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  1. Chester40

    Snakes at the Bet365 Stadium?

    These things happened despite his actions not because of them. There have been some convoluted analogies so far...so here's my own version. Its like you're cycling along and some careless driver on the way to a job interview recklessly cuts you up and takes you out. You're rushed to hospital to get checked out and they discover nothing is actually damaged.... but the scan reveals you have a growth around your heart that needs operating on or it could be fatal. You're rushed into surgery and come round from the operation and the young dashing surgeon explains he not only saved your life but the slimy growth they discovered was restricting your development to such an extent you should feel fitter, faster and younger than ever before the operation. At this point the salesman who cut you up finally arrives having failed the interview for the job (he was late as he sneaking out of his current job). Your family are all sat round comforting you ....and he hears the news and expects them to jump up and thank him!!
  2. Chester40

    Snakes at the Bet365 Stadium?

    Pantomime villain is the right phrase. Bloody enjoy yourselves people. I supported him till the end and then he just left without really explaining why. Except he left for a richer club offering more money and a bigger budget. Do I accept its fair enough? .probably...but I reserve the right to feel slighted, especially after all the sweet nothings and the history we shared. So I will boo and jeer him and he will lap it up and smugly applaud us if he wins. If we win it will make it all the sweeter. If I bumped into him in a pub I would talk football and probably find him a decent bloke...much the same has been said for Lee Camp. When all is said and done its 11 random blokes with no real allegiance to my city trying to kick a bag of air into a net more times than 11 other random people. None of it makes sense really...but we buy into the theatre, the drama, the atmosphere and it becomes the centre of the world. Just enjoy it for what it is...a bit of fun, with an edge that makes it mean a lot more than it should.
  3. Chester40

    v Sheffield Wednesday (A) Match Thread

    And a published author... To refer to the original post....we weren't good 2nd half v Villa. But Thorne, Wisdom and Butterfield being the answer?? Bonkers. We have played amazing football in their absence, and we really didn't last weekend...so why are they the obvious answer ? Mount being missing, Waghorn missing.. Wilson out of position, Bogle getting leggy, Bryson not playing, too much change at left back, Lawrence needing a head check again, Johnson back in; even playing Hudds and Johnson, or needing Nugent's older wiser head .... all more plausible areas for discussion than players who haven't been part of the brilliant play of recent weeks.
  4. Chester40

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Watched this years ago... loved it. Deserves better than 7... Goosebumps 2. Not as good as the first...kinda ok ..kids liked it, but more contrived and less Jack Black and humour for the adults. 6.5/10
  5. Chester40

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    Having had a couple of days to reflect I would still say it was the 2nd half performance that was slightly troubling not the result. Eg if one of Villa's chances had gone in in an even first half we would have been unlucky to go in one down. Then 2nd half if we had pushed on and been hit on the break...or Carson had been caught trying to dribble out or Keogh had over played etc..then 0-3 is the risk you take playing the way we have been playing. But we didn't play that way...we were very slow on the ball and didn't commit players. The most worrying thing was how easy Villa found it to overload the fullbacks...Bogle and Forsyth were hopelessly exposed at times and Villa time and again had extra players receiving the ball and oh so easily advancing into the box. The change from fast moving, busy interchanging midfield play ...to stodgy, sloppy aimless football was night and day. Two weeks to roll up the sleeves, get players back on it, the walking wounded fit and look how well positioned we are and push on. Can't wait already!!!
  6. Chester40

