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  1. My Lads op.

    Well you don't have a decision to make..which can sometimes give you some semblance of clarity and peace. The scan was clear. So you can be happy. There is nothing to be done except be glad he's free to enjoy himself. Enjoy today and tomorrow..and the day after.., hoping there's no bad news...a good lesson for all of us there I think! All the bestate.
  2. My Lads op.

    Best wishes. Sounds like every time you getting through one panic and catch a break, you get hit by another wave. Hope you get some good news and the thought people are rooting for you offered you some mental energy.
  3. Impaired as a newt, I reckon.
  4. GR - stick or twist

    The only way I would consider a change is if a miracle, one-off, definite-promotion gaining manager became available. Then I'd say thanks Gary we just need to go up now rather than build. Who is that man you may ask? Er..well Mourinho is not going to come and he has zilch experience of this level and works best when he has more money to spend than anyone else. (Ditto Pep, Ancelotti et al). So let's go proven at this level....Steve Bruce..no thanks, Villa fans want him out, Neil Warnock ...Holloway, Redknapp.?..nope, too old and past their best even if they would come and they certainly wouldn't guarantee promotion as recent history would prove. So let's go young upstart manager..ohh that's what we have...!! There is NOBODY who I would confidently predict that could come in and even guarantee an upturn in form never mind promotion...and every time we change we get poorer financially..the players get more unstable..the squad gets more mixed in its make-up and style. People just take a minute. Stop thinking there is a magic wand that solve everything. He gets until the end of the season regardless. Even if we went into the bottom 3, we hold our nerve!
  5. Time to go !

    I'm staggered that people are seriously thinking of changing the manager. Clement, Steve, Pearson...didn't get long enough to prove /disprove they would get it right. Possibly they wouldn't have. ..but we lurched to the next 'fad./ messiah' . before we could be sure. Meaning we now have a total hotch potch of players, style, ideas. We need to just stick with one man ....give him chance to establish a style and if we finish mid-table so be it. Its mental to consider anything else.
  6. Derby County V Birmingham City

    Positives : Keogh was immense and looked good coming forward with the ball even. Vydra looked busy and not far off being the player we thought we were buying. Lawence has got a touch of class and could be a great player. Negatives: system isn't working for me. Two slow holding midfielders, means we dont break at pace and use our pace up top. No real width...Ollson and Baird don't get forward and Weimann and Lawence kept going narrow. Defence playing way too deep. Not pushingup. .creating no intensity or ..pressure. Carson's kicking. Johnson's passing is often terrible. In conclusion. Much to be done!
  7. Joe Ledley’s Beard

    I think Ledley looks a complete prat. Give me a 70s 'tache any day.
  8. Doughnuts

    I eat virtually anything sugary...except donuts....hate the smell..the taste.. just NO.
  9. A player can get drunk and kill someone with their car...and come back and earn a living from the game. A fan could with full intention go out and kill, rape, maim, throw acid at someone...and in due course serve their sentence and return to watching the matches. This person sends a 2 word sick tweet and can never return to the ground. Just seems out of proportion to me. Obviously the tweet was directly related to the game/team so is different from my examples. But as other people have pointed out... fans have got involved in fighting, invaded the pitch, sang sick chants..and they face no punishment at all sometimes. No one is saying what he did was ok...or anyrhing other than pretty sick and despicable. But let's have some proportion...and I'd like to hear if he was repentant and genuinely sorry before I'd say that his whole life of following Derby was over. Lot of people on here seem never to have done or said anything they regret. I haven't trolled a player but I'm sure there's things I regret that in the cold light of day look pretty terrible. The tweet was terrible..but the hysteria on social media portraying him as totally evil are almost equally unpleasant to me.
  10. Restorative justice is very -'fashionable'...but it does have its merits. I hear you...but if I were a player I would be more than happy with what is now such a public matter to make time to turn this into a good news story. Explaining how stupid, crass Twitter comments like this can be very hurtful...maybe sell the story to the national press, link in the FA about wider dangers of trolling...raise money and profile for a children's charity.
  11. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Oh..and they s*** everywhere...but no its fine...its a horse so it's not a problem! (The horse not the rider😂)
  12. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    People who ride horses. The annoying way they expect the whole world to revolve around them..all cars to slow down, dogs to be kept away, right of way. Don't go on the bloody road then. And if they are off-road in the countryside..they just look smug and expect you to wave and get all excited like they are royalty..so self-satisfied like they've tamed a wild beast themselves.
  13. A lifetime ban is really over the top in my opinion if he has no way of mitigating it. If he doesn't want to..fine, ban stands. But he should be able to contact the player and ask to meet him and apologise and hear the hurt he may have caused. He can also offer to help every Saturday in a hospital making tea/visiting/spending time with sick children and their families. He can explain next summer how this has made him feel..and the player and his family can be asked if they feel a lifetime ban is still appropriate. Surely a season learning the effect of a very sick tweet and then a story about how he has learned how cruel it was ..is better all-round than a carpet ban and job done.
  14. Rams summer 2017 transfer deadline day thread

    Sooo..in conclusion? Are we saying... OUTs - Bryson; probably past his best and injury prone. Butterfield; never really got going, hard to see what he does.. Few good prospects out on loan IN Kieftenbeld - solid workhorse Winnall - good reserve striker, to add options up front.. POSITIVES Haven't spent much money. Solid signings.Trimmed wage bill. NEGATIVES Still few too many hanging around who won't be getting a game. Short on the wings... or does it suggest we wont be playing that way anyway. All looks a bit workmanlike? No replacements for Ince or Will really... Reserve judgement but could be a long season.
  15. Deadline day party

    I would add I'm 8 and my car is plastic and powered by pedals 😉

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