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  1. Sorry if this has been covered already but reading this... "With pre-season fast approaching for both clubs it is hoped this will allow Chelsea to swiftly conclude their discussions," a Derby statement read. ...suggests to me that Chelsea haven't made an approach. Are Derby just telling them to poo or get off the pot?
  2. Wolfie


    Joiner's Arms at Quarndon. Might be old news for all you good Derby residing folk but I went for lunch last week with some work colleagues and it was bloody amazing. Fab place. Fab food. Pity I live at least 75 mins away.
  3. Sterling will devalue more than 10% IMO anyway, which will negate the tariffs imposed by the EU. Silver linings and all that....
  4. Not as much as the independent takeaway places who get ripped off by these (and other, similar) parasites.
  5. That is all true IMO but there are two sides to this and if the EU don’t agree to another extension, then we’d be out on 31st October, deal or no deal. They’ve already said that they’re unhappy that no progress has been made with the extension we’re currently “enjoying”.
  6. Because they were already soiling themselves under the table?
  7. I was half watching one of the attendees being interviewed on BBC Breakfast this morning. Charlie Stayt was laying it on thick about what happened being unacceptable and I thought the response was good - how would the BBC react if people had just wandered in and done the same?. Answer: they'd be man-handled out of the building in the same way. I accept the footage doesn't look great but have sympathies with the MP who reacted, not knowing what was going to happen next. As always, we don't get to find out the entire context of the event. The fact that he's a Tory MP is completely irrelevant. I've seen footage of hecklers being "dealt with" at Momentum and UKIP events and it aint pretty.
  8. 0.5bn is about 0.06% of government expenditure. Thats like someone on £45k a year getting an unexpected bill of £27. Small change really.
  9. Johnson's tax cut policy is stupid and I've said so a few days ago. I'm not a Tory voter, by the way. You're really comparing £0.5bn for Northen Ireland projects with at least £350bn of extra borrowing Labour had in their 2017 manifesto - even if their other tax & spend policies added up?. Wow. The IFS (who you quoted earlier) weren't very impressed about that.. https://www.channel4.com/news/factcheck/factcheck-the-labour-manifesto
  10. Exactly. Venezuela has the 2nd biggest oil reserves in the world and yet due to economic mis-management, their GDP has been shrinking at 15-20% per annum in recent years.
  11. It's really not. Well there were hundreds of billions of pounds of spending pledges in the 2017 manifesto that Corbyn himself said on the day of the launch that he didn't know where the money would be coming from (printing it?) or just added to national debt (defecit spending).
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