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  1. Hopefully that's not the Eclipse's tender 😱 Mind, if it is he's very casually dressed for an interview
  2. Try Moscow and/or St Petersburg - different alphabet never mind language, not too long flight times, fantastic things to see. And football teams if you go in season. Wrap up very warm though and don't think of hiring a car.
  3. And good luck Brys. Thanks for all the great memories. Come back and see us sometime.
  4. I think that the EFL have agreed that every manager appointment process must include the interview of at least one BAME candidate - Sol Campbell, Hughton and probably Darren Moore plus, maybe, Michael Johnson, would match both the BAME and (varying) experience qualifications. Can't think of anyone else in the UK.
  5. Twitter writers' and agents' dream - Mel meets chairman of club x (perm any one of many) to ask permission to approach manager y (perm anyone they want to make up)
  6. I wonder if Mel asked them to switch SSN off while he was waiting?
  7. Stop being Mafia, Mafia. In all the weeks of this we've had two comments (I think) from DCFC, both from Mel - one to say that we've had no official approach from Chelsea, and this one. This one is interesting for what it doesn't say as well as what it does say. It doesn't say that there's been any approach from Chelsea for them to talk to Frank. Perhaps that's irritating Mel; perhaps he wants this sorted quickly so that he can get on with replacing Frank if he has to. But it's also putting pressure on Frank, telling him that he's still wanted at Derby and it's telling the fans that work continues towards the new season. Mel has reached the point where he feels he has to say something and this is about as well judged a statement as you could wish for. In the end the final decision is Frank's. Mel does right to make it harder for him. But if Chelsea know they already have Frank's assurance that he will come then it is in their interest to string it out, put the pressure on us to accept less by way of compensation as the season gets nearer and we get more desperate. Marina and Roman are tight fisted, hard negotiators and their hand is probably stronger. If Frank still hasn't given any commitment to Chelsea though then Mel is right to remind him that we want him to stay.
  8. God knows. And God is alive and well in Mackworth, if somewhat frustrated. But God knows money talks
  9. Nah. Best bank holiday by a mile. Cricket season's just started, footie's reaching a climax, just had Easter (usually), end of May BH to look forward to, weather's starting to get better. Oh, and my birthday's on May 2nd. Can't beat it. Up the workers.
  10. Cue Christmas puns/second comings and all the rest..............
  11. The Titfield Thunderbolt is on BBC 2 currently. Good watch if you like steam trains.
  12. If it weren't for the atomic bombs ending the war with Japan then I, and I suspect many millions of others, wouldn't be around now. My Dad was preparing for an amphibious assault on islands occupied by the Japanese in the Pacific when the bombs dropped and Japan surrendered. When they eventually arrived on the islands they discovered that the Japanese had been entirely untouched by the naval shelling and airstrikes that were meant to make their landings possible - the crossfire they would have faced would have made the D-Day landings look like a picnic (and they weren't). My dad would almost inevitably have been killed along with many thousands of others, and I always raise a quiet glass to him and those that ended that part of the war on VJ day. You can also argue that the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs had one other very beneficial effect (other than my Dad) and that was to help to prevent both the USA (and France and Britain) and the USSR from actually using atomic weapons during the Cold War. They knew, because they saw what happened in Japan and because they knew that the weapons they later developed were many times more powerful, the catastrophic damage to mankind that would result. There were hawks on both sides, but both sides had their voices of reason too.
  13. Haven’t understood any of that.
  14. Mick Coop is the answer to your last thought. But I might have said that before on these pages.
  15. Glad we've all been listening to the Jamie, Jamie and Gary discussion tonight. I thought it was quite interesting for once. Who's that other fella?
  16. 🀞🏻
  17. Mrs Ghost chose better πŸ˜€
  18. He's probably worth Β£50m. And he hates duckst
  19. And how much should we read into that comment I wonder πŸ˜‰
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