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  1. Part of me is thinking we are hard to beat, within touching distance of the other teams, Rooney an international superstar is plugging away for us, the administrators are bullish about our chances of securing a new buyer and they are fighting the points deduction... The other part is thinking we can't score enough goals again this season, only 2 teams have won less games than us, and if Cardiff win their next game and we lose ...we will only have clawed back 3 points of the 12 already deducted and are 9 points adrift with another deduction to come... and a lot of positive talk from a couple of salesman trying desperately to look positive on the edge of the abyss suddenly ain't fooling anyone.... Probably just me though.
  2. Investing in Derby... they would be the blokes with pants on their heads and pencils up their noses.
  3. Have you tried it yet? Wasn't that hard to follow until the end when it all came together in a clash of ideas.
  4. The Empty Man Passed everyone by when it came out but is gaining traction now as a bit of a cult classic. 'Horror' but a sort of cross between the Wicker Man and the Mothman Prophecies. Good solid 7/10.
  5. Got decent contacts within the game I imagine but doesn't regularly break big stories. Plus no one has ever been able to second guess Ashley, he just does what he fancies and to hell with opinion and sources.
  6. I enjoy autobiographies of any kind really, have read so many I forget them all, but focused on topics I enjoy, so on climbing- 127 hours, Touching the Void, cycling - Lance Armstrong, The Secret Race, football - Paul McGrath, Paul Merson..and anything about film/TV eg Errol Flynn, Derren Brown.
  7. The Meg - 2? I thought it was really decent family fun.
  8. Alright John, sounds like you still have a major crush on her.
  9. People's main gripe seems to be that he massively underpaid his workers...for that reason alone I'm in, ridiculous wage bills are a huge part of why we are in this mess.
  10. That's what happened to me in this instance. Shocking dubbing was putting off before I realised it had chosen that option. Trying Alice in Borderlands now, decent so far but preferred Squid Game.
  11. Are we on board with Gary Cook now? Seem to recall he got himself involved in a couple of insensitive scrapes before ...
  12. The lucky 'sacrifice and wearing of the fleece' ritual only partially worked, but thanks for the effort.
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