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  1. I did qualify with 'even'...
  2. It feels sorta 'UK' made for TV to me. Comparable to Line of Duty, Luther.. All kinda watchable, but I really don't get what all the fuss is about. It's a step up from The Bill, but if you compare it to The Wire, The Sopranos, Gomorrah, True Detective... even Ray Donovan etc then its simply world's away.
  3. I went as part of two couples, years ago to a tiny venue with no idea who was on, and Tony Law was on last. Me and my mate were just howling all the way through ...I was literally crying and was nearly being sick it was tickling me that much. However, the two ladies were just totally unmoved....kept looking at us both, like Wtf.! So odd how absolute the different reactions were. Seen him a few times and yes he is hit n miss with his 'material' but I could listen to him say anything and it makes me laugh. Don't know what it is about him...he just makes me laugh whatever he says. To the uninitiated, he is deliberately shambolic and seemingly unprepared...its a kind of in-joke that he is stealing a living and has no jokes. He just rambles and returns to daft stories such as him being a 1970s US trampolining star who pioneered the importance of keeping 'hydrated'.
  4. Well Cocu certainly answered his critics last night!!. Why no Martin... Why no Marriott.. Why no Marriott and Martin together.. Why no Sibley... Do we need signings.. Answered 😂😂
  5. PS Jakahanbsk (?) is really annoying too... You hear the name on the radio and have no concept of how it actually looks written down. Bring back proper names. Matthews, Wright, Shearer.... not just English names either... Henry, Cantona and Silva still scan ! PS.. I know I am on a one man crusade.
  6. Not really a thing people do at all... But is it just me who finds these two Newcastle player's names really annoying? 1) Joelinton 2) Saint-Maximin Sorry.. They just aren't names. I hope Newcastle flop until these two irritatingly named players leave.
  7. OK.. I love getting so far away from the point it can no longer be seen.. So here goes! The carpark on some waste land seemed fine for years with some old fart keeping an eye on it and directing cars where to park when needed... until lots of local expansion and some flash guys starting turning up and just parking wherever they wanted. Car park management get all the users in and say the rules are changing and lines are being clearly marked and need to be used - showing exactly the only places where you can park. This is due to other cars being severely damaged as people are trying to navigate the recklessly deposited cars of others. As the original suggestion goes, said driver of flash car spies a small spot on a verge and notices as its on grass, it can't actually be expressly be marked with any double yellow lines to say not to park there. They ask the old fart who scratches his head and says he supposes its OK and driver smugly parks there all week. Other flash drivers get irked and one in particular goes to the car park management and points to camera footage of what has been happening and demands action.
  8. The very clear signs/parking spaces are that the EFL dont want clubs to get into debt.. but they will allow £40m over a three year period. Derby think they have found a loophole no one else has seen... Analogy stands up for me..
  9. I too really love a good analogy. This is a bloody great one. I bow down to your superior analogy skills. Look forward to more in the future.
  10. Came here having read @Millenniumram 's comments in another thread.... But have to say @DarkFruitsRam7 having looked you are slightly stretching the point cos you gave Nige the most tepid of lukewarm chances of not being a total disaster too!! Obviously if I had posted I would have said Nige would be amazing and definitely save them... So I can tease you both for your lack of football knowledge.
  11. Presume that is meant to say 'give it a miss'? I liked 'Rush' and found 'Sienna' really haunting...but to me neither are about cars and car development really, more about the characters and human emotion. Irishman definitely on the list, but it's pretty long so need a decent run up at that and am watching Fargo series which is in easier bites. Bronx Tale, great film yep. Heard lot about 1917 and the style /format but still not sure I understand... Seems very hot on the heels of Dunkirk too but sure I will watch at some point.
  12. What excellent reviews! Have half a mind to trust you know what you are talking about and I love Ed Norton so will definitely give that one a whirl. Everything I have heard about Terminator has made me think it will continue to wreck the series legacy so again you sound on the money. Does put me in a rather a quandry though as you gave Ford v Ferrari a great review but I don't really find cars interesting and I thought the trailer looked dull as ditch-water.
  13. Unless they have new evidence that the figures were manipulated or hidden to hide certain things surely....
  14. If you are going to do it... Go big. Loving the statement. Definitely not taking it lying down. Mel, that is the way to do it. Have my support.
  15. I understand the need to try and look after clubs...but surely the EFL have got to have a serious look at themselves and how they do it. After decades of - often extremely serious - financial problems we finally have a local owner with both the pocket and desire to spend his OWN money on getting us promoted. In fact he wants to spend more than he seriously can expect to get back and is happy to do that. However in an attempt to do that he has had to jiggle money around in such a way they retrospectively have decided they don't like. So they intend to try and fine us and deduct the club points and potentially relegate us and scare off the potential investors we have... Thanks very much for looking out for us... But you know... Just **** off and don't worry cos it feels like you might be err.. having... you know... the opposite effect.
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