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  1. Bolton Wanderers v Derby County

    Ok.... 1) we seem incapable of putting teams to the sword. Why oh why can't we put games to bed. 2) Carson made virtually no saves. Still potentially a weak link. 3) Vydra can't hit a barn door when through on goal. 4) We have no settled team or performances. ..up n down. .in n out. Russell, BJ, Forsyth, Martin...who knows what to expect. 5) Still terrible at free kicks and penalties... 6) Butterfield...what is the point.. 7) Squad totally bloated. 8) Rowett...its summer man, stop wearing sweaters. 9) why aren't the youth players getting a chance? 10) Keogh...solid as a rock but you knew there's a last minute goal in it...every time. Enough to be going on with? ?
  2. Bolton Wanderers v Derby County

    To be fair. It was a chance I would back myself to score 6 or 7 times out of 10..and a professional striker 9 times out of 10. I have high hopes for him..but he can look a little less than clinical when he has time in front of goal. For all Martin's faults he usually looks very composed...and yes I do remember him snatching at one a few days ago 😂
  3. Bolton Wanderers v Derby County

    He's looking Lawverly at the mer-ment. Long as he doesn't run with his thumbs sticking up in a very camp manner..
  4. Euthanasia

    I think you've raised a rather different but interesting thread here Ronnie. You always think when you hear about suicides that there must have been some hugh traumatic event..some deep issue that just over powered them. The reality you raise is that perhaps they simple couldnt be arsed to bother with it anymore. I think a lack of 'faith' is central to this. If this is all there is...why bother... In answer to the question...there is euthanasia of sorts...the person is healthy enough to step off a cliff or whatever. They have the choice but want to put the onus/guilt onto someone else. Which simply isn't fair.
  5. Chance encounters with famous people

    I enjoy hearing about people's impressions of 'famous' people they bump into/meet at random places. Anyone got any they wish to share....good, bad, indifferent. ?? I actually literally bumped into Kris Commons on Tues. He was in the audience leaving the filming of TVs Ninja Warrior. He was with the kids and a distinctly 'normal' looking wife who was nagging him and telling him to get a picture of her and the kids. Gets 8/10 for being an average joe!
  6. My Lads op.

    Its definitely good to vent...get emotions voiced/out there so you can make sense of it all, get perspective and express your fears. Then you shove it all back away and act positive cause that's the best and only thing you can do. We can't do anything but read and be that sounding board you need...say the same platitudes that are nevertheless true...like we can't imagine how horrible it is...but that you're doing amazing and we hope for the best. You keep wittering as much as you like...we'll keep reading and praying it all turns out ok. Best wishes! !
  7. Rowett admits he'd snatch the hands off anyone fool enough to take on some of Blackman's wages. FTFY
  8. Confess your unpopular opinions

    Did you say you wanted to get your hands dirty working in a hospital? Hope all quiet at Chez Coneheadjohn.
  9. Confess your unpopular opinions

    There are no funny women. What about Miranda, Victoria Wood...Ab Fab..you ask. I rest my case m'lud.
  10. Gary still assessing this squad

    Well pardon me for being so literal. You'd think there was a way of demonstrating that you were being tongue in cheek..if only there was a way eh..
  11. Gary still assessing this squad

    I'm not Johnny's biggest fan...and as usual his final ball wasnt great. But come on! Credit where credit's due, he created the goal...and in that 5 seconds did more that Weimann the whole time he was on. I would Weimann to prove to prove me wrong but he just doesn't look the part.
  12. Gary still assessing this squad

    Sunderland just down from the Premier League had James Vaughn up top!!. We have Martin, Vydra, Nugent and Bent. Weimann can also play there. Its not about more options up front..its about getting some quality on the wing and sticking with a formation...but that team can compete already. With the players we have already though we could go all 2017 and go for 3 centre backs. Putting my tin hat on. Carson Wisdom Keogh Davies Anya (or JR) Forsyth Thorne (or BJ) Hudds Vydra Nugent Martin
  13. Judge goes easy on model

    I dont want to criticise... but have you missed a trick....? 'Al-bet he wanted to rag n bone her'.
  14. Sunderland v Derby County - Match day thread

    Paul McGrath's book is one of best I have ever read. Horrifically honest...sad...and mind-blowing he could still perform. Read it and I don't doubt you will come back and try and get other people to read it.
  15. SKALP advert

    Aren't they just tattooing the head? So it's skinhead or nowt?

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