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  1. Brexit or Eurin?

    Big into agriculture are you then...Tell me how your experts see the demise of agriculture in this country as a result of Brexit...I mean were really flourishing in the farming community at the moment under the EU cap...record debts & small to midsize farms going under far to readily....song birds bees etc flourishing under our current policies are they? Soil qualities good or alarmingly bad? I can't say at the moment If Brexit will help farming but despite scaremongering from defra more of us voted out & despite project fear ramping up I've yet to meet anyone that regrets their vote...ffs stick to doom mongering in your own industry whatever that is.
  2. v Villa (H) - Predictions

    Rams 2 Villa 1 fgs Vydra
  3. Brexit or Eurin?

    Whenever I hear this song it always reminds me of this thread....who do you watch?
  4. Picture where you are now

    Freezing me nads off checking on some of this years gritstone ewe lambs. They're in exile to avoid them getting tupped,....repeat their not for tupping, I've heard your chants.
  5. Donald Trump - Re-Tweeting anti muslim videos

    Yes a word used by the Romans for anybody who didn't follow the main faith & still used by the main patriarchal faiths to label, followers of the older faiths. But the Celtss worshiped only a feminine & a male deity, yes the both the deities names could vary from tribe to tribe or even be dependent on the time of the year. But she/he was one & the same. The feminine would often be a triple goddess, based in Celtic culture loosely around the moon, a maiden mother crone element in line with the year, never dying but renewing. The masculine was usually a bit mixed, being lord of the dance, the vegetation god & lord of the hunt & death. Dying annually so his blood would renew the earth. Based in Celtic worship loosely around the sun...Reborn at Yule....etc etc....Son, lover, of the goddess & his own father. Several gods, goddesses were more for the Egyptian, Norse, Roman, Greek systems. Not your early Celtic religion. Lots of pockets of early Celtic worship still exist in the UK, with numbers being buoyed by the rise of nature based religions such as Wicca etc. Athough it is thought that Druids had a high standing in Celtic life, less than seven very short eye witness statements exist, with only one brief description of their opposition to the Romans at Anglesey being of any use. The rest is just romantic musing by people such as Toland & other renaissance writers, as Druidism is a oral tradition with nothing written down...Proffessor Ronald Huttons Mistletoe & blood is probably the most complete attempt to unravel Druidism. So much misunderstanding of Celtic religion by people born of the main faiths. Still it's a lot better now than in the late 60s & early 70s when it was still seen as utter heresy by the patriarchal religions...
  6. v Barnsley (A) - Predictions

    Barnsley 2 Rams 3 fgs vydra
  7. Brexit or Eurin?

    See you've been googling your latest fix of propaganda from the establishment media..Take the blinkers of you say in a later post, yet you accept so willingly the findings of the those with ulterior motives, when they suit your agenda. Blinded by the dark & blinded by the light you are a classic example of just how successful the establishments indoctrination is. Always needing the established orders experts to tell you what to think...the lifeblood of the system, the oxygen in their lungs. Your blinkers are well fixed in place.
  8. v Burton (H) - Predictions

    Ram 3 burton 1 fgs Davies
  9. Rugby League World Cup

    Agree, but we just lacked that bit of nous to get the repeat sets or the try needed to break em down...honestly believe that had we of scored we would of won it... still Cronk, Smith, slater all due to retire so maybe a win is just around the corner.
  10. Rugby League World Cup

    Ffs a lack of composure has cost us a famous win there...absolutely gutted....great performance though, but just not enough at the end of the day...
  11. Rugby League World Cup

    Brutal first half...England are giving the Aussies a match...but we need to get more field position & when we do get it to have some composure... Suttons refereeings been a bit suspect to...cmon England your still well in this game.
  12. Brexit or Eurin?

    Is it an interesting article? Is it as it seems to me, to be just more media drivel...wow...one of our governing bodies main mouthpieces, has decided to report on a piece of work by a,.....'independent organisation"....& cue the latest instalment of...let's divide the masses into little tribes..what tribe are you in, says the media junkie...ffs really what tribe??? I've never gone for the whole divide-rule games & pigeon holing that gets dripped into our society.......pick a side go on...we're do you fit ***** that's peddled by the media....knock yourself out deciding which one your in, as theres safety in numbers & one so needs a label doesn't one?...or simply except that you are just, uniquely you, no tribe just you.
  13. Rugby League World Cup

    Ok it's time to get optimistic about beating the Aussies in the final...So this is why we're going to upset the odds on Saturday. 1) They've beaten us 12 games running, so surely it's 13th time unlucky. 2) they've won their last 12 games against all opposition so surely it's 13th time unlucky (ok it's 11 games but I'll stretch it to fit my 13th time unlucky) 3) I"d say were about 10-1 against in most people's eyes when we play them..so well overdue a win on the basis of 12 defeats on the bounce. 4) The Aussies are well overdue a stinking performance. 5) Our forwards can match them, McGillvery is on fire & maybe Bateman has just been pretending that he can't pass to Hall all tournament, for the sole reason of surprising the Aussies with a masterclass in the art of feeding your winger. 6) The pressure is all on the Aussies they can't possibly lose. 7) Everytime I think I can not see us beating them again for years to come...we manage a once in a blue moon result & I'm at that point again.
  14. Brexit or Eurin?

    Yep..far better to be in a country with Donald Trumps safe driving....A country who has enough people of the mindset that Donald Trump was the sort of driver that they'd like behind the wheel....that they actually make him their designated driver. Still if the money's right, & your love is simply more disposable money to spend etc. Then I can just about see how you'd be able to smugly take some delight, at a bit turmoil in the UK, whilst sitting in a society, that sees fit to elect an EDL type character to their throne. Brexit may or may not work how I would like it to. But I am sure that whatever the outcome is, I'd still sooner be here than in a country that has so many hardline zealots that it was able to elect Trump as president... I"d sooner live in a society which although far from perfect, wouldn't even elect Trumps mirror image Farage as an MP let alone as the PM. As for the NHS, yes it's under pressure for a variety of reasons, but at least all the UK parties want to keep it...unlike the USA were... Ta Da Trump wants to make what pittance of healthcare is available for the less fortunate, even less available. But hey I suspect that wouldn't effect you & if he makes a saving...perhaps you'll have even more disposable money in your back pocket. Ker-Ching....more popcorn... hmm maybe that's why Americans are so obsessed with guns, its to protect all that disposable income & to protect their popcorn. By the way like most people who voted out...I won't be blaming any remainers for anything...I'll leave the blame game to people like you.
  15. v Ipswich Town (H) - Predictions

    Rams 2 Ipswich 1 fgs nugent

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