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  1. Both to be honest, I sit in a higher tax band and feel it is unfair to only target the top 5% to fund their manifesto. I agree with some of their policies, and had they said it would be paid for by anyone earning over 30k for example then I wouldn’t have had a problem. I voted to remain, still believe the country would be better off staying in the EU however don’t like their policy which in effect completely ignores the public vote. This is probably the one election I may have switched, however the above and the leader swing it for me.
  2. Who is outraged ? Sorry I’m failing to see what your point is, in regard to my post ?
  3. I lived in a time that was impacted and still is by terrorism, as one of his own party implied today, the man is a threat to national security, so why would I want to vote for someone like that ?
  4. I don’t trust any politician.
  5. A lot of things, that’s like saying what’s stopping someone who earns minimum wage from getting a higher paid job.
  6. But it’s a percentage, the higher earners would still be paying more overall to the pot. It’s not an option because by penalising the 5% you are not alienating the majority of the voters. And you trust Labour, or is it just that you have always been brought up to vote that side ?
  7. If you want to take my post literally then yes I said everyone, however as I stated an austerity tax, therefore it would go to address that situation and therefore they wouldn’t obviously pay for it.
  8. Why ? Apply a 1% to all those earning above 30k, what is wrong with that ?
  9. Why, you can’t apply a different VAT rate based upon what you earn, therefore you apply it at source. Unless you are labour of course, then you just give free stuff away to buy votes and tax the rich to pay for it 🤣
  10. Where have I said tax people more with lower incomes ? Unless you have missed it, anyone in the top 5% is already being taxed a lot more. I’d be quite happy with an austerity tax, increase it by 1% for everyone, by nature the higher earners are paying more - would you be ?
  11. I have empathy for anyone that struggles in any financial way. I’m already getting taxed at 40%, so that pint is actually costing more if you take the gross amount. What about the people that are in the bands below but don’t fall into the lower reaches, why shouldn’t they also pay extra taxes, why should it fall solely upon only 5% of the country ?
  12. Welcome to my world but labour would have you believe I’m wealthy.
  13. RIP A true Derby great manager, brought some superb football to the club and came across as a true gentleman.
  14. As long as you don’t have to pay anything extra then 🤣
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