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  1. Cmon eeeewe Raaaaammms..today's going to be a black & white Rams day. Safe journey all....
  2. Especially when their bridged by Blair/Brown new labour. The choice between right or slightly left of right, both Parties sporting their own brands of intolerance. I'd say Tory rule began in 79 & has run unbroken, up to present day.
  3. Yes I think you must of missed a vote, as 48.1% voted remain...even if your rounding it up, its still much much closer to 48% by my maths. You make claims of untruths, but then you put an untruth, to support your own agenda...pure quality. But as Gritters put earlier, it's every man for him self nowadays...so why don't we just stretch it to 49.99999% to add further weight to your agenda.
  4. Just realised I've written in your box instead of here...hmm never mind
  5. Firstly may I say I'm sorry if I hit a nerve last night...it was a shizz day lambing....today-yesterday was a good days lambing topped of by your articulate post. The guardian good neutral paper their, good choice...yep the Tories are weasels but they won't be in power much longer so I won't fret to much about them. Socialist, good for you that's taken me by surprise as I thought the socialist party was anti EU & wanted a lexit, I didn't know they'd changed direction. What have you got against the concept of social anarchism? I thought it was the socialists utopia?? Just to clarify I suspect the army & police won't be quaking in their boots...even at the g summits they simply beat us down without breaking sweat...I put it down to all that training in France & Catalonia. Ouch though swampy please no he was a sell out, more akin to say a socialist backing the EU maybe Anyway back down into my mothers basement up again soon to deliver more sheep ...renewable energy good for you. Socialist going against the partyline (bit anarchistic that)...dislikes the Tories, renewable energy...hmm but likes their EU versions??? No first sheep out tomorrow is being sprayed 86pts to show how much I like the cut of your gib.
  6. For me subsidies have to be linked to how environmentally friendly the land is farmed, the CAP has to go. Subsiidies would be paid out on a scale based on how well... Soil quality had been improved Landscapes maintained. Wild life habitats had been.. improved, created & maintained....e.g. Introduction of stone walls, hedgerows, wild flower areas to encourage pollinating insects, tree planting, ponds etc. Improvements in air quality, water quality, & renewable energy usage/production Increases in the number of plant, animal insect etc life utilising the farm Public initiatives to give the general public a better understanding of what is being done & why...open days to farms & more public access to the countryside. Communty iniatives such as keeping water courses flowing freely/help prevent flooding, road gritting, footpath repairs etc... to further build bonds with the public I'd like to see tighter controls of pesticides, herbicides & livestock....with incentives for keeping some of the rarer domestic breeds of livestock. A data base showing best practice, the latest environmentally friendly products & a list of experts in different fields of agriculture & environmental topics...who could advise etc Action/support & education groups set up to help farmers all get up to speed with farming environmentally friendly as soon as possible Capital grant pots for investing in major projects Better mental health support..remoteness, solitude etc can create demons as can the constant life/death cycle of livestock...TB testing day etc A big one for me is, for the environment to be a major part of the school curriculum on a level with maths...our children need to understand what they have in Mother Earth & how best to look after it...the more they understand & buy into it the more environmentally friendly the next generation will become, with better & better habits...farming & its role in shaping the future would be part of this curriculum I"d like to see the public prepared to pay a bit more for their products, but in return to know that their getting better protection of their wildlife & their environment etc for their future generations to enjoy...3 lots of veg for a quid in Aldi, if people are willing to pay more for a better NHS I think that they'd be happy to pay a bit more for their products if it helped safeguard Mother Earth for future generations...the supermarkets could help out here to, possibly not squeeze so hard. For all the above to be policed properly, as there are so many landscapes ,challenges & farming is a broad church dairy, sheep, crops, hill farm, lowland farm etc so subsidy compliance would have to be tailored, not a one size fits all. I admit that some serious investment will be needed...but most environmental groups back this approach as the best way forward. Which party would best help us deliver it...crikey Gove understands it, buts a weasel who can't be trusted as fracking amongst other things have shown...labour have a bit of a rough ride in the farming industry & haven't ever really endeared themselves...but I'd give them a blast if they said they'd step up to the plate...I think a lot of farmers if I'm honest may go Tory though. Subsidies can be late, I'd expect no more from this government & DEFRA did want us to rally to the remain flag, hence the constant carping by them...but they're as trustworthy as Gove. Finally amongst all the above we'd still aim to deliver great products at fair prices.
