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  1. Football fashion ?

    A bit old now for Stone island, used to like their stuff, have a few CP but even then I steer clear of the Google’s at my age. I still like to buy expensive clothes, not just for football but in general. I can never understand the oh it's probably off eBay or from China mentality, do people stop wearing originals because of this, I don’t wear these clothes to impress others so just as I wouldn’t comment on someone wearing Primark it would bother me if they thought it was fake.
  2. This Kris Commons Interview

    I love a bit of clough bashing, however what he did last season with Burton was a remarkable achievement. Maybe he has learned, maybe his style more akin to Burton rather then Derby however was is not in doubt is that in the right environment he can exceed all expectations. Also not sure when fans came such a good judge of what is a good coach or manager, Steve Mac has given Middlesbrough their only piece of meaningful silverware and taken them to a Euro final, and then taking Wolfsburg to a first league title. Sure he has failed at clubs, as most managers have, wonder if that’s when he becomes a coach again 🤔
  3. Bristol City game moved to Friday 19th January

    Bloody hate sky, moving this game to a Friday night, how inconsiderate :-( Good news is that I will be able to watch the Man City game on the box now as would have struggled to get back for the 530 kick off.
  4. Will Hughes Watch

    One from your private collection ? 😳
  5. 12/12/17 - Fans Forum at The Yard

    I can see where you are coming from, I don’t take much interest in these types of events as for me, they are just a PR exercise. Questions around FFP, certain players, or style of play compared to Clements for example aren’t going to answered in the detail required to get an understanding of what the real situation is. Instead, MM and his team will look at forums like this and pick up on certain areas and have answers that are designed to appease. And before the usual suspect jumps upon this post, I haven’t said there is anything wrong with what MM is doing, I think he is a good businessman and Derby are lucky to have him.
  6. Man Utd ticket details and KO Time announced.

    But we get more money this way rather than setting the prices cheaper, the only fans now being robbed are the Man Utd ones. Well played is say, although I think he probably read my post to come up with the idea 👀
  7. Man Utd ticket details and KO Time announced.

    I don’t believe it is correct. Coventry once got charged for seats they didn’t fill for a cup tie, however these were over and above their original allocation and what they asked for. They then faced this situation again and only took the original allocation as there was no risk, they still ended up selling out and some fans missed out and they gave this as the reason for not taking the additional tickets. My understanding is that we will not be charged for any unsold seats, as we have only taken what was on offer, the rule was put in place to stop teams asking for the full 15% allocation and returning thousands of tickets that remain unsold....that’s what I have been told anyway whether it’s true or not I can’t attest to, but sounds sensible.
  8. Man Utd ticket details and KO Time announced.

    Given that I am the only poster to suggest I believe, then I presume you mean me??? Dont think I have given an opinion of whether I believe the club should subsidise or not, merely suggesting that was an option. For info, yes i do go to the games, hard to believe maybe for you that someone who does go has given a suggestion that you don’t agree with, but I wouldn’t worry about it to much, that’s all it was 😀
  9. Man Utd ticket details and KO Time announced.

    I’m not advocating they should do it, but we know that united will sell their allocation so that’s a guaranteed income, our allocation is c7% so by reducing this by X amount wouldn’t have a massive impact on our intake. Football is now a money game I know that, but to say we can’t do anything about it is imo not completely true.
  10. Man Utd ticket details and KO Time announced.

    Not so sure I agree that the TV will make that much difference. A quick google shows that we would get around 150k for being on TV, whereas the total gate receipts will be around 3 million, which even net would equate to around a million for the club. 5000 tickets at 20 quid would come to 100k, so still a good pay day. Maybe my figures are way out, and also my understanding is that we only get charged for any ticket unsold above our initial allocation, so no risk there if true.
  11. Man Utd ticket details and KO Time announced.

    Is this a new rule? Having just googled as I don’t have a scooby all I can find is a percentage of gate receipts ? How can you determine net profit for a cup tie in the first instance, so when we charged a tenner did we make a loss, seems a strange rule if true. edit: I see what you mean by net now, and I’m sure that the costs involved would not have much effect on the overall revenue both clubs will make.
  12. Man Utd ticket details and KO Time announced.

    I didn’t say they was, I pointed out that they have an option to influence what price derby fans pay, even if they can’t directly alter the actual price of the ticket. Pretty sure we have a different price structure for the FA Cup recently, sonot sure what we change other clubs has to do with it.
  13. Man Utd ticket details and KO Time announced.

    Thought I put the reason in my post.
  14. Man Utd ticket details and KO Time announced.

    Nothing to stop Derby subsiding their 40% take for the away fans. This way they could show that whilst they can’t do anything about the price, they dont agree with it.
  15. FA Cup 3rd Round Draw - Man Utd (A)

    Fair enough the rules state derby haven’t agreed to it 🤔

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