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  1. He’s still walking from Crewe to Derby I think?
  2. Sorry guys. We were winning until I started watching, my fault.😢
  3. Did you catch Billy Davies at home?
  4. Boycie

    Galaxy Fold

    Can you fold it more than 7 times though?
  5. If you have sky sports try watching via the sky sports app. its very blurry here, but ok
  6. Well, now you put it like that! brb
  7. Isn’t it only £25 a year anyrode?
  8. You don’t knock chaddo down, chaddo knocks you down.
  9. Because they blew the budget on demolition not building a new one.
  10. I can’t help mesen. ”billy davies has thrown his hat into the ring as a possible candidate. his actual words.
  11. Having a drink and a little chant to our Captain.
  12. It’s nice they’re viewable for free isn’t it? Someones took a lot of time transferring these into digital.
  13. You sure it was 1965 Steve?🤪
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