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  1. It's horses for courses. We're not in the Premier League. At this level, he has been involved in teams that do well. He was a key part in Hull and Burnley getting promotion to the Premier League and was outstanding at Peterborough, when they were in our division. (That's when I first noticed him and thought he looked worth a punt.) Plus I always remember him as a creative player, rather than a grafter.
  2. He was released last week...
  3. I think I may reserve the right to differ on your opinion on that! Would like a green and black striped away kit with white shorts...
  4. Hats off to them - it's good to see a bit of imagination in place. It would be relatively worth purchasing as a bit of a collectors item, if Derby released something similar, rather than a standard template with a player in mid-action.
  5. I loathe Millwall. Very disappointing to see them even make the playoffs, never mind win it. That's one game I can't say I'll look forward to next season.
  6. Paul Kitson - when we signed him, I was overjoyed as we'd signed a "future England striker" (my opinion). Turns out he was a knob of the highest order, who thought he'd made it before he had. If only he put some effort in... Really didn't like Gabbiadini - he was a fat lump with no discernible skill. (Still hold that view, although many don't).
  7. I rated Darryl Powell for the things he could do well - break up the play and release the ball to the nearest team mate, whilst adding heart and energy into the midfield. His problem was that when his team mates went hiding (Mr C. Burley, for example), he tried to step up to the plate and do their job, which he was definitely inadequate to deliver. You need a player who does the ugly stuff, and Baiano and Kinkladze had many talents, but it wasn't tracking runners and putting in tackles.
  8. That would indeed be beneficial for us.
  9. It's the unsung players that will be our biggest benefit. The Darryl Powell types rather than the Giorgi Kinkladzes. And we'll be all the better for it.
  10. Glad to Sheff Wed miss out... just for that kit of theirs, if nothing else. Pleased to see Division 1 getting a team that Sky won't be happy about. Reading or Huddersfield vs Burnley live on Super Sunday anyone? Best of luck to both teams.
  11. I see Jon McLaughlin is on his way out on a free. Might be quite a difficult player to replace, as he looked quite impressive for them.
  12. We've had part of an automobile... Auto Windscreens
  13. Things like this are just not my thing. I don't really care for the knee jerk reactions of people who think their voice should be heard. - We lost - it's all the fault of <scapegoat>, we'll never get nowhere (sic) with him in the team, he should be hounded out with immediate effect. - We won - wahey! This is the season - the corner has been turned! Best of luck with your endeavours, however it's not for me. I would suggest that you sought a few erudite fans who are prepared to give their opinions on a match by match basis and then utilise them to build your brand, rather than use random people each game. A bit like gogglebox for DCFC.
  14. Cue every team who have adidas having the same kit in their particular club colours...
  15. Yes - the guy Rowett said he'd never heard of.