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  1. Tom Huddlestone Songs

    Tom Huddleston in the tune of the mahna-mahna song by the muppets... keep it simple! do doo do do do Tom Huddleston do do do do
  2. Which teams do you like (and why)?

    St Pauli - like what they stand for and their matchday experience was fantastic. Really enjoyed watching them. Stockport County - liked them since they took Kevin Francis off us. Used to go and watch them when Derby weren't playing, mainly to see grounds I hadn't been to. And I really enjoyed watching Francis play...
  3. Retro Shirts

    Also was the kit of Etwall Rangers (sans badge and sponsor), who had it first. Put me right off that kit.
  4. Would you be happy if...

    I'm slightly concerned that we have too many "first teamers" in the squad still. Surely, it'll be impossible to justify bringing in new players on the wing and midfield when you have so many players to reconcile in those positions. Huddlestone, Thorne, Bryson, Johnson, Butterfield and Hanson is too many. Add in Anya, Russell, Blackman, Weimann and Bennett. Then Martin, Nugent, Bent and Vydra. That is fifteen players all with an expectation of being in the first team with only six positions available to them. And we're talking about needing to bring in 2/3 more. My feeling is we need 2/3 less and then start looking at a one in one out basis. Otherwise, it is unsustainable.
  5. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    There's Callum McDonald who made the bench last season too. Olsson should be surplus.
  6. Sheyi Ojo

    In fairness to him, his son was dying of leukaemia when he came to us, so he might not have had his mind on the game fully. He was poor for us though...
  7. Which teams do you dislike and why?

    Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City - wish they'd sod off into European competition and allow the league to level off again. Also MK Dons and Millwall for their respective sins. And, finally, Grimsby because I just always have disliked them.
  8. Manager Sacking Sweepstake

    Newcastle Wolves
  9. George A. Romero

    George A. Romero, creator of the living dead franchise and occasional Chris Martin lookalike has died.
  10. Ideal squad size & make-up

    I always look at it as needing the same as a World Cup squad. One for each team member and a spare 'keeper.
  11. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    He was brilliant at Spurs, but I felt he'd become a little too immobile in recent years. Slight reservations, but happy to be proven wrong!
  12. Ollie Watkins - Signed for Brentford

    Why aren't half the message board employed as scouts - we've all known about Watkins for months... based on YouTube and a couple of live games.
  13. Jota

    It feels as though we aren't necessarily learning - Jota and Lawrence have had fine seasons and are on top of their game, however neither have an extended period of looking like players worth the millions we are seeing quoted. I fear they could both have the risk of huge expectation heaped on them from the start with the fans expecting them to immediately assimilate into the new squad whilst maintaining their previous form... if we are actually in for them. Our squad is littered with players like this already...
  14. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    Not feeling this at all. Was a good player, now seems to be as mobile as a dustbin full of concrete. When we beat Hull 4-0, our midfield really punished his lack of manoeuvrability.

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