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  1. I think the fact that Spurs are involved tells you all you need to know. Spurs FFS! They haven't won the league for sixty years. I read somewhere that 13 different clubs have won the league since they last did. This manifestly has nothing whatsoever to do with football and everything to do with marketing and 'audience reach'. It's utterly soulless.
  2. To an extent, but each team will have different things to focus on (e.g. giving away cheap penalties, picking up too many cards, not defending set pieces well enough, not finishing simple chances, etc.). Not sure what Norwich will think they should have done better this season though 🤷‍♂️
  3. Exactly this. There's been so many silly mistakes, lapses in concentration, sloppy play, etc. this season. We could easily be several points better off if we'd cut them out. This is one of the key things to focus on if we want to improve next season.
  4. How dare you! She's from the West Midlands. Her parents moved down before she was born.
  5. I fully endorse this sentiment. My wife's family are from Yorkshire
  6. Avidly following a Rotherham match, and feeling like a lottery winner when Birmingham City score. What a time to be alive!
  7. We must be in line for getting a gold watch soon, for long service
  8. Olton Ram

    Craig Bryson

    Bryson's hat trick against Forest still gives me a semi
  9. Can you imagine how much stick you'd get from Nigel if you were Polish AND ginger?! You'd be blamed for something in every post-match interview.
  10. Having had their relegation confirmed with six games still to go, Sheff Utd have also equalled the record for earliest relegation from the Premier League, currently held by ourselves (obviously) and Huddersfield two years ago. (Ipswich went down with six still to play in 94/95, but that was when it was still a 42 game season, so I'm not sure that counts)
  11. If we do go down I wouldn't be averse to approaching Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink to see if he wanted the job. He seems the ambitious sort who might fancy the challenge at a bigger club, knows the division and the players in it, has a record of success at that level, and is already local. Might be a good fit. 🤷‍♂️
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