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  1. ????? The Phantom Menace was the biggest let-down ever. Had couple of friends saying it was great straight after..but clearly that was just hope!!
  2. Yule think I'm crackers....but log this now. No more puns from me from the present day until next year.
  3. Surely it's puns for the reindeer of the day?
  4. My Lads op.

    Like to think you manage to store up some of your angst/worry and dump it here and it gets absorbed by the group. Allowing you to function and enjoy life with the family. I know I feel emotionally invested and see any new post with a mixture of hope and trepidation. Will give my boys an extra hug today. All the best for an enjoyable Xmas and fresh hope in the new year.
  5. This Kris Commons Interview

    As ever, a considered reply. Always enjoy your posts. My only observation would be that Tony Pulis, Big Sam, Neil Warnock...definitely 'old school' managers but they would work like mad on set pieces.
  6. This Kris Commons Interview

    Well that was pretty damning!! Good interview, Commons comes over well. Seems Nigel was more similar in approach to Dad than I imagined. Good if you want someone to run a Sunday AM team...not someone who is going to improve a player. Wasn't even a biased 'I wasn't in the team so he's rubbish' job. Be interested to see what the pro-Nigel brigade make of it. @ronnieronalde?
  7. Looking at their squad and momentum Villa are obviously big rivals so we can't afford to let them take 3 points. I'd imagine we take a safety first approach and snatch the 3 points if possible but we'd be happy enough with 1. Can see Nuge and Russell in..buzzing around keeping them busy and Tom being told to try and dictate the pace of the game. Martin and Thorne on the bench coming on 2nd half.
  8. PPS Development

    Is anyone saying its a bad idea to have somewhere warm, inviting and serving beer/food, showing football before and after the game? Even if they wouldn't use it..surely they can see it will help stop the mad panic to leave the ground ten minutes early. Personally I'd love to get there early and settle down to a few locally brewed pints in an inviting environment. In fact...its so obviously makes sense my question would be how are we able to make it work when clearly financially it has been prohibitive previously to have pubs and food outlets etc that for 13 days out of 14 are potentially empty...???
  9. The derby way equals the Brian Clough way.

    I'm not seeing how this works... basically you're saying let's follow a one-off. He used force of personality, reverse psychology, man management...his own innate feel/touch for what he saw and what worked. He made players want to run through brick walls for him and didn't really 'coach' that much. He built them up and let them go. You can't replicate that. Maybe Mourinho is the closest modern equivalent. But even he has a clear strategy in big games. Clough MAY have worked in the modern game where players aren't as frightened or as in awe of managers ..but you can't manufacture what he had.. without his charisma and ability to connect/drive players....you've not even got Paul Clement. A nice guy...who likes to play the ball...and has also coached at the top level.
  10. Halloween / Nov 5 / Diwali.

    One of the most irritating things in the world is a group of 14/15 years with a crappy mask each knocking on your door and asking for money/stuff. How is that a tradition..a 'thing'.? I can only think how scary that must be for old people on their own...how it is actively encouraged I have no idea.
  11. when are you most vulnerable?

    The day after a huge session. I am literally as vulnerable as a 6month old baby. I am totally unable to fend for myself and will just cry in my bed until my strength returns.
  12. Your Top 5 Greatest All Time Actors

    Joe Pesci DiCaprio Edward Norton De Niro Christian Bale. Tbf..probably my fav actors rather than best. I will avoid anything with Seagal, Woody Allen or Adam Sandler like the plague.
  13. My Lads op.

    Well you don't have a decision to make..which can sometimes give you some semblance of clarity and peace. The scan was clear. So you can be happy. There is nothing to be done except be glad he's free to enjoy himself. Enjoy today and tomorrow..and the day after.., hoping there's no bad news...a good lesson for all of us there I think! All the bestate.
  14. My Lads op.

    Best wishes. Sounds like every time you getting through one panic and catch a break, you get hit by another wave. Hope you get some good news and the thought people are rooting for you offered you some mental energy.
  15. Impaired as a newt, I reckon.

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