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  1. Send him back, 3 games of which 2 were away and we were under pressure for the majority of them, is enough time to judge him 🤔
  2. Not in the second leg of the play offs he didn’t....just saying 🙂
  3. I’m no twitter guru, in fact can’t stand it, so may be wrong in my assumption when looking at Jim Wheelers stream (is that what you call it?). He appears to like and retweet the Rooney announcement, including him holding up the Bet32 shirt, I know on Facebook if you like something you are happy with it ? Apologies Jim if I’m wrong, but if not seems a bit hypocritical if so.
  4. I’ve been brought up in a gambling environment, Ever since my grandma let me put a quid on a grand national when I was a young lad. I have been to Vegas several times, last time losing a couple of grand over 2 days, and have to be honest and say have lost way more than I have ever won. If you are going to have an issue with gambling, it’s not sponsoring Rooney that’s the problem, you have to tackle it at root cause and ban it. However as I said, it wasn’t an advert that got me into gambling, and I have to thank my Grandma for teaching me a valuable lesson that day, as I was losing my pound, my brother was spending his on sweets, teaching me that if I can’t afford to lose it, don’t bet it. As the OP has stated gambling is going nowhere, it’s been around for years and is here to stay. I get people will make a stand, but no 32 on the back of WR shirt was the only way he was coming to PP, so I for one am all for it. I won’t be opening an account though, and it hasn’t even made me think I’m need a bet. Seems to me people are coming out the woodwork and jumping on the bandwagon to promote themselves rather than thinking about what Derby have actually done.
  5. And not only can you drink it in the stands but the glasses are designed so you can hold several pints very easily as they fit together like a jig saw 😀 Anyway I digress, I don’t think we are to far away from the norm, I’ll have to check how much I pay next time though as when it’s my round I pay contactless for ease, bet it’s at least a fiver though.
  6. Derby don’t sell it for 3 quid though, it’s 4.50 which I think was the point. The average cost of a pint in Derby according to a couple of surveys is 3.51, London is the most expensive at just over 4.50. A fair comparison would be other football grounds, a quick google search shows that we are at the high end level of prices along with the London clubs although I will caveat that by saying it’s information that is a year old.
  7. Yes I would, just because I pay over the odds for something doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it.
  8. Not really, I enjoy a drink a match, Im not there to make a stand against the price of beer, so buying one will satisfy my desire for having a beverage. If they put the price up again, I shall still buy a beer, and still moan if I think it’s overpriced.
  9. If it was the only one available, however as per my earlier post morretti.
  10. I’m not an economist though, just someone who likes to have a beer at the match 🙂
  11. I’ll continue to drink in the concourse no matter what the price is,. I’ll also continue to moan if I feel the price is above what I feel is fair value, no matter what the snowflakes say 😀
  12. I also paid 15 dollars for a can of beer (albeit a large one) at a Vegas ice hockey game....point is though this is Derby not somewhere exotic. Given the club have made a big play around bringing refreshments into the ground I can understand why people think 4.50 is a little over the top for a pint of carling. Prefer the morreti myself and didn’t have one today, so I’m not sure how much they charging for that.
  13. Not really, for example if you have 4 good wingers you would only play 2. Same with an attacking forward, if they are out of form / having a bad game etc...if you have strength in depth you can bring quality on.
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