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  1. Stoke 0 Rams 1....Shinnie to shin home the winner
  2. Couple of attacking changes at half time & we can still win this one.....only one goal behind & millwall aren’t a good team...we’ve just got to stop being so defensive minded with our team selections & tactics
  3. We’ve got to start selecting a more attacking line up from the off, & start playing players in their best positions. Unless we’re prepared to begin setting up to go all out to win games, our slow passive approach will always invite pressure onto our defence & starve our frontline of the decent service that it needs. We need to change things around at the break & just go at them in the second half.
  4. Terrible performance, from a poorly selected team... from what I’ve seen personally I wouldn’t sign any of our loan players for next season, I can’t see any of them improving us
  5. Some of our players just aren’t putting a shift in at the moment. But we’re still in the game
  6. We need to make a sub or two, because it’s just not working at the moment
  7. Rams in control....knight miss, Marshall error, Rams go to pot...needed HT. to regroup...hopefully we will come out firing.
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