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  1. There was quite a lot of chat at the time that suggested that the Saunders and Mark Wright fees never went anywhere near the books but were Fat Bob's pay off
  2. I liked Arthur, I really did. He was one of the four (four and a half if you include Billy) successful managers that we have had in the almost 60 years that I have been watching. But his teams were 'workmanlike' for the most part, high on effort and workrate and character. They reflected the man himself. In Shilton, Wright and Saunders (and for a short while Paul Goddard) he had, in the First Division, three highly skilled players in important positions surrounded by lesser mortals, but the teams that came before didn't quite excite in the way that Jim's second division side did, or Sir Brian's. But then Arthur was also dealing with Maxwell and a club that had very recently been close to financial extinction. He didn't leave very well either, but then he's not unique in that. He was what we desperately needed at the time. We probably couldn’t have done much better than to get him to come to Derby and for three seasons as we went through the leagues and then prospered in the first division it was an exciting time to be a ram.
  3. Are you suggesting that BMW drivers haven’t passed their driving tests?
  4. Is a really great set of questions @TomBustler1884. The major challenges will be finding someone (or people) with the vision and the drive to get stuff done and finding the money at time when the world and landlords will be short of it. We need some Victorian energy and entrepreneurship sadly lacking amongst councillors To add to your ideas the new bridge over the A52 could become a real welcome beacon to the city, florence’s Statue could move somewhere more prominent in the middle of town, we could look to develop more of the area between the Intu and the railway station and if we’re going to ban (I know you didn’t say that) cars from the centre of the city then we need alternatives - tram system, free buses, park and ride schemes etc, the indoor market is a shadow of what it used to be when I was growing up I am now only an occasional visitor to the city itself. From the outside it always appears to have poor political management. Perhaps a new CEO will be able to give better leadership because there is an opportunity to do something better
  5. Blimey I didn’t know he was that ill. They’ve kept that very quiet.
  6. I think Stephen Pearce referred to it on his interview on ramstv a couple of days ago. Basically they are developing options and asked us to bear with them. It will probably become clearer as it becomes clearer whether the season will be played out, or not, behind closed doors, or not, and what the likely options are for next season.
  7. I’ve never seen him say that he’s retired from international football so he’s not a former international yet Unless you know differently of course
  8. Can't be the wardrobe - he's not a former international striker.
  9. A sort of 'Yet one more another Chris Martin Thread.........Yes Really'
  10. Mick Coop had no merits whatsoever
  11. Is that dart board self distancing from the telly?
  12. I have to wait until sky give the signal to start
  13. Beware - the running costs are expensive
  14. Bit surprised that they told you that they were a virgin. Perhaps they hadn’t made that sort of call before.
  15. That’s no way to refer to Mrs Froggg
  16. It’ll be interesting to see what the approach will be from everyone in August on VJ Day.
  17. Let's presume it is. It still makes financial sense. A player in the last year of his contract can, I think, negotiate to move to another club at the end of his contract from the January of the year in question. Those negotiations can take as long as you like but the player moves, for free, at the end of his contract which (I think) is the end of June. Normally a player would negotiate with the buying club for a signing on fee up to the value of his transfer fee. As I understand it Mason's contract was originally due to end in June 2020. Let's presume that DCFC/Cocu had decided at the end of 2019 that Mason wasn't going to be part of the future and told Mason that. Mason was then entitled to look for another club and move for free at the end of the season. Derby would have got nothing back for the years they've ploughed into developing him and would still have had to have paid his contract until the end of June. So, what DCFC do is negotiate a new contract with him - a one year extension - but say to him that they still intend to move him on in the summer transfer window, but for a fee and are happy that he finds himself another club on loan in the meantime (to offset all/some of his wages, to get him match fit and to put him in the shop window), possibly with a view to purchase. He goes to Millwall. Mason says, OK, I'll sign an extension and I'll move in the summer, but I want an enhanced contract to do so. Let us presume that they end up agreeing on £16k pw extra from January 1st 2020. There's 26 weeks from January 1st to the end of June (new signings are usually from July 1st) 26 x 16k = £416K - the sum of money that it costs to get Mason to stay until the end of the season and then move for a fee rather than for free. Say we sell Mason for £1m - not impossible in the market that was in January, pre Covid19; or say we sell him for £700k with a 10% cut of any future transfer fee should he make it (which he might, or might not). In those cases we are up on the deal. What has messed up the calculations (and any number of other similar calculations in every club in the country) is Covid19, but even Mel couldn't have guessed that the whole of football worldwide would grind to a halt before the season was out and the transfer system with it. Covid 19 has completely messed up all the football and financial plans that Mel and Steven Pearce had for the whole of this season and next - does Anya stay (and continue to be paid) or go at the end of June? Ditto Tom Huddlestone and anyone else out of contract. The unknowns are crucifying them. The same is true for pretty much every other owner and CEO and by extension putting every single club at some level of risk and entirely at the mercy (in our case) of Mel. Perhaps we ought to clap for football club owners on a Thursday night if we want football to come back in anything like a similar form
  18. Once upon a time many years ago (in the late 60's) the Wilson Government supported an 'I'm Backing Britain' campaign in which we were exhorted to buy British. It wasn't so long after that we started buying cheaper products from overseas. The campaign dwindled away. It is not today's problem only.
  19. Wasn't Roy injured playing for England @RamNut? And Charlie's injury was all about Dennis Smith and nothing to do with the BBG pitch.
  20. No, you can't (or shouldn't) compare New Zealand directly with the UK because they have 5m people in a country larger than the UK, located on the edge of the world and with its only neighbours several hours away with a population of 26m. The scale of the challenge is altogether different. If sheep can catch Covid19, you would have a point. You might also have a point if you were comparing the communication skills of the respective PMs, but then the NZ PM didn't have to spend several days in ICU with the blooming thing.
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