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  1. I not seen them either. Assume they must have been deleted.
  2. I think this explains a lot of these strange signings. Wolves did this too, but got an agent who represented lots of exciting Portuguese talent. Our "super" agent was unfortunately linked to average championship players. Sam always got his man though, how did he do it?! "Rush joined Derby in January 2013 but before taking on the top job at Pride Park he was head of European Operations at Wasserman. Former manager Paul Clement wpas a Wasserman client when he took over at Derby in June 2015, and during a two-year period Derby signed five players who were also represented by Wasserman. They are Darren Bent (free, Jan 2015), Jason Shackell (£3.7m, July 2015), Bradley Johnson (£6m, Sept 2015), Jacob Butterfield (£4m, Sept 2015) and Nick Blackman (£2.5m, Jan 2016)." https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11696/11306499/Derby-county-sue-ex-president-sam-rush-for-7m-over-transfer-dealings Might be worth us exploring strange Watford links too. Pearson spent big money twice from them, then he joins them later on too. We also sell them Hughes for much less than we would have dreamed possible.
  3. So wise. Let's see if all those people who were pro-lockdown come on and start moaning about tax rises then? You are aware that this tax increase is supposedly to address the funding issue with social care right? Of which almost no plans have been mentioned, let alone scrutinised. Even though our leaders have been planning this for years. But this money won't be going to social care yet, it will be used to reduce the NHS backlogs that have built up over the last 18 months as the hospitals were full of Covid patients. How much longer do you think these backlogs would have been without lockdowns? Oh, no details of course of how this money will be used. Robot nurses perhaps? Glad you are happy with this pathetic state of affairs.
  4. That is true, but isn't the advantage with our method that it allowed us to push costs beyond the 3 year FFP window? Another club may have to sell players towards the end of year 3 to make sure they didn't lose too much money for FFP. We would be able to wait until years 4 or 5 when the players contract was up. (This ended up screwing us over anyway as most of these expensive recruits were worthless, so we had to sell the ground to cover ourselves for FFP.) I'm sure it's not as black and white as that, but isn't this the general reason why we did it? I'm not saying we should be punished for this, especially as the EFL seemed to say it was fine originally.
  5. I don't imagine that this increase in NI to raise 12 billion a year is going to land too well with people who were expecting the extra 18 billion the bus promised us. At least "getting social care done" only took one day though.
  6. Was all discussed yesterday in the Commons. Probably.
  7. If you asked an MP, they would probably struggle to give you a definitive answer, such was the lack of detail. At least no one will have to pay more than 86k for care in the future (obviously excluding accommodation and food which is basically free right). Top tip, make sure you and your partner keep 86k each in savings. Get your accountant to set up an account in the Cayman Islands so you can keep it away from the tax man.
  8. Cheers for that, really interesting and terrifying!
  9. Give it a rest, we gave them a few rounds of applause last spring. What else do they want? Anyway, nurses should be able to get a payrise now, paid for by the increase in their NI contributions. It's like a cheat code in a computer game that let's you level up!
  10. Fake news. They are actually leaving to become HGV drivers!
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