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  1. Boycie

    Ex Rams

    Hughes was a great tackler at Derby.
  2. Boycie

    I'm predicting a Middlesboro signing tomorrow

    No need to be rude.
  3. Boycie

    v Ipswich live on RamsTV for UK fans

    Owen Bradley’s don’t pay for themselves you know. I bet he’s on time and a half after 5pm
  4. Boycie

    Mac at QPR

    The grapes are especially sour tonight. He won the league in Holland. Took Middlesbrough to the final Got the Derby team playing and getting results consistently by making them believe in themselves ultimately ending up at Wembley. Not all fraudulent activity.
  5. Boycie

    Ipswich ticket price! £27.50

    It’s on Sky isn’t it? Save your money and watch in the pub if it’s too much, that’ll teach em.
  6. Boycie

    What are you eating tonight

    Yeah, it does it to me sometimes. https://compressjpeg.com/ is one free tool, bit time consuming, takes about a minute max.
  7. Boycie

    What are you eating tonight

    Is the picture too large (pixels) it will tell you if it is
  8. Boycie

    Ipswich ticket price! £27.50

    It’s less than £30 though
  9. Boycie

    Your celebrity crush...

    Fancy posting a selfie. oh wait...
  10. Boycie

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    @Angry Ram is this rhyming slang for what she’ll be later?
  11. Boycie

    Moving to Derby - Advice need please.

    Community spirit is rife here in Belper, bi annual food festivals, art festivals both attended by thousands, especially the food festival. Its own beer festival. Belper goes green festival. Belper games weekend. monthly farmers markets if you don’t like festivals mind I recon it would be a living hell.
  12. Boycie

    Ticket office

    Do you?
  13. Boycie

    v Ipswich live on RamsTV for UK fans

    £10 is higher than I would have priced it at possibly by a couple of quid. But if there’s a family watching or a few friends then I guess it’s not too bad. The quality of the stream has to be bang on though or they’ll be under pressure.
  14. Boycie

    Seasonal Affective Disorder

    I’ve not been feeling on top form to be honest, but I’m putting it down to the pressure at work at the moment, deadlines to be met and cash flow etc. The results with Derby don’t help tbh. It’s true that a loss effects the workforce on a Monday.
  15. Boycie

    It might take time

    Lol! Kin ell mate 😂

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