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  1. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Your words not mine 👀
  2. Derby Snow - Game called off

    I’ll reserve judgment on that one until I see it reported....given the nature of what you say he said, I’m surprised it doesn’t appear anywhere else 🤔🤔🤔
  3. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Can be a derby plough, wheels are still on
  4. Derby Snow - Game called off

    As much **** he comes out with you can’t argue with his credentials as a manager, taking a team from 23rd in the league to sittting 2nd in the league with a handful of games remaining shows the job he has done. Still maybe it would have been more acceptable if he had talked about what type of footwear was suitable for the occasion 🤔
  5. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Agreed, what I’m saying is that he is normal is more focussed on his own club and ensuring the best outcome for them rather than anything else.
  6. Derby Snow - Game called off

    How many won’t be able to make it due to it having to be rearranged on a mid week now, including the thousands of Cardiff fans that were en route to the game? im not arguing with the call to postpone it, however I’m sure the same dog was running around in snow v Fulham 🤔
  7. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Not really, there he would be accusing an official of influencing a result. All he has done is voiced his opinion that we haven’t done everything we could have done to let the game take place, even saying he can’t blame us.
  8. Derby Snow - Game called off

    I think your getting over concerned about something that isn’t really worth worrying about. I’m pretty sure that we have valid reason for the match to be called off, however as people are pointing out if we didn’t have our current injury list and we were in the Cardiff are I’d also guess at that the match would have been called off. These aren’t accusations, they are just opinions, I’m also pretty sure that the club has done everything by the book and also Warnock if the roles were reversed would have done the same and our fans would also be calling blue murder. im not doubting your council comment however I’ve seen his sky interview and he didn’t mention it on the one I’ve seen so maybe he know something more about the reasons behind why it was cancelled now? Apologies and fines though? It will be forgot about by the end of the day :-)
  9. Derby Snow - Game called off

    I haven’t seen the council quote so can’t comment on that, maybe you have a link for that? i have seen his other interview, and I can’t see the problem with that, we have an injury list, they are in good form, why would we want to play them right now if we were presented with a solution to make that happen ? There are no accusations in there just stating his opinion.
  10. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Don’t think he has accused us of anything, he is implying that we will benefit from the game being called off due to our injury list, he is not wrong is he?
  11. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Pretty sure the same derby fans having a go at Warnock will be the same ones applauding Rowett for his pre and post match comments last week......
  12. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Really? Do you think it was called off because of the injuries?
  13. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Nope we didn’t have as many injuries or suspensions
  14. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Depends which staff couldn’t get to the game to be fair, if it was GR for example then it’s a shame as we may have stood a better chance of winning Just joking of course 👀
  15. Just 'silly mistakes' is it Gary?

    That we can agree on. I’ll also me more than happy and come on and hold my hands up if you are proved right regarding GR :-)

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