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Wiegman - managing the England men's team


What do you think of her being promoted to replacing Gareth Southgate?  

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It comes down more than anything to would the playing squad believe in her?

Ultimately, I don't think it'll happen, not because of the merits or not of Wiegman herself, but the (mens) game not being ready. I know the argument will be unless someone does, it'll never be prepared to be ready.

She clearly has the ability to coach a team to a good level and that's not in doubt. How that stacks up against the many good coaches of men's teams is unknown, I don't believe the actual "mechanics" of coaching are radically different but it's a question of attitudes and accepting.

50 years ago women in leadership roles were comparatively rare and faced a lot of uphill expectations based on their gender and not their ability, these days it's unremarkable and that's been based on ability.

I think we may still be a decade or more away from female coaches being widely accepted in the men's game. Not based on coaching ability but on the almost generational way in which attitudes change.

But it will happen at some point.

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Not a chance.

If some people are saying the Derby job is too big for Paul Warne, anyone thinking we can parachute a female manager into the top England job with no experience in mens football is living in cloud cuckoo land.  The first indifferent result and she'd be under intense pressure.

If she comes into the mens game though and does well at a high level, then there is a conversation to be had.

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54 minutes ago, archram said:

I doubt she’d see it as a step up!

That was my first thought, when seeing reference to "promotion"!  🤣

Even putting her league and cup successes as a player to one side, as a coach/Manager, her CV continues to impress... 


(If my very quick research is correct?... and ignoring US college stuff)...

4x domestic league wins
4x domestic cups
2x International Euros
And she's heading to her second World Cup Final.

Personal trinkets galore are also evident.

She's Dutch, which is always a plus in my eyes (Met a fair few, however briefly... and all seemed damn decent).
And I'm rapidly developing a crush.


So anyway... erm... yeah... what was the question again?



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There's no chance of it happening. That stinks of let's get lots of 'controversial' opinions going back and forth on social media. 

I prefer women's football but it couldn't be more different from the top levels of men's football without being a totally different sport. The speed of the game and time on the ball are massively different. That's going to play a huge part on strategy. 

That's before you even begin to think about her stepping into the lads, lads, lads culture of the changing room. 

Think they'll have to be a few success stories to pave the way for this 

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5 minutes ago, G STAR RAM said:

Managing England mens team has very little to do with tactics and is much more about handling the biggest bunch of egos ever assembled, hence Southgate being much more successful than Erikkson and Capello.


Spot on. It seems a part emotional counselor, part motivational coach, part political operator tupe of role.

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Couldn't tell you a thing about Wiegman.

However a female will manage a top level club or international side, it's just a matter of when now.

I could absolutely see the FA being one of the first to make the move.

Men manage in the women's game, so why not the other way I guess? Will it be a success or not I couldn't possibly say.

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The women’s game is probably on par with the boys U14. The quality between that and men’s international level is just massive.

So from a tactical and technical standpoint her achievements in the women’s game are irrelevant when considering the men’s senior role.

But she comes across as an excellent motivator, communicator and organizer. Top qualities for international roles regardless of gender.

And you don’t need to have been a top football to succeed as a manager.

I don’t think the hooligans will accept it though. And lets be honest, a large portion of men’s football fans are hooligans. 


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