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  1. Never, (I was there), Hunter nearly broke his leg. 😅
  2. You mean that's not on anymore?
  3. So we need to learn how to fall over more convincingly? Does anyone know if Franny Lee is up for a bit of coaching?
  4. Crap decision to bat on this morning, have they been taking advice from DCFC?
  5. Joz would have passed that instead of slotting in the far corner.
  6. I'm not obsessed or 'owt, but make that after 44 mins.
  7. Never trust owt to do wi Yarkshire
  8. At the moment we are Andy Dufresne eyeball deep in the sewage pipe.
  9. Wessels' bat looks wider than my front door.
  10. Any chance Brum can get 10 late goals to do our GD a favour?
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