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Which player made you fall in love with DCFC?

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3 minutes ago, Kernow said:

Poom for sure. He was the reason I decided to become a goalkeeper myself. I used to draw pictures of him after school and my mum would post them to DCFC. Got a couple printed in programmes in the past.

Always loved Poom. I ended up as a defender as I was quite frankly rubbish in goal. If I was thinking defender it would have to be this guy. 


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Kevin Hector.

Told the story before.... Won an essay competition at school "who would you most like to meet?" Early in 1971, I guess. My friend, who said Archie Gemmill, and I were invited to watch the players train at the BBG by Mr Clough himself. Great day.

Shook Cloughie's hand, in his office, honestly didn't wash it for a week. Got loads of autographs, ironically missing out on Zak's.

Did get it years later before a game.

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It was in my blood, before I was even born. Jackie Stamps was a friend of my grandad, Reg Harrison was a friend (and an army buddy) of my father, and both my mum and my granny were the lovely ladies in the kitchen at the Midland Hotel who let the players sneak out the back way (for 'team-building and maintenance of morale', probably in the Brunny) when they were supposed to be under strict curfew in the few days leading up to the '46 cup final. 

So I couldn't be anything else except a Ram.

My first playing heroes though were Reg Matthews, Bobby Saxton and Eddie Thomas - and then The King arrived.

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