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  1. Is it me or was that not as good as the commentary guys is making out?
  2. He’s a destroyer and creator that’s true.
  3. A couple of week ago ? You’re not an owd miner after all. 🎯
  4. You don’t have to, it’s not a legally binding contract. You could just return when we get into the prem or a play off final again, it’s no bother.
  5. Well if we do, we do. We’ll still support them won’t we?
  6. Wait? Tom Ince or Tom Wegoindarn?
  7. I agree with one of them statements.
  8. We know, no need to worry about how others feel.
  9. Another ‘year’ from the prem? Maths isn’t my greatest feature.
  10. Maybe they think we’re entitled, but we know we’re not.
  11. You’re following 5, but I’m no expert
  12. Mel Morris is in charge, or whoever he’s nominated in his illness.
  13. At least we may have a important game to play at the end of the season. 😉
  14. I blame the Blackburn keeper me
  15. I’ve heard it’s a waste?
  16. How did you know they have bunk beds? (just trying to confuse the google bot)
  17. I think we will be scouring the European leagues for players with good stats and underachieving potential this summer. Like Brentford have done.
  18. Come on, keep it out the gutter. You’ll only upset the mods.
  19. So sad, quite fancied her, which is very strange as she’s not at all my type. another one taken by cancer, didn’t know she was suffering with it? Rest in peace Helen.
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