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  1. Need to calm the game down a bit now. All a bit messy
  2. We've won our last 4 home games. They've won 3 of their last 4 away. Both in very good form Both teams in the bottom 6 for goals scored Both teams in the top 6 (as in lowest number) for goals conceded Head says nailed on 0-0 Heart hasn't decided yet.
  3. Seeing as you two are the Bladerunner experts.... I saw it on TV when I was a teenager (and enjoyed it) but have not re-visited it until now. Which is the best version to watch?. I've got the "Final Cut" recorded on my TV box but there seem to be a few different versions to choose from on other platforms. I want to re-watch the original before I see the 2049 version. I suspect it must have been the original theatrical version I saw first time around.
  4. Oh I agree but there are enough little shots (no spoilers) where you can wonder if it's real. It was. Though I suspect the Scarborough tourism committee haven't asked if they can use it on their posters!. It reminded me of how grim it was, as a student living in Morecambe during the winter.
  5. From BBC: As part of the latest announcements, schools will have the option to run summer classes for pupils who need it most, potentially starting with those who will be moving up to Year 7 at secondary school this year. The government says it will be up to schools to decide how and if they run summer schools, how long they will be, and which pupils will be invited to attend. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-56175893 No mention of it being all summer or compulsary. I guarantee people would be complaining if the government wasn't trying to help those kids who nee
  6. Despite myself, I'm warming to the bloke.
  7. To be fair, we looked poo against Rotherham and lost. Twice.
  8. Looking at the table now, it just makes those 6 points dropped vs Rotherham all the more annoying
  9. I guess there will be a few on here who think that the lockdown release should happen a lot quicker - and with the success of the vaccines in terms of severity of illness and now apparent 75 odd % reduction in transmission, I have a fair bit of sympathy with that view. Of course what we need to avoid is a new variant which renders the current vaccines useless and we end up back at square one, so there has to be some focus on keeping the number of cases down. I can see the government coming under pressure from all sides to accelerate things if/when the hospital numbers drop as expecte
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