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  1. Chester40

    Your all time guilty tracks

    Andy??..... you dont get that if I had a few mates round to watch the match, I wouldn't happily slip that London Boys video on pre-match..?? If not, there is no point you reading the rest of this thread.😂
  2. Chester40

    Your all time guilty tracks

    This thread is really making laugh..The Rubettes, no 1 when I was born. I wanted to post Showaddywaddy 'Why Do Fools Fall in Love' ( prefer it to the original...I know..) but couldn't find it. Anyhow, going to digress horribly here but can't imagine ever being able to repeat this story again, so ignore if you want!! A few months ago I was with some friends and late at night one of the women said much the same as you @ThePrisoner The rest of us were taking the p*ss...but she was deadly serious. She started playing loads of London Boys tracks and singing along to every word. She was really intense and into them...so I said 'shame about them though'...and she was all 'why??'. She somehow did not know they had been dead for a decade or whatever.!! Really was the weirdest thing, she had a minor breakdown like it had only happened that night. Now a few drinks had been consumed but it was still weird on so many fronts. Even weirder, the next day I was chuckling away, and listened and thought.. 'you know what, this song in hindsight is really good in its own way'.
  3. Chester40


    I would seriously doubt they spend that much...and you can buy roll ups.....fags bought on the cheap no questions asked etc
  4. Chester40


    I think there is an element of truth here...but its not just about being a snob. Everyone likes to relax, have a vice .. treat themselves...and expensive as they are fags are obtainable/ accessible still. If you have more money then your blow out may be a weekend away with the lads, or even a winter holiday or upgrade on the car. People on benefits cant indulge in these things so grab their guilty pleasure where they can.
  5. Chester40


    I would think kids always got to the point where a sizable minority think its cool to smoke...and if anything that number is dropping. A more noticeable change for me is the number of 15-20 something lads who are seriously pumped-up...tight t-shirts and weird overdeveloped biceps and narrow shoulders.
  6. Chester40

    Sceptic or not?

    Total head-scratcher this for me. Cos in over 40-years of human interaction with limitless opportunity for surprising coincidences (never mind 'shock and awe' ones) not one thing has ever occurred that went beyond 'huh that's a bit of a coincidence...I was just thinking of that person/song' etc.. to me ..ever. It hasn't happened to me. But IF it did. I would think...'wow what a coincidence', but it would hardly be that surprising by the virtue of odds it has finally happened. My friend regularly demands I explain how she was suddenly worried about a relative and phoned them and they told her they had been diagnosed with a serious illness the day before. It drives me totally bonkers. Like she only ever thought 'oh I must phone ...someone ...' that one time in her life. We all look for patterns or give added meaning to little things ...which is fine, its people's insistence that it brings irrefutable proof of something more meaningful that gives me a headache.
  7. Chester40

    Bring back hanging...

    What happened to the child he was 'protecting'. Are they still close? Did thry visit whilst in prison? Did they understand?
  8. Chester40

    Inside info

    Quite.... My point was that this group of women could probably have said they were the Russian tiddly-winks team and he would have been escorting them into a taxi and cracking open the mini bar.
  9. Chester40

    Inside info

    Not sure of the relevance....I'm going to wager that if it had been a group of blokes pretending to Snow Patrol you wouldn't have taken them back to your room. I'd be tempted to bet even if it had been the real Snow Patrol you wouldn't have let them take advantage.... Thinking with the wrong part of your anatomy seems to be the issue here not what they were saying.....
  10. Chester40

    World Cup VAR

    Very very well done ref!!
  11. Chester40

    My Lads op.

    When will you get some feedback on the latest blip. Fingers crossed its nothing. Don't know how you keep so strong. He is incredibly brave, brings a lump to the throat.
  12. Chester40

    Most Overrated Bands of all Time

    😁 I was looking for my 'hello pot, I'm kettle' gif. I really hope there was a huge dash of irony there from Lambchop. Muse....really started out great...becoming a bit overblown I agree. Blobby Williams.
  13. Chester40

    World Cup 2018 thread

    He was never 'taken down'.... he saw his chance, made contact and took to the floor. He could have got to the ball and not gone down. Got his reward so it worked...no argument. Just the whole 'there was contact' argument grates with me.
  14. Chester40

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Each to their own. I enjoy watching as many matches as I can. I feel sick and then just bored and resigned when I watch England. I think I have a better chance than you of enjoying the 'festival of football' that we usually bring very little to except the odd bit of violence. Really hope its different this time.
  15. Chester40

    World Cup 2018 thread

    I really really enjoyed the game last night. It was a joy. The Spanish were amazing to watch. Messi is the same. Makes my heart lift to see the sheer beauty of his play. Experience tells me England will bring absolutely zero to the tournament. Time after time to the neutral viewer they add the sum total of zilch. Fingers crossed this time its different.

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