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  1. Boycie

    Ongoing Stuff

    You’ll have to tell me your method.
  2. Boycie

    Ongoing Stuff

    That’s the trouble we tramps face. A session on the bench can be over quite quickly.
  3. Boycie

    Ongoing Stuff

    Rocket fuel if I’m not mistaken isn’t it?
  4. If we were after an “in job” replacement an approach would have to be made to gain permission to talk. No press chatter regards this, so I doubt it would be a quick appointment.
  5. Boycie

    Feel sorry for Mel.

    I’ll give you 2 points.
  6. Just seen Warnock outside B&Q we’ve “tabled” a bid
  7. Boycie

    Next Manager Poll

    I’m hoping we all feel the way we felt when Jim Smith was appointed. Dissapointed, don’t lie. And then we boss the league (after a shaky start)
  8. Boycie

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    3 year deal? The amount the ball will be in the air on a three year deal would see it travel around the earth multiple times.
  9. Boycie

    Feel sorry for Mel.

  10. Boycie

    RamsTV Feedback

    Oh well, bad news is we have the Championship with yet another new manager next season. good news is we can watch all non televised non Saturday 3pm games in the uk on RamsTV! I bet the first meeting with Stoke will be a midweek game. Chicken dinner.
  11. Boycie


    Anyrode. The bounce song is better off with us, our modern stadium has been fully designed to withstand the impact and actually bounces along with the supporters as if it’s in harmony with its loving attendees. Hillsborough on the other hand is in danger of collapsing if exposed to excessive bounce when you’re winning activities. Rumours say the safety executive have ordered the current team to curtail victories as to protect the future of the ground.
  12. Boycie

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    “ROWETT MOVE PUT ON HOLD” Reports coming in that whilst on route to the Potteries that a better offer has come in from an unknown club. The yet unnamed rumoured Championship club thought to play very close to the Trent have matched Stokes offer. But in addition have thrown in a packet of “Jaffa Cakes” to sweeten the deal. Sources close to the journeyman manager report he has pulled into a lay-by to fully explore the improved offer.
  13. Boycie

    Next Manager Poll

    Why? Is he on tag?
  14. Curtains, I love you to bits, not in a gay way, but, Nigel Clough would send attendances into free fall. Players wouldn’t respect his methods, his calling out of individual players is terrible, His man management skills couldn’t keep Burton up for another season. But they beat us twice at their place I hear you say, Youre right! Come in Nigel! You’re time is up!
  15. Watford’s revolving door seems to work just fine. Maybe our door is the problem?

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