  7. As you say we have a lot of common views, but I think we'll have a better society outside of the EU...the Tories are imploding, time to build a brighter future...we've tried it in the EU & it hasn't worked...just ask the songbirds & those living in poverty...time for a different roll of the dice....gawd weres Lambchop when you need her.
  8. Wars that the EU countries have had some kind of hand in??...damn our public wont buy a war in their own country, they've wised up to it after the last one...I know let's keep the peace here....as long as we're helping arm, export wars & interfere elsewhere, we can still keep our hand in without damaging ourselves...we could also displace some more cheap labour...bingo, were alright Jack, our Jacks are happy & were making some nice wonga..cushdy
  9. End to the CAP for a start....& if we believe what we're told...the potential for farming subsidies etc to be based on how environmentally friendly the land is being looked after, as opposed to how much land you have, & how much damage can be done to it... Now that would be a benefit to all who care about Mother Earth, including the other animals, plants etc that we share our island with....I apologise for not pointing out any potential big fat trade deals to get our environmentally alt right snouts into...but I'm afraid I'm more interested in Mother Earth as a whole than what's in it for me... Anyway just out of interest what do you like about the EU....the subtle eroding of workers rights, the talent drain from the less well of EU countries, the supply of cheap labour, the austerity that runs right the way through the bloc, the declining wildlife, the right wing governments in so many of its countries, is it the way it beats citizens back into line??? The way it doesn't fund the Paris agreement properly, but can fund the buffets & banquets........Just what is it you like...is it just the juicy capitalist globalisation trade deals that quickens your pulse?... Sorry I can't put your mind at rest, some big fat capitalist money deals may indeed be hurt. But I can promise you that you that the master race won't starve to death even if it' is a no deal Brexit, & I would hope that we could all do with a bit less luxury if we had to, to help Mother Earth. Will Brexit turn out how I'd like it? Hell no I want it to lead to the end to our ruling elite & for social anarchism to replace them. But I'll make do with the end to the CAP, less loss of wildlife & less loss of its habitat for now.
  10. It was nailed on to happen the very minute the result of the last vote was known.
  11. Yeh righto....the remain parliament are slowly edging things towards remaining....if you really think a remain parliament will ever allow a no deal Brexit, then I'm shocked. . Its taken 3yrs of carefully choreographed parlour games by the chief remainer PM to engineer the right environment to overturn the vote. Only now people see MPs for what they are....really? Because i delivered this sheep today....but your ruling elite have always seen it as being born yesterday...& reading some posts I can see why. Dont fear Belgium beer won't run short, capitalist globalisation money deals are quite safe etc..as for the break up of the Uk i think there's more important environmental issues to worry about than wether we keep our rule over other countries....but if your really worried about loosing control over other nations we could use the EU text book, crack a few skull & refuse to let them leave like in Catalonia....there problem solved. Now let's smash the CAP & start to address Mother Earth problems rather than greedy mans.
  12. I've always used a decent sized carpet bag, it works brilliantly & fits as much as a small suitcase in...does have soft sides though.
  13. sheeponacid

    Watchable telly

    Watched a one off programme on bbc4 on Sunday night, called Arcadia...a look at Britains relationship with the land. It was absolutely surreally nuts, yet fantastically captivating, with a powerful message...it almost bordered on LSD TV....I'd highly recommend giving it a watch.
  14. Our family used to run the Normanton Hotel Pub, like your chippy we used to serve all sorts of people to & the police couldn't get enough of the place, 120 odd of them visited in one session once, without even making a booking. Don't think they liked the service though, because we had to shut up shop after they"d left....But I do think they liked a lot of our customers, because they took most of them with them.
  15. Rams 3 Wigan 1 fgs Wilson down"ard 2 up"ards 0.,,.the drought ends at last.
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