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  1. You would keep Butterfield over johnson? Heads gone. For me Johnson in his natural position is far more effective than Butterfield. You can have all the technique in the world...but if you dont turn up, whats the point. Also for me Vydra in the right position deserves a chance.
  2. Only if they aren't on the physio couch every week
  3. The fact that he is our best defender says it all. We need to move on. We need to progress. He might be the best we have, but he isn't good enough if we want to be serious challengers. I've not seen a player (especially a captain) blame other people so much for his mistakes. I love the way he makes last ditch tackles and shows passion when we score and win, but most of the time he's making last ditch tackles because he has allowed that to happen. And wolfie, Hughes has much more chance of progressing to become a better player with age on his side, Keogh at 30 doesn't.
  4. To improve, we must replace keogh, he has been here long enough. As much as he seems like a nice guy. He just isn't good enough. We need a calm leader
  5. He was young and wanted to try and progress his career in the prem. It didn't work out. Wouldn't hold that against him. Id love to see him back, he's the kind of solid defender we need.
  6. The thing is now he has seen it will he act on it. Players like Keogh and Russell are not good enough for us if we want to push forward. They both seem like nice individuals but we cant be sentimental if we want to improve. Those two are just examples there are more to add to that. Fresh start is needed.
  7. None of them are playing for their futures other than Bent and Baird. The rest can chose if they want to go or not. They are tied down on massive money, who is going to make them go anywhere. The moment we became one of those clubs to start throwing money at players is the moment that the 'Derby way' was lost
  8. So many comments on here about what GR needs to do in the summer, and how many players are needed in/out. But all this costs money. Money that you could argue we have wasted over the last season or two. I think the last time i was 'buzzing' about a signing we made was George Thorne's permanent deal, which made me think. Since then why have we scrapped the loan option which has been so successful (in a way) to us. Andre Wisdom, George Thorne, Bamford, Martin, Ince, Bent etc (All performed during their loan spell). There is plenty of talent out their to get in. Chelsea have plenty of youth that are performing brilliantly in this league. Abraham, Palmer, Baker to name a few. For me i'd much rather get these hungry young players with a point to prove on loan than waste more money on players who are looking for a massive contract and an easy life in the champ every year. Also, players who have been on loan seem to (in the past) enjoy being here and want to stay for a bit longer (George Thorne)
  9. who
  10. Those are not bad signings for a team like Bham. He managed to get them playing. Maybe it does say something in the fact that he got some average players performing in the championship. The only player listed i'd take here is che adams. Only because he looks promising
  11. You think Hughes controls games ????
  12. ed wood
  13. survival of the fittest. get yourself online. If you're at work...go for a tactical toilet break at 10am
  14. Anya been injured majority of the time. I like what ive seen of him though. quick skillful attacking. Needs a run in the team. For me Russell should be 3rd choice behind anya and camera
  15. £4 half frozen pies