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  1. it's football, players go through patches of good form and bad form. The rest, plus the boost of Mount should get him back in it again. He set himself very high standards previously .So much so that we know expect him to sore every free kick and win us the game single handedly.
  2. Waggy has looked good on the wing since the turn of the year IMO gets himself in good positions, works hard. I'd always prefer Marriott down the middle.
  3. He makes mistakes, as do most of players. But he has definitely given his all for the club and shown passion wearing the ram on his shirt.
  4. and will then go to the prem for a mutil million pound deal. Should have paid the million in the summer.
  5. Agree he has done a lot of us since coming in, but it is probably time he moved on. He deserves a lot of respect from Derby for his efforts and commitment to the club. Possibly legendary status for his hatty against forest and all the important goals he scored.
  6. Why does it matter how much you earn ? I think Jack acted like a role model yesterday. Got attacked. Got on with with the game, scored the winner. I think kids will look up to that to be honest.
  7. Do you think footballers back in the day werent doing stuff like that aswell. Tony Adams would turn up for games p*ssed. Thats just one example.
  8. Birmingham fans are up there with Stoke and Millwall as the sc*miest fans in English football. Always have issues with them.
  9. Whats the issue with Grealish ? Has he said or done something for him to be hated? I must have missed it. To me, similar to Sterling, its the press giving him a bad name
  10. This guy looks the real deal. I hope we still have him on the radar. Free at the end of the season too.
  11. Both these players stood out for me too. RJ can play at right back as well. Chelsea have some brilliant youngsters, just wish they were affordable.
  12. It was definitely different tonight. I don't know whether it was the MM news or not but it felt like everyone came together. The fans backing the manager, singing MM, encouraging the players. The players passion when we scored, celebrating with the fans. That's the way it should be. We've missed that. There is no point being all doom and gloom, that will get us nowhere. We are in a good position, play offs are very reachable. The atmosphere needs to be like that again for the rest of the season, both on and off the pitch.
  13. He was just too old. His best game was against Utd at home. I remember him giving their right back a nightmare. Other than that, trash
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