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  1. Good news that it's on a Saturday and on TV.
  2. I'm thinking of forming an ironic hate group to protest against this policy. See if we can get some proper racists to join only to find we've got loads of British non- English speaking white people to join. "Multicultitism against Aussie criminals".
  3. "Free movement between Australia and the UK would be explored by the government in “post-Brexit” business talks, Liz Truss, the international trade secretary, has announced." This will surely infuriate leavers. Swarms of Aussies will invade our country and increase the pressure on our public services. They will also take all our jobs whilst simultaneously sponging off our benefit system. Want an Aussie for a neighbour? Vote Tory. I heard that Aussies eat dog food and there is no smoke without fire. I feel that this sort of policy will encourage more people to join far right groups and violence is inevitable.
  4. Yeah right and the country would be proper fked now if a Communist and traitor like the self-styled "Red" Ed had got in. With his evil energy price caps. Did you ever see him eat a bacon sandwich? You can't trust him or this thinly veiled anti-Semitic reasoning. Thank god we got Cameron who was a born leader. He wanted to be PM cos he "thought he would actually be pretty good at it"! At least he wasn't quite as egotistical as our current world king.
  5. Think you should read @maxjams article
  6. Very interesting stuff. Even if it implies that people who vote for populist parties as thick and racist!
  7. Not sure why you keep bringing up crazy conspiracy theories in the politics thread. Are you deliberately confusing them with the genuine conspiracy of trying to negatively impact the uk economy to make money off it?
  8. Wonder who Johnson will pick next week? Cummings? Farage?
  9. First proper game the season, after August's pre-season and everyone getting close to fitness. Starting to look like it will click soon. So many careless/casual passes around the back though. Just like last season.
  10. Decent pre-match coverage. Always thought Rowett is decent pundit.
  11. People coming back in now on tv. Just a practise in case we are losing at half time and need to abandon the game.
  12. When did the evacuation start. It looked very empty as soon as the coverage started.
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