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  1. Oh mate, your dripping needs changing 😂
  2. Well, we know they struggle with balls into the box now don’t we?
  3. I stayed loyal to Ramstv for the game yesterday, I’d seen all three wins on there and must be a bit superstitious. I did flip over to see the after match interviews when ramstv had finished though.
  4. Cheers Forest, we didn’t deserve a point but your gift is really appreciated x
  5. I think he’s a representative of our league isn’t he or something?
  6. The EFL sanctioned the takeover, they will be very embarrassed about what seems to have gone off. Just shows you how much of a joke the EFL is when it comes to running things.
  7. CodeZero tried, I soon saw him off.
  8. This place was alright before all the immigrants got here.
  9. It’ll have to be all scored in the first half mind.
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