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  1. Surviving relegation after winning some crucial, high pressure games, could really give us some momentum going into next season. I'm not sure how that works though if you end the season with about 7 defeats on the row, but stay up cos Rotherham failed to get more than 6 points from their 18 games in hand.
  2. What year was that you saw the Pixies? I always fancied seeimg them when they first reformed, but not bothered now after lineup changes. Can't remember seeing many female standups apart from Bridget Christie, who I loved. Rather than the argument that there aren't many good women standups, I think there just aren't many good standups. And as there are many more male standups, there is a high chance that a good one is a man. There are also very few who are good more than once. The ones who get famous quickly, get boring just as quickly. I've seen a few just before they got really
  3. He actually looks reasonably dignified as a older man. Probably cos he looked like a 12 year old scally when he was 30, so looks like a nice 30 year old chap now he's greyer and old.
  4. I think the media, the efl, the bbc and NASA fixed it cos they all hate us.
  5. It gets even better next match, supporting Middlesborough vs Rotherham. I bloomin love the Boro. It make a nice change in a way. Basically ignoring our games as we always lose, then getting to support another team time 4 times a week for all Rotherham's extra games. Proper football supporting. -0.5 fan.
  6. It makes it easier that Brum are everyone's second team!
  7. Cancel that minibus to Fleetwood! (Well, maybe for now just check that the deposit it refundable)
  8. And Bennett pops home to see his family and spots smoke coming out of Greggs at Pride Park. He calls the fire brigade immediately and the fire is put out, just before igniting a barrel of dynamite, which would have burnt the ground down.
  9. Lol and you accuse the media of sensationalism! #brazildiditright
  10. Unfortunately, lot's of that magic happens when infected people mix, the virus spreads more and mutations occur. Brazil looks to be the place where they are putting this to the test, with some pretty bad results. Ironic that one of the places worse hit in the world is in the Amazon. That's what happens when you don't obey the other Amazon (as well as ignoring science but that is just #mediahype).
  11. The seats at MK Dons are very comfy though. And a good guy at work is a Gillingham fan so might go to that one with him. Crewe is easy to get to on train from anywhere and I can combine with a visit to mate who lives at Sandbach. Plymouth could be a little holiday, especially if we play in early/late season. Shrewsbury is a nice place and Burton gives us a chance in the Nigel Clough Trophy. Doncaster could include a visit to York perhaps. Can't think of other reasons to go to Fleetwood and Accrington. Maybe would be good to play them in the same week, and visit the Lake Dis
  12. Just buy a house abroad, then you can come and go at will.
  13. Saw Mark Watson and Alun Cochrane who were both really poor, but worst comedian was Reginald D Hunter. I went expecting more of his panel show style humour, but had to endure an hour or 2 of moaning about not getting enough women. Found it pretty uncomfortable and was basically misogyny. Saw Frank Skinner about 12 years ago and he was also dire. Unfunny stories about sexual encounters that would have maybe been mildly humorous to 14 year olds. In 1982. It started off ok and he did some non-scripted chat which was more like his tv self. But the scripted stuff was woeful. Moral o
  14. We'll have to start a Phoenix 96 thread. That was my first festival and looking at the line up again now, it was so good. If only I'd gone to see Bowie and Neil Young rather than Bis and Kulashaker! I think the Manics followed Super Furry Animals and I had to go to toilet and/or water as it was so crazy hot. I was near the back when Manics came on and I heard the opening to Everything Must Go. Some big guys were barging their way to the front, so ran behind in them in their wake and got near the front. I loved Foo Fighters in those early days to and the were incredible. The toilets w
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