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  1. Erm, but we all think and say exactly the same thing so why bother differentiating between us. Group think in our own echo chamber. I am you. You are we.
  2. All true. But no one can say that the ERG and Johnson haven't cost us loads of money in delaying Brexit. Let the healing begin.
  3. The votes from Johnson and the ERG lost May's vote multiple times. The Tory remainers voted for it. They got May kicked out, replaced her with Johnson, then pretty much voted for May's deal again, but shoved N Ireland under a bus.
  4. You mean by Johnson and his ERG backers? We would have "got it done" ages ago if it hadn't been for them, but that has been airbrushed from history.
  5. He's never been one for foreplay though.
  6. Great post. The gambling point is an original one, at least to me. Would be interesting to see some research on this to see how much of an impact this makes.
  7. Q: "I've lost my job due to Brexit" A: "Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations." I thought we were leaving because of other nations? That we were the better than them? They should be begging us to do trade with then.
  8. He looked our best player when he came on at Fulham. Why not start him for the potentially meaningless games at end of season. He looks quick and has scored bags of goals at junior level. How exciting would it be if he scored 5 goals from the 10 final games of this season?
  9. If/when we have a few games at the end of the season with nowt to play for, I'd like to see Whitaker start every game. Knight, Bird, Sileby, Holmes and Rooney all playing. Bogle, Lowe, Wisdom and Davies with Roos in goals. Academy CB if we got one good enough. No point playing loans unless they sign. As well as a White Christmas, I'm dreaming of a long summer break and a proper pre-season without a change in manager. And a recruitment team who knows what they are doing.
  10. He looked well ropey against us when he nearly let that cross go in.
  11. This sort of thing should be a given really.
  12. Clarke, Davis, Wisdom and Fozzy fine for the rest of this season.
  13. Easy home draw, then we are 2 winnable home games from the quarter finals. That is when things get exciting.
  14. Guess we can blame the voting system for that abomination.
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