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  1. Tbf I watched the programme about KSI's training camp...he was in good physical shape, but I was surprised by how bloody terrible he was when he sparred. He really had no technique or power at all.
  2. So your pet moan is people that moan about things? My pet hate is people who moan about people who moan about things.
  3. Lawrence just cemented his place as villain of the piece...red card all day long.
  4. If you watched Sunderland Til I Die as I did, it's hard to dislike him more...but you nailed my feelings exactly.
  5. What interests me is the 'why'... and what effect that will have on his career here. There have been top players who just refuse to retire and work their way down the leagues... Gazza, Ian Wright, Sheringham....John Terry and Ashley Cole kinda.. But generally (probably because they don't need the cash anymore) top players have written their own tidy ending....from Gerrard, Lampard, Beckham, Adams, Shearer...they have bowed-out at the top on their terms. Rooney was a superstar...and as his star waned he went to his hometown club, then semi-retired on a nice, relaxing money-spinner. Coming to Derby isn't the most obvious of moves....so what motivated him? Learn from Cocu - like Fergie never taught him anything? , how to be a coach - sure United or Everton would have done that for him.? So he must have hoped he could get us promoted, for that one final happy chapter of his career? If we are adrift...not playing well..or he is not having an impact on games, I just can't see him sticking around. He isn't a journeyman footballer...and I desperately hope we are in and around the play offs when he comes and he has a really big start, as otherwise I think he will just say his body isn't up to it and retire.
  6. Anyone care? I refuse to post this in other sport..or the boxing thread. Mind boggles people are paying to watch it. Eddie Hearn... legend in his own lunchtime. Notwithstanding they aren't credible sportsmen...they have made their fame and fortune by having access to free media outlets and now are charging people to watch them. Horrible
  7. Haha..good guess. Nope... Think... more.... 'Sooo...I can't wait for my solicitor before I take the breathalyser..'
  8. The other two haven't got off scot-free though...they have the opportunity to have really life-changing Community Service... Ohhh ...and my mate was telling me his daughter has a new coach helping out at her football team in leafy Cheshire...any guesses who..??
  9. Bearing in mind the 'Keogh situation' ...that really would be in remarkably bad taste. However, him scoring, running to the Derby fans and kissing the badge... and saying after the game he knows he is a lucky boy and wants to repay the club for sticking by him... That I would love.
  10. Think it was Sven Goran Eriksen who couldn't believe culturally how immature and needing of control English players in general are.... He intimated that Italian players with an hour or two of 'down-time' would enjoy just sitting, drinking coffee, chatting to one another and generally passing the time happily. English players just needed continually babysitting and eternally moan about being bored. When he saw the games room at a World Cup venue that had been laid on he said '??? What, this is for kids'.
  11. 'After difficult times, good times will come" He's taking the bloody Stoke job!
  12. Really great article, full of history, pride, dedication, sacrifice and commitment. Family must be proud and love the way he is portrayed. You read that and have to shake your head how modern player's stories will compare in 50 years time.
  13. Mel - Richard you arrogant fool, that wasn't a fan .. that was the club's agent and you have just signed a contract for 1p a week..
  14. Very weird how Keogh was at the ground on crutches, smiling, signing autographs... other two back in the fold.. all seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet. Speculating... but did the club say we have your back, you can get fit, be club captain, let's sit down work it all out. Keogh is chuffed... His representatives then actually meet the club and feel 'wth, that offer is derisory ' tell him not to accept. Such a disaster it ended this way . Everyone looks bad.. in hindsight could have been handled better. Still... Ta-ta Richard, club moves on.
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