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  1. Bris Vegas

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Keogh had an excellent game. Forsyth was garbage. Looked far too laboured. I’m amazed we’re 5th. Especially after winning just two of the last seven games.
  2. Bris Vegas

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    He made the wrong choice on two excellent counter opportunities. Both times he had Marriott in on his left, the first he used him as a decoy and shot wide and the second he tried a difficult throughball to FloJo which was cut out. In general he was much better, but so frustrating.
  3. Bris Vegas

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Much better second half as we played probing football. The first half was poor. Too many trying to go for a killer pass too early and we were just giving it them back. Wasn’t impressed with a few of our counters in the second half. Far too greedy, and this time that was Wilson and not Lawrence. Thought we were the much better team second half. Sheffield United didn’t make the most of their first half dominance.
  4. Bris Vegas

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Wouldn't have happened if Bryson was on. Wilson just let their man breeze into the box. He should have been the one to put a tackle in, but then again I'm not sure why he has moved into central midfield. He's a winger, clearly.
  5. Bris Vegas

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Glen Kamara is a must. The guy is out of contract next summer. Dundee would let him go for a bargain fee in January.
  6. Bris Vegas

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Wilson has been awful. Looks like he's picked up Tom Lawrence's trait of trying to go alone and just running into traffic. Passing, and general movement up the pitch has been poor. Trying too hard to play the killer ball right away. It's not progressive and it just keeps coming back quickly. Norwood is a player we should have gone for. A proper linking midfielder. He's picking passes through our midfield time and time again with ease. Did it at Fulham and Brighton too.
  7. Bris Vegas

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    But Messi, Hazard and Sterling make unselfish runs, or dribble past opponents to open up space for their teammates. When Lawrence goes past one, he wants to go past another and go alone. He’s such a selfish player, who uses teammates as decoys to dribble himself. When does he ever actually dribble to the benefit of the team. He doesn’t try and hit the byline to cross it, he always wants to cut inside and shoot himself. I have no problems with players who aren’t afraid to hold onto it and run at defenders, as long as they are doing it for the right reasons. Tommy Smith used to dribble a lot. But he did so with the purpose of creating space to pass or cross it to Rasiak.
  8. Bris Vegas

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    For me he’s in the top three Derby players I’ve seen in my lifetime. - Top three greediest or most selfish - Top three in terms of consistently making the wrong decisions - Top three in terms of arrogance on the pitch - Top three most frustrating I don’t know whether he is amazing in training and thus implored by his managers to play the way he does, or he’s incapable of learning. All Championship wingers can be frustrating, I get that. Ward, Russell, Tommy Smith. They all blew hot or cold. But Lawrence is a different breed altogether. You could forgive him if he was a team player, but I just don’t see that in him.
  9. Bris Vegas

    Harry Wilson is at it again!

    Any footballer who strikes a knuckleball and later says he was aiming for the ball to end up in exactly the spot he was hoping for is an outright liar. If you could dictate where the ball ends up using the knuckleball technique, then far more players would use it when spraying 50 yard passes from one side of the pitch to the other as it’s clearly the fastest way to do it. I wonder why Beckham, for instance, never did. Might it be because the end product is totally unreliable?
  10. Bris Vegas

    Harry Wilson is at it again!

    What the hell has anything you’ve written go to do with the direction of the ball on a knuckleball freekick?
  11. Bris Vegas

    Harry Wilson is at it again!

    I think you and others have misunderstood me. The luck part is not down to technique, it’s where the ball ends up and its trajectory which is luck. As has been mentioned, Wilson uses the same technique in his two freekick goals yet the ball swerves in opposite directions in both. If the ball flies in the top left corner, or the top right corner, or even row Z, the same technique is applied. When Mount lines up a freekick, he picks his spot before striking and aims to put it there. When Wilson steps up, he’s not aiming for any corner in particular, he’s just aiming to kick on target with the hope of the ball deceiving the GK... So if the ball ends up top left, dead centre or bottom right is down to pot luck as Wilson has no control over that. I’d imagine Wilson has much better ball-striking ability than you are I, I’m not denying that. But that Old Trafford or Wales goal could quite easily have ended up in row Z and there would have been nothing wrong with Wilson’s technique. If Mount hits it in row Z it’s because he would have been leaning backwards or got right under the ball - poor technique. With Wilson’s, you can do everything right and it still comes off horribly wrong.
  12. Bris Vegas

    Harry Wilson is at it again!

    Of course it’s luck if it generates a random result. That is the very definition of luck. That’s like saying it’s not lucky to win the lottery because you bought the ticket.
  13. Bris Vegas

    Sam Allardyce "Busquets no better than Dier"

    I think you’re understanding the job of the defensive midfielder. Busquets, for instance, made 7 tackles in the 4-2 win over Tottenham. More than anyone else on the pitch. Rakitic, in contrast, didn’t make any. He also posted a 100% pass accuracy. In a team that builds from the back, the holding midfielder is vital in linking the play. He has to pick up the ball off the GK and defenders, and then feed it to Barca’s other midfielders. He also is the guy who drops as the last man as the two CBs move wide. If he loses the ball at any point, the opposition have a clean run on goal. It requires huge amounts of responsibility. As for the Dier comparison. That’s absurd and typical of a manager who can’t get his side playing good football. If he can’t recognise what Busquets brings to the team (as Dier offers little) then he’s so far out of touch.
  14. Bris Vegas

    Harry Wilson is at it again!

    The technique isn’t a fluke. But where the ball ends up is pot luck. It’s a smash at goal, hoping the ball moves to deceive the goalkeeper. There is no aim, other than getting it on target. Wilson’s goal vs United moved outwards to the left. Wilson’s goal vs Ireland, using the same technique, moved inwards to the right. Same technique, two different movements on the ball. How can you say that isn’t luck or a fluke? He has no control on the movement, evident by the two different goals. Mount, using the inside of his foot, stands a much bigger chance of hitting it accurately, but then it’s more predictable for the goalkeeper. The benefit of Wilson’s technique is the unpredictability factor for the goalkeeper. Nobody can judge the flight of the ball, so if it’s powerful and on target, there’s probably a better chance it will go in. But for every 10 attempts of knuckleball, only 2 might hit the target. With Mount’s technique you’re looking at maybe 5.
  15. Bris Vegas

    International Rams 18/19

    I just switched Wales-Ireland on. Saw Tom Lawrence get the ball, Wales have a three-on-one, Lawrence ignores his teammates and tries to go alone. Poor shot, easy save and a glorious chance gone. He must be dynamite in training, he really must.

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