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  1. Plans no. But I'm sure we'll have a 3 sentence slogan comprised of just 6 words. No vaccine. No immunity. Go quietly.
  2. Not sure that is correct anymore. Whilst the government initially had broad support from the type of people you refer to @Eddie, that seems to have evaporated now. It's a similar story on a Tory forum I sometimes read. The dangerous radicalism that Johnson thrived on to gain power has taken hold now. Where we go next is crucial...we may not have many chances left to turn things around.
  3. Sweet as, the restrictions must be working!
  4. "Before scientists had pinned down vital facts about Covid-19, the internet was crawling with lurid conspiracy theories. One US study looked at 200m tweets discussing the coronavirus, and found that about 45% of comments came from mechanised accounts. Of the top 50 tweeters found to have the most network influence in the study, 41 were fake. Other social media platforms are similarly infested."
  5. So you are saying that recent data says that the majority of scientists do not agree with @Eddie's position? Where do you even get this from?
  6. If this debate was purely @Eddie vs @TexasRam, then that post would make some sort of sense, at least is we assume that people are unable to to form opinions based on factors outside of their immediate sphere. However, most scientific opinion is on @Eddie's side, where you have a few dissenting voices who keep getting repeated in the usual places. The majority view of scientists seems a better bet than choosing between two people on a football forum. Or even the views of people who drive revenue from being controversial. The real doom and gloom is are we already at a point wher
  7. I'm now worried that something else other than Covid has caused the 50k excess deaths. Thanks for alerting us @Uptherams
  8. You genuinely think that the only difference between, say South Korea and the UK was they locked down a couple of weeks earlier?! That really makes me want to listen to your opinions on what we should do now! A few months back, I read interesting interview with an official from Singapore. He was surprised that we didn't follow our own pandemic plan...the same plan that they used after we shared it with them 20 or so years ago.
  9. Everyone did the same in March and April!? What are you talking about? South Korea, Japan, NZ, Aus, Vietnam, Ghana. vs Western Europe, UK, USA, Sweden, Brazil. One of those groups had loads of deaths per head, the other very few. You think they all did the same thing? I can imagine the governments sitting around discussing how they now should all do different things so they work out the best strategies. Ok, some of the countries will have huge deaths tolls, but at least we'll learn something. Hands up who wants to remove all restrictions and pretend it's 2019 again? It's pr
  10. Just read this excellent article on the debate between "the science" and how minority views are amplified by a media looking for conflict and something that backs up their ideas. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/sep/29/rival-scientists-lockdowns-scientific-covid-19
  11. I instantly dismissed it based on his surname. If you tell me he rejects most of what his father says, I may watch it as you normally make good suggestions. As for the chart, most people who were tested back in the Spring were already pretty ill as tests weren't available and u less you had severe symptoms, you were told to stay at home and isolate without testing. Anyone with a slight cough is getting tested now, well they were until we realised that approach was unsustainable. There was obviously no testing in Jan/Feb time when it seems like the virus was spreading everywhere. It's
  12. Gareth Icke retweeted this chart. Surely anyone can understand that testing didn't actually start until people were dying, and a totally different makeup of people are being tested now vs in the spring. If this is the sort of things that those who went to London get confused by, there is not much hope.
  13. David Icke's net worth is 10 million. Great business model.
  14. Posts like that don't really do you any favours against the conspiracy accusations. I'm surprised Trump is playing down the threat when he could help the big Pharma companies make loads of money. If you don't like big Pharma, perhaps focus on the painkiller addiction they've already created. I do you like your conversion to an anti-capitalist though, never saw that coming. Unfortunately, our government are trying to ban schools from teaching about such ideas.
  15. Let's hope he is right. I do maintain a healthy scepticism for anything coming out of the Whitehouse. Scientists seem to be giving opposing views, presumably interpreting the evidence in different ways. You seem to believe the ones that support your beliefs. I think others on here think caution is sensible when there is lots of contradictory advice.
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