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  1. Chester40

    Gary Rowett could be a wanted man again?

    If you appoint a 'man from within' like the old Liverpool boot-room, its to keep the continuity that's been working - the links with the players and the overall playing style. The teams will have been doing the same training/ formations. But we have had no style, or ethos for years....its been chop and change every two mins. So Wassall only gets the job on experience and qualities...and how many other Championship teams would give him the job?? Big NO from me. Just gets the job cos he's handy and cheap. Good enough if you're looking for a handyman not a manager of a multi-million pound institution.
  2. Chester40

    Best TV Dramas

    Dexter is brilliant. Nearly 100 episodes. Very definitely American. Give it a whirl.
  3. Chester40

    Series you just can't get into.... convert us...

    Watched 15mis and thought it looked naff... a bit 'by numbers'.. Blue Bloods is the same...just felt it had been written by s committee who had shoe-horned in every cliche in the book. There is something glossy and antiseptic about them that gets my back up. Gomorrah is much more to my taste...feels grittier, more real. Tbf tho Dexter is quite polished and I loved that...so its interesting what appeals and what doesn't, its hard to predict.
  4. Chester40

    Best TV Dramas

    Really??!!? I had full-time Dexter habit...and was looking for a withdrawal aid and thought this would be ideal. Ten mins in and I turned off in disgust. Laughable dialogue, strange direction and a horrible English accent......I'm prepared to reconsider it... but what I saw was making me cringe....
  5. Chester40

    Acid Attack Acquittal

    I wonder if our use of case law is the issue. Maybe its a dangerous precedent to start saying its murder if someone eventually takes their own life due to something you did to them? Where is the line? You mutilate them, you rape them, knowingly give them HIV, steal their life savings, you accidentally kill their child while drink driving? That said....this was premeditated and sickening. Happily throw the switch on her myself if I was his Dad and this was Texas. Pure evil.
  6. Chester40

    Can I say something about this forum?

    Some people spend all their spare money, time and invest a good proportion of their happiness and hopes in following the team around the country. So it is pretty galling when others literally cannot wait to post cynical 'look at me' irritating posts about how they told you what a waste of time it was etc. Constructive criticism, with a hint of analysis and humility are fine. Taking pleasurr in posting in your face stuff that sticks two fingers up to you for following the team is downright annoying.
  7. Chester40

    Ahhh another season of Rowett

    Only the most biased anti-Rowett detractor could argue that he talks nonsense. Every word he just said was of the right tone. Got to give him chance to build a team. Mel, tell him he's the man but he needs to get some youth in, play with more intent .... Roll on next season.
  8. Chester40

    Ledley should have played rather than Hudds

    On my list of things we could have done differently....dropping Tom is about number 50.
  9. Chester40

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Thank you. My thoughts exactly. Play counter attack football by all means but you have to be able to move the ball with pace and accuracy. Last ball was horrible time and again...sooo frustrating. Palmer looked like the only player up top who could hurt them. Better team won. Need to regroup. Clear out a few...go again. Rowett IN.
  10. Chester40

    Dennis Nilson

    Dexter is mine. Dennis always looked like the Arsene Wenger to me...
  11. Chester40

    Your all time classic tracks

  12. Chester40

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    Rare you see such a stark battle of tactics. Derby let them have the ball and kept to their positions ( unless it was near to the Fulham goal where a slip would have presented a good chance ) we let them pass pass pass. No dogging of the ball ala Liverpool...just being compact which takes nerves. Fulham never got down the flanks, worrying lack of width if I were a Fulham fan. All relied on Mitrovic holding and turning or finding a 1-2. Always going to have shots from outside the box playing in the way...in Carson we have the right man for that job. The way they pushed on later was again worrying for them. There was no change in style, they just used more and more men...leaving some gaping holes we didn't exploit that well. Needs another tactical masterclass from Rowett. We saw the best of Fulham they just couldn't unlock our defence this time...will be more of the same on Mon. We need to be more clinical when we break and use corners, freekicks and width more effectively...if we score again I can see them cracking wide open, Birmingham showed us how its done.
  13. Chester40

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    I feel a bit sorry for @LittleEatonRam as a few weeks ago there were all number of posters massively throwing the toys out the pram. At that point I was saying give Rowett a chance but that I could see there were some issues. That made me a happy clapper as things had shifted so far against him. Those rabidly calling out pro-Rowett fans after the Burton/Sunderland games have gone quiet now. LittleEatonRam is merely saying things haven't changed that much. A defeat on Monday and they will be back. If we win again, fans will be happy of course. But if we lose - the football's not great, the squad is ageing, there doesn't seem to be youth coming through..all valid points. I'm choosing to suspend reality in the hope we still go up! He is presenting the reality of the outcry if we don't....but rhat's fair enough for me and at least he is consistent, not jumping from hysteria to silence. I
  14. Chester40

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    More tense than ever; cos if things go pear-shaped tonight I'm struggling to see any up-side. Those who were baying for Rowett's blood will be back out in force...and whilst I would stick with him I can't say that his style of play is engaging and the age of the squad is concerning....the threat of FFP restrictions etc etc... I cant believe anyone would think 'oh well we're not ready to go up' etc. Just get promoted.. any how ..any way ...(to quote an annoying advert) surviving in the Premier League 'nicer problem to have'. We need to have something to take to the 2nd leg. Wouldn't do anything daft with the formation or go too offensive personnel-wise. But those playing have to know we need a couple of goals and they need to be on the front foot from the off. Mentality needs to be attacking and positive rather than the names on the teamsheet.
  15. Chester40

    Series you just can't get into.... convert us...

    I have just come out of the other side of a serious Dexter habit. Any spare minutes were taken up with it and most of the rest of the day was spent trying to get things done so I could get my next fix. I have started on The Blacklist now....heard very good reports...

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