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  1. I’d have Roos as our first choice this season. He’s a much better keeper than Derby fans give him credit for and has all the attributes to play in a modern day style. However he strikes me as a confidence player, so we need to back him if he makes a mistake, rather than ironically cheer every time he catches the ball.
  2. In fairness, there aren’t 4 players who could be classed as regulars amongst that group. Clarke, Wisdom and Waghorn. After that, it’s bit part players, and even Waghorn struggled to cement a place. We just need to make sure that the 4 we do sign can be dependable 40 game a season types…
  3. I think I have a sliding scale of every team from 1-92, so that I will always want one team to win when in a neutral situation. That said, it’s often who I want to lose more that dictates my choice rather than the other way around.
  4. There is an additional point that playing Cashin would exacerbate our problem, as he is currently not a player classed as a “professional”. Therefore, by playing him, we’d be making life more difficult to bring in additional bodies.
  5. Never liked that kit, just because it was exactly the same as Etwall Rangers. Worst thing was they had it first!
  6. Maybe he could be the this season’s signing for a “Barker-type fee”?
  7. Well, Italy have just made it to the final of the Euros with a couple of centre backs with a combined age of 70, so as a short term solution, they might just be able to do a job. If they actually sign.
  8. Sergio Ramos, Jerome Boateng and Messi all available on frees. Just saying… 😁 None of them need the cash and might want to help their mate out, however based on the rules, two of them might not get work permits! (That would be our luck, that they agree to join and then fail to get one!!)
  9. How can we sign this guy? Surely the new immigration laws have put any chance of bringing in foreign talent into clubs like ours down to zero.
  10. The major issue for me isn’t the jurisdiction or the appeal, it’s the ongoing embargo that feels like it’s designed to strangle the club from moving forward. With what will be a poorly delivered preseason, we’ll be scraping the barrel to bring players in who are fit to compete with 2nd Division standard players. If wages are capped for us, then it’s shown that we can’t compete with the likes of Peterborough, never mind the West Brom’s of the division. Until they introduce a salary cap like in the 3rd and 4th Divisions, we pretty much are swimming against a faster moving tide every year. And we know that the salary cap will never come to fruition because the big boys in the top division will not like it and threaten to remove our share of the scraps.
  11. The one thing that really irritates me is that the away team’s national anthem is booed at Wembley. It’s incredibly disrespectful.
  12. Hull’s kit looks like someone has run them over...
  13. Their major plus point is that they are in a division with the Jaguars and the Texans, who are both garbage. Just do better than the Colts and they are in the playoffs. The preseason game with the Titans at Atlanta might be interesting!
  14. Sounds like Julio will be moving! https://twitter.com/diannaespn/status/1397907998715088902?s=21
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