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  1. jimbobram

    Should we keep faith?

    Lowe may not have deserved a chance, but for that game, he was the only fit LB so we had no choice. I expect Malone to be back at the weekend. Your point of top 6 flattering a poor group of players says it all. We are over achieving right now, thats something to be happy about. If that can get us in the play offs we have done very very well.
  2. jimbobram

    Pontus Jansson

    both centre backs are quality in this division. Having 2 solid, well drilled centre backs is massive.
  3. jimbobram

    Should we keep faith?

    Come on, is it really that bad ? we are 6th. Most likely (hopefully) heading for another play off season. You support the team through thick and thin. You might not agree with things along the way but thats football. We have an owner who has invested and backed the club he supports. A lot of clubs don't have that. Unfortunately it hasn't been enough for us so far. FL is trying to build a young hungry squad, and that will take time, especially with limited funds now. I may be the only one, but I am happy with how we are this season, its no where near perfect, but the idea is right and consistency with a plan and philosophy is key. Leeds were strong, well drilled and showed their quality. They have one of the best managers in the world and it showed. They will be in the prem next year. Lets focus on the rest of the season
  4. jimbobram


    If some of you are basing your decision to sell on him not being good enough right now then you need your head sorting out. There is not an 18 year old out there who will be near their full potential. Not even Mbappe. I can see the potential in him. He will learn his defensive positioning with experience. If however, it's because financially we cant afford to turn said offer down then thats a different matter.
  5. jimbobram


    Its embarrassing the way some people act. The worst thing about our club is our own 'fans'. the majority vote at the start of the season was this was a transition season. we are in the play offs, which would therefore mean we are over achieving right now. We've not been able to spend a lot (Net spend) and we are still up there. I used to think the negativity around the ground was due to the boring boring football we used to play, when really, people arent happy regardless of the football. We dont have a God given right to go up. Bogle isn't going to be good enough at the age of 18. Bryson isn't going to be as good as he was 4 years ago. Lampard isn't going to get every decision right. But we need to support them, Not slag them off.
  6. jimbobram

    Would you ever...

    He’s not in my age range 👎🏼
  7. jimbobram

    Would you ever...

    I’d let Steve mcclaren cheat on me and take him back every single time
  8. jimbobram

    George Thorne - Joined Luton Town on loan

    Don't think he'd be allowed to play in the play offs with us anyway. We'd be in automatics so doesn't matter too much !
  9. jimbobram

    New Contracts

    Its all well and good saying let them all go, but that's a huge chunk of the squad gone, and if we don't have funds to replace them with young hungry players then we are struggling. Remember its those listed above + Wilson, Mount and Tomori. That's a lot of players.
  10. jimbobram


    stop blaming the music pre game if there is a crap atmosphere. The game kicks off...its up to you and those around you to make an atmosphere. It was much better today, still nowhere near where it should be, but people definitely took notice of Lampards comments.
  11. jimbobram

    Little Duane

    Messi-esque running style
  12. jimbobram

    I’ll just leave this here. . .

    exactly that
  13. jimbobram

    Ashley Cole

    Wsnt the story something a long the lines of ...himself and Steve Howard went behind the gaffers back and went to speak to Leicester without permission?
  14. jimbobram

    I’ll just leave this here. . .

    He is Derby through and through. Wish he was shown a but more respect from some on social media. For once we've seen a player who has been more than loyal to us, yet some are ready to throw him in the bin because he's has some bad games.
  15. jimbobram

    Loan Return Planning

    The same Hudson-odoi that's going to Bayern Munich for 20 mil?

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