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  1. Said it was mainly personal reasons, and that ties in with his wife wanting to move back up there.
  2. Harry was instrumental in Frank getting the job at Derby, not sure we were complaining to much with that intervention. He also persuaded FL to stay at Chelsea rather than join Inter and has always provided advice throughout his career, yet he chooses now to step back and not speak to him anymore and is a leech....only Derby fans 🤣
  3. Hope your right, I would love to be wrong however I feel it’s a done deal.
  4. For one hundred quid you’d only get 5 back if backing FL, it may as well be closed however they would lose money on people stupid enough to think he is not going and are still happy to throw their money away on the other options if they closed it completely. Not sure what extra information you want other than confirmation which barring something extraordinarily will be soon I’m sure.
  5. It’s only been going one way for a while, anyone who thinks otherwise is just being naive.
  6. Just seen Sven is being linked with the Rams post. He seems to love England for some reason, he needs to let it go, find somewhere else.
  7. Makes perfect sense to me that Derby would open talks to try to persuade FL to stay, he is not really going to turn around and say no I don’t want to when no approach has yet been made. Wonder if there is any other instance of a Derby manager signing a new contract and then jumping ship shortly after....
  8. That’s going to be a contributing factor obviously, however for the same reason Derby gave him the job, there are plenty of other reason as well, just because you don’t recognise then doesn’t mean Chelsea don’t.
  9. Yes that makes perfect sense, that a multi million pound business would employ someone because they are bored and want some excitement 🤣
  10. I’m not so sure, the reason why he is going to be Chelsea’s manager next season is because of what he did in his first season and the potential he has shown. In the toughest league in the world imo, he guided us to Wembley with only 2 transfer windows, there were games where we didn’t play well admittedly, however he had to reshape a team and try to implement a new style of play with limited options. FL will be successful in his career, it may not be next season given the transfer ban, but it will happen, Id be interested to see how many of these better managers that we could realistically attract had a first season like FL with the circumstances he inherited. Football will go on at Derby of course, but for me it’s a big blow when he goes.
  11. Won a league title, no doubt there are better managers out there, just looking at options where you could get a bond between fans and manager. I’d rather have then than a Chris Houton, or a Gary Monk, what I liked about last season was the atmosphere at matches, most of this driven imo by the managements teams attitude.
  12. Bring in Igor with Eranio as his assistant, not saying it would work but would make for an interesting season.
  13. Or flip that on its head, the expectations are so low based upon players leaving and having nothing to work with, he brings the younger players through and they exceed expectations. He is then hailed as a genius, whereas if he doesn’t hit the mark and fans give him the extra time and the benefit of the doubt as he hasn’t had the funds to compete with the other so called big clubs...win win for him either way ?
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