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  1. Those of you who keep saying, we shouldnt loan players, and play our youth....dont you think if they were ready for that, then they will be in the squad? you cant just put these kids in from our academy, if they aren't ready. The club from Mel Morris, to Cocu are keen to use our youth, so they'll know if they are ready or not. Not you. Not me. Our crowd arent the most patient of fans, If we arent controlling the game in the first 20 mins, the crowd is onto every mistake, not the best situation for our under 18's to be in when they're trying to prove themselves. Also, imagine, Cocu is here to prove himself as a manager, he didnt have the best experience in his last role. There is massive pressure on his shoulders to do well, not just this season but overall. He can't afford to lose games just so our youth players get experience.
  2. or want a young intelligent centre defensive midfielder
  3. Never understand the reasoning people give about not getting loans in. If our own youth were good enough, they will force their way in, just like Bogle. Loans can be the difference between staying in the champ and getting promoted.
  4. What's the fuss about ? what will he bring ? Think i've missed the hype about him
  5. Why the flip would you hope he gets a prem move. I hope he gets a Derby move
  6. He rejected the offer of a new contract and will be a free agent this summer after allowing his three-year deal to run down. But with Lampard set to take the helm, Kane may now change his mind with the former midfielder showing faith in youth at Pride Park. He's 25, thats not a youngster in football 😂
  7. whats the reason for giving the flops new contracts then ? to stop their fee from adding to ffp loss
  8. For the amount clubs have paid for him, id say he's very over rated.
  9. If ffp only takes affect if players leave for less, meaning we’ve made a loss...why don’t we go for tomori. Very unlikely we will be selling for less than we buy him for in this market. Another good season in this division and his price will rise yet again
  10. Dacks very good...very unrealistic. Traore...no thanks. We’ve had enough wingers with no end product.
  11. I've always thought its just a boring link up until now. It seems its inevitable now. I'd rather they just got on with it because I want whoever takes over (preferably Jokanovic) to have as long as possible to shape the squad. Just hurry up
  12. Who the hell is willing to pay money for them. And why the hell have they agreed new deals on less money
  13. I know there is meant to be some benefit from giving butters and blackman new contracts...but what is it ? because surely this contract will also run out and we will be in the same situation ? anyone care to explain to a thicko ?
  14. Because for some reason we still have Joe mcclaren and Mel Morris son/godson/whoever it is doing the scouting
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