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  1. I once convinced 3 mates on a night out about my "great" idea of adding a bottle of Hooch to a double gin. Four rounds later(it slips down very fast) it was carnage! People I knew told me later they had spoken to me and I was a right state. I do recall being sick out my bedroom window and am I fairly sure I urinated in the corner of my room I was so disoriented. One of the others got on the bus to head into town and passed out and ended up sleeping in a park. Never tried it again.... I do like gin though, and find the recent conversion of the masses annoying. In general though I prefer pints of anything for the volume of liquid; as otherwise I just neck it and get too drunk.
  2. Chester40

    Watchable telly

    Totally agree with this...apart from not seen Killing Eve...and several people have mentioned it, so will give it a go.
  3. Chester40

    Watchable telly

    For the first time ever I am re-watching a whole series. And it's even better second time round. Gomorrah. Its soooo frickin good. Makes everything else I have watched recently seem so flimsy and lame. If you havent tried it, then settle down and enjoy. If you don't like subtitles then that is firstly ridiculous and anyway you don't deserve an opinion in the first place! Basically its an Italian gangster/drug war series (3 so far, and according to internet 4 and 5 are in motion and London may feature). It is engrossing, cool, realistic...you really get sucked into it and almost feel like you have driven round Naples on a moped with a machine gun!
  4. Chester40

    Watchable telly

    Few people at work were watching this and saying how great it was. The missus asked me if I liked it... I said pretty much what you said, but nowhere near as well. Agree with every word!!
  5. Exactly.. unfortunately clubs probably budget for them playing every game. Its like gym membership where you say if I go 3 times a week it will only be £4 a time. At the end of the month you realise your one session of sauna and jacuzzi action cost £50.
  6. You could post this on any discussion though.... eg performance or results which is more important, does Frank know what he's doing with subs, is Keogh actually any good, are we worth renewing my season ticket for.?? Answer... It doesnt matter to me if we are winning. Job done. The fact is, we arent winning every game. So, fans then look for things we can change, things going right/wrong. How much we are paying different players, how we will pay on new players and their wages.. ..is worth discussing to me. Its probably a bit too unknown for me to get into it much tbf... I just think if someone wants to say they have heard so and so is getting paid x amount (and its way more than some other players) its worthy of debate.. always bearing in mind we are a polite society.
  7. Who the hell is that weirdo sat on the fence who saw fit to not wear stone wash blue jeans? Jean Paul Gaultier?? How did he get out the ground alive the great big show pony!!
  8. Your issue seems to be with the attitude of some of the more negative fans towards the players... rather than the principle of what wages players are on, and is this worth discussion and comparison....Which I think it is. ..eg.. if Ashley Cole is on say 5-10k and basically doing Frank a bit of a deal and lending his experience and getting a bit of coaching in.. great. If he is on 30k and then the feeling is more it is an old mate getting a gig, and I am less impressed. This prudish-ness about wages is only because there is probably not that much disparity.... if you followed a Premier League team they are constantly speculating about wages...players are in demanding more (Ozil), re-negotiating contracts (Rashford) talking about 'wage ceilings' (Spurs), paying bigger wages as in on free (Sanchez).... we don't really discuss wages that much here is my honest opinion.
  9. Over reaction or what? Does anybody know for sure? No...so people are speculating...which we are all aware of, no one is burning effigies of them. Does it matter? Well personally speaking, if Butterfield had come on a free transfer and was on 2k a week.... then no he wouldnt be any better a player, but I would be less desperare to get him off the books and more patient when he had underperformed. Likewise if Mason Bennett is on 50k a week, then my "oh he's potentially a prospect, no rush to move him on, let's give him time from the bench" view would change. I love an analogy... but come on... you can't compare it to knowing what a restaurant or whatever pays its staff. Unless you spend hundreds of pounds in that restaurant, check who is working there each week and refuse to eat in any other restaurant.. plus if they were earning 30k a week I would be very interested!
  10. Possibly the best side available for my money. No complaints. Think we have too much for them 2-0.
  11. Really couldnt imagine... (or summon the energy) to try and predict the team or formation. Absolutely impossible...just too many changes and too many players out of form, fitness and favour. Just pick 11....stick with them Frank. If players he would like in are unfit, then pick the best 'like for like' replacement for now rather than keep overhauling things. For me...go solid, press high, get full backs far up tge pitch and try to suffocate/dominate teams cos we have proved we cant play our way through or counter attack efficiently. Roos Bogle Tomori Keogh Malone Hudds Johnson Mount (or Holmes) Waghorn Lawrence (or Wilson) Marriott
  12. Frank is showing his inexperience and has become as guilty of knee-jerk, short-termism as us fans. Instead of breeding confidence by standing by a settled side and system he has abandoned everything and is dropping players, changing systems, bringing other players in only to drop them straight away. Today was the culmination. All well and good for fans to demand changes left right and centre but the manager has to be building...and know his mind. He is clearly stretching and guessing now. Back to the drawing board. No more bombing players straight out, no more formation changes....they have lost their way. Need clarity of thought and working on a system in training we can recognise on the pitch.
  13. If the team was carefully constructed as that post I would be chuffed... take my hat off to you sir. Said what I wanted to say but ..eloquently. Hope its not true and as Villa are in crisis hope is there...but if I had to bet then I would be with you.
  14. Christ, if that team starts in the Premier League will be breaking our own records! On paper seeing that team a few months ago I would have been VERY unhappy with. Got to say performances have been poor so he has been brave and shaken things up....but if we play badly expect the criticism levels to increase significantly. Always a worry when you ring the changes and they are untested or out of form themselves.
  15. Some fairly decent well expressed views on this thread actually.. from both sides. I get annoyed when people jump on any criticism, cos what's the point of a forum if you can only say 'I support the team, onto the next game '. However, expressed here quite coherently is the opposing view.. ie have a moan, but expect to get shot down. Imagine if opposition fans came on and said some of the stuff about the players, team, manager, atmosphere etc that our own fans do! What we need to do is stop being so precious I think.. expect to get shot down.. but take it in good heart like with your mates and move on, instead of bickering and taking offence like a married couple.
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