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  1. Boycie

    Holiday plans 2020

    I feel your pain mate. 😄
  2. Sorry! Only just seen this. Morning @rynny!
  3. It’s about time we had some of @Cisse‘s country men in our team. #chunderclap
  4. Jeez, first skittles what next? Dominos on elastic bands?
  5. Your injury got the better of you mate?
  6. Don’t locals just award themselves a degree? Like they have the Champions of Europe title?
  7. Boycie

    Belper Town

    Clough wasn’t here when Bennett was 12 actually Ralph.
  8. How many tickets have we sold?
  9. I’ve been working near Salford’s ground last week, never knew they had a team? Nice new stadium it seems.
  10. Aren’t sinfin and Ilkeston proper?
  11. Boycie

    Belper Town

    Says Mr Allestree United.
  12. I did it on the treadmill once, no biggie.
  13. so are we saying Mel should of carried of with the sub 10 million wage bill that Nigel was told to work to, and hoped that the spirit of the clough/mac1 era would of continued? Mac 1 Wembley was a once in a lifetime chance to get us up. Everything changed after that. If Mel hadn’t invested in players post Wembley all the fans with 20/20 hind sight would of been bemoaning a missed opportunity to take us to the next level. Ive said it more than once. Who’d be a championship club owner. (obviously I don’t mean the possible investment, ahem)
  14. I don’t think Mels selling the ground too is he?
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