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  1. South west upper, hmmm. Sounds like you got them free
  2. Oliver McBurnie

    He wants to leave apparently
  3. Gut feeling

    says it all really.
  4. Gut feeling

    Can you remember the last battling performance you've seen from Derby team ?
  5. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    These out of contract players are late 20s+ yet our squad is being blasted for being too old. Doesn't help does it
  6. Cost Cutting

    I don't think losing Vydra (for profit) will be as bad as you make out. If we do get a good price for him I would use whatever available money on a winger. Lawrence looks a different player when he plays in his natural CAM role. he is a direct replacement.
  7. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    Hernandez yes please Hoilett Yes please ( Although im 99% sure if Cardiff go up he will be signing a new deal)
  8. Why do you have faith in Rowett?

    He said, and Watford are back in the Premier League!!
  9. Too late, we cant spend anything
  10. Can we still do it?

    The next 4 games could tell us and Gary so much. They know now they have messed this up. If they had anything about them, they would come out and give everything they've got. The players who don't...Get rid, because we don't want you. The players who give everything and just show desire, you have another chance.
  11. Why do you have faith in Rowett?

    I don't anymore. But I am sure he will still be here next season. I hope that he brings in younger players. I hope that he brings in players that suit this formation, or better yet, changes to a more attack minded formation instead of a formation to suit 1 player. Personality wise, he seems like a great guy...but I want to see Derby be successful, manager personality doesn't really matter
  12. I hope they decide to utilise the loan market more. We have had success from that in the past. Martin, Ward, Thorne, Ince, Bent...the list goes on. Loans with permanent options gives players an incentive to come and earn a contract and play regular football. We've focused recently on permanent deals for whatever season and have build up a huge squad of players on big contracts without motivation.
  13. Alan Nixon also says that Rowett will be backed next season by Mel. He said we wont be spending loads but it's looking good for whoever is in charge of the team next season. I would put it up but I don't know how to upload tweets on here.
  14. The reality is

    yep. Whose faults that ?
  15. The reality is

    But this is my point. If you know how you are going to set up...Why get a player who doesn't suit that ? This means its a poor signing. Same goes for Hudds. Brilliant player, ineffective in the style we play. If you are going to play 2 CDM in this formation, you need them to be able to run, tackle, hunt the ball down.

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