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  1. Late Autumn night at Silverlands….Kettering won’t fancy it, cmon the Bucks
  2. Great result, cmon you rams
  3. If any of my my Rams performed like that during Tupping season, they’d have a kebab tag on them....shocking
  4. Yesssssssssssssssss, sorry couldn’t help myself lol
  5. Duck this is awful....still at least we’re not loosing
  6. Great result....well done you showed Rams....they showed real resilience
  7. Many moons ago I left a hollowed out Halloween pumpkin on top of the TV ...over a period of time it’s face began to slump & twist, then it turned an impressive shade of sickly green....It looked quite sinister....problem was though, I hadn’t realised just how sinister the owd pumpkin had become....as he was secretly sending his putrid juices down the back of the TV...then one evening “bang” the goit of a thing blew the TV up. Oh, & before anyone asks why leave a rotting pumpkin on top of the TV...in the days before satellite TV, he was often the best thing on the tele some nights.
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