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  1. I know we had injuries. My point was the anger started where we started to lose. No one cares what is happening behind the scenes as long as you are winning. Few were bothered about the 3 Amigos until we were dire the year after Burley lead us to playoffs.
  2. The difference was we were on a dire run during the Newcastle rumours and things seemed to suddenly fall off a cliff. In hindsight, looking at his managerial career we should have known when things go wrong, he can't turn it around.
  3. No worries. Not many good places in Uxbridge but Bar Italia is the 'trendiest' and Red Iron is best value. There is a Indian/Nepalese place called Lumbini which is 5 min walk out of town too. Lots of normal chain places too.
  4. Nice burger place in Uxbridge called Red Iron if you want some decent food. There is a nice bar there called Bar Italia that does amazing pizzas.
  5. If you ignore all the non-political reasons to despise him, his actual political record is so weak. He was sacked from the shadow cabinet for lying to the leader of the party. He was London Mayor which was probably his least worst period in politics. That garden bridge debacle was a fisaco, likewise those water canons he ordered. The main things he is remembered for are Boris Bikes and London Olympics, both that were planned and organised before he was in office. If there are any things he did well in office, I have not heard of them, but assume it couldn't have been all bad. His infamous 2 columns on Leave or Remain surely exposed him as totally without conviction, purely deciding on the way to give him more publicity. If he had backed remain, he might have held high office in a successful Tory government and be the next obvious leader. His actual performance as Foreign Secretary was erratic, making regular gaffes and seemingly copying Trump as a role model. If he makes it into Number 10, then we can laugh at America no longer. He changed his mind on May's deal too. This is an attempt at a balanced assessment of his political life. If you bring in the whole host of other behaviour, he goes from been an incompetent schemer to something far more sinister. Still, remember when he was on Have I Got News For You eh! What a larff.
  6. I hope you are already wealthy
  7. How do we know he didn't spill it down himself. FAKE NEWS. (I'm not serious btw)
  8. Any remainers not voting Lib Dem today? And leavers not voting for Farage? I thought this election would have been bigger news to be honest. All I've read about is milkshake attacks and not much more. I thought remainers may have clubbed together and used this as a bit of a proxy referendum, but not seen much of that. Maybe they haven't got the backing of corrupt businessmen/foreign powers?! I assume Farage will get most votes and seats but the more remain parties will end up with the same number in total. Farage will claim that the 'will of the people' is that we leave and that the other parties are traitors, even when they get same votes in total. I live in some hope that remain will have decent majority. Whilst Farage represents Hard brexit, many more moderate leavers will not vote for him and would either abstain, still vote tory or switch to Lib Dems. Read an interesting article the other day how middle class areas are deserting tories and moving towards lib dem/green. These areas often have high turnout so fingers crossed. This may all end up with enough reason for Labour to back a 2nd referendum and after a few months of yet more lies, we'll see a big remain win, supported by PM Johnson who is now a remainer as that is what he needed to do to get, and stay, in power.
  9. All set with my half n half scarf. Looking forward to seeing Grealish in the flesh.
  10. Wasn't a woe is me story at all. Just a honest account of a tough decision. In years to come, you'll still be glad you watched our famous Wembley win with him.
  11. Anyone remember when Angela Leadsom(?) stood for leader before and campaigned that she would be a better leader than May as she had children, unlike May who couldn't have kids! What a total Jeremy Hunt. What will she campaign on this time? "I'll be a better leader than Johnson as I have kids whereas he paid for his mistress to have an abortion."
  12. It's ok. She is standing for leader. Phew!
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