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  1. AdamRam

    Harry Wilson

    I don’t agree with the OP, i just couldn’t help myself....sorry 🐑
  2. AdamRam

    Harry Wilson

    Maybe this will help 😘 While many people would agree that "a few" means three or more, the actual dictionary definition of "a few" is, "not many but more than one." So, "a few" cannot be one, but it can be as low as two.
  3. AdamRam

    Harry Wilson

    Playing this system if the front man does not get hold of the ball then the wide players and midfielders will have a difficult time. We know from under SM how fundamental both Martin and GT were to his system, It was the first time MW had played with these players having only arrived last week, Ledley was hauled off at HT. Its going to take time, I’m not sure FL will hit the panick button just yet and will probably work on getting the players familiar to each other and the way they play before making changes.
  4. It’s a football forum, made up of a wide spectrum of keyboard warriors of different ages and people from all walks of life not all of which will be like minded to a poster, therefore what do you expect. If you want a conversation about the game, why not try something radical and goto the pub or somewhere with your mates where the chances are you will have a like minded chat with people more on your wavelength. im getting bored with the over reaction about our fans, from these holier than now people, maybe I should start a thread....or maybe not 😳
  5. AdamRam

    Our support....

    It does mean that you won’t get your “I stayed until the end” badge being issued by some supporters. Having been to Reading and staying to the end yesterday (only because I had no option), I’m awaiting my badge to arrive in the post, your more than welcome to have mine if you wish.
  6. AdamRam

    Our support....

    Fair enough, however aren’t they supporting more than the ones that don’t go, even if they leave early?
  7. AdamRam

    Our support....

    Why? What impact did them leaving have on you? I stayed until the end, maybe because I had to wait until the bus, so no point leaving, but really, is life so bad that you begrudge people leaving a game early 😳
  8. Hope you don’t goto games, you entitled to your opinion but to single out one player is as previously called out pathetic.
  9. AdamRam

    v Leeds Utd (H) Match Thread

    Reminded me of the Wolves last season when we lost at home, didn’t keep the ball enough for me. However, it’s a long season, plenty of time to get it right....I hope 🤔
  10. AdamRam

    Nick Blackman - Joined Sporting de Gijon on loan

    Like albentosa for example 👀
  11. AdamRam

    Tammy Abraham

    Or stay at Chelsea?
  12. AdamRam

    Björn Engels

    Think you had to many sherbets watching the transfer deadline day 🍺🍺
  13. AdamRam

    Transfer Window

    Just as a matter of interest, didn’t Billy D sign a similar number of players and get promoted? Also I wouldn’t be surprised if Warnock also did the same? Not sure why the failings of the past would indicate that it doesn’t work, teams that sign 1,2 or 5 players are just as likely to fail given there are 23 other teams in the league.
  14. AdamRam

    Jamie Hanson - Joined Oxford United

    Looks like he has found his level, not sure where his best position is however whenever I have seen him play (admittedly not many times) he seemed out of his depth. I remember the Norwich games as well, how we got a draw that day is beyond me, he made some tackles which was more than most, but still didn’t impress me. Good luck to him though and maybe this is what he needs to kickstart his career.
  15. AdamRam

    Who moves out?

    Who gives a duck about the outs...I wanna know how many more and who we getting today 😂

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