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  1. Think the actual rule is just make it up. Might as well be.
  2. Exactly. Who knows if that should be a pen as the rules are terrible. Why should that so-called offence ever mean the opposition deserve a free shot at goal.
  3. Change of formation going well after poor end to the first half. Good work Rooney and co.
  4. Would have preferred a forward coming on and Knight back into midfield.
  5. We are miles better but we've seen this sort of game before. Really need to score when dominating and not let teams back into games before the late goal.
  6. I assume you don't mean comments on here as I don't recall seeing any at all. It seems seems strange behaviour for a furloughed worker to make distasteful comments to someone who has been missed by the system. Where are these comments being made and what is the nature of them?
  7. So because some people at your work would rather remain furloughed, you agree with her that British people are amongst the worst idlers in the world. But when a journalist reports on people coming to the Tier 1 Isle of Wight during lockdown, you take this as yet another vicious attack on the poor, downtrodden man, who just wanted a quiet pint with his large group of friends? If Patel has said "British people are amongst the worst drunks in the world" you'd have been furious with such as terrible demonisation. How dare she say that! Lazy, god yes, but drinking to excess? Give me stren
  8. "British home secretaries are amongst the worst idlers in the world". I wrote that in a book a few years ago. Imagine my surprise when all the home secretaries all voted for me. Told you they were all lazy and useless!
  9. Remember one major miss from my list: The Broken Family Band. Listened them to death when I happened upon them at a festival about 10 years ago. Got tickets to see them a few months later to what turned out to be their farewell tour. Difficult to know they didn't make it big. Perhaps they didn't want it enough! So many brilliant songs.
  10. Give Grand Prix another listen, Teenage Fanclubs 4th. I didn't get into Manics until Everything Must Go, then worshipped their early stuff for a few years. Seen them live a few times and put on a great show.
  11. What I find incredible about Depeche Mode is how Vince Clarke wrote most of the first album and a couple of singles, then left the band. Amazingly, they just carried on without him churning out the hits.
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