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  1. I think Mrs Conehead needs to confirm this - once she's recovered from her gin and sambucas session
  2. Nice earrings. Good purchase.
  3. Whereabouts in Yorkshire? Asking for a friend
  4. We've had a lot of Chunterers over the years. Could be anyone.
  5. No wonder Conehead has a smile on his face every Friday morning
  6. Which is (often) Ramage's argument, Roymac. I wish I had a pound for every time he's said something along those lines. The very same Ramage who routinely disappeared from games at the first sign of criticism or a hard tackle; the same Ramage who struggled to break sweat on an August day, who is the first footballer I think of when considering those I've seen who most wasted their talents in a Derby shirt. Maybe we would be better with a Carlin or Gemmill in our side, but there are lots of teams that could say that, just as it is the case that footballers are human beings and most human beings in my experience perform better at whatever it is they do with encouragement. Most footballers have already shown resilience just by becoming professional footballers.
  7. I won't get this quote exactly right but when Sir Brian first joined us he was told we were a happy club. Happy club, he said. How can you be a happy club when you've won nothing? He was forgetting the FA cup 20 years before but he was making a point. Frank may be tired, may have got fed up with comments off, may feel under some pressure from poor results, may be worried about the prospect of Mel selling up, may be getting cheesed off being away from all his kids. Or he may be a winner, someone used to winning football matches, wanting everyone, fans, staff, players, boardroom, media to pull in the same direction because he knows that when that happens the chances of us winning matches will increase. He may also be creating a siege mentality with the players. It's not such a strange concept - argue with the missus and/or kids and your house ain't a happy place. Same at your work or in your bowls/cricket/football club or whatever. Not too much to ask that for the next 13 matches or so the noises off are switched off. Sir Brian did ok (after a crap first season and a good proportion of his second).
  8. Quite right. I’m stupid and I’ll shut up.
  9. Just celebrated another new year. At my age you stop counting as you will discover
  10. 2010-11 to 2020-21. Still a decade. Depends where you start
  11. Hang on a minute. If the decade starts in season 2010/11 then we've got until the end of 2020/21. Ages yet for Frank and Mel to work their magic
  12. ilkleyram


    Move to Worthing.
  13. I would be prepared to bet a great deal that the one thing Frank is doing tonight is thinking about today's performance and how he tries to make sure that it isn't repeated on Tuesday, whether he's with Christine or not, whether Patricia's wailing away in the background, whether he has his two other girls with him and he's taken them out or whether he's sitting with John Terry, Jody Morris and Ashley having a beer. He's probably not good company tonight. If people can't see how driven the guy is to be a success, how upset he gets about performances like todays, then I feel sorry for you.
  14. Bet you had the belly pork with mustard mash, carrots, cabbage and black pudding with a glass of white
  15. Three in a bed. I've never played darts
  16. Bexley Ram's having a lovely holiday. First Barbados and now Grenada
  17. Apart from affordability, three Ns - neighbours, neighbourhood and near. Are the neighbours going to be people you can, at worst, tolerate? Do you want neighbours at all? What's the neighbourhood like? Can you leave your car on the drive and find it there in the morning in one piece, do you worry about your kids going to the local schools or you finding places to go for fun and entertainment? And is it near enough for the things you want to do - work, airport (for ease of travelling to Derby), parents, kids with an ex partner, sport. Answer those questions - and you will have to agree on compromises along the way - and you'll find your home. Visit an area if you can at different times of the day, week and night. Pleasant looking areas in the day might be drug dealer heavens at night or on the way back from a bar. And the bit about the privacy fence was too much information 😉. Good luck to you and Toya.
  18. And is this not our third season in this Under 23 league under the same management team? Perhaps that's the sort of timescale and stability that Frank or Norwich/Sheff Utd/Bristol City need
  19. It's his birthday. Probably distracted.
  20. The guys that made up the words had better watch out given Utd's attack on the Panini Cheapskates (see BBC news)
  21. JB, I'm confused. According to this you '......don't seriously want Frank gone' but you start a topic headed "Sack Frank" and your post 10 minutes ago starts with the words ' I don't think Franks the right man (sic)'. I think - but may be wrong - that you do actually want him sacked and gone. That is the overall impression you give.
  22. Believe me, when you get to my age you too will think that he's a kid at 26. And in footballing terms - as a goalkeeper and first team appearances he's definitely a kid
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