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  1. Loving the sense in this post. Totally agree. We need to change things as the amount of aimless long balls that were just coming straight back was driving me insane. Huddlestone has to play for me. And Nugent doesn't hold the ball up well enough and if we get only 1 or 2 chances, he isn't the man I would be betting my house on to score. Malone had a poor game and lost his man for the goal, but if we need goals then he is the man for me. Definitely need to condense the play as we just couldn't get forward enough. Holmes has to play for me, looked most likely to create something. Mount, Wilson and Lawrence can't play as badly ...but Bennett is there as super sub after 30mins if needs be. I feel no less confident than if the tie were level. I felt wealways needed to get at them...now we know we have to do it.
  2. I have no clue how or why this has been made. The mind boggles how bad it will be. Rather watch Forest than that... got kids in the target age range and they aren't interested either. Just hope it was made on a shoestring budget as it is gonna bomb!!
  3. Android. Working no problems.. didn't do anything fancy.... just worked
  4. Be staggered if he forced his way back in. Shame. No time to prove his fitness. Didn't look great in his brief appearance so far; but I rate him.
  5. Joking. I liked him and didn't want us to sell him. Always gave his best. Just never gave me confidence in front of goal.
  6. My memory is that even Poom scored on a more regular basis for us than Weimann...so ain't gonna happen. Errr even if it does.. we will score 4. (Ahhh jinx averted)
  7. Maybe. What about the terms "found your level", "been a great servant", "training with the kids" and "Burton may not pay as much, but you will be a regular" though??
  8. Have seen them all with the kids and they much preferred Solo to the others... I enjoyed it too. Was good fun I felt.
  9. Yes. In a nutshell, delete the rest of this rather confusing thread, you have it sussed. Give the bloke a chance, see how he does. Overall I'd give him 7 out of 10 so far. Flashes of excellence, decent bloke, signings mixed bag, reduced wage bill, dancing around edge of top 6. Try again next year.
  10. What position would you have her in..... 🤐
  11. I will offer - "Imagine there's no promotion.. Its easy if you try.. No Forest below us, above us only sky" Or... "Well I feel I have been led on (woah-ho) All this poo I have sold (woah-ho) Cos you lie and I'm sleazy..(woah-ho) And I'm never sure why I need you... Cos we lose so f**kin easy .... There you go, 2 songs at random..mild approximation of tune/lyrics, kinda linking them to football. Job done
  12. Boris Johnson really should have better grammar than that. He makes some good points though.
  13. Shazam Brilliant kids romp. Funny, interesting, engaging. 8.5/10. Like the first Goosebumps films it somehow channelled that 80s feel good vibe, kinda 'Big' crosssed with 'Goonies'.
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