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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/danbarker/status/1111550418545446912
  2. So, basically you are saying bring back Corbyn right?!
  3. I know what you mean. I can see how someone like a CEO, who will be experienced in listening to lots of different people and deciding the way forward could, excel in different industries. Preferably though, you would want to have a CEO of say a hospital to have experience of working within a similar type if industry. The successful Biscuit making CEO is not experienced in efficiently providing health care. However, with many of ministers in government, they haven't even had comparable jobs in other sectors. Been a journalist seems like hopeless preparation. Editor of a large paper could work. It can't be a coincidence that the Chancellor seems to know what he is talking about, as he has a background in finance. Likewise, the new shadow chancellor immediately sounds good due to her previous career. Wouldn't we surely be better of with lawyer as home secretary, an experienced ambassador as foreign secretary, an ex-military chief in defence, a successful headteacher on education etc etc? A successful CEO as PM? Perhaps not. But surely preferable to ex-journalists or people who have spent a lifetime in Westminster.
  4. Bit weird Rabb is the caretaker. He was terrible in the leadership contest and was one of the first voted out. Saying that, it's tough to think of anyone you fancy could do an acceptable job. Chancellor perhaps?
  5. This might start off a trend. Who will be the first copper to do some NWA!
  6. I guess the only way he is going to appeal to you and your ilk is if he if treats the EU as enemies and keeps banging on about who won won the war. Of course, we could always work closely with our European partners, especially in times of crisis. Procurement of medical equipment for example. You are a bit if a snowflake too, implying that I've said you are on neo-nazi websites. Or are you trying to tell us something? PS still no challenge to the response from @Van der MoodHoover to your Starmer post. Have you nothing to say to that? They obviously took some time to research their post. You could at least say thanks for the effort made vs your copy and and paste job from who knows where.
  7. We swoon at your bravery oh great one. Pretty dull to come on here and read 2 pages of the usual suspects moaning at @GboroRam, even though they don't even care. This debate started with a ridiculous post smearing Keir Starmer (who they seem to be glad to have as an opposition) and descended into moaning about forum moderators, a pretty thankless task at the best of times on this thread. Last 2 pages would be better removed, but then they would start crying about freedom of speech again. But we all know true freedom of speech is the freedom to smear politicians from stuff you copied off facebook.
  8. Sorry, was just responding to the drivel posted about Starmer. Obviously there was no response when @Van der MoodHoover challenged the terrible original post. It's that sort of garbage that undermines democracy. That's if it's not already finished thanks to social media. Just think of similar people to @BriggRam who have read the same thing and are now immediately wary of Starmer. Probably the same sort of people who were destroying telecoms masts because of 5G conspiracy theories.
  9. Not really. I just think it would be nice if anyone slight left is centre is not demonised by the right wing press.
  10. Strange, I was honestly expecting an in depth response to the points raised by @Van der MoodHoover to your pathetic Starmer post.
  11. My made up facts about the sort of places you copy your investigations from probably contained more truth than the garbage post you made on here. Hilarious that you chose Savile to attack Starmer on too, what with his well documented friendship with top Tories and Royals, whom I presume you and your vigilante friends idolise.
  12. @BriggRam 0 @Van der MoodHoover 6 Shame you had to waste your time replying to moronic posts like this, but good work. Worth remembering though, the right wing papers will presumably try similar smears if Starmer suggests anything that might slightly dent the vast fortunes of corporate tax evaders or the mega rich.
  13. Desperate stuff. Did you do this incredible research yourself or are you on some vigilante facebook group and go round beating up paediatricians.
  14. Just read headlines on Guardian. Another 600 dead including 5 year old. Watford Hospital A&E closed, if there is an emergency, go elsewhere. 5 London bus drives dead with Coronovirus. This is bad.
  15. Good news that Johnson is bringing together people from the different parties, to listen to them and all work together. Although, perhaps he looked at the glazed expressions of the likes of Rabb and Patel and thought he really needs some normal people about. And having to Zoom Gove everyday would do anyones head in. You know Gove is the ones forwarding all the unfunny jokes on the cabinet whatsapp group. Rabb does the conspiracy theory ones.
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