in a pandemic. 2) Cummings said yesterday that after rushing home to his sick wife, he then went back to work the same afternoon! Surely this was highly irresponsible and put colleagues in danger? 3) If both he and his wife became so ill that they were unable to look after their child, there are surely processes in place to help. Emergency services, social services etc. What are other people supposed to do in this situation if there is no other option? Could someone have driven his niece down to help if things became really bad and there was literally not a single other option? 4) The no travel rule was clearly to help limit the spread of the virus. As happened, both his wife and child went into a Durham hospital whilst probably infectious. London was the epicentre of the virus already and the additional risk to both staff and the area was surely much less in a London hospital. Crashes/breakdowns were also reasons not to travel long distances to prevent additional pressure on emergency services. 5) The clear instruction for people suffering symptoms was to self-isolate from other family members. A 5 hour car trip together seems like a sure fire way to pass on the virus to everyone in the car. 6) The hassle he was getting in his London home was given as an additional reason to go to Durham. This was during total lockdown where you were only supposed to leave the house for exercise once a day or essential supplies. I'm sure the police would have helped out here, as they had time to fly drones over the Peak District looking for isolated walkers. And if things were so bad, why the rush to get the family back down to London? Couldn't they have stayed behind in Durham will the rest of the family? 7) The 60 miles round trip on his wife's birthday to check he was ok to drive was highly irresponsible. What if he had crashed if he hadn't been fit to drive? No only was this a danger to other drivers, it seems like a strange choice for a father who was just concerned about protecting his family. 8 ) A lot has been made of the false stories in the media and how they were told they had it all wrong. The only strongly refuted part seems to be that Cummings didn't go back to Durham, where he offered phone evidence for his movements. Did Johnson know all the facts the night before? Did he really know of the 'eye test' drive before defending Cummings on live TV? Did the cabinet know the full story before tweeting out their support? It's not a crime to look after your family Gove, but it's highly bizarre to go on a 60 mile training drive during a full on lockdown. I would have liked to see these factual points addressed during the press conference yesterday. Questions like "people couldn't attend funerals but you travelled 250 miles" were pretty pointless as they were clearly different scenarios. There was one good question asking why Cummings didn't do the eye test for 30 miles back to London. If he didn't feel he could make it, he could have drove the 30 miles back to Durham. This seemed to stump him and he had no answer. People say he got a grilling but most the questions were overly emotional and not challenging the facts he was presenting. What we need is a senior political figure who knows how to cross examine someone properly, based on facts rather than emotion. Johnson is in trouble.
  9. Interesting thread here. Seems like Cummings has recently updated an old blog to talk about Coronavirus. Showing off about how prophetic his writings are was maybe a bad idea. He definitely is not some evil genius. https://mobile.twitter.com/faisalislam/status/1265011724111011845
  10. To be fair to Cummings, it does say in the guidelines that if you've told your "boss" to shake hands with Covid patients, you are allowed to run to the hills if your wife develops symptoms. And that you should try and develop herd immunity by putting the family in the car for 5 hours. The silver lining is that if you or your family require hospital treatment, you can aid the spread of the disease by heading to a local hospital. The local hospital probably won't have sufficient PPE either as the government you represent had spent the last 3 years arguing about the Brexit that you lied about to win the referendum.
  11. The only part of the story he really seems to be disputing is that he didn't go back to Durham. Pretty much the rest of it seems to be true.
  12. Someone should ask "what should a family do where parents have corona symptoms and kids need looking after, but there is no one they can ask for help"? Then ask why he didn't do the same.
  13. To be fair, coming across really gimpy is a good tactic.
  14. Remember kids, if you think you have a problem with your eyesight, make sure you take your family on a 30 mile drive to check it's ok.
  15. Yeah, it's totally out of order. Wonder how many others have had to deal with the same thing though, thanks to Cummings leaking stories to the media?
  16. Gorgeous day today for playoff final. Has everyone set off yet?
  17. Doubt it's just payback. The Mail understands that most of the country thinks it's a disgrace so is never going to back Johnson on this. It seems like the Mail has toned down a bit since Dacre left as well.
  18. Theresa May wasn't a clown. She was handed a poisoned chalice and was repeatedly stabbed in the back by Johnson and Cummings so they could get power. She didn't have much charisma and came across poorly frequently. She wasn't total liar though. She didn't have zero integrity. The irony with Johnson and his so-called charisma is that he is a pretty poor communicator and below average and speaking in parliament. If he was some some golden tongued snake oil salesman, then fair enough if people fell for him. But he just rambles on about nothing and has always look amateur. Anyone think he might be back in the fridge for the next PMQs?
  19. Never heard of it but just looked it up and sounds good. Cheers!
  20. Go at the start of your holiday so you know how many times to go back!
  21. Syndicate is awesome. If you know London reasonably well, even more fun.
  22. Really interesting conversation on Red Dead Redemption 2. I was well bought into the hype when it came out and almost bought it full price. Decided against it then, but have been waiting to get it since. After reading this, I'm thinking I might not bother. I don't have much time to dedicate to a long game unless it's going to be great. And it doesn't sound good enough. I've just finished Assassin's Creed Origins and loved it. Even though I spent 100 hours on it over a long period, it was nearly always brilliant. I didn't think it could get better after the London one, but it did. My kids got my Odyssey already too, so that one is waiting for me. I also love Far Cry 3, 4 and Primal, so a bit Ubisoft crazy. Mass Effect trilogy also one of my recent faves. Played most the GTAs since Liberty City too and always great. Let me know any recommendations if you also rate these games. I was gonna give Outer Wilds a go before getting stuck into AC Odyssey. Been playing Fallen Order with kids too and enjoying it. I've always wanted to play Last of Us, but can't on Xbox.
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