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  1. Yes, I was quoting a post that said Keogh and Bogle. Probably not but IMO Bogle isn't far behind and I think it would be better for the club to honour one of our own and boost his development into next season. It would be different and would smell a bit off if Tomori was miles ahead but (IMO) he isn't.
  2. This. In reality, Bogle is probably a close second for me, behind Tomori but I'd give it to him because he's our player and could be hugely boosted by the recognition for his emergence this season.
  3. He claims that if he is in the position of the lorry being overtaken and it is taking a while, he eases off the gas to let the other one past. I don't believe him, in much the same way he doesn't believe me when I tell him I always use my indicators (I do).
  4. Ah yes, a regular topic for me (a BMW driver) and my brother (a lorry driver) when we get together. Having said that, in these situations it is ridiculous that you often get a massive queue in the "fast" lane and nothing in the other one, when what should happen is that both lanes should be used until the point of overtaking. In the same way as when one lane is coned off and you end up with much the same situation.
  5. But isn't that just him trying to change personnel & playing style due to the needs of each game - and hopefully learning along the way?. Presumably if we all knew what the playing style would be, it would suggest keeping it much the same and he'd be criticised for having no plan B. I'm happy to accept that Frank knows a bit better than I do, what the skills/fitness/attitude etc for each of the players are in training and how is best to set up and rest players if necessary. Would you have felt happier if we had a settled squad and playing style with the same number of points as we have now?. Of course not, because then you'd be criticising him for not making changes.
  6. Wolfie

    Galaxy Fold

    Yes they ship a lot of phones but their sales have reduced 20% since 2014. I'd say that was struggling a bit. My point is, when was the last time there was a really big innovation in the market?. Probably not since the original iPhone (or at least the first 3G version). Ever since then, it's been merely incremental (and often cynical in my view) tinkering every few months to exploit eager customers who must have the latest thing. This has resulted in both many customers being willing to upgrade less frequently - and when they do, more willing to consider cheaper phones which do 80% of what the latest £1000 Samsung or iPhone can do, but for half the price. The big boys are desperately trying to find the next big thing - which is good. I just don't think this is it. Now, if they could produce a smartphone whose battery lasted days instead of hours, they'd clean up big time and rightly so.
  7. It's no surprise that we've played best against either premiership opposition or championship teams who are willing to give us space and have an open game. With the squad we have, we're always going to struggle against big physical sides who bully our smaller & younger players and are happy to sit back. It's the same problem we've had for years (no effective plan B). Frank is clearly trying to find one but when it doesn't come off, is criticised for making too many changes. I'm not just making excuses for last night but when some people say it was as bad as the 1-4 Sunderland last season, they need to have a word with themselves. We have a manager who is willing and actively trying to set us up differently for different games & I, for one, would rather that than one who stubbornly sticks to the same game plan/squad/formation and hopes for the best.
  8. Wolfie

    Galaxy Fold

    I get that all mobile companies are struggling to really be innovative enough to get people to upgrade their phones quicker but this just feels like they've solved a problem that didn't exist and produced something that nobody actually asked for. It's also going to cannibalise their own tablet sales - assuming they can actually flog it for that crazy price.
  9. With what’s happened with Ole at Manure I’d be surprised if Chelsea & their fans weren’t considering Frank as a viable option. Depends how much of a risk Abramovic is willing to take. If offered, Frank would take it IMO.
  10. Yes & according to the article, has played a massive 8 minutes this season😲😁
  11. Interesting article on Villa's troubles... https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/tired-and-tested-what-happened-aston-villas-return-top-flight I especially liked this bit... There is no better statistic to damn Villa’s recruitment than the fact that a Championship club currently has players on out loan who cost them almost £35m in transfer fees. The result is a squad that is simultaneously bloated and short on fit defenders, highly-paid and underperforming. In January 2017, when Villa were a Championship club, it was calculated that they had the 20th-highest wage bill in European football. Madness. And they're not going to get any parachute payments next season either.
  12. Just tried GIF thingy & got "API rate limit exceeded"
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