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  1. Ronaldo's stupid 'pretending to catch the ball' trick...so arrogant, and just totally naff. Don't get it at all.
  2. But surely you are arguing that because you disagree with someone they have a silly and stupid opinion whilst simultaneously arguing that everyone should be able to express their views freely? Slightly contradictory? Teasing....but I'd argue also that what some would feel is someone's valid opinion is another's hurtful ill-informed rant.
  3. The size of his head compared to his footballing ability?
  4. There speaks a man who sounds like he has no kids 😂 I'd settle for them not being eternally embarrassed by me..., their 'role model' they aspire to be!!? 'Hang on, what's that kids? You want to have a paunch, a mid-range car, work hard and provide for your family...sports cars, big watches, tattoos, falling out of nightclubs with gorgeous women is such a unreconstructed male stereotype'? My bad.
  5. I'd say a definite pattern seemed to emerge as the season went on....
  6. Come on Erik don't be coy, who we announcing as our first signing wearing the shirt...one of the mega stars on your books, hopefully unveiled from your mansion?
  7. Agree, although even bigger loss is being absolutely rubbish and having the most generic bland kit ever last season.
  8. I wondered why this thread on a news channel that I hadn't heard of was still going so strong... Then I read back a few pages and I realised this is the new 'politics thread disguised as something else' thread. Phew. I can stop reading it now. PS I'd try and not be so blatant guys cos if even I noticed surely the mods will soon. Maybe get posting on to the 'things I hate but shouldn't thread' to keep this off the top, looks suspicious otherwise.
  9. Probably been done before...but any favourites? God Save The Queen is a total dirge, wouldn't get me up for anything. The Italian national anthem, now that's a ditty that would stir the blood!!
  10. Severed...from?? Or is that a euphemism? BTW I never got that logic. From personal experience I can tell you I made them wait longer to allow me to enjoy the view as much as possible. Plus, women would generally order, a gin and tonic (no ice), a vodka and lemonade (with ice), and two different cocktails I had never heard of and which they had no clue of its contents either. A bloke would order 4 pints of lager and a bitter...no contest which order I preferred sorting.
  11. Being famous meaning you can suddenly claim expert knowledge and get smoke blown up your backside for things you know nothing about. Meghan writing a children's book (Sarah Ferguson did the same)...so she is now claiming to be an author. Likewise, any fat celebrity who has lost weight (using a personal trainer and chef) who then sets themselves as some fitness expert with videos and diet plans.
  12. Obviously there is an element that (missing Albert) the thread remains the same people arguing from the same perspective. But I wonder what long term changes will remain, and will they be good. Personally I use Amazon a lot more now which is bad for the local area, jobs etc but I admit I love the ease. I also enjoy table service in pubs. When lockdown started at work we were all praised for carrying on, for schooling our children at the same time as working, for working flexibly etc. This week we had a meeting which was in person and 2 colleagues said 'I can't meet after 3 as I hav
  13. Interesting point really and I think you have said to other people their answers are in their own posts. Because I want politicians to be interpreting the data that scientista provide. They are NEVER going to say 'we have conquered Covid and the data shows there is no risk'. They have passed the buck previously when decisions get tough saying they are looking solely at risk to health from the disease. Someone else who understands (yes I know) economics, society, growth, infrastructure etc needs to decide what is a worthwhile risk. The goalposts will keep moving now we have variants
  14. I enjoyed it. Good actors and interesting story line. Won't stay long in the memory but definitely worth a watch.
  15. Is the answer... Because he is a total fantasist?
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