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  1. Anyone who still hasnt got a train ticket but is looking...get the train from lichfield, you can get a return for 28 quid! its only 10 mins drive from Derby. Derby to london is more than double that
  2. For a game with so much riding on it, I think VAR should definitely be used. How can it give an unfair advantage ? Some of the decisions and justifications by these people in football make my head hurt
  3. I’m sure we’d all be happy with letting that season ticket refund go if we signed tomori mount or Wilson
  4. Considering the ages of our permanent centre backs, this is a position which needs sorting regardless of leagues. I hope the fact that Tomori seems to love it here gives us the upper hand over anyone else. Spose it's just down to money and how much Chelsea want for him. It's a strange one I couldnt put a price on how much he's worth.
  5. Joe aribo if charlton dont come up. Brilliant player. Will be as,if not more of a hit than Dack in this division
  6. You think we are covered in that department ? I don't think have any out and out wingers at all.
  7. If Bolton face a penalty for refusing to play this weekend, and probably next weekend, will this benefit us. I remember of talk before when they thought about striking that we could get the points for our loss their this year ?
  8. Not sure if you're messing about but others also have similar opinions. But why are people acting like we are not allowed to loan players ever again ? Tomori and Mount are brilliant players, but there are more young players more than good enough at this level in chelseas academy alone who can come next season
  9. How have we took the micky ? We've sold Hughes Hendrick and Vydra to keep us going. How are you comparing us to Villa ?!😂
  10. He's out of contract
  11. First team football, decent wage, decent crowd to moan at him, better place to live than wigan...I'd say we are towards the top of the list
  12. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/derby-county-norwich-sheffield-wednesday-2764251 Derby County are being linked with Wigan Athletic's Nick Powell. The Rams along with Norwich City and Sheffield Wednesday are keen to sign the 25-year-old attacking midfielder this summer, according to TEAMtalk . Premier League sides Burnley and Brighton & Hove Albion along with Scottish Premiership clubs Celtic and Rangers are also said to be keen on the player, whose contract is up at the end of the season. TeamTalk is also claiming that German sides RB Leipzig and Borussia Mönchengladbach are interested in Powell. Make it happen Frankie
  13. Think he'd cost a bit seeing as he's getting promoted with pompy
  14. I think they're making the most of seeing their club for the last few games before they have to support Wigan or Bury
  15. Because they prefer the way Stoke boot the ball up in the air, and then boot the ball down the field
  16. This. It's a shame that as a player gets older and past his peak, people forget what theyve done for the club. Bryson has showed loyalty and passion ever since he signed. If he doesn't get a new contract, which I dont think he will now, then I hope he gets a great reception last game of the season.
  17. Tomori is the stand out. If Mount stayed fit all season I think he'd make it a closer battle.
  18. Fantastic player. He stood out when they came to us this season too.
  19. We didn't appreciate him enough. I think he's heading to bristol permanently for about 4m last time i saw. He will be another to make profit that we've missed out on.
  20. Would be a free transfer too
  21. MM will just sell the Cloughy statue to himself for 50 mil so we can buy who we want.
  22. we're weak in DM ? im happy with Hudds and Jonno doing that role with a miracle come back of Thorne next season
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