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  1. There seems to be a general consensus that Rooney can't turn it on anymore, at least not for 90 minutes twice a week. So what is TL's excuse?
  2. Someone needs to tell Coleen to pull the bed out of the way quick, next time he jumps off the wardrobe.
  3. I'd sooner not and end up relegated. Have you no shame? 😜
  4. I'm just glad I'm old enough to have seen players like Colin Todd, Charlie George and Kevin Hector wear the shirt.
  5. A decent bloke like Paul Cook doesn't deserve to get saddled with a dross setup like us ATM.
  6. Exactly. DCFC is a benevolent fund for crap players. Tom Lawrence takes the mick every time he pulls on a Derby shirt.
  7. ...... and a major poke in both eyes for Gobby Gibson.
  8. So what's your choice, either Rooney, Terry or Fat Sam?
  9. Not "9/1 on", but "9/1 on Skybet". Anyway, he's only 7/1 now
  10. Bloody hell, all the work Mac has put into his best Dutch accent and Cocu is fired!
  11. Its genuine: https://twitter.com/BBCDerbySport/status/1331198489368334339/photo/1
  12. Just hearing Steve Mac Mk111 is back as DoF? https://twitter.com/bbcderbysport?lang=en
  13. Some Gump probably just lost his giro.
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