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    The praise that has been given in general though been pretty lavish. I personally would say we have played some halves of the best football seen since the Eranio, Wanchope era at least. Yesterday was a world away. Real head scratcher. That is not throwing toys out the pram or being overly harsh...2nd half was as bad as you will see us play at home..granted against a good team. We were launching it long at times as there was no one showing in midfield. There was even a comedy of errors as Hudds lost the ball for the first time this season and gave it away on edge of the box as we faffed about looking so sloppy. If the first half had been repeated in the 2nd half but they had snatched a couple of goals I would have said 'ok we lost but its the way the game can go playing as we do'. But we weren't playing open, expansive football. We had zilch going forward, no options in midfield and they seemed to cut through the defence with such ease it was untrue. I am shocked how bad we looked. Bloke next to me at 0-0 said 'if their strikers could shoot or head the ball it would be 3 or 4 nil'. This is really for people who didn't go....I am giving an honest assessment of what I saw. The crowd was fairly quiet but it definitely wasnt hostile or toxic. We got spanked and at 3-0 lots decided enough was enough. Really need players back. Midfield was totally over run. Be very interested to see what Frank says. Like him a hell of a lot. I am not claiming to be an expert, I couldn't pinpoint why we were so bad..tbh we just looked a poor team. No one ever thought it would be easy. Now we know the bumps in the road will be massive still. Just hope we can play more of the lovely stuff we have witnessed in the next game.
  7. Chester40

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    Marriott was the only player who could leave with his head held high. Worked his socks off with no support whatsoever. Tomori had a decent-ish game but just won't take any responsibility with the ball in possession. Keeps giving it Keogh who just didn't seem to know whether to really push forward or keep it safe. Very little options in midfield for him and no width either. All very slow and without zip. Think the criticism of Huddlestone is a tad unfair.. he did what he does best. Just very little movement for him aside from Marriott. Bennett...not quite good enough for me. Fozzy was awful...looked out of sorts. Bogle not much better. Didn't get forward and were overlapped at the back time and again and stood off for crosses...Villa should have had more. Lawrence was anonymous. Wilson a little busier but no one to bounce off. Holmes looked good in possession but seemed to be on the edges of the game. Even first half. Shocking 2nd. Could easily have been 5 or 6. Just felt totally over ran...sloppy ... outclassed. Villa have dangerous players going forward but we made them look world class. A Not gonna totally slate them but losing 3-0 at home and being flattered by that, isnt a case of one of those days where things went against us...we were just really poor. Maybe Mount and his ability to get on the ball and retain possession is under rated. Just very ragged and sloppy in midfield and slow from the back. Very bad day at the office. The ref was bloody terrible too. Hard to believe 2nd half it was same team from last few games. Nice break and go again.
  8. Chester40

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    I know...tough call... but I think Malone plays slightly more on the front foot. Wouldn't mind either getting the nod.
  9. Chester40

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    Is it possible it has to do with safety...or controlling costs etc. If they know its not going to be sold out they wouldnt release certain blocks of tickets... so eg next to the away fans they put black netting over a section of seats. Means you don't need to steward it and the ground looks more 'full'...
  10. Chester40

    George Thorne-No longer the player he was

    Who you kidding mate.. no one.😉 My weird Carol Voderman fetish took me there...
  11. Chester40

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    I would play Keogh and Tomori. Mount, Bryson and Waghorn being out is a bit of a miss but we just about have the squad to cope. I really would go hard at Villa. They have an expensively assembled squad, good players, high fan expectations, new manager, money to spend...they will definitely be a threat this season. But currently its not quite clicking and they will be cautious and hope to get into the game gradually and then assert their quality players on the game...and my Villa mates happy to take a point. If we can knock them out their stride we could beat them early on. Also put a huge gap between the two teams and deflate them before the break. Carson Bogle Tomori Keogh Malone Hudds Wilson Holmes Lawrence FloJo Marriott
  12. Chester40

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    Is this a joke? Keogh has a lot to offer...but calm assurance is not at the top of us skills...its the opppsite to me? He brings heart, driving out from the back, last ditch tackles and the occasional heart stopping moment...whether you think he deserves to start depends on how much you weight you personally put on the two sides of the scales for his inclusion.
  13. Chester40

    George Thorne-No longer the player he was

    It gets more and more like Loose Women every day on here.
  14. Chester40

    Baseball ground seats

    C Stand...(clap clap clap) C Stand....(clap clap clap). Genius...just total genius.
  15. Chester40


    I went to the local annual display with the kids... it made me think of Little Britain and that Barbara Cartland character that Matt Lucas plays.. when she writes a few lines and then goes 'and etc etc etc '... I imagine them designing the display .... 'yeh a few little ones, some big ones..etc .etc. etc..' Seems to be much less variety than there used to be...even the kids were all bit "so what".

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