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  1. I heard David’s just cancelled for some reason?
  2. Just a reminder that we have a no swearing policy on here, that includes and graphics you paste onto a post too. Soz.
  3. I don’t think I’ve had that email, only the one explaining why they went under.
  4. I think you need to stick with him, probably why he’s had so many clubs. All the hype and managers are too quick to change. Look at Lawrence’s recent performances, hardly pulled tress up, but they keep him on because of his potential. I thought he was non existent the first half, but nearly scored twice in the second.
  5. Has anyone heard owt from @Mostyn6 last seen wearing budgie smuggler in Greece? Did he forget his safe word?
  6. He spent the fiver on a drone for videoing training sessions though, and Rooneys like the queen, he don’t carry cash. especially fivers, they’re mostly all fake anyway.
  7. He’s not even a large bar steward, another criticism levelled at him from some fans. As he proved by lifting up his top after the final whistle. I did feel he was breathing in though.
  8. Bloody hell, I’ve brought diesel for me van, I’ll turn back.
  9. Well, it could also be a auto contract extension, due to his age on signing.
  10. I watched on my iPad, I was in the park just down the road from you. I’m back in my rowing boat now on my way home.
  11. I heard a chant during the match about something other than his sad death of his baby. Let’s say an “offender” was mentioned in it, nobody must repeat it on here as it a load of rubbish. Thats why he went rogue after the penalty and final whistle. When will people realise the abuse spurs him on?
  12. If there is a clause in Marshall’s contract that triggers a payment if he plays again, how does that stand now we are in administration?
  13. It’s just like being self employed then! 😂
  14. 20/02/27 its on his member page
  15. Maybe we can freeze Jags and Davies mate between games!😂
  16. I preferred @B4ev6is’s to be honest.
  17. I like to shop yellow stickers, you can get some stuff that has a few decent days before it’s no good.
  18. Did you manage to keep a straight face through that post?
  19. £9 is above minimum wage isnt it? Plus you get to see the game. (Not all of them as they have to constantly stare at us incase we do something naughty)
  20. Angie’s aching to delete your filthy post!
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