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  1. Championship promotion rivals watch

    Indeed, was just reading the last few pages of their match thread. Total negativity. https://www.villatalk.com/topic/17354-match-thread-do-not-mention-streams-in-this-thread/?page=8 To be slightly fair to them though, I read a few pages in the build up to when we beat them. They were nearly all anti-Bruce and thought they were hopeless. They all think they are a one man team and are terrible with Grealish out. I suppose they've had a few dire seasons. Confidence will hopefully go.
  2. Get To Know Each Other

    Which teams do you all support?
  3. Live games 2017/18

    Out of control and could have snapped his leg.
  4. Live games 2017/18

    I thought it was a horror tackle. Shearer thinks it wasn't red as he didn't even get booked for kicking Lennon in the head.
  5. Story of Skinhead with Don Letts

    That punk and regaee one looks good. Will have to watch it.
  6. Television

    Not played it either but think its one of those puzzle games people get addicted too. It's no Monkey Island.
  7. Television

    I bet you spend 10 hours a day on Candy Crush!
  8. Story of Skinhead with Don Letts

    On bbc tonight. Interesting stuff, lot of old football chat too.
  9. Another shooting

    Interesting points, although if the US governement violently turned on sections of it's own society, I think there is a much higher chance of the gun nuts sharing the state's goals rather than opposing them. Just maybe in the future, the goverment will turn communist and attempt to forcibly remove property and possessions from the people. Maybe it's just the current state of play, but if feels we aren't far away from a violent crackdown on the weaker and more vunerable areas of US society, a fight that the armed militia seem to be hoping to join in with. Perhaps we will see a small scale civil war soon, where the army end up against the gun nuts as they attempt to keep the peace? America has lost it's appetite for rubbish foreign wars anyway. They could host one themselves. Think of the media coverage, the gun sales, the future box office takings on all the new war films! Which streaming company would get the live rights? Would Mexico take advantage of the chaos and invade? Exciting times to be alive.
  10. Another shooting

    These massacres get very boring. Some kids got shot by a nutter again. Easy news, everyone likes to hear about a tradgedy. Why don't they ban crazy assault weapons blah blah blah. Let's pray the pain away, guns are big business. The music that they constantly play. It says nothing to me about my life.
  11. Too many draws?

    Nuff said
  12. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Will Karanka last the season?
  13. 17/18 Championship Relegation Battle

    They appointed the woman who had been helping to destroy Charlton. Can't imagine that has gone down well.
  14. Too many draws?

    Think that is a bit harsh on lacklustre displays. After losing at home to Ipswich, we then won our 3 home games in December. The draw vs Sheff Utd was partly down to us been tired after a busy schedule and lots of effort getting some great results. We played well vs Bristol and were unlucky not to win that, we weren't as clinical as usual. Slowish start vs Brentford, before the game was over in 10 mins. Not great yesterday but Norwich are decent and still took a pen for them to score. Our only slightly poor performance away in last 2 months was at Hull. We dominated vs Millwall and they packed the defence and we just couldn't break them down. We've won the rest. I don't think we are seeing lacklustre displays mounting up. We are all a little tense as we are in with a great chance of automatic promotion with not many games left. First time since Billy Davies. It's still in our hands too. We don't know how to lose games. And we usually win them.

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