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  1. I totally disagree, it’s a project that’s been ruined by corporate globalisationists...the idea is sound, it”s actually a lack of socialism that has been its undoing...to many Macrons, Merkels & up until now, the UKs chosen loon. It’s as a result of these kind of people that the redistribution of wealth hasn’t happened, austerity still haunts far to many areas of the bloc, workers rights are still being stealthily eroded....& it’s also my belief that to often Countries have been invited to join, mainly so the wealthier western EU countries can fuel their industries with cheap labour from said countries. Environmentally despite having the wealth & public support, these duckers have set targets that are way to soft, their CAPs a deadly plague on biodiversity. Animal welfare standards are set way to low...bans on things like battery farms are a shambles, as demonstrated by the rise of the CAFOs, & bans on antibiotics in meat production a duck wits utopia , everything is easily circumvented because theirs no real will to actually want to change things... to much cash at stake...far better to throw up smoke screens by taking aim at others who are simply even more shockingly diabolical ...just because some standards are less shizz than others....doesn’t make them good ffs. Reform of the organisation can’t happen until the corporate globalisationists are ducked off, & there’s no sign of that happening any time soon. Chances to reform come & go, like the 2018 CAP review...biodiversity going to the dogs, subsidies weighted to the landed gentry, soil health on its knees, green houses gases out of kilter...but they just carry on regardless because it suits the affluent & big business...just sugar coat the turd for the gullible masses to lap up...utter f in bamfords... Socialism is definitely not the problem...the EU has never been socialist it’s always been right leaning...but it could be the solution for what is a great idea...unfortunately just like has happened in this country, the right has infiltrated deep into the left In most of the bloc, to the point we’re the choice now is mostly which right wing option do you want ...Any true left wing leaders are systematically torn down by the media, & hindered by the new breed of slightly softer right wingers who loiter in their parties...Eventually being rendered unelectable in the eyes of much of the public. An end to the stockpiling of wealth, an end to austerity, proper workers rights, a greener world for all species has, I believe the best prospect for success with socialsm....or better still in my opinion, social anarchism...but this would need a revolution in the current human mindset, the likes of which I won’t see in my lifetime...but socialism would be a very positive start. The EU would of looked so much different if socialism had in fact driven the project..but it hasn’t, & its baalocks to suggest otherwise.
  2. Well for what it’s worth I think we had a better opposition leader before...a left wing leader...those that see Starmer as a preferred opposition leader, are mainly the centrists who loved the days of Blair’s blue on slightly paler blue... Whats the point in having two differing shades of Tory party...it’s these same ducking corporate globalisationists who couldn’t just except the referendum vote, & allow Corbyn to concentrate on offering the nation a clear left wing leave option, that cost him a lot of the red wall....these elite Borris bashes, actually proved to be his best buddies at the last election. Ducking right wingers everywhere...just different shades of them...still I’ve got to admit, that there probably isn’t enough left wingers to win an election anymore...so maybe it is best, to just let the different right wing factions fight it out.
  3. Not sure I’m being unkind, simply stating fact about Germany blocking medical supply export to Italy a few weeks back, & saying true solidarity would of seen all 27 countries pooling the debt burden to help the poorer more effected countries like Italy & Spain, as they had requested. I can’t argue it’s a great gesture by Germany with the ventilators but it doesn’t change my opinion on the above.
  4. Yeh right...The agreement simply shows that’s its every country for itself in the EU....little solidarity in the EU as demonstrated by the richer nations desperately trying to avoid the pooled debt that would of helped the poorer more effected nations....a deal built on the Dutch softening their hardline stance, Germany & the rich nation getting their wish to avoid sharing the debts, & the hardest hit nations having little choice but to accept the agreement. Speaking to the few Italians I know, they won’t be forgetting Germany & France blocking the export of medical supplies being sent to them some weeks back...I wouldn’t be surprised if Russia did more to help them in their hour of need. Solidarity & serving its people in the EU ffs..righto...Protecting their corporate globalisation dream more like.
  5. Perhaps you could volunteer to do some gardening work...you”d be outdoors & in relative isolation from others. They’ll be loads of people who’d like someone to help tend their garden at this time of year. Tending mother earth enriches you spiritually & will give you good exercise.
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