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  1. Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Murder on the Orient Express I love the old 70's & 80's Agatha Christie films - especially Peter Ustinov ones, so have been looking forward to this one for a while. Obviously because of this, I knew whodunnit but the story was darker than the original (from memory). Good stuff: Direction & Camera work Depiction of Poirot's OCD Great cast with loads of stars Bad stuff: Some dodgy CGI with the exterior scenes Distracting Moustache! 8/10
  2. Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Thor - Ragnarok I did enjoy it but, to be honest I'm not sure I'm on board with the new wisecracking Thor and the feel & tone of this film being similar to Gardians of the Galaxy. I think I preferred it when Thor wasn't purely playing it for laughs. Still a 7/10 for me though. I could watch Cate Blanchet and Tom Hiddlestone all day long.
  3. Moaninho

    I actually wonder about the guy's mental health sometimes, with the way he presents himself in interviews etc.
  4. Stephen Hawking

    Very sad. A brilliant mind & solid sense of humour.
  5. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Totally random songs that get stuck in your brain for no reason. Why have I been humming "Wombling Merry Christmas" to myself all afternoon?
  6. A new Cold War

    I don't think they care if they're blamed or not. It just adds to the "anti-Russian western propaganda" that Putin keeps pointing to and I'm sure will do him no harm whatsoever in his upcoming election. Nothing has ever happened with the investigation into the shooting down of the Malaysia flight over Ukraine in 2014 and I strongly suspect this will be the same. We're talking tough and posturing because we've got to. The Russians are flatly denying involvement because they can and the burden of proof is on us. It'll be forgotten about in 6 months tops.
  7. Domestic abuse on men

    I never knew that these were "things" but seeing the definitons in black & white has rung some big bells with me, concerning a close family member of mine - with whom I haven't had any contact with for nearly 2 years due to this type of treatment of others in the family.
  8. v Forest (A) - Predictions

    1-1 Nugent FRGS
  9. Brexit or Eurin?

    I do agree that the Irish question should have been brought into the rubbish debate but why single out the right wingers for criticism? Why didn't the left speak out on it? The Remain camp just bet everything on the project fear thing when they should have been talking about this.
  10. I can't help but feel DCFC fuelled it a bit yesterday with that stupid PR stunt.
  11. Brexit or Eurin?

    I must admit I don't really understand why this is only the UK's problem to solve. I'm not saying we shouldn't try and find a solution (though I have no idea what would be acceptable) but surely it's as much of an issue for the EU and Ireland, so how can they wash their hands of it and not at least try and come up with options for discussion.
  12. Still Game

    I'd never heard of this until last night when I was flicking round and landed on it. Couldn't believe it was series 8, when I looked. The 10 mins or so I saw looked OK.
  13. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    I agree but it's not just online. Loads of shops now wont give paper receipts and want your email address for an e-receipt instead. Bloody annoying then when the emails start arriving, I agree.
  14. The Rams are coming...

    I'm guessing it was commissioned when we were 2nd.
  15. The Rams are coming...

    No wonder we're skint now. Mel has spent all his cash on one massive Ram head drone.

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