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  1. We've got the whole world, in our hands.
  2. Fingers crosses Charlton get at least a point vs Cardiff. Results going well for us so far.
  3. We've gone for a lodge at the end of July near Ulswater in Lake District. Anyone been there in summer holidays before? Anywhere to avoid at that time of year?
  4. If we are still in the playoff hunt, can see our last 4 games all being on Sky too. They'll want Brentford and Leeds on due to their chances of automatic. Cardiff game could be huge playoff decider. Final game vs Brum will hopefully not be on as we've already secured our place and are playing the kids. Who then win by 4 goals.
  5. Thing is, we don't really have to keep winning anymore. We just have to match the other teams in the playoff hunt, whilst making up 3 points on Cardiff, 2 goals on Preston and possibly 1 point on Bristol. Forest will be hard to catch if they win today, but if they don't, our game against them could drag them right into it. If we win a match and all our rivals do too, then it's the same as everyone losing. We are performing better than all the teams around us, so if that continues, we will finish top 6. The remaining games should be harder than Millwall or Reading, but it's not
  6. Yeah, I was fairly optimistic too but thought these first 2 games were crucial. Winning them both has given us a great chance now. I just looked on Paddy Power and we are longer odds than Preston, Swansea and Millwall to make the top 6. Bookies seem to weight upcoming fixtures far more than recent results. Preston still have some tough fixtures but have won just 1 in 7 and 0 in 5. They must be counting the games vs Brentford, Leeds and WBA against us, although Leeds will probably be up already by that point.
  7. Thank funk for @angieram. About 87% of the posts since the final whistle are all about Lawrence. We have just won 4 on the row and the rest of the results were almost perfect. Perhaps a Preston Cardiff draw would have been better, but then again, Preston on a real downer just before we play them is good news. No one was giving us a chance 4 game ago. Now the top 6 is pretty much in our own hands. Forest might even be catchable too. A great day.
  8. Can't see us scoring any goals from 40 yards out today without all those fans advising players to shoot.
  9. Worried about this game now. Everyone is way too happy with the lineup.
  10. Sounds very tough for you @DarkFruitsRam7. You seem like a very decent and rational person so I'm sure you have made the best decision.
  11. I meant it's not just town centre beaches
  12. Did you see the pictures from Camber Sands yesterday though? We were originally thinking of going there Monday for kids birthday but not gonna now.
  13. I'm still awaiting the return of @Bris Vegas so I hope it's him. I think he would be happy with how things are going.
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