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  1. ariotofmyown

    Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Only managed to catch the end on mixture of radio and phone, just before we scored. What a win. What was the formation when Vydra came on,
  2. ariotofmyown

    Where is George Thorne?

    Is it worth someone making up a story about someones wife/gf? That's the usual rubbish that comes out in situations like this.
  3. ariotofmyown

    On sky now

    That was the season after the Forest 5-0. The season we started bottling it. It's like you've blended the good parts but saved the bad parts to fit into a pre-defined narrative.
  4. ariotofmyown


    Shame a young lad is dead. But that 'track' is proper dire. One of them tunes which makes your heart sink if you pay to go into a place and you hear it playing.
  5. ariotofmyown

    On sky now

    Nice wind up for Forest before their game. Even bigger wind up for us, rubbing our faces in it. Will Hughes smiling. Thorne looking athletic. Martin all flicks and magic. Wisdom so strong...
  6. ariotofmyown

    On sky now

    Bryson hattrick. 5-0.
  7. ariotofmyown

    On sky now

    Great 4th from Russell. Where is he now?
  8. ariotofmyown

    On sky now

    Hendrick 3-0
  9. ariotofmyown

    On sky now

    Derby vs Forest 2014. Feel like crying.
  10. ariotofmyown

    "I've really not enjoyed this season"

    I thought exactly the same. Regardless of the style, we were resolute and clinical. Actually, our playing style made me more confident as it didn't rely on everything clicking to work. We could play ok, still be solid and get results. Can't believe how terrible we've ended up becoming. No one could score against us for 3 months. Now we let goals in for fun. We haven't even had any injuires to key players.
  11. ariotofmyown

    Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    First game was Villa in December.
  12. ariotofmyown

    Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    Awaiting all the posters that were moaning we needed changes, moaning about these changes. To be fair, didn't see many people saying get Bradley back in with 5 defenders too!
  13. ariotofmyown

    Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    The 4 teams behind us all got winnable games. If we draw today then 2 points seperating 7 teams, most exciting playoff race ever but we won't even enjoy it. If our season had been the same as Brentford or Preston's we'd all be buzzing now. A btw, a tenner on us drawing and the 4 below winning gets you about 420 quid.
  14. ariotofmyown

    Brexit or Eurin?

    Think we will judge Leave as a success if we end up as last man standing in a brutal European war (after America bail us out again).
  15. ariotofmyown

    Brexit or Eurin?

    If you want to get some back, just drive on a road, go to the docs, take a train, take some younger relatives to school etc etc. And if you are rich enough to do those things privately, then your subordinates are there thanks to the above public services.

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