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  1. Doesn’t bode well for us watching the ref’s performance this afternoon!
  2. I quite like it. I also am in favour of the green socks!
  3. Christian Gytkjær from Lech Poznan is on a free. Danish international with a formidable goal scoring record... looks like he might be headed for Fenerbache though...
  4. You mean Daniel Schwaab, the German centre back who was signed for PSV by a certain Philip Cocu? Heard he’s leaving for home sickness reasons, but would be someone that Cocu knows very well...
  5. Roos is a fair keeper. He’s not the best we’ll ever have but he’s reliable as a second choice keeper. Possibly a bit better than to be afforded a couple of games a season. I think we do need a decent signing in goal, however if we disposed of both him and Hamer, it’s a big hole to fill, with any new signing being a potential gamble. (What happens if we get rid and bought in a “Taibi” - our season is done before it started) Imagine if we had a keeper who made a mistake like this in the playoffs (which this game was). He’d be hounded out of the club. https://streamable.com/
  6. My particular gripe is “saved by the woodwork" when someone hits the post/bar. No, the shot might have beat the keeper, but it wasn’t on target. The woodwork did nothing other than be there.
  7. I do think we should reintroduce a third colour for the trim. Black and White with one other minor colour just gives the kit a bit of a lift for me. We’ve had red, blue and yellow trim at various times, so it’s about time that comes back if people are clamouring for a change. And when does the colours of the away kit come to play? (I vote for something new like green and black stripes with white shorts or orange shirts and white shorts)
  8. Is that the same Luc Castaignos whose career seemed to spiral downwards and is now playing in the Korean second tier? And Tomas Necid that has had numerous loans and free transfers since?
  9. I think what we need to run out to now is Seasons In The Abyss by Slayer... seems apt for the amount of time we’ve spent in the second division...
  10. Ben Foster, John Ruddy and Declan Rudd are all on frees this summer. Would be quite happy with any of them...
  11. Cocu referred to Bogle by name and was very critical of him - no one is suggesting he is racist. My personal thoughts on Ramage is that he is not the brightest and lacked the eloquence to identify Lowe and Bogle in any other way. I also can’t think for the life of me why he would choose such a phrase to identify them both, nor why he felt the need to add Max Lowe, when no one else was criticising him. Max Lowe may be a black footballer, but there is no reason for that to be used to describe him. He is a footballer - there’s nothing else that needs to be added. It’s just no
  12. I remember him playing for Rotherham a few seasons ago and thought he looked a good prospect, but he seemed to disappear off the radar after a bad injury.
  13. I know he’s been here for a while, but isn’t that Craig Forsyth in the middle, with the ball at his feet?
  14. Maybe it was the keeper, because ours certainly wasn’t a midfielder!
  15. Saul Deeney has to be up there. Another that was very poor, Andy Quy - played a couple of games and sank without trace.
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