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  1. Saunders showed no remorse and was arrogant, he told the bench he could not do work in the community because of his job as a TV pundit travelling the country watching football matches. Not a good comparison.
  2. Lucky boys, time to move on now and get back to the football.
  3. So they just smashed their cars up, realise they in deep poo for DD, and are ready for the getaway. MB then says to TL, sorry mate I have 4 passengers, not enough room for you, don’t want to break the law and all that 😳 Given their actions on that night, I wouldn’t rule it out as a possibility though 🤣
  4. Seems a lot of us are putting 2+2 together and guessing at the answer....and chance we can get detective Colleen on the case to help us !!
  5. Think your clutching at straws, the details of the crime they have committed has been presented to the courts. Had they been trying to get in touch with and emergency services it would have been reported, yet instead it was stated that they both left the scene returning 45 minutes later and the police were already there. They have also both pleaded guilty to failing to stop at a scene of a crime, if your phone is dead and you have gone to get help, why would you plead guilty ? We shall see though as you say in the sentencing, think I’d like you on a jury if I had ever done something wrong 😀 (only joking please don’t take offence)
  6. Whilst I think they are doing something proactive, I believe it was more to do with covering their actions rather than a call for help. If it wasn’t, then I’m sure the courts would have mentioned it as mitigating circumstance.
  7. But when your are slightly drunk and panicking....I mean let’s face it, if you are doing a runner and thinking straight you don’t leave two vital bits of evidence behind so you, so who knows what is going through their minds.
  8. I think there was a statement released saying that he was conscious when the ambulance arrived...but don’t quote me on it
  9. I meant help to cover it up, tow truck or something daft. Who knows what has gone off in their minds.
  10. As daft as it may sound, but maybe the teammates he left were fully aware that TL went to a garage to get help. I would guess they were both as keen as the players driving were, to try to keep this under wraps. Only guessing of course.
  11. I don’t think he was being serious 👀
  12. Devils advocate.....more than local owners running football clubs ?
  13. Didn’t MM say at one of the forums, he’d let the club go for a pound or something like that if the right offer came in ? Thought I had read that somewhere on here ?
  14. We digress slightly and i totally agree with complaints being meaningless, however there could be an argument that the change went under the radar when implementing. Rumour has it that the rule was implemented by accident and a result of a copy and paste of the Premier League P&S rules (which have always allowed asset sales. Only a rumour of course, I’m sure there EFL wouldn’t allow such an error to occur.
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