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  1. Nah, it’s just a bit of sleet.
  2. Boycie

    Craig Bryson

    What a waste of energy.
  3. Really? Delap looks good in the Man City stiffs, and he’s played a few first team cup games, and scored. But, there’s no set rule that 16 year olds will kick on and perform at a higher level. The league’s been littered with wonder kids over the years. Lets not forget where we are in the pecking list. 1 million for unproven talent isn’t to be sniffed at. Don’t forget we bought many a player who got injured and were never the same again. Let alone money going to their heads. Im not saying these lads are money mad, but let’s not forget we are still a small fish in the big pond.
  4. Well, I guess it repaying the academy investment. Hopefully one day we can keep these lads. After all, it’s no different to what we do to lower league clubs with their talent. If we weren’t cat 1, we’d keep the lads. It’s catch 22.
  5. What’s this? Maybe they didn’t give him a head start back to the station? 😘
  6. I’m on his ignore list, watch him not deny it.
  7. Yes he has, sigh the damn contract. I’m sure if it was your lad you’d want him to leave the club for a good monthly wage rather than stay on less. Is your lad at the club?
  8. Do we get an insight to the season ratings so far?
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