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  1. I don’t think they did an Ant v Dec on Saturday either? wonder if that’s significant? Because they do some serious stuff that needs top concentration at times.
  2. Dolly Smith RIP

    We respected the minutes applause impeccably at Forest for one of their young fans. Its a subject that always divides opinions.
  3. Derby Snow - Game called off

    You can’t say that about another country. They can say it about us, but we aren’t allowed to, come on, you know the rules. tut tut.
  4. I thought his eyes looked a bit glazed on Saturday night on the tele, but I thought nah, he’s got too much to lose hasn’t he? Hope he’s ok.
  5. Rams TV Interview with Bobby Davison

    He seemed really bitter that he was promised a contract yet it never materialised. We signed Marco instead. But he found this out because they shared the same agent. Doh! We didn’t do bad out of Marco tbh. He looked a bit put out and upset. But like he says, it’s only a job.
  6. What are you eating tonight

    Good old Froggg. He once took a picture of his McTurks. 👍😘
  7. Derby Snow - Game called off

    He paid for a day pass for nowtv. watch him deny it
  8. Derby Snow - Game called off

    4 mins in and a bite. Even @David would be proud of that asleep in a tent by a rancid pond holding a tin in one hand and his rod in the other.
  9. Derby Snow - Game called off

    He’s back again. Hes only just got back himself. From the upstairs toilet.
  10. What are you eating tonight

    None close enough. Harrods won’t deliver this far.
  11. Picture where you are now

    S’bit grey ovva bills mothers?
  12. What are you eating tonight

    We had them tatties for tea too! Aldi, £1.89 a tray, bake for 30 mins lovely.
  13. Derby Snow - Game called off

    José at Manure? He’s done ok in a few jobs just recently hasn’t he?
  14. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Yes, he struggled with that, just ask John Motson and the reporters of the day. He hated tv’s interference didn’t he. But, we need these character in the game don’t we?
  15. Derby Snow - Game called off

    You’ve just described our greatest ever manager and Forests too.

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