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  1. AdamRam

    Rams or England ?

    World Cip, players playing for the shirt and country not the money. We haven’t even got one home grown player playing for the club any more.....no contest.
  2. AdamRam

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Coming on as a sub is a lot easier as the Tunisia players were so deep and as the game went on with England ploughing forward you have the energy to influence a game. Having said that, both were good and probably deserve a starting berth. I thought Young was the weak link because he comes inside every time, prefer Rose however if this wasn’t England we were watching we would be highly commending the overall experience performance.
  3. AdamRam

    Ronaldo tax evasion

    I sort of see where your coming from, however for me they both committed a crime and therefore the sentence should be the same which it is. The builder if trying to avoid tax should have a set amount set aside to ensure if he gets caught he can also take advantage of the system.
  4. AdamRam

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Not sure if it’s already been posted but apparently De Gea was suffering from concussion last night, Ramos squeezed his shoulder before the game. @Paul71 is pushing for a tournament ban for Ramos 😀
  5. AdamRam

    Ronaldo tax evasion

    It would be the same outcome as if Ronaldo couldn’t afford to pay.
  6. AdamRam

    Ronaldo tax evasion

    Both are still breaking the law, the mandatory prison sentence is a deterrent not to do it again, as is 3 points.
  7. AdamRam

    Ronaldo tax evasion

    True but his prosecution is nothing to do with Real Madrid, it’s possible that this tax evasion relates to other sponsors payments. He has tried to find a loop hole in the system, as do a lot of people in this country, he has just done it on a larger scale.
  8. AdamRam

    Ronaldo tax evasion

    Not n Spain he wouldn’t, if he paid it back the same laws apply to all. If you get caught for speeding would you expect your employer to ban you from you work?
  9. AdamRam

    £10m FFP Bill

    I’m intrigued to what has happened...🤔
  10. AdamRam

    £10m FFP Bill

    Don’t a lot on here though, you seem to have come along to provoke a reaction, don’t think you have contributed to the thread, aren’t you doing the same? Having said that, I don’t thing there is anything wrong with it, you seem to be able to dish it out and take it without throwing you toys out the pram and abusing your Mod position. We should have a purge day, anything goes, which reminds me I do think one of you missed a trick with next Tuesday being D-Day. Anyhow, that’s about all I can contribute to this thread, I’m not that interested in the accounts and couldn’t really comment either way, Ramblur sounds intelligent enough, and although I find his posts interesting the World Cup has now started and I’m more interested in on the pitch activity...good luck though with your health for the future.
  11. AdamRam

    Jack Marriott

    I wonder what you would see if you looked at Vydras last run of games? i haven’t got a scooby about this guy, however it does appear that maybe you haven’t either...apart from what you see on google, which is a bit ironic 😀
  12. AdamRam

    Best ever atmosphere at an away game you attended

    We often have always says that involve staying over, they are always the best. Couple days drinking which involves football, if you cant remember them, then they have been even better. Beat away days for me however have to be going to watch England away, Germany, Portugal were the highlights.
  13. AdamRam

    £10m FFP Bill

    I wouldn’t argue about last years decisions, however do feel that is as much down to the manager rather than the owner, although you could argue that MM allowed that control to someone that took the club imo backwards. However over his tenure, I beleive we are in a better position now, off the field that when he took over. Once again it could be argued that at that time we had a better on field position, however that could have happened with or without his involvement. I can’t really comment on the accounts, however I would presume that he has a business contingency plan that involves both playing in the PL and not, and we will adjust our budgets accordingly throughout the next few years based upon this. The only sellable asset that we have got rid of so far was Hughes, and I’m not sure that this was as much down to balancing the books as the managers call.
  14. AdamRam

    £10m FFP Bill

    Are you talking about a hypothetical scenario where Mel is not supporting the club ? Seems a bit difficult to answer your question without understanding what you are referring to, why can we not rely on MM money? Morris always said that he did not come into the club to lose money, no suprise there but to me he looks to be trying to address the situation by not only promotion but investment into other activities eg academy, TV channels etc...
  15. AdamRam

    £10m FFP Bill

    From someone who doesn’t post on anything financially related purely because I don’t have the background to make a comment or contribution one way or the other, thank you for your posts. i have often read them and must admit to my guilty pleasure of going to the pub and being able to educate the few with your words of wisdom passing them of as my own. I haven’t got a scooby if they are accurate or not, but they sound it, so that will do for me...thanks once again!

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