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  1. v Fulham (A) - Predictions

    1-1 Vydra frgs
  2. Toilet breaks in class

    Definitely a wind up but I'll bite anyway... Not obvious at all. It's hardly continuous if you only told him twice. Making him stand for the whole afternoon is harsh. Maybe an hour or so.
  3. Toilet breaks in class

    No. Oh, you mean the boy?. No
  4. Global Warming

    I agree but that was killed off by environmentalists!. It's ridiculous that, as an island, we can't invest enough in tidal power but would rather pay the French & Chinese to build a nuclear power station instead.
  5. Global Warming

    Wildernesses aren't destroyed for the hell of it. It's because of demand for fossil fuels, so we can all buy cheap plastic tat from China that we don't need & then throw it away to end up killing the seas. It's demand that creates the supply, which then keeps the prices low, which feeds demand. We need to get out of this cycle somehow. That's a bit of stretch when even Comrade McConnell is only claiming £6.5bn can be clawed in. Maybe but it's no excuse for the rest of us (me included) to do the best we can & vote with the pound notes in our pocket, because that's the best way to let those at the top know - by hurting them in their back pockets. We all know who many of the good and bad companies are out there but are still happy to contribute to Amazon/Google/Apple/Starbucks etc profit and subsequent tax avoidance. By agreeing to get blown up for king and country mainly wasn't it?.
  6. Danny Ings

    We probably have got room for him I reckon. Now gorgeous George is no longer bed-blocking anyway.
  7. Toilet breaks in class

    As long as they leave the bog as clean & tidy as they found it, then it's fine. Smells are unavoidable but if there's a fan - use it. Respect is all you can ask for really. When we moved house 3 years ago, the two roughest looking blokes you could ever hope to meet turned up on the doorstep from the moving company. They were great actually & did a fantastic job of dismantling stuff, moving and then re-building furniture at the new place. So much so that one of them was telling me he'd just moved into an empty flat after breaking up with his other half & I ended up letting him have an old fridge & sofa that we didn't want but hadn't managed to get round to selling/getting rid of before we moved. Anyway, that same man had gone to the loo back in the old house & then proclaimed to Mrs Wolfie as he emerged: "Sorry Love, I think I've just destroyed your toilet". And he had.
  8. Brexit or Eurin?

    That always makes me cringe when I see it. To me it undermines the message because if they are confident it's that great then why have such a small sample size?
  9. 442 Derby County 2007/2008 Season

    Love that & will make a note to use it more in conversation
  10. Global Warming

    It's always them first isn't it?. Why is it always the "ruling elite" that have to change first & would the downtrodden proles listen to them if they did?. Is it any wonder we have a "ruling elite" when you seem to think the masses aren't capable of deciding by themselves to make small changes to the way they live & be a bit greener?. Change can happen from the bottom up, too. Sorry but I always find it a contradiction when people resent and sneer at those who rule (as you put it) but seem to need to be told what to do by them while having their hands held. It seems to me that being powerless is a convenient excuse to many.
  11. Sexual Harassment

    Didn't you hear it the first time? ....and was it?. Acceptable, that is.
  12. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    I think someone needs a hug...... Come here you big softie I do know what you mean, though. I'm a bit like that.
  13. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Right on. I hate this. Mrs Wolfie recently took an afternoon off work to go shopping with a friend of hers - who ended up being 1.3/4 hours late, with a really rubbish excuse and no apology. This was a lot worse than average but they are consistently 30 mins late whenever we arrange anything for us & our kids to get together - and then do nothing but argue in public when they do show up!
  14. Takeaway Meal - Item Missing

    I don't see the point of using Just Eat if you know the takeaway the food is coming from. At least ordering direct with them presumably saves them having to pay commission to Just Eat?
  15. Star Wars

    They should concentrate on re-making episodes 1-3. As decent films this time.

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