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  1. Bris Vegas

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    Every decent manager has had a sacking along the way. You can’t use that to rule out going for one. Hannes Wolf for instance won the Bundesliga U17 and U19 with Dortmund three years in succession. His first job was Stuttgart and got them promoted in his first season, scoring the most goals in the league. At the time he was sacked, Stuttgart were above the relegation zone in the Bundesliga. The fact they went on to finish well suggests he was pretty good in the transfer market too. At 37, he has achieved alot and is regarded as one of the best young coaches in Germany. Your comment him being awful is pretty bizarre considering.
  2. Bris Vegas

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    Because his only other two jobs were in China and at La Liga strugglers Deportivo. He walked into Depor with the club in the bottom three, well off from 17th place and having lost their last two away games 5-0 and 7-1. He took over a team in dire straits, yet their record since then improved. They only lost 1-0 at Atleti and 2-1 at Valencia, drew against Celta and Sevilla, beat Athletic Bilbao away. Lost 4-2 to both Villarreal and Barca but they looked decent in both games. It’s a gamble, but to be honest I’m done with the tried and tested dinosaur crap. He can’t be any worse than Paul Jewell or Nigel Pearson. I want some unknown. I want Derby to hire a manager who will bring players in from Spain and Holland. Yet we’ll probably get Mick McCarthy. And his two summer signings will be Robert Huth and David McGoldrick.
  3. Bris Vegas

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    My shortlist: Dean Smith Mark Warburton Clarence Seedorf
  4. Bris Vegas

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    Failed at every club bar Milan? He’s only been at two other clubs, one being a financially-motivated move to China and the other being Deportivo when they were 10 points adrift at the bottom of La Liga... He’s a great shout if you want to take a risk on a young, high-profile name.
  5. Bris Vegas

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    All done. Clarence Seedorf to replace him...
  6. Bris Vegas

    Feel sorry for Mel.

    How can you feel sorry for Mel? It’s absolute Karma. The guy showed no loyalty to Mac as he sacked him after one bad run to bring in his man Rowett instead. It’s Karma that one year down the line Rowett walks out the moment a better offer comes along. Mel deserves this, he’s the one who has constantly let Derby down.
  7. Bris Vegas

    New manager's objectives...

    What is acceptable for fans and what is acceptable for Mel are two completely different things. As fans we can accept a rebuild if it’s evident we are developing an attractive style of play while utitlising young, raw players with plenty of potential. It sounds great doesn’t it? Even if it means taking three years. But for Mel, I doubt he has 3 years to wait. He wants promotion and his money back.
  8. Bris Vegas

    Scott Carson

    Yeah I think I read there was a Turkish club wanting to sign him, on loan originally. The Scottish Premiership is really poor but that doesn’t mean there aren’t decent players up there on the cheap. Glen Kamara is an absolute must. A mobile, energetic and robust holding midfielder. He’s available for about 2mill. Absolute bargain. He’s like a lesser version of Wanyama but with loads of potential.
  9. Bris Vegas

    Scott Carson

    Tavernier, Windass and Morelos look decent players for that league.
  10. Bris Vegas

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    Mark Warbs No-brainer.
  11. Bris Vegas

    Scott Carson

    If Warburton comes in, I reckon he’ll go in for Rangers’ Wes Foderingham now that they’ve signed Allan McGregor. It kind of makes sense.
  12. Bris Vegas

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Yeah, you’re probably right. FWIW I don’t blame Rowett at all. He has a better chance of promotion with a bigger budget at Stoke, his stock remains high now, and ge’s going to be paid more. If he stays here and we spend next season struggling, his stock lowers and we all know Mel likes to sack a manager. Rowett would be mad not to go.
  13. Bris Vegas

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Steve McClaren was vilified for having the nerve to commit to Derby when the Newcastle rumours began. He made the playoff final one year, got sacked, then left to go the PL. He was deemed a failure and a traitor. Gary Rowett is set to leave Derby for another Championship side in Stoke after making the playoff semi-finals. He’s deemed a success and most have the attitude of ‘I can’t blame him for wanting a pay-rise elsewhere, good luck Gary’ Double standards here are disgusting. Hypocrites.
  14. Bris Vegas

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Considering the path we’re likely to head down in regards to cost-cutting and FFP, Mark Warburton is an absolute no-brainer. He’s unemployed, favours youth, plays decent possession football and has a wide range of contacts in terms of loans. I’d love to see him come in and see the likes of Bogle and Thomas play more. Sell Vydra, bring in the likes of Glen Kamara and Maddison from Pboro. Warburton’s transfer record at Rangers was a bit of a worry, yet selling Josh Windass alone would cover for all his other duffs. Most importantly though he would need patience. Mel can’t go sacking him if we were lower midtable. With so many high earners’ contracts expiring in 2019, next season should just be used as one final push for the playoffs (or a transition period) before the big overhaul and rebuild begins. Warburton for me, or Dean Smith but I doubt we’d spend on compo for a new manager so he’s unrealistic. If we bring in Mick McCarthy or Alan Pardew then I won’t have any interest in Derby until they’re gone. Dinosaurs.
  15. Bris Vegas

    Keogh and the culture of failure

    Suggesting Keogh is part of the failure culture and using that as a reason to sell him would be the equivalent of Liverpool fans blaming Gerrard for never winning a league title or Argentine blaming Messi for losing three straight international finals. Where is the logic in that? If you swapped Keogh for Sean Morrison, do you think that would have magically made all the difference and resulted in a promotion over the past few years? Seriously deluded if you believe so.

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