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  1. Salmon. Omg. Why are people so evangelical about it.? 'yes ... I have tried it several times. And it was fine. But that's it. No I won't try it or your's, I know you like it, but I don't want it instead of the chicken, lamb, pork, beef..' . X100 conversations.
  2. You are correct of course... Its a legal matter so no reason she couldn't do the job as well as a man, thankfully she doesn't need to know anything about football.
  3. Love Island. Huge kind of weird.. its so bad its funny, get with it movement. It's just awful, barrel scraping tripe.
  4. Hope this gets the recognition it deserves. Made me chuckle an unseemly amount.
  5. Serious question. There is a lot of 'we haven't done anything wrong' stuff on here and quite a few posters who obviously know their way round accounting... So worst case scenario, for the lay person, if we were found 'guilty' and deducted 12 points... What would we be found guilty of and how would the EFL justify /explain a big punishment??
  6. Very helpful that. Finally downloaded something that I can show the missus when she asks what I'm doing....
  7. Definitely more mobile than Chris... Sorry. You knew you were inviting this ..
  8. Das Boot done, kept me pretty gripped. Now watching 'Kingdom' (Navy St) on Netflix. Drama about family of MMA fighters. Again, definitely good viewing and no complaints at all from me. At same time however, I am re- watching The Sopranos as the missus hasn't watched it. It is even better than I remember. The quality of writing is superior to pretty much anything else. Das Boot, Kingdom...definitely really enjoyable but you are aware they aren't going to change your world. Some things as you watch.. The Sopranos, Gomorrah, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead early seasons, True D
  9. You ITK at all? I'm surprised how 'critical' of his all-round play you appear, has any word about the negotiations seeped out of the club? I must admit the much quoted stats showing how prolific he has been this season are preventing me from being as openly critical as I would otherwise. He has looked a pale shadow of himself for much of the season and I was never his biggest fan. He is pretty static, his ability to win you the ball is negligible and his body language has always grated on me. But he occasionally looks very classy and is capable of real moments of quality whilst his goal
  10. Martin providing no platform for them to get up the pitch. Not working the defenders, not stretching the play, stood around looking irritated, before throwing himself on the ground and not getting free kicks? Maybe... 😉
  11. Be staggered if his agent hasn't given him some kind of idea of what he can get elsewhere. Otherwise why bother having one!! Surely he has a figure from Derby... Say 10k a week for a year. Isn't that what an agent is for...phone round seeing what he could get elsewhere. Must fancy he can at least match it or he would have signed.
  12. Quite. 😂 But as a manager what would she have done /said prior to this if she saw the new lad (she didn't particularly like), taking cash direct into his pocket from pensioners and saying he would 'sort it' ? Sure he would...but would she think it was a good idea and tell him to carry on?
  13. Gotta totally disagree...especially if you read it all. The story is written sympathetically but this isn't really the case of her helping out one 93 year old with a loaf of bread. She put £180 on her card. That is a hell of a lot of people already touching bread that she is helping out. Sure, the first time she was maybe on the spot and felt terrible for them...but you can't keep taking cash off people direct into your own purse. Presumably there was no 'dodgy' dealing but it could be seen as such. Old vulnerable people just putting money direct into her purse without m
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