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  1. It was briefly posted and deleted. Like something an agency would circulate of the supposed conditions on which Mel was trying to sell the club.
  2. Is this based on what is already being seen (performances on pitch) or are you predicting things I don't know about?
  3. Definitely see that pen shout given... Hand was in a natural position, didn't move towards and had very little time to react... But arm was away from the body.. 50-50 for me
  4. You derty old man... Game going to script so far...
  5. Your contributions have been good to date, but this one is the sum total of : repeating speculation x sitting on the fence x stating the bleeding obvious 😂 (good news though - we are delighted to offer you the job as Sky's roving reporter in the Midlands)
  6. My thinking is that CKR is our equivalent of Emile Heskey. Hard working, holds the ball up, gives defenders a hard time, basically leads the line and punches holes and creates space for others but isn't a natural finisher or a poacher in the 6 yard box. Unfortunately he isn't blessed with pace (unlike Heskey) so he doesn't really work the channels and break the lines. Heskey also had someone like Owen who adored and worked off him and picked up all the advantages. We play with CKR up front alone, so don't have anyone doing that. We have a solid base in midfield with a tiny bit of guile b
  7. Good point really. They are supposedly talking to them every day and they are insisting the deal is about to go through...hard to know where any ITK would be coming from.
  8. I would say that is out of the normal? It would definitely change my opinion if my experience was the same. I know maybe 20 people who have tested postive (myself included). Most had mild to no symptoms, 4 or 5 said they felt ill/achey /drained, 2 had really bad flu-like symptoms and 1 (who has respiratory issues) was really worried for a night they would need to be admitted but then recovered.
  9. Problem is I think they were both playing too hard to get....
  10. I have found the opposite really. With no little distractions, no minor things to do...football has taken up ever more of my thoughts!
  11. And this mysterious billionaire backer has what motivation to buy us and stay silent?
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