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  1. I think you can blame them when they are using Russian money and breaking electoral law.
  2. Will be interested on your take on this. I haven't actually watched it yet, but from what I've read/heard about it, it's not good viewing if you believe in democracy and are worried that shady rich people/groups massively influenced Brexit/Trump wins without any accountability. Fingers crossed @Angry Ram comes back a changed person!
  3. Oh yes, of course there are a few left wing outlets. But where is the big bucks behind these organisations? Who are the rich individuals and groups are behind the right wing groups? Who are the evil bodies behind the left wing propaganda? Who are the rich people and groups who benefit from better wealth distribution?
  4. You been to Shine before? (May have spoken to you about this before) actually. I went 3 years ago and was amazing. Brilliant atmosphere and so much fun.
  5. Really like them, seen them a couple of times at end of the road.
  6. I know Corbyn isn't everyone's cup of tea but I really don't know why people think this current Tory mob won't be so much worse. Oh actually, I do, a lifetime of been slowly brainwashed by newspapers owned by right wing interests and now the same continual drip feed on internet advertising and fake news.
  7. I think we got lucky in our kids school as it's a decent area and a great school. Talking to my mate in Manchester last week and his 5 yr old goes to school in a good area. She is overwhelmed by the amount of homework she has to do and they spend time doing it each weekend/half term. My kids are in year 5 and only just started getting the odd bit of homework now.
  8. Interesting comments on education there from someone working in education. I remember some good things about my primary school in the late 80s, but there were some bad things too. Very little sport, a few dire teachers who taught nothing resembling any sort of curriculum and seeming got away with it. My kid's primary school in comparison now seems way better for nearly everything. There ability at English and Maths is loads more than I remember doing and they have so much knowledge on important things that I didn't know for years. Maybe they just got lucky, but state education seems to have improved no end to me.
  9. To be to Johnson, he did work in the real world before politics. He was in Brussels making up lies and exaggerations for the Telegraph, lies which the right wing media used to help foster a dislike of those foreigners at the EU. It still took Russian money to get the Brexit vote arranged though.
  10. Just vote tactically to get a non-Brexit party in power. A far right Tory Brexit will be hideous.
  11. Yeah right, I bet you posted selfies all over Insta.
  12. Anyone think the Tories are doing the right thing by not releasing the report into Russian interference? https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/dark-money-investigations/number-10-abused-its-power-demanding-cover-donors-and-friends-boris-report-russian-influence/ Surely all the people who want to leave the EU to reclaim our lost sovereignty will be sick to their stomachs if Russia are helped to influence elections and the referendum? You know, Russia that the Stalinist Corbyn loves so much? Rather them than those evil Germans and French, our sworn enemies. We will not surrender to the EU. Farage will don khaki and get his rifle out if we don't leave the EU. We need more war analogies and language please. Just don't say 'crash out' though as that is just plain wrong.
  13. Do you remember when he claimed he was nearly broke after dedicating his life to getting us out of the EU. Then it turned out he was been given stacks of money by 'friend of Russia' Arron Banks.
  14. I would like @angieram to start a new thread with her report after each game, so I could go straight to that rather than crawl through the pages of usually dull stuff immediately after a game, especially if we lose. I actually trust her reports more than any other source, either professional or amateur.
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