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  1. This would be a thing of absolute beauty! I was in tears watching that Family Guy episode!
  2. Christian Grytkjær, who plays alongside Jozwiak and is out of contract in the summer...
  3. Classic bants! Isn’t that what you kids say? I just looked at their team and saw he’s a Danish international with 11 goal in 18 appearances this season and 5 in 9 for Denmark. Sounds like a player that should be good enough for us, bearing in mind he’s on a free in the summer.
  4. Wouldn’t be too against bringing in Christian Gytkjær who plays up front for them and is out of contract in the summer...
  5. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/Derby-county-eyeing-up-january-raid-for-20-year-old-midfielder/ Never heard of him...
  6. Based on the information that he is a ball playing central defender, he sounds like exactly the sort of player we need.
  7. Why are we even discussing Hamer, Clarke, Paterson and Dowell as players we’d keep? None of them are ours, so the fact they are going is a fait accompli.
  8. I think there has been some creative figures pulled out of the air to suit arguments. My recollection was also around £4m for Anya. According to transfermarkt the three cost £16.47m (which is astronomical enough), but Anya was no way near £8m. Johnson £7.29m Butterfield £4.95m Anya £4.23m I do agree that none have come anywhere close to being value for money, and spending £12m as cover for 2 injured players was folly.
  9. Did you hear about the guy who died after having the end of his foot amputated? Turns out he was lactose intolerant ...
  10. 1 current favourite player: Curtis Davies 2 current least favourite: Ikechi Anya 3 Your fave of all time: Stefano Eranio 4 Least fave of all time: Mikkel Beck 5The 1st game you attended: Derby 3 Watford 2 (1982) 6 The last game you attended: Millwall 7 The best ground you have ever visited: Baseball Ground (it was ours and it had atmosphere like no other) 8 Which young Derby prospect excites you the most: Knight 9 Your favourite ever Derby manager: Jim Smith 10 You've guessed it, least fave ever: Paul Jewell 11 If Derby went bust, who would be your new team: Mansfield 12 If you could sign 1 player from the championship right now, who: Kalvin Phillips 13 If you could change 1 thing about Derby County right now, what would it be: The rubbish pies in the concourse!
  11. I got tickets for that game, so could be quite an interesting evening!!
  12. He always looked absolutely quality for Iceland and my lad picked him out as his favourite player from the last Euros. We’ve kept an eye on his career since, which seemed to stall at Villa, due to him being part of a group of many that they signed in one go. (My wife is also quite keen on him too, for other reasons...)
  13. Wasn’t it Eric Steele that recommended Roos in the first place? I’m sure he was going he GK coach when we first bought him in...
  14. I think you’re being a little harsh on @Bristol City. We’re in the middle of this little press driven furore and he/she has just asked for our opinion on it in a polite manner, whilst acknowledging the hypocrisy of the league. For me, I thought it was a little crass to choose the number 32, as all the mock-ups were Rooney 7 beforehand, however I don’t care that we have given him that number. That said, I don’t necessarily believe I am a target market, due to not being interested in betting. As we have tighter and tighter restrictions through FFP, we have to find creative ways to stay competitive against the teams with the massive Premiership failure payouts, so it’s perfectly reasonable to wring as much as you possibly can from it, even if it does mean by “tenuous” means - by which, it’s a number and if people make that connection maybe it’s them with the issue? (Which does include me - 2+2=5 and all that)
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