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  1. Pretty sure when Chelsea won the CL in 2012 the only English players they had playing were Lampard and Cole with their Russian owner, Italian manager and Japanese sponsors. I think it was different years ago. I remember enjoying Man Utd beat the likes of Bayern, Juve and Real Madrid 20 years ago when they had a very core English side, and as England only had one or two representatives in the CL, it felt like they were representing the nation’s best. It’s a different competition these days. I’ll just wait for the 1/4 finals onwards and watch the games involving City, Liverpool, Bayern and PSG if they are playing each other.
  2. The Champions League has already turned into a part Super League anyway the moment they allowed the top 4 clubs from England, Spain, Italy and Germany to automatically qualify. Once they did that, those clubs can then regularly pocket the earnings, meaning more money to buy the best players and distance themselves from the rest. There is no chance of any other league breaking into the coefficient top four rankings now as the gap between clubs like Lyon, Monaco, Marseille, Porto, Benfica, Ajax, PSV, Anderlecht, Brugges etc and the rest is simply massive now. The CL also made it that no team from the same nation can be in the same group, while league winners are seeded 1st and the 2nd seeds are the next best. Again, this means that the top two in each group will be a mixture of the best clubs from the best leagues. As Carnero mentioned above, this stage of the CL is drawn out and boring. Sure you may get a shock result along the way and some big clubs facing each other, but we all know the last 16 will be made up of Real Madrid, Bayern, PSG, Man City, Liverpool, Atletico, Barcelona, Chelsea, Juve, Dortmund just like it is every year.
  3. If we go down, but have new owners and retain some of the better players we should be at the top of League One next season. I know some big clubs have struggled down there. But the league is crap. Hull and Peterborough prove that. Sunderland have only failed because they’ve had poor managers and lost the playoffs. Ipswich were a mess with an owner wanting out. I do feel we could end up going down with a cleaner slate and arguably with more fire to bounce back immediately. I also wouldn’t be worried, provided we have new owners, of losing any of our younger players unless a PL club comes in. I can’t see Buchanan, Bird, Knight etc leaving Derby for say QPR or Swansea unless we wanted or simply had to sell. They would likely just see League One as a temporary one season stop.
  4. Barnsley lost again, while Hull got beat at home to Peterborough. Blackpool came from two down to beat Reading. Stats suggest it was fully deserved too. Blackpool look solid this season, have goals in them and I reckon they're a tough team to play away. Cardiff will improve once they dump the dinosaur McCarthy. It's got to be Peterborough, Hull and Barnsley. Who else can we drag into it? Birmingham have been poor since they beat us, but they should be ok. Bristol City and Preston are crap but keep picking up wins. Since the deduction we've gained two points on Peterborough and Hull and four on Barnsley. We've only had three wins ourselves in 13 games. It's not looking great despite our solid form.
  5. That was a 0-0 game made 2-2 by generally woeful defending/goalkeeping. I thought we looked ok, but squandered too many counterattacking positions. Ravel Morrison has been a really good addition, but today his decision-making was poor and contributed to breakdown of attacks. I feel for Joz. He was in great positions yet again and wasn't put through, likewise Lee Buchanan when he was running through and Morrison opted to check back. Frustrating.
  6. I watched the dubbed version too huuuuh and that woman was annoying as hell huuuuh. I wish I’d watched it in Korean with subtitles huuuuuh. Sorry. Huuuuh. Yeah she made me want to put a fist through the screen.
  7. So many big names have given Welter a huge rise in popularity. I think the biggest and most renowned weight classes in boxing are 147, 160, 168 and heavyweight. All of the famous names over the years have predominantly ruled in one of those categories. Not that there isn’t huge talent at lower weights, but they tend to want to move up. Josh Taylor started at 140 so could follow Terrence Crawford into impressing at 147. It’s those that start at 130 or below which struggle to step up as a natural 147 has no reason to move up. As you say, super welter at 154 is a waste ground while those that compete at 160 and 168 are naturals there as 175 is only ever used as a weight class for super middles to win titles in multiple classes.
  8. Mikey Garcia is a brilliant boxer but I believe anything above 140lbs and it's too much for him. He started out at 126lbs, it's a huge jump to go up to compete at 145lbs+. His natural weight where he was comfortable was at 136lbs. His boxing ability meant he could jump to 140lbs and still be the best. 147 is too big of a bridge to gap unless you're a freak like Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather. Unfortunately, anything under welterweight and the money fights just aren't there. I hope Josh Taylor doesn't suffer the same fate.
  9. Newcastle better hope they're not too far adrift come January because their team is crap. Norwich, Burnley and Watford will be the only teams they are capable of finishing above right now. And I expect Burnley will improve as they usually do once they get going. Leeds, Southampton and Palace are comfortably better than them. As are Brentford.
  10. Peterborough v Hull Middlesbrough v Barnsley A good opportunity for Derby to close the gap on at least two teams this week. Birmingham and Cardiff are also in awful form, but you’d expect them to improve. Blackpool meanwhile have taken the same number of points as we have after 12 games. They’re looking solid.
  11. I just don’t see it unfortunately. We rarely get behind teams, we rarely hit the byline for cutbacks, we rarely produce excellent wing play resulting in crosses for a centre-forward to attack. If it’s not a Curtis Davies or Jagielka header or a long-range stunner, I don’t see where our goals will come from which is a shame as we are playing well.
  12. What would a decent striker have done differently today? We didn’t create a single chance for Baldock, Sibley or CKR who all had minutes upfront. We had 17 shots, but at least 10 of those were speculative shots from outside the box. Our only real chances were Ebosele after his own run from the halfway line, the Curtis Davies header and Jagielka follow up header.
  13. Derby better team but we didn’t create anything. The forward players just aren’t creative at all. We’re a solid Championship side lacking penetration in the final third. Seven goals scored in 12 games. Wow.
  14. He can yes, but he’s not a creative player. Six assists in his last 3 full seasons. None this season either.
  15. Kamil Jozwiak has an appearance/starter fee doesn’t he? It has to be the only reason he hasn’t played recently. Tom Lawrence offers nothing outside. He’s an instinctive shooter. He should 100% play through the middle upfront. You want your wide players to be able to create, retain possession, pick intelligent passes. Lawrence rarely does any of these things. He’s wasted out there on the left. Impressed with Buchanan. Looks to have really stepped up his aggression and urgency. Bird and Knight also decent. Derby far the better team, but we don’t look like scoring. I don’t want to say it, but we’ll probably lose this 1-0 to an error or something and we’re left saying the same things after the match.
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