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  1. No, it's not Mexico - certainly not in the resort areas on the caribbean (Yukatan) coast, anyway. I know they do say that in Egypt. Fab beaches, warm sea & some great old Mayan sites to go & see (Chichen Itza / Tulum etc) & the standard of hotels is the best I've ever been in - presumably because they cater mainly for relatively wealthy US tourists.
  2. Are the CMO's not qualified to decide?. Also the JCVI concluded there was a marginal health benefit from vaccinations - to the children themselves. They did not have the remit to look at possible wider benefits. So which experts have they overruled?
  3. 10th Anniversary next year, so would like to mark it with a fairly big holiday & hope to go to Mexico at Easter. Mrs Wolfie wanted to go in the summer hols but the last time I went to Mexico (with the previous Mrs Wolfie), we encountered hurricane Katrina (not fun), so I will only now go to the caribbean if we avoid hurricane season.
  4. It would be odd to have 16+'s getting jabbed and not include them in the figures. No doubt you would then accuse them of trying to make the numbers look better. If they really wanted to make the figures look poor, which is what you seem to be claiming now, why not use the percentage of total population regardless of age?.
  5. Impossible to reach that conclusion without knowing what would have happened otherwise, of course.
  6. I agree that it was never going to happen (said so at the time it was announced) but pathetic?. It worked. A bit of carrott and stick. There's plenty that has been done since Feb 20 that could be called pathetic but for Boris & gang, this was uncharateristically shrewd IMO.
  7. Anyone else on Virgin media have problems with Sky football channel? Always seems to pixelate but Main Event channel is fine🤷‍♂️
  8. There isn’t anyone on here that I wouldn’t like to have a pint and a chat with. I suspect in person there’d be a lot more shared ground - which is hard to achieve in text form.
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