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  1. Did he really just say “it’s edge of the seat stuff”🤣
  2. Well this is tosh. Should have watched Poirot like a normal Friday night
  3. The nosebleed one sounds horrific but I have no idea if it's coincidence or not. I had my second (AZ) jab yesterday and they did ask me if I was on any blood thinners but not sure why. The muscle tear though is a mechanical injury, so can't be linked to a jab surely.
  4. De Bruyne “doubtful” so I sub my captain out and then he goes and plays & scores. I’m so bad at this
  5. Told ya. Bottom of both the leagues I'm in, so far.
  6. Exactly the same happened when we had ours done in Jan. Madness.
  7. Bound to have a purple patch and then likely disappear into obscurity again. No loss.
  8. I only know one person who's genuinely frightened - a 35 (ish) year old work colleague who only comes on site for work when he really has to, and is really paranoid about any personal contact & extreme social distancing when he does. His opinion is that we should be in full lockdown until everyone is fully jabbed - and even then, he's concerned that it still might not be safe until everyone had had a booster jab for next year. He's also a phd scientist (though I'm not sure what field - physics, I think).
  9. The waiting is getting cruella by the day
  10. We have a summer transfer policy?😲.
  11. Quite right. Only yesterday, there was a story on the Beeb website with a headline about a "shortage of essentials" in the shops this summer. It turns out, the "essentials" in question were patio furniture, camping gear and some plastic toys. The comments section was alive with people complaining about the alarmist headline and it was changed later in the day. ....and this from an organisation that doesn't even have to generate advertising revenue from clicks. Do your best to generate a news story that you can then report on. It does my head in.
  12. In, but... Never felt so disconnected to premier league / international players, as I do right now.
  13. Kids have flu vaccinations at school. It’s a nose spray though instead of an injection. My daughter has had one every year since she was 5
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