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  1. Several episodes happening all over the country yesterday, shows that we still have a problem in the country. I was also disappointed to see certain posts on this forum that have since been removed that I believe don’t portray Derby fans or this forum in a good light either. Maybe I’m overreacting, being a snowflake, and will time to reflect on this, and as I took screenshots I’ll put it out on other social media to see their reaction but I’m going to take a break from here (don’t all cheer at once) for a while before I write something I regret. (Ps David I didn’t report as I wasn’t logged on as I wasn’t using my phone and didn’t have my login details)
  2. If you were that close, hearing and seeing everything then I expect you will be on your way down to the police station first thing to provide a witness statement to back you fellow fan up.
  3. 6th is top half......just saying
  4. Would Watford be daft enough to sell him ? I wonder what he thought when GR told him he wasn’t going to feature much that season and he wouldn’t stand in the way of him leaving.
  5. Id have taken a draw before and bitten your hand off combined with a city draw and red dog loss. Of course promotion is still on and with the players we have available to us I’m still confident.
  6. 🤣🤣 I’m not going to wish you luck as I’ve had others, but you may be surprised.
  7. They are but only if you back it each way
  8. Hope some of them bets are ew
  9. The odds obviously reflect how heavily Tiger Roll has been backed, however the national for me is a fun race and therefore I always go for something that will make some cash if it comes in. Have a few each ways on outsiders and having done the ITV7 a daft accumulator returning 500k 🤣
  10. Instead of the personal insults it would be interesting to know your thought on the post ?
  11. It will never happen because it will increase the figures paid by nearly double. Im probably in the minority (for a change🤔) when I think agents are good for the players and game. Players have such short careers and very few make it to the top level, that they need people to ensure they get the best possible deals and guidance during this period. I’m sure as in every walk of life there are some that are snakes, but they earn their reputation by representing their clients by helping them through this journey.
  12. For what my view is worth, looks a good deal to me, my concern was that a peppercorn deal could open up further FFP questions but it appears they have addressed that. They also appear to make reference that the use of the stadium is covered going forward which was good to see. I also think West Ham have got a good deal, 2.5m for a stadium you didn't build or fund, wow, but that’s for another day. Would like to know if it’s possible to understand our FFP position from the accounts, and I’m hoping someone may be able to help on that, however given the club have said we are within it, if not then it’s not the end of the world.
  13. No surprise but it’s when it’s in black and white.... To be fair to MM, the accounts also show the amount of money he has put into the club, whilst I may not be his biggest fan of some of his business decisions in the past, there is no doubting his commitment to the club backed up with his financial input to fund such wages and transfer fees.
  14. The players wages figures are scary, I think it was mentioned a healthy slice of that will be gone in next years accounts....let’s hope so.
  15. Looks like a million quid a year for the rent. That link is helpful @angieram it is a while since I looked at accounts in detail and must admit to being dumbfounded for most of it.
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