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  1. You can’t watch ramstv on air play for a proper first team match. Just like you can’t airplay sky sports. Its a bugger init. The hdmi lead from the laptop trick does work as I know someone who does that.
  2. Well we’re not, so someone needs to keep the disappointment up! 😂
  3. Jim and Arthur Cox were/are my living memory legends. RIP Jim.
  4. Yeh, they’ll knock you out in the Semi’s. I used to look forward to your play off defeats when we were down the league, it used to make up for a bad season.
  5. Looks good on paper, trouble is Its Derby County we’re talking about 😫
  6. Can you use the contact us form at the bottom of the forum and put in a formal request. Its 30 days, not 7, I was actually wrong for once. Mr David has a touch of man flu atm but will start the ball rolling for you. Sorry for the mistake.
  7. If they can pass the ball and also find space to receive a pass, we need to consider them.
  8. @David will give you the seven day grace ( when he see’s this) if you don’t change your mind in this period you will be eradicated.
  9. Euro car parks did my mate when he stayed over two hours in a Witherspoons. hes ignored 4 or 5 letters and not heard anything for 6 months.
  10. Don’t get the Yale smart lock, I had one, absolutely unreliable, took it back.
  11. Eco system my arse. Mind you I told my kids I’d fitted new light switches to their bedrooms the other day, the ones that turn off as well as on. Regards the smart bulbs they’re fine until someone turns the old light switch off on the wall and you generally lose your temper with Alexa as she won’t switch the light on. Then you lose your temper at the person who turned the switch off. Things can be too smart sometimes.
  12. Boycie


    Don’t get so defensive! (see what I mean😏)
  13. All this bragging making my toes curl, give over.
  14. Boycie


    The Deliveroo advert has been banned as well. Some millennials companied that the different takeaways don’t all get delivered together. Nor seemly can you actually dive head first into the bag to reach the very bottom. Sad times.
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