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  1. Lets not get onto man eyebrow sculpturing.
  2. I moisturise with sand paper.
  3. Mugs game init.
  4. Were any bottles of piss thrown at him?
  5. You saw that on twitter too πŸ‘πŸ»
  6. Twitter guru
  7. Twitter guru πŸ˜‚
  8. Club record? didnt they spunk 10mill on Mooy the other week?
  9. Let's go with your idea of getting rid of skill for big 6.4" type players. when we were in with a shout of the play offs last year and the window was obviously shut, why didn't Will start then? You or I don't see training or can see into the mind of Hughes. He obviously wants Prem football, and another season in the championship seems not to excite him. But let's blame everyone else, I assume Hughes has stated he doesn't want to go? Oh, hold on, he'd lose money if he asked to go on the transfer list wouldn't he?
  10. Maybe Pearson and Rowett didn't think he was putting the effort in training? Hes not getting a start in the U21's either, I'm resigned to the thought it's better for both us and him that he moves on. we could keep him and loose him on a free in a few years, can't see how that is good business. I don't see a queue forming to sign him on the cheap either?
  11. He's fed up init.
  12. Damn, wouldn't of minded seeing them.
  13. Yeah, things are depressing at the moment 😫
  14. Not being funny, Radiohead, loadashite. looking forward to the Foo's tomorrow me.
  15. He's a Derby Fan with shed loads of money and is doing what we'd all do possibly if we had been as successful as he has been. Its a thankless task, we desperately need some highs and quick. Fans in general are a fickle lot. I think he knows what he wants and is used to getting what he wants. Let's hope this continues.