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  1. It would be a start. Old Etonians are not normal.
  2. I went to see Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever last night at The Crossing in Brum. Great small venue and wow they were good. You heard of them @Inverurie Ram. If you haven't I think you would love them.
  3. I think many of his policies do resonate with plenty of voters. It just seems after some initial momentum (pardon the pun) Corbyn day's seem numbered. Some of this is his fault, but he has been destroyed by a hostile media running scared he might actually be able to beat the hapless Tories. I think a more popular leader with similar policies and a clear Remain/soft Brexit position could smash the Tories in a General Election. Keir Starmer seems reasonable and I like Jess Phillips and Emily Thornberry. Those two seem normal. If Johnson does crash us on 31st and things go mental, maybe we'll see Parliament oust the blond liar themselves and form a temporary emergency government. Hopefully that will even happen before we self-destruct.
  4. He has more baggage on becoming PM than all the previous ones did put together. He hasn't been a MP since 2001 as he was London Mayor for lots of that time. The less said about that the better. Has there been a worst home secretary ever? He has Churchill fantasies and he might just get his war earlier than he dreamed of. Although we've seen how good he is at diplomacy with Iran.
  5. He hasn't been in the game for that long. And he hasn't just got his boots dirty. He's knee deep in bullsht.
  6. Well you might be ok Jack, but down here in the home counties, my life is made a misery by those godamn Antifa clowns. When I go into London it's even worse. They are the greatest threat to the native people of the uk. Finally we are going to get a PM like Trump who will call these "watermelon smilers" out for what they are. The left has gone way way too far in supporting equal rights for non-white males. You can't even openly abuse those "letterbox" women anymore. Unless you are PM. Why can't the far left just be like the sane and moderate right, who, lest we forget, won the Brexit referendum without one single shot been fired.
  7. You've nailed it there. Leftish people are unable to see the other side of the argument and are forever defending the indefensible. Thank god the right are so balanced and pragmatic, always able to see both sides of the argument. Thank god we have leaders like Trump, Johnson, Putin etc. There are some very fine people on both sides. Well one side actually.
  8. I now hate Corbyn more than life itself. Thank god for the Daily Mail. No surrender to the IRA. Spoiler alert: Peace in N.Ireland was achieved by talking to the IRA.
  9. I must have missed that edition of the Daily Mail.
  10. He's one of our own, he's one of our own, the trialist, he's one of our own
  11. But the reason why people like the 800 co-workers your factory aren't comfortably well off is because of illegal Mexican immigrants, or the EU taking all their money, or anti-Semites like Corbyn, or Muslim areas that are no-go areas for Whites, or zero freedom of speech cos of the PC brigade, or too many women in the boardroom, or black people moaning about been shot, or abortions been legal, or Muslim women looking like letterboxes, or important people been locked up just for supplying young girls to other important people, or freedom fighters heroically reporting outside of court which will never cause trials to collapse, or how the police now get involved if you make some rape threats online, or etc etc etc.... You're spending too much time living life @uttoxram75 and as a result have become ignorant and naive to what is really going on. I suggest taking 2 weeks off this Summer and spending them in a dark room watching videos online made by other white men in dark rooms about what is really going on. There's a few posters on here who will be able to start you off with some great videos, then just follow the links. Good luck comrade.
  12. Lots of posts about out squad not been good enough. We've lost the 3 loanees from last season plus Bradley Johnson. I would hope that Shinnie and the Everton kid are sufficient replacements for Bradley and post-Xmas Wilson when the long range strikes dried up. (He was so poor in playoff final too btw) Tomori will be a miss, but we have the vastly experienced Davies still here with the potential of Evans and his superior play on the ball. Not a huge negative. Mount is the key miss and we struggled without him last season. I have hopes the Holmes can slot in though and possible get more involved than sometimes Mount did. On the plus side, we have Bogle with a seasons experience under his belt. Lowe coming back to do a Bogle. Lots of exciting kids looking to break through. Martin back on the scene and maybe even Thorne. I think our squad is currently the same as last season and I don't think we all thought Lampard massively over achieved getting us to 6th again.
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