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  1. I hear what you're saying. ..bit like bringing Schteve back..? But the signing has Rowett all over it for me..him and Curtis seem athletic, strong. frills.
  2. Wisdom's coming home...he's coming home..he's coming..
  3. I think you will be very happy with what you saw!!!! Going by another thread I know you have a lot going hope your positive foresight is just as accurate today!
  4. Going for the most niche random thing ever... Top Trumps - after hours you have almost got all your child's cards...but you lose a 'hand'(?) and out of interest you check their card and find you would have lost in every single category anyway ?? How stupid and annoying is that??. Every card should be able to beat every other card in at least one category.
  5. Looking at this list of 'legends' it strikes me we haven't had many goalscorers who have stuck around for long over the last 30 years! !
  6. From BBC news: He first became involved with the show after its creator Nick Park wrote to Sallis when he was a student in 1983 - and asked him to voice the clay character. Sallis agreed, on the condition that £50 was donated to his favourite charity. A good deed that works out for a nice person...should go in the 'things that make me happy' thread.
  7. Ohh what a shame. My kids love him for Wallace...totally irreplacable in that role. He did it as a virtual favour too. Seemed like a genuinely decent bloke too. I will be a decent bloke now...if it gets me to 96!
  8. Imagining that Chris had had the career he had with us at say Leeds, and had then gone on to Fulham...and now we were potentially signing him. I would be pretty lukewarm. I'm not saying I wouldn't welcome him..I just wouldn't see him as a main man to push us top 3/4. Can't help thinking a lot of the excitement is nostalgia rather than genuine appreciation of the player. I realise I will get shot down in flames and all the stats will come out..but that's my gut reaction.
  9. Lego Batman. Took a few good ideas and stretched them to the limit. Some older humour..but not the kind that works on two levels so the kids just didnt get it. Didn't think it was as good at the Lego Movie. Kids found it distracting enough...but too many lulls where they got slightly bored. Really wanted to like it, but was slightly disappointed. 6.5/10
  10. Can't see anything wrong with what he said. On his day he could be the best right back in the league...but he is frustratingly inconsistent and can look a bit of a headless chicken. In a one-off game where we needed to win, he could be awesome, ca be skillful, has pace, power... Unfortunately over a season he is too 'in and out'. He can't be relied on to keep the shape in the side, he loses the ball, he makes odd passing decisions...not one for a solid team grinding out promotion from the Championship. Always gives 100%, doesn't hide...but doesn't work with Ince at all. Parting of the ways may be in order..but would go with my blessing and come back and tear us apart.
  11. Now...that in white...v-neck. Sold!
  12. I thought it was a Beach Boys album?
  13. Anyone else think Tiger is starting to look like David Gest??
  14. The Inbetweeners. Crude, but very funny and frighteningly reminiscent of my youth 😂
  15. Shall I try to get us on back on track? The current media-driven trend for feminising men..and trying to convince them that 'makeup' is not just for women. Men do not wear foundation, or guy-liner etc. Having your eyebrows shaped is a no-no and whitening your teeth is border line!