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  1. I was pleased by our performance if not the result.
  2. Norwich are giving us room in the centre lesser team don’t give us such luxuries.
  3. Why are we trying the impossible when we get into their box. A simple cross would put the pressure on them.
  4. McDonald needed to put the ball in the danger area but tried to pull it back to a Norwich player.
  5. I am encouraged by us putting some good moves together and are just lacking a positive final ball or taking a shot when the opportunity comes or time a run better. Their goal and chances have mainly come when we have gifted them the ball. Which team would give the ball to the opposition so easily when playing the top of the league. Ridiculous!!
  6. And other times I’m saying first time and he takes an unnecessary touch or cut back when an early ball in the middle is what is needed.
  7. Forsyth gave the ball away before which resulted in a free kick on the edge of the box then he did a second time and they scored. Should never put a shirt on again. He needs locking up, it’s criminal how easy he gives the ball away. I bet he doesn’t give his wages away that easily.
  8. Then a complete duck up pass to put us under pressure.
  9. But wait on, we need to find something negative to say. People could get happy, any sort of excitement or optimism needs to be snuffed out at the earliest opportunity. How dare anyone believe this could be a good move. We must all live like Flagellants.
  10. RIP although he has looked like a walking skeleton for a while now.
  11. Some folk will find something wrong with everything. They’ll make something up that isn’t there if they can’t find anything.
  12. What happened with CKR at the end of the game, what upset him?
  13. Is he on a pay per game wage. Surely that was the offer on the table in these gamble situations.
  14. Can’t wait to get back into the ground and it looks like next seasons ticket is already purchased. Come on you Rams!
  15. I am of the understanding that the UK government invested in AZ to develop the vaccine which would be mine and yours money. I am not sure the EU did though.
  16. I think it’s just the media trying to whip up a poo storm. I doubt even the EU could be that stupid.
  17. Get them in it’s given some good weather.
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