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    Watchable telly

    Watched a one off programme on bbc4 on Sunday night, called Arcadia...a look at Britains relationship with the land. It was absolutely surreally nuts, yet fantastically captivating, with a powerful message...it almost bordered on LSD TV....I'd highly recommend giving it a watch.
  2. Our family used to run the Normanton Hotel Pub, like your chippy we used to serve all sorts of people to & the police couldn't get enough of the place, 120 odd of them visited in one session once, without even making a booking. Don't think they liked the service though, because we had to shut up shop after they"d left....But I do think they liked a lot of our customers, because they took most of them with them.
  3. Rams 3 Wigan 1 fgs Wilson down"ard 2 up"ards 0.,,.the drought ends at last.
  4. Gutting news, a true legend of the dance scene...RIP Keith
  5. Part of me thinks it could to be a grim night... But then again sheep are ace...so I'm going with, sheep to chew up the trees resulting in. Gumps 0 Sheep 3 fgs Wilson
  6. Nice post & a. typical example of the remainer I'm alright Jack masses. To hell with the environment let it suffer under the poisonous CAP, let austerity reign down on the poorest, let those who want a vote on their right to self govern in Catalonia be beaten back into line...nowt wrong with the black shirted Jack booted approach in our EU gang....as long as my smug existence isn't threatened. Sorry but just wanted to replicate your cheap shot.
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