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  1. Only £250 for the Friday night for a double room. No riff raff.
  2. Any advice on car parking Stanleyhouse please, for those of us avoiding public transport?
  3. You can park the oxen in Ilkley Hants and I'll give you a lift
  4. ilkleyram

    Where VAR helped us last night

    Hawkeye in cricket and tennis is a computerised guess. An educated guess but a guess none the less - there's no way anyone or any system actually knows for certain how high a cricket or tennis ball will bounce or at what angle in real life because there are too many variables, but the system calculates where it will probably go and that 'probably' everyone involved accepts is going to be accurate enough. On the offside position they couldn't have cameras trundling along the touchline, not least because the lino's legs would always be in the way never mind the risks of players falling over the things, and a vertical view would probably be technically difficult and not much more accurate than we already have. So you're left with a Hawkeye type system, also known as an educated guess, designed primarily for a television viewer unless they have a modicum of common sense and also engage those watching live. But then TV viewers are more important than those actually at the match.
  5. ilkleyram

    Where VAR helped us last night

    Yes it's new technology but it doesn't have to have this level of teething problems - goal line technology, where measurements can be in millimetres - hasn't had any problems. What they're doing is making it up as it goes along. The directive now for linos not to raise their flags makes it all the more confusing for players and crowd and it was/is bad enough anyway for the interpretation of the normal offside law. I've found myself in the strange situation of feeling sorry for linos. They can't win. How they adjust between VAR match and non VAR match, I don't know. How do fans adjust between the two? And if you don't engage fans directly in the decision then they'll carry on not knowing and being up in arms and reacting accordingly. The quicker football starts to engage fans by involving them in the decision the quicker people will accept it and move on. Drunken neanderthals go to cricket and rugby too and fighting doesn't break out over the decision of the off field umpire. Personally I can't stand VAR - trying to get everything right all of the time is ridiculous; the argument that it will help referees/linos is nonsense. It'll help Sky and the punditry business for ex-players but then so did/do arguments about whether player A went down too easily, or was in or out of the box
  6. I thought it was the Saturday after next.......
  7. ilkleyram


    I'm not convinced that Tigzi is wholly comfortable with this level of proximity
  8. ilkleyram


  9. ilkleyram


    been celebrating?
  10. I wonder - and this is deliberately overstating my point - whether there are/were many other available managers capable of achieving what Frank (and Jody and Chris and Shay) have achieved so far this season. And I say that expecting us not to finish in the top 6 at the end of the season. Just consider, for a minute, the size of the task when he came in. A club with a dominant figure, with a reputation (deserved or not), as an owner; a club with a large and largely old first team squad with an unhealthy proportion of experienced players reaching the end of their careers; a club that needed to sell to buy; a club with an unachieved strategy of bringing young players through from their (expensive) academy; a club that had an unfulfilled ambition to get promoted; a club with a succession of short term managerial appointments; a club in the public eye; and a club with a large but starting to become disaffected, fan base. What he has achieved so far this season, in his first ever managerial job, has, in my opinion, been remarkably good. He's made tough decisions (about the futures of some players, for example); he's changed the playing style; brought in younger players, some from the academy but he has very clearly given academy staff and players the belief that there's a route through to the first team; he appears to manage upwards extremely well and he certainly deals with the media side of his job fantastically well; he has moved himself, wife and new daughter into the area; he has got the team to 6th having delivered some (positive) performances that will live long in the memory - I won't ever forget the first 40 minutes at Middlesborough or 90+ minutes at Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge - and because he's changing things there's been inconsistencies too; and he's got the fanbase largely positive. And he's done all that - and in my view this is his single biggest achievement - without one single word of disaffection coming out of the dressing room, even from those not playing or not playing well or whose contracts are up at the end of the season. It seems to me that he has had a hugely positive impact throughout the club. Thank God that social media and fora weren't around in Sir Brian's day when in his first full season (without transfer windows), we finished 18th or something; Arthur struggled to get us out of Division 3 while he was making changes; Jim was (after 15 games or so) successful in his first season but was highly experienced and with a contacts list as long as your arm plus a wealthy chairman, no FFP and Igor. Both Frank and Mel talk about being involved in a long term project. I hope they both mean it. It takes time this managerial lark.
  11. ilkleyram

