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  1. Jon Toral

    Maybe it was in someone's interest at the club to buy more players than we actually needed?
  2. Jon Toral

    Where was this place, sounds great?
  3. Jon Toral

    Only about 22 million better off!
  4. Starting XI's - Predictions

    Carson, Wisdom, Forsyth, Davies, Keogh, Huddlestone and Martin. Then 4 from the rest of the squad plus other possible transfers. Thorne will hopefully get fit soon too and be a definite starters, so Gary just need to fit 3 others in there. Easy.
  5. Jon Toral

  6. Game of Thrones - Season 7

    Who cares about Sheeran, was much more excited by Thomas Turngoose
  7. Dr Who

    I think it's a good thing that non-white males get to see films where people like themselves play lead roles. I also think it's a good thing for white males to see people not like them playing lead roles in films.
  8. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    A wrong has been righted He's coming home He's one of our own
  9. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    Get rid of Thorne. He is so weak that his bones get broke by really bad tackles.
  10. Forum Update

    Could this feature also be used to highlight the best puns too?
  11. Neo-liberalism

    I like the sounds of wealth taxes rather than income...do you think this would add up though? Would the weathly just apply quasi-legal measures to escape paying tax? Was it Marx who said that revolution only happens when the middle classes feel threatened? Well Brexit, Trump and Corbyn were revolutions of sorts so maybe we are already there. Could a Corbyn manifesto that brings in your ideas on wealth taxation get your vote SillyBilly?
  12. Neo-liberalism

    I actually feel that if you work hard in the UK you have a reasonable chance of doing well. You might not become a top barrister or politician if you didn't go to a posh school, but you could have a decent standard of living. My impression of US is that there are many poor areas that are just left to rot, especially within schools, meaning many kids have no way out, which them leads to high crime rates. I think we try harder to give everyone a chance in the UK, but this is reducing.
  13. Neo-liberalism

    Virgin and London Midland trains run from London up through the West Midlands which means I can get a cheap ticket to visit my mate near Crewe due to the competition. My friend in Bristol drives to Crewe though as only Virgin provide a service, so they can charge what they want, making it much cheaper to go by car. I drive 30 miles to work and back for about 8 quid in petrol and help to make M25 more congested each day. I could take public transport, but it would take about twice as long and cost 3x more. Do you think these 2 examples are a failing of Neoliberism, or they are caused by not having an true free market? Whilst early railways were built to make money, there was a demand there and people were prepared to pay for something they wanted. Now people often don't have a choice and are forced to pay a fortune just so they can get to work.
  14. Neo-liberalism

    Interesting post, but is the middle class in America better than the UK at the expense of the poor? I may be way off here but I'd guess there would be a higher percentage of 'poor' people in the US. A big advantage the US has over the UK must be natural resources. Their population is 5-6 times bigger but their raw materials would surely be much greater. This would allow them to keep the price of food and utilities down?
  15. Back 6

    Carson in goals. Keogh with a more experienced partner in Davies next to him. Wisdom and Forsyth...tall and fast fullbacks who are good in the air, plus Fozzie's crossing ability. Thorne in front of them: intercepting, tackling, starting moves, controlling play, creating attacks. There won't be many better Back 6s in the league next season. All Gary has to do now is get the front 5 working. Martin, Vydra, Nugent, Anya, Russell, Weimann, Johnson, Bryson and Butterfield. Not a bad bunch, plus a couple of new signings too perhaps. I'm starting to get confident, but a lot that comes from Thorne. I hope he stays fit for both his and our sake.

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