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  1. R Kelly ruining potential worldy songs for Derby
  2. Ibe, Ibe will tear you apart again. Simple, proper football chant and true
  3. If you have seen his post on instagram, or watched an interview he did on youtube with some people he knows, you would see that he has/is suffering with depression. Bournemouth didn't help him with that and he had to check himself into somewhere in order to get help.
  4. He's going to need a lot of looking after. Even in his interview he doesn't seem quite right. Physically, he will need a good month IMO. If we can get him right he's going to be a massive player for us and I can't wait!
  5. My opinion is on watching him since his return. He was a good player for us. He isn't up to speed anymore. Sorry if i offended you with that.
  6. That’s the one, yes. When a team like Man City come in and the player wants to go, it would be hard to stand in his way. I’m sure we have some sell on clause involved. He could come here on loan and make a name for himself
  7. Would it be worth going for Liam Delap ? He has some serious talent. Strong player who can hold the ball up, dribble, shoot. He is going to be a top player. Plus he's from Duffield way Also Jordan Obita for LWB
  8. Imo we need left back as fozzy isnt good enough anymore and Buchanan is still developing, although there is talent there. However, if we can get the ball forward quickly we are going to be dangerous
  9. We saw glimpses of what he can do but never as often as we should have. Hopefully someone takes him sooner rather than later so we can sign Ibe.
  10. Groin massage wouldn’t be beneficial. Especially from me 👍🏼
  11. Hi fellow Rams, I have just set up a mobile Sports Therapy business covering the Derby/Nottingham area. I specialise in musculoskeletal injuries and sports massage. I’d be very grateful if you could follow and share my Instagram page and if anyone is looking for any treatment, please feel free to message me and I’m offering 15% for my fellow rams fans! I will be setting up a Facebook page in due course. Treatments are all from the comfort of your own home! https://www.instagram.com/jjsportsrehab/ Mods please don’t delete, I have permission from David 😁
  12. Sometimes players and clubs just suit just like Derby and martin, Ince and I hope Ibe. We can get the best out of him. Arm round his shoulder, tell him hes amazing, go do you thing. Positive he will re ignite his career.
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