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  1. Poor like they can see their investment going south. True though. Awful idea.
  2. Ban any player from World Cup/European Championships, let them go and totally ignore them.
  3. Must have been around 2000.. We go to small venues where they have 4 or 5 on the bill who are often just starting out. Obviously a real mixed bag, usually 1 excellent, 1 or 2 good /ok and 1 poor. Every time it's a woman we exchange glances and its like we transmit our tension to them and they are awful...but I admit I'm also kinda glad to win the argument again.
  4. Has anyone been saying that at all?? Or are they saying Rotherham look capable of grinding out a few results and we don't. They were unlucky really. A draw would have been the fair result. Deflected goal in the last minute, so finally a bit of luck for us. We need to take advantage on Tue because if we don't it could look much worse again before you know it.
  5. Strange how another team's double substitution on 95m 40s seemed amusing rather than deeply annoying today.
  6. Both teams look like they feel a point wouldn't be a disaster. Birmingham edging it again.
  7. First half made me more nervous for Tue. Rotherham don't look too tired and definitely aren't fading so far. Birmingham look every inch the gritty, long ball merchants who we struggle against.
  8. Worrying so far. Lots of energy and definitely had the better of things.
  9. This break may work for Birmingham.
  10. Birmingham hanging on a bit..
  11. Rotherham missing chances...
  12. Actually enjoying that the goalkeeper takes a kick and everyone goes to the halfway line. No messing about at the back, no constant passing along the line for no reason. Proper football with bodies on the line. Close game so far.
  13. Me too. We aren't in the business of chasing teams. Hope Rotherham fade and we play Birmingham with them having little to play for.
  14. Quite a decent start tbf. Not a bad game.
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