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Don't know you Fraser but let's just agree that you are no tactical genius and had had a few by half time when Frank made the change. Andre was not having a good game. Too many Leeds attacks were coming down that side and he wasn't dealing with them. How much that was his fault and how much the part fault of others is more debatable. But we were one down, Andre wasn't playing well and Frank wanted to bring Nugent on to give Marriott more support and to give their defence more to think about - it was an attacking change. Duane Holmes had had an OK first half. He had a better second half - made some tackles, brought the ball forward, troubled some of their players, played in their half and put us (together with Nugent) more on the front foot. Still not good enough but Frank's thought process was excellent. He took a risk - frustrated by the early second half goal - that was positive. Some of our previous managers would have stuffed another defender on and taken Duane off. Which do you prefer?
  12. ilkleyram

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    It's all right for (most of) you lot. You don't live up here amongst the insufferable so and so's. The two good things were that I got home early and I've retired so I don't have to go into work tomorrow. If you weren't there you'll have watched on telly so there's not much point in going through performances as you'll have seen them for yourselves and formed your own views. I thought we were out run, outplayed and second best almost throughout. Had we scored a goal then it might have been interesting but we didn't and didn't deserve to. It seemed to me that they were a lot of what Frank wants us to become both on and off the pitch. The crowd were loud and supportive throughout as they normally seem to be; the players ran faster and further, kept possession better and when we did have the ball closed us down in packs. For all Tom Lawrence gets criticised (by the bloke standing behind me as well as on here) when he had the ball he usually had three players immediately around him and was outnumbered and outmuscled. So too others. I feel sorry for all 3 of our full backs tonight - more often than not they were faced with two Leeds players coming at them at pace. It's not surprising that they don't look good (or even ok), not surprising that crosses ping across our box and not surprising that our defence looks less secure than last year. Amongst it all at least we only lost by two, at least Duane Holmes took on the Leeds midfield and caused some concerns, as did Nugent when he came on and at least we didn't give up. But that's clutching at straws. The test now is how we react, especially if we lose at Southampton. So too the summer transfer window. If I'm right and Frank's aim is for us to be more like Leeds tonight next season, then he has a lot of changes to make and development to achieve. The coaching, financial and recruitment challenges are significant. One area where I hope we don't copy them is in their theatrics. Whether that's learned or encouraged behaviour or both, the slightest touch (or sometimes miss) leads some of their players to go down as if shot. Regularly. Unless and until referees get a grip of it, and all the time wasting that goes on, then it will only get worse. In those regards Leeds are already Premier League.
  13. ilkleyram

    Picture where you and your knee are now

  14. ilkleyram


    Burton, what do you think?
  15. ilkleyram

    'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground

    If police forces around the country put half as much effort into catching burglars as they do thinking up 'witty' hashtags on social media..................
  16. ilkleyram

    Picture where you and your knee are now

  17. ilkleyram

    Craig Bryson

    Or Bryson’s agent giving Derby a nudge. Who knows?
  18. ilkleyram

    Snake City watch

    Or twice as good......
  19. ilkleyram

    Would you ever...

    Only 356 days to go
  20. ilkleyram

    Leeds United (A) Tickets

    I hear what you're saying SP, but it is
  21. ilkleyram

    Leeds United (A) Tickets

    This is the shortest distance I have to travel all season home or away and I get a discount for being old so I'm going, but Friday night up the M1, expensive tickets for younger folk in an old part of an old ground with a poor view, just after Christmas when it's on TV, would lead me to conclude that 1200 is a damn fine turnout.
  22. ilkleyram

    1st Car advice.

    After the second time she decided that the grass wasn't greener
  23. ilkleyram

    1st Car advice.

    Well burton reckons he needs an old banger. Revel should be ok with that.
  24. ilkleyram

    Jacob Butterfield

    When it should be Lampard's County. Amateurs.
  25. ilkleyram

    George Thorne

    Can't I support the Under 23s then?

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