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  1. Obviously am going against the grain, but its the corona thread so where else can someone ask 'where is the evidence that a 3...6.. 12 week lockdown isn't an over-reaction'? . I will do as I am told, and by the worldwide general reaction I would assume this is based on very good thinking. But I still believe there is debate to be had, which will have to intensify as the restrictions have to be lifted at some point, so are you saying those deaths become 'meaningless' when that happens? I have a Grandparent who can't be buried properly, a member of my family has lost their job and another's business could well go under and they could lose their house. I have read and can understand how you rightly have your own personal concerns for your immediate family's health, but everyone has their own fears and pressures and they are entitled to discuss and state them if they are not abusive.
  2. Is this in support of someone who appears decent in person however stupid or just mitigating as you haven't got other positive things to say?
  3. Is a total *******. But didnt they always come out to the Apprentice music... He wanted them to change it to Ibiza trance tunes and was very Dad-cringe about it.
  4. If they were pre-emptively testing medical staff to allow them to work, that would explain it...but that clearly isn't the case from what has been said so far. Maybe given a choice between testing anyone young, generally healthy with lots of symptoms isn't seen as a good use of a test. As compared to anyone old with health issues and only a few symptoms...maybe that is skewing the figures? What is obvious is that testing needs massively improving.
  5. I have a good friend who was really ill. Treated with antibiotics for a chest infection but didn't seem to help. She was told to go for a test but on arrival at the test center she was told as she had been able to drive there, she wasn't ill enough to warrant testing and sent home to self isolate. Her feeling was that unless you seemed to be exhibiting all the symptoms and be very ill they wouldn't test you and she was still convinced she had it. Bearing that in mind and how easily transmitted the disease is, I can't get my head round the figures that show that about only 1 in 5 people in the UK who are tested, test positive. By those figures its unlikely you have it and its just some other common or garden virus/illness? Or am I missing something? Really surprises me how low the positive testing rate is.
  6. Hoping my invite is in the post...need to lose a few teeth first though to get into character.
  7. Police have basically been given 'stop, question, fine and prosecute' powers for basically ANY reason at all..inc walking and driving, and everyone thinks its ok. I think that's worrying. I saw an old lady on my daily walk being stopped by a policewoman and asked where she was going (her house up the road).
  8. You hope.... I'm not sure that's always true. The example of going out of your way and buying garden equipment is an interesting example, that I think is totally unnecessary really.. 😉 I am generally no 'Swampy' hugging trees and moaning about free will. I would also add I don't really care about being exposed to risk as part of my job. But I have colleagues with underlying health issues that aren't deemed 'severe' that are very worried about the plan to redeploy them to support the Council and being made to accept risk, or look very bad..and potentially lose their job in the future. I find myself in the weird position where I am kinda mostly unaffected but am becoming increasingly angered by huge hypocrisy, massive power in the hands of those incapable of wielding it and worrying decisions being forced upon society which are roundly applauded by and large without question.
  9. I respect you at least for sticking to your guns. But IMO it's totally bonkers, common sense out of the window.
  10. I think the world is going mad. So I could (very easily) go to work today and put myself at risk because I am ordered to. On the way home, I pick my child up from school where they are being put at risk all day.... As we carry on the journey home, I could say 'as a treat for being in school all day whilst everyone you know is at home, let's just stop at the shop and get you a bar of chocolate'. I would then drive a min or two out of my way to get him a bar of chocolate......and be committing 2 offences that could end up with a court summons?????
  11. https://www.chesterstandard.co.uk/news/18344687.six-summonsed-breaches-coronavirus-legislation/ Really worrying and not that far from me. People summonsed to court for driving in their car, and for having more than one person in a household going to the shops.
  12. In a flash of inspiration I was wondering, well... would we be bothered and care if an illness was named after us just because it was seemingly more associated with us and appeared to have originated on these shores ....and I reckoned a lot of people would think it fair enough and some even be proud of it... Ridiculous though.. Who would ever name something 'the English disease'.... 🤔🤔🤔
  13. What a waste of money. Surprises me Roy that whilst you are normally so unbelievably keen to play devil's advocate, you seem to take everything pronounced to you by Boris (often in complete contrast to what other world figures were saying) completely at face value. You asked me 'what is so hard to understand', well nothing is, if you have morphed into a nodding dog over night. Crack on just repeating every pronouncement the government jumps to tomorrow and hammer anyone who questions it.
  14. https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/The-evidence-on-Covid-19-is-not-as-clear-as-we-think As an example, I am not a medical expert but there are interesting points made here (if I have the link correct) that just seem to not be open for debate. I haven't got the time, inclination or ability to really defend or focus on its ultimate validity...but it feels like any voices of restraint or opposition are just being swept away nationally by a tide of apocalyptic rhetoric with no giving of the opposing view.
  15. I think people are being remarkably compliant. We knew exactly what was coming. We were told to carry on pretty much as normal. Until Friday teatime my kids were in school with literally hundreds of other kids, I was in work and so was their Mum...all very close to dozens of other people. But that evening I wasn't seemingly allowed to go out for a drink lest I catch this deadly disease (I didn't). By Monday - even though I had to be in work and my kids were in school as they had nowhere else to go - we aren't allowed to meet friends, go in the car anywhere, go out more than once a day etc. The hypocrisy and rule changing is mind-boggling to me. I will be in work again tomorrow and mixing with a variety of different people, but if I want to go for a walk with my best mate, I could be fined. Everyone all seems to have happily swallowed the logic of this and anyone questioning it gets shot down. I have read quite a few articles that question the tactics and logic but generally people seem remarkably happy to just do as they are told. Myself included...but I feel some of the outrage when someone like @Needlesh questions anything, borders on the hysterical.
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