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  1. Oh gowd, u mentioned adblocker. Stand by your beds.
  2. meanwhile somewhere near Hulland Ward, practice makes perfect.
  3. Oh yes. Make me all this and get a fart on.
  4. It’s only a greasy thumb print on his cam mate. 😄
  5. We’ve had two leave so far. (looking in as visitors mind) times are bad
  6. Jeez if I did a flounce post, all I’d get is rejoicing. *waits for opposing views
  7. Has he gone yet? I’ll let you all know when he logged back on again 😉
  8. Tonight 7.30 be there or be sane. @Mostyn6 they’re waiting for your thoughts about the poo show this afternoon,
  9. He’s told you that hasn’t he? 🤥
  10. Superstar scapegoat, only at Derby
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