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  1. It would impact everyone equally, as the supply is being slowed due to upgrades at the factory, regardless of whichever vaccine program their customers are taking part in. It won't be "terrible" for the UK's rollout, just as it won't be for other European countries. It will just mean a temporary delay until the upgraded production facility is ready, at which point they will be able to supply the vaccine at a greater rate to all their customers.
  2. This. It's even quoted in the original link. It's an issue with Pfizer's production facility having an upgrade, which will temporarily slow delivery of the vaccine. It could impact the UK as well as other European countries, and has absolutely nothing to do with the EU.
  3. All Mel needs to do is put a wig on and talk into a microphone: the money will come rolling in
  4. The police don't come out of this with much credit. In the current circumstances the issuing of fines should be a last resort; a gentle reminder of the guidelines and some polite advice to turn round and go home should suffice. No-one should complain if they're fined for long-standing offences (speeding, using a phone whilst driving, etc); whether or not you agree with them, everyone knows the rules. But some of the current Covid rules are vaguely drafted and seem to change frequently; fining someone as a first resort in those circumstances just seems petty and overzealous.
  5. I think that the mood in the US is so febrile that the Biden administration wouldn't go after Trump; it would trigger the heavily armed right wing crazies to take to the streets across the whole country and could lead to great violence. Fortunately, due to the separation of powers, individual states could pursue Trump regardless of what the Federal authorities decided to do. Prosecutors in New York are supposedly already waiting for the lunatic to leave the White House so they can file charges at state level for alleged financial crimes he's committed in the past.
  6. Worryingly, this doesn't end once he's out of the White House either. He, along with his weirdly plastic-looking family, will be poisoning US politics for years to come. He's got a conspiracy theory grievence that his supporters can rally around (i.e. that he won the election), and a 'stab in the back' myth that will energise his white supremacist base. The worst may be yet to come (if he stays out of prison)
  7. Victoria Wood Laurence Olivier Les Dawson Alec Guinness David Lean The list is almost endless
  8. I always judge the quality of a hotel on the availability of black pudding in their cooked breakfast. Black pudding = quality establishment.
  9. Billy Connolly Michael Sheen David Tennant Prof Brian Cox
  10. These thoughts have occurred to me too. The initial talks were supposedly in May, when we were top of the Championship form table. The Derventio company was set up in September as a vehicle to buy the club, when the new season had just started. The situation now is completely different. If there was a chance of Derby being a League One club next year a potential buyer might want a price reduction or to pull out completely. He's not a lifelong Derby fan (as far as we know); he wanted to buy a Premier League club previously, and dropped down to the Championship for Derby. He's never shown any in
  11. Perhaps they've tried a bit of fun team building. Laid out eleven chairs, put the Benny Hill theme tune on, first eleven to sit down when the music stopped got in the team.
  12. I'm settling down here for the duration. Wake me up when it's Plymouth away next season
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