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  1. I’m that confident he will bring us glory if contacted the bronze statue guy to commission a statue to stand just next to Brian and Peter. Im looking for funding.
  2. I hope he shows some passion and celebrates with us.
  3. Will there be 100 writing it 5 building it and 150 managing the production line?
  4. If it pays the wages it’s not a bad hit to take.
  5. probably nobody in that department
  6. I doubt you can fund a promotion bid without parachute payments without making a loss. Sure, some teams did it, Billy did it, but the mind set of the players and wages paid were different, they were hungry to succeed, wanted to succeed for each other. Last team of ours like that was Clough/Mac 1. That fine margin of loss started all this, chasing the dream with money. Sometimes high wages and transfer fee’s aren’t enough.
  7. Well there’s a club 12 mile away that need fans who are passionate and not just after cheap loss leader season tickets when the covids over. 😎
  8. You think he’s got enough money to lose?
  9. Today’s the day, I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes.
  10. We all know him as Dean though?
  11. Boycie

    Jayden Bogle

    Attacking maybe, defending LOL!
  12. I bet you chalked up a few sales no?
  13. I know he’s down as one to look out for, it so was Mason Mount, I wonder if a stint at a league one or two would help him?
  14. You filthy creature, they need flushing not battering.
  15. Wasn’t he rubbing off the out going’s Batman’s marks? I truly don’t know, I assumed so, if it’s not then that’s different I’d assume?
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