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  1. Not to mention West Ham.....
  2. Good point. So you could argue that we have now merely levelled the playing field with those clubs who have never had to shell out for a new/upgraded stadium.
  3. Cheese and more cheese. Back on the carb-free
  4. An old one of mine used to but the last one just needed brake & clutch down if you're waiting at a junction. With automatics you just need to stop with your foot on the brake for it to cut off. My new car (automatic BMW) has this feature but also has a thing where if you're driving at any speed and take pressure off the accelerator, then it must effectively go into neutral and coasts - to save fuel. The engine revs drop to tick-over speed. Which is fine, but I wasn't warned about it and it took a little while to get used to not being able to rely on any engine-braking if you take your foot off the power to go round a bend or down a hill etc.
  5. Derby 4-0 Bolton Waghorn FRGS
  6. Today at Disney Animal Kingdom😎
  7. To be honest I think you’re crediting MPs with a bit too much strategic nous with that. I think they’re just as chaotic and divided as the public at large.
  8. Blackburn 0-2 Derby Lawrence FRGS
  9. Brentford 1-2 Derby Waghorn FRGS
  10. Yeah. 1 Sin bin = 1 Booking 2nd offence = Sending off, as now.
  11. Replace bookings with 10 minute sin bins except for in the last 10 mins of the game.
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