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  1. Olivier Street is in one of Loweman's photos above - the one with the maroon house
  2. In and amongst all the chatter about prospective first team performance perhaps we ought to spare a thought for those under 23s that aren't having their contracts renewed. Whenever I've watched them play a feature of the 23s has been their commitment to themselves, the club and their teammates. It's a tough world the football game and being very publicly told that 'you're not good enough' at the age of 20 odd must be very hard, especially at a time when hundreds of others are being told the same thing, when all you've dreamt of being is a footballer. This retained list is the public affirmati
  3. Well we don't know and never will so we just have to speculate. It could be that Jack didn't sign the contract properly or the EFL's procedures weren't followed or the contract didn't arrive on time; it might be some obscure element of the embargo rules that we were (or weren't) aware of; perhaps Jack is claiming that he entered into it unwillingly; maybe the club are claiming his representatives pulled a fast one on us; perhaps the EFL have it in for us and want to make life even harder for us. Who knows? They do and we don't. What's more interesting is that DCFC, Jack and the EFL
  4. Which is fine except that we broadly have a turnover based system now - richer clubs with rich owners are able to spend more than clubs with less turnover, with an additional leeway on top. It doesn’t work because of two factors: whatever rules anyone writes others will seek to find creative ways around them and secondly because it masks the real problems - that the wealth on offer in the PL is so heavily skewing football as a whole and that failure in the PL is so heavily rewarded (now effectively over 4 years) in comparison to the rewards on offer in the Championship. Sheffield Utd have
  5. Thank you for asking @David. I'm really good. Hope you are too. I've enjoyed all the various lockdowns (apart from not seeing the kids for 18 months and my team live), my team stayed in the division, I live on the edge of one of the most beautiful parts of the country which has been quieter than I've ever known it; nature has blossomed, the dogs have been walked every day, I'm fitter and lighter than I've been for 30 years; I'm now enjoying seeing more people around and I've had both my jabs without any side effects. And Mrs Ilkley and I are still talking happily to each other. Life still h
  6. It’s disappointing that @IslandExile hasn’t liked the OP given that he predicted all this. Without the benefit of Captain Hindsight.
  7. Well I voted for him then and I want him to stay on as our manager now. Even with captain hindsight.
  8. Refs giving indirect free kicks for obstruction
  9. It’s an important word is 'could'. It could be over in two weeks.
  10. Excellent. We can ground share if necessary
  11. You're an intelligent as well as chuckling guy @Tyler Durden so you can surely understand that the decision as to how much players are signed for and paid, when players leave and at what price or whether contracts are extended or run down is nothing to do with the recruitment team. It's just not their job. And I'm surprised if you can't understand that having (on average) a new manager every year for the last 8 years doesn't have an impact on the recruitment team and the players we have (and have not) signed. Every single manager will have had their own (and probably different) view of
  12. It’s all well and good criticising the recruitment team but none of us know very much about the restrictions under which they’ve been operating nor the players they have identified and which have been rejected by the club or who have chosen to go elsewhere. Since Nigel left in 2013, 8 years ago, we’ve had 11 managers (or eight if you agree that Wassall (twice) and Chris Powell were temporary appointments). One of Wassall’s acting up periods though involved more matches than Nigel Pearson’s reign. The longest serving manager after Steve Mac 1 (October 2013 – May 2015/95 matches) was Cocu
  13. York Community Stadium Leisure Complex apparently. Owned by the Council, which probably explains the snappy title, and shared.
  14. Meanwhile Rooney is important for three reasons, commercial, takeover and football. He achieved the main/sole aim when he took over, to stay up; some of the football his team played in many matches was more than OK; he knows the club, squad and the staff and its weaknesses and strengths. Prospective players will want to talk to him. The club and squad now know him. We don’t have to start that cycle all over again. To the outside, whether we like it or not (and I don't particularly), we are Wayne Rooney’s Rams - he’s one of the main reasons why we are on Sky so much, why the newsp
  15. not at Fulham or Sheff Utd though
  16. Couple of days? Pah! We have been minutes from going out of business before now when Stuart Webb did a deal with Maxwell in the toilets of the High Court. We survived and prospered then and we'll survive and prosper now. It’s times like these that make the good times even better. Every single club bar none has financial problems after little income for a year and a half. It’ll take time but we’ll get there.
  17. Thanks to the interweb I can tell you! On the 4 May 1968 we played Blackpool at home in the last game of the season and lost 3-1 to finish 18th on Goal difference. Ipswich (the other East Anglian team) were champions that year. We won 13 matches all season and lost 19. Interestingly, considering Brian's mantra was to start at the back, we shipped 78 goals. Mind, we scored 71! There were 5 players in that final team that we would all recognise as being part of our first great side - Roy Mac, John Robson, Alan Hinton, Kevin and John O'Hare. Kevin, of course wasn't a Cloughie signing
  18. That was the last time that we had an England international forward managing us (Nigel, Frank and John Gregory were midfielders), who was a record goalscorer in his own right and whose Derby team flirted with relegation all the way through his first season proper, ending up 19th in the old Division 2. The terraces were not generally in favour of him continuing and his somewhat drawling way of speaking was much imitated and mocked. The following year we won the league at an eventual canter. A year or so after that we couldn’t go into Europe because of various accounts difficulties. If hist
  19. I’m not sure that we can necessarily expect next year’s ST at no extra cost. It will depend upon the prices of next year’s STs which may be raised given the financial circumstances or reduced if we’re in a lower division - the matches missed in 20/21 create pro-rated credits to be redeemed against the cost of the new ST. That doesn’t mean that the ST price will be the same.
  20. Just over 30 years ago an event occurred that I think all of you would consider to be of greater import than the current struggles of our beloved football club. In July 1988 the captain of USS Vincennes panicked and let loose 2 surface to air missiles. He brought down an Iranian passenger plane. 290 souls were killed including babes in arms and it is believed, with some justification, that some were conscious as they fell 10,000 feet into the Gulf. Imagine. Robert Fisk was a proper journalist working for a proper newspaper, The London Times. He didn’t buy the American versions of event
  21. Mike Dean the ref. This could go well. Or not.
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