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  1. maydrakin

    Jack Marriott

    My guess would be to be in perpetual motion making run after run pulling players away to create space for others to exploit, as well as looking for opportunities to score himself...
  2. maydrakin

    Florian Jozefzoon - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Just looked at Jozefzoon on Transfermarkt and noticed Nick Blackman is in the comparable players section!
  3. maydrakin

    Florian Jozefzoon - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Bennett came on for Thomas last night and both played on the right wing...
  4. maydrakin

    Harry Wilson - Signed on a season long loan

    If he’s the youngest player to play for Wales, does that mean he could be even better than Lewin Nyatanga?
  5. maydrakin

    World Cup 2022 - Winter

    It’ll be just like the African Cup of Nations, but on a broader scale. It’ll be interesting to see if games in the football league/Prem grind to a halt, or whether there’ll be an Autumn break - however, can a minimum of a 6 week break be managed, with the players having to be released a couple of weeks before the tournament starts?
  6. maydrakin

    Is this season a write-off already?

    If any manager can’t fashion a decent team to challenge for the playoffs then they are unfit to manage. We have 25 players at least that should be more than capable of performing at this level. Whilst they are a disparate group cobbled together by numerous managers with varying styles, there is more than enough capability to cobble together a first XI that can play whatever style a manager requires. The trick is to be able to add to the squad that complement such a style and offload those that are surplus to requirements. As for the season being a write off... behave yourself.
  7. maydrakin

    Illegal socks

    £50k fine for four players wearing ankle socks with an ILLEGAL brand name on them £80k fine for fans throwing objects and homophobic chanting FIFA getting their priorities straight again, I see.
  8. My only gripe is that we had to change the name of the team. Every time I read an article in the press, we’re called Frank Lampard’s Derby County.
  9. maydrakin

    World Cup 2018 thread

    My biggest gripe has been some shameful playacting (not just Neymar). It annoys me that players roll around as though they are mortally wounded after the merest of brushes. I’d be disappointed if my 8 year old didn’t get up from most of those challenges without a single afterthought. It brings the game into disrepute. I would bring in a rule that players have to be treated during the game (physios come onto the pitch during play and can only signal to the referee to stop the game if the player has to be taken off the field of play - at which point they stay off the pitch for the remainder of the game and must be substituted).
  10. maydrakin

    Matej Vydra

    As we could well be lined up differently, we might not need a direct replacement. However, Tom Lawrence and Kasey Palmer are two that would revel in that position.
  11. maydrakin

    Matej Vydra

    Yet on the two times he has tried he has not. His record is patchy - he has fantastic seasons and (more) very distinctly average seasons. His first season with us was pretty poor for him, as was the Reading loan the season before. Plus the Prem seasons. For 12 million we could get a much better in the shape of team players that spread his goals throughout the team.
  12. maydrakin

    Any players caught your eye in the world cup

    I have rated Carrillo from Peru, Rodriguez from Panama and Leckie from Australia. My wife would take far more interest in Derby if we signed Gislason from Iceland, it seems.
  13. maydrakin

    Marcus Maddison

    How bad was the rest of the Peterborough team if they had these two “Premiership players in waiting” who scored umpteen goals and created half a million assists between them, yet still failed to make the Playoffs in the 3rd division?
  14. maydrakin

    Name that Ram

    At a guess, that’s Kalilou Fadiga
  15. maydrakin

    Name that Ram

    Tomasz Hajto?

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