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  1. Ronaldo and Messi...then Kane, Aguero, Salah, Neymar, Mbappe, Hazard, Firminho... it's the YouTube generation!
  2. This may have been discussed elsewhere recently and will definitely have been previously.... But I will vent and you can join it to another thread 😄 The price of the replica kit is scandalous for me. Basically £50 for a top I wouldn't wear anywhere other than at a match and is out of date in year. Even more so ...for my two kids to have a full kit it's the best part of £130?? I mean.... seriously? It's an investment in their future as it helps to convince them to follow the team.. in the face of City, Liverpool, Barca, Madrid, PSG kits....why not make them a cheap alternative that gets them following the team for life?
  3. This whole 'lies, damn lies..' view on stats is crazy. If I watch a game and say X had a terrible game.... someone will immediately jump in my back and disagree and say what am I basing that on and in their opinion Y and Z were worse. So my answer is basically going to be my vague recall/impression of ...how lazy/lethargic they looked, how many times they gave the ball away, how many crosses they crashed into the first man, how many times they dribbled into a dead end, how many defence splitting passes they did...etc etc.. These are all stats ....that someone can check and compare and contrast to other players. Sure you need to look at them in context but to say they have no value just confuses me.
  4. The stats are interesting and food for thought definitely....but only if you consider the facts behind them. We score an early goal away from home against a decent opposition from a Wilson wonder freekick. Chances are... that chances of further chances will be reduced 🤔 .... Err....but would that be a worry if we win? And next season can we extrapolate that if we dont have Wilson, that means we have no chance? Obviously not. But if we can see we regularly created few chances and scored a high proportion of them.. then one of two changes to personnel may more greatly affect us than other teams. As for Carson... how do the stats compare to other seasons when 'to the naked eye' he seemed better? He always drove me mad with his unwillingness to come off his line and the change in style and personnel seemed to make this tendency worse..so do the stats back this up? And when you look at the games where this was 'proved' who was playing and can they adjust their game to more similar to the players who played when stats don't show that.
  5. I don't wanna get territorial over such a simple idea... But I did put this idea on another thread first. 😜 Gets my backing clearly though.
  6. I was thinking about this too ... A couple of managers have spoken to Mel and said they want him out the club, even if it means still picking up some of his wages. A few days into the job and he is sent out to speak to the press. Who decided that...and why? Cos he looks fit? cos Cocu sees him as part of the team...? To show he is being given a chance before he gets loaned out? Just wondering if Mel has told him how popular Chris is and is trying to get fans onside? I was never totally on 'team Chris' as his attitude sometimes bugged me, but man he could finish and had a deft touch. Can't see him and Marriott in the same team as others have suggested but I enjoy how eloquent he is and his respect for Derby is refreshing. Good luck to him.
  7. 'Stop worrying, I mean.. any decent, talented ...manager would have you in the team every week.....'
  8. 'I don't believe in bearing a grudge, so get training over there.... with Butterfield, Thorne, Anya and Martin'
  9. 'Hmmmmmm....good question.....errrrrr.....but no Flo, I still can't think of a single positive thing to say about you as a player... funny that..'
  10. Yes... My point is they were in successful teams. Kinky came as things took a downturn when Darryl Powell engine-type players are more what fans want to see, not players who dare to try things and lack the mobility and power to track back.
  11. Played in era when things were on the slide... skilful players get the blame.
  12. I loved him...but can agree with some of your comments. However, he never stropped and seemed to accept being a sub to players not fit to lace his boots. Personally I think the reason he didn't play for a top team was that he didn't score enough goals, a modern day Coutinho but without the bullet shot.
  13. If you add in 2 or 3 quality loans, spend the 7 or 8mill compensation on 2 decent players... then you have a decent squad without even dipping further into Mel's coffers... so I would say that is a good position?
  14. Watched the clip... basically speechless and can't think of a good thing to say about Cocu. Oh dear... having said that he had been pretty disappointing so not many fans will be gutted to see him go. I like honest players...but this shows how important it is to remain to diplomatic, maybe saying 'he was popular with other players and an excellent coach but he never gave me a chance to show what I could do and to be honest he never really even sat me down to explain why' ... would have been a reply that would have given Cocu a get-out and even maybe cause to think. Definitely would be on the blower to my agent in his shoes!
  15. Not if you were 7 or 8 as I was ...still occasionally forms part of the staple diet of any Spainish kid's club, although not as omnipotent as their other (s) hit 'Superman'.
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