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  1. Hoping you all made it through the night at home safely and you get some good news today. Fingers crossed
  2. It irritates me that there is always a lot of hand-wringing about Football League rules on 'fit n proper' person not being good enough and it must change etc etc. Then the very same people will be complaining when a fan's group/ local MP/ some random 'white knight' comes riding to the rescue an hour before the deadline and are told it's too late to just step in!
  3. Interesting...... absolutely no understanding/ idea about this.... But as an eg if I were Mel, pumping-in £30million a year of my own cash to keep my club afloat....then some crook bought another club, siphoned off cash from it and then tried to liquidate the club...maybe I wouldn't be saying 'yeh, we won't punish you'.
  4. Sounds like you misplaced your 'How to Raise The Perfect Child' handbook that all your children came with.... I did the same with what often feels like pretty dire results. However it feels like something and nothing when compared to what you have/are experiencing. Not wanting your children to suffer anything at all is most parent's over -riding desire, xso you all do so well dealing with the pressure and I know I couldn't do it with the humour, honesty and decency you manage. Keep posting when you can, you can see lots of people are emotionally invested in it.
  5. Unfortunately I can see how that could happen. Must feel like bloody hell 'why us'...but for you all the pressure must be unbearable at times and everyone has their limits. As always I can't even begin to imagine how tough this must be to talk about. Best wishes. Glad he is doing ok, you are all gonna keep needing each other.
  6. You could try really really brief? Didn't see the deleted message but obviously things are tough. Thoughts are with you and your family.
  7. I love this totally random thread started with startling confidence and vigour by a new poster. First Roy's sarccy comment... then this really great reply from Alpha, which I totally agree with. Then this... 😂😂 very amusing. Classic reply. C'mon @86 Schmokes & a Pancake... great pic, but feel there is more to come. Felt things were getting a bit dull with same old debates but this slightly offbeat approach from @Toppers is enjoyable. Orrr I am losing my marbles/drinking too much.
  8. You are usually negative Roy, so nothing I didn't expect...but that did make me chuckle.
  9. Keogh, Waghorn and Bogle. That's trying to get inside your thinking....not my own vuew.
  10. Made me laugh.... But is also true. It was a terrible performance and we are struggling a bit. People have every right to complain about it, talk about where we are going wrong, what we can tweak, which players are out of form etc... ...but when I read 'Mel needs to act if after the next two games we haven't won' etc I just can't be bothered reading any more. Just depressing me that fans are wanting a change already, saying Cocu obviously isn't good enough etc. Christ sake, give him a bloody chance.
  11. Hobbs and Shaw (Fast and Furious).. Not a fan of the FaF franchise...at all (being kind). But at the cinema, gotta admit this was quite a good film actually. Totally bonkers action film, never let's up. Buddy movie in a 'Tango and Cash' knockabout style.. doesn't always hit the mark but amusing at times. Action scenes were full-on, ludicrous and constant...but good exhausting fun.
  12. Turning into Roy Keane.....oh dear
  13. His solicitor added outside court 'he mistakenly thought he was entitled to see his legal representation before taking a breath test'.. because of course that's what we would all do.. And that he has 'no way of knowing if his medication "interacted" with the alcohol'... The judge disregarded all this...and gave custodial sentence. British justice. Surprised...
  14. Aren't they assuming it's a bit like getting into a fight and the police being called...but then you resist arrest and lie about what you did? There is presumably (however unlikely) if he didn't take the test, the possibility he could have drunk say 20 or 30pints. Which would then be incredibly serious...but we won't ever know as he refused to take the test. You must assume the worst if people refuse, otherwise someone who has had 4/5 pints would be better off refusing to take the test rather than failing it but not by 'that much'.
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