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  1. We couldn't close-up shop if we played with 12 (both Hamer and Roos in goal at the same time).
  2. ................. and Cyrus Christie nets his first for Fulham, a 25 yard screamer no less!
  3. So like others, they are breaking the law plain and simple. Try not paying your credit card bill for 4 months and see if you can get away with it, (tip, you won't). It'll not get any better with this crowd in government either.
  4. Are the bar stewards still advertising and selling flights/holidays? It's a bloody disgrace.
  5. Shinnie may as well have a permanent yellow sewn on to his shirt.
  6. Understatement of the day from the BBC match report: "The Royals were given a lifeline when Andy Rinomhota headed in just after the hour following a poor punch by keeper Ben Hamer."
  7. Nugent missed two absolute stonewall sitters today. Lets hope he wears the same boots on Wednesday as he does have form against us?
  8. 1-3 Cardiff after Nugent misses a sitter for 2-2
  9. Luton 1 up at Swansea 16 to play, come on Luton, you owe us one.
  10. Doris Stokes is on commentary duty today.
  11. I'd say it'd be more like: 1. Groan v1 2. Groan v2 3. Groan v3 4. Cheer (reluctantly with caveats)
  12. Have they got a loud "gerrit forrads" effect?
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