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  1. Bris Vegas

    The Championship 18/19

    If Fulham and Wolves were in this year’s Championship they’d absolutely cruise it. I tipped Boro to win the league and I think they will shithouse their way to it. Not many will get points or even goals at the Riverside this season. Preston have been a big surprise. Wigan too I guess if they can keep it up. Could be one of the lowest points tallies for auto promotion this season.
  2. Bris Vegas

    Ben Davies

    Is it in the Sun paper edition?
  3. Bris Vegas

    Boxing Thread

    After going past the first four rounds there was only one winner. Povetkin threw some nice combos in the first two rounds, but you could tell he was tiring by round five and he just threw launching hooks by then which AJ anticipated fairly easily. Credit Povetkin for doing what he could in those initial rounds, but it's quite worrying that a 39-year-old is ranked third in the world and is mandatory to a world title. A real derth of top heavyweight fighters at world level. Don't want to take anything away from AJ, but he's milking it. He's making a fortune off the back of relatively easy fights against substandard opponents. Even Wilder and Fury don't look much cop. Vitali and Vlad in their prime ruled the lot easily, and AJ could do the same.
  4. Bris Vegas

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Keogh was brillaint. One particular feint and dash forward in the second half was sublime.
  5. Bris Vegas

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Hope we don't regret those missed chances. Brentford have been really slopp at the back. Great pressing by us.
  6. Bris Vegas

    18/19 Match Thread

    Has there been a bigger bargain in the Premier League than Will Hughes over the past two seasons?
  7. Bris Vegas

    18/19 Match Thread

    I knew that Messi didn't make the UEFA finalists for best player award, but I didn't realise he missed out on a top three spot in the Balon d'Or award too. What the hell is that all about? As good as Salah was last season, Messi scored more goals, had more assists, created more chances and won more trophies. He didn't even lose a league game in the entire season and was the golden boot winner. Sooo? I don't get it? The criteria for this award is stupid. Modric wasn't even Madrid's best midfielder last season. Kroos scored more, assisted more, averaged better passing %, more tackles per game. Also, Real Madrd finished 3rd, posting their worst points tally in over a decade. You know, the league being the bread and butter, needing to be the most consistent to win. Ronaldo and Modric were average domestically. But I guess they did have one or two good games in the CL. So let's ignore the 46 league and cup matches and just focus on five games in the CL to decide who has been the best individual player in the world over the entire season. Moronic.
  8. Bris Vegas

    Jack Marriott - a dud?

    Ibrahimovic was a dud for Barcelona. Was he a crap player? No, not at all... We were playing with a number 10 last season and had a system built around a number 10 at the time Marriott was linked. As a lone number 9 in a different system he was a total gamble, and so far he’s been ineffective in that position. Like I said in the opening post, I fear he’s going to be a dud unless we change up the system. Lawrence has been utterly crap this season. Most advocate playing him as a number 10. He would be a better player there, undoubtedly. But he hasn’t evolved or improved as has been expected. He looks like he hasn’t learned at all.
  9. Bris Vegas

    Mason Bennett

    Just my opinion but I think Bennett has stuck around so long only because he’s an academy player. I don’t think he’s particularly Championship standard. I don’t think he would make the first-team in pretty much any club in this league. I think his hardwork, endeavour and on-field personality will mean he’ll have a solid career. Probably end up a League One regular in the future.
  10. Bris Vegas

    Jack Marriott - a dud?

    At the time of the article we hadn’t made any signings. We lacked a proper striker last season, as mentioned in the article. We swapped and diced with Martin, Nugent and Jerome all playing the number 9 role at some point during the campaign. Marriott, slotted infront of a number 10, as mentioned in the article, would have strengthened the team as he’s a more natural goal scorer than any of the abovementioned who we played in that role. It’s not a contradiction to now state he looks ineffective playing as a lone striker tasked with bringing others into play and not having a number 10 to take care of that role.
  11. Bris Vegas

    Jack Marriott - a dud?

    If people have read my posts they’ll know I’ve been pretty consistent in saying Marriott struggles and looks a poor player when played upfront on his own. Get a number 10 close to him to take away the responsibility of holding up the ball and bringing others into play and he’ll be better for it. However, it seens we aren’t going to play that way, so trying to shoehorn Marriott into a role isn’t familiar with off the back of his League One goalscoring exploits represent a gamble and was ill-thought.
  12. Bris Vegas

    Jack Marriott - a dud?

    The issue is playing to Marriott’s strengths doesn’t bode well for the certain other first-team players. Playing him out of position, or in a role he isn’t suited for, makes him look poor. Like most strikers really... They can look crap in one system and really useful in another.
  13. Bris Vegas

    Jack Marriott - a dud?

    Being a football fan is debating football isn't it? I'm pretty sure I only asked a question.
  14. Bris Vegas

    Jack Marriott - a dud?

    Well, as ever with DCFC, it seems those intent on bringing him to the club didn’t do their research in terms of how he would fit into the system. The scouting report probably read ‘scored lots of goals last season, available for transfer’ and that was enough needed to go out and get him. Like a more expensive Abdoul Camara signing.
  15. Bris Vegas

    Jack Marriott - a dud?

    I stand by what I said. As a lone striker, I don’t see anything about him in terms of bringing others into play. I fear without a change in system designed to get the best out of him, he’s not going to get much game-time here at all. Seems like he was a panic-buy.

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