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  1. A worrying lack of entitlement in that post.
  2. Vaccine rolled out in 10 days apparently so hopefully not too much longer to wait for some sort of return to normal. We've got one of the worst death rates and one of the worst hit economies. British excepetionalism at it's freedom loving finest.
  3. He really like mushy peas.
  4. Good stat I head from Richard Jolly: Steve Mac has joined Derby whilst each of the last 5 Tory PMs have been in charge of the country.
  5. Some of them houses with dual carriageway flyovers outside their upstairs windows must be amongst the worst places to live in the uk.
  6. It's chaos in Ikea. I just had a fight with 2 men and a woman over the last cutlery set.
  7. Where I live, it's about 6k per year for train and parking into London. About 30 miles. Thankfully I drive to work. Taking public transport would be 3x as expensive and take 3x as long.
  8. I think by 'London', people mean the West End, Buckingham Palace, Mayfair Hyde Park and the City of London. No one really lives in these players, apart from a handful of oligarchs. Rest of London is a mix of some nice areas where property is crazy expensive, some ok areas where property is really expensive and some awful areas where property is still pricey. In all 3 areas, most people have very little expendable income. If you are a teacher/nurse/police etc then you are probably young and skint and are planning to move away. If you ever get the chance, drive down the A40 from the M
  9. Teams are gonna have to be docked more than 12 points for us to finish above them! 21 points deduction for Norwich and they would still be above us on gd.
  10. What repercussions should we carry out against the Chinese government, which would not impact the people there who you like?
  11. Us, the people, give the government the right to make decisions on our behalf. We are to blame for whom we elect. If most of the cabinet got a senior position at a small fireplace sales company, they would be out of their depth.
  12. Stupid thing to say. Like saying that all those people who voted for Johnson and his hopeless crew got what they wanted.
  13. Watched a comedy zoom show tonight with work. Checked the starting lineup at 7.45 only to find we were 1-0 down. Sounds like another typical performance. Imagine having to play a superior Wycombe team and desperately needing a win to catch up with them.
  14. Only a couple of jumps from here to a conspiracy theory!
  15. Was just having same conversation with my brother. Childcare bubbles don't count for Christmas bubbles unless it's properly for childcare... Between 23 and 27 December, you can continue to use a childcare bubble, but only if reasonably necessary for the purposes of childcare and where there are no reasonable alternatives. If you want to meet socially with the other household in your childcare bubble, you should include them in your Christmas bubble. You and the other household in your childcare bubble would count as two households towards the three household limit for Christmas bubbles.
  16. That might have been true in the past. When loons have immediate access to the world via youtube/facebook etc, the damage will be done before someone like @Albert has time to point out all the errors/lies. When nearly 50% of the USA vote for someone who has deliberately and continually spread obvious lies and mis-information, there is little hope.
  17. I was making a very tenuous weak gag about Benjamin Button. Apologies. The Go betweens sure knew how to finish an album. Dive for my memory is just perfect for the final song on their final album before they split. Apology Accepted & When She Sang About Angels too.
  18. My sister-in-law lives with her partner, and 3 kids (2 daughters over 20 and a younger son. Her other son lives nearby. Over Xmas, that household will be able to see 2 of the following: The son who lives nearby Long term bf of one daughter Long term bf of other daughter Parents/Grandparents Sister and her family (me and kids) That's 2 of the following as long as the household they meet sees no one else. If they see us, then we won't be able to see anyone else if they do. Do I see my parents and brother's family too? Do you see the people you like the mos
  19. Did he start off moaning like an old man, repeating loads of tired, out-dated cliches, then gradually start to come up with new, fresh ideas with a youthful optimism for the future?
  20. Is it just mixing with 3 households over the period, or no more than 3 at once? I assume the former?
  21. Anyone gonna have a go at working out these Xmas rules then?
  22. Oh look, another @Albertwannabe, with more of those boring numbers.
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