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  1. Imaging spending all that money on a player and not knowing his best position. Bizarre.
  2. Still not as painful as watching him trying to knock the ball past his opponent 1 min before half time.
  3. Good luck to him. Not sure why he gets so much disrespect of some people for having some really unfortunate injuries. He had potential to be a great player and was so influential before his injury..
  4. Our captain has his eyes unbelievably wide 24/7 so im not surprised
  5. I think he should legally change his name to thirty-two Red. See how many more people we can p off.
  6. Looked like an impact injury at the time. Was holding his shin/ankle after too. Walking off is a good sign.
  7. No, Scunthorpe away is the ideal game for Marriott to start and score for fun.
  8. Perfect!! Matched with the biggest ffp dodging football team the world has ever seen 😋
  9. jimbobram

    Jordon Ibe

    Don’t get it. He’s going to be playing for DC Utd until jan. It’s a lot of travelling for him to be putting out cones and signing autographs for 5 quid a week
  10. Why would we loan him out ? Surely we need him in the squad if no other keeper comes in. Either that or a decent fee for a permanent would be a better idea
  11. Plus the shirts sold. I've seen 3 Rooney shirts already today and I work in Notts. Sold out of O's according to MM.
  12. until he flourishes at Bournemouth. They have a good record of improving players. I think and hope he will do well there.
  13. Why on earth are we looking at another striker. Mariott and Waggy with a hint of Chrissy is fine. Im worried that Marriott will go, and personally i think he's one of the best finishers i've seen. Would be a shame.
  14. jimbobram

    Jordon Ibe

    Yep Duane Holmes is brilliant and i did forget about him. However, still feel like we could do with another, unless Sibley is ready
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