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  1. I’ve always followed the Raiders in the NRL, so I’m predicting that Croker & the boys will contain the full force of the Storm. Hodgson & Bateman will have blinders, outshining the mercurial Cameron Smith.....Raiders to win by 8. Almost time for kick off, enjoy the game, like you say should be a cracker.
  2. Says the human...I can’t help thinking cats destruction pales into insignificance compared to humanities achievements in screwing the planet over. Have you seen the impact of the EU CAP on wildlife & the environment for instance.
  3. Huddersfield 0 Rams 2 fgs Lawrence
  4. Was you wearing wellies, & were there any sheep around???
  5. Didn’t expect any cages for broilers, but you do pleasantly surprise me that you managing to keep antibiotics out of them...What type & brand of food are they getting.
  6. Glad it stood out, but which factual bits & reports did you disagree with?
  7. Hmm i think that your fully aware that many who voted leave are those that have tended not to vote in the past...those disillusioned by a political system that doesn’t care about them & doesn’t represent them.. IDS hit the nail on the head when he said at around midnight on referendum night...(roughly), that the forgotten estates & those who didn’t tend to come out to vote, had come out to vote in force, meaning that things could get very interesting as the night went on. People like myself & others decided to vote that night when we normally never bother to , because we were told it was a one off vote & that every vote mattered. That the government would honour what we voted for. Id say a 2 million plus people who up until that night never usually voted, did so because they thought that their voices would be heard...But you feign surprise that after yet again having their voice betrayed. That these same people might in all probability not raise themselves to yet again, put their trust in a parliament that had once again been proven not represent them, & vote ...yeah righto...I think your far cleverer than that...you know full well that most wouldn’t make the effort again to vote in the referendum that turned into the onlyeverendum when the result is what a remain parliament wanted.
  8. https://www.poultryworld.net/Health/Articles/2019/4/Germany-concerned-about-antibiotic-levels-in-poultry-sector-417344E/ https://www.ciwf.org.uk/farm-animals/chickens/meat-chickens/ https://www.animalaid.org.uk/the-issues/our-campaigns/animal-farming/suffering-farmed-chickens/ https://www.eurogroupforanimals.org/european-parliaments-plenary-urges-commission-to-improve-broiler-chicken-welfare-and-public-health https://www.eurogroupforanimals.org/vast-majority-of-eu-citizens-call-for-better-broiler-chicken-welfare Thanks for the reply Gboro... are you happy to work in, & support this type of, intensive farming ? If you are, fair enough, it’s each to their own set of ethics...for me I’ve always said that if I had to treat livestock the way intensive farming treated chickens, pigs, turkeys etc then it’s time to jack it in...yes we kill animals for food but surely there’s has to be decency shown to them whilst their alive. Some on here talk about the chlorine washed chickens in the USA, but seem quite happy to tuck into 6 week old Frankenstein broiler poultry stuffed full of antibiotics... which as we both know are needed to control the potential for disease due to their poor living conditions ....safe to eat, hmm really??? Are you sure they’re not helping the rise of superbugs? There’s many who disagree with you. The report from Germany is an interesting quick read. I think that the animal aid & other compassion in farming reports, say it all about the intensive broiler & caged chicken industries in the EU. An industry built on what many of us see as an abuse of animals to provide cheap unhealthy meat, & eggs....although many DCFC remainers sadly see it as an industry to wax lyrical about....maybe I’m wrong & their always posting their objections to it? Then again some of these posters are the same people that think battery farms were abolished in 2012. Which must mean, some believe that the changes to these caged birds living conditions, by affording them an area the size of an A4 sheet of paper + shared postcard space, is fair enough? really... Still sounds pretty much like rebranded battery farming to me, but hey ho. Yes the EUs models are better than the USAs models of intensive farming, but this doesn’t make the EU models any less vile in my opinion. The last two reports show thankfully that although the everyday DCFC remainer may wax lyrical about our intensive chickens, most other compassionate people, still find it abhorrent....might be why your struggling for staff? EU intensive chickens, some see them as finger licking abused..but no chlorine means others see them as pure clucking Disney ...still, it’s all a matter of opinion eh?
  9. What sector of the chicken industry do you work in Gboro? Do you specialise in a particular type of reared chicken, or is it just the everyday chickens of the EU:...the roughly 95% so to speak.
  10. Cmon eeeewe Raaaaammms..today's going to be a black & white Rams day. Safe journey all....
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