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  1. Anything is better than what we have at the moment.
  2. The problem now with the alcohol in seats would be if we scored everyone would get wet through. Bring back the good old bog roll I say.
  3. Billy Sharp wears a bankers hat. He’ll never play for Derby because he likes scoring against us too much. Or something like that.
  4. I wish I’d done that for a couple of tophats at Manure a few seasons ago smoking in the stand and trying to rip the seats out. Some folk are complete morons. May be next time I should. I got a photo too but deleted it. May be if people got photos and recordings it may make people think twice.
  5. Yeah I would have been screaming off off off if it was the other way round but the rules are so subjective now I don’t know what is what. I only have my very bias opinion.
  6. Penalty or red card Roos wasn’t on for the penalty. He fouled Sharp but it didn’t deny him of the goal scoring chance because the ball had been passed out wide.
  7. I bet it’s the same idiots that have still got a cupboard full of bags of pasta and are still using bog roll they bought 18 months ago.
  8. People who Panic buy when the tv hype up a sniff of any potential shortages
  9. Shouldn’t we have Gibson on the sweat filter rather than Bamford now??
  10. I think you think I’m sticking up for him. I’m not the transfers have been some of the biggest wastes of money ever that and without parachute payments had sealed our doom. I just think the system needs to be fairer for lower league clubs but It’s a bit like society the rich want more and feed the rest scraps.
  11. Can we sue all the other clubs that gained promotion breaking ffp rules?
  12. Yes you are correct but what about the Norwich’s West Broms, Fulham’s even Newcastle came down for a spell. Not saying we didn’t break the rules just questioning what is a fair playing field.
  13. Yes but in the last 5 years Boro have spent 1 year in the premier league and 3 years parachute payments so they could keep their better players. How are we supposed to compete? That is not Gibsons fault but it shows how unfair the set up is. Morris has gone about things wrong and thrown good money after bad but only because that’s the only way he thought we could compete. The problem is the Lords in the premier league living the lavish style and throwing the scraps out to us peasants knocking at the door. A fair system needs to be set up so lower clubs can be sustainable without having to sell their best academy prospects to the likes of Liverpool or Man City for peanuts.
  14. What about the teams that have gained promotion? Where is the deterrent for them?
  15. It seems to me to be after the horse has bolted. Surely the punishment should punish the crime and the advantage gained that year. If clubs break the rules to gain promotion then they shouldn’t go up or likewise get to the playoffs etc. None of this agreeing a fine or point deduction 3 seasons afterwards. Any club going up or in the playoffs should also need to prove they have done it fairly and within financial rules and if they can’t then they forfeit that position.
  16. I think there is a combination of 1, 2 & 4 for the first as for the second I hope it’s the first option but knowing our luck it will be the third. I have just voted 2 and 3 options so I can see the results.
  17. I used to watch him on Saint and Greavsie always put a funny spin on things. I’ll always remember him slating Scottish Goalkeepers.
  18. A Manure fan told me he would put 100% into the job. I wasn’t sure but I think he wants to do well and this could be the best way to start.
  19. About 3 years ago. Surely that would be sorted. I suppose someone will find out. I suspect it’s Bull poo and it may be our total liabilities are c.£26m.
  20. That’s what I mean. We must have defaulted for two or three seasons which I reckon action would have been taken by now.
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