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  1. Good times ahead. We are good again.
  2. That rules out most people who want to go to Chelsea. I don't want to go to Chelsea.
  3. Get your knuckledusters and Class A drugs ready!
  4. I think you might need a customer number according to my mate who is a Brentford fan.
  5. Brian Clough had zero followers on twitter. A nobody.
  6. Think we might be linked with him in the Summer. An Adobe target.
  7. Goal!!! Great start to score in 30 seconds. (Check your timezone)
  8. The away thread had thousands of pre-game posts due to the over-the-top emotions about Rowett. This game seems more meaningful to me, with it been later in the season and gives us a chance to move back into top 6 and go 3 points ahead of Bristol after their poorish result last night. Usual Spring apathy? This season is far from over.
  9. Got my inflatable snake all ready to go.
  10. 10 games left and 8th of them are against 12th place and below. We've already played the form teams of the chasing pack. Out if the top 6 teams, we've got the 2 with the worst form currently. 17 days off after tonight for us to regroup and get our injured players back. It's really all there for us now, especially after we seem to have turned the corner after our only bad run results wise (Ipswich to Villa). Just hope we avoid Leeds (or Villa) in the playoffs. You'd fancy us vs any of the others.
  11. Haha heard on the radio they were all booing on final whistle. It's happening again Bristol. We should throw stones in our glass houses.
  12. I'd forgot about Thomas coming back next season. How's he getting on this season and do we think he would make an impact next year for us?
  13. Great win and just what we needed. So bored of posters who think Frank would have been sacked if we had lost though. Either they think Mel would actually do this or they are willing it to happen. We had a few poor performances and results after promising more earlier in season. Get over it. Crowd did great tonight. Nice one for anyone responsible for getting it all going.
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