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  1. Dapo Afolayan

    He's away playing for england at the moment. Not sure what level that is at though
  2. Chris Martin

    Give up Toddy mate. You make a bad point
  3. Top 6

    I'll be honest I forgot about Bristol. I like to try and forget about games like that.
  4. Top 6

    We haven't had many like that for a very long time. Don't judge it on one game.
  5. Dapo Afolayan

    I'd love our own youngsters to be in and around it tbh. Zanzala or vernam.
  6. Thoughts on lawrence so far

    It's strange how both this and the other Tom Lawrence thread have both come after Saturdays performance. Remember, not one of first 11 had a good game. He is no Ince, but there is a reason why Ince is now in the prem. Lawrence has not been that bad, but because he is Ince's ''replacement'', he has a lot of weight and expectations on him. He has been really unlucky in terms of goals, hitting the woodwork and having some shots well saved. It will come with him, I am sure of it. We need to let our flair players play, give them confidence to do their thing.
  7. Leeds Vlog

    Get enough views then it makes a nice little side income
  8. No nugent in the squad

    Not sure what Rammo's problem was. I'm sure with the form Nuge and the team are in, he would rather be playing.
  9. Joe Ledley's impact

    I think the highlighted part of your post shows that he isn't being singled out at all. Fans do moan about players, that's part of it. Rather on here than on a Saturday afternoon.
  10. Joe Ledley's impact

    Ledley was the player we needed. I'd be very disappointed if we didn't extend his deal and went for the brummy lad again. Not only are his performances consistent ( Which is what have needed for a very long time in our team), but he seems to be a key personality in the changing room as well. And he has a quality beard.
  11. Joe Ledley's impact

    Because he is the least effective for us out of the 3 ?
  12. Moor Farm visit.

    Quality. Keogh would never be a model though would he. Keeeooogh
  13. Moor Farm visit.

    I was only messing mate. Hope you got to meet them!
  14. Moor Farm visit.

    They usually have Thursday off.
  15. We Need The Fans To Get Behind Us Every Game

    I see this and hear this a lot, but I feel like its just an excuse. Again this weekend we scored early, the opposition got a red card...Things were going well. 5 mins after the goal, the crowd was flat. I sit in the south stand left of the goal, and in the second half people were actually booing in parts. The south stand is meant to be the stand with atmosphere, and other than Forest, there hasn't really been any.

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