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  1. Kid's friend at school (11 and hence not vaccinated) just tested positive. He has Covid just before last Christmas. I know of 2 other people who have had it more than once. Not seen much about repeat infection but not great news.
  2. He's a populist who decided to let it rip because he didn't think the British people would mostly follow some obvious precautions to protect themselves and each other. He's a populist who reflects his multitude of defects on the little people.
  3. My kids school has sent all year 11s home until after half term as so many of them have Covid. Another Comp nearby has shut due to Covid. Not sure we'll have another lockdown, but just have schools shut again and advice to work from home if you can. I'm going to theatre on Monday and need a vaccination pass to get in. Think a Covid negative test as well would be better. I know some people are against vaccinating teenagers, but there seems to be much more danger in letting them all get Covid ie long Covid, possible mutations, passing it back to older relatives etc.
  4. Do these idiots know a mp was just stabbed to death?
  5. Nearly a 1000 dead in the last week though unfortunately. About 2/3 of Austraila's total deaths. Are those countries not obsessed with sniffles seeing a similar number of deaths though? Germany have had 59 deaths in 7 days. Very similar vaccination rate too. Feels like we are on the edge of yet more restrictions and problems. Will this shambles ever end?
  6. We've yet to come back from 2 goals down to win a match this season. What an absolute joke.
  7. Sounds pretty rubbish. But they have had under 1.5k deaths, where as we've had days more than that. And we've now got a huge NHS waiting list which needs NI increase to pay for. They screwed up their vaccine supply downunder though, as well as having to deal with anti-vaxxers. Why bother taking a vaccine for a virus that has only killed 1.5k, right?!
  8. Basically is this without all the exaggerations like demanded, staggering, armageddon.... Derby: "can we bring any players in during Jan?" EFL: "you'll need to show us you have the funds to pay everyone for the rest of the season." Derby: "seems reasonable."
  9. Watched about 3 series so far. I was crying at that early interview scene when Beats always leaves them wanting more
  10. Some interesting stuff on here and pretty balanced. Thought point 9 was really interesting how some people seem to spread it much worse than others. Perhaps just down to the viral load? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/oct/10/covid-by-numbers-10-key-lessons-separating-fact-from-fiction
  11. Dry your eyes mate, who cares if some old scutter dies cos they had to wait 18 months for an NHS op. They could have just worked harder and gone private. The real tragedy is legacy superman fans crying into their camp cosplay outfits because the fictional son of the fiction superman has a fictional bisexual storyline. It's like people get more wound up about things that are actually made up, than the things that are supposed to be true, but are instead made up. Anyway, my 11 year old boys were telling me about a kid at a club the other day. They called them Roxy, then Dave. I asked what they meant and they told me that Roxy wants to be a boy so is called Dave now. Didn't care two hoots and just accepted them for what they are.
  12. I know the whole B word debate is in the past, but whichever way you voted, the implementation has been dire. The lack of planning is just abysmal. Starting to consider leaving this country, but not sure where too.
  13. Seems like a big problem was that the ruling powers judged the nation through the lense of their own morally bankrupt lives. They clearly didn't trust the UK population to follow rules that they themselves would never obey. Turns out when loads of people are getting ill and dying, most people were happy to protect themselves and others more vulnerable than themselves. Turns out when British people are watching body bags piling up in Northern Italian streets, but people from there are still able to fly into the UK without any checks, we realised it might be a good idea to stay at home for a bit, rather than say, brag about shaking hands with Covid sufferers. For the next crisis, is it too much to ask that we have people in charge like former CEOs of large companies? Or people who have led major organisations, either public or private? Our once enviable democracy doesn't really seem fit for purpose at the moment.
  14. Beggars can't be choosers, arise Sir Mike of Ashley. Would be pretty funny if he invested massively though and took us to glory, even just so he could annoy the Newcastle Fans! They were dancing in the streets, even though their new owner had a journalist killed. Guess that's easy to ignore when you've had a few bottom half Premier League finishes. I'm not saying Ashley was great for them, but there surely must be a line? What if your owner was, say, killing loads of innocents in a neighbouring country? Call it Yemen.
  15. I've organised an angry mob to vandalise their house. We learnt nothing from the mistaken vigilanteism in the early 2000s. Apart from that the really dangerous ones were way more likely to be rich and famous men than oddballs round the corner.
  16. Mike Ashley is a horrible thing. But has managed to run Newcastle a million times better than our superfan owner.
  17. Why the F doesn't Mel just pay HMRC. He's got loads of money and created this mess. He should just pay for his mistakes and stop us going under. Maybe he will in the end and he's just waiting to see if anyone else will pay it for him.
  18. It may or may not be true, but it's entirely believable. I'm sure loads of us have had a few more beers than we realised and maybe not put a seatbelt on. After a few beers, it's hard to know if the person driving you has actually been drinking too, I would assume they hadn't. It's then incredibly unlucky to be involved in a bad accident, and get your knee smashed up.
  19. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/oct/01/richard-keogh-waking-up-paramedics-car-crash-Derby-sacking-blackpool Some pretty interesting things in here
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