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  1. Not anymore. Labour don't actually stand in Buckingham as that's where the speaker is. It's also about 50 mins drive away from where I live. But I'd vote Labour if I could. Gonna have to be Monster Loonies again unless Greens stand. My Grandads didn't die fighting the Nazis for this! They didn't die, hence why I'm alive.
  2. We are the Himalayan-yeti, Preservation society.
  3. My kids are screwed. They love wearing superhero masks to friend's parties and sex education is their favourite subject. Well, I guess it is as they are always talking about their willies.
  4. You got turned down for the role of Bond though when Lazenby got it, right?
  5. I think maybe your mind is too open to these conspiracy 'theories'.
  6. His parents aren't too happy about this, especially Mother Farke.
  7. Nah banned by the pc brigade. Bloody health and safety. (If indeed you weren't 'allowed' to say it, it's probably cos we don't want to give them the label they craved. 'Mentally ill criminal' not as glamourous as jihadi, or terrorist, pure evil or whatever else the tabloids use to sell papers. Our media is a major tool for the 'terrorists'. And we keep on helping them out.)
  8. Remember whem christains set fire to cinemas for showing Life of Brian. Way back in the day that was. About the same time we stopped having homosexuality against the law. A few years before we stopped throwing bananas at black footballers. In the history of human progression, a couple of generations isn't that much. How many great world wars have there been due to Islam in the last 100 years?
  9. Yeah, but the real problem is multicuralism. Why did we let in all these 'foreigners' move here when we planned to kill innocent civillians in their home countries or/and sell weapons to dicators so they could carry out the crimes? We didn't have any Chiliean terrorists in the UK when we were backing Pinochet cos we never let them in. Well apart from Pinochet himself when we let him stay here to escape war crimes charges.
  10. So Boris says the 350 million he promised to the NHS is now in the Tory manifesto and May has also said so herself. And people say Labour are incompetent as they haven't memorised every figure in their manifesto.
  11. I am actually an recognised expert on macro economics (I saw someone read the ft once) and I think Corbyn's plan don't add up. Global finance is a simple as managing your household budget and I'm going to stop spending so much money on red wine so I can start paying off my credit card. Hence I agree with letting mentally ill people rot so we cam reduce the deficit/national debt/one of them sort of things.
  12. Yeah, but the media all love her. Until they get old and have to use their London house to pay medical bills.
  13. Yeah, but, yeah but what about Stalin starving all them Russians you Commie Bstard. I wish Corbyn would do those TV debates, just so those who think he is a monster can see he is just a reasonable oldish guy. He has been stitched up good and proper. Or maybe he is playing the long game? Let May win the election propped up by ukipers, let her screw up Brexit and everything else, then Labour can take control with a Blair-esque 3 terms but without Blair-esque policies.
  14. Vote Tory Youth (a nay sie a)
  15. Dad?