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  1. The performance caused the long face.
  2. I bet there’s a few returns today.
  3. The reds family would say that. All related init bro. 😉
  4. Not seen any of this. Too BUSY!!
  5. Welcome, Ilkestons half red half ram isn’t it?
  6. Boycie

    Galaxy Fold

    You creased me up there. LOL
  7. The south stand started well last night, fair play to them. But the longer the game went on the quieter the crowd became. I was thinking why this is? Poor play aside, I’ve noticed many a stadium fall silent during games. Stadiums renowned for their atmosphere included, then I realised how I came to this conclusion. Sky. Many more games are broadcast nowadays compared to pre sky sports. “Obviously” you will say, but I think people have become accustomed to sitting quietly in the comfort of their front rooms and listening to the commentary. Ok, we might still go to watch our team every two weeks at home but I feel that this maybe the reason why the atmosphere has drained away from not our club, but most clubs across the country. I can’t see how that will ever change unfortunately. Yes, you will get the local derby games that spike the sound levels, but even teams who are winning regularly in the Prem don’t have noisey stadiums, Anfield being a prime example. Maybe sky just turn the sound levels down so we can sit quietly in our armchairs and listen to the experts explain what we are watching and what they do wrong.
  8. We need to get behind the lads for Monday.
  9. Maybe these workers should be getting some actual work done! Blummin staffies.
  10. 👆🏻He knows, a new Consumer Unit will be needed if the position is being altered because the sparky is in theory working on every circuit. Thus needs to be to the current edition, if a new circuit was just being added to the Consumer Unit in the original position you would be able to keep the original unit, as long as you had RCD protection etc. Plus you’ll probably need to keep an isolating device with a 60/80amp fuse in it at the original position or within 3 meters of the electric meter. This all depends on how far you’re thinking of moving the CU though. Not a straight forward or cheap job at the best of times. If you want any more advice drop me a pm, I don’t mind giving free advice out to any of our members on here. No price increases either if you wanted a free quote, ignore @David I know plasterers and most other trades too if you wanted to keep the stress levels of arranging everyone in the right order down to a minimum.
  11. We’ve never filled our ground since we all stopped getting free mobile phones with every season ticket. I think that’s what it was?
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