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  1. His contract is 100k per show, but they are only going to pay him £10 a go. Only purists would think his contracted amount is actually what he should get paid.
  2. Good point. Let's hope Scotland make the semis and final so London's economy can have another boom!
  3. Why don't they move the match to a small town in Cornwall. It's perfectly safe to fly in people from all over the world there.
  4. My tweet was not 100% truthful. I was actually brunching with @Angry Ram at the time, but by the time my poll had been completed, he had already left. (Stormed out actually because they had sold out of artisan mushy peas.) Lee's joke has not aged well though. He needs to change the "gastro pub in North London tweet" to a letter written in a traditional town centre pub in the Chilterns! Or perhaps "graffiti daubed on a wall in a strongly unionist part of Belfast".
  5. In Euro 2016, Portugal drew all 3 group games and qualified as the 3rd best 3rd place team, finishing behind Hungary and Iceland in their group. They then beat Switzerland on pens, Poland on pens, then Wales 2-0 in semis, before 1-0 vs France in final aet. Everyone just remembers they won the Euros, not that they drew 7 out of 9 games, beat one good side and were pretty dull for the whole tournament.
  6. England's problem for years in tournaments is that we play poorly, but do enough, vs weaker opposition. Then lose to the first decent team we come up against, usually with an improved level of performance. In 2 games so far, we clearly deserved to beat the World Cup finalists, then laboured to a draw vs a well organised, defensive and mad for it Scots side. A draw yesterday was a fair result, plus we had the best chance. The formation we are playing will be effective vs one of the best teams, especially when there is more space to attack into. The idea that you just throw all these g
  7. All my news comes from the Guardian. The news may be biased, and the opinion pieces clearly are, but I still trust it to reports the facts. I would like to also read The Times, Telegraph and FT too, but they are all behind paywalls. I would also trust those papers to report facts. I wonder how much impact paywalls have on restricting people seeing a cross section of media.
  8. GB news has 100% record of losing Tory seats now. Maybe the neglected segment are the socially liberal and centre right on economics. The people who worry that the UK becoming internationally isolated because we deliberately break treaties is more important than some 19 year olds removing a picture of the queen in their common room. Or woke Marxists as they are usually known as.
  9. Could try some alcohol free beer like Punk AF. Tastes pretty much the same and you don't realise you aren't drinking.
  10. No way dude, they are fighting the elites and sticking it to the man. The real enemies are those students who wanted to take down a picture of the queen. That is the real problem with this country!
  11. I used to like Neil, Portillo and Abbot on the BBC.
  12. Think she works in Prezzo.
  13. Doesn't seem strange at all. He's an incompetent liar who has made loads of terrible decisions over Covid, like the delay over India travellers which has caused this latest delay. As for this latest action, another 4 weeks seems a reasonable decision to help vaccinate as many people as possible. The current restrictions aren't too bad, provided the businesses and people impacted financially are supported. It still makes me chuckle though of Johnson doing some sort of data analysis.
  14. That was a pretty good summation of the situation and nothing like the hysterical rant from that Wooton guy yesterday. If you watch that video with the "bottles it" title, you might be surprised to see Andrew Neil basically agreeing that extending restrictions is the right thing to do. You might have well been watching him say exactly the same thing on the bbc.
  15. Don't worry, Johnson has seen nothing in the data to suggest everything can't open in 4 weeks time!
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