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    Ex Rams

    Looks like Albert Steptoe
  2. If they are the best 14 kits in the whole of Europe then there some really crap kits around. Real Madrid’s is the epitome of dull.
  3. Gothia Cup? It’s like a football festival - a great vibe. There’s some seriously good young teams there!
  4. I always think of Kinkladze and Craig Burley hiding on the pitch when Darryl Powell would win the ball, meaning he had no options. That would result in Powell trying to do their job, which he wasn’t capable of, unfortunately. I always thought it was disappointing that Powell got the lion’s share of the blame, when the other pair letting the side down.
  5. I have a cat named Igor. He’s quality.
  6. Depends on their mentality. Stoke were going to win the league last year with their parachute payments...
  7. I like the fact that the keeper appears to be looking ruefully at his pink kit thinking “this is not worth what I am getting paid”!
  8. I’m relatively sure that Cocu will have run his eye over every player through match recordings long before signing and considered if Johnson was going to be a player worth keeping and would have raised concerns about losing him. As he’s not going to fit into flowing passing football (I hope!) then he’s surplus to requirements.
  9. It’s a bit like saying Liverpool were foolish to go for Klopp because Felix Magath was the only prior German Premiership manager and he was a disaster.
  10. VAR will eventually kill the passion in the game, when people don’t celebrate goals, but rather watch the referee watch telly to see if anything contentious has happened. I’d rather accept that refs sometimes get it wrong...
  11. It’s always been utter madness that Qatar were awarded the tournament, when they lacked any footballing heritage, aren’t a developing football nation, don’t have the stadiums and it is dangerous to play there in the summer due to the heat. (What happened to the air conditioned stadiums that were promised?) The fact that it has been moved to winter meaning three seasons of domestic football will be disrupted as a result is poor. However, they can’t strip it as Qatar would sue FIFA and take them to the cleaners.
  12. That is true to an extent, however it is not a simple case of straight line depreciation. There worth could be £9m, £9m, £0, with the view that you will either extend their contract or sell them in the final year. The risk is that you get a massive hit if they leave.
  13. It seems by the replies to Nick Blackman’s tweet that he won’t be welcome back in Gijon next season... https://twitter.com/nblackman89?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  14. It’s my recollection that players who were in the EFL academies were only entitled to compensation for each year of development. Having looked, for Category 1 it’s £40,000 per year, so I highly doubt we’re getting the cash quoted... (Rules 325 -328) https://www.efl.com/siteassets/efl-documents/201819/efl-youth-development-charter-players-and-parents-guide-2018-19--e-book4.pdf
  15. If we can get an offer for him in a million years time, I’d reckon he’d probably be past his best at that point...
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