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  1. My Lads op.

    Life's challenging and busy at moment so not looked at forum for a few days....so had quick look only to see if there is an update from you. Postponed matches etc just not a concern when you have real stuff going on. Thinking of him and hope he gets the best news he can.
  2. The reality is

    He's smirking and can barely contain himself in his haste to get those phrases out. Good on him. The negativity towards him is due to the results...nothing more. If we were top 2 the complaints about the style of play, the squad, formations, substitutions, press conferences, catchphrases, pronunciation ...which side he parts his hair...would stop. At the start of the season I would have taken where we are. The current form is a concern. But win Sunday it will look ok again. I'd give him til Xmas regardless, give him the summer to create his own team and a good proportion of next season to see how it settles.
  3. What it’s like being a Rams fan in one sentence

    Its like Stockholm Syndrome.. .... an abused husband, where my head says don't bother they will only fail again, and guess what? For all the talk ...the reality is ...they've been distracted and come the summer have gone away uncaring without me again ...so that's it I'm done!! Then comes the Autumn....a few flowers... more promises...a fresh start...the heart says ....one more chance...a fantastic few days out where everything is perfect again...and I'm back there telling everyone this is our time..again.....
  4. Women's World Cup

    Having just seen the highlights....good luck Phil, you're gonna need it. What standard do people think it's equivalent to? The 2nd German goal was as bad as anything in kid's park football. Generally it looks like Sunday AM football? Eg Women's athletics..or golf..or tennis, or skiing.......looks comparable to elite men's sport..I admire how much better they are then I could ever have dreamed of. Football and rugby...sorry looks terrible!
  5. Must win or must not lose?

    No way is Gary getting the sack. Regardless of the result.....he's here till next season come what may. I do wonder how he will overhaul the squad in the summer but no way should we be changing manager again. It's a pipedream thinking a change of manager is all we need. Three points are less vital now we know top 2 has gone. Performance and confidence more important than win at all costs...then we can go into the play offs in the up.
  6. Kenny you are so funny

    Only one has put on weight since the end of German occupation?
  7. Mea Culpa, I was wrong.

    Come on now Pearl... I think him starting yet another thread which no one can deny is rather 'look at me' is singling RoyMac5 out for criticism.
  8. Perfect storm

    Derby miss out on play offs on last day of season Forest escape relegation on same day. Harry Kane, Dele Ali and Raheem Sterling get injured on same day...meaning not even the World Cup worth looking forward.
  9. Derby County vs Fulham

    Even watching wrestlers I have never heard of seems better value than this...
  10. Derby County vs Fulham

    4th 'must win' game in a row...πŸ˜‚ But if we want to keep top 2 as a slim hope...rather than a mere mathematical possibility we need 3 points. We could do with being bold but I think Rowett will go safe and make sure we don't lose and hope to steal it. Will stick with two holding and give Cameron another chance he hasn't really earned....just no-one else looking any better. Palmer to retain place...we go again...more with hope than expectation. Someone really needs to stand up and grab this team and drive them on, just not sure we have the player to do it.... Or the team clicks again and all the moving parts that have been sticking suddenly slip into gear again. Big game this one...not just the points but the performance and where we are....
  11. Reading v Derby County

    Watching goals on Sky. Presenter saw sending off and said 'oh yes, definite red'.. if that is a red then it's a contactless sport. Yellow was more than enough.
  12. Incremental Improvements

    Interesting stuff Alpha and I agree in many ways. My issue is that not living local my kids only 'see' the Premier League...they want to be like all.tje other kids and support a Chelsea, a City... at least with a promotion I could take them to see 'their' side Derby play against them...saying we're 'not in that league' is a tough argument to win. It's becoming a 'would I rather' they just didnt get into football at all or support a team other than Derby!! Dilemma
  13. Extra money for Maddy

    The thing that stuck in my mind from the documentary I saw...which was very 'pro' them..was them saying how they had ak had a great day. The kids had been in club all day and been given tea by staff as part of that. Whilst they'd gone off for a walk and a game of tennis. Strikes me their crime was just chronic selfishness.
  14. Extra money for Maddy

    Is there any coherent version of events that rather than says 'why would they have done / said a,b,c'..Actually says how and why they did it? I can't even make out what is being suggested.?. That they are normal people who killed her by medicinal accident..went up to the room and realised, put her in the car and dumped her never to be found, all without friends realising? Or...they are a group of friends all happy to carry on pretending their child murderering friends are ok courting the media and claiming millions...and bringing perpetual spotlights on their made up stories? Whatever strangeness is in their version pales into insignificance with the alternatives!
  15. Extra money for Maddy

    Very. ...directly underneath this story is another one about 'a magic fruit that attacks tummy fay (sic)' πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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