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    It means you are commenting on their physique and believing yours is superior, why else use it. However they are not comparable in any shape or form, suggesting there is a uniformity in prejudice between the 2 is wrong in my opinion, racism is based on race or ethnicity. Sorry but I’m going to bow out with discussing this with you, you are entitled to your opinion but it’s not one I will ever agree on.
  2. AdamRam


    A very good point, just because the police don’t charge somebody, doesn’t mean they are not guilty of the offence. Throwing a banana on the pitch for me is racially motivated, I don’t buy into the i found it on the floor story, however an opinion means nothing, to convict someone. Any racism is wrong, there is no justification for it whatsoever, He used racist language but is not a racist....really 😳
  3. AdamRam


    More ugly scenes at Chelsea yesterday, same old faces I’m sure will still try to defend the actions saying it’s a one off or can’t be proved, deflect the criticism onto others etc....however it just shows this problem is still very much evident. Sterling also calling out the press on how they wrote two stories on Man City players and how it shows how racism is fuelled by the press.
  4. AdamRam

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    If he was trying to bite him, then ifd probably say yes
  5. AdamRam

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    I’m so confused, what has your bedroom antics got to do with a BJ bite / nuzzle 😳
  6. AdamRam

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    Interesting that a reference to a Scouser is made in this thread, reading through it I think some of our fans have nicked their mentality...blame Sky, blame the ref, blame the player who made the tackle anyone but the person who committed the offence, Bradley Johnson. I hope some of you never get called up for Jury service, attempted murder, what’s that he is not dead, he said so himself and we have witnesses who say he isn’t, it doesn’t matter than he is on TV with the knife in his hand, that’s not conclusive as he didn’t mean to stab him.....if this was a stoke player who did what Johnson had the forum would be up in arms asking for a season long ban 😂
  7. AdamRam

    Johnson gives the ‘bite’ in midfield

    I like Johnson as a player, gives it his all and has had some really good games this season, however there is no defending him for what he did. He attempted to bite Allen, is someone seriously telling me that he wasn’t trying to do that and the shirt was his intended target...something my 2 year old would say as an excuse. There is also no indication that Allen tried to bite him, a mark on his neck that’s it, one that looked like a scratch mark at worse. He was provoked no doubt, but to respond with a bite shows both the club and him in a bad light.
  8. AdamRam

    Being bullied

    I thought the team selection went against us, which is easy to say in hindsight. He went for legs and sacrificed that creativity which didn’t help when they went down to 10. We are a team that likes to attack at pace or zipping the ball around to create chances, we couldn’t or didn’t do either in the 2nd half. Also agree that the defending was good and that’s more of a concern going forward. Also credit to GR, Stoke have a good team, they battled well in the 2nd half and didn’t rweally give us any chances of note, this was the type of performance he sets his teams up for and with the sending off it gave him an excuse to do it, without the home fans getting on his back.
  9. AdamRam

    v Sheffield Wednesday (A) Match Thread

    I think Wisom is getting some harsh criticism based on his performance yesterday. By no means was he at his best, however the inability of the whole team to control the ball meant that the whole defence was under a lot of pressure throughout the game. Intelenrt him giving the ball away a couple of times, but no more that others and contributed to the goal with a great slide pass. I have to say though that they need to knock the ground down two giants poles obstructing views, and the congestion in getting to the concourse something they havent learned from previous mistakes. Not only thnt but they run out of beer at HT and It was often very difficult to see play in the second half as it got darker down the other end of the ground and when the electronic boards were bright red. I’m sure it wasn’t down to the gallon of beer we consumed before the game but I may be wrong 😀
  10. AdamRam

    Snake City (A) Ticketsss - Sold Out

    I’m not sure why you want me to go around finding sources for you? You asked for reason why Derby fans will give abuse to him, whether you choose to beleive them reasons is entirely up to you. As I said, the achievement of a play off spot in your eyes is a good one, you feel he exceeded expectations once again don’t see your point, I’m talking about someone who doesn’t feel sixth best in this league is a good position especially if you get rolled over in the play off games. I’m not disputing your opinion of him, I’m stating reasons why people will give him abuse, choose to dispute them facts if you wish of course, however I’m not going to search around giving you sources for things like new contracts and the word bumper 😊 As for Hughes, he probably didn’t set the price, however he left them no choice really, accept a price or have a player that won’t play. Having said that, I eneteted the words bumper deal Gary Rowett and this came up if you are really that interested ....https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/gary-rowett-set-sign-bumper-11823525.amp
  11. AdamRam

    Snake City (A) Ticketsss - Sold Out

    It was from one of the Sky commentators during a recent game they were covering, choose to beleive him if you wish or not if you don’t, doesn’t matter to me 👍
  12. AdamRam

    Snake City (A) Ticketsss - Sold Out

    Hate is a strong word and one that imo shouldn’t be used, espically against someone you don’t know personally. However, if you want some reasons why he will get abuse and people want him to fail, you don’t have to look far. He signed a new bumper deal, stating it was his dream job, and jumped when the opportunity arose to further his career. To say fans wanted him out is true, however the majority backed him, both vocally and in polls, these fans and I wasn’t one of them, would probably feel a little betrayal by his previous statement and then his decision to jump ship. You state that he got us into the play offs, we finished 6th, with the squad at his disposal as Mel said, he really should have been top 2, so was 6th that big an achievement. I say that because what happened in that 2nd leg, top scorer on the bench, trying to hold on to a lead, truly, truly awful football, may have well as finished 10th if he was going to roll over and think getting to the play offs was an achievement. Finally the long term damage he inflicted, selling our best ever youth academy product for peanuts, replacing him with sub standard players one of which is nowhere near the first team, installing an ethos and finally playing system that set us back. So all in all, no I don’t hate him, I don’t even dislike the bloke, I don’t know him, however I can understand all the abuse he gets, football is unforgiving that’s what makes it the game it is.
  13. AdamRam

    Haters gonna Hate

    Maybe if you are going to argue silly points you should read the post more carefully, especially the name of the poster 😂
  14. AdamRam

    Haters gonna Hate

    Remind me again, was it 6 games out of 38 that you are referring to? You can also still be boring and win by more than one goal. It takes a second to score a goak, the rest of the match can still be boring. If we don’t beat as many teams this season by 3 goals we will have still seen better football already this season than the whole of last. Luck was being 1-0 up in the semi after taking a battering, then lying down for the return leg, wasn’t Fulham the first team to overturn a deficit or something like that?
  15. AdamRam

    Haters gonna Hate

    Fast counter attacking football, I’ve heard it all now. GRs football was turgid, horrible, negative, and boring. We attacked in limited numbers and often conceded possession for the majority of the game. There is no buzz word, his football was awful, he set us back years bringing in players that run channels whilst directing our passing players to turn the defence so they could run onto it, route one football was more entertaining than his. His saving grace at the time was the results, and yet when he had the opportunity by luck more than judgment to get us to Wembley, he just rolled over and gave the game to Fulham. Best thing that could ever have happened to the club was Stoke coming in for him. Oh, and he got rid of Hughes by telling him he wasn’t cut out for his type of football, says it all really.

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