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  1. He always looked absolutely quality for Iceland and my lad picked him out as his favourite player from the last Euros. We’ve kept an eye on his career since, which seemed to stall at Villa, due to him being part of a group of many that they signed in one go. (My wife is also quite keen on him too, for other reasons...)
  2. Wasn’t it Eric Steele that recommended Roos in the first place? I’m sure he was going he GK coach when we first bought him in...
  3. I think you’re being a little harsh on @Bristol City. We’re in the middle of this little press driven furore and he/she has just asked for our opinion on it in a polite manner, whilst acknowledging the hypocrisy of the league. For me, I thought it was a little crass to choose the number 32, as all the mock-ups were Rooney 7 beforehand, however I don’t care that we have given him that number. That said, I don’t necessarily believe I am a target market, due to not being interested in betting. As we have tighter and tighter restrictions through FFP, we have to find creative ways to stay competitive against the teams with the massive Premiership failure payouts, so it’s perfectly reasonable to wring as much as you possibly can from it, even if it does mean by “tenuous” means - by which, it’s a number and if people make that connection maybe it’s them with the issue? (Which does include me - 2+2=5 and all that)
  4. Let’s hope that Brazil or Germany aren’t in the championship then.
  5. Maybe it’s due to the transfer being conducted in Euros, which makes the deal roughly £13.20 nowadays...
  6. Have been to a couple... Roma vs Parma - great atmosphere, really enjoyed it. Even saw an old Italian man shout “Mamma Mia” when Totti dragged a shot wide. St Pauli vs FC Freiburg - this is a ground I’d advise anyone to visit. Fantastic atmosphere, more akin to a rock concert than a football match. Ajax vs Heracles - nice ground. That’s about it. Was expensive and the atmosphere felt like everyone was bored. I have never seen a more boring game in fairness. Heracles offered absolutely nothing - felt more like a pre season kick about. FC Copenhagen vs Spurs - just happened to be in Gothenburg, Sweden with my mate when we went down to the Ullevi Stadium and it transpired their was a friendly happening. Some Swedish bloke saw us trying to find where to get tickets and came over an gave us a couple. Good stadium!
  7. The one I remember is being linked to Roberto Baggio, during the Jim Smith days, but he wanted astronomical wages, so we bought Baiano instead.
  8. The challenge for me is who is going to support the ref when he/she is asking a player at, say Newhall, to go to the sin bin. Might cause a few headaches for the ref, that...
  9. No, it was Carl Dickinson.
  10. I think the issue for me was that he was saying things like he wanted the high press up the field and modelled his style on Klopp however, as many alluded to, his style was completely opposite. I didn’t moan about him, as I thought we were going through a transitional phase, however he got rid of Hughes and Bryson for ageing tanks in midfield, meaning our old flowing passing football was replaced with a dull monotonous grind, where the process seemed to be not to lose. The style was to invite teams to have a go and then counter. If we managed to get the first goal, it was then always likely we’d get more. If it was a case that we conceded you might as well go home, as the game was gone and the entertainment value was dire. If it’s any help, I spoke to a guy who is a Birmingham fan when we signed and he said similar and was glad to see the back of him too. He also got quite lucky in the fact we had a transfer deadline day disaster with letting Bryson go to Cardiff and then getting Kieftenbeld to sign the wrong part of the registration which meant we wasn’t signed, so we signed Joe Ledley who had a storming 3 months, followed by nothing once he signed an extension. Who know where he might have taken us, but we had to have a fairly sizeable change last season to undo all of what he did to bring back the passing football.
  11. I believe the term “internet” is used by those in Bolton’s surroundings as the place where they want their striker to put the ball.
  12. The proper orange kit was the Patrick away kit. That Puma one is dark sunburst yellow, for me.
  13. I counted 8 of the squad that were missing. Wisdom and Holmes are injured and have had no pre-season, which puts them quite a way back. Any ideas beyond Marriott being injured and Shinnie with personal reasons? Carson (out of favour) Wisdom (inj) Forsyth (?) Marriott (inj) Butterfield (all but gone) Holmes (inj) Thorne (?) Shinnie (personal)
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