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  1. v Bristol C (A) - Predictions

    Bristol City 1 Derby 2 FRGS Nugent
  2. Moaners gotta moan, haters gotta hate

    There's two new blokes sitting behind me this season. Jesus wept - it's like listening to 90 minutes of Craig Ramage without any footballing knowledge. Constant complaining about us being too deep and that when they had the ball with their back line, we should be charging out and closing down in numbers. (12 times in the first half) Plus they shout everything because they are listening to Radio Derby on headphones... It's driving me mad already!!
  3. v Hull (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2-0 Hull. FRGS Vydra
  4. England v Slovakia

    It drives me crazy having to listen to that sycophantic drivel that comes with the ITV commentary. Clive Tyldesley needs to learn how to commentate rather than just tell us how amazing England and their individual players are. Is it a crime to say that a player chose the wrong option or just wasn't quite up to it. And the opposition are always lucky rather than capable of matching us. And Glen Hoddle... he shouldn't be on telly ever again for two reasons. His opinions on football and his dodgy views on those with disability. Both are heinous enough for him to be stonewalled. As for the football - England are like watching us under Clement. Not playing a style that will make us look very good to watch or that we're that capable of doing well.
  5. Rank these Keepers

    Poom 5 Carson 4 Grant 3 Camp 2 Bywater 2 Fielding 1
  6. Cameron Jerome

    Wouldn't be averse to him, as he plays that battering ram type of player who would be a good impact sub, as well as a player that could start. Question is: can we afford him, Nugent and Martin in the same squad?
  7. v Sheff Utd (A) - Predictions

    Sheff Utd 0-0 Derby FRGS: n/a
  8. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Just had a bored browse for players in random leagues on the internet and found Lovro Majer at NK Lokomotiva Zagreb. Young attacking midfielder who has scored 4 and assisted 3 in 6 games this season. His YouTube video makes him look quite a prospect. Appears to have been linked with Celtic for less than a million over the summer.
  9. Jota - Signed for Birmingham City

    I might be flying in the face of public opinion here, but will Jota put on the defensive shift that you get from Weimann and Russell? Don't know enough about Lawrence, but him and Jota strike me as more out and out attacking sorts.
  10. v Bolton (A) - Predictions

    Bolton 1-2 Derby FRGS Vydra
  11. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

  12. Could I suggest that after every signing, we have a poll? - Good Signing - Undecided - Poor Signing Just thought it gives the opportunity to give those who seem wise with the opportunity of hindsight an opportunity to place their money where their mouth is. I'm undecided - largely on the basis that I haven't got any recollection of him, despite watching him play against us last season.
  13. v Preston (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2-1 Preston FRGS Nugent
  14. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    The difference is that Wolves have released or sold 7 players and have another 5 out on loan. Until we are able to rid ourselves of highly paid under performing players, we are unable to manoeuvre in the transfer market. I'm sure Rowett was keen to get rid of quite a few more, but you need someone to take the player off your hands AND pay them something that makes the move worthwhile. You have to cut your cloth accordingly.
  15. When I took my 7 year old lad to meet a few players on the morning of a match and get his photo taken with them, my thoughts were cemented that Nick Blackman was a nice bloke. He was the only one that actually took time to chat to my lad and ask him some questions rather than just do the minimum that was asked of him - e.g. dip down, have his photo and and move on. (Which is understandable)

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