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  1. Don't think anyone would be giving a toss about this if we were in the premiere leauge, but we're are not through poor management ,qestional coaching,and poor recruitment all of our own doing or not doing to be more precise. It's never been a level playing field and never will be, and I am sure it's getting more bias towards top flight clubs. However if it was just about pumping money In to a club to become successful Mel has surely disproved that theory.
  2. Everything above could be agreed with, however. At the time All this happend it was popular with the majority on here.
  3. Agree ,but they are all adults and should be held responsible for their own actions and subsequently all of them need to accept consequences . Whether the club showed bias towards players due to the disparity of injuries/ player worth and contracts is indeed questionable. I am surprised that as professional footballers who presumably wish to pursue and improve themselves and aspire to be the best ,would get themselves so bladdered.
  4. And he's gotta go,one stunning performance in a blue moon isn't good enough . And that applies to Tom Lawrence as well😀
  5. Like most of the squad ,inconsistent and not good enough for promotion contention in a 1 st team line up. Would be looking to build a fresh team around Belik and joz, bringing Sibley ,knight into the fold with a few of the youngsters who have had the misfortune of being blooded into the squad this season. The likes of waghorn ,lawrence Marriott have failed to step up to the mark to often when needed. New blood required if we are to move forward .
  6. Kevin hector ,Bruce rioch, Roger davies, not forgetting Roy Mac and Archie gemmil oh the list could go on ,a guy by the name of Charlie George didn't do bad .My childhood was certainly blessed with heroic talented players
  7. No get rid of the lot, they put us in this position and still couldn't win today .Just bloody lucky Cardiff equalised.
  8. Rams1 Sheffield 2 FGD who cares,😢 probably an own goal. Let's hope my predictions as accurate as they have been all season☺😄
  9. Don't see us getting anything from the game,half the players don't appear interested ,the squad ,management included are clueless and Mel now disintrested. Doesn't bode well until we have a good clear out. Sure half the football league will be laughing their socks off, if not only for the reason we have probably employed and sacked half of them during the last 5 years😁. It's the Derby way and if we go down it will be on merit. the team has nothing to play for, irrespective of the outcome, most will be gone and good riddance. will be keeping everything crossed that we pull some thing
  10. We are the creators of our own downfall and the table doesn't lie. Considering Rotherham are where they are due to their ability as a relatively small club working hard, Sheffield due to points deduction we probably out of all the bottom clubs deserve relegation. We have the resources, training facilities have international players , a wealth of academy players high profile managers and yet continue to implode. I hope we manage to escape relegation if only it enables a favourable take over and some positivity for the club. As regards the majority of the players, coaches and management. They h
  11. One could equate Lawrence as rubbish without the bin bag,
  12. I have no gripe with Mel, obviously things haven't gone to plan and this last 2 seasons it has fallen apart. Who is to say any other owner would have faired any better in his tenure. We've certainly had a few good seasons with him at the helm and a lot of upheaval ,skulduggery , managers along the way. I have no reason to believe Mel had didn't havethe best intrest of the club and for the most of his tenure poured significant personnel funds to pursue success .We can all criticse ,bad signings bad managers in hindsight but most on hear were raving Rooneys arrival as a player ,Rooney as Ma
  13. 3 bin bags blowing across the pitch would be more entertaining, cover more ground and cause more of a threat to the opposition 😄
  14. Don't know what the fuss is all about😃we only need 10 or 12 decent players ,a decent manager ,3 or 4 good coaching staff a good recruitment team a new owner and were sorted😂
  15. Dean saunders, need a clear goal scorer ,he played in some poor Derby teams and Still managed to bang in a few
  16. No crowd trouble all season , is about the only positive of the season other than Not being selected to join the European leauge. Can only assume with all the caos Mel forgot to respond to the invite.😅
  17. Hope your under 50 then 😂
  18. He might be mad but he ain't stupid,
  19. Feel for the guy ,never got chance to settle came into the team at a particular bad time,started poorly but probably got out at the right time.
  20. Mac 3 the most realistic option ,didn't want him back the 2nd time but probably the best quality coach we are ever likely to get in the present circumstance.Can't imagine anyone of calibre coming within 30 miles of the club with our managerial record and if Mac was to take over he is in a better position than anyone to be aware of all the issues both in and off the pitch.
  21. Let's not go digging up the past😂
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