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  1. Boycie

    RamsTV Feedback

    Kicked off a bit in the east stand with the away fans too 😄
  2. Boycie

    Most embarrassing moment.....

    Sounds like one of them fake YouTube things you see that people do to get the clicks.
  3. Boycie

    NFL 18/19

    Agree, ours has a massive eye, has theirs? no.
  4. Boycie

    Most embarrassing moment.....

    Going off topic a second, haven’t glasses been developed to combat colour blindness? Or was that another spoof YouTube I saw?
  5. Boycie

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    @Angry Ram Are you there to meet the mob, or on pleasure?
  6. Boycie

    Caraboa Cup Chelsea (A) Tickets

    What are the odds on him starting though?
  7. Boycie


    2 4 1 5-7pm anorl.
  8. Boycie

    Jermaine Pennant on The Jeremy Kyle Show

    Jezza was out in Dubai at the same time as they were by the looks of it, I guess they bumped into each other and this is the result. win win for both sides I would assume.
  9. Boycie


    He was in the Monk Bar drinking cocktails. (I assume) last sat according to her indoors
  10. Boycie

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    There’s nowt he can teach me, I’m already overweight.
  11. Boycie


    Bloody Keogh’s Grandad always had a mistake in him.
  12. Boycie

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    He’s been working?
  13. Boycie

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    It’s obviously classier than Markeaton. Allestree.
  14. Boycie


    This family firm runs our recycling outfit up here in Belper. Nice little earner I always thought, but don’t say I said anything.

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