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  1. Chester40

    Accrington Stanley away tickets

    Yep and well deserved...who wants to have the correct information, clearly presented at an earlier time?
  2. Chester40

    Netflix/Box Sets

    Yep not bad. First series better than the second.
  3. Chester40

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Really reminded me of the Ashes Test where we went in with hope more than belief and Harmison sent the first ball shovelling down to third slip and we just immediately deflated. Watching Wisdom awkwardly try and side foot the ball whilst Leeds swarmed all over him; then clumsily try and rectify the situation seemed equally symbolic. Slow, half hearted, lacking in confidence and commitment... 1min in and we were already on the back foot. Fresh start tomorrow. Game consigned to mental history. We aren't a million miles away. Next game is massive.
  4. Chester40

    Are our loan players really all that?

    Couldn't agree more....although Tomori you could just have ended on 'won't ever play for Chelsea '. Not quite good enough mentally. Not aware of what's going on. One on one he is awesome but not a natural enough talent. Mount is hiding a bit for me. Not showing for the ball, getting knocked off the ball, taking easy options. Needs help and fast. Wilson has scored some of the best goals in Europe...a prospect for that alone. Can I see him displacing Mane at Liverpool...? No.
  5. Chester40

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    What is most annoying is that we were out-thought and out-fought from the first minute to the last. Sometimes you can think about key moments or crucial slips..but we were 2nd best in every aspect of the game for 90mins. If you had predicted how things could look if Leeds played to full potential and we were really poor - that was exactly how it panned-out. Tactically they totally roasted us. Lumping the ball out, sloppy in possession, panicking on the ball, not showing for the ball, getting caught on the back foot, generally being bossed all over the pitch. We did not have control of the flow, pace of the game for a single minute of the 90. That is not simply about the quality of the players, it is about the way we approached the game, how we set up tactically, what instructions the players were given and how the players felt able to respond when under pressure. In general the midfield went AWOL. In many ways this performance has been coming because we haven't played well consistently in a game for a long time. The close passing game has slowly evaporated, the pace of the from the back has slowed, the all-round confidence of getting on the ball has waned. Huddlestone would at least have tried to retain possession. Too many players weren't showing the necessary confidence. Massive week for Frank now. Some good fixtures for us. For 'happy clappers' who say 'shut up, stop moaning, we are top 6' etc..this is what happens when performances aren't good but results are ok. Finally feel like chickens have come home to roost. We haven't been playing that well and now we can see how far off we are. I would be watching that performance with the players at least 2 or 3 times today and showing them how off the mark we were. Next time out we need to get back to trying to play how Frank intends us to play for the next year or two and seeing who is capable of that rather than just trying to grind out points. Massive wake up call, really want Frank to settle on a team and especially the fullbacks and defensive midfield as the more we have tinkered the less control we have had of the ball and rhe worse the forward players have looked.
  6. Chester40

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Its everything to do with tactics. From the moment the game started they have done exactly what we knew they would...totally over-run, hassle, press and smother us. We are so out-tacticed its painful today.
  7. Chester40

    My Lads op.

    Will check for an update later and hope there is good news. Best wishes.
  8. Chester40

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Agree with this... Black Mirror is normally so clever, this time it just felt like a outdated gimmick. The Road...if ever there was a film that isn't as good as the book. You can't capture the mood and bleakness of the book .which is pretty short too.
  9. Chester40

    Alex Pearce - Joined Millwall on loan

    No, you were raising the theory that he mainly criticises players from other ethnic backgrounds. Seeing as he has constantly been in the press for slagging off his own players who (obviously) are of the same ethnicity.... I would say that was totally bogus. He also left the World Cup having fallen out with Irish/Barnsley Mick McCarthy and slating his own FA. After a recent match he criticised the goalkeeper for smiling and shaking hands at the end of the game where he made a mistake...saying what a disgrace he was and that he should have gone straight down the tunnel in shame. If you read his autobiography he was unimpressed with Beckham and his constant courting of the press. I would say his anger and criticism for people of all ethnic backgrounds is pretty well constant and entrenched.
  10. Chester40

    Alex Pearce - Joined Millwall on loan

    Irish mainly... like him.
  11. Chester40

    If you could live life in any movie...

    LOTR?? Christ....can't see that even though I love the films. Walking through vast wastelands with Orcs roaming freely? Grease I have seen maybe half of (not my cup of tea) but I love that era/feel so think that would be a better choice. Life of innocence, fun, sunny days, beach parties etc.
  12. Chester40

    Ethan Ampadu

    Agreed.....except Chelsea (Man City, Man U, Arsenal) are already doing this at levels we can't compete with. They go around the world hoovering up talent at ridiculously young ages. Years ago maybe it was a potential gap to be exploited; but now anyone with a tiny bit of talent is shoe-horned into an academy 'just in case' and snapped-up by bigger clubs if they show promise before they are even 8 or 9. Unsurprising that managers who can pay £100 million to buy ready made internationals, still don't give them a chance even though they have already beaten 100-1 odds to get a contract. Why wouldnt we take them when they are probably of a quality we couldnt attract? The loans we already have are classy and better than our own academy players so even though in an ideal world we would like to use our own players; I have no problem if we carry on utilising the players we otherwise couldn't attract.
  13. Chester40

    Vs Middlesbrough (home). Matchday thread.

    For Rowett read Clement too. Amazing recovery against Norwich, point against a battle hardened Boro....difficult to not look like a moaning minnie if you are critical....but performances have been very patchy. Didn't go today so basing it on radio/here. Frank gets my support for the season regardless, and maybe hopes have been raised out of proportion. Lots of deadwood on big wages...be nice to get shot and get a few in as his signings have been brilliant thus far.
  14. Chester40

    Vs Middlesbrough (home). Matchday thread.

    Strange example to illustrate your valid point...Andy Cole was always prolific but definitely not really a clinical natural finisher for me. Solskjaer would have been a better example. Lot of weight on Marriott's shoulders at moment. Waghorn should be the answer but reports sound disappointing today.
  15. Chester40

    v Norwich away (Matchday thread).

    Luckily Norwichlad's radio stream is good. I can now actually find out what is happening.

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