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  1. From relegation or the doom mongers 🙈
  2. You said the goalposts have been moved...they haven’t
  3. The goalposts haven’t been moved, but getting to the play offs is still possible so why wouldn’t it be discussed ?
  4. Then we move on, however unless I’m mistaken Chelsea still have a manager.
  5. And why do you don’t believe he doesn’t ?
  6. Whilst very disappointing, we can’t continue to sack managers after 6 months in charge. He needs at least another 2 transfer windows to show what he can do. Anyone calling for his head should duck off to support red dogs
  7. Two positives from this, Lawerence wasnt the scapegoat and showed why he should start every game. Mount is also training again.
  8. Dwayne Holmes, three times, woeful
  9. Huddlestone David ? Thought he couldn’t do two games in a short space of time 😃😃
  10. Wonder who is going to replace Huddlestone tonight 🤔
  11. Ole happened, football is fickle and what’s not an option one week can be the next. Only a fool would think that FL wouldn’t be considered should the opportunity arose, NC cane to Derby despite being a non league manager, connections with clubs cloud owners and fans minds. Not saying he will get it or even will take it, but once again comes at the worst time possible, the press won’t let it lie, the fans will go into a melt down as normal and it takes the attention of what should be our main focus of the season.
  12. I have lost plenty of games over the years, nothing to do with passion or putting the effort in, unfortunately there are two sides trying to win a game of football, shame they don’t just roll over and let us win isn’t it 😳 7th in the league, beat some big names this and some fans question the effort being put in, I know every club has idiotic fans but the statement is just balls, lack of quality maybe, mistakes by the manager learning his trade maybe, teams playing better than us on occasions yes, other teams also trying to win a football match yes, lack of confidence maybe, lack of effort or passion....get a grip.
  13. Based on what? They have had money from the PL for past couple of years and then it’s a loss over X amount of years. I’m no FFP expert, however I would have thought they have no problems given they turned 50m down for a player recently. Probably wrong though??
  14. Yeah I’m sure Burnley think we ripped them off every time Hendrick puts that shirt on and they reap the benefits of staying in the league yet again. Only played 87 times for them as well, what a waste of money 😳
  15. Which players ? If you are talking about Wilson and Waghorn then I would say these are players he has brought in to cover positions where he feels they have no better option or to give them more cover. Not sure why he is a tinker man if he has kept to the same formation and it’s not as though they are playing in a position unfamiliar to them